The 2017 Sim Racing Silly Season

244210_20161223145919_1With only a few short hours left in the 2016 calendar year, it seems as if every major developer has gone out and made some sort of major announcement regarding their 2017 plans, just to ensure they can spend the first day of the new year with their families.  While 2016 hasn’t been the greatest year for sim racing as a collective entity – marked by yet another round of botched console releases, rehashes of the original rFactor, poorly supported mass market driving games, and even Image Space Incorporated themselves giving up on their flagship product – 2017 is already turning out to be a pretty wild and wacky year. We’ll obviously not know for certain what the new year brings until we’re deep into the summer months, but 2017 will surely be a turning point for sim racing, offering a landscape decidedly different than the current array of titles on the market – all of which have very little to offer.

There’s a lot to run through, so let’s get to it.

Porsche Meets iRacing

This is the announcement that pushed me to write this article in the first place. After years spent as a brand exclusive to titles pushed out by Electronic Arts, and appearing in the Forza Motorsport line of games as a dedicated expansion pack long after each game’s release, everybody is getting Porsche. The boys over at Kunos Simulazioni were able to snatch up the license a few months earlier than the rest of the sim racing developers all vying for the iconic German brand, but due to just how many sim racers call iRacing home, this is an acquisition that matters. While I’m obviously not a big fan of the product they put out, iRacing is undoubtedly the biggest name in sim racing, and for every person who rushed out to buy the trilogy of Porsche expansion packs for Assetto Corsa, there were ten people on the iRacing forums begging for Porsche to appear in their highly competitive online-only racing simulator. This is now officially a done deal; Porsche is coming to iRacing, bringing a trio of race cars to the popular service – the 911 GT3 Cup, the 919 LMP1 hybrid, and the Porsche 911 GT3-R, according to the launch video.

But before you head over to Dairy Queen and order a custom cake to celebrate the announcement in your own special way, there’s unfortunately a catch. The way iRacing has been coded only allows for a maximum of five different car models in each race, unlike isiMotor based titles where the model limit is exponentially higher. When iRacing inevitably introduces the Porsche GT3 entry into the Blancpain Sprint Series sessions, it will most likely be at the expense of another car, meaning one of the vehicles currently on the roster will be taken out of competition entirely, and those who purchased the replaced car will now own a piece of iRacing content that is completely useless to them. And if it happens to be a car you’ve grown attached to, then tough luck for you.

r3e-indycarRaceRoom Racing Experience Turns Into iRacing

I’ve known this was on the cards for quite a while, but I wasn’t aware when I was allowed to reveal it, so my apologies for not writing about it a bit sooner. Sector 3 Studios have been quietly working on a project to turn RaceRoom Racing Experience – a highly underrated simulator held back by absurd microtransactions – into a competitive online platform which offers a similar structure to iRacing, but (hopefully) at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, the information I’m not privy to is what exactly this will all look like when the public finally get their hands on it, though it’s nice to know the team at Sector 3 seemed to have been lurking around these parts long before PRC’s popularity exploded, and may possibly implement a few suggestions I published all the way back in March of 2015.

There are also plans to step away from the atrocious package that RaceRoom Racing Experience has become and pursue a traditional boxed product more in-line with GTR 2 or Project CARS, as Sector 3 Studios announced in October of this year that SimBin will be responsible with developing “cross-platform” titles created by Sector 3. Though I can confirm the upcoming game will probably be powered by a relevant version of the Unreal Engine, as indicated by the leaks earlier this year, pretty much everything else about the simulator is totally up in the air.

screenshot_ks_mazda_mx5_cup_ks_brands_hatch_20-12-116-21-10-30Prepare to Purchase More DLC for Assetto Corsa

Those who enjoy watching an online community fracture via additional downloadable content packs released for Assetto Corsa are about to enter a special kind of hell; Kunos Simulazioni have confirmed even more are on the way, with Laguna Seca, a special Ferrari bundle, and the Mazda 787b highlighting an admittedly strong selection of cars for the simulator which took the community by storm in late 2013. The team also plan to build a fantasy location similar to the Lienz hill climb festival for the original rFactor, which will include several layouts for endurance, tarmac rally, and drifting fans.

Beyond of the flurry of DLC, which more than doubles the cost of Assetto Corsa for those late to the party, the team have announced the opening of a second studio, as well as a partnership with SPARCO to bring what’s most likely either a dedicated racing wheel or seat to the consumer racing simulator market. Depending on how you feel about Assetto Corsa, these announcements can be viewed either as positives or negatives. The team are financially stable enough to significantly expand their operations, which is always good to hear in a niche genre with a fluctuating audience, but are doing so at a time when the console version of Assetto Corsa is still being blasted by owners due to the underwhelming experience contained on the physical game disc. Kunos Simulazioni are essentially announcing an abundance DLC to be released for the 2017 calendar year, while basic features such as custom lobbies are nowhere to be found, once again forcing users to sit in around in a virtual Buddhist temple and ask philosophical questions such as “what qualifies as a finished racing simulator?”


Project CARS 2 Will Probably Hit Shelves in 2017

I think it’s safe to say that the sequel to 2015’s buggy yet fairly successful multiplatform racing simulator Project CARS will be in your hands within the next 365 days, at least according to a cryptic tweet from the game’s official Twitter account. Leaks initially discovered on 4Chan have indicated the team have acquired licenses to all major brands for the release of Project CARS 2, as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche can all be seen on track together, not to mention surprises such as the historic Daytona Beach Road Course from the beginnings of NASCAR, as well as the Long Beach Grand Prix circuit used by the Verizon IndyCar Series. Though I’ve made it clear I was no fan of the original game, credit must be given where credit is due – the sheer sales numbers have allowed the team to go out and acquire many lucrative licenses for pieces of content that just weren’t possible during the original project, indicating it will probably be worth adding to your collection if Slightly Mad Studios can afford proper Q/A testing this time around.

maxresdefaultSeveral Codemasters Games Were Removed from Steam

While there are rumors that the ladies and gentlemen from Codemasters are hard at work on a sequel to 2015’s sleeper hit, DiRT Rally, it appears all good things must come to an end. Steam users have discovered that DiRT 3, the original GRID title, and Formula One 2013, have all been removed from the Steam marketplace and are no longer available for purchase, presumably due to certain licenses expiring. While your average sim racer has most likely played each of these games to death at one point or another – as both DiRT 3 and Grid were quite solid titles in their own right – their removal from Steam marks the end of an era; most of us are old enough to remember when both of these games were brand new, and I actually recall DiRT 3 as the final game I purchased from Blockbuster before they went out of business for good.

You’re still able to obtain keys if you’re curious about what each title has to offer, but it’s just not the same, man…

untitled-2The NHRA 2 Revival Project Nears Completion

For fans of the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, despite the tour’s appearance on Fox Sports as a live broadcast, and a decade-high spike in the number of television viewers, there is simply no modern virtual rendition of the world’s largest motorsports sanctioning body. Released in 2007 for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, NHRA Drag Racing: Countdown to the Championship features a roster of drivers who have long since retired or passed away, a season schedule boasting tracks no longer on the tour, and class performance specifications horrendously out of date. It simply isn’t cutting it for drag racing fans.

With no major developer set to unleash a fully-licensed NHRA title any time soon, member Mike Russo has taken up the task of resurrecting NHRA Drag Racing 2 by means of a complete visual make-over, injecting all of the drivers and locations from the 2017 NHRA season into a drag racing simulator which first hit store shelves in November of 2000 – but is still quite a competent game on modern hardware. To make things short and sweet, the project will be completed at some point in 2017, and most likely be released as a free download for those curious about the sport of drag racing.

24913359419_6ce27afcfe_oWreckfest Will Be Finished

This one comes as a shock to many, but it’s understandable Bugbear would finally make a public statement on this matter, as the game has been sitting in Early Access since January of 2014. The team from Finland have admitted in a roundabout way that they used up all available capital to create Wreckfest and fail to push it out the door, announcing a few weeks ago that an investor has come on board to give the project an extra financial boost, which should see the spiritual reboot of FlatOut from the original developers finally make it into our hands as a finished product. The poster child of unfinished Early Access games, Wreckfest has sat in limbo for a period of years, offering a competent yet totally incomplete arcade racer that draws upon inspiration from the original Destruction Derby, but no matter how good it looks in screenshots or YouTube videos, everyone knew the game wasn’t done.

It’s supposedly going to be finished now, but Bugbear still have a lot of work ahead of them. There aren’t many tracks, there aren’t many cars, and there’s virtually no semblance of a career mode to speak of – as it stands right now, Wreckfest is little more than a fancy tech demo, so it remains to be seen what this game will actually look like after some sort of proper development cycle has been unleashed on this eternal science project.

test-drive-unlimited-pcKylotonn to Develop the Next Test Drive Unlimited & FlatOut?

This one’s a bit of a scary thought. Despite failing to impress sim racers not once, but twice, with the officially licensed WRC titles that were both buggy as fuck and incredibly underwhelming from a gameplay standpoint, it appears the shovelware developer – alongside publishing partner-in-crime BigBen Interactive – have secured the rights to develop both the next Test Drive Unlimited title, as well as FlatOut 4.

I’m not looking forward to either of these titles, and I have a damned good reason for that. The two Test Drive Unlimited games were both mammoth undertakings, as each developer had been required to essentially build a compelling experience around a serviceable replica of Oahu and Ibiza, which simply isn’t a task for a team whose only claim to fame is a line of yoga games, and a rally racer that most sane people refunded after less than an hour of playtime. My concerns are mirrored for Kylotonn’s FlatOut 4, as the franchise relied on an incredible damage model and competent artificial intelligence, neither of which Kylotonn are capable of producing as a team.

untitled-3World of Speed is Most Likely Dead

Those of you who eagerly followed the development process of Project CARS may remember a little game by the name of World of Speed; a free-to-play online racer created by Slightly Mad Studios, which used assets from Project CARS yet substituted the grueling real-world physics of a hardcore racing simulator to a package significantly more approachable for newcomers. The work was taken up by Slightly Mad Studios as a side project to acquire additional income and continue to fund the development of their primary product, but was eventually handed off to Lauda Interactive – headed up by Niki Lauda’s son. Yes, that Niki Lauda. He’s a video game designer now, I guess.

It’s been hard to follow what’s happened to World of Speed since then, as Lauda Interactive’s website hasn’t been updated in several months, and most dedicated driving game news outlets tend to cover simulators first, and leave any time left over for mainstream arcade games rather than stuff stuck in development hell. Thankfully, the English-speaking section of World of Speed’s official forums contains what’s supposedly a short official post from the Russian developers, indicating closed testing did not go well, they have no time frame for when the next round of testing will take place, and… well… yeah. This game probably isn’t coming.

823946118_preview_grab_059Studio 397 Released the Super GT Nissan GTR for rFactor 2

Mere days after I had published an article mocking Studio 397 for a relatively underwhelming December blog post, which indicated rFactor 2 would remain a fairly uninteresting simulator for the foreseeable future, the team now in charge of developing of rFactor 2 went out and released the exact car I had used as an example of ISI’s general ineptitude; the Super GT-spec Nissan GTR. Thanks guys, here’s your gold star!

On a more serious note, the timing of the Nissan GTR release displays just how far Image Space Incorporated had fallen off the map in the sim racing community, considering a completely random developer team were able to package the car and upload it almost upon request. The sim racing community has been loaded with obnoxious Jehovah Witness-like personalities begging to share the good news of rFactor 2 to anyone who would lend an ear, but the release of the streamlined GTR indicated just how bizarre it was for them to worship Image Space Incorporated as sim racing gods. ISI were truly sitting on their asses, almost reluctant to work on their own product as entire years flew off the calendar, and yet here comes a new team that was able to put out a car first announced in 2013 in a matter of days. Even though I’m the administrator of a private rFactor 2 league in my spare time, I still refuse to have this game installed on my hard drive, but I gotta give credit here where credit is due – Studio 397 knocked it out of the park on this one. It’s an admittedly small gesture to release a car people had been waiting on for years, but the timing of it was absolutely perfect – and hilarious.

Though like I said, it definitely brings into question what’s happening at Image Space Incorporated.

ams-2016-12-11-15-08-31-27Make no mistake, the 2016 calendar year was absolutely awful for sim racing as a genre. Quite simply, there were a whole lot of games either released or given substantial updates, yet not a single one of them stood above the rest, nor put up a valiant fight against the quality products released in other video game genres; each of them instead offered a half-baked experience that got some select aspects correct, but never the whole enchilada. It’s clear that many developers who call sim racing their home are running on fumes and pipe dreams, but unlike the previous 365 days, 2017 brings with it a glimmer of hope and optimism.

Provided the whole eSport trend catches on, there might be a lot more money circulating within the scene, and developers can afford to do more than just repackage rFactor, or continuously push out DLC while leaving a lot to be desired with the core selection of features. RaceRoom Racing Experience may possibly craft a legitimate rival to iRacing – something people have wanted for years within the genre – and the team at Slightly Mad Studios did reel in a whole bunch of money after selling over two million units of Project CARS, so provided their resources are allocated correctly, there’s a chance the sequel may be worth your time. As strange as those two scenarios sound, it’s at least a starting point, and it’s why I believe the dark ages are finally coming to a close, albeit very slowly. There may be a light at the end of this tunnel, but to truly reach the golden age of sim racing, we first need a glimmer of hope – even if it comes as a fake light mod which harnesses the power of the sun.



106 thoughts on “The 2017 Sim Racing Silly Season

  1. Porsche video shows the 919, 911 RSR (GTE), 911 Cup, and barely the 911 GT3 R (GT3). In any event, even if they release the GT3 R, they still haven’t done the V8 Vantage so at this point it would just be kicking out the faked GT3 extra version of the Ford GT that is still used in ProtoGT. They could just kick them to the non-Blancpain endorsed C-license series the GT3 version of the Ruf is in now as well.

    They have run 6 cars during week 13, but it seems they don’t feel it’s desirable from a performance standpoint on the minimum requirements they’ve had up until now. They’re dropping support for the lowest end systems next year so maybe that will change.


  2. Funny how you make big circus about refusing to have rFactor 2 installed. You are clearly someone with an agenda– one that has been disruptive to for the past couple of months.

    Why would you ignore rFactor 2 with the most advanced physics, AI and features and therefore best value for money, especially with the current price which won’t get lower anytime soon, and unlike Automobilista which will get superseded next year, rFactor 2 will keep getting major updates for years to come, it’s a long term project which won’t be replaced any time soon. rFactor 2 also a very active multiplayer even if some people have spread disinformation about it.


    1. your resolution should be to stop being a laughing stock troll with your own dim views spread as falsified information, cleon waterburg


  3. Here’s your gold medal, Ogonoski. You’ve finally acknowledged the existence of that Nissan.
    As for R3E going iRacing way… Good luck with that. I’m not going to pay any subscription. Moreover, I will consider it officially a scam, since I had to invest a lot of money in it with very little in return so far, and they never said that at some point the content will become locked out from me without additional paying. At least I will have a very good reason to reclaim even more HDD space.


  4. Excellent reading here. You can be an arse to us at times but credit where it’s due, this is a good article. I know you don’t like pCARS that much but I am confident we’ll more than impress with pCARS2.


            1. I didn’t make the first comment. You come out to my zone in Raleigh, NC and the results will be all on you.

              If you aren’t as fake as I think, then you’ll have a good time.

              Life is what you make of it, recipe is up to you. Positive first impressions aren’t enough.


    1. I’ll wait this time around before making my purchase, SMS`s past performance indicates that prerelease hype is unwarranted. I will say I got my money’s worth from pcars1, albeit because of the lack of competition on the ps4. Hence my name, I am wise to the video game marketing lies now, until a master marketeer like yourself Bell dups me again. Best of luck delivering a polished product, I’ll buy if it gets good and honest reviews.


        1. All the exploits and bugs amount to a camber issue, and a pit issue at Silverstone classic. Anything else is an occasional edge case. It’s become hip to state ‘fix all the bugs’ etc though.

          We’ve already fixed the camber issue. In fact the tyre model has three new modules and it’s transformed. But then again I’m biased.


    2. Would be nice to offer the unsatisfied folks to turn in their PC1 for PC2. Reiza is a great example here. Even though you can hardly see people being unsatisfied with GSCE (I happen to be one of those), Reiza still gave every GSCE license owner a copy of AMS to complement it. Something unheard of these days.


      1. Because GSCE=AMS, pcars1 and 2 won’t be so similar (at least in terms of content and possibly game modes) like gsce with ams. Reiza gave you ams for free if you owned gsce, but they are selling you dlc, so far you paid in dlc for ams the price of a new game. So that theory of “reiza is a great example here”, is just a technicality, since they could have sold AMS as a “new” game with all the new content instead of dlc and not offer ams in return of gsce.

        What you say would have been true if ams wouldn’t have dlc, because ams without dlc = gsce.


        1. If GSCE indeed equals AMS, then why in the world I don’t find the driving experience in GSCE compelling, whereas I enjoy AMS almost as much I enjoy rF2? I barely ever used GSCE because it felt wrong. Same with Project CARS. It just feels wrong. The cars behavior is quirky.
          Also, GSCE cars brought into AMS behave differently.

          Yes, I indeed bought the Season Pass. But even without it AMS is still one of the best sims out there. Not to mention they would have given me the Formula Truck also for free, since I bought the separate title back then (I don’t know if I received it because of that or thanks to the SP).
          I was also buying PC1 DLCs while hoping I could live with its weirdness. In the end, a lot of money was wasted on this thing without much satisfaction at all, so I really hope there will be some kind of a better deal for those who feel cheated because of PC1’s ineptness.


      1. I won’t buy into the hype behind SMS games. Learned that lesson a long long time ago. They did not get my money with PCars. Highly doubt I’ll buy PCars2 when I’m very happy I didn’t buy PCars.


      2. Preorder interest is through the roof. pCARS1 has passed 2.2 million sales. Returns are tiny and online activity is higher than anything else competing, constantly. We’ve made massive gains with pCARS2 already. I agree, people aren’t stupid.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. And Codemasters should release some new Dirt game (either DiRT 4 or Dirt rRally 2), plus whatever the ex-Evolution devs cook up.


  6. Fuck it, I’ll just pirate Assetto Corsa from now on. I got the first dlc pack when it was on sale, but as a matter of principle I refuse to buy all that other shit that just keeps coming with no end in sight. People buying them means that AC2 gets delayed further and further, and with it any chance of serious improvements or additions to the game.

    Not having the DLC content installed means that your options when playing online get drastically reduced, so the only “benefit” from using the Steam version is being exposed to the updates either changing the driving experience overnight or breaking your installed mods.


      1. You got the wrong guy, I don’t make excuses for the vast amount of media that I pirate on a regular basis. I bought AC after trying a pirated version during the early access because it felt great and I wanted to support the game and keep up with its development. Now it has become stagnant and I’ve run out of good will, so I’ll switch back to a pirated version that I can keep forever, without any more more tyre model experiments and broken shit.

        Had they left the additional content creation to the modders, releasing maybe 2 or 3 DLC packs at most and focusing instead on making Assetto Corsa 2 I would have had no problem supporting them, but apparently Kunos doesn’t understand proper game development. Instead of releasing a finished game after early access and moving on to the next project, they see it as a platform to sell downloadable content indefinitely and keep fiddling with the physics 3 years later. Fuck that shit.


        1. “I’ll just pirate Assetto Corsa from now on” made it sound like you are going to pirate all the future DLC instead instead of switching to pirated version to prevent updates you don’t like.


        2. To me personally it feels fine with the system they have now. With each DLC its usually a pretty nice patch too. I want 2017 to be the last year though and that they announce AC2 in the next new years eve blog.


        3. This means you’re interested in playing AC and its dlcs, otherwise you wouldn’t even pirate it. Had they didn’t release more content until today.. we wouldn’t even be having this talk.


          1. I’m interested in the game which is why I bought it. I don’t care about dlc. My AC folder is taking up 70GB, full of official and modded content, especially tracks, many of which I’ve barely touched. A couple of each class of car is good enough for me as long as they are fun to drive, something like what Dirty Rally has. They could also include fictional cars like Reiza’s Formula cars or Project Cars’ LMPs and I wouldn’t mind.

            To me, most of what they’ve done since v1.0 has been a waste of time and money. Instead of buying all those licenses for slightly different real world cars, I wish they’d been working on making a better online component, adding wet and dirt surfaces, a day and night cycle, endurance racing, a decent career and race season mode, etc. Things that would make it a fundamentally better videogame about driving and racing cars, not a billionaire car collecting simulator.


  7. I’m actually excited about a NHRA reboot… I played that PS2 game quite a bit and have gotten into the world of nitro, to my surprise. However, is a parked domain, could you check the link


  8. I guess the SMS shills can stop crying about how World of Speed isn’t dead, and is undergoing beta testing. They need to accept that this game is dead and will never be released.


      1. Exactly, yet whenever somebody mentions that this project is dead, SMS shills come out of nowhere and mentions that the game is very much alive, and is undergoing beta testing. Looks like they’ve been beta testing for so long that no one gives a fuck about the game anymore.


    1. WOS hasn’t been with SMS for two years now. It was passed back to the Russian owners (contractually) and it was their job to finish it, polish it and release it. Show me one link to an SMS shill crying about this subject please. Just one link.


        1. I can’t see the comment you’re referring to. As above. We did our contracted work. No shills from SMS are stating anywhere to wait patiently for it. We don’t know when it will be released. It’s been out of our hands for 2 years.


        2. Unless you’re referring to some anonymous person posting ‘Why don’t you wait and see’. I call that a tentative reference at best. The democrats would call it ‘Fake News’.


  9. iR style MP in R3E? I would like to see that. I bought the whole content package 1 year ago or so in a cheap sale but I never played it… 😀 MP currently is a mess and I don’t like to race against AI. The content base is very good so with a good MP I would race it probably more than iR.


  10. “while basic features such as custom lobbies are nowhere to be found”

    Which are the sims with custom lobbies, project cars? And what is a custom lobby vs private server?

    FYI, custom lobbies for consoles are still in the work. In case you implied with “nowhere to be found” as not even in the work.. and where all the dlcs from 2017 you’re worrying so much? I know, they also are nowhere to be found, using your logic. So why worry that there are dlcs this year and no custom lobbies if both are still unreleased.. and you talk about no agenda. Let me laugh, boy.


      1. And also means fuck all for a consumer all the planned dlcs, since they can’t play those right now either. So far no console lobbies and no 2017 dlc, I guess we’re even. But why you chose to bitch about private lobbies not being ready yet and moan about dlc in 2017, when both of them are being worked in private?


    1. Yeah, when he misses a point as clear as that in the press release I did read, it makes me doubt the accuracy on any of the other ones too…


        1. Then be a fair writer and say all the dlc planned in 2017 also means fuck all for those who currently own the game and want to play it right now, since both private lobbies and 2017 dlc are being worked on. But you aren’t fair nor impartial.


      1. Associat0r is racing in a brick rigs league right now. James is doing crew chief in teamspeak and giving indications over voice chat on how hard he needs to press those arrow keys to drive the lego cars.


  11. I have a 200 kg loadcell not an athlete I have to just about kill myself to get to 135 kg. Can´t say exactly how much but according to the manual and the readings I got I should been about there. It felt like a major achievement. It´s not done in milliseconds and all precision goes out the window 😂


  12. Wondering, are you so sour on it that you would vehemently be against someone adding rFactor 2 to their sim collection at the 50% sale price its at? Or is it more a case of “what have you done for me lately?” and you’d still say its worth having in a sim “catalog” at that price?


    1. Rfactor 2 and Automobilista are the best sims on the market right now. They’re a steal at their current prices. BUY THEM NOW!


  13. Here is may challenge to James. Re-install rF2, load up the gt500 at Bathurst, fuck around with the set-up and do some hot lapping until you get under a 2.00 lap (i.e find the limit of the car.)

    THEN decide whether you’re going to give rF2 and Studio 397 the time of day.

    They’ve been doing some good work and you abandoning rF2 right when some good shit is beginning to happen is stupid. Instead of just saying ‘rf2 is dead’, ‘rf2 is a poor package’, why don’t you go in there and critique what actually matters, the physics/driving experience.


  14. reads like you actually believe you had something to do with 397 releasing the Nissan, get you head out of your arse ,your so far up there your in danger of disappearing into a pile of bile and shit.


    1. I have no idea how you got that impression from my comment. But keep insulting strangers online, I’m sure it’s been working out really well for you.


      1. My guess would be he meant James. And honestly, that’s the same feeling I was getting: if anything good is happening to the world of simracing, it’s James doing. Talk about being full of oneself.


      1. Buying something that describes itself as “the most technically advanced racing simulator” and then getting Project CARS is pretty much the definition of being fooled.


      2. Your game still broken after 11 patchers, I started a 15 lap online race, was 4th after first lap. Im told thats the end of the race P4….I then get usual slowing down lap but notice other cars passing and driving as if racing…which they were, apart from

        Anyway, its one of many bugs that still ruin i imagine 20% of all online races.


      3. Ian, for next non-racing game, please consider making War Thunder type game but with jets. (post WW2 stuff).
        Either F2P or AAA, Strike Fighters 2 successor, not as sophisticated as DCS with clickable cockpit etc., but with realistic flight performance, damage model and weapon systems. Hundreds of jets, 48 players battles, single player missions, COOP, War Thunder style mouse PID steering. Other than arcade Ace Combat, there are only jets mods for ARMA 3 currently but game is unoptimized as fuck. And DCS is too complex for many and require flight stick.


        1. Spend 30 bux on a stick and stop being a pussy, DCS it up and fuck your WT knock off, thats just simplified games from early 2000s,with MP tacked on designed for retarded monkey teens and confused old cunts, the industry is saturated with that shit.


    1. It is going to sell ten times has much copies than AMS and rfactor 2 combined, in fact it will sell more than any shitty game that uses the old shitty dated crap created using the ISI Victorian motor engine with its cartoon graphics and wonky physics that 2% of the community think has the best physics, when in reality they have brainwashed themselves into thinking it’s the best for physics, only because they have been playing that shit game and any other game that uses that crap engine for over 16 years, no wonder they are brainwashed and think its the best for physics, when in reality it isn’t, no big name companies are using that dated engine any more, only a much of bedroom wonnabe games developer like reiza are using it, the same team that doesn’t have any money at all, and have to beg the community to invest in rehashed content again.


        1. It really isn’t. pCARS is 99% new code (Render, Audio, Physics, Gameplay, everything) from what we shipped with GTR2. It was written from scratch beginning 4 years before we shipped Shift. It’s not rehashed in any way. The last time we got code from ISI was 11 years ago before we shipped GT Legends.


      1. Why dont you just put “mel” as your name, you cant hide when repeating your same retarded lines everywhere, that sounds like a angry 12 year old console GT/Forza player.


  15. I love this site. It really makes fun at how serious people take these racing videos but the real funny part is half of the people reading it are too retarded to understand that they are being made fun of and actually take this site seriously.


    1. The one that actually takes this more seriously than anyone else is the dude writing this blog, James. Who the fuck cares about hero cards or expensive rigs more than James? Go kiss his ass some more.
      The one who takes this blog more seriously than anyone else is James, he “cries” every time people don’t agree with his agenda and pseudo information.


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