iRacing, We’ve Talked About This…

roarI’m starting to feel like the parent of an abnormally bratty child, because they just can’t get their shit together. For several years in a row, iRacing have made a tradition out of occasionally deviating from their official series’ respective schedules, hosting massive full-length online events within the service mirroring their incredibly prestigious real-world counterparts. Dubbed iRacing’s World Tour, the one-off hardcore exhibition races spread throughout the calendar are not counted as part of any standard iRacing championship, but instead serve to bring the community together for a virtual automotive festival once every month or so.

It’s a very cool concept in theory – getting everyone to partake in the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans or Daytona 500 – but unfortunately, the team in Bedford have a habit of rarely getting it right. World Tour events are often plagued by server outages that crash the entire website, and prevent all but a handful of lucky users from finishing their races – some of whom have practiced weeks to do so. Like clockwork, each World Tour weekend is eagerly anticipated by the community, only for the servers to shit themselves just as things are getting underway due to the sheer volume of users getting in on the action, obviously pissing off a whole bunch of sim racers who have supposedly paid top dollar to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen.

euro-mx5-daytona-lead-packAs of tonight, the 2017 iRacing World Tour calendar has been no exception. This evening’s Roar Before the 24, a significantly slower event preceding the 24 Hours of Daytona featuring entry level road racing cars found within the iRacing service on the Florida Superspeedway’s Infield Road Course, predictably brought the servers to a screeching halt; booting everyone from the game and making anyone’s genuine practice efforts a gigantic waste of time.

untitled-5On the outset, it’s really not much of a story – once again, iRacing shits the bed when it comes to a World Tour event, and those who thought things would be different this year after the chaos which unfolded during the 2016 event are made to look extremely foolish for being unnecessarily optimistic. But to iRacing’s defense, servers do fail under excess capacity from time to time, and every major online game, from Rocket League to Call of Duty, have dealt with online userbases exceeding what the server farm can accommodate. It happens, and it’s usually a sign your game is kicking ass in the eyes of the public. If people are literally swamping your game with connection requests, it’s kind of a compliment.

Except that’s not what happened here; not in the slightest. Only 297 iRacers signed up for the 2017 Roar Before the 24 – compared to the thousands of iRacers who attempt the Daytona 500 or Indianapolis 500 later in the year – indicating something is very wrong over at iRacing’s headquarters.

16111555_993032800840889_1386933663_nAfter finally implementing VAT taxes to their online purchases, sending subscription and content costs skyrocketing (a single month on the service is now 20 GBP, or $32 CDN), iRacing’s servers proved they couldn’t handle three hundred people signing up for one event on a dull Friday night, when barely anybody was on the service to begin with. Despite signing both Ferrari and Porsche to the simulator, and supposedly reeling in an enormous amount of revenue thanks to the largest number of active members in the history of the service, iRacing is brought to it’s knees by three hundred people. Not thousands, as was originally the case in years past; three hundred.

Any sim racer not blinded by post-purchase rationalization and hasn’t yet been forced into silence by the resident iRacing forum bullies, should be speaking up and asking the tough questions here. Where, exactly, is their money going? The service is allegedly growing in leaps and bounds, to the point where I believe 2016 was the first year the brand turned some kind of profit, but the experience for the end user is objectively getting worse. The website was slaughtered not by a mass of hungry sim racers desperately mashing buttons in an effort to tackle the Daytona 500 with their friends, but three hundred people wanting to race shitty little Mazda MX-5’s for a few hours. That’s absolutely pathetic given the manner in which iRacing is marketed. You’re paying a premium price for a game that can’t handle three hundred people signing up for a race, when there are supposedly something like sixty thousand active members.

A genuine server failure? Possibly. But this is an issue iRacing have never once managed to fix. They go out and advertise these massive full-length online races, only for them to have a failure rate greater than 70%. And while these incidents were typically reserved for ridiculous waves of people all trying to click the drive button at the same time during heavily promoted events, we’re now at a point where the website crashed even when it should have damn well been able to handle a comparatively small group of people.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And if you aren’t asking questions, you’re part of the reason iRacing continues to charge an insanely jacked up price while selling renting users an experience that doesn’t even work when it damn well should.

Three hundred people, guys. Come on. That’s just sad. We’ve talked about this.


27 thoughts on “iRacing, We’ve Talked About This…

  1. Ac is the beginning and ending of sim racing and will destroy you precious little irenting cunts. The Lord Stefano will see to that matter personally with all possible personal vendetta’s.


  2. Well after the recent VAT hike, I’ve decided to step away from iracing. Not because of the cost, but because I can’t justify the expense any longer.

    There’s too many underlying issues that doesn’t seem to be getting addressed, not to mention all the features that would make it a proper simulation are missing. Most members just seem to be blinded by the release of new content, then when we raise the question why more content and no fixes or improvements? We just get eaten up by the forums.

    Well it’s time to make a stand people! It’s time to vote with the wallet, if people keep paying then iracing will continue to shit on the customer.

    If they get there shit together in future I will return but for now I’m done.

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    1. Dan I ain’t even going to bother renewing after my sub either.ive only been there a year but for the price it’s just not worth it,also I’m not posting my opinions on the forum anymore,sick of being attacked by kids or manchilds that still live with their parents,or who act like complete snobs.


  3. Come n play Eveonline..I will triple your money if u donate me 1bill isk…Eve also is a great sim u can oval Jita with 6k players local, iRenting cant do that.


  4. from iRacings forum:
    [1+ Year Member]
    been in a couple practice servers for the roar before 24 and there has been a issue of the servers be coming unstable..
    after X amount of people join the ping bar jumps up and down and quality goes Red and slowly goes back to normal.
    asked people on server if its happening to them and they replied yes.
    everything fine my side of the internet large bandwidth and reasonable ping between US and Australia.

    [5+ Year Member]
    Same here. The race server connection quality was so horrible I never could even start the 8 pm Central time race race. The Q bar would flash between orange and red and the S bar stayed a solid red

    [2+ Year Member]
    Just got booted from top split race……

    [4+ Year Member]
    Its not just the ROAR.. Its happening in all the sessions…

    [5+ Year Member]
    A big chunk of the 2nd split got kicked all at the same time also.

    [1+ Year Member]
    Sounds like a DDOS again


  5. “How very dare you question a ‘game’ that I have invested thousands of pounds, and years of my life in?!

    I have built myself a replica race car cockpit, that costs more than a race car, plus tyres, plus entry fees, and my ARDS test and National B licence. I have spent months re-learning how to drive on all the different ‘realistic’ tyre models, all of which are 100% realistic. I have put up with the dodgy collision model which results in unrealistic crashes, and pointless ‘blame-game’ videos on Sim Racers Facebook page.

    I have invested far too much money to question the developers on obvious faults with the game. I’m so embarrassed and worried by how much money I’ve spent, I would never dream of questioning a product which is obviously faulty, even though I have every right as a customer, but I’m genuinely too stupid to realise this.

    I’m completely happy with spending literally thousands of pounds on a product which I don’t even own, which doesn’t work properly, and is poisoning th genre, because: ‘laserscan’, and ‘multiplayer’, and ‘real racing drivers’ (who totally aren’t getting payed to promote the ‘game’) .”

    Yours sincerely


    PS If you want my hero card for my pretend career in my pretend race team, then I’ll be happy to send you one, because I’m fucking deluded.

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  6. Yeah this is very scary with the money these people are pulling in this service should be amazing.

    A quick look at Steam right now.

    Assetto Corsa 2500 users

    Project Cars: 1800 users

    rFactor 2: 640 users

    Sure iRacing is not as big as steam but they only have 1 game to support and they Flop at less than 400 so pathetic.

    I race online on a private server that could handle 30 drivers easy maybe we should ALL offer to send some bandwidth there way.


    1. i dont even play iracing but the steam numbers are meaningless for iracing, since that game grew on a website and the whole platform is outside of steam, so no point counting how many people launch iracing through steam when is easier to log in directly from their website. Many players also didn’t link their iracing account to steam.

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  7. The servers at SimRacingSystem are quite full between 9 and 11 pm GMT and later as well. Needed some more people joining the rF2 Clio and AMS Mini races. Really fun to drive and i normally don´t like underpowered cars.


  8. A bunch of the disconnections were due to maintenance by a network provider affecting the east coast of the USA. That is what hit the Roar before the 24 race hard.


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