The Rebirth of #ForzaCorsa: Kunos Simulazioni Has Been Sold!

ac-soldWell, this is a bit awkward.

The 2016 calendar year over here at was incredibly successful for us both as sim racers and shitty amateur journalists, though it wasn’t without one major blemish to our reputation. Acting solely on the word of a prominent third party modder within the Assetto Corsa community supplying us with what I believed at the time to be genuine top-secret information which wasn’t supposed to see the light of day, I pushed out an article claiming Kunos Simulazioni were in the process of being completely acquired by Turn 10 Studios, potentially as a means to help create a hardcore variant of the Forza Motorsport franchise for dedicated PC sim racing enthusiasts – as Dan Greenawalt did announce during an interview at E3 that they were working on a third Forza experience. We turned into the laughing stock of the community within twenty four hours, as Kunos Simulazioni staff members, and even other sim racing outlets, publicly roasted us and claimed we were mentally ill for even daring to post such a ridiculous story in the first place.

Fast forward nine months into the future, and it turns out the only thing we got wrong was the name of the company. Revealed earlier this afternoon – much to the dismay of dedicated Assetto Corsa fans who hoped Kunos would remain an independent entityReuters is reporting that Kunos Simulazioni have been purchased by an Italian investor group known to the world as Digital Bros, a partner of 505 Games. The group of Kunos Simulazioni staff members are no longer a wild bunch of sim racing rebels doing their best to push the genre forward by any means necessary, but rather puppets tasked with adhering to the strict demands of their overlords at Digital Bros, in exchange for a hefty payday of course.

Stefano Casillo and Marco Massarutto will remain with Kunos Simulazioni in their current positions for the time being, though with the transfer of ownership also comes the transfer of power. Kunos Simulazioni as a company is now owned and controlled by an investor group, and they have the power to remove Casillo and/or Massarutto if they aren’t satisfied with how they’re handling the company on a day-to-day basis. They can even even change the entire direction of the franchise if they see a justifiable reason to do so, or kill it outright, as we’ve seen happen to entities like Criterion Games or Maxis when taken under the wing of Electronic Arts.

It’s undoubtedly a difficult pill for fans of Assetto Corsa to swallow. Kunos Simulazioni have spent several years amassing a following of loyal supporters since Assetto Corsa’s humble beginnings in 2013, and the sale to Digital Bros – which hands control of everything to an investor group playing by cold, hard numbers – does not bode well for a game living in an already niche environment. Let’s be honest with ourselves, developers don’t get into sim racing to make money; they do it for the love of virtual auto racing, and passion isn’t something that can be analyzed in a board room by a group of Italian suits obsessing over pie charts and other metrics. Because of this, it’s certainly hard to imagine a situation where Assetto Corsa 2 continues on the path created by the original. These games don’t make a whole lot of money.

If there’s an Assetto Corsa 2 to begin with, that is…

ac-is-doneWhat you see above is the third time I’ve received this information in the past month, though I originally held off on posting it the first time after consulting Stefano directly, who warned me that Assetto Corsa fans are still trying to fuck with PRC by submitting fake news. This obviously says a lot about Assetto Corsa fans to begin with, as viral marketers and obsessive fanboys are making it their mission to ruin some sim racing blog’s credibility for giving their favorite game a bad review, but given we were nine months early to reporting the sale of Kunos Simulazioni after everyone and their dog called us crazy, I feel it’s the correct time to bring it up, because there’s a chance this is in the ballpark too.

Assetto Corsa 2 might not come at all. According to our source, who again may not be entirely factual, supposedly once every piece of downloadable content planned for release in 2017 is out on the marketplace, support for Assetto Corsa as a franchise is finished, and I was told by another sim racer that “unless someone puts down the capital to make it happen, they’re done, as they mortgaged their homes to make the original Assetto Corsa, and they certainly don’t want to go through that process all over again.” There will allegedly be no new modes or additional features that fans have been requesting for several years – which is sure to sting those patiently waiting for Kunos to polish up Assetto Corsa to the level of other simulators in terms of functionality.

I’m not saying this is accurate, but I’ve heard it about a month ago from somebody I trust, and now I’m hearing it again from an entirely different user who resides in a totally different section of the community. All of the time you’ve spent waiting for Assetto Corsa to become more than an elaborate supercar hotlap simulator – whether you’re playing it on the PC, or current generation consoles – will potentially go to waste.

ac-porscheNow that we’ve got the news portion out of the way, it’s time for me to elaborate on how I feel about this whole announcement.

Though it wasn’t the exact brand we claimed nine months ago, Kunos Simulazioni as a company was indeed just sold off to an investors group. While everybody was calling us crazy last spring for daring to suggest Kunos were even thinking of “selling out” to begin with, we had the balls to say “hey guys, this might be happening.” And it just did. Like, right now.

These kinds of endeavors – with millions of dollars and ownership of an IP on the line – don’t just happen overnight; they take months, maybe even an entire year of careful consideration and meticulous planning, especially given Kunos Simulazioni are a team of professional software developers, as opposed to a single guy making a shitty 2D indie game in his apartment. Suffice to say, they’ve been working on a deal to sell the company for a while.

One theory that has been run by us, is that Turn 10 indeed approached Kunos Simulazioni to acquire the company, but backed out when it suddenly became front page news on several sim racing websites – which would explain Stefano’s immense hatred of us; there’s a possibility we inadvertently screwed them out of a jaw-dropping acquisition. Digital Bros offered ’em four million dollars; I’m sure Microsoft and Turn 10 could easily generate a deal that eclipsed that figure, hence the animosity. It’s public knowledge that Turn 10 shopped around for a developer to create the original Forza Horizon back in 2012 before settling on an all-star lineup of at-the-time jobless racing game developers now known as Playground Games, so this isn’t much of a stretch. I’ll let that ruminate with y’all for a bit.

ac-gt-cupBased on the multiple people who have said Assetto Corsa is finished, I believe we’re not seeing AC2. However, if the franchise does continue on, it’ll certainly be met with a shift in direction. I wouldn’t mind for them to try and recapture what Enthusia Professional Racing did on the PlayStation 2, but any deviation away from what a PC simulator represents will most likely be met with backlash from the community, effectively destroying any fan base this game currently has, therefore making the hypothetical AC2 the last in the series because nobody bought it.

I can see Stefano taking the money and getting out of this altogether; the guy can do the work of ten people when it comes to coding, but he’s demonstrated time and time again that he can’t maintain any sort of positive customer relations, and that’s sort of essential in the current gaming world. People are going to come to your official forums, and some of them aren’t going to treat you like a Rockstar, nor will they find your nickname of Lord Kunos all that funny. You can’t routinely cuss these people out, and given how much of a problem these outbursts have been for him during Assetto Corsa’s lifespan, I can see him throwing in the towel. It’s nothing to be ashamed of in this case; it’s for the best.

15502-1920x1080But in the grande scheme of things, if we distance ourselves from just Assetto Corsa and take a look at Kunos Simulazioni as a whole, I’m beginning to question why this company managed to achieve such a positive reception within the sim racing community in the first place. The acquisition of Kunos Simulazioni by Digital Bros is basically the final nail in the coffin for their credibility, which dates all the way back to 2006.

We start with Stefano’s numerous netKar Pro meltdowns, which eventually resulted in a situation where users were abandoned with a broken game because the team literally weren’t in the mood to work on it. The netBikes experiment which followed failed to gain any sort of traction, all while the netKar Pro community grew frustrated with Kunos over their lack of support, whom eventually did return to fix netKar Pro a year later. Ferrari Virtual Academy, while enjoyable, was a glorified hotlap simulator that didn’t give anybody hope that Kunos could put out a complete racing simulator experience compared to other titles on the market. Kunos had built three games, and hadn’t proven they could finish any of them.

Finally, we reach the whole Assetto Corsa debacle. The game honestly had so much potential, but got lost in development and fell into the lure of big money. During the height of Assetto Corsa’s popularity, Kunos Simulazioni were spearheaded by a good coder couldn’t handle anything but being pampered with the finest grain baby talcum powder and maybe couldn’t further develop the game, a good marketing guy nabbing the licenses, and a physics developer who is poorly perceived by the expert sim racing modders. At what point do we as a community look at this situation unfolding and say “okay, maybe these guys don’t have their shit together in the slightest, and relied on a cult of personality to get them this far?”

Oh, right. It’s the point where they sold off the rights to their operation to some Italian investors group. And that point is today.


86 thoughts on “The Rebirth of #ForzaCorsa: Kunos Simulazioni Has Been Sold!

  1. This article is like saying that in the near future a plane will crash, and then when it happens, you run around screaming “i told you so”

    I bet the circlejerk is in full motion eh?


    1. We turned into the laughing stock of the community…

      No you are the source of entertainment. That is why you get the visits you do. The Kunos guys after twelve years are getting the pay day they deserve. They created something, something you James, will never accomplish. They can retire as millionaires or keep developing but either way they made a positive impact on the sim racing scene. Twelve years from now all you will be is what you are now, a paycheck to paycheck loser working a crap job. Let that settle in for a moment.


    2. “When I predicted a plane would crash into the Big Ben tower I became a laughing stock, but fast forward nine months and a plane has indeed crashed in Europe. The only thing I got wrong was the location of the plane. And who’s to say my article didn’t prevent the Big Ben crash in the first place? I’ll let that ruminate with y’all for a bit.

      In addition, I now have not only one person that tells me the world is going to end, but TWO! Which is sure to sting those who enjoy the human experience.”

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    1. Just suck my fucking cock already Stefano, you cringe worthy little piece of shite with zero respect values for your shills


  2. What is the strategic purpose of this acquisition? What is there to gut and sell if they don’t have any exclusive content. I suspect shovelware is on the way, gotta recoup that investment quick.


  3. Autism Ogajewski should braid his hair into pigtails so Lord Kunos has something to grab when he pumps his ass full of Italian semen. Turn 10 would have made AC great again!

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  4. Marco’s Facebook

    Ok, let’s clarify this before it becomes the bigger flame of the year.

    By today, Kunos Simulazioni is part of Digital Bros Family, and me and Stefano by today are shareholders of Digital Bros. That’s it. We are still the founders of Kunos, we are still IN, also keeping our respective positions and responsabilities, with just few exceptions: the budget we’ll manage by now doesn’t come anymore from our personal profits, but from Digital Bros, our bigger AC fan. Keeping the same policy, strategies, DNA, development team, goals. So, if this news would not been made public, you couldn’t realize that something is changed, because – by a gamer/simracer point of view – nothing is going to change.

    The reason why this news comes like a bombshell is because Digital Bros is a listed company, therefore this kind of operation must a) kept confidential until the negotiation is over, b) go public when is done. That’s it.

    For whom are afraid that today a piece of their simracing world has gone, let me remind them that Digital Bros has published – under its label 505Games – the console version of Assetto Corsa, and it doesn’t seem to me that AC on PS4/XB1 is an arcade game: definetely it isn’t. Therefore, before to scream in any direction that “Kunos has been bought, The World is Over”, please sit down, breath and think. Because the only news you should be interested is that by today, we have more resources, time and power to do our job, even better than before.

    So: think easier, live better, stay strong. The Future is Bright.

    Have a nice weekend

    Ok, let’s clarify this before it becomes the bigger flame of the year.

    By today, Kunos Simulazioni is part of Digital Bros Family, and me and Stefano by today are shareholders of Digital Bros. That’s it. We are still the founders of Kunos, we are still IN, also keeping our respective positions and responsabilities, with just few exceptions: the budget we’ll manage by now doesn’t come anymore from our personal profits, but from Digital Bros, our bigger AC fan. Keeping the same policy, strategies, DNA, development team, goals. So, if this news would not been made public, you couldn’t realize that something is changed, because – by a gamer/simracer point of view – nothing is going to change.

    The reason why this news comes like a bombshell is because Digital Bros is a listed company, therefore this kind of operation must a) kept confidential until the negotiation is over, b) go public when is done. That’s it.

    For whom are afraid that today a piece of their simracing world has gone, let me remind them that Digital Bros has published – under its label 505Games – the console version of Assetto Corsa, and it doesn’t seem to me that AC on PS4/XB1 is an arcade game: definetely it isn’t. Therefore, before to scream in any direction that “Kunos has been bought, The World is Over”, please sit down, breath and think. Because the only news you should be interested is that by today, we have more resources, time and power to do our job, even better than before.

    So: think easier, live better, stay strong. The Future is Bright.

    Have a nice weekend


      1. >random reddit user
        >no named “small companies”
        >no listed credibility or positions
        >for all we know he could’ve just been the janitor

        But fuck it, I totally believe this guy and any past experiences he may or may not have. #TruthYa’ll


  5. Yes, this company must die just like other companies eaten by the big ones like Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Bentley and so many more. Even Ferrari died after it got eaten by Fiat. But just in a fucking weird mind like the guy writing Bullshit on a daily basis here.


  6. I can remember when Sierra bought Papyrus, and while that resulted in some great sims it’s also the reason the studio no longer exists. My only worry is something similar happening with Kunos.


    1. Vivendi bought it and folded immediately. Reminded me of the Microprose/Infogrames (was it Infogrames?) transitions as well.

      If the Digital Bros stock did go up, then they moved shares at a gain to Kunos. Maybe they’re buying so they get the full revenue of the project as they might intend on getting more DLC released. Possibly just pump out DLC, nothing else. Then… AC2? Who knows. Stefano and Marco may sell their shares, each walk away with 2.5mi before tax, and pursue other things. Join other companies.

      Maybe Stefano will be hired by Milestone and reintroduce NetBikes, and be kept in a small office without a window, coding away without internet connection. And maybe they’ll have testers who are allowed to give constructive criticism and feedback on the game.


      1. Or maybe Stefano should be kept in a small office without windows, without Internet connection, and padded walls. Best place for him.

        I would hope that if Digital Bros had any sense they’d fire Stefano for generally being an unhinged dick.


  7. There’s about a 0.01% probability that ownership of AC by some random Italian shovelware packager is going to magically turn out just fine.

    AC was such a great modding platform. How long before the suits and lawyers start to shut that down, I wonder?

    “These free mod things are eating into our DLC sales – Why are we allowing it?”. That kind of shit.

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    1. Let’s not get carried away with the praise. A great modding platform doesn’t break hundreds of mods overnight, over and over, well past the date of the official release. A great modding platform doesn’t force you to keep up to date by rummaging through forums and personal blogs, which you are forced to do when they inevitably break compatibility. A great modding platform takes care of online play by automatically downloading the required mods to participate in a server. And a great modding platform doesn’t give his modders the middle finger by closing the official modding subforums.

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        1. AC has fantastic mods (and a lot of mods in general), precisely because the modders themselves have spoken – And they’ve chosen AC over everything else. Go on Racedepartment and compare the mods available for AC vs anything else. There’s an order of magnitude difference in terms of what’s available:

          AC: 5510.
          RF2: 345.
          Automobilista: 380.
          pCARS: 441.

          RF2 mods never break because they never update the underlying engine in any meaningful way. AMS mods are rare and, again, you’ve got a geriatric engine from 2006 underneath the whole thing. pCars has about 3 car mods, and the game is shit (so who cares).

          Fact is, *mod creation* on AC is outstanding. Without the mod being good in the first place, I don’t give a flying fuck whether it gets downloaded automagically, for example. I mean, how lazy can a person be? You can’t lift a finger to keep your shit organized or coordinate with your friends?

          All this nonsense you’re saying about having to comb through personal blogs, etc is vastly hyperbolic – Unless you’re getting Russian mods off AssettoLand or WKMODS, etc. (none of which are worth using in the first place). The reputable mods all get updated as the underlying game engine evolves. You seem to be implying that KS themselves should be taking on the responsibility for keeping the mods current, which is ridiculous (and presupposes yet more laziness, a recurring theme in your little missive).

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          1. They have chosen Assetto because rFactor2 consistently put off the more prominent modders around 2011-2012 due to the difficulties in getting consistent results, documentation, and ever changing core of the game. By the time the core was set to what’s been for the past 2 years, it was too late.

            AC was a friendlier platform that looked good so original content looks in the game as it did in the rendering room. There was documentation and a different system that was more welcoming. Then of course the tires being simpler made it easier for the talented modders to get their cars to behave as they should.

            (Just providing info, not going against your post)


          2. Couldn’t have hoped for a more stereotypical response. This is what makes sim players so easy to abuse: they stay in their little niche and lick their masters’ boots when they finally give them features that are standard in the rest of the gaming world. The reason why console players are more demanding is because fewer of them are living in a bubble and have more varied interests.

            I didn’t even know those sites you mentioned. Since you posted those RD numbers, let’s have a look at them: 5510 mods? 4211 of those are just skins. In reality only 110 of those are cars, compared to 64 for Automobilista, a vastly less popular game. Of those 110, even among the better regarded, many are still broken after the 1.9 update. Cars like the Koenigsegg One:1, Camaro GT3, Honda NSX, the Polo WRC, Ginetta G55 GT4, Sierra Cosworth RS500, Nissan Primera BTCC, Abarth 1000TC, Caterham Academy, Mini Cooper… the list goes on. The deeper we go into that 110 long list the worse they’d get I’m sure.

            The cars that work necessitated the original makers to still be around the scene and make the effort to fix their projects *again*. But of course that’s natural, what kind of slob would finish a free mod and expect it to work and to be free to dedicate themselves to other things? The entitlement of these people! And I’m mainly talking about cars, which are always the most fucked up mods, but I’ve also had tracks failing to load after game updates, and I don’t care if you’d consider them good enough to be played; the fact is I wanted to play them but couldn’t.

            There was a certain update that broke mods in a way that you just needed to make a small change in an ini file on each one to get them working again. Kunos could have easily made it so the game would automatically fix that shit, but they didn’t. Who are the lazy fucks again? Is that showing support for mods? The don’t even announce when one of their updates will break things or what steps to take in regards to it. People have to figure it out themselves. You can think all this is normal if all you play is AC and have time to fiddle around with that crap, but normal customers don’t want to bother with that, they just want things to work.

            Now let’s imagine if Sony released a Little Big Planet game, and every 5 or 6 months they decided to just “evolve the underlying engine”, making thousands of levels impossible to complete or even load. There probably would be a few fanboys saying that nothing of value was lost, that the dedicated level makers would revise their creations either way – there’s always a few of those-, but by and large people would be grabbing their pitchforks and heads would roll at Sony. Hell, even PRC’s own meme game Brick Rigs has better modding features that AC.


              1. If you can’t be bothered reading (and understanding) what others are saying, don’t bother getting involved in arguments you can’t win.


                I’ve read through it all in a couple of minutes. 120 seconds to read a relatively small wall of text.


              2. >calls people lazy for not wanting to edit ini files and re-download broken mods from third party sites
                >is too busy to read a 500 words post
                You sure showed me, bud. Tell me how you fucked my mother next, that’ll definitely “wreck” me for good.


                1. You just keep bitching about the same shit. Ergo, not worth my time. Unlike getting a fun mod to work, this expenditure of time is pointless. That’s not being lazy – it’s called being efficient and selective in how I apportion my limited time. Arguing the same thing over and over with some curmudgeon isn’t what I call “fun”. Or, in this case, even informative.

                  But since you insist (and this playoff game is over): You still have no point. The AC game engine evolves. The mods have to be tweaked. This is true of every single modding platform. My original point stands: The modding community has embraced AC. There’s a reason: It’s relatively easy (compared to the alternatives) to create excellent mods. Ask around.

                  Your argument, while narrowly correct, is a pedantic exercise in which you obsess over details which seem to be very important to you (do you even create mods or have any real idea what you’re talking about?), but very few others.

                  If AC is such a shitty modding platform, why does it have AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE MORE MODS THAN ANYTHING ELSE?


                    1. Really clutching at straws now, aren’t we? Obviously, 2 ancient sims from a decade ago are going to have amassed more mods by now than one that has been out for less than 3 years.

                      Next you’ll be talking about all the great NR2003, GPL and GP4 mods to prove that AC sucks in comparison.

                      OT: I wish AMS had more mods. The game looks ugly as shit and the AI is pretty bad, but man is the FFB lovely or what? That EEC GT3 mod is a fucking masterpiece.


  8. Kunos have sold out, but I don’t blame them. Marco and Stefano get to enjoy a nice payday, and will probably have more resources to work on AC and future titles. Also, maybe Stefano will finally tone down with his bipolar rants since he no longer has control, and if he has another meltdown, we can just report his actions to Digital Bros. 🙂


  9. These deals are not always as they are reported.Digital Bros may only be paying $1 to take over a company laden with debt and this may have been Kunos only option.Alternatively they may be taking over the studio and game and putting forward some serious investment.


    1. That’s actually a good point. It’s very possible they could be wiping their debt and DB could be reporting a loss to cover for something else on their balance sheet. It’s hard to tell becuase Kunos up until this was a private company.

      I cant blame anyone for selling out. There’s a big difference between 9-5ing and wondering if you can eat the last week of the month and 1.5 million dollars each.

      That being said I cant see this making the product anymore positive.

      Sim racing is dying a slow painful death. Your choices are AC with lol no basic MP features, or iR with working MP features and lol physics.

      Maybe we need a complete fucking reboot where simcade (forza, dirt rally etc.) rule and we actually can focus on “””””fun”””””


      1. “Maybe we need a complete fucking reboot”

        I sometimes honestly think this’ll be the only way forward. Currently we’ve got developers with multitudes of issues on both personal & game fronts, fanbases for each who remain overly defensive to truth and criticism of said fronts, and mundane third-party coverage where day after day you can see them all covering the same wash-rinse-repeat story. (as far as the games go)

        Like, where do we go from here?, Are we just supposed to wait patiently and hope things get better?


  10. I wonder if the original Forza Corsa guy was actually telling the truth, which fucked up the Turn 10 deal and so he tried to play it off as a ruse so that Stefano wouldn’t lose his shit at him.

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  11. Austin, here are the Digital Bros’s stock exchange info, as you requested me.
    Again, we can all see that this, to put it clearly, isn’t exactly a soldic company: EA, for example, bought Maxis in 1997 via a stock swap (EA bought Maxis, while Maxis bought the same stock value in EA) valued around 125 million dollars, with EA valued around tenfold that amount. Digital Bros is worth just 14mil and chucks about 4mil to Kunos in a total buyout: placing in over one quarter of a company’s stock to buy another isn’t just silly, it’s suicidal if you aren’t sure you’re losing money.

    But the latter isn’t the case, since Digital Bros owns Halifax Distribuzioni and 505 Games, which distributes AC on console and physical PC DVDs.

    Face it, AC shills: the dream is finished. Digital Bros now calls the shots, not Stefano. And they’re fucking pissed at him for the bad PR and selling.


          1. I’m not going to play this game with you, man. Just go on Yahoo Finance, Google Finance… heck, even Bing would suffice, and find a reputable stock market site, for example Borsa Italiana. All you need is there, just open your browser tabs to something else than porn (or Stefano’s twitter feed) for once.


  12. fkn hysterically funny , AC will become the number one arcade game because that’s where the money is . Simple business is to make lots of money at any cost even if it means shafting those who already paid.. I hear champagne corks popping at S397 ,


  13. well done to the AC shrills. keeping a stiff upper lip in times of uncertainty. Back it in that riding on Ac’s sim value (true or not) that the priority will be console sales. Why ?? because thats what DB do bets and its where they already make their crust


  14. Good old AC fan boys , well done chaps ,stiff upper lip and all that rot ,soldier on lads. Can back it in the new owners will push for a better console release riding on the coattails of AC’s sim value (as dubious as it is) and chase $$ from the huge console market. The 2 knob jockeys will be happy with that as their shares will pay nice dividends ..


  15. Agree, they have just got a fist full of cash and also invested in shares , wouldn’t you want the best return possible from your investment ,that being a major console release ??


  16. Stefano probably does want to retire. Hasn’t he kinda said that?

    Unless this results primarily in a cash or skilled employee injection, it’s probably not going to be positive in the long run.

    “and me and Stefano by today are shareholders of Digital Bros.”

    Doesn’t necessarily mean much and man, that whole PR statement is ill-advised.

    Don’t really care either lol


  17. Impossible to say at this point what effect this will have on AC and any potential sequels, but personally I’d be surprised if the franchise has much of a future. Kunos have already shot themselves in the foot several times and now this.


    1. Some madmen actually made a Kickstarter to scan it last year. It went nowhere, but the thing is they weren’t even asking for much:

      “We will be carrying out a MLS of the Snaefell Mountain Course, and creating a coloured point cloud with approximately 4000pts/sqm, each point accurate to +/-3mm. The cost of the scan is £9,850.
      This project is pretty simple. If we can raise the minimum funding, we will hire, who have supplied us with the quote, to carry out the scan during the summer of 2016.”


  18. Afte the last documented (by prc) personal forum-meltdown of Stefano’s, I am not exactly sure whether this loss of directional power over A.C. is an all-out bad thing.

    But yes, the inventor has now succumbed to his own admission: he does not like to run a company: he likes to invent new code.

    Here’s hope that today’s favourite simracing modding-platform will continue to be open and awesome. Whatever may come after A.C. Version 1.x, I am just happy that Stefano somehow managed to keep his ship on course over the last couple of years. Let’s hope this buy-out will not out-right sink it, yet continue to travel towards new, exciting waters worth exploring.


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