iRacing Currently Trying to Hide Widespread Server Failures

16196222_949406535190628_1952555298_oIf you happen to be one of our readers who have spent upwards of $500 USD on what iRacing has to offer, in the hopes that some of the cash you threw down would be put towards making genuine improvements to the service, today I’m here to tell you that you’re sorrily mistaken – and you should probably stop buying the bullshit they’ve been feeding their customers about direct denial of service attacks for years on end. This weekend marks iRacing’s 2017 rendition of the 24 Hours of Daytona endurance racing event, though as we predicted a week ago when their servers could not handle a preliminary event with around three hundred participants, the 24 hour marathon has been an absolute mess from the drop of the green flag, thanks to the servers being totally incapable of handling any large influx of sim racers.

You know, a problem iRacing’s World Tour events have faced on a yearly basis dating back to their inception.

I’d love to mock the fact that there’s no proper day/night cycle available in what’s both billed as the ultimate racing simulator and sold at a premium price, meaning the entire goddamn race will be contested under the lights, but there’s a much bigger story to discuss today. As you can see in the screenshot at the top of this entry from the iRacing forums, Global Sim Racing Channel – the team covering the virtual 24 Hours of Daytona – have been specifically instructed by iRacing themselves to kill the broadcast entirely if any of the routine server problems were experienced. Rather than spending the past five years working to improve the service when marquee events generated high levels of traffic, iRacing have opted to simply cover everything up and pretend all is well. There is an actual, official agreement in place to cut the broadcast stream if the race server starts shitting itself, solely so people don’t see it and question what their money is going towards.

And it’s not just for Global Sim Racing, either.

racespotWith the hands of Global Sim Racing Channel and RaceSpot TV tied firmly behind their collective backs to earn a paycheck, we’ll use our platform to show you what iRacing drew up an official agreement to try and hide.

16237799_10208374398663745_1436784818_nThis is what it looks like when every single player in the 24 Hours of Daytona is dropped from the server. And it’s a problem that hasn’t been attended to in five years. iRacing have continuously claimed these situations are the result of DDoS attacks, but after so many similar instances, it’s hard to believe them at this point.

Obviously, the forums are a complete mess, because the 24 Hours of Daytona is seen as a bit of a sim racing party for members of the iRacing service, and they’d prefer for the service to work as it should considering how much they’re spending on it. Guys all jump on Teamspeak together, take turns running stints in their class of choice, and even iRacing video editor Ian Plasch is attempting to complete the entire race by himself as a way to raise money for a popular children’s charity. It’s a virtual auto racing festival of sorts, and merely completing the race is an accomplishment unto itself, but iRacing have neglected to hold up their end of the bargain.

autismAnd not only are iRacing trying to hide what’s going on in the first place, the brainwashed iRacing members who believe they have a genuine obligation to defend a video game they’ve purchased are basically lashing out at people making justified commentary on the situation – with “GO PLAY FORZA” being my favorite highlight of these imbeciles, along with another user claiming he’s enjoying the tantrums people are throwing over a faulty product. The whole thing is this weird mixture of cognitive dissonance and acute stockholm syndrome, and you can’t help but feel the iRacing community is being secretly studied by much larger corporations in an effort to learn how they can convince all of their customers not to criticize their, instead accepting obvious defects with the product and bullying anyone who doesn’t. Hell, if the automotive industry was able to capture this same magic iRacing have been able to tap into, costly recalls would be a thing of the past!

My question to the iRacers who still visit PRC on a daily basis, is at what point do you say “enough is enough?” Or are you just happy to be part of a sim racing country club because you were cut from the football team in middle school and desperately need a sense of belonging?


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    1. Because the majority of the userbase is made of ‘muricans that are too delusional to let go of the dream of making it to Nascar when the only thing that vaguely resembles a Nascar car is the toilet they sit on every day while taking a shit.


  1. Sad they cant or wont get that race figured out

    Funny ..that Tim Doyle (20,00+posts) was a dude who shit on me on twitter. For asking for a diff method of viewing release notes rather that logging into the site. Dink.


      1. The really shit thing is that their alpha test team is also the developers’ old NR2003 buddies and some real life racing people they just want to jerk off by giving early access, so the alpha test team barely accomplishes anything.


  2. It is what it is.. we all know what it is.. and if we want to spend the money we spend the money..

    I am happy with all the money i have spent on iRacing for the quality of the tracks alone.. anything above that is a bonus!!


  3. I just realized other game devs are way more nicer and not like emo manchild slightly mad devs in simracing games..Here i comeback to Eve after 4 years as a FREE alpha clone and i lost my expensive ratting simulation ship yesterday cuz of Eve lately rubberbranding and dc i sent them a ticket and here is their respond:
    : SENIOR GM DAGON Yesterday at 23:40
    Hi there, I’m Senior GM Dagon.

    After a thorough investigation of our server logs and performance reports I have come to the decision that your ship should be reimbursed. Please note that as the ship will still hold the same level of insurance it had prior to its destruction, I have to remove the insurance payout you received at the loss of the ship. Please refer to the EVE Mail from CONCORD for further details on this reimbursement. I would like to note that as per our policies only items that were destroyed with the ship can be reimbursed, any items left in space are regrettably not eligible for reimbursement.

    I would also wish to mention that reimbursement can regrettably not be guaranteed for losses incurred under similar circumstances in the future. Future reimbursement claims, if any, must be investigated on their owns terms. If you have further questions regarding this ticket then please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your patience.

    Best Regards,
    Senior GM Dagon
    CCP Customer Support | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie”

    2 years ago i submit a ticket to iRenting kindly asked for a refund or change a different car that i like for the broken fake Prosche(Ruf ) and they replied F”’ U..
    yah F”’ U2 iRenting…..


  4. i would like to say this has come as a surprise but it really hasn’t,i didnt even put any effort in for this years 24 hours as I was convinced it would fall flat on its face again with server issues we have been seeing this last month or so,glad I wasted no time on this and feel really bad for the teams that put the man hours into preparation for this event…no rose tinted spectacles here im afraid,iracing,you are so predictable.


  5. I hope RaceRoom succeeds with their new online multiplayer structure because iRacing is scamming people out of hundreds of dollars at this point. It’s like they spend more time trying to silence criticism and pretend that everything is ok, than trying to fix their game. Please people, stop paying for iRacing.

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    1. What we have here is the tried and tested strawman way of putting ones point across… exaggerate everything. You’ve pulled an imaginary figure out of your rectum which you claim people are being scammed out of, then made some retarded argument that they spend more time silencing criticism than working on the sim which to anyone with an IQ higher than ‘potato’ knows is a moronic claim at best. Y


      1. Please do tell of all the crappy bugs that we have suffered for years has been fixed… That’s correct you cant!

        Please do tell me how much content is released with no intention of fixing the old broken stuff… That’s correct, content, content everywhere

        Now you’re going to tell me content developers don’t work on the broken shit. Well how about spending less wages on content devs and hire some people that CAN fix the issues…. Oh yes I forgot, there is no issues right?


        1. What has any of your rambling got to do with them scamming us out of hundreds of dollars of money ? You sign up willingly, there is no scam or contract saying they will fix all the bugs. You’re chatting shit and you know it.

          Your other claim about them spending more time trying to silence critics than working on the sim is also premium grade bullshit which you have failed to back up.

          Finally you’ve made a complete tit out of yourself by assuming that because someone calls you out on your exaggerated bs that they must think there are no issues whatsoever and that iRacing is sim racing nirvana.

          To summarise, you’ve had an absolute mare here. Just stop.


          1. Yes, let’s willingly ignore the times that iRacing has banned users from their forum and service for criticizing the game. Seems like you enjoy giving money to developers who won’t fix shit at all.


          2. You type like a faggot.

            By the way they have now sold two F1 cars with the public marketing promise they would add a critical real life feature right after the car was released only for it to never be heard of again.


          3. Wait, are you retarded? So you’re saying that it’s okay for a company to not fix their product because it’s not written in their contract and leave it just like that?

            WHAT THE FUCK.

            If I go to an electronics store and buy a phone and when I go home I discover that the phone has, for example, the internal microphone faulty and it makes it impossible to make phone calls, it means that the product I paid money for is broken and is not working as intended/advertised and I have all the rights in the world to go back to the store and ask for either a refund or that the broken phone is sent back to the factory for it to be fixed or replaced with a new one that actually works.

            The company that makes that phone can’t just shush it off its shoulders and say “oh, we never signed a contract, therefore we’re not obliged to fixing you anything and you have to keep your phone broken with all its bugs”.

            They advertised a phone as being able to make phone calls, and if it doesn’t do that and they refuse to fix it, I can sue them because I paid them money for a product and said product didn’t work as intended/advertised.

            You’re just a sad cuck. Go back to your game with broken servers, you deluded fanboy.

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  6. The first D in DDoS stands for distributed, not direct. The attacker doesn’t directly use his machine, but many others, unknowingly acting as botnets, to overwhelm the server with requests all at once coming from different IPs.

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  7. To answer your question James, enough is enough for me has been creeping in for awhile. I stopped renting new content several months ago and I’ve turned off auto pay recently. I do take exception to being lumped in with idiots you describe as needing to be a part of a club. I’ve been an outcast there from day 1. I know you know that there a lot of us like that, just saying, don’t lump us in.

    Part of the reason I frequent your site is I’m trying to figure out the best alternative. I could get my fix with a hot lap or decent AI title for awhile but I’m waiting to see which alternative has the best potential to grow an online following. Nothing like racing with a good group of guys. After being fucked by iRacings bullshit, I am taking my time this go around.

    PS I’m glad you put that forum shot up with Doyle. He is the biggest fucking jerk off fan boy I’ve ever seen. He goes balls deep on iRacing whenever anyone tries to point out anything that doesn’t fit the official narrative. I find it quite interesting the iRacing staff is so ignorant that they don’t realize it is people like Doyle who are and will continue to, drive people away from their product. Keep up the good work, nice site.

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    1. Wyatt you’re 100% on the money here. More people need to vote with their pocket! There’s plenty on the forums now speaking out, but to carry on paying the monthly fee is just foolish. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Well if people keep paying and accepting the bullshit, will iRacing ever sit up and listen? Should we keep saying “well, these things happen. We should be happy with what we have”? If my home internet drops out you can bet your life I will phone the provider and complain. Yet on iRacing anybody complaining is just met with forum dickheads (ahem, DOYLE HEADS) flinging shit around.

      I urge anyone who is unhappy with the service to make a stand. STOP PAYING. It really is that simple. We know there isn’t a decent alternative at the moment so maybe take some time off, enjoy life a little. We can still hotlap the shit out of other titles to keep from getting rusty.

      Things wont change if we keep making idle threats about leaving only to renew next month then buy the Porsche because of the hype. I’ve seen it mentioned here in the past to re-sub every 6 months or so to check and see if things have improved. That is the strategy I will be adapting.

      Again people I urge you to make a stand with your pocket. Leave all these forum fantasy NASCAR drivers behind. If they want to tell people to stop crying and be happy with what we have, then they are beyond delusional. I wont miss those pricks and they wont miss me.


      1. I still have my N4 and 2k3 discs so that is what I’ll get my fix from as long as I can get them running right. I haven’t tried to install them on this PC yet but I’m sure I can find help if needed. I have a few weeks left on my iRenting and then I’m out. I have a busy spring and summer coming so the timing is perfect. I agree, it is the only way things will even have a chance of getting better.

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    2. I agree with just about everything Wyatt says here. I race short ovals. iRacing is pretty good for that. I don’t rent any content that I don’t need for racing short ovals. iRacing is a dishonest company. Right now, if I want to race short ovals, or race dirt ovals soon, it’s about the only game in town. I’m also an outcast on iRacing. I just like driving my little toy car on the little toy short tracks. To hell with the rest of it.


  8. It’s unfortunate the guys who seem to be so obsessed with this shitty game fail to see how their relentless kool aid drinking means that the developers won’t feel pressured to improve the product.

    I’ve hated iRacing and the attitude of its community for a long time. The fact is some of these guys actually think they’re as good as NASCAR drivers because they play this stupid computer game and as long as it fuels that fantasy they won’t dare say a bad word about it. They are simply addicted to the game and can’t comprehend anything beyond getting their fix.


    1. I can’t even describe the feeling I get when I think of one of those guys who has themselves convinced that what they are doing on the sim puts them on par with the thousands of young men and women around the country, who are pounding the dirt and small asphalt tracks, making unbelievable sacrifices, hoping to make it big. It leaves me practically speechless that their mind can even go there.

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  9. Counterpoints:

    Re. iRacing having a “protocol” for this situation: Well, yea. It’s iRacing’s advertising dollars going into the broadcast. And, before you come back with “we pay for the iRacing service, so technically it’s OUR money.” Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. iRacing is under no obligation to pay anyone for any broadcast of any of their events. They do it to publicize their service. Name me one company that would actively pay their own money to publicize something like this that happened at today’s Daytona 24. The answer is “no one”, because that would be a fucking waste of advertising money and a stupid business decision. There are no weapons of mass destruction here folks.

    Re. The iRacing “fanboys”: PRC and all of you are really no different from them… just are on the other side of the argument. Your opinions and viewpoints are just as radical. That is why I always chuckle whenever I read about yet another complaint about how the “iRacing fanboys” are up in arms, shouting people down in the forums. I’m shocked it took you all this long to post about it. I am very disappointed.

    Sooner or later, I’m sure you will all realize that most of us don’t share either the viewpoint of the fanboys (iRacing or PRC) and most of us just “shut up and race”. Yea, we’re upset, but life goes on….because, at the end of the day, this is just a video game (oops, I said a dirty word…but it’s true) and a way to live out our boyhood dreams of being a race car driver and escape reality if only for a moment with plastic steering wheels and three sets of metal sticks with flat pads attached.

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    1. ^^^ Definition of ‘iTard in denial’ right here.

      “It’s just a video game”

      Wrong. Video games cost £50 and you play them for fun. They are not to make you think you’re an actual racing driver, and have made up teams with real legally binding contracts for drivers, and hero cards, and rigs that cost more than a real race car, and turn you into a completely deluded fuckwit.

      “Shut up and race”

      Yeah I’ll just shut up and race this broken game, and in the process empty my life savings account. And it’s this kind of attitude that lets really bad things happen – ‘yeah I’ll just shut up and let this Nazi Party into power without complaining’.

      The Nazis were probably nicer people though to be honest.

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      1. I remember setting up a snack table with pretzels,popcorn and drinks for the Daytona 500 event only to have the servers crash for like the 2nd or 3rd year in a row.

        Now these events don’t even cross my mind


    2. Do you seriously think these streams have significant funding? At most maybe they give thrm credits so they can have the content to stream it, mostly iRacing just gives them (barely any) publicity by posting them on official channels.


  10. Just stopping by not to tell you your wrong about the server issues as it’s no secret that it’s a big issue right now that needs to be fixed. Just telling you that your reasoning for the server issues is wrong and only your own personal narrative because your ill informed.

    It has nothing to do with “an influx of users overloading the server”. there is a bug or fault somewhere in the network code or server application as this has been happening in the way it has for the last few weeks. A few random days the servers have some sort of an event and kick most people out of races. It’s happening at offpeak hours as well as peak hours.

    This issue has nothing to do with load because it’s very different than what happened the last few years where no one could get into the server because the website crashed. (That’s load). For the last few weeks, everyone has been getting into the servers just fine and the races have been going off without a hitch, and then all of the sudden 6 hours into the race, the network hiccups and a bunch of people get disconnected. You can’t have an influx of users when everyone is already in the server and it’s running fine for a quarter of the race.

    If your going to write articles about Iracing issues, get properly informed first so you can write about the actual issues, not just your own narrative because you dont actually know what is going on because, spoiler alert, you don’t have an account anymore.


    1. This happens every year. Every freaking year. Iracing does not have enough server resources to cover anything over their 3000 a night average users. It’s painfully obvious.


  11. Glad I stopped with iRacing. Not sure how much I spent on it exactly but not nearly as much as most people (I was a rather casual user, if you can believe it) and I had a good time with it, but fuck it. They raise the prices, and reduce the discounts and they keep shitting out new cars without fixing the backend problems. Might check it out again in the future if they ever get their shit together but eh, I don’t see that happening.


  12. What a bunch of drama queens on here. Been on the service for years and run multiple races each week with no issues. I don’t run the large events, clearly there is an issue with those events. Aside from that the service is like no other.


  13. I still pay for iRacing. I’ve been spending more time with other sims (AC, AMS, DR, pCARS, RF2, R3E) not for any fault of iRacing but just to explore. Each one is appealing in some way. There are some things iRacing does very well and I’m happy to pay for those just as I’m happy to pay for the others. I don’t play the big iRacing events, but if I did, I’d be miffed if the server crashed.


  14. I’ve done over 100 races on iRacing and I’ve never been disconnected.

    I’ve always avoided these special events though. I think it’s very ambitious/stupid of iRacing think they can run a race for that length of time without a hiccup.


  15. Censorship

    ‘The tracks are spot on, right down to the bumps, and the cars react just like the real thing.’ Andrew Caddell, 2008 Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Champion.

    Quote taken from the iracing testimonial webpage.

    RUF… Nov 2016

    Maybe, in Andrew’s defence, he did not see the above video before making his endorsement.

    ‘The physics are great!’ Rubens Barrichello, Formula One & IndyCar Driver.
    Quote taken from the iracing testimonial webpage.


    Wonderful example of, ‘great…physics’, marvel at the wheels, magic how the wheels go through the track, and the barrier, disappear several times, just like ‘real’ F1, Rubens.

    ‘iRacing sets the bar when it comes to simulated racing.’ Darin Gangi, iRacing Member,
    Spokane Valley, Washington USA.

    Quote taken from the iracing testimonial webpage.

    Truck drivers…see it, and believe it…

    iRacing really has, ‘set the bar’, with this one Darin.

    ‘Simulated racing’, in all my years, and I am old, I have never seen a car race where the driver has his head, and upper-body through the roof, driving a car looking the wrong way…
    Remind us Darin, how much does iracing pay your website? You know, for the tee-shirts, hats etc., that you wear? Do you have iracing pyjamas?

    When you have viewed the above videos, then perhaps you can begin to comprehend why iracing chooses to stop the broadcast of ‘server meltdowns’…

    It is called censorship.

    Damage limitation.

    Protecting the brand.

    I can completely understand why they do it, could be to stop naughty iracing members posting videos on YouTube…

    As the above 3 videos prove, iracing has no issues with coding. None, what so ever.
    People like me, and the iracing members who posted the videos, are complete idiots.
    Everything is fine, nothing is wrong with the most expensive video racing game in history…

    No, honest.

    Just read iracing’s testimonial page, is it all true.


    You are paying for this, just stop now.

    Turn off auto-renew.

    Maybe then, they may start to fix the huge issues they have and are trying to hide with, the most expensive video racing game in history…

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  16. Despite the drop out we still enjoyed our race. However this is clearly something that still requires more work from iracing to resolve whether it is actually there problem or not. I’m sure they are fully aware that these drops outs are unacceptable for online racing given that online racing is what makes iracing what it is.


  17. I think the vast majority of iRacers are perfectly normal, happy people. They feel iRacing is worth the money to them and could really not give a flying fuck about anyone else’s opinion on the matter.

    On the other hand, based purely on my own personal observations, iRacing does seem to breed an unusually large/vocal number of fanboys. I think that James hit the nail on the head the other day when he attributed this to the almost “country club” like attitude the high pricing/membership structure creates for some (though certainly not all) users.

    I can tell you as an on-again/off-again iRacer myself, I’ve certainly felt those feelings first hand (though I’m proud to say I’ve never fully fallen for it – certainly never to the point where I’ve taken to the interwebs to name call people who are fans of other sims). There is really some psychological magic to that whole “membership” word. It may sound corny and kind of sad at the same time, but for those out there that really don’t (and, in some cases, never have) felt a part of something (and I firmly believe the nature of modern life creates millions of these people), this can be a very strong draw that people are willing to become very combative in defending.


  18. Split 2 here – within first 12h 3x 50%+ of the server disconnected.
    The lucky ones were laps ahead in the end cause of that.
    It ruins everything and I think about legal actions against iRacing (in the end they don’t deliver what they promise and that means they violate customer laws).

    Aswell as so often I have to annotate that many people race dirty as fuck (extremely risky and unnessary divebombs by DPs mostly) and thereby I got hit a couple of times and got crashed out like this.
    iRacing in their endless stupidity does nothing as always (except when it was CLEARLY MALICIOUS) – where in a most leagues you would get penalized. Another reason (next to the very unrealistic physics) to quit this piece of software immediately.


        1. Yes, and as James pointed out in a previous article a good portion of online gamers are social outcast, hence iracing is their social group. If someone openly shit on me and my mates fucking prostitutes at the brothel and thin called us fags, I would be inclined to defend my heterosexual image as a man’s man.


  19. ‘A little silly’.
    No, not really.
    Customers have rights, he is a customer paying for a very expensive online video game.
    It failed him.
    He is upset.
    Thus, he has a point.
    May be if more unhappy customers contacted iracing’s local trading/customer complaints office, they may start to take notice..
    Perhaps James could publish the local office.


    1. That’ll be because nobody’s driving it maybe? Honestly it looks like a kid’s first project with Unity or some shit. Awful awful game.

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      1. Brick Rigs is one of the hottest simulation titles out there, and unlike iRacing it’s commnunity don’t spend their time being toxic online towards anyone who doesn’t sing it’s praises. I hope iRacing fix their broken game soon so you can get back to playing it instead of posting trash comments like this on the internet.

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      2. We’re sorry you feel so threatened by our simulation that you need to lash out at it with uniformed comments like this despite never playing it. Unlike iRacing however we don’t have a problem with negative criticism online. We won’t attempt to censor it by removing it from the internet. I think this is because we don’t spend all our time in an echo chamber or fanatical praise from fanboys who pay us monthly to continually fuck them in the ass.


        1. I played it. It’s shite. No I’m not threatened by it, and your response suggests that you’re just as much of a nut as Kunos. Has the concept of User Experience ever occurred to you? Do you even know how to make something not look like a steaming hot pile of garbage?


  20. im wondering if iracing is running low on funding yet,crackheads like tim doyle have an expensive habit to feed and must be costing iracing plenty to keep him trolling while high.


  21. Yeah it was upsetting. I got kicked 3 times, each time was when I was in the car, of course. Suffice to say I got really mad. Luckily we didn’t practice very much for this race as we thought something like this could (would) happen. That screenshot of the forum posts isn’t exactly accurate however. 99% of the people in the forums discussing it are PISSED and letting their feelings known. There are maybe 2 people defending iRacing in the forums out of 100s that are talking about it and yelling at iRacing.

    Here is iRacing’s Facebook post regarding the situation:

    Yesterday we experienced major disconnection issues throughout the iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona. This is hugely frustrating to us, especially for it to happen during a team event like a 24 hour race that requires extensive practice and preparation from our members. Since the event, our network team has been reviewing what went wrong throughout the weekend.

    This morning, our VP of Technology and overall networking guru Chris Page offered the following statement:

    “From an iRacing perspective, when we see these issues, the general observation is a drop in network traffic to the servers, and sometimes an accompanying short disruption in our non-race traffic between data centers. So it isn’t a case that our resources are overwhelmed by a DDoS attack or just high usage.

    Because it isn’t impacting only race traffic, we know that it is network related in general. It isn’t the sim client or race server code. Some members have observed this themselves. One member reported issues with Teamspeak at the same time there were connection issues with iRacing. When one resolved, so did the other.

    We are very sensitive to carrier issues. We’ve had issues like this in the past, where frequent connection issues were resolved when our ISP dropped a peering partner. I don’t think that there is a network application more sensitive to network issues. With video, it is a one way delivery of data that is easily buffered up. With voice, a loss of connection for a few seconds might go unnoticed if no one is talking at that moment, or a voice might get choppy for a number of seconds, but then all is good again. These events aren’t uncommon, and are common enough that we hardly register or retain their occurrence. It is a meme how laggy things can get in first person shooters, or online RPGs, but even they are forgiving as generally the character stays in position. Racing is different from every other application out there. I could go for a walk in a mall, stop abruptly and close my eyes for 5 seconds without giving it a second thought. The same idea is terrifying to think about doing while driving in a group of cars on the highway.

    I can’t speak for network carriers, and I don’t know how much it impacts their bottom line, or how high of a priority it is if they have a port that is intermittently failing. They know most applications can deal with it.

    Well, it impacts us, and we care a whole lot. If you want to help us find the problem, in the other thread I’ve suggested that your can run a tracert command before an event, and after issues, should you have them. If there are changes, it might indicate that one of the changes is related to the issues. It isn’t a smoking gun, but it is something that we can look more closely at for trends.

    It isn’t necessarily the change of route itself that is the cause of the problem, but it might be that the initial route was oversubscribed and is dropping traffic. The route changing is an indicator that there might have been problems on the route. It doesn’t mean that there were problems. Similarly, just because a route doesn’t change, it doesn’t mean that there were no problems. It probably means the issues resolved, or are ongoing.

    Meanwhile we’ll continue to investigate and better all things under our control. This is so frustrating for us all.

    Edit: I remember interviewing a network engineer about his projects. He shared with me that their projects are front loaded. With the start of a new year, the have access to budgets to implement their upgrades and expansions. As a result, there tends to be more network changes during the beginning of the year compared to the end.


  22. Oh dear…

    Why does iracing have such an issue saying sorry?
    Nowhere does it say sorry.

    That is how much iracing cares about the customer.
    They do however, like and care about your money.
    So, stop sending it to them…

    That is a really long statement to basically say, it was nothing to do with us…

    It was our internet provider.

    Funny thing is, I have an internet provider too.
    Lovely people, always write me a letter telling me the date, and at what time they will be updating their service, so you know, I can make other arrangements…

    Like read a book, or not hold a 24-hour online race.

    Maybe iracing lost their letter…

    Or maybe, just like the claimed DDoS the other week, the statement that appeared on the forum, it is, well, not all true.

    However, if it is true, iracing can now explore the possibility of taking legal action against the internet provider; loss of business etc.

    Robert T has stated that ‘100s’ of customers are ‘letting their feelings known’.
    Good. It’s a start. Customers at last feeling confident enough to stand up for themselves.

    However, why does the same thing happen every year?

    During the same event.

    It has been suggested elsewhere that, iracing does not own their own server farms. They rent. Oh, the irony… Perhaps to lessen issues, and to have total control, it would have made better business sense to spend a small amount of the $20 million start-up ‘gift’, on some servers?

    Why do customers have at least one car per race jumping all over the track?

    Why do customers have flickering cars every race?

    Something is very wrong.

    In fact, many things are wrong.

    This statement from iracing is just more ‘flip and spin’. They are desperate to shift the blame.
    Cleverly moving ownership of the problem to the customer, by suggesting that the customer runs a ‘Tracert command’. Really?

    You are now suggesting that customers who are paying for an online service, start messing about with MS-DOS commands to help you solve your issue. Crazy. Most of your customers do not have a clue what MS-DOS is. And why should they…

    However, the blame starts and stops with iracing.
    So why not start by saying sorry to your customers?

    Or are you scared that by saying sorry, you are accepting liability, and your legal team has told you not to say sorry to the people that pay your wages…

    If you are not happy, turn off auto-renew.

    You can go back later, if things improve.

    Iracing only seems to understand money, so stop sending them money.

    Then, they may listen…

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  23. I decided I better stay modern instead of going back to an old papy sim when my iRenting expires in a few weeks. Signed up for steam and am downloading project cars now. Might as well get used to it if #2 turns out to be real good.


  24. The latest topic on iracing just shows how fucking retarded some of them are,it’s titled something like,urinating while driving like an f1 driver.

    Basically the guy pissed in his seat while doing the big event and now wants to know how to clean the seat,he thinks it’s sounds better because f1 drivers do it lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Somebody tell that guy that urinating while driving a race car is a rare thing here in the real world. It’s not like F1 drivers can’t hold their pee for 1 hour of racing of LMP/GT drivers can’t hold their pee for 2-3 hours stints.

      I remember Marc Gené saying in an interview few months ago that they actually try to avoid peeing in the car at all costs. Other than being highly unhygienic to literally sit with your asshole drowning in piss for 3 hours, it’s also a matter of respect for the next guy that’s climbing into the car after you that definitely doesn’t want to do his own 3 hours stint while sitting on pee.

      Unless you really really really can’t hold it, you don’t do it. Period.

      This guy… Next level cuckoldism.


      My God, those people are something else.

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  25. I’ve invested a mini-fortune in iRacing. The last time I renewed by sub was when they released the Audi and the Mercedes. I’ve spent an estimated $600 or more in content (virtually all road tracks and road cars). They already got plenty from me. I have no plans to return to the service. I haven’t played it for more than an hour or so in the last 12-18 months. Honestly I don’t miss it. Too many races were ruined by laggy servers and players warping in and out. Premium service? Ummm, no. I don’t think so.


  26. I have spent £532 in my first year,I have only bought six cars and I only use two.i used to just run one car and bought the tracks so I could compete 8out of 12 weeks to get my participation credits.

    But as that series only raced on four days I branched out buying other cars,basically I’ve not run the others much because the popular official series are a nightmare,the licence system and penalty system do not have any effect on the way you drive.

    So basically I went back to running what was basically a league,now I’m really struggling to justify the cost to race in a very unpopular series,even tho that’s the way you find good racing


  27. I think a lot of the ‘fanboys’ for want of a better word,are afraid to say anything bad about iracing for fear of being banned,being ridiculed by the same group of fanboys who they once belonged to,or afraid their favourite sim will shut up shop and they will lose all that cash they injected into their favourite vapourware sim…and look a right mug for doing so.

    I remember when sim racing used to be fun fun fun,going back to the gpl racing on Saturday afternoons,rushing home from work to join a group of passionate fellow racers to have fun,no abuse,no temper tantrums if you crashed,now people need safe spaces if they crash in a make believe world and piss themselves..what the actual fuck happened.


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