Playground Games Accidentally Upload Unpacked Version of Forza Horizon 3

t3_5lveahIt hasn’t been the greatest couple of months for the crew at Playground Games. Given the task of successfully executing the Forza franchise’s very first multi-platform release with Forza Horizon 3 on both the Xbox One and Windows 10, the team instead royally fucked up and shipped a horrendous copy of the game for home computers that was basically unplayable for a large portion of those wanting to explore the virtual paradise Playground Games had built. Suffering from widespread performance issues and an intrusive post-release downloadable content plan that saw users pay an arm and a leg for the back half of the game, Forza Horizon 3 has been described by our very own Severin Austerschmidt as “an unreliable piece of software that coughs, hacks, and stutters its way through a beautiful rendition of Australia’s Gold Coast”

With patches that haven’t always managed to fix the game’s nagging problems, and in some cases broken the experience for those who weren’t reporting any gremlins, Forza Horizon 3 has unfortunately become known as that game in the series, where four years from now gamers will look back  and question what in the hell was happening at Microsoft to place such a defective product onto the Windows store. The PC variant of Horizon 3 very well should have been delayed, with Playground conducting their own version of quality assurance testing after the game was put up for purchase.

Today, the train wreck continues. Playground Games have accidentally pushed out a 53 gigabyte update for the Windows 10 rendition of Forza Horizon 3, which was a complete developer build of the game; totally unpacked for users to toy around with.

untitled-2For a limited amount of time, this allowed hardcore Forza Motorsport fans to click around inside the title’s extensive file structure and explore everything Playground Games had planned to include within future updates – in particular the complete roster of cars, which contained numerous Porsche models that obviously haven’t been announced to the public as of yet.

The entire vehicle list has been uploaded to an album on Imgur, indicating Playground Games clearly aren’t done with their support of Forza Horizon 3, but with such amateurish mistakes now clogging up the hard drives of several Windows 10 users around the world, it’s stuff like this that really makes you question how capable Playground Games were of putting out a top-class product that reflected Microsoft’s vision of the greater Forza franchise. Marred by performance issues and general instability that simply did not resemble a first-party piece of software in the slightest, the saga surrounding Horizon 3 is officially showing no signs of stopping. Uploading a fifty-three gigabyte decrypted version of your game to the Windows store is a new level of sloppiness that is rarely matched in the industry, and hopefully a time will come where this has all been put behind us.

Unfortunately, with Microsoft and Turn 10 forcing Playground Games to adhere to a very strict post-release support schedule, the software will most likely achieve a state of stability well after the blitz of downloadable content has ended. Those choosing to indulge in the steady stream of new vehicles and challenges are forced to play roulette with the software – something they shouldn’t be doing with an official Microsoft product.


33 thoughts on “Playground Games Accidentally Upload Unpacked Version of Forza Horizon 3

  1. Why is this an article? In what way will this benefit us gamers or sim racers? What is this article attempting at changing?

    I know, this article’s purpose to was to shit on yet another game developer company.

    “but with such amateurish mistakes now clogging up the hard drives of several Windows 10 users around the world, it’s stuff like this that really makes you question how capable Playground Games were of putting out a top-class product”

    This the equivalent of Kunos releasing an update where by mistake the road at Spa-Francorchamps wasn’t solid and cars were falling through, and then releasing a patch half an hour later to correct a last minute bug, James gets to judge how realistic the cars simulation is. A material bug gets to judge simulation value. Material bug – simulation value. Real apples to virtual oranges.

    Worst developers:

    Playground Games

    Best developers:

    Brick Rigs


  2. Microsoft did progressively lay off numerous people a little while back. Ramifications have been clear in different areas where they released products, gaming apparently being one.


  3. Does this actually includes 3D models and is it reuploaded somewhere? Because out of all that modern trash, the Ferrari 166 MM and Ferrari 500 TR are two pieces of sportscar history and I would be keen to be sexually assaulted to get them.


  4. So, would this mean all tracks and cars are now importable in the 3dsoftware of choice and do whatever modders want to do?


      1. Has anyone been able to play around with the in-game commands? I wonder if there’s a way to see how car setup tuning directly affects the game’s physics. Players usually have to guess this in normal play.


      1. Someone on Xentax is starting work on getting models from leaked dev build. Problem is there’s a beggar that annoying them. No wonder people there are more proud of ripping shit from a lewd game instead of pretend race cars… although, I don’t really know where those models from that lewd game would end up.


  5. A bit OT, but the FFB and physics in FH2 was actually really quite good (if you had a TX wheel). Then FH3 came out with the *worst* FFB I have seen in a game since…ever.

    I got the Ultimate edition or whatever, saw that is was completely unusable with a wheel and then promptly never looked at it again.

    I guess everyone was right: Forza is for gamepads only.


  6. James dind’t get the latest preview build of rFactor 2 like other outlets did and now he is spreading very negative disinformation about rFactor 2 and Studio 397.


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