Sev is a ***** and Other Tall Tales from the Forum

screenshot_ks_porsche_918_spyder_spa_23-12-116-15-33-48It’s really shitty to start the year off with multiple posts revolving around generic message board drama, but unfortunately this has become the norm within the greater sim racing community. It’s a never-ending nerd fight, and you’re all invited. Bring popcorn.

We closed out the year here at with a rather surprising entry that caught many of our readers off guard. No, it wasn’t a paid advertisement, nor an intentional cease fire due to the rather convenient timing of the post – Christmas morning – Kunos Simulazioni really did knock it out of the park with Assetto Corsa’s flash 1.11.3 update. After some of our buddies had complained about handling oddities exhibited by the fleet of GT3 vehicles featured on the Assetto Corsa car roster, I was pleasantly surprised to re-install the simulator and discover a patch released only a few short hours earlier seemed to have killed all of the unwanted behavior I had been warned about. Checking in with those who first supplied us with the information, they too confirmed something drastic had changed practically overnight, and we posted a celebratory article that Kunos had recaptured the magic which made us fall in love with Assetto Corsa many years ago. It was a great deal of fun to kick back and enjoy the holidays hauling ass on the virtual track with friends, rather than picking apart deficiencies as is the norm here at

Yet even a genuinely positive article complimenting the work done by Kunos on the new update seemed to send the Assetto Corsa disciples into a tizzy. And once again, we’re reminded of why this hobby really fucking sucksย sometimes. Everyone indeed has their role within the community, but a lot of times it feels like there are a whole bunch of people here to try and achieve a sense of belonging they could never quite capture out in the real world.

244210_20161224172126_1Some guy within the official Assetto Corsa forums created a thread under the admittedly hilarious title of “it was a good year after all for Assetto Corsa”, where he linked our article praising the stealth 1.11.3 update – as it’s sort of a big deal when the biggest online critic of your game gives you a shout-out for a job well done on Christmas morning. Despite a highly positive article, the thread instead descended into chaos, with many Assetto Corsa owners begging forum users never to link to PRC again, and for others asking the site’s URL to be automatically censored by the moderators. The first page of comments are mind-boggling to observe, because we literally came out and said “holy shit, this update rocks to drive, thanks Kunos”, and it’s like this short circuited an entire portion of the sim racing community.

Over the next four pages, there were a lot of shots fired at us, developers chimed in with their own two cents, and eventually a moderator had to come in and clean up the whole thing, because for a thread created to celebrate a positive article from Assetto Corsa’s biggest critic – us – it was anything but. People wanted links to outlawed, many were convinced we had some sort of irrational vendetta against Assetto Corsa, some suggested it was mere placebo effect and the positive article was the result of an underlying personality disorder I suffer from… It was pretty epic to see Assetto Corsa owners react harshly to a positive article, but at this point I expect nothing less from the sim racing community. It’s a whole bunch of people who have never belonged to anything meaningful in their lives, trying to belong to something. If you’ve got a registered forum account in their neck of the woods, head on over there and take a look. It’s worth a read regardless of whether you support us, or if you’re vehemently against us.

screenshot_lotus_49_ks_silverstone1967_20-12-116-18-20-32Now within that thread, there are a few posts calling us out which I’d directly like to respond to, partially because Sev thought it would be hilarious if I did, and he couldn’t be assed to cover this story from his point of view.

At some point, Stefano Casillo of Kunos Simulazioni chimed in with a lengthy rant picking our little operation apart to the very core; a portion of which we featured in a story last week where he had claimed the team did not encourage members of the gaming press to give positive reviews of the Assetto Corsa despite an overwhelming amount of evidence stating otherwise. Responding to an Assetto Corsa forum member inquiring about the long-standing animosity between and Kunos Simulazioni, Casillo states we had simply chosen to lash out at the Italian developer for rejecting an interview request almost two years ago, as we were first getting started.

As much as I’d like to perpetuate the story and create a bit of cheesy entertainment for the sake of our audience, that tale simply isn’t true. We did send off an interview request along with ten fairly interesting questions, and it was rejected by Marco a few days later. However, the change in tone towards Assetto Corsa was not due to a personal vendetta – later that year, the AI cars were literally driving head-first into barriers during single player races, and this highlighted a long list of technical issues plaguing the simulator, some of which still remain to this day. I’m not in the business of sugarcoating bullshit to play nice with developers. If you’re selling a piece of software advertised as a racing simulator for sixty dollars, I think it’s well within reason to expect some sort of competent artificial intelligence to race against – not one which smacks into barriers as if they’re a small child learning how to ride a bicycle without training wheels for the first time. And if a year and a half later some of these issues still exist, yet suddenly there’s quadruple the amount of premium downloadable content available for the title which jacks up the price of the whole enchilada by more than double, yes, I’m going to write negative articles about your video game. The screenshots are worth a thousand words, or in the case of, five thousand.

01It’s very disappointing to see a sim racing developer completely unable to comprehend why someone might write bad things about his video game – chalking it up to a perceived vendetta rather than blatantly obvious screenshots of show-stopping technical issues. Many Assetto Corsa owners log onto the official forums each day and report bugs in the hopes of them being fixed. Comments like this – where a developer chalks up legitimate criticism accompanied by numerous screenshots as an irrational vendetta – sure won’t give them any faith that the product will improve in a meaningful way if they take the time to report obvious problems with the software.

But we’re just getting started.

I’m not the only one calling the shots here at, though by my own admission I do end up writing most of the articles – and that’s okay, I enjoy this stuff. The supplementary writing staff of this little outlet consists of Dustin Lengert, a former ASA OK Tire Series driver-turned-crew chief, and Severin Austerschmidt, an amateur German racing driver who lives about an hour from the Nordschleife. While the lot of us on TeamSpeak know Sev as that guy who loves Breitbart and Pepe the Frog memes, away from the keyboard he’s a actually fairly accomplished amateur driver – successfully testing for both Audi’s TT Cup driver development program, as well as the BMW M235i class within VLN endurance events after a fairly stout partial schedule in a Formula Renault 2.0 – a car many of you have driven within iRacing.

In April of 2016, Sev penned a piece for us questioning what had happened to the driving model featured within Assetto Corsa, stating the GT3 cars had received an increase in overall grip that did not reflect how a racing slick behaves under duress. As someone with real world racing experience in a car found on the Assetto Corsa vehicle roster, Sev basically wrote an article telling our readers that from his point of view, he was unsatisfied with what Kunos had done to the tire model of the various GT-spec cars based on his own seat time, and wished it would revert back to a previous version from around a year earlier, when we initially conducted a lengthy interview with him.

Though Kunos Simulazioni often reach out to real drivers at the Vallelunga circuit for feedback on how Assetto Corsa reacts behind the wheel, Sev unwilling to sugarcoat his opinion to keep the developers happy warrantedย  Stefano calling him a *****, and claiming Sev doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It made a lot of us behind the scenes stop and contemplate what happens behind the scenes at Kunos headquarters; are other real-world drivers not satisfied with the tire behavior promptly called names and belittled on the official forums as well? Getting this kind of feedback from someone with proper seat time – whether positive or negative – is basically the holy grail of racing simulator development. What dumb motherfucker lips off a real world driver who took thirty minutes out of his day to give his feedback on a tire model update for your game because he didn’t blow sunshine up your ass?

02So a Kunos Simulazioni developer calls our resident European road racer and overseas Donald Trump supporter names on the official forum for writing his honest opinion on the tire model based on his real life experience. Business as usual, right? Sometimes Stefano gets mad and does this stuff. We’ve learned to accept it.

Kunos then roll out a fundamental tire model update six months later, directly addressing Sev’s exact complaints. You know, after they told him he was an idiot and didn’t know what he was talking about. According to Aris, the cars are “more agile, move around more, bounce a bit more., and need more inputs to go where you want them [to go].” Stefano has no problem belittling a real-world European race driver for ripping apart their tire model and stating “thousands of people are telling him he’s wrong”, but six months later Kunos boast about redoing the tire model for the precise cars and in the precise manner Sev had made negative comments about earlier in the year.

What real-world driver would willingly give these guys feedback in the future if all they’re going to do is attack you on the forums, and then begrudgingly implement your suggestions? What’s so hard about hitting up Sev and saying “hey man, thanks for your writings, can you go into a little more detail for us, we haven’t had someone make these comments before?” Why does there need to be so much emotional hemophilia over a real-world driver not endlessly praising your software?

It’s just absurd, man. It’s not needed, especially when input from real drivers is highly sought after by all developers within this genre.

unaware-how-to-turn-off-tcYet despite the recent tire model update – Version 10 to be exact – suddenly modifying the rubber behavior to fit Sev’s very specific wishes (and of course, this is only a coincidence, nothing more), and a user even agreeing with Sev’s assessment of a prior build, Assetto Corsa disciples still go on about him being wrong in regards to the perceived abundance of grip – blaming his lack of faith in the tire model on the PRC gang’s inability to switch off traction control. I mean, this Berry dude on the right side of the capture above straight up says he wasn’t cool with how the cars drove in certain builds, but then immediately snaps back to the hivemind mentality and claims it was all in his head and to not question dear leader the physics. This totally does not resemble a cult or anything of that nature.

This is pretty much the perfect example of how bizarre sim racing forums can get; Assetto Corsa fans state the three of us, all licensed race car drivers, are too dumb to figure out how to disable TC in a genre of games we’ve been playing since we were kids, when some of us actually hold world records on the RSR live timing leaderboards. You can’t achieve these kinds of ridiculously quick times by limiting power to the rear wheels, but what you’re looking at are the professional-caliber mental gymnastics exhibited by simulator nerds who cannot fathom that maybe is occasionally more than tabloid trash. Kunos have re-engineered the tire model to address Sev’s exact complaints, and some of us have posted the times you’re aspiring to knock off the top of the ladder, but nope, we supposedly just had traction control on the whole time and it was clouding our judgement of the game. Yeah, no.

If anything, this should teach you to always question the advice you receive on various sim racing message boards.

changes-confirmedAnd you should always question the shills, as well. Upon publishing the piece praising the Assetto Corsa version 1.11.3 update, in which I claimed a small hotfix was the final piece of the puzzle needed to truly make Assetto Corsa handle like a dream, many anonymous sim racers arrived at PRC to claim the article was little more than the result of the placebo effect. Truth be told, I hadn’t turned laps within the simulator for a while, so it was possible that I’d forgotten what the game felt like as a whole, and was re-discovering it all over again.

But as you can see above, mclarenF1papa came out and mentioned that the 1.11.3 update fundamentally changed how any car which produced lift handled. Basically, not only did damaging the car make it faster – an incredibly amateur mistake for Kunos to make – the weird loose-off tendency of the Mercedes AMG GT3 reported by our boy Ethan was allegedly generated by fucked up aerodynamic values, rectified by the 1.11.3 hotfix pushed out Christmas morning.

So our bad, it wasn’t a minute change to the tires that dialed out the strange ice skating behavior, it was an aero adjustment. Oops. Sorry guys. We got it wrong.

244210_20161223151137_1Of course, this is PRC, and you’re probably expecting a big moment to end the article by now, so here goes.

I received word that in one of his more reserved comments within the thread in question, Stefano Casillo of Kunos Simulazioni mentioned he would enjoy sitting down for a one-on-one sim racing debate of sorts, and citing my refusal to talk to Ian Bell as proof that I’m a “total pathetic loser where he answers to himself posing as readers.” So, I mean, I shot him a message to see what was up.


Aside from the fact that he clearly missed our interview with Ian Bell, there’s a very real reason I can’t commit to a spectacle like this. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on the complete opposite side of the globe as Italy or the Netherlands, and don’t own a webcam. I know a lot of people love to circulate the story that I’m some fatass sitting in a dingy basement with no job because it admittedly makes reading PRC even more hilarious than the vanilla experience, but I’ve unfortunately been a slave to a popular rental car company for over three years, and it’s not practical for me to wake up at three in the morning so some developer can yell at me via Skype.

Hell, let’s backtrack for a second: this is sim racing, not an Atheism versus Christianity debate. There’s no purpose in challenging someone to a debate with your superior intellect; the root of the discussion is virtual race cars, not an existential crisis. And this goes out to all devs; I don’t have an issue sitting down for ten minutes and firing you a set of questions that directly take aim at topics you want to address, no matter how controversial they are. I enjoy that sort of thing, it’s why I run a shitty sim racing website people read while on the toilet at work. The whole process of putting together articles that ruffle feathers, editing reader submissions, and helping my bros on TeamSpeak to become better writers is fun for me. I’m not some pseudo intellectual trying to prove the existence of God to an atheist, we’re just here to talk about race car games.

atheist-debate-meWithout the PRC hat on, it’s very frustrating to take part in a community like this, and fairly eye-opening as well. Developers throw hissy fits if real race car drivers don’t sugarcoat certain pieces of feedback, challenge you to debates that are much better suited for Atheism versus Christianity circles, and claim you have an irrational vendetta if your valid criticism gets under their skin, which makes me question why these individuals are propped up to be the supreme overlords the average sim racer makes them out to be. On the other hand, the community itself will literally agree with any justifiable complaints you voice, but then convince themselves you’re wrong anyway, and later in the day question why sim racing isn’t growing at the rates of other genres. It’s a really shitty environment to be a part of.

Unless I’m wrong, and this is all just restricted to the following of on particular title.

mental-midgetErm, nevermind.


136 thoughts on “Sev is a ***** and Other Tall Tales from the Forum

  1. The problem with these small independent developers is that they can’t stay away from their forums and any valid criticism they encounter is deemed a personal attack. It would be wise to invest in a PR or a Social Media Marketing Agent to deal with the forums, someone who has a cool head and remain positive in a neutral way. The respect from the community rapidly diminishes when the devs get involved in the forums. Every time I see that “Lord Kunos” avatar, I cringe and wonder if his time would be better spend improving his game, instead of fighting online like an autistic man-child.

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    1. I’ve been saying this for a long time, but I guess the Kunos guys haven’t thought of it for some reason. The problem is that Stefano is a coding nerd; he really should be a behind the scenes guy, not the face of the company. He’s just too much of an ass and can’t resist berating people, as he’s really just one of those fedora types who like to argue with people on the internet. It’s embarrassing and if you working for most other kinds of companies, and represented yourself that way, you’d be in deep shit. Stefano gets away with it because he’s incredibly arrogant, and because there are enough kool aid drinkers that validate what he’s doing.

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  2. If you had read a few posts after the one you quoted of mine, you’ll have realized that the 1.11.3 aero fix had absolutely no effect on the AMG whatsoever. The car is the exact same as it was pre 1.11.3. It produces no lift and therefore was unaffected by the bug. The difference in feel mentioned in your article stemmed entirely from the placebo effect…there wasn’t the “night and day” difference you claimed (or any difference at all for that matter).


          1. I’m going to grab a copy of 1.11 (I think this is OK, given that I’ve been a legit owner of the game since the early access days when you needed a NetKar Pro serial, and there’s no other way to do this) and compare these cars on 1.11 vs 1.11.3.

            Other than nuking the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

            (extra points for spotting the 80’s movie reference there).


              1. You love being drama queen, don’t you?

                I never thought that I really have to consider editing the raw footage of my tests with the car but it looks to me that you’re just begging for someone to make you look like a complete idiot.. ๐Ÿ™‚




      2. Stop being so ignorant man.

        The aero changes made 100% no difference to cars which produce downforce. It was to do with the fact that lift in AC are negative numbers, and bug just stopped cars produce any lift (which is a reasonably subtle change anyway).

        All GT3 cars are so far from producing lift that this is just a non-issue, and the fix made literally no difference to the majority of cars.

        The damage bug? Just a simple issue again with the fact lift is a negative number. The way damage worked for downforce cars was it reduced (read, multiplied by less than 1) a certain amount of downforce for a given impact. For cars producing lift, doing this would reduce the lift, which is the opposite of what you want. Fairly minor in practice, but Kunos fixed it immediately when made aware.

        Just admit there was no major differences for the GT3 cars between .11 and .11.3 or whatever it is now. I’m sure you can find online somewhere a backdated version – download it, do a blind test, back to back. I’d love to see the results…


        1. I dont need to admit shit when we have VIDEO EVIDENCE of an otherwise talented sim racer sliding around on optimal tires in a corner where the car traditionally UNDERSTEERS, and a few days later the exact same setup causing that behavior magically generates completely different driving dynamics. Not to mention a selection of commenters backing us up – one dude saying it was so bad he spun coming out of the pits.

          Kunos are a team known for little mistakes. Cars falling through the map at Spa, damage makes you faster, accidentally uploading the wrong update… It’s cool, it happens. I miss spelling errors that slip through Firefox spellcheck as well. Could have been as simple as an extra zero or a decimal in the wrong spot.

          Regardless, it’s fixed now. I’m happy they caught whatever fuckup they made and the GT cars are phenomenal. Ripping apart files to check dates and times of modifications, then running to PRC to shout PLACEBO knowing full well we’re fast enough to spot miniscule changes only proves my point that AC is a basically a cult.


          1. White flag. He’s not looking for the thruth if that’s still news for anybody.

            Well-written lie is much more interesting than unexciting thruth.


          2. Our boy Ethan only did video for that corner where the car was “sliding all over the place” and where’s the video with “tyres fixed”, with the same situation?


            1. Guys, I’m actually downloading a few different versions of AC to do exactly this sort of testing. It’s not real easy since the, uh, privateers don’t necessarily do a release each and every new build. But by the time I get home from work, I should have 1.11 to compare with 1.11.3.

              I can verify that after I read the original article about the GT3’s behaving as if they had a perpetual oil slick around the rear tires, I pretty much ran to my rig and tested it out. And I agree it was pretty ridiculous how little rear grip there was, even at low speed and little in the way of throttle input.

              It felt exactly the way a street tire does at the track after about 3 laps – “greasy” is the best description. Back when I had the original Toyo’s on my TT RS, they’d get that way pretty fast (moved on the Michelin PSC2’s – so much better).


          3. There you go. I hope you stop making you and your bandwagon look even more ridiculous.

            Ps. If you still like to wear the tin foil hat and to think that the footage is not from the v.1.11.2, I still have bulletproof, uncut footage to prove you wrong.. ..once more.

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              1. So why do we have a video of a car sliding all over the track? I appreciate the comparison, but we literally have a dude showing it was possible to skate everywhere after warming up the slicks to proper operating levels, and this is just… ignored. Like, HAHAHEHAW PRC IS KWAZY ignored. iRacing ice skating behavior? Nope, all in our heads, even though others reported the same thing.


                1. 16sec of video with an oversteer moment while trying to corner at full throttle = skate everywhere. I bet you can replicate the same in current version.


              1. Dasmeter is not working because I detached my wifi-antenna to make sure Steam is not gonna update AC. The application needs working wifi connection between the phone and pc.


  3. Trimaz , I must agree with you bud !

    On the project cars forum I initially thought this was a good thing to have a chance to have a chat with Ian bell on a forum , that thought didn’t last very long after having a crack at the broken ps4 Version of the game.

    Ian ending up getting highly upset at me dishing on a product he is obviously very proud off which is understandable with the amount of effort put into these games, In saying that if they are prepared to take our money when the product isn’t complete they also should be prepared for opinionated backlash in all areas from all types of people.

    Not only does it look bad on the forum having a sledging match with the developer but then the shills chime in defending a person they ridiculously think they have some type of relationship with and things escalate from there .

    Just because you make racing games does not make you a experienced race driver or socially adequate to talk to people in forums , stick to concentrating on the games ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way I’m not stating that I’m socially adequate ……………. Nice read as per usual James


  4. I’m still trying to figure out how they changed the physics to a car on 12/25 when the file containing all of the car’s physics data was last updated on 12/20.


    1. General engine upgrade, Steam integrity shit, or something they tweaked in two seconds and forgot about. We’ve established the fact we’re fast enough to notice minor deviations between updates.


      1. When 1.11 came out I’ve been told that even V7 street cars handled different, edgier (mainly the Elise which was a big talking point back then due to how truck-like it handled and someone making videos about it).

        Turns out I couldn’t tell a difference, or at least anything worth mentioning. Same laptimes, same bleh handling. Note that I was tesing at Magione so didnt really notice the aero bug. Not that this car makes huge amount of lift at these speed anyway. Same story with the F40 which I had driven a bunch on Streetfight servers. Also the same with the 458 which still handles like fucking shit in low-mid speed corners.

        Even did an integrity check to make sure something wasnt messy with my game. No change. So yeah, color me confused.

        Simracing is weird.


  5. I remember way back when you were going to do the Kunos interview.
    They agreed, you sent the questions, then they danced around when you’d get the answers, saying they didn’t want to make it look like you were shilling for them or something, since you’d released a string of positive articles.

    They bitched out in the biggest way, because they wouldn’t even just tell you “we changed our minds”.
    It’s line breaking up with your college girlfriend by just ignoring their calls/texts until they stop trying.

    I’m pretty sure they saw the questions, went “oh shit the truth wouldn’t go down well here” and here we are.

    Would love to see the 10 questions Kunis is too afraid to answer.

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  6. As some have requested, here are the questions from the aforementioned interview Kunos turned down from a couple of years ago. It’s not an exciting read, and you will be disappointed if you’re expecting major controversy.

    From what I recall, they didn’t decline due to the difficulty of the questions. I don’t have the Email saved, but it was more along the lines of not wanting to imply publicly they supported anything written on PRC because it would make them look bad in the industry. At the time we were ripping on pCars pretty badly and Stefano had called the WMD stuff a “crowd funded joke” out in the open, so there’s a reason they were open to us sending off interview questions to begin with.

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  7. So this article is an hissy fit from our boy James because people don’t agree with him&co, either positive or negative articles on certain sim racing games.


    1. Because forgetting that online servers overwrite the car’s assists you set off in single player and not being able to spin a car online…


      1. When I wrote that review I tested offline, but okay. Also, if I set assists to “Off”, no server in the world of AC will overwrite that with “On”.


        1. That’s true, tested now in a server that had factory tc and abs. I turned off in main menu and were still off in the server. So this part is like you say.
          But still doesn’t explain why there were replies in that article where people did tests that show GT3s spin. So you said you couldn’t spin the car.. but people made video where they showed it could.


          1. And we showed that in situations where the car SHOULD 100% spin, the car didn’t spin. Like, mashing the throttle in 1st gear in the middle of a hairpin for example.


            1. I don’t remember you showing any video material in your article, but I do remember someone in the comments showing video where spun car by mashing the throttle in 1st gear in the middle of a hairpin and proving you wrong.


              1. I can jack up the rear spring rates and loop the car too.

                Under race conditions with a decent setup, there was a solid year when the car was glued to the track and it took basically no talent to drive.


                1. Okay, waiting for your video evidence about mashing the throttle in 1st gear in the middle of a hairpin without spinning with your magic setup.


                    1. Do you write to Car and Driver asking for video evidence to support the claims made by car reviewers? We write. That’s what we do. If you can’t handle the findings of accomplished sim racers, all with real world racing experience of some sort, without begging for video evidence at every turn, then you’re a lost cause and probably just here for a fight.


                  1. I’m not a fan of modern get cars and the game did display that behavior. I remember trying more cars and finding it “aided.” I was trying to find content to push for an AC intro series in the league I ran. Those issues were not just felt by me or prc members because it was a point of discussion that reminded som of how glued the cars in pCARS were.

                    I can’t speak to this update due to not having driven pre and post update so I cannot discuss the accuracy of that blog. I did experience improvement in cornering behavior of the old cars but I didn’t drive in the build with issues, I drove just before it and then after hotfix.

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            2. Sev, why associate yourself with a site like this. I’d be interested in reading your take on sims, good sim setups with wheels etc. given your experience. Would be a huge benefit to the community if you started your own blog.
              However, writing for this site, when there is something wrong with a sim, that just seems like more shit on the heap. Again, worth calling out 100% but there is so much more you can also share with the community that would be worthwhile. Stefano could use some meds but approached properly, discussed in a blog without all the nonsense negative baggage this one has, I bet the response would be different.


          2. Bad setups and/or shitty driving skills are a large part of the equation. Sev can jump on Teamspeak with us and ask no less than three people for a killer setup with the rear end properly softened and pressures dialed in, and then hit the track already having his line 100% refined.

            This happens in real racing as well. Guys who think they know what they’re doing, don’t. Even in shitbox racing this year, a good buddy of mine kept saying his setup sucked and needed me to take a few laps & figure out what was wrong. Jumped in and blew out the field by two tenths. A lot of times it’s the nut behind the wheel.


  8. Never before have i seen so much circle jerking in one article.

    Do you masturbate everytime you post an article like this?

    You act like you’re some god while your basically nothing more than a cocky narstisstic fat nerd.

    I don’t care much about what other people think of the games i play as i play most of the sims and i actually enjoy them (unlike most mentality ill people around here), but man i would love to kick your teeth in just to put you in your place.

    Happy new year!


      1. Kunos is his cat. James is your alter ego.

        Hmmm.. real world drivers, Sev says the truth and nothing but the truth. Real world drivers testing AC in Kunos office are clearly paid to give fony feedback.. right at Kunos office at Vallelunga. Our boy Sev on the other hand, knows more than professional real world drivers testing at Vallelunga.


          1. What were his exact complaints and in what way were they changed?

            This is hard to actually analyze anything when neither you, sev, nor maple made a before and after video to analyze the behavior of the cars.


              1. “We write, which means what we write is extremely truthful and accurate.” – You

                “What others write is fanboyism” – You, again.


  9. This article reminds me when I first comment about popcorn, then dramatic post, except I then disappeared, then back again.

    Don’t have some popcorn to eat, but I will watch the fun stuff, produce by AC fanboys.


  10. Gonna put this out there… I can only make it through 5 maybe 6, paragraphs of most of the articles on PRC until I just start seeing blah blah blah… Fast forward to the comments for the hate train.

    Sick of reading whinges about sim community. All gaming community is like this because it’s highly populated by children. Then some get older and complain about all the other children in the forum’s.

    Fuck the forum’s… Just play the damn game and relax. No one cares.


  11. Putting sim racing on shame every day.

    Lets see things with some logic.

    >Makes articles about hero cards, people with fantasy racing careers, fantasy rigs, with the argument that they are embarrassing sim racing (but the articles gave them a very high visibility, as before their visibility in the scene was quite low, who dafuq knew about hero cards in the first place?)

    >Runs a blog dedicated to sim racing drama and scandals – gives space for people to comment the nastiest of the nastiest things about other players and devs (which is very ironic when these people demand respect and correct conduct from others…).

    So the question is, what is actually embarrassing for sim racing? The operations of this blog or people fantasizing racing careers, replicating car rigs, buying expensive hardware, taking their sim teams seriously,?


      1. Hero cards is just one in the list of “scandalous and embarrassing” things about sim racing. His blog isn’t?
        Who apart from a small circle inside iracing has heard or came in contact with hero cards? Of course James doesn’t that way, he wants thousand views by spreading what he thinks is embarrassing. I thought that according to logic embarrassing things are kept off unknown as much as possible.. no.. but let me get those sweet views for my blog.

        If he thinks X is damaging sim racing why would he think exposing it to the whole of sim racing would welcome newcomers? If he’s so concerned about newcomers to sim racing, he’d keep away what he considers embarrassing.


  12. My issue here is that instead of addressing the problems I had with AC at the time that I tried it out, Stefano simply threw one of his usual hissyfits and called me a *****. He didn’t even refute my observations, namely that the cars drove worse than they did several months earlier, he just called me an asshole or w/e for criticizing his game. I have in no way, shape or form, ever criticized AC in such a way that it warranted such a reaction. I’d actively been playing AC up until the time the first Dreampack DLC was published with the M235i Racing, which I praised highly to everyone asking me how it drove, since I’d actually driven it IRL; apart from the retarded gear ratios (final gear was geared for 420kph…) and some weird tire glitches (lowest tire pressure setting would equal in roughly 5-10kph less top speed, but insanely short braking distances and absurd cornering speeds).

    Then I come back to the game several months later and the cars I drove the most (GT and Sports cars) drive completely different than before, not to mention behave very unrealistically. I write an article about it and get called names for simply stating what is true. Then I come back another several months later and the cars drive completely different AGAIN, but somehow I’m completely wrong with my assessment? If I was so wrong, why change the behaviour of the tires and have the 10th or 11th iteration of the tire model by now, if everything was perfect and 100% correct before? I just don’t get it.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The bmw m235i drove the same when it was released and later with v7 tyres. So your article at the time was pretty odd, by saying it drove completely different on the negative.

      What observations were there to refute when your only argument was that GT3 cars couldn’t spin at all, back then on v7 tyres. Of course he’s gonna laugh at you, and everyone else.

      Retarded gear ratios for the bmw m235i? Please go learn some cars simulation or actual mechanics.

      Is embarrassing to sim racing how PRC talks about physics and simulation, really embarrassing.


        1. He also never explained what was wrong driving the bmw m235i in AC.. so, “lets all take his word because our boy Sev” – You

          Actually let me quote what he said in that article “I first noticed the hidden traction control-like feeling in the BMW M235i when it came bundled with the first Dream Pack DLC, but now it seems to have been ported across the rest of the cars in Assetto Corsa.”

          So because of his assumption of “hidden traction control-like feeling” he later discovered in GT3s, that he associated to the bmw m235i’s “hidden traction control-like feeling” when the car was first released… how can he say today “which I praised highly to everyone asking me how it drove”, about the bmw m235i back in March 2015? So, was the car realistic like the real car when it got released in AC? If it was and it still had that traction control-like feeling, why to him the GT3s that have that feeling aren’t realistic anymore?
          He’s messing up everything he said and saying now… our boy Sev. If the bmw m235i had hidden traction control like feeling when it was released, why did he say it drove like the real thing?


        2. Sev is full of shit, “real world driver feedback”.. ok lol.

          When bmw m235i was released in dreampack1 Sev said it drove like the real thing, but at the same time he said it had “hidden traction control-like feeling”. Major contradiction?


      1. In VLN, in the dry you get into 7th gear at the end of Dรถttinger Hรถhe. In AC, you (used to, havent driven the car in a while) barely get into 6th gear. That’s not realistic. You are embarrassing yourself.


        1. I just checked a video on youtube and the bmw m235i cup (idk if there’s a difference with the car in AC) and only reached 7th gear on the downhill part, after the Bilstein bridge. On the straight there were some cars not far ahead, so maybe a bit of splistream in effect. Before the downhill section the car was topping at 250/1 kmh.


      2. He threw a hissy fit for me having the “audacity” to say their updated gravel traps we’re not good, having ignored the other praise towards track art.


    2. Because according to iRacing and AC apologists, the more tire model iterations, the better. Each and every one of them is 100% realistic, still the next one is even more 100% realistic. By now, and according to that retarded logic, AC tire model alone is 1000% more realistic than real life.

      Why are you not racing anymore? Go to the 24h Series website, they’re still looking for pro/am drivers for the Dubai 24h.


      1. If you will pay me the $50k (at least) that I need to get a seat in a TCR3 or GT3 car there then I’ll race, just for you ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. I like your reason, from now on i will know AC as the sim with 1000per cent realism, no need for a sarcastic sim value code kunos, you broke the percentage barrier.


    3. I am not an alien simracer, I was usually mid-pack or lower when I raced in my league races (in PCars), until recently when I started to achieve consistent podiums and even a win.

      What I am is a driver who likes to, occasionally, push the limits of a car to see how it handles: I have taken a Ford Festiva out on dirt roads in the desert and thrown it around just to get the rear wheels to slide. I have taken 5.0’s up twisty roads that I know like the back of my hand, as fast as I could just to see how the car reacts. I like to take my current car, a Honda Civic, up and over over the nearby mountain road, (One that is often used by drivers and motorcycle riders to bomb on the weekend- in my region it is a very famous road for doing “Bomb”-runs), and try to go up and down without using the brakes but keeping up with traffic, even if I am behind someone doing a run.

      I was a professional driver (fire department engineer-we operated the rigs) and drove in all kinds of conditions that required total concentration to keep myself, my crew and other drivers and pedestrians safe.

      Point is that I know how to drive and I know what to expect. I know that the pivot point of any vehicle in just in front of the rear tires, not the center of the car. I know how camber and toe effect maneuverability. I know why rev-matching is important, ( see what happens when you try to downshift a 40 ton fire engine on a wet road without rev-matching. Hell, try it on a dirty road…), etc…

      Point is: I may not be a race car driver but I know what to expect when I drive a car, even in a sim. AC was a great sim when I bought it. Yes, it had bugs, the AI sucked and the on-line was (and still is) crappy. When they did their tire “update” about a year ago it made the cars react in a more arcadey way. More like PCars and less like the AC I bought. There were a few cars I could drive and I liked the mods but I ended up just hot-lapping mods like the 962C because I wanted to “drive” the cars I grew up watching race in IMSA. They still lapped like the tires were mere puddles of rubber instead of active components of the overall grip.

      (Though it did help me learn how to handle my cars in the PCars leagues that had 3X tire wear).

      The latest update did, indeed, make the tires become a stronger element in the overall handling equation. Whether it was an aero bug that was fixed, tire update, whatever, the cars now handle more like I would expect, and if they don’t I can adjust the chassis in a realistic manner so they are drive-able.

      A few months back this seemed impossible to do.

      If the bug fix was indeed a “placebo” as some of the more smug members of the community are insisting, then why are the cars handling better?

      Maybe it was all the time I spent in R3E that taught me how to drive better. Then when I came back to AC I was able to take a shitty physics set-up and make it work?

      Can James be a bit…loud in his protestations? Yeah, he can. I do not agree with him in all his views but I do have to say that his assessments of these sims seem to be fairly accurate.

      The question I have is this: Why are devs not listening to the actual race drivers ( please do not bring up the ones the devs pay to promote the game. I know many who have driven against the likes of Barrichello and Almendinger in iRacing but the only race driver I have driven against in the six sims I own is…no one)? It seems that would be counter-productive to developing a sim that would be “The One!”, instead of just: “…one of the sims I use…”

      Another question arises: How many of those who are harping on James, Sev, et-al, are actual present or former race drivers? How many are merely sim-racers with only road experience, like me? Who are we to judge the veracity of the race drivers claims? We can, at least, give their input some thought instead of outright dismissing it.


      1. Real world driver feedback, from our boy Sev: “Can’t spin, please fix.” Kunos: “Ok, I changed some properties, now you can spin”. Our boy Sev: “Very cool, Kunos. You just made the most realistic simulation”. Kunos: “No worries, anytime. Cheers!”


    4. He called you an asshole because you act like an asshole. This has nothing to do with AC. Simple as that.
      And yes AC driving quality has been downgraded since 1.3 or so (for a half year?). There have been multilple tire revisions, which weren’t “final” model but more of continious seeking for improvement which resulted in degraged driving experience while in progress (cars weren’t “dancing” enough). This has been confirmed/agreed by many educated sim racers (including old AC fans). This is a disadvantage of continuous/agile development/release model.
      V10 is more of a final version of the tire model progress in 2016.


        1. You often act like an asshole (the way you write and express yourself). “Asshole” is irrelevant from this particular AC issue.

          Yes, you were right (in some ways), just like many others, so don’t act like some AC savior and “truth” bringer.

          If I remember correctly you (or at least PRC site) often mentioned that there is too much grip and hard to loose rear which is a bit generalized compared the actual issue, which is often the reason why people (or DEVs) have problems when finding/defining issue which is stressing.
          Personally I would describe the issue differently. I would say that the cars weren’t requiring as much inputs to keep the the tires at the grip limit as compared to reality (the cars weren’t alive as in reality). In this case simply reducing grip values wouldn’t make the driving more realistic (yes, it would be easier to loose traction when accelerating out of corners and etc – harder/more hardcore – but not in a realistic way) but the cars will still drive like lifeless bricks in terms of small corrections required to balance at the limit.


    5. Sev sometimes how a message is delivered matters as much as the message given. You have real experience, the kind that many of us want to hear about in regards to relating to sims. My track days don’t hold a candle to your experience. Yet being associated with a blog that is hypocritical (sugar babies vs 7 dollar PDF…) and someone who is shocked at advertising behavior that has been around since the 1950s doesn’t give you much credibility. You want to be taken seriously, find a more serious place to share your experience with the community.


  13. We’ve move from genuine sim racing coverage to forums meltdowns. That speaks volumes about how bad the sim racing panorama is.

    I miss the old days where seemingly every month a great racing game was released. Where developers didn’t want to take the spotlight of their creations. And much better yet there were hardly any fanboy defending a steaming pile of turd of a game. We all bashed a game that sucked. And lo and behold, some game franchises even got better after spanking sessions. F1 series by ISI is a good example: from the crappy F1 2000 to the classic F1 Career Challenge 99-2003.

    Now it’s all this drama… so much ado about nothing!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Rephrasing them does not make them better excuses.

        Giving the nature of the blog, a head to head with a dev should be a golden opportunity for you. It appears you’ve lost your nerve.


        1. Nothing new under the sun here. James will find an outrageous new excuse every time he gets challenged. Responsible adult, my ass!

          I guess we’ll just have to accept the fact that he is a very special kind of snowflake (extra emphasis on _special_ here).


          1. >having a job and needing to be up at 5am is an outrageous excuse to avoid a cringetacular sim racing debate with a dev known to call names and lash out at people in his forums.



            1. You work 7 days a week? If he is abusive towards you it will be embarrassing for him. It seems strange that you are dodging this.


                1. He invited you so I’d imagine he’ll be the one running the stream. A cheap webcam will get the job done. You should do it.


                2. Right, a webcam costs around 10 bucks max. You already own a mic since you’re on teamspeak. If you cannot afford a 10 dollar webcam at this point in your “responsible adult” life, you must have taken a wrong turn in your life somewhere, or you need to find a new job…


  14. Everytime Austin uses : “Weโ€™ve established the fact” I get a proper, heartfelt laugh. One of many little shiny moments in my day.


      1. Report in the forum = 100% confirmed problem. Logic and reason is strong with you.

        Is very bad when you need to find what others report and use that as a weapon against the game and the community.

        Should I also screenshot the replies that tell how PRC is shit? I guess screenshoting testimonies equals truth. (which in this case it does, but that’s an aside to the argument)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The fact that someone else experienced the same bug and went to the support forum to report it speaks volumes. You are basically trying to imply Kunos have final say on anything about their game.


  15. Message to Stefano, Ian, or any other developer getting into arguments with critics: please stop! Spend some of your ‘hard’ earned DLC cash on a proper PR team.

    It is people like Ian Bell and Stefano Casillo that are killing sim racing. There have always been critics, birches, moaners. Now that the devs are answering back and insulting people, things are only going to get worse until they employ some PR people who actually have social skills, and won’t attack people over criticisms.

    Actually ISI, S397, RRE and Codemasters seem pretty good in this sense. They listen, and acknowledge the criticism, but they mainly keep quiet.

    Stefano, take note.


    1. There is no evidence that Stefano or Ian Bell are killing sim racing. Last 30 days there was average of 1328 concurrent players (that average includes nights with low-activity hours) playing Assetto Corsa which is all-time record for the game.

      Liked by 2 people

            1. Average consumers are not too interested about random dev rants. I doubt for example that many in my local league has ever even heard about Stefano or his rants.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Well that’s a nice anecdote but this kind of behavior from the devs and people on the forums is doing real damage whether you and your mates realize it or not.


                1. Random forums whiners won’t have any effect on our league, since we are mostly interested about racing not about forum drama .


      1. Stefano and Ian helped increase the fanboy culture in sim racing, as if you make valid criticisms about a sim, you a met with an army of shills who overreact to your claims. We’ve seen it with PCARS when it was released in a unfinished state, and we’ve seen it with the AC consoles release.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Maybe people just don’t agree with your criticism or parts of it. Labeling them fanboys tells a lot about your attitude within sim racing.


          1. When people automatically engage in ad hominem attacks the moment you meekly and politely point out a glaring deficiency in a game, Yes – They’re Fanboys.

            Devs are scared to death that prospective buyers will go onto these support forums and get turned off if they see too many problems. Accordingly, they berate anyone who utters a discouraging word, and enlist the help of a group of pathetic nerds who share a delusion that they have some kind of “personal relationship” with the dev in question.

            Having been involved in multiple wargame beta programs, I’ve seen this behavior again and again. Join one sometime and see what I mean. It’s creepy as fuck and a corrosive influence on the normal feedback that a dev should be eliciting from their customers.

            Maybe it would be better to air these concerns in a PM or a private thread, rather than for all to see. I’m personal friends with a group of devs for a high-profile, expensive wargame They’re all great people, but they really do get very paranoid about people saying negative things (even when the info is 100% correct) in the public forums. I do what I can to calm them down and have recommended they appoint a PR person who can keep a level head and not whip things up.


            1. “When people automatically engage in ad hominem attacks the moment you meekly and politely point out a glaring deficiency in a game, Yes โ€“ Theyโ€™re Fanboys. ”

              Are you sure it’s that politely? Plenty of feedback I’ve seen received the replies in the same tone. If you want all peace and flowers, then make sure your feedback is peace and flowers. Don’t be aggressive, provocative, accusatory, and have some knowledge in your text about the issue or about a solution. But if you do want to go that route, then don’t be so easily amazed at replies in the same manner.


  16. And simultaneously driven a big wedge between otherwise normal people, with your aggressive attitude, and your inability to take criticism.

    The sheep will follow you, the clever people will rebel. Quite similar to Brexit/Trump I suppose.

    Half of the articles here on PRC wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Stefano and Ian’s comedy comments and responses.

    Here’s a tip, if someone finds a problem with your game, embrace the criticism, show an acknowledgement, maybe see if they are right. If they are right, try to solve the problem. If they are NOT right, then simply keep quiet, OR let your new PR team deal with it professionally.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So you’re saying all the updates so far have been from not reading and understading what players give as feedback? Hmm.. according to the circlejerk Kunos never listens to criticism and bug reports.. I wonder where they pulled out all the updates since early access?


    2. PR team.. if you want to be handled by a PR team only use Facebook/Assetto Corsa page. If you want direct answers, use the support forum.


      1. Or the comment section of PRC it seems.

        In a way you could say PRC is the bastard child of KUNOS and SMS.

        Without Stefano’s crazy rants and attacks on people, Austin would have nothing to write about.

        But I guess he should keep being slightly unhinged. It gives us ‘regular’, ‘casual’ sim racers something to read about, and laugh at, when we’re ‘sitting on the shitter’ as Austin would say.


  17. Sev also noticed the stability augmentation then? Or “the hand of god”. And it’s still there. So much for the “dreamlike experience”.


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