Reader Submission #130 – And So the Censorship Begins…

maxresdefaultThough discussions of this story have remained primarily within private communities and message boards the average sim racer can’t access without an active iRacing subscription, the biggest online racing simulator currently in business has caused a bit of a stir as of late. Introduced only a few short days ago as an “oh yeah, before we forget” update, iRacing members not residing in the United States of America are now forced to pay a VAT tax on any pieces of content or subscription packages they purchase for iRacing. For almost an entire decade, iRacing have been able to cover the cost of these overseas taxes themselves – to the point where very few international iRacers were actually aware of what VAT taxes were to begin with – but the line in the sand has now been drawn, and it’s making several European members extremely uncomfortable. iRacing is already priced in a manner that requires acquiring each new piece of content to be a meticulously calculated purchase, and the surprise implementation of hefty taxes on virtual cars and tracks is creating a scenario where those otherwise satisfied with the service are starting to question its direction.

What was once deemed to be a quality service priced at a premium, is now slightly out of reach for several hobbyists, and it’s changing how they feel about the game itself.

To explain why several are choked about this, most iRacers purchase pieces of content on the service in bundles of three or six, as the simulation offers a discount on bundles as opposed to single cars or tracks. For residents living outside of America, these already pricey packages – thanks to currency conversion – have now been slapped with roughly an additional $20 USD in taxes, promptly sending the cost of running just four weeks in any official series skyrocketing. Essentially, iRacing members subjected to VAT rules are now paying the cost of two additional cars or tracks in taxes, along with the cost of their original order of content – which can vary depending on world currency. After conversion, a single month of iRacing for those living in the United Kingdom is now 20 GBP or $32 CDNdownright unreasonable for anyone who has browsed the Steam marketplace out of boredom in search of other racing simulators. As one user on Reddit writes, iRacing became around 25% more expensive for the rest of the planet overnight, and it was already expensive to begin with. It’s not good.

But it’s the way iRacing have handled the backlash which caused iRacing member Daniel Fletcher to send in a Reader Submission about this today. Now that the service is slowly becoming difficult to afford for the average sim racer thanks to these sudden changes in the purchasing process, those who once defended iRacing as an elite club of hardcore hobbyists are a bit disappointed to see the service isn’t progressing in a manner that justifies the enormous cost.

1Hi PRC, I have something for you guys that you may or may not find intriguing. As you’re probably aware of by now, iRacing recently started to charge a tax on top of the base subscription and content costs for international sim racers. This made me take a real hard look about what was going on behind the scenes and the direction iRacing is taking, because obviously if you’re asking a bit more for the product, the quality of the product should justify the increased costs. Currently, the focus is on pushing out content, while the tire model is still a work in progress project, and there are some pieces of content which receive announcements yet have still failed to materialize after many years.

vat-thread-postI first made a post in the VAT thread, stating my displeasure with the emphasis on content rather than quality, and it seemed I was not alone. So rather than the post getting buried in a debate about the VAT, I started a new thread in the general off-topic discussion section. Within 30 or 40 minutes, the thread vanished.

img_0030I then made another thread asking why my original thread was locked, as I could see no justifiable reason for it. As you can imagine, it was met with the usual crap of silly memes and people claiming I was ripping iRacing to pieces, which was totally false. After a comment from Steve Moore stating iRacing doesn’t like the truth, that thread was locked as well. Receiving private messages asking what my original thread contained and requests to start another one, I went ahead, this time keeping screenshots as proof. I couldn’t remember exactly how I worded the first, but the new thread was basically a mirror of the first one. Again, the usual forum idiots had their say, and it too was met with a lock. Five minutes later, iRacing unlocked it.

img_0046As the day went on, other people started to voice their concerns. it was a reasonable debate. I tried answering everybody, one by one. I never insulted anyone, or broke any rules that I was aware of.

img_0076After getting accused of trolling for the crime of answering too quickly, staff member Shannon Whitmore arrived to say I was just arguing with people, and that the thread was locked. My post history is clear for all to see. I don’t insult people. I hardly ever use the forums for that matter. But instead of starting again, I just voiced my opinions in other threads, on topic of course, which were threads about issues anyway.

img_0086This morning, it appears I’ve been banned from the iRacing member forums. I can’t see where I’ve broken rules, I just raised issues that many people have within the service. Maybe I’m just being butthurt, which is what people are telling me… but silencing the critics seems to be a real issue on the forums. Maybe this is just pointless… I’m not sure, but I thought I’d send it in regardless.

tumblr_odq83smsp61rdfljoo1_1280Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m sure a large pack of iRacers will quickly make you out to be delusional or mentally ill for using PRC as a platform to voice your concerns – or even contacting us to begin with – but I have to make it very clear that you’re not wrong. The service (God I hate calling it that, it’s a fucking online racing game) isn’t where it should be after eight years in operation, and the staff indeed hand out suspensions and bans like Halloween candy. It’s important to note that most of iRacing’s forum administrators were merely handed the job thanks to their role in the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season ecosystem many moons ago, so the emotional hemophilia and rash decisions you see leading to speedy bans are the result of semi-retired guys with little patience being paid to monitor the forums all day, but it’s not an excuse for how they operate. Just an explanation. When they have to deal with Lance Gomez Jr. shitting up the forums with Reddit-tier memes, I can understand from their point of view why they keep the majority of members on a short leash.

But I’ve dug through what you’ve sent me, and I honestly can’t see any problems with what you or others have written in the threads that were locked and eventually deleted. iRacing is getting old, they’re prioritizing content releases over improving physical elements of the simulator, and in your case, the prices have now been jacked up exponentially overnight. You have every right to question what you’re receiving for your money, especially since promotional material paints the service out to be this be-all, end-all solution for online racing when it clearly has some flaws that need to be ironed out. As I said about a week ago, it’s like iRacing intentionally went and created a country club-like atmosphere where members are encouraged to join with the mindset that it’s somehow not a video game, but instead avirtual online career – as if this somehow prevents it from being criticized like a video game. You’re not wrong, they need to get their shit together when it comes to certain elements.

I also definitely get a kick out of the big spenders trying to brag about how much cheaper it is to sign up for iRacing, than to go racing in real life. Sim dads who can barely work a computer aside from navigating to the iRacing member page have no right to try and say the ludicrous four-figure cost is somehow reasonable compared to something like Project CARS, just because a set of tires for their weekend warrior is $600; especially when most of iRacing’s competitors retail for $50 and provide roughly the same on-track experience in terms of driving model competence. As a member of the younger generation of sim racers – people who have been steadily hitting up Best Buy or Steam for new video games – we know that $750+ USD is simply not reasonable for a piece of software unless you’re offering a phenomenal service, which iRacing doesn’t.

So as I said, you’re not wrong to question what you’re getting for the money you’re putting down. Don’t let the sim dads shout tire costs at you. At the end of the day, it’s pretend racing on a computer monitor, and we should compare it to other video games that allow us to drive race cars on the computer monitor.

maxresdefaultNow, in terms of censorship, I’m going to open a mammoth can of worms here. iRacing indeed censors people, or at least makes the lives of sim racers who criticize the service difficult. In late 2016, I published a relatively awkward piece on telling our readers about a private phone conversation I was able to have with iRacing’s Tony Gardner, and implied a line of communication had been opened between us here at PRC, and the boys over at Basically, I dropped hints indicating  a few iRacing staff members had been monitoring our neck of the woods given the specific sim racing personalities that had come out in support of us, and they were taking the concerns brought up in our interviews with real world late model drivers quite seriously. Some of you were pretty happy to hear this information.

I would like to take a moment to apologize to our readers for posting a dishonest article – that’s not what we discussed. During the brief ten minute phone conversation, it was heavily implied I had indeed been removed from the service outright, and then ignored for eighteen months by iRacing’s customer support staff members, solely for publishing what they believed to be “unfair articles” about the simulator. It’s very important to note Tony personally apologized for this behavior on the part of iRacing as a company and did everything he could to rectify the situation in a manner that was satisfactory – so don’t pile on him and call him an asshole or anything – but it left me very unhappy that in a simulator boasting over 60,000 user, staff members will absolutely point to a single individual in the userbase and say “fuck that guy.” So I’m not surprised that for “lesser offenses”, guys are receiving the ban hammer just for talking about the direction of the software after a price hike.

untitled-3It really draws the credibility of every YouTube personality and sim racing journalist who covers iRacing into question; do they genuinely enjoy iRacing, or is there a metaphorical gun placed against their head, with personalities knowing full well the consequences of negative social media postings about iRacing? Sure, in my specific situation, I was able to get things resolved in just under two years, but it was an arduous two years full of iTard fanboys screeching that I’m mentally ill and supposedly harboring an irrational vendetta against the service. That’s the cost of speaking your mind about iRacing, so I’m not exactly surprised that other users are now starting to report censorship issues as well for doing the same, just on a smaller level

What I’m more concerned about, however, is who turns into the next Austin Ogonoski. Does Joe Nathan start his own website in 2019 after a successful string of YouTube videos, and become public enemy number one and wake up one morning to find out he’s locked out of his account, and support emails go unanswered? Does Daniel Fletcher randomly receive a two month ban for a petty infraction, only to be piled on by the community and unable to post on the message board when he returns?

Only time will tell, because as you’ve seen above, some users are already approaching that horizon.


105 thoughts on “Reader Submission #130 – And So the Censorship Begins…

  1. To answer the two most obvious questions that will pop up:

    1. I used the iRacing refund money on a HANS device + Helmet.
    2. Shitbox racing up here does not require a HANS device. I don’t buy gear unless I absolutely need it. Make of that what you will.

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    1. How does one manage to receive a refund? Or is it because you’re “special”? I’d kill to get some of the money back that I spent on iRacing …


      1. Because he was banned without any reason other than “you talked bad about our game” which goes against literally every kind of consumer protection law in any country so eventually Austin and Shannon talked over the phone and decided that he’d finally get a refund in exchange for staying banned from iRacing

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  2. iRacing is not where it should be. iRacing does hand out suspensions like candy. iRacing does practice censorship. But iRacing is not charging a VAT tax. Your lousy socialist tax and spend governments are charging a VAT tax. If you’re angry at iRacing over the VAT tax, your anger is misdirected.


    1. isnt VAT an EU thing?? if so, it should hardly be applicable to any non-US country (if thats in fact the case; i gather james doesnt have a membership anymore)(although i guess the UK isn’t EU anymore, but i’m not sure if that’s taken effect yet).

      at best though its a significant chunk of real dollars for an entire continent, & it comes right on the heels of iracing upping the sub fee by 50% (or something, im not a freakin mathematician) + cutting at least some of the granted discounts. i do believe theres a sad & sizeable segment of iracers who will pay anything asked, so maybe thats the master plan. but assuming theyre not evil, censoring feedback & making incredibly intimidating costs even steeper suggests to me theyre at least ok with stagnating user numbers.

      id like to see bulk + loyalty discounts hiked up by 10% or so, if they keep the sub fees where they are. encourage purchases from newcomers & make the people who’ve already invested a lot feel they’re not taken for granted.


      1. The “Brexit” doesn’t mean that UK already left Europe.

        That vote was to ask people if they wanted to leave Europe and those sheeps followed an ultra-right wing moron and voted yes. As of today, UK is still part of Europe and will be for at least 2 more years, because that’s how much time is needed for the whole “exit procedure” protocol to go into place. UK still hasn’t formally told Bruxelles that they want to leave. I mean, we all know that, but until that moment, it’s as if nothing happened.

        With that said, it affects UK aswell because they never switched from £ to € and it would affect them anyway because £ is weaker than € and things you buy there have always been more expensive.


        1. The ‘majority’ of UK voted to brexit, I case you missed that and we are not all right-wing morons.

          It’s not about gay marriage, women bishops, sex changes, abortion, jobs, freedom of movement…. It’s about who tell us (UK) what to do and how to do it. It certainly won’t be Brussels for much longer, I thank god!!! Who gives a shit about whether pound is weaker as result of brexit – the vote was for the long game, for the generations to come not for the benefit of my own pension in 15 years time.

          Who’s the sheep here? You blindly followed and drunk up all the media hype, biased for the remain camp.

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          1. The old racists won so the media “hype” can’t have worked very well?

            Brexit actually happened because old people are living too long and young people don’t give a shit abut voting. Once the £ loses enough value that these old racist xenophobic fucks start dying off from starvation things will begin to get better for the UK again.


            1. Brexit happened because, surprisingly, there are still enough British people who value living in a sovereign country, rather than becoming willing slaves to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats and foreign interests. But worry not, there are still more than enough brown gentlemen in the UK that you can prep to run a train on your girlfriend every night while you whip yourself in a corner.

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            2. Someone’s salty that his shitty point of view lost in a democratic election, lel. Just like the bitter liberals in the US instigating riots just because their criminal candidate didn’t win the election. Pathetic


          2. I honestly hope you’re just retarded.

            Half the people voted to leave the EU without even knowing what the EU actually was/is. How is that “not being sheeps and morons”?

            Oh, and that cuck Farage after an oppressive anti-EU campaign saying that all the money saved would go to your NHS, had the courage of going on air on national television the day after the vote admitting that his hole campaign was a lie and that he mislead all his voters because that money wouldn’t actually go to the NHS.


            Half your country is a fucking joke.


          1. Once the EU is gone, Russia will be only too happy to step in and pick up the pieces. I’ve been there already, you haven’t so please stop being an ignorant.


            1. So you are afraid of Russia and think the EU can stop Russia if the bear decides to feed? Is that why you think the EU is good?

              Man, I hear the liberals always snickering about the paranoia of the right and then I read your post.

              If I were living in the UK or any other EU member country I would not worry about Russia. I would worry about those in Brussels who are making decisions for the whole of the UK.

              Russia is the Wild West, the EU is a precursor to what Orwell and Huxtley warned us of.

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      2. To get a more correct picture of this VAT issue lets see what was the situation before and after iRacings stupid VAT outpourings:

        Before iRacing was supposedly absorbing the VAT for the US customers that lived in states taxing VAT.
        Everybody else was not paying VAT.

        After this official outpouring the situation is the same for US customers – but for everybody else iRacing is now adding the VAT taxation rate of the customers country on top of the price.
        And because ALL countries have different VAT rates iRacing are allready starting to mess things up by charging customers completely wrong VAT rates.
        There is allready threads about this issue inside iRacings forum(deleted too? 🙂 )

        The intention behind this VAT taxation is then that iRacing shall send these held(absorbed) money to the different customers national tax authorities.
        So this would probably be a complete mess if iRacing did fulfill this international VAT taxation agreement.

        Note1: Another way of adding VAT could be that iRacing after each buying transaction advised each customers national tax authorities that VAT should be added and charged to this transaction by the national authority themselves.

        Note2: Even the EU countries have completely different VAT rates going from about 10% to 25% – so…

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        1. But they say that they were paying for our taxes and that is BS. This mess with the rates proves that I am not wrong, How could they pay taxes if they don’t know, as today, the fricking tax rates?


        2. So take the UK with 20% VAT. Up till now iRacing has been absorbing that cost and sending the 20% to the UK VAT man. iRacing no longer want to do this and so add VAT to the users. I get that so far.

          iRacing is now getting 20% extra from every UK subscriber (although they send that 20% to the UK Tax man), but as they’ve been absorbing 20% VAT to this point they are now in effect getting 20% more for each UK user.

          Now if they said we have to pass VAT on to the users, but we’re going to reduce your sub cost by 10 or 15%, then this would have had much less of a sting to the users. This would still be a real increase in the money that they keep by 5% or 10%.

          So whilst iRacing do have to comply with the VAT rules, they have chosen a way to approach this that is least friendly to the end users.

          Obviously other countries have differing rates, but the effect is the same. iRacing are making more money by choosing to no pass this cost on.


  3. “to the point where very few international iRacers were actually aware of what VAT taxes were to begin with”

    Very few were aware what VAT is? Really? Are European iRacers so rare? Because I’m pretty sure it’d be quite hard to find someone in most of Europe (not limited to EU) not aware (at least to some extent) of what VAT is. It is literally part of our everyday lives.

    And it’s not just in Europe either – see Mexico or China. In fact, there’s a VAT equivalent even in Canada, is there not?

    But yeah, it sucks. And good to know that iRacing is now also charging VAT. Been thinking about perhaps trying iRacing, though the subscription price was already somewhat borderline for me. With VAT on top, that’s one dillema solved right there – not gonna pay 25 % more for sure.


    1. It’s not so much that iRacing is charging VAT. It’s unavoidable, which is fine.

      It’s the fact that they know full well that their service costs significantly more for a portion of their members, and they haven’t done much of anything – other than release content – to justify the increased cost.


        1. Who makes shit like this up? Is this the iRacing marketing department trying to spread false information or is it just the line the iTards are all parroting?

          Read their statement, they literally say they were paying it before but now their pushing it back to their idiotic customers.


        2. hear hear, you are correct man. How could they pay taxes if they dont know the correct rates, this is stupid. Lies, lies everywhere


  4. Iracing does not have much choice on the VAT being charged.They collect it and then give it to government.
    Not sure it would be applicable if the invoice was from a Iracing UK company.The other option would be to share the pain across the entire membership,to retain the UK members.

    “What I’m more concerned about, however, is who turns into the next Austin Ogonoski”
    An ominous thought.Could the sim racing world handle another one?


  5. iRacing’s pricing and business model have always been questionable to me. That, coupled with a hostile community and antics like this from the staff have thoroughly convinced me to stay away.


  6. The fuck kind of ghetto off brand helmet is that?

    Anyways, you should probably not be surprised when you repost the same thread three times when it keeps getting locked that you eventually get banned. I mean, that’s not exactly coming out of left field, it’s a pretty clear hint to shut the fuck up. There’s still a 16 page VAT thread that isn’t someone’s personal over eager complaint thread being bumped over and over to repeat the same thing.

    It’s becoming a major problem that iRacing keeps adding more and more shit and the prices keep going up. The only old content that gets any kind of discount is the outright obsolete shit that isn’t used in official races anymore so just having access to any track that the car you like might be racing on becomes a more and more gargantuan endeavour, even as some of these tracks become laughably outdated like Silverstone. Then they stubbornly refuse to entertain any form of regional pricing whatsoever, going so far as to shift the tax burden to their users when they’ve already been kicked in the dick for the last two years with a poor exchange rate and a straight price increase, leading to some users taking a 250% subscription increase in a time period where all competing entertainment has increased at most 30% and in some cases 0. It just gives further credence to the feeling I’ve long had that iRacing only targets their absolute 100% loyal customers that buy absolutely everything even if they never use it at all, and brand new users that will spend hundreds of bucks catching up on content before they realize what’s up. That’s why they’ll go after releasing dirt and trying to drag in another bunch of new users instead of doing shit like releasing a version of Silverstone with a layout from this decade, or putting in the multiple tire compounds they promised when the new F1 car was released well over a year ago.


      1. In case of a crash I’d want to avoid my head being mush though because I decided to skimp on the literally most important piece of safety gear, but then again it’s not my helmet and not my potentially future life as a potato that I’m playing with so whatever. You can get legit full carbon helmets for less than Arai or Bell (Stand21 and Stilo for example), and those 4 brands + Simpson and Schuberth are the only ones I’d ever trust my life with.


        1. #YOLO

          But seriously, personally I have a ZAMP full-face (200 CAD, not bad). Both that and the Racequip are SNELL rated so really they have gone through the proper testing for crash tolerance. Yeah, probably they’re not as strong, and they’re a bit heavier, but frankly they’re not bad at all. I’d rather spend the 500+ difference on track time and goodies to go faster.


  7. iRacing is a scam for deluded nerds. Joined years ago, realized the tire physics were shit (I’ve driven in various SCCA events since 1982, now strictly private track days) and let my sub expire. I rejoin every 6-12 months if I hear anything’s changed.

    So far – Nope. Same shitty tire physics where any sort of slip angle leads to a rapid second derivative loss of adhesion (ie accelerating), which is ridiculous and feels *nothing* like a real car. It’s actually a lot *easier* for me to handle a real car. Only someone who has never driven on a real track could buy into this nonsense. It’s like racing on oil or ice. Maybe oiled ice.

    So, I don’t give a fuck about how great the “online component” is or isn’t in a “sim” that doesn’t come close to feeling like a real car. That has to be job 1, and yet they’ve never accomplished it.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. Though I have never driven a real race car, aside from a Pretty Driving Experience at New Hampshire, it takes a complete moron to not realize iRacing sucks. And as we all know there are a lot of morons playing that video game. I’ve been there for 3+ years and am hanging on by a thread whether to continue my membership or not. It is getting real old. I’m definitely in Mr Fletcher’s camp and have been hammered by those idiots many a times.

      I’d even argue the “online component” is highly over rated. You spend more time avoiding wrecks by these morons who think they are auditioning for a NASCAR scout than you do racing most of the time. If I don’t see a huge improvement this year, I’m going into your mode. I’ll re-up for a month every 6 or so to check on it. If it’s the same garbage, cya for another 6 months.


    2. If you want to check the tyre phyics, you have to buy the new cars as far as i know.
      I agree with you as well without ever driven a race car. Watching real racing gives me enough information and it´s certainly not like iRacing, so about memorizing all inputs needed for a car & track which are safe, always driving under the limit and repeating this lap after lap.


  8. iRacing isn’t going anywhere till someone finally makes a decent replacement. They’ve obviously realised how brainwashed their playerbase is by now and just how big their monopoly is. Seems like they’ve been going full retard the last couple of years, probably cashing in before someone finally makes a decent alternative and everyone jumps ship.


  9. So… iRaceRoom? Project Cars 2? GT Sports? BeamNG.Drive? Because I’m Asian and I won’t rent/pay monthly for the service with the skyrocketed VAT.


    1. Hi there,

      You may not be aware of this but Brick Rigs actually has a very extensive array of multiplayer options for you to enjoy. We updated our wing aerodynamics this week too, feedback from our members regarding the simulation value of these changes has been very positive so far.

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    1. Just now getting into sim racing, this is what I went with. Has a great racing school too

      I think it was $6 on steam

      Getting the Ferrari and Porsche cars back is a bit of a pain in the ass but other than that it’s been great


  10. RaceRoom…
    Let’s hope they get most of it right.
    Then ice-racing will have a little European problem..
    As in most the euro based ice-racing players would leave.
    Just like I have.
    Nothing to do with VAT; more to do with frame rates, cars jumping, every race, verbal abuse, written abuse, (not at me by the way), censorship, empty races, handling issues, tracks and cars that have been licensed yet will never see the light of day, nutters, the cost, it is a video game…
    Cult like behaviour; you think AC cult members are strange?
    Take advantage of ice-racing’s ‘free’ introductory offer, just to check out the fourm.
    View the arse licking every time a cult leader/staff member posts.
    Ask a question, like, ‘Where is the BMW you paid/licensed for years ago?’
    ‘You must remember, it was around the time you paid/licensed several other cars and tracks..’
    With members/customers money, ask, and see what happens…
    Just remember to leave when the ‘free’ offer is over..
    Daniel asked a question, he had to ask the same question several times, because the thread was locked, several times.
    That is censorship.
    Iracing is very scared.
    Of what I do not know.
    ‘60,000’ players, no.
    In two years the most I have ever seen, is just over 4,000. And that was after a new car..
    And I played everyday, and all day.
    Disabled person, iracing gave me something to do..
    Most of the time, 1,800 players is top.
    I really think something is very wrong with iracing, they are at a dead-end.
    Players know it, and the cult leaders/staff know it.
    Badly drawn old tracks costing silly money, never updated.
    Some cars look very good, to be fair.
    Some do not.
    Still, players/members will have one German sports car to play with soon..
    Just like every other car racing video game will this year…
    Except the other video games will charge you a few pounds, for several cars, iracing wants
    £15ish, for one pretend car, that you do not own…
    And will never own.
    The membership is not growing, that is why content is coming.
    It is shrinking.
    Content is a quick and easy way to make cash.
    Last throw of the dice comes to mind..

    Leave now.
    Do not join.
    It is a cult.
    Run like a cult.
    They will take you money.
    You own nothing,
    Grow up and leave.
    Fool you.
    You fool..
    And they have fooled us all for too long.

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  11. Daniel fletcher dis nothing wrong what so ever,he voiced his questions and concerns as best he could to not offend the snowflakes.
    In fact it was the usual lot replying to him that breached the rules with their attacks,that Shannon whitmore is a little bitch,he will stand by while many fanboys attack and verbally abuse members for voicing concerns.

    I’m know as a troll because I do what Daniel does but I don’t word it to not offend the snowflakes,I’ve even been trying to get a forum ban by calling the fanboys everything under the sun.

    This just goes to show how bad things are behind the scenes at iracing,censorship is for when you have something to hide.

    Oh and that bollocks about absorbing the vat,its total bs,if that was the case all of my invoices should have had iracings vat number on them,but none did,they would have had to have trading names in all countries within the eu that charge vat,they only said absorbed to lessen the blow,the fact is they have gotten away with it but now the European members has grown they are now covering their ass by charging vat,which is ok.
    But like I said if iracing were a vat registered company then all of my previous invoices should have had their vat number on them,it’s the law to provide it


  12. The other side of the story…

    Said individual posted about VAT and that he was leaving because of it, and hen proceeds to pitch his tent in the forums and deride anyone who had a negative opinion with more negativity. This is why the thread was locked. Then he comes on like “don’t tase me bro” with “what did I do?!” He knows exactly what he did. Otherwise, why run to PRC immediately afterwards with this nonsense.

    Either 1) he like a lot of attention, or 2) he’s incredibly naive to think that the internet cares about his problems (newsflash: they don’t).

    If you want to leave because it’s too expensive, fine…that’s great. It’s your money, not mine. But please, don’t make a big scene about it on the forums. The internet (not just iRacing) DOES NOT care about YOUR problems….we’re too busy dealing with our own.


    1. Except this isn’t what happened at all though

      This is your typical deluded iRacer response, too brainwashed to see why anyone else could possibly be annoyed about this change, and desperate to silence anyone who dares to share an opinion different from their own.


    2. That’s the thing tho,he was never “deride” anyone,it was the fucking delusional fanboys who were flinging shit around,their feelings got hurt and they complained to the admin.
      Bunch of babies end of that can’t handle the truth


    3. “… The internet (not just iRacing) DOES NOT care about YOUR problems….we’re too busy dealing with our own…”

      Unless, of course, your problems are also mine and you have voiced them more succinctly than I could have. Then I am interested in seeing how your problems (mine too) are resolved.

      Maybe he was being a bit of an attention whore, maybe not. What he did not deserve was a ban for bringing up a problem that iRacing was a part of, possibly a problem caused by iRacing that will have consequences (unpaid taxes) in the future.

      Oh, and the fact that while the VAT taxes are only now being charged for a “service” that has had very little improvement over the last few months or years. Except, of course, content.

      Many of us do not want content if it cannot be used properly. We would rather our money go to improvements that make the current content something that is more than just “Good Enough For Government Work”.

      Perhaps you do not like a person attacking your favorite racing game, but that does not mean his concerns are not valid and when it comes to his money being spent he deserves some satisfaction.

      Not outright dismissal by admins who only want sycophants.


      1. I think it’s pretty normal for most teams to be registered these days, if not they aren’t even worth the paper their hero cards are printed on.


  13. Haiku.

    Now, that was a class comment.

    If you have issues with iracing, leave.


    That is the only way they will start to take notice of us peasants..

    Turn off your ‘auto-renew’.

    You can return later, if things improve.

    Daniel Fletcher has told me he is leaving at the end of the month, (if he lasts that long)..
    Simply because he cannot see any value in the foreseeable future of the game.
    And by value, we/he means improvement to the basic game, vs increasing cost to the customer.
    That’s it.
    He was not nasty, rude, did not swear, nothing.
    Nothing to do with VAT, or the UK leaving the Euro. Which has not happened yet, so everything is still the same..


    He was just asking.

    What is so bad about asking questions about a very expensive online video game?
    He is a paying customer.
    Clearly this means nothing.

    So, leave.

    Tell your friends to leave.

    They too can return later, if things improve.

    If your friends are thinking of joining up, talk them out of it.


    Check out the ‘Roar before 24’ thread, or whatever it is called..
    Great link to a YouTube video, showing jumping cars, server meltdown..

    Or this link here…

    And people pay for this…

    You can find a clip showing the same issues, every year…

    Show this to your friends, tell them to leave..

    Because of the cult-like mentality, iracing game players seem to forget that they are customers.
    They have rights.
    Paying for a service, and in this case a video game on a server, that rarely works as iracing claims it does, gives you consumer rights.
    So use them.

    If you are too scared to complain, turn off auto-renew.

    If you cannot be arsed, to use your consumer rights, just leave.

    If Mr Tony Gardner does read this blog, I think he does, image is everything and all that, does he know what his staff are doing?

    By that, I mean really doing?

    Why is Shannon Whitmore censoring non-threatening, non-political threads, which are about the future of iracing?


    Other companies have open forums, without any form of censorship, so why is Whitmore instructed to behave in this way?

    Or, do you not know what is going on Mr Gardner?

    Mr Gardner, it is lovely that yourself and Austin/James have made up and are now on speaking terms.
    However, don’t you think it is sad and rather distressing, that a paying customer of yours, has to come here to voice his concerns about the future iracing?

    The future that he is/was paying for.

    Shannon Whitmore locks and closes every thread that dares to ask even the most basic question about iracing.

    Also, as soon as questioning threads appear, as if by magic so do several American posters. Doing their best to twist, spin and flip the opening question/statement.

    These people must be sat at their PC day and night, remember the time difference, just waiting for someone to question the cult, sorry, game.

    So, who is sending these hound dogs?

    Or, do you not know what is going on, Mr Gardner?

    Every thread has the same pattern; question. Then hound dogs..

    Very strange form of customer service.

    View this, from about 20s…

    Why is iracing not saying sorry for this?

    They have claimed that this happened, in just about every race that day, because of a dos attack..


    So, what about the bucket load of dollars you claim you have spent to stop dos attacks?

    Why is iracing not contacting every person playing the game in that YouTube clip, to say sorry?

    Why is iracing not offering some form of compensation to the players in that clip?

    It is called customer service.

    Try it.

    You may keep some customers…

    But hey, it’s only a very expensive video game…

    So why does it matter.

    It matters because it is so expensive..

    People, just leave.

    Turn off auto-renew.

    Make iracing think about what they are doing, and not doing…

    Sorry for the long post, it looks like Austin/James has left, and I have taken over…

    Nice helmet, Austin….x






          1. It is starting to clear in my eye it is a cooperation with PRC and SMS. Please make a reveal in the disclosure page or I no more arrive at this page. Merci





      Liked by 1 person

    1. There is quite a lengthy VAT thread in the General off topic, the one referenced at the beginning of this article. Give it a read if you have the time. Plenty of displeasure to be had by all. With many people voicing concerns just like the ones seen here. Silencing that thread would look incredibly dodgy, and that’s why it remains imo


        1. I agree, that’s one of the reasons I pointed it out. The other reason being there’s plenty of good guys in there which are speaking up about the issues


  15. Seems a sad story but if you tolerated the price before it may be the best for you they even raised it as otherwise you’ll still paying such absurd rates. As for the ban this is probably your first encounter with butthurt forum staff admins which can use the entire service for free and are not well known for tolerating any critic about anything related to irenting. As for the flaws shown in the upper comments(jumping cars), those are ping glitches either the player or others in that race had a high ping causing the server to lack in synchronisation, so if there are few guys with high ping in a session crazy things will happen as the cars get closer this is quite common for every game and the phenomena can even worsten with time if the high pingers remain in the session. So the only fault of iracing is not being restrictive on pings and allowing anyone in the sesh even with a high ping, but how would you explain this to your high paying customers as their internet connection or distance from the server (latency) will not get better over time anyway. As you say in german “selber schuld” if you are willing to pay for such a pricey “service”


    1. the flaws shown in the above video are issues that’s been happening to many people this week mainly in the roar before 24. Iracing brushed it under the rug as ddos attacks. Funny how every time iracing servers shit themselves its always a ddos… ye right


    2. Wrong,the whole server shits itself,just done a bss race and half the field disconnected and rejoined 1 minute later 5-10 laps down,iracing have said they are experiencing ddos attacks,but that’s just bs,it’s an excuse because it’s indistinguishable from members overlaiding a server from the our perspective.
      It’s very coincidental that every time there’s an event they suffer ddos attacks don’t ya think,it’s more likely their archaic infrastructure just can’t cope

      Liked by 1 person

      1. DDOS-Attacks shouldn´t be able to hurt a user-restricted service like iRacing, especially not the racing-servers. And i doubt anyone had a problem buying content during this “attack”. And this VAT-thing stinks like pure Bullshit as well. They had to pay VAT since 2015, so it´s just a hefty price-increase.


      1. Certainly a Nazi that don´t get censored for posting YouTube-videos like me. This “6 millions” is a questionable Number, because they let three historians estimate the deaths by their research and took the average. But what´s the fucking difference if it were only 4 million jews which nobody knows? Over one million people just in Leningrad got starved to death by the Nazi blockade plus 26 million other Russians, 6 million from Poland and so on. And the Holocaust is well documented even with colored videos.


  16. >The service (God I hate calling it that, it’s a fucking online racing game)

    Ever heard of GaaS (games/gaming as a service, as in SaaS – software as a service, something the enterprise software people have been hyping up)?


  17. Even though iRacing has the best online multiplayer structure in sim racing, it’s still not worth going through its outrageous pricing model to play the sim. It’s ridiculous how many iRacers are fine with constantly being wallet raped, when the game has seen minimal improvements at best to its mediocre physics.


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