Honest Reviews are No Longer Tolerated

With each passing day, members of the sim racing community continuously manage to upstage themselves when it comes to sheer, unrestricted stupidity – and even by PRC standards, this one is exceptionally spectacular. On this day in sim racing, we’ve reached an especially disastrous milestone – one in which sim racers are now openly attacking YouTube personalities for uploading honest reviews of expensive hardware. It’s no longer enough for companies to persuade individuals with a popular YouTube channel into publishing dishonest reviews of their products in exchange for undisclosed perks; we’ve now swung in the complete opposite direction and created a scenario where everyday sim racers are openly stating they do not appreciate honest reviews of a product they want to learn about, and potentially purchase.

Back in September of 2016, Will Marsh – fronting the independent hobbyist website SimRacingPaddock – uploaded an eighteen minute review of Fanatec’s CSL Elite Wheel Base, as well as their P1 Rim. Though the hardware was supplied by Fanatec themselves as a complimentary review copy, Marsh refused to take the safe approach when it comes to establishing a long-term relationship with any sim racing hardware company, and gave a very fair and thorough assessment of each product. While he had mostly positive things to say about the CSL Elite Wheel Base, the P1 rim suffered immense criticism for being cheaply made; constructed primarily via plastic parts that Will believed would struggle to withstand any sort of long-term duress that sim racing endurance events are known for.

I’m not in the market for a new toy steering wheel at the moment, but by the end of the video I came away feeling pretty informed about the hit-or-miss quality some of my buddies have told me about Fanatec in private, and I appreciated that despite Will essentially being gifted a brand new toy steering wheel to review on his show, he had no problem jeopardizing his relationship with Fanatec to talk about their product in an honest fashion, letting sim racers know exactly what was wrong with it in great detail. In fact, by the end of the video, Will can be seen examining the P1 Rim with several close up shots to accurately convey just how much of the wheel is plastic hidden by metal trim – something that a lot of sim racers would by and large want to be made aware of before purchasing the product.

Not everyone shared this same sentiment, however.

commentWhether it be an elaborate piece of satire, or an online meltdown fueled by a spectrum disorder and an unhealthy obsession with Fanatec products, a user by the name of TooStrongkGamers armed himself with a virtual pitchfork and immediately went to town on SimRacingPaddock, claiming Will’s extensive eighteen minute review on a couple of pieces of Fanatec gear wasn’t a review at all, but instead “ripping on it hard as fuck.” TSG promptly shifts into overdrive before Will even has a chance to respond, leaving several more comments telling Will to kill himself, that the wheel will hold up perfectly fine as long as he doesn’t masturbate with it, and Will shouldn’t be complaining about the price of Fanatec products considering he’s too poor to afford them anyway.

I sat down and watched the entirety of Will’s review just to be sure I didn’t miss anything that would have sent this user into a rage, and I’m still unsure of what set him off. Will’s only complaint about the Fanatec CSL Elite Base was that it constantly booted up in Xbox One mode by default and he was always forced to change it, whereas his issues with the P1 rim centered primarily around a poor build quality that doesn’t justify the asking price – a factor that didn’t even affect him personally (as the hardware was sent to him by Fanatec), but he was gracious enough to include that aspect for other sim racers who do have to pay for it.

To his credit, Will tried his best to reply in a somewhat professional manner, but TSG wasn’t having any of it.

untitled-2Yes, it’s just one guy being a fucking sperg, but for a lot of upstart sim racing content creators who are just getting off the ground with whatever they’re making, this is exactly the kind of behavior that will turn them away from the community for good. If you can’t even publish a genuinely honest review on your indie YouTube channel without some guy losing his shit at you in the comments section for some perceived wrongdoing thanks to his own mental gymnastics, what incentive would anyone have to keep giving back to the scene? Unless you already have some sort of tangible following, why would you willingly contribute to a community this hostile? Here you have a random sim racer utterly convinced that an honest eighteen minute review of a product where both the positives and negatives are addressed is somehow “just ripping on it” before telling the creator of the review to kill himself, and this is only a day after we told you about an Assetto Corsa forum member trying to say you somehow have no right to ask for the ability to select the car of your choice in an online session.

It’s as if the whole climate of viral marketing has conditioned the simpletons among us to now outright reject any content that isn’t blatant advertising, which is a scary thought when you consider how the sim racing community might look twenty four months into the future if these people aren’t promptly put in their place. Unless you have especially thick skin to deal with the head cases that will ruthlessly attack you for an honest review, YouTube review shows and individual personalities will gradually morph into sim racers trying to remain as politically correct as possible at any given time to avoid upsetting people who shouldn’t be anywhere near social media in the first place.

And that’s pretty shitty, because in a genre with so much hardware and software flying around for consumers to purchase, we need more people to tell it like it is in the face of Fanatec and Vesaro showering personalities with review gear, not less. These people aren’t going to stick around for long if they’re met with such immense hostility.


82 thoughts on “Honest Reviews are No Longer Tolerated

  1. If I’m not mistaken InsideSimRacing also did a review same one and was flamed by their viewers and was accused of shilling for Thrustmaster (hence the bad review).


    1. Stop being pussies. Why tf does everyone care about a butthurt comment I made on a review. The guy who wrote this article is an idiot. Why make an entire article about one person who made a comment to a shitty, VERY SMALL youtuber when thats all youtube is – “butthurt comments”. Hes just a pussy that cant just take a negative comment. James just as cancerous i am complaining to everyone that i made a comment on a video. He is a hypocrite asshole.


      1. He constantly defends the type of comments you made but against the devs and the sim games. So he’s complaining you’re trying to put down a sim racing reviewer, but he does it on a much bigger scale to all the devs and sim racing games, except to some racing games outside the sim racing genre.

        But even so, you shouldn’t talk that way to people but try to make your point across with better and more descriptive words/sentences (counter arguments to what he said), and not with offensive and aggressive sentences that don’t really contribute to your point.


  2. It’s my observation that many people on the internet think the word “review” means you can only say positive, glowing things about the thing you’re reviewing. This applies beyond just sim racing or video games.

    Then people get upset when criticism is brought up because they have gone into the review with preconceived opinions about the thing being reviewed, are insecure and don’t like to feel those opinions are being challenged.


      1. Actually, knowing this community it’s more likely he’s a grown man, he’s probably in his 30s or 40s, which just makes the whole thing that much more pathetic


  3. Ehh. On one hand, yeah the guys a dip, on the other… the Logitech wheels and TM are also made of plastic, so it is kind of a dumb point. Isn’t the rim also like $100? (It’s $140) being in line with TM’s “brilliant” lineup. Being $140, having a quick release, electronics, buttons… I expect plastic, and no it’s not going to break or wear out/down. It’s like complaining about how cheap cheesecake isn’t the best you’ve ever had. It’s expected.


    1. I understood srp’s comment on the quick-release as: “why you call this a quick-release?”
      It clearly is more of a permanent fixation mechanism rather than meant to take on and off with any kind of ease. I understand where Fanatec is coming from with this band-aid, yet it does detract from the experience somewhat. Button-layout is another “meh” point on the P1-rim (from my perspective).

      Other than that….
      …too bad even “honest reviews” like that are falling on deaf ears and those who cannot accept a different viewpoint to coexist with their unquestioning fanaticism.
      Good thing that abusive stretch of dialogue seems to have been erased from the comment-section, now. Might actually be for the future benefit of both.

      Although to be fair, most commenters like the one presenting him/herself here, doing what they do, I cannot take them any more seriously than any other fellow human being acting under the influence of a severe dose of whatever drug it is they consume, sleep-deprivation or something else along those lines.


  4. Well, telling something to die because you don’t agree with him is pushing it…

    People go apeshit in the comment section of weather channel app… As funny as shit comments can be, there’s nothing special here.

    Sadly, that’s just how internet is now.

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  5. “Yes, it’s just one guy being a fucking sperg”

    Sad thing is I’m really not that surprised anymore. You can go to pretty much any ‘popular’ Youtube video, check the comments and find ‘that guy’ regardless, and it’s… depressing.

    Makes me kinda glad that ‘life’ is keeping me away from it all, GT3 Audi R8 looks nice though.


  6. I suggest this particular individual is rather young and immature based on this video from 2 years ago. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-V63_K6anc). So I’d put his inflammatory online comments into the teen nerd rage basket and leave them there. Perhaps he has one of the reviewed wheels at home and didn’t appreciate hearing honest feedback on it. That was a pretty classic meltdown though in his response to a simple hardware review. Personally I note a lot of negativity in various online forums these days, which is one reason I don’t bother with lots of them. Ignore the trolls online – they’re just not worth the effort 🙂


  7. The guy seems to have put a lot of effort into doing the video “kudos to him” .

    Then this twerp starts with his verbal Diaria spilling out all over the net , unfortunately I see just as much shit thrown around here towards James for some of his work .

    I’m not sure if anyone has told him to kill himself “James that is”

    But I am sure there have been comments that can compare. Or even go beyond what this guy has said ” I have seen all types of racist derogatory crap here in the past” .

    Unfortunately it is all to common !

    Have a good day gentlemen


    1. “Then this twerp starts with his verbal Diaria spilling out all over the net , unfortunately I see just as much shit thrown around here towards James for some of his work . ”

      Precisely. That was also my first thought.
      Some of the more or less mandatory commenters here PRC are just as stupid as this “TooStrong..” guy.
      Its more or less mandatory here to have to go through a lot of garbage on the same level as this guy when as example James creates an article that offend some people.


  8. About a wheel being plastic: I actually prefer it. Don’t laugh. I still use the plastic wheel that came with my TX. Why? Because it’s the lightest wheel they make, and it’s been going strong since late 2013 (got it for FM5 originally, before I got back into PC sims).

    I tried the 599xx Alcantara and, while it felt nice, the extra weight really dampened the FFB *a lot*. I always found myself switching back to the cheap stock rim the TX came with (“458 Italia”). The smaller size also worked a lot better for modern GT3 and F1 cars, so I wasn’t having to switch out rims. Pissed me off, cause I really liked the Alcantara and the idea of the wheel being more normal-sized. Ended up returning it when I realized I was never actually using it.

    Funny true story. Surgeon buddy of mine (who has way more money than I ever will) actually has a 458. He came over to our place and couldn’t get over the fact that “his” wheel was on my driving rig. He actually thought it was great.

    I offered to trade of course…

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    1. Yes, the cheap TX-wheel provides a better FFB because the TX-base is just to lame to power a more heavy wheel and it´s getting even hotter with the last one. And the “better” ones even have two buttons less, which are missing especially on the XBox. You can´t zoom in the photo-mode in Forza for example and seems all reviews are hiding this facts.


  9. In response to this article, and the last one about people being retarded…

    It’s not just the majority of the sim racing community who are retarded, but it’s actually the majority of the general public, and that includes everyone, the whole population.

    The really depressing thing is the older I get the more I see it. In all areas of my life I see people just being dumb fucks: when I was at school/college, at work (in EVERY place I’ve worked), on the TV (the likes of Katie Hopkins & the whole cast of those hateful ‘real housewives’ programs, Kardasians and anyone who watches it), and now politicians/councillors who run the country who obviously don’t have a fucking clue.

    It amazes me how some TV programmes/genres become so popular, but then I remember, I’d say 75% of the population is retarded.

    My father used to say: ‘The world is full of idiots, and the Internet now gives them a voice’. Well I will now add to that:

    “The world is full of idiots, and the Internet them a voice, and places like Facebook and YouTube give them a box to stand on, and a megaphone.”

    I honestly think this is a scary time for the global civilisation. When dumb people are given power, and start to outnumber those with even a small bit of intelligence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This. Comments about sim racing won’t hurt, but there’s very serious stuff handled by total morons. Like the most influential country in the World.

      I used to think of aviation as a holy field if professionalism and smart people. Now I work in it and I’ve seen and heard CRAZY shit.

      You are spot in complete idiots are majority.


    2. You know how IQ rating is a bell curve right? For every person that has an IQ of 115, there’s someone with an IQ of 85. For everyone with an IQ of 130, there’s someone of an IQ of 70.

      But there’s nothing new under the sun: Do you really think dumb people didn’t run the country (whatever country you happen to reside in) 40 years ago? Look at the first world war: What caused it and how it was fought. Look at the second world war, at the dictators that ignored, incarcerated or outright killed their best generals for daring to be smarter then they were. And don’t just look to the fascists or communists in that fight: The allies too made huge mistakes, even in victory and especially away from the battles in places where you don’t normally look such as British India. Look at the Cold War, look at how the policy of “containment” has only lead to death. Look how Mao killed everyone who was smarter then him and then enacted various policies that ended in the deaths of millions (which he was warned about by the people he killed). Or look further back in history: It’s full of smart people, it’s full of dumb people. It’s full of dumb people doing some really clever things and it’s full of smart people doing really stupid things. This has never changed.

      Dumb people have always been around. They/we have never increased or decreased in numbers and history has always been very cyclical in how it dishes out power to people whose policies have been fantastic and policies which have been horrible. Politicians are also subject to the bell curve.


      1. Not completely true: smart and successful people are reproducing less than ever, while dumb people are able to raise children with a never seen before efficiency (their children no longer have to be abandoned in the woods; they don’t die of exposure, hunger or most illnesses). Intelligence has a strong genetic component, so even if the external factors that also influence it have improved, the average IQ has nowhere else to go than down. Healthy diets and mental stimulation can’t overcome a constantly deteriorating gene pool.


    3. nahh,

      nobody needs to have any understanding of what they are doing,
      not as long as they get elected and are calling the shots…

      …”Life is colourful”

      which is another way of saying, There’s all sorts, everywhere you look. Why you think corruption isn’t going out of style by now?

      Let’s just continue to unload all our personal frustration onto the internet’s self-published. Who cares if it reflects badly on ourselves, ain’t noone gonna care, or is there?


  10. its literally one idiot commenting on this video, no surprise at all and no mirror of the community why even bother to make a story of it you´ll make things unnecessary big, i think the video guy already understood its not even worthy anymore to reply further to this guy , there will always be idiots and lurking loner assholes around waiting to bash on something its just the internet man…


    1. “its just the internet man…” Annnndd you need to fuck right off with that defeatist attitude, dude.

      Just because it’s the internet, doesn’t mean some form of civility shouldn’t be kept in places that, in all fairness, require it. The points in the article here are completely valid. And even if this post isn’t something you like to talk about, you DONT have to read it. What an idea eh?


  11. The clue about this user being a kid is him going on about “you can’t drift with that wheel”.

    So, in poor words, he thinks a wheel is good only if you can drift with it. I bet he’s one of those wankers on CarThrottle that think drift > grip and drifting is the only racing discipline on earth.

    Drifting wankers are lame. Just ignore them.

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      1. Is this teenager cosplaying as Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber? Same hairstyle, right there.

        Also, how is he not a kid? According to North America, you’re not a man until 21 and that ugly thing looks 17 or 18 at most.


          1. Any country where a 20 year old is considered an adult must be a third world shithole. Their brains aren’t even fully developed by that point.


              1. But the legal age is irrelevant.

                iRacing forums are filled with 40 and 50 years old and they all act like a bunch of faggots, as if they’ve just got their first period and have become grown up women.

                This guy that harassed a youtuber is just a younger faggot. Same breed as iRacing players, different age.


                1. There’s an Elite snobbery that comes with the iRacing and some parts of the SimRacing crowd..I’d definetly conclude that stupid, illogical reasoning knows no bounds, age or gender.


              2. I’m European, you don’t have to tell me. You are expected to start taking responsibility for your actions at 18, and the law reflects that, but that doesn’t mean that people consider you an adult and treat you as an equal at that age. For a more realistic notion of what is considered a fully grown adult who can be responsible for himself and others, look at the age requirements in politics.

                By the way, you are free to drive from as young as 14 in the United States, depending on the state.


                1. IF you arent a “adult” by 20 means you are a sheltered little middle class snowflake bitch…..

                  By 20 i had been working full time for 5 years,longer part time, traveled overseas twice with my peers paid by my work ,started flatting at 16-17 (not broken home just not a bitch),had been driving for 5 years, plenty of fucking, plenty of drugs,been stabbed……twice…, several street brawls, ive been beat up to unconsciousness, knocked a fellow man out, killed my own meals before,had almost completed my apprenticeship, was looking to start business my self,swapped motors in several cars and was expecting my first child, its no boast as many of my 20 year old peers had achieved more.

                  This latest generation of weird over cuddled 20 year olds are at the same level as my peers was at 14, you should be a “adult” at 20 with plenty of life experience behind you, once upon a time you were expected to be a man 15-16, average age of GI in NAM was 19, stop being soft, we are breeding man children and its fucking disturbing.


                  1. Spartans didn’t reach full citizenship and adulthood status until they were 30 years old, when they were finally allowed to live independently with their wives as well as voting, and they were the farthest from being soft. Middle class and rich teenagers nowadays are too cuddled, but even if they weren’t that doesn’t mean their brains were going to develop faster. That’s just human biology.

                    Doing drugs and getting into street fights doesn’t make you an adult, it means you are a shithead teenager that needs to grow up as much as the nerd trading pokemons or making minecraft let’s plays. And killing your own meals? That’s what I was talking about with third world shitholes, where all it takes to be an adult is being able to make children and shoot monkeys from a tree. Hunting in a developed nation is just a hobby, and I’ve met plenty of manchildren hunters, pretending they are some kind of apex predator from the ice age when in reality they just like to go camping and drinking beers with their friends.





    1. Critical reception

      PC Gameworld’s 2003 review of Live for Speed S1 by Walter Hurdle scored 89% and said: “A very strong simulation that offers fun and a high level of realism.”[11]

      Justin Kranzl of APC magazine called the S1 release “the best PC racing simulator ever”.

      Pelit magazine’s 2004 review of LFS’ S1 release by Mika Äärilä scored 92/100 and said: “Saloon cars and meticulous simulation. Absolute cream of the crop.” [12][13]

      Bytesector.com’s 2005 review of S2 release said: “Nothing short of going to a track actually compares to the experience. Live for Speed is, by far, the most intense and demanding game I’ve ever played.”[14]


  13. I may buy this CSL Wheel Base set when I have enough money to do so, despite this product’s criticism, but that’s one TSG comment make me feels like he’s 9-14 or he’s old men acting like a kid.

    He seems to think that SimRacingGirl (mentioned in the video’s comments) will do a better review than Will Marsh. But I guess he’s not knowing about PretendRaceCars (dot) Net.

    If he find this article then I have no comment for him.


    1. Thats exactly what I thought! James ranted on, in a similar fashion to “TooStrongkGamers” on the various sim/game sites he has a beef with and got banned. This lead him to start this site PRC “The worst site” on Sim Racing News!


        1. That’s your response for criticism? If Stefano reacts badly to criticism he considers dumb (simulation wise), you deflect (to anything critical of you or this blog). So you pretty much have no morale to judge how others take criticism they don’t agree with.

          Wasn’t TooStrongkGamers giving honest criticism against this wheel’s review? I feel like you defended people like him when they went hard on AC with that kind of attitude. But since you’re friends with Will Marsh… oh wait, I remember you teared down SimRacingGirl for a review to the same wheel, and she was positive too. Oh boy.


      1. “95/100” – IGN Italia.

        Meanwhile Kunos were openly acknowledging framerate & screen tearing issues. Why did they need to patch something that was almost perfect?

        Probably because reviewers outright lied.


        1. Today read a comment from a guy running AC on the XBox and he was happy with it. Just asking for minor improvements that Kunos already announced. You should accept the fact that there are different opinions and with a growing sim-market there will be always enough stupid imbeciles likely more loud on the internet than the ordinary sim-racer. I like talking about Sims because the people are still way much more reasonable and nice than in politics.


            1. Performance issues are a matter to whom it happens. But most of it was fixed, I don’t know if there are still performance issue complaints nowadays for the console version of the game.


            2. No, it´s a matter of graphic-cards and the XBO is just very low. Buy some 300 bucks PC and it will be much worse, buy some decent PC with a GTX 1070 and no problems at all. You get what you pay for and the Xbox is cheaper than a hooker today.


  14. A German YouTuber had a broken T500 and Fanatec sent him the Elite few weeks ago. He made a fair review and one week later the Elite stopped working, but in the meantime he got his T500 back and could go on. Since the return of the Elite his T500 is broken again (power supply) 😀

    So dare you talk again some stupid Bullshit about DD-wheel buyers. They are smart enough to buy them self out of this “Quality”-trouble starting with about the price of a T500 plus Elite but having more FFB-torque than both together x2 and far less cogging and notchiness.

    I´m to poor to buy cheap.


      1. His G27 was broken some months before switching to a T500. Seems longer lasting for me, but that´s with all shitty cars compare to cars with a big turbo and tiny engine. Or like driving a big old women-bicycle. They hold up, but are shit.


    1. One more case where making an article to a large enough audience is more negative than the actual situation. Otherwise it would have remained just another guy making angry comments in a youtube video.

      Otherwise it would have remained just some guys making hero cards. Otherwise it would have remained just a simracinggirl getting mad sponsors. Otherwise it would have remained just a guy making an expensive fantasy of a nascar cockpit and fire suit. Otherwise it would have remained just a guy too enthusiastic about an endurance race that didn’t want to go to the bathroom. Well.. I guess we gotta shame them or turn public opinion against those guys and girls. Gotta rack up those blog views and create a following, no matter the means. Which is a shame for someone who wants to protect sim racing, doesn’t understand he’s actually creating the damage to current and new members in this community.


      1. Well, that’s what social pressure means and they made a mission statement about it. I don’t think this kid warranted it but he was going to delete those sooner or later, so whatever. It’s not like someone saved the videos to tease him, and it would be worse if a future roommate or coworker had found them instead.


  15. Just saying “TooStrongkGamers” might have one of these CSL Elite Wheel Base-CSL P1 Rim and feels personaly peed off that someone “In his opinion” thinks this is toy like! When “TooStrongkGamers” thinks he bought a simulator wheel for more than a “Toy Sim” wheel set


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