Another Year, Another Stefano Meltdown

screenshot_ks_ferrari_sf15t_monaco_20-12-116-17-20-43An old mentor of mine once used the term “terse eloquence” to describe what I should aim for in articles here on, and for this entry I believe it’s the perfect time to challenge myself with an alternative writing style. There will be no fancy introduction, no elaborate set of links to older articles of ours, and no recap of events which have transpired over the past year or so. Once again, Stefano Casillo of Kunos Simulazioni has done irreversible damage to his company’s reputation by aggressively attacking an Assetto Corsa owner simply for suggesting an alternative approach to the game’s complicated tire model, and the whole thing gives some credibility to the rumor that Kunos simply surround themselves with yes men who shower the developer team with praise, rather than challenge them to create the best product possible.

The Assetto Corsa owner in question happens to be Fredrik Sørlie, a Norweigan stunt driver, former Porsche & AMG performance driving instructor, amateur drifter, and sim racing enthusiast; an automotive personality who has spent the past three decades as a professional driver while also taking up the modding side of sim racing as a hobby dating back to 2003. Not only is this guy a complete wheelman in adverse conditions – as evidenced by the video below – he’s also a mammoth computer nerd; the absolute best kind of person to give feedback on a modern racing simulator. With Porsche, Mercedes, Hollywood, and sim racing’s own Niels Heusinkveld coming to Sørlie for advice, Fredrik is an anomaly within this niche genre. This is someone who has not only dedicated their entire life to the art of driving an automobile to the breaking point, they fucking love video games, too.

Within the official Assetto Corsa forums are numerous sub-sections dedicated to ripping apart the game in a fashion that the Kunos Simulazioni staff can use to evaluate and improve the Assetto Corsa experience as it travels through its post-release lifespan. In a thread dedicated to discussing poor steering response in corners, as well as the process of creating his own modification for Assetto Corsa, Fredrik mentions that there are indeed some irregularities with how tires in Assetto Corsa behave under certain conditions as a whole. To readers who aren’t all that concerned with how Assetto Corsa operates under the hood, it’s obviously an extremely boring discussion between hobbyists splitting hairs in the name of realism, but for modders, this is the kind of stuff that tickles their fancy.

fredFredrik also makes a quick one-liner about needing to use values other than the digits Kunos have provided when it comes to their tire physics file for each car, as they don’t always produce accurate on-track results. A seemingly insignificant piece of banter, Stefano Casillo promptly arrives to claim Fredrik Sørliea professional performance driving instructor employed by both Porsche and Mercedes – knows nothing about vehicle dynamics, and has been writing:“dogshit” on the message boards for the past several weeks. All for suggesting to try a different set of numbers in a very specific physics file, because to a professional driver, those values produced an experience that aligned more closely with real life than the default values.

dogshitThe thread instantly descends into chaos, with Casillo being verbally abusive to Fredrik while the Assetto Corsa army religiously upvote all of Stefano’s posts berating the professional driving instructor. I encourage you all to check out the thread for yourselves; there are some absolutely astonishing quotes in there once things pick up. Halfway through the second page, Casillo has already labeled Fredrik Sørlie as a delusional individual – no insult is off-limits.

Fredrik, just wanting Assetto Corsa to be the best simulator it can possibly be, brushes this horrid encounter off and contacts Stefano in private, the results of which are nothing short of legendary. Fredrik properly introduces himself to the Kunos Simulazioni coding master, and dives deep into his own discoveries with Assetto Corsa’s tire model calculations after detailing an extensive automotive pedigree. Citing past collaborations with sim racing physics guru Niels Heusinkveld, Fredrik explains the very specific changes he had made to the tire physics files in Assetto Corsa, and while fully acknowledging the numbers weren’t one hundred percent correct when used in the current algorithm created by Kunos, they produced a satisfactory driving experience which mirrored his experiences in a real car, and he wanted Stefano to look into why his guesstimated numbers improved the simulator’s tire behavior.

Essentially, an accomplished professional driver with a thirteen year background in sim racing modding came to a member of Kunos Simulazioni and said “hey man, I love your game, here are all of my real world credentials, I made some unique changes to the tire file, I know they don’t make a lot of sense, but to me it feels more realistic than what you guys had by default. Can you look this from your end? It might help.” Whereas most racing drivers will spout random crap about any racing game in pursuit of a paycheck, here we had a driver modding the game. That kind of customer loyalty doesn’t come around all that often.

Rather than responding with a simple “thanks for the feedback, your fix isn’t realistic but it might highlight a problem in our simulation, I’ll check it out sometime this week when I have a moment,” Stefano proceeds to cuss out Fredrik for the next hour, because this is a totally rational thing for any developer to do.

open-a-fucking-book-and-readIt’s a truly impressive piece of post-modern art. The holy grail of racing simulator development is receiving feedback from real world drivers, as data and numbers don’t always manage to convey the sensations a human being experiences pushing an automobile to the limit. Yet after marketing campaigns which saw Kunos constantly mention their Vallelunga offices allowing them to pick the brains of professional race car pilots fresh off the tarmac by placing them in their simulator for feedback, and partnerships with Ferrari, Porsche, and Lotus ensuring the team would model each vehicle as close to the real thing as possible, the above screenshot paints a vastly different picture when it comes to how Kunos Simulazioni operate behind closed doors. In reality, Kunos are actually berating real race car drivers, telling them to get lost, and that only the numbers matter.

It’s extremely fucked up, to put it lightly. Here you have a developer bragging about all of the feedback they’ve received from professional pilots who endlessly praise the quality of Assetto Corsa’s driving model, but in the span of an hour or so, one guy is able to provide evidence to the contrary – Kunos Simulazioni not only become emotionally compromised over a single sentence joke buried deep within a thread surrounding car physics, they’ll aggressively attack you on their own message board for merely providing any sort of feedback whatsoever – and then let their fanboys pile on for good measure. Keep in mind, these verbal sparring matches with genuine fans of the game span multiple hours and take legitimate effort to participate in, when virtually none of this was necessary to begin with. What’s so hard about telling a guy “thanks for the feedback?” Why is there a need to instantly shit on him and make him out to be this delusional autist who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, when his YouTube channel clearly demonstrates he might have a clue?

And that’s the scary part. Rather than busting their asses to improve their game, members of Kunos Simulazioni are sitting around on the forums monitoring every last thread for even an ounce of criticism, promptly pouncing on those individuals regardless of their real world credentials. That’s where their time is being allocated, if you’re curious about when certain future updates will be released.

Personally, I’d like to know how some of the bigger brands featured within Assetto Corsa feel about this behavior. Auto makers such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren don’t exactly fuck around when it comes to how their brand is represented in the public eye. Are Porsche even aware that the game developer they just partnered with and made a whole media circus about throw autistic shitfits and lash out at their own customers when real drivers giving feedback on the simulator make a joke on the forums? This is the kind of shit that would get you fired from any commercial storefront job, and cause sponsors to back the fuck out of major partnerships.

Better yet, what real driver would be willing to work with Kunos Simulazioni after seeing this? They’ve made it explicitly clear that unless you blow sunshine up the asshole of Stefano, they will just sit around and call you names until you eventually leave out of disgust.

screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_ks_nordschleife_20-12-116-19-56-13The whole thing is downright embarassing for Kunos Simulazioni, and further reading on the subject can be seen on Fredrik’s official Facebook page, the SimRacing subreddit, and RaceDepartment, all of whom have spent the better part of today discussing Stefano’s childish antics. Regardless of how you feel about Assetto Corsa, this is simply unacceptable behavior for a developer to exhibit. And I wouldn’t be surprised if more people come out of the shadows to reveal their own absurd encounters with select Kunos Simulazioni staff members.


225 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Stefano Meltdown

  1. Stefano is clearly a deeply insecure individual with no understanding of public relations and how to deal with customers. He’s a fedora type nerd who should not be interacting with people because he has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to be civil even when challenged in a respectful way.

    He’s lucky he’s in this line of work in such a niche genre because if he were in another industry and behaved like this he’d be in a lot of trouble.

    Kunos desperately need to put a muzzle on this guy and hire PR staff. And get Stefano a therapist because he clearly needs some couch time to work out this hostility and insecurity he’s dealing with. This is beyond embarrassing.

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    1. He really went out to far this time.

      What he should do stop is stop acting like a big man child asswipe, man up and react with normal social behaviors.


      1. When you enter real data to rFactor 2, it works like real life, it’s not the case for Assetto Corsa, you always have to use workarounds and substitute models 🙂


      2. I would say that being on forums insulting YOUR OWN paying customers is so out of line I can’t even start to comprehend.

        Business 101: you thank people who help, who give feedback and pay for your product as well as people who criticizes it. It’s called professionalism, a word which Lord Ragefest-Kunos doesn’t seem to have heard of. In my line of work we call these outbursts 1.00AM whiskeymail.

        If they don’t have their dicks so far up each others mouths and really enjoying it, I can’t for my life understand why people at Kunos let him (and some of his co workers) go on like this? Will be fun to see if the automotive manufacturers stand behind Kunos after this story gets big.


    2. I actually agree with you. I still respect the work Stefano has done – there’s not a lot of people in the world who can create a tire model from scratch and have it produce halfway realistic results; and not that many who can code a well optimized 3D renderer pretty much on their own either.

      Thinking about how he and his work could benefit from taking in feedback and not treating everything as a personal attack it’s kinda sad.

      On the other hand, posting screens of private messages probably won’t do good things to Stefano’s paranoia.

      Best wishes to Fredrik; his feedback certainly didn’t warrant that kind of response.

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      1. “Thinking about how he and his work could benefit from taking in feedback”

        Because all the updates since early access were from listening to 0 feedback?


  2. in hindsight, i wish this guy had gone to aris in private with his issues, where the two probably wouldve had an enlightening discussion. but that wouldve been nagging an extremely busy dude. as it is, i worry too much damage has been done. maybe (whatever the case about who’s right or wrong or whatever) aris can get in touch with him about his thoughts on the matter, which i’m confident he could give clearly, concisely & without attitude. at best AC will improve & at worst, he’ll have righted the situation. but it shouldnt be necessary.

    honestly think anon is onto something & stefano might really benefit from talking to a therapist. i dont mean that flippantly; he very simply (& humanly) can’t keep himself away from the forum, & ends up unhappy, & making others unhappy, as a result. that’s a genuine issue, why not talk to a pro about it?

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    1. I’m actually an ABPN-certified psychiatrist here in the USA. While it’s incredibly unprofessional for me to even speculate (Stefano might be completely different away from the forums or maybe he’s just sleep-deprived or his grandmother just died), you’re probably onto something.

      Some sort of displaced rage caused by a counter-transference reaction, maybe. Which is a fancy way of saying that perceived criticism reminds him of some past event that has a lot of emotional valence for him personally.

      For example: It could be that, when someone even mildly suggests that his work is flawed, it reminds him of an abusive teacher or parent from his childhood who was hypercritical (they often co-occur). He then comes to conflate mere criticism with abuse. He then wants to humiliate his “abuser” in a way he never could as a child.

      Total guesswork, but I see these sorts of patterns emerging repeatedly when dealing with people who react this way to perceived criticism.

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            1. So what you are saying is that Stefano did nothing wrong and we should blame the other guy…

              Am I right, or, perhaps, you could correct me.


                1. It is what you are saying. Why the insistence that the conversation was private? Because Kunos says so? It was in a public forum, whether the forum is closed to members only or not. Please, find a law that states the conversation is protected by any privacy act.

                  I guess one could defend the execrable actions of Stefano, and ignorantly accept that a forum conversation is considered private, but then that person would merely be…


                  Stefano acted like a spoiled child who did not get his puppy for Christmas. There is no excuse I can think of, personally or in business, for a person to react as he did and it is appalling that there are so many out there who are willing to defend Stefano for his childish internet rage.

                  This is just another example of a developer ignoring a person(s) who actually know what is going on, while relying upon their own “experience”.

                  Reminds me of the saying: “Knows just enough to be dangerous…”


                  1. The new trend is “developers ignoring feedback from experienced driver”. You guys are treating like devs are pre-school and they must do exactly and immediately as the feedback from experienced drivers. Devs are inexperienced with cars, mechanics, and have no technical knowledge about simulation?

                    Stop crying that devs must do as an experienced driver says, because to which experienced driver should devs listen? Maybe just resort to your ignorance and comprehend that devs do listen to feedback from experienced drivers, amateur drivers, sim racers, but how can they shape the simulation to each feedback when each feedback is different? Unless they find that the majority of that feedback is leading to one problem, they can’t jump right away on what one experienced driver says.

                    I think devs rather listen more closely to what experts in the field have to say, what they publish, what data they have, than chase after this and that self proclaimed simulation expert.


                    1. Perhaps, then, they should make the physics as near to realistic as possible and that is where the real drivers come in. I am not a race driver but if there was a mod that had a 2002 Seagrave’s Defender fire apparatus in it I would give it a try. If I wanted to know if the physics of that apparatus were realistic I would drive it as if I were on a public road, and drive it the way I drove the real one for years. If it did not react the way that the real 2002 Seagrave Defender reacted, under real conditions, I would have issues with the physics of the sim.

                      And I would, if I wished to drive the sim of that apparatus, want it to react correctly and want the developers to make it so. If they chose to call their sim a realistic sim.

                      That is why devs should pay attention to drivers. Sure, they listen to their drivers and use their input for the physics of the game but do you think those drivers have driven a 1978 Volvo enough to know if it is reacting correctly to the physics or not? Drivers cannot know how every car drives, so if a member of the public comes in a says: “Hey, the physics of such and such car are off a bit…” then, yes, if the dev claims to be the “Most Realisticest!” sim, the dev should listen.

                      If the dev chooses not to listen then the dev is merely putting out a sim that mimics realism for merely a few cars that their pet drivers have experience in. Everything else is just guesswork.

                      Kunos, and their defenders, are demanding data as proof. A person’s experience is, indeed, data and if that person has extensive experience with many different cars then that person’s “anecdotal” experience, (FYI: Data is merely anecdotal information collated to show trends), is data that should be used to make the sim the “Most Realisticest!”

                      Or the sim is not the “Most…” it is merely as close as the dev chooses make it. And that dev damn well better be ready for criticism from those who have real-world experience driving certain cars. The dev can, then, choose to use that criticism in a constructive manner, or do as Stefano did: Shit all over his customer who merely wanted to make the sim a better sim.

                      The ignorance in this episode is rejecting real-world experience for numbers that are, most likely (and we know this to be true due to the issues in AC), wrong. Then doubling down on that ignorance by reacting the way that Stefano reacted in the thread.

                      I, personally, like AC. I find the content meets my desire to drive cars that I watched race when I was young. I do not know enough about race cars to know if the 962c is driving the way it should, but if Bob Akin comes into the forum and says: “Hey, Stefano, the 962c is off in it’s handling…” then Stefano should listen instead of acting like a spoiled millennial.


                    2. 2112, Stefano didn’t throw off the turn in behavior or understeer, or stuff like that from fredrik’s feedback. So is good that you learn to differentiate about what feedback in particular he declined. He got mad at those pretend simulation solutions and he told fredrik to learn car dynamics before talking in technical terms and formulas.


                    3. LOL, Fanboy!!!! Did you even watch the Video of Fredrick driving his car? He`s NOT just some hobby sim driver, he actually is a Pro. He even was a professional advisor for Porsche and Mercedes, but that is besides the point. I fully agree with the person that said the THIS dev should be shielded from his customers, or rather the other way around ^^ He might be good at coding and stuff, but he totally acts like a forum troll.
                      He plain and simply shit on himself with the way he reacted to Fredricks inquiry.
                      I was looking into buying this sim, but now, that i read all that, i`m not. Not because the game is bad, but because of the way customers are treated. The game might be actually very good, but there will be others and other devs that know how to appreciate their paying customers.


      1. It’s not that he gets angry when people throw ideas at him which he perceives as silly, it’s the way that he gets angry. You don’t insult people and especially not those who are genuine fans of your game and only wish to aid in making it better somehow. He should get his anger issues under control simple as that, especially because he is now a public figure and he is representing a franchise.


  3. Jesus H Christ, it looks like you were approximately 110% right about this guy Stefano. I really hope the KS apologists who dismiss you as some kind of irrational “hater” bother to actually read the extremely bizarre and unprofessional way in which Stefano interacts with a pro race driver who likely has forgotten more about car control than Stefano will ever know.

    Unless KS starts actually listening to people with valid points, the game is never going to be anywhere near as good as it could be.

    I’ve been driving high performance street and race machinery since 1982, and I can tell you that Fredrik is right. The 2 sims right now with a tire model that feel most “right” are rF2 and R3E. They nail that coarseness and low-speed grippiness that just isn’t there in AC. AC tires feel like idealized little hard pieces of polyurethane by comparison.

    Sorry if that doesn’t match the KS religion dogma, but there it is. Fact is, all the fancy fucking formulas in the world aren’t worth shit if they don’t result in realistic behavior. Probably what’s happened is Fredrik stumbled on some sort of anomaly at one end of the bell curve (low speed grip, high profile tire with street rubber).

    KS could probably learn a lot just by analyzing what he did, but Stefano’s too busy pretending he’s Il Duce on his own forum.

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    1. Well, maybe not all RRE cars 😛

      But I agree, always found the AC TM to fall on it’s face quite badly and exhibit strange quirks dynamics-wise. Mainly that loss of front grip on turn in and the loss of rear grip on throttle seem exaggerated, but once you’re actually sliding the slip is so lenient and lazy that it’s still easy to drive, if that makes sense.

      The thing is, numbers are just that, numbers. If the engine doesnt translate them properly into the game they dont mean anything. It’s not real life, and probably no physics engine can manage 1:1 behavior. So even if the numbers are correct, the end result isn’t quite right.

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      1. When you enter real data to rFactor 2, it works like real life, it’s not the case for Assetto Corsa, you always have to use workarounds and substitute models 🙂


    2. Could not have said it better myself. I`m a car mechanic, so i do understand what Fredrik and you are talking about. But I don`t think it will help, since they evidently blow sugar up Stefano`s ass and only tell him what he wants to hear. But like I said above: There WILL be other sims and nicer devs, so fuck Stefano AND his stupid game. Actually I\m going to look into the 2 sims mentioned by you. rF2 and R3E.


  4. Even if you consider the fact that Fredrik might have been wrong, it doesn’t excuse the disgusting behavior Stefano portrayed here.

    Stefano needs to get his teeth knocked out. It’s infuriating to see somebody act like this.

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    1. Fredrik by all accounts was just sort of dicking around with random numbers and tried something retarded that accidentally produced realistic behavior under certain circumstances. I don’t even think he was trying to be right or wrong – just poking around the files to see what each line did, and in the meantime cracked a joke. That’s why Stefano’s reaction is so absurd.

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      1. I think Fredrik learned from your methods of correcting simulation when you made some article by lowering the grip values. When you did that, it gave you the best simulation.

        But one thing I’m left wondering, do you agree with Fredrik about this stuff or not? Given that you called perfection with 1.11.3 patch, some articles ago.

        Now we have James feeling vs Fredrik’s feeling. Should devs listen to the feedback from the experienced amateur shitbox weekend racer and former iracing champion or listen the feedback from the Norweigan stunt driver, former Porsche & AMG performance driving instructor, amateur drifter, and sim racing enthusiast; an automotive personality who has spent the past three decades as a professional driver?


  5. I am a registered Psychologist and a passionate sim racer.. In my opinion Fredrik showed great restraint and character in his dialog and I feel for Stefano who is obviously struggling with some serious emotional conflicts. It’s a shame that such a talented developer is so short sighted in their public behaviour. Italians are famous for their lack of emotional restraint.. it’s in their culture and not an easy thing to understanding without knowing his background or history.
    I’m not excusing his behaviour, just empathising.
    My enjoyment of AC has significantly dwindled compared to other sims due to the issues mentioned by Fredrik.. I hate understeer! It’s getting to the point where AC is starting to feel a bit like Forza.. 😦


    1. LOL, my uncle is Italian, south Italian to be precise.(Very emotional) He did not have an easy childhood. Did he ever act like that? He would not dream of it. I think it`s more like a general phenomenon in society, as people everywhere acting like a…holes and not giving a sh…t if they acting like a monkey, that has gotten his banana stolen. Especially on the net. He just need to be put in his place and learn some humility. A punch in his d…ckface would be a start. I know, violence is not a solution, but it sure is satisfying. ^^





    1. Sebastian Hornung , that Porsche guy should read the whole thing wrote by Stefano, and think over how Porsche is in business with such man.


      1. It would be a shame if an letter of complaint was written to Porsche’s head office, stating that the Porsche name and brand was being dragged through the mud by a developer who is supposedly meant to be representing them in ‘the most realistic driving simulator’. Now I’m off to Google Porsche PR contact details…


        1. It would be interesting, if Porsche is the serious company they say it is they should terminate the contract immediately, being associated with a manchild of this magnitude only hurts.


  6. You know when PRC hits the nail on the head regarding AC simply by the fact it triggers our resident AC spammer, after seeing this I reckon Kunos them selfs sends the spammer, as a kind of damage control.

    On enougher note many insecure Italian mama boys are in awe of their Northern neighbours, which manifests as extreme jealousy and a inferiority complex.


  7. It’s the same people trying to undermine commentary when there’s actually decent discussion going. Especially in this case where people aren’t piling up the cuss words or making mistaken or politically-charged analogies. Very disappointing, but then again those people are very poorly regarded in the forums they frequent.


  8. Nothing shocks me from any dev,they are all nerds and their products are vanity projects,some don’t care if it handles wrong as long as the numbers are as close as they can get it,but then you have some that claim this while the numbers are far from accurate,is it any wonder the sim community is in such a state when deva only allow for praise and sensor criticism,they have shown that this is ok,that’s why so many fanboy


    1. Shakotan also went full retard with his suggestion to tire load sensitivity values. It doesn’t really matter if Stefano tried the values or not, the expected behaviur is well known (if you know the basics of physics or have tried AC when it had linear tire load sensitivity). Also Stefano didn’t say there is no issue. I am not saying there is no issue, but possible that the issue is somewhere else e.g. inertias (most likely not in the tires), but changing these tires valuse might hide underlying issue. Stefano got mad about this suggestion.

      I have tried these values and it gives expected outcome – unlimited grip regardless of the tire load. The car becomes very front-end sensitive and you can oversteer the car regardless of the situation just by BY TURNING THE WHEEL. This is not realistic!


  9. Uncalled for behavior that quite frankly I experienced myself (although not to the degree seen above).

    A little off topic but Stefano is so overly defensive of his game and states how the most important aspect is the driving, but at some point you have to argue they have hit or will soon hit a wall in the returns of their work trying to perfect the physics (return on gains).

    He wants the feel of driving to translate so much, but he is blinded to the gorilla in the room that seems to always be shot down if you try and bring it up. The presentation of the game. You can’t claim your the best simulator and then have lack luster AI and a nonexistent presentation AC has. Yet he straight refuses to address that topic. Maybe I’m in the minority but every sim I play (AC, AMS, DR, and R3E) severely lack a presentation that makes me FEEL like I’m a driver. I feel like the racing genre forces you to choose either you get great presentation and semi sim at best physics (F1 2016) or you get great driving and the most boring bland presentation possible (games I listed above for example).

    I think there are serveral games on the market that are advanced enough in physics that adding to their presentation now would yield bigger gains in popularity and immersion than trying to perfect tire models when most users may not even notice the difference.

    I’m not saying physics improvements should stop, but AC for this example could really benefit from polishing to their presentation. If they really want to simulate driving, giving players the presentation to feel like a professional driver couldn’t be a bad thing IMO.

    The most disappointing thing is these topics are just as taboo as what was discussed earlier. You can’t even breath a trace of constructive criticism about physics or presentation of this game on the AC forums or you’ll be destroyed by negative posts from users and developers. It’s no wonder the genre seems to be so stagnant and in some ways taking steps backwards. Sure the graphics are better car physics more realistic. But what does all that matter if the product is boring and uneventful?

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    1. “You can’t even breath a trace of constructive criticism about physics or presentation of this game on the AC forums or you’ll be destroyed by negative posts from users and developers.”

      Like our buddy associator would say, major disinformation.

      Make your criticism properly objective and scientific and preferably with data or tests as backup, then you’ll get proper responses. Make a subjective assessment and everyone else will contribute the same way as well.


      1. So, you’re wanting people to ask for improvements with regard to presentation and game structure (both of which are inherently subjective in nature), but only if they first have “properly objective and scientific” data to prove their point?

        This is just a fancy pseudo scientific way of silencing dissent. Try using that technique outside a closed forum/echo chamber and see what happens.

        One other thing. Drivers on actual race teams have their own race engineer assigned, precisely because they need someone to translate the inherently subjective experience of driving into usable data that the data analysts and mechanics can use to improve the car.

        The skills of a race car driver usually don’t include the ability to do numerical analysis using a Fourth Order Runge Kutta method. The same shouldn’t be expected of virtual race drivers either.

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        1. So you completely ignored the part of physics… and made yourself look dumb on purpose by thinking I said that we need data and scientific tests for game presentation, when clearly that’s about physics, not game design. Congratulations to James who has surrounded himself of a great circlejerk.

          You don’t simply compare changing the car setup to building a simulation. For one, each driver will have the car setup suited to him/herself, and you can’t have the simulation suited to each driver, unless the majority of the drivers point you in the same direction of the problem.

          Round of applause.


          1. Do you actually believe what you wrote above, or are you just spewing words? All the data to back up my reply is in your above comment. Re-read it, think hard about it, and perhaps you can come back with a reply that is factual.

            As it stands now your reply is merely mental masturbation sans any real logic.

            Like i said: Think hard about it before you reply. Perhaps you will be able to spot your own fallacy.


              1. No, I am not. I am responding to your reply immediately above my own. Your logic has holes in it big enough that one could sail an aircraft carrier through.


                  1. Like I stated above: All you have to do is read your post to find the holes. I could tell you but then you would not listen. If you find them yourself you will avoid the same pitfalls in the future.

                    It is called the Socratic method of teaching.


                1. delusional guy is delusional. since when having race drivers giving their engineers feedback about how they feel the car for the engineers to setup it afterwards is equal to race car drivers telling their engineers how to create the simulation?

                  A race driver if it doesn’t have education in technical simulation can only give his input from behind the wheel, nothing more nothing less.


    2. “The most disappointing thing is these topics are just as taboo as what was discussed earlier. You can’t even breath a trace of constructive criticism about physics or presentation of this game on the AC forums or you’ll be destroyed by negative posts from users and developers.”

      It’s almost like the fanboys don’t want the game to be improved, which is weird.

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  10. This is seriously bad for Assetto Corsa either way.

    If everyone at Kunos share the same beliefs then they may just end up finding themselves alone with no passionate customers who are the main driving force behind any niche product and sales due to word of mouth.

    If not – Kunos may start to split on the inside and that is never a good thing for such a small company.

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  11. His game is his life’s work. He is very protective of it. He has had an almost constant stream of complaints and criticism from all sides. It’s hard to mentally sort the belly-aching from the constructive criticism, and if he’s been under pressure recently perhaps he’s on a very short fuse.

    Of course he shouldn’t have reacted like this and it’s unjustified, but it’s not necessarily the product of an unhinged mind or a bad man.

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    1. He gets showered in praise as well. If he’s one of those people who focuses exclusively on negative feedback that is his own problem to deal with, and until he fixes it he should leave this job to someone more capable of dealing with customers without insulting them and dragging the company’s image through the mud.

      It’s not the first time he mentions the price of his game. Apparently the implication is that the price of the software doesn’t buy you the privilege of being treated with respect. Teenagers working their first part time jobs at retail have better sense than Stefano.


      1. This went beyond the personal feedback from driving in the sim. It reached the point where this guy was telling kunos to drop technical things from the simulation and make it like he’s saying he thinks should be correct. That was pretty ignorant from his part and reached the insults part about the simulation work.

        To correctly give technical feedback you need to know the technical simulation, otherwise just resort to explaining the things from a personal side after driving the sim, not tell him what stuff to change in the code when you don’t know the technical side of simulation.


  12. Someone should find an email which we can contact Porsche to file an official complaint. I’m sure that would do wonders for their much bragged about licence!


  13. wrote this on other thread..

    Yeah and as much as i admire stefano – what he said to that “polite” guy was pretty stupid. He wouldn’t say that to his face, he would get his face punched in.. He could of gone about that a whole different way. But eh, we all get stressed at work. i haven’t people “outside” of my job constantly criticising my work. so.. but still..


  14. > An old mentor of mine once used the term “terse eloquence” to describe what I should aim for in articles here on

    Don’t flatter yourself. Your articles are on the level of a tabloid. Tabloids at least don’t dox people in their articles.




  15. Glad you dropped your usual style of constantly referencing yourself every 2 paragraphs you should do this permanently. I also advise you also stop putting unnecessary bold tags on sentences and words for emphasis in future, they just make you sound even more autistic. Good to see positive progress I hope your school teachers and carers also recognise the improvements you have made.


  16. you said you would have an article up and you did. congrats guys.
    shit as it may be.

    say do you want someone with actual experience in writing to help you out?


  17. You gotta be fucking kidding me with this Stefano character. Thank you James for posting this cuz it will absolutely keep me from throwing money at those sad clowns ever again.

    To this point I still kinda gave them the benefit of doubt but being a passionate driver myself with a million+ miles on 30+ cars in good and bad conditions (road as well as car:)) I totally relate to Fredrik and admire his patience and composure even after Stefano’s wholesale character assassination. It’s people like Fredrik that remind me why we put up with all the shit from these devs, the derailed fanboys, the clueless turbocapitalist ‘VISA Formula E’ disasters and all the other fruitcakes dying for attention on a message board.

    It is the ultimate and never ending pursuit of recreating a real life experience in the virtual world – period the end. Fredrik is someone who knows this and even after offering his hand that was slapped down once before he still gets the boot. How fucking far back do you have to go in the Psychology 1on1 book to describe Stefano’s condition? Sickens me no end.

    Either way I’ll be more than happy to try Fredrik’s .ini and rest assured all these Devs do more guesswork than all their fanboys combined spend time on their msg boards praising their every uttered word.

    Fredrik FTW!


    1. James must’ve caused you some serious asspain for you to go around spamming this shit in every single comment thread on this site for so long


    1. I do like what Stefano said in the Eurogamer article. On one hand, it’s great that the guy is on the forums and engaging with people in a frank discussion. What’s weird is the need to personally denigrate people – even if they really are saying something he believes to be…stupid.

      What would be wrong with just replying: “Thanks for your input. We’ll take a look at this!”


      1. That would be a tacit admission that Kunos got it wrong. That does not jibe with being the “Most Realistic” sim. Kunos has an opportunity to be the best sim on the market, they are that close. Yet, closed-minded thinking, the likes that Stefano and his supporters exhibit, will inhibit the sim from being anything more than: “Close-Enough for me…”


          1. Then please explain how Stefano’s reaction highlighted in the article was, in any way, productive. The way many of us see it is that a dev did not like being told there may be a problem with some of the physics of his sim. Instead of taking the post as it should have been taken: A constructive inquiry into the physics of the tire model; he took a shit on the guy who brought it up.

            This is not the first time that Stefano has reacted this way to criticism, thus it shows that he is intolerant of ideas that may cast him in any light, or his product, other than Golden Shafts Of Sunlight being blown up his rear-end by the end user.

            The worst part of this whole episode is the blind supporters of Stefano who feel the need to defend his actions and try to cast them in any light other than the steaming pile of crap he laid in that forum.

            There is no assumption in my comment, the reaction of Stefano and his blind-faith followers make it a fact.

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            1. They why haven’t the other modder experts agree with fredrik? Apparently Stefano must be crazy but why haven’t the other modders followed fredrik’s changes and implemented in their mods?


  18. No professional developer should ever respond to user feedback this way, no matter how rude or badly delivered that feedback was.

    We actually hired a semi-professional racing driver to do promotional work online, and to provide feedback on the physics engine for our sim. The driver in question was far from polite and often made increasingly more bizarre requests of the development team. We continued to humour him and treat him with respect, and it lead to a mutually beneficial working relationship between us, despite his total inability to understand physics programming and vehicle dynamics.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. >Tell developer you stumbled onto some interesting results, and wonder if they can have a look at the code.


    >Turn-down potential interview window because real-world responsibilities.


    He’s very delusional, isn’t he? Break that ‘bubble’ he lives in and watch the fireworks that result.

    James, I remember you contacted McLaren once to try and prove some point to me in private, maybe it’s time to contact Porsche if possible?, maybe see if Fredrick would chime-in on that ‘letter’?

    This behavior of Stefano… just wow.


  20. It´s always an epic moment, when an ignorant and arrogant developer doesn´t realise with whom he speaks while thinking it´s just one of all those little gaming nerds fucking around, those little persons inferior than himself.


    1. “one of all those little gaming nerds fucking around”

      He is one of those, when comparing his knowledge about the actual simulation. If he only knows about driver feedback, he should have given just driver feedback since he knows that part. He doesn’t know the dev part.

      If he has difficulties recreating his real car as a mod, he should ask for advice on the modding forum, not tell kunos what to change for all the cars so that he can recreate the particular feeling of his real car and then screw the simulation for all the official cars.

      If he wants to make his car as mod, he has several parameters he can guesswork for the feeling he considers realistic, there’s no need to tell to kunos to do the same for their cars.


      1. He never said that. Good job making up a different story in your mind to support your narrative, it means you have an active imagination, but unfortunately we can all read exactly what went on.


      2. You are making highly incoreect assumptions. I am working with some of the best modders and drivers available in the AC community, and even with the Kunos tyres, the car handles better than any other car available with a similar setup (it’s still a car with a live axle and a welded diff, so it will never handle as good as a McLaren). The feedback is owerwhelming. We have gotten as far as we possibly can withing the parameters available to us. NO values are guesswork. They are there for a reason. By eliminating specific parameters, we managed to narrow down the issue. However, there is no possible way for us to investigate this matter further. That would require an actual developer. I simply provided an observation and a way to demonstrate it.

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        1. Then why didn’t you just make and release your mod according to your physics principals, instead of saying the cars in AC are wrong in their dynamics and asking the devs to change the game to suit your car mod.
          There’s nothing wrong saying how the cars should behave and compare with current state, what is wrong in this is making pretend formulas and values. So Stefano reacted badly to your attempt in doing that and influence such change to the programming of the software. He wouldn’t react badly if you presented data/tests in a scientific matter with a good explanation. Such was done before from other modders and the software simulation was changed accordingly.


          1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I ask myself the same…

            I’ve said this a thousand times. but I will keep addressing it, as it’s basically the only thing that bothers me a bit.

            I never asked them to change anything. I asked them to try a value and see how it behaved in the sim, as I had no other way of explaining or demonstrating the behaviour. It was not a fix. it was a way to narrow the issue down to one parameter by making a radical change. Basic troubleshooting for situations where you are basically working blind with no documentation, and the only way to figure something out for a simple driver like myself. It takes and engineer to take this information and make sense of it. i was unable to.

            In a video it is impossible to “feel” the issue, so it could easily have been brushed off as bad driving or controller setup, if it was even visible… And maybe it is? That’s why I (mistakenly) concluded that it would be better to just give them the tool to see for themselves. As we all know now, that’s a big NO GO 😛

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            1. I think what you did was reminiscent of the Monte Carlo method of computational physics, minus the fancy math 🙂

              “Monte Carlo methods are a broad class of computational algorithms that rely on repeated random sampling to obtain numerical results. Their essential idea is using randomness to solve problems that might be deterministic in principle. They are often used in physical and mathematical problems and are most useful when it is difficult or impossible to use other approaches.

              In physics-related problems, Monte Carlo methods are useful for simulating systems with many coupled degrees of freedom, such as fluids, disordered materials, strongly coupled solids, and cellular structures.”

              The KS tire model is good, but it does seem like you’ve stumbled onto an important edge case which could, once it’s understood, help improve it further. I hope that Stefano, once he cools off, will bring some of his analytic tools to bear on the issue.

              It’s a shame that the tire model code is, quite necessarily, a proprietary trade secret. I’d love to see inside that black box.


                1. LMAO, you`re such a fanboy. ^^ Why don`t you go suck some Stefano-cock and stfu when when pros talk about issues with the game in a professional manner. All I see you doing here is defending Stefano`s behavior. (Which is in all actuality a total freakout over nothing and it can`t be explained away. No matter how hard you try.) It`s almost like you would have to gain something from it. Fredrik and Kondor both seem to have a lot of experience with cars and how to drive them. There are 2 types of engineers: those who sit all day on a computer and theorize about a subject and those who actually apply the results. the computer doesn`t always get it right. Also theoretical engineers and game devs are usually way overrated. ^^


  21. What’s the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead nigger in the road?
    The dead dog has skid marks in front of it.


  22. Well as he learned everything on his own including english as you can see from his punctuation and expression,Probably even skipped basic school classes in Naples which is quite common for that junk of a city and made his programming hobby a full-time job, developing netkar pro entirely alone. He now feels somehow very smart and probably superior to others a feeling which he needs also to compensate the missing hairs on his head and trying balance that with a thick beard and pseudo guitar skills (complexes can be a bitch). So i suggest you all go read book as the Lord says because he gets mad at the idea to put in nonsensical values in his belowed phisycs engine to follow an unknown trail of ignorant people writing him in his holy domain just to test if it behaves really well in despite of being casual values as there is no mathematical reason to do so. Its strange how i like to play a game developed from a person you´ll call a bit of a STRONZO in Italian, i guess no technical complaints will make it to his desk as we are all to stupid to file them properly, maybe Steven Hawking could help us explaining him the tyre model flaws in AC starting from the feel of his wheelchair wheels and telling him what needs to be tweaked in AC, i guess even he will be fobbed off as too stupid to understand the tyre physics universe. Love the game, hate the developer, clear anything off with a driveby shooting as this is what will happen to him in Naples anyway.


    1. As an Italian, I agree. Naples is indeed a dump.
      Hope Vesuvius erupts again so that at least a good chunk of that place gets blown to hell again taking all those people with it.


  23. Poor Frederik,

    all he wanted was some love and recognition from Stefano, and he did not get it.
    Nice read on the conversation of the two.
    Here’s a top tip for Frederik though: If you first insult someone and then commit that you do not understand the things you talk about, how would you like to be treated?
    Now you’ve got 50 people applauding you (right here), and 50k people who now know that you are one stupid man (on the internet)


        1. Every bad and good person can have manners. You can’t just hide behind “I have good manners” when the core subject is about something else. Even psychopaths have good manners, talk politely, have class, but what they do can’t be hidden behind “having manners”.

          A good education is not resumed to having manners and not insulting or swearing. A good education is about honesty, integrity, frontality without personal insults, not talking in sarcastic and provocative manner.

          You should have done some video tests with the most up to date official cars in AC and then explain what you consider is wrong behavior with the car dynamics.


            1. They don’t tell kunos to use pretend formulas and values. They say what they think right after driving the sim in their office and the rest is with kunos.


              1. I never told them to do anything, but as the effect is not something you can easily show or demonstrate in a video, I provided a method to demonstrate it by changing the value that directly influenced the behaviour. In my opinion a much more effective to either confirm or dismiss my feedback.


                1. The fact that putting (what you admitted to be) nonsense values into the tire equations gave good results *should* have set off alarm bells that there’s a flaw somewhere – but perhaps it’s not in the tire code itself?

                  Maybe it’s in the FFB code? Or how the FFB is calculated?


                  1. Not my words, but quote from a comment near the top of the comments list:

                    “Shakotan also went full retard with his suggestion to tire load sensitivity values. It doesn’t really matter if Stefano tried the values or not, the expected behaviur is well known (if you know the basics of physics or have tried AC when it had linear tire load sensitivity). Also Stefano didn’t say there is no issue. I am not saying there is no issue, but possible that the issue is somewhere else e.g. inertias (most likely not in the tires), but changing these tires valuse might hide underlying issue. Stefano got mad about this suggestion.

                    I have tried these values and it gives expected outcome – unlimited grip regardless of the tire load. The car becomes very front-end sensitive and you can oversteer the car regardless of the situation just by BY TURNING THE WHEEL. This is not realistic!”


                    1. “unlimited grip regardless of the tire load. The car becomes very front-end sensitive and you can oversteer the car regardless of the situation just by BY TURNING THE WHEEL. This is not realistic!””

                      Really? you think inducing oversteer with front steering input is unrealistic? i suggest you let real world drifters kn ow they are doing it wrong then my friend, cause last time I was throwing my car about, I 100 per cent used steering input to cause oversteer, as you can clearly see in this Nords drift vid shows how stupid your statement is.


          1. A massive ego requiring lots of defense is big indicator of a psychopath. How dare you suggest (by pointing out a possible flaw in my creation), that I am not superior in intellet to all my peasant customers.
            AC has always failed to feel realistic to me (that’s right I used the word feel). Although I’ve not tried the latest tyre model. Luckily however, I don’t require the use of maths to form an opinion and would recommend AMS Fredrick (in case you haven’t tried it yet).


            1. Mind you having said that, hopefully it is more of a patience issue in Stefano’s case. I have certainly been there and done the same if I look at myself honestly.


  24. I’ve said it on here many times, and I’ll say it again. Stefano is a cancer to sim racing, and if people still can’t see that after this incident, then they’ll finally see why when Stefano ruins his own game and drives away the community due to being a fucking manchild.


    1. He’s a programmer who possibly has a chip on his shoulder. So maybe interacting appropriately on the forums isn’t exactly one of his strengths.

      But calling the guy who gave us AC a “cancer” is really over the top. It’s still a very good sim and I’m grateful that they keep trying to improve it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed, he is an excellent programmer and he made an excellent game, Hopefully he’ll take a break from posting abuse now as his Gilles de la Tourette is getting the better of him and it is damaging to both his rep. as the one of Kunos.


  25. One person is the world’s richest, Bill Gates.

    One car is the fastest, Thrust SSC.

    One mountain is the highest, Mount Everest.

    One game is the best simcade, Assetto Corsa.

    And yes, One simulator is the most advanced in vehicle dynamics. And that’s rFactor 2, whether you like it or not.


  26. The physics of Assetto Corsa are not of simulation value, when you compare it to the way a racing driver and racing team and even vehicle manufacturers can use rFactor and rFactor 2’s physics to develop their cars and their drivers in a way that provides accurate data which they can rely on to use at races.

    To give you an example. All our race team clients and even our series clients, they don’t only use rFactor for track familiarization. They also use it to test setup data before they go to an event, they use it to test potential new part data, by developing new brakes or new engine performances and testing it in the game before they actually commit to building it in real life. rF1 and rF2 provide far higher accuracy for those things than any other simulation on the market. When it comes to Assetto Corsa, their game is marketed for a set audience which covers the Semi-Arcade side. When I drive rF1 or rF2, I’m always in a serious state of mind, I can’t just go out on the track and run a few laps. It is too simulation based and I treat it as such. I work on my setups, I push to find every tenth I can throughout a lap. I analyze too much. When I play Assetto Corsa, I can easily go in, pick a car and track, chill back and drive When using my Xbox360 controller and not give a care. The physics seem very much like Forza Motorsport 5, a console game physics HOWEVER, Kunos has done a great job for the simcade fans, but cut down to the wire, rFactor 2’s physics engine is by far the most simulation based physics engine using real life aero and physical data that no other title has come close to.


  27. Jews: demand a homeland for centuries then when they get one they refuse to live in it. Because just as Hitler predicted; they didn’t want a homeland at all. They wanted a headquarters.

    Common Jew trick.

    When Jews look like the criminal they play a religion.

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  28. The guys forum name is Lord Kunos FFS .. says it all .. when I first bought this game it wouldn’t run for me (well it would for the first couple of starts then no more). I validated the cache reinstalled .. nothing .. no help on the forums .. no answer to emails .. now it runs but to be honest I don’t play it much. There are time when I think I wasted money on it but I did get it in a Steam sale and as a software developer myself who relies on customer to make a living I would never pirate it and I don;t begrudge paying good money for what is a decent sim although it doesn’t really float my boat. Seeing the way the fearless leader acts towards those trying to help I wish I’d never given this arsehole a penny of my money. A Grade Prick and karma is a bitch.


        1. Just like Fredrik missed the point when complaining about Stefano being rude instead of acknowledging that Stefano was tired of constantly telling him that’s not how that physics stuff works?


              1. At no point did the guy say anything about the physics of it .. what he did say is .. based on significant real world experience I have this crazy set of numbers that make no sense but for some reason feel more like the experience I would expect based on real experience. He claimed not be an engineer and to not understand the technicalities of what was going on but without being rude tried to assist .. and in return he basically gets told .. you’re a dick .. fuck off … nice work. BUT .. I get the feeling I’m talking to a AS fanboys no no amount of fact s going to make any difference .. as you were.


  29. I’m too awful at racing to remotely even notice something like the bug being discussed (well half discussed anyway) and I’ve always chalked up a lot of AC talk here on PRC as semi-sensationalism. But AC is off my wishlist. I’m a newer sim racer with money to burn that has been working my way through titles. AC simply is not going to be one of them now.

    Just plain sad behaviour.


      1. Because there is other options that I’m enjoying already and would rather not support that behaviour with my wallet. I already missed out on the decades of games that built this niche. The world will not end if I miss out on AC or if I ignore “some argument between strangers” and buy it. I’m just one dope. But I feel very comfortable choosing not to put money towards THAT. I’ve gone out of my way to communicate, often dumb, ideas or problems with video game devs (including sims) and I just cannot overlook that way of responding. So yeah, I miss out because of strangers. My choice.


  30. Assetto Corsa is developed by Italian studio Kunos Simulazion – Released for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One, it does cede a little more ground to the notion that ‘game’ isn’t such a dirty word.

    According to James Dover, the game can be happily played with a controller. But while the game does deliver in terms of graphics, James reckons its physics engine “lacks seriousness”.


  31. Well, it seems that Lord Stefano feels the need to have dicks waved at his face. I have been working for the last 8 years as a development engineer of flight simulations for Embraer. Yes, I developed several “Level D” flight simulation models, including the “oh so glorious” ground handling models. That means tires, dampers, springs and all the shit he loves. I did read a lot of books, papers and all the engineer/nerd stuff. So I know the shit he loves to throw at anyone questioning him. Yeah, we also have pretend airplanes. Professional pretend airplanes. Real stuff models he won’t even dream about.

    And one thing that shitlord kunos doesn’t get it is that he codes MODELS. Models are simplifications of real world shit. And simplifications are subject to flaws. But he doesn’t seems to get this.

    You see, we spend millions of Trumps in flight testing and flight data matching, just to barely get it right. We generate thousands and thousand of reports with “matched” model data. And even then, some pilots sit at the simulator and says: “THIS SHIT IS NOT RIGHT”. Just like Fredrik did with Niels and Stefano.

    And when Niels go check his stuff, guess what… it happens exactly when our pilots complains: OUR MODEL IS WRONG. It is so easy to match model and real world data. But that DOES NOT MEAN THE SHIT IS RIGHT. In the end, it’s just number. And when you torture numbers, they lie. A LOT.

    And in my experience ground handling models, aka tire models, are madness/nightmares. Airplanes use the most advanced tire shit in the world.

    So please stop being a manchild dumbfuck and listen to your costumers who knows his driving shit. It may never makes “engineering” sense, but they are most likely to be right.

    Liked by 4 people

        1. Where’s his sim racing game to review?

          “So please stop being a manchild dumbfuck and listen to your costumers who knows his driving shit. It may never makes “engineering” sense, but they are most likely to be right.”

          Should stefano listen to fredrik, experienced driver A, experienced driver B, experienced driver C? Maybe he will listen with more focus when more experienced drivers tell him things directed at the same problem. But you are an experienced driver james, you said cars were perfecto last patch? Why didn’t you tell stefano the same problems before fredrik came out?


        2. > The guy works for a South American aircraft company.

          Yeah, sure. Must be the same guy who simulated LaMia’s Avro RJ85 that crashed in Colombia in November, killing 71 on board.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Like I care to be part of any circlejerk.

        Stefano must be an excellent reader. Each book he reads he makes another new tyre model. And everyone praises like the sun. Even when it’s not behaving like it should. Specially on low speed.


        1. he doesn’t make a new tyre model each time, he updates with new data or with more/different physics parameters for the tyres.

          Is incredible how people keep writing but not a single one dared to record the gameplay and show the problem and record his real car with the same situation to show the correct behavior (in case you have access to a real car and a safe space).


          1. And it’s incredible how all of this could’ve been avoided if Stefano learned how to communicate as a normal human being, instead of throwing a temper tantrum on anything he disagrees with.


            1. people are also throwing a temper tantrum only because a person isn’t expressing itself with the correct etiquette.

              It seems like we should imprison people who are angry at others, don’t talk nicely, say “bad” words.

              “Communicate as a normal human being” what is that supposed to mean? The communication of a normal human being is to deliver a message to the other. Communication isn’t about how nicely you send that message. So it seems people are throwing a temper tantrum only because one person chose to send that message not in nice words.

              Nice and bad words is just a way to control people. Words are words and are a mean to communicate. If one wants to communicate with “bad” words, is because he found it appropriate at that time to deal with the situation that way.
              Why are fucking and shit bad words? Something to do with our history as a human race very related to religion?

              In modern times, the only reason swearing is seen as bad is because we are slaves to customers so that they can give us money. Which basically means we are slaves to each other and it all goes around the interest of possessing money. In past times it was because of religion, now is because of money.


  32. A few words about Assetto Corsa’s physics limitations.
    Modern openwheelers can be very stiff … i mean extremely stiff, springs and ARBs (dampers as well)! and Assetto Corsa has an engine limitations that doesn’t allow using high suspension rates (causes weird bugs)!
    Interactive aerodynamics physics is a must for an openwheeler, rear aero depends on what’s happening at the front and the rear not only the rear! and vice versa (interaction between front wing and diffuser for example)
    Tyre model is not well explained and needs more variables to be added, to get realistic grip and temperatures/pressure behaviour! You can’t cook accurate slicks with it.
    Lack of setup options possibilities in general


  33. Stefano lives in a world of his own where input from real life does not matter, because he read something in a book. Depending on what he read, this is now the truth. It’s like Manuel in Fawlty Towers: “I can speak english, I learn it from a book.”, one difference being, Manuel wasn’t a giant cunt.

    He also likes to google mental disorders and then inappropriately attribute these to his critics, seemingly not aware he suffers from many himself.

    He made.a pretty good game though, ok as a developer, shit as a human being… it happens.


    1. When you enter real data to rFactor 2, it works like real life, it’s not the case for Assetto Corsa, you always have to use workarounds and substitute models 🙂


    2. “Stefano lives in a world of his own where input from real life does not matter, because he read something in a book.”

      Way to be ignorant.. idk if by chance or on purpose.

      So because they didn’t agree with the pretend simulation solutions from fredrik it means they never listened to feedback from professional drivers? Stefano, Aris, and the other devs don’t drive cars? But there’s a world beyond this feedback from drivers, which is the actual car simulation science and it doesn’t mix well with pretend simulation solutions, no matter if they come from experienced drivers.


      1. So if it feels wrong but is correct in “car simulation science”, it’s now good? Isn’t the aim to simulate real cars? He just said it feels wrong sometimes, that was it, and it does. If Kunos wants to create their own reality where the cars behave how Kunos thhink they should, even though they don’t behave like it in real life, fine, but drop the simulator thing then, just call it “I read it in a book racing” and be done with it.

        Like Kunos I drive real cars also, and while mostly quite ok, it’s off at times, not the end of the world, but not sure the solution is to tell people who mention it to read a book and berate them in an infantile manner, or maybe it is, if Steffi can find a book that solves the issues.


        1. if you paid attention, stefano declined fredrik’s pretend simulation solutions, the ones he learned from james. He didn’t say he was right or wrong about his input from driving the cars.


  34. I personally wonder if there’s any other game developer that does something similar like this or even worse.

    I’m thinking of comparing Stefano with SRD people now.


    1. It is not a bad sim as long as you do not expect it to be the be-all to end-all. The physics seem to be off compared to iRacing, rF2, AMS and RRE3 but the overall experience is enjoyable and the others seem to have their own little issues they must deal with.

      The problem, in my judgement, lies more in the cult of personality that devs such as Stefano and Bell cultivate. That is when potential customers, or current customers (and all the users are customers-all the time), get the treatment that Frederik received.

      That tells us that they do not want to hear about problems with the game, they just want to hear praise. When they don’t get praise, they get abusive, or act in a manner that they would not if they were facing that person in real life.

      That will turn many of us who are happy with the sim, to another sim as they do not want to support someone who feels that it is ok to act like a child when they are faced with negative feedback.

      Being able to take criticism of any type with aplomb is one of the traits that separate adults from children.


      1. When you enter real data to rFactor 2, it works like real life, it’s not the case for Assetto Corsa, you always have to use workarounds and substitute models 🙂


      2. because you’re an expert and tested the real and sim cars of all these sims to know exactly which is the best and the worst simulation. right?


      3. “That will turn many of us who are happy with the sim, to another sim as they do not want to support someone who feels that it is ok to act like a child when they are faced with negative feedback.”

        Yes, absolutely and hopefully the sooner the better.


  35. Quando si immettono i dati reali di rFactor 2, funziona come la vita reale, non è il caso di Assetto Corsa, si deve sempre utilizzare soluzioni e modelli sostitutivi.


  36. Something popped up and now I’ve wanted to compare what Kunos did to any emulator (pretend consoles) developer instead. Just go to /r/emulation and /emugen/.

    I’ve originally thought of byuu (higan [SNES emulator] developer obsessed with accuracy),but I’ve thinking of Squarepusher (RetroArch/libretro) instead.


  37. i wanted this game so badly. because i ve read this i wont buy assetto corsa.. i wont support such piece of shit humantrash developer.. how mentally retarded.. maybe my money wont make a difference, but at least this scumbag has no cent from me.


    1. You’re not alone. 505 (and he) won’t get another cent. He expired all goodwill from the community and shown himself to be the worst person heading any of the current games’ development. And that’s no small feat given the stiff competition from other sim racing egomaniacal developers.


    2. git gud son, you got banned from steam discussions.

      Also, you’re fully of hypocrisy, which tells me you’re a big troll with that comment you made. Look at the words and expressions you used, they are 10x worse than any of the things the dev said.


  38. Kunos staff are a bunch of retards! Also AC is a fake as a simulator, they’ve lots of bugs that never were resolved despite the warnings/suggestions, instead they ban people from the forums and only keep the “sheeps”…


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