Smacking the Console Children

analisis-assetto-corsa_6As the classic saying goes, “no good deed goes unpunished”, and the same appears to ring true on the official forums dedicated to discussing the popular multi-platform racing simulator Assetto Corsa. Ever since it was originally announced that the independent Italian driving game from Kunos Simulazioni would be arriving on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there’s been a very tangible rift between hardcore PC sim racers which have adopted the title as their simulator of choice, and curious console gamers looking for a much more serious alternative to Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo. It’s a rivalry that doesn’t make much sense on paper, as more individuals abandoning mass-market military shooters in favor of something significantly more complex is one of the easiest ways to help the genre of driving games grow after a noticeable regression over the past five years, but this hasn’t stopped elitist PC sim racers from relentlessly attacking an audience with the potential to be every bit as passionate about these games as they already are.

As we’ve covered countless times before here on, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Assetto Corsa are vastly different games compared to what you can purchase from Valve’s Steam Marketplace. While the PC version is treated as this divine entity within several sections of the official forums constructed by Kunos Simulazioni to discuss their game, the Console Lounge paints a much different picture of the software – users frequently complain that features found in the PC version are non-existent, and what is present, isn’t always functional. To evoke a bit of colorful language, it feels as if there was an elaborate marketing campaign behind a shovelware title which aimed to sucker in as many customers as possible, and now those customers are sitting around wondering when – if ever – Assetto Corsa for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will ever live up to the buzz surrounding it.

c1ebd777With the Assetto Corsa forums allowing registered Assetto Corsa owners on the PC to freely navigate the entire board and jump into conversations at their own discretion – without restricting individuals based on which version of the game they own – many Assetto Corsa fans playing the game on their elaborate PC setup can be seen openly venturing over to the console side of the board and openly mocking owners of the inferior console version for no justifiable reason. Aside from many little features and functionalities missing from the console renditions of Assetto Corsa, the core driving experience itself is just as serious as the PC offering, meaning those who have signed up for the official forums are just as passionate about the game as hardcore PC sim racers. It’s not like the console game features power-ups stolen from Mario Kart, and the ability to rewind time to correct major driving mistakes – it’s still a racing simulator, just not a very good or technically sound one. As a result, this makes any instance of PC owners attacking console owners for “playing on the wrong platform” quite silly in nature, and basically demonstrates the theory that Assetto Corsa fans feel strangely obligated to act as a rabid cult hell-bent on spreading the gospel of Kunos Simulazioni.

As we’ve discussed yesterday, the current issue plaguing the Xbox One version of Assetto Corsa – sent in by our boy Vernon S. via Reader Submission – is the widespread corruption of save data. Let’s be very clear here, save data corruption isn’t something that can be passed off as an objective complaint of varying importance from user to user – this is a base-level functionality problem with the software itself. In a modern video game centered around the art of driving cars around a track and refining them in the virtual garage area, having your custom setups wiped, your unique player settings corrupted, and your single player event progress undone virtually every time you exit the application, is a pretty big deal. This is the kind of base level functionality flaw that, upon implementing spreadsheet software with a similar issue in their store on a lazy Monday morning, would see CVS Pharmacies drop after roughly an hour’s use. There isn’t really any reason to just bend over and accept the same disruptive gremlins in a piece of entertainment.

Xbox One owners have been reporting this issue on the appropriate section of the forums since Assetto Corsa launched in August of 2016, but it still hasn’t been fixed or even directly addressed by 505 Games customer support reps, and Assetto Corsa enthusiasts on the Xbox One were extremely happy when we covered it here at, because we were literally the only outlet willing to acknowledge that yes, this is a problem. That alone speaks volumes; it’s pretty sad that customers are so frustrated with the quality of a product,  and fed up with silence from the developers, that they’re forced to contact a news blog in the hopes that someone will listen to them and feed them more than a generic “contact customer support” response, the same they’ve been receiving for around five months with no tangible improvement to the product itself.

Upon celebrating our article finally covering the save corruption problem on the Xbox One, like clockwork, PC owners of Assetto Corsa arrived to immediately scold the console gamers for being “entitled crybabies who enjoy hating on things” before stating “sometimes the adults need to get up and come over to the kid’s table to smack some manners” into them.

lol-at-prcThere is a fundamental problem with how Assetto Corsa operates as a piece of software, which currently leads to a situation where the application frequently wipes data off of the Xbox One’s hard drive, and PC owners of the game are basically laughing at the fact that Kunos Simulazioni sold a defective product to a portion of the game’s audience for no justifiable reason other than they’re playing the simulator on a different platform than their own. Rather than ponder what a major technical issue such as save data being obliterated at a moment’s notice could indicate about the work ethic and general competence of their favorite sim racing developers, PC owners are using this opportunity to flex their invisible muscles and bully other sim racers when the situation doesn’t even call for it in the first place.

go-play-forzaThis behavior isn’t just exhibited by one user in particular upset that his favorite driver wrecked out of the 24 Hours of Daytona prematurely and desperately needing to take out his anger on someone innocent, but a collection of individuals genuinely trying to chase out fellow virtual auto racing enthusiasts solely based on their platform of choice. Assetto Corsa forum user P73 can be seen above aggressively telling the original poster to “go play Forza Motorsport” if he feels “a few missing features” are ruining Assetto Corsa before labeling all console players as “spoiled brats” and “crying babies”, totally ignoring the initial complaint actually revolves around save data frequently being corrupted by the application itself.

Save data corruption is not a matter of personal preference; it’s the sign of a faulty product, plain and simple. Yet as you can clearly see above, you have examples of two individuals in one thread alone basically celebrating the fact that Kunos Simulazioni released a defective product for their customers on the Xbox One, and then attacking those who drew attention to the issue in the first place by claiming they’re throwing tantrums like spoiled brats. Yes, it’s unreasonable to ask a team of roughly seventeen people to include a four-digit car roster within their simulator, complimented with a comprehensive career mode that features official licenses from all major racing series around the globe. That’s ridiculous But on the other hand, it’s certainly not unreasonable, or “entitled” as some call it, to demand a product that retains your personal data from one session of gameplay to the next. This is like, basic software functionality.

generic-pc-autistAnd responses like these are why console owners have been openly asking Kunos Simulazioni to restrict who can access what areas of the forums for months on end – effectively preventing PC elitists from aggressively confronting frustrated console owners – but like the aforementioned save data bug, Kunos have not acted on what’s a very legitimate problem. And while owners of the console version are not permitted to enter PC-specific sections, PC owners are allowed to traverse the forum freely, indicating a very clear bias towards PC sim racers over their console brethren, who are every bit as entitled to a functional Assetto Corsa experience as PC owners. Instead, they aren’t even allowed to see what the PC version of the game entails, despite PC owners ruthlessly venturing into console specific threads and dismissing any valid criticism of the game.

please-helpI find this behavior absolutely appalling, and it’s part of the reason why both myself, as well as many outsiders, believe the Assetto Corsa fanbase – on the PC, at least – to operate in a cult-like manner. Here you have an entire group of people viciously going after fellow enthusiasts for merely experiencing a software defect, and basically celebrating the fact that Kunos released a product that destroys your own Xbox One hard drive data after a session of play solely because “lol you bought an Xbox.” Nevermind that these people may soon turn into talented virtual race car drivers themselves, or indulge in the hobby on a level similar to the passion PC sim racers exhibit in this hobby, Assetto Corsa fans don’t even try to hide the fact that they take pleasure in their favorite developer royally botching the release of their favorite game to an entirely new audience.

Not only are they stunting the growth of an otherwise extremely small genre by bullying those with legitimate complaints and chasing away individuals with genuine interest in the genre, they’re basically telling Kunos it’s perfectly fine to release a piece of software with obvious technical defects. I have to ask, what kind of precedent does this set? You’re indicating to a game developer backed by a major investment firm and publishing company that in a category of video games highlighted by precise attention to detail, that it’s totally okay for them to push out a product that damages a user’s files at random.

With this kind of apologetic attitude from their diehard fans even in the face of monumental software gremlins, what incentive would they have in the future to polish their product in the slightest?



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  1. Attention to major truth/scawen:



  2. All this PC vs console banter is so retarted as at the end of the day – regardless of your hardware choice – you’re just racing virtual cars on an electronic device.

    Just imagine what kind of Hell would break loose if the PC version suffered the same problems when saving data….

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    1. If the PC version had the same problem these people would find some way to justify that too, and say that people who complain are ungrateful and should be thankful that the great and holy Stefano has released anything to the unworthy public, broken or not. You have to remember how far up the ass of the devs some of these people are.

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  3. I totally agree with the opinion in your article. Pitiful behaviour. Considering the people who spout this bs have no clue what they’re talking about, doubly so. In my book, this is a very good article. Especially because it’s not covered by other outlets and also because you are being very fair in this one.

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    1. I haven’t read anything unfair on yet. James does a pretty good job laying the framework when he addresses certain aspects of any racing game he rants about. When it’s all said and done, we should never have to pay for a shitty, underdeveloped hot mess of a racing game, at least not full price. The fact that there are people who defend it in the face of “just being happy they developed anything at all”, you can gather the maturity level of whoever is saying it. It’s like paying for a car, only to find the brakes don’t work until after you’ve driven it, and then saying, I’m just happy to have the car, and roasting anyone who says “get your brakes fixed”

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      1. The difference between your car analogy and AC is that you put yourself in danger if you driving the car without brakes. If you gonna do car analogies at least do them good.


  4. While ever they have a lead developer talking to customers like shit in their own forum, the brown-nosers will follow suit. It gives them a sense of belonging and worth. When they finally do leave home in their 50s and appreciate the bigger world outside of their mum’s spare bedroom, they’ll probably realise and reflect on how cuntish they’ve been.


  5. There are minorities on both sides of the fence that that shout the loudest and spue excrement, out their mouths, all over the place just making the place smell bad for the rest of the community, spoiling it for everyone. Kind of like this site, always a bad realy stench.


          1. Gonna really have to do some creative editing to get that effect from the post. Best bet is remove the interview question and latter half of the response.


  6. Could be worse. You could end up on Youtube watching a stream for a real race such as the N24 with iRacing and pCARS fanboys arguing with each other about what the best simulation is, while the rest of the viewers are only there for the race and don’t care about what those wankers have to say.

    Funny thing is that it is neither. Long live rF1. Long live the King.

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  7. All these idiots like Fag Ranger have one thing in common: they treat being able to play the game as a privilege, turning customer-seller dynamics upside-down. They can’t understand how anyone could be so brazen as to DEMAND something from their lords at Kunos, even if it is basic functionality that has no excuse not being there at release. These rowdy console users have to be taken down a peg until they learn how things are supposed to work around there, i.e. you prostrate yourself before the masters and wait for them to graciously grant your request, carefully measuring your words to avoid angering them. Of course Stefano is only too happy to support this way of thinking, as we’ve seen many times in the past.

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  8. Funny story. A console player sent a ticket to costumer support to complain about the lack of customizable button layouts. Reply: not enough people want that feature.

    Reality: that’s the most requested feature after private lobbies.

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  9. There are loads of cross platform communications on all sorts of threads that are civil with folks helping each other . But on this site everything is negative. It seems if any folks that get rapped on the knuckles for being a douchebag come over here and try get sympathy. Quite entertaining.


    1. If that’s a fact then why not allow the console guys to post on the PC side? Should be a win win for everybody.

      But the agenda is visible from a mile away.


  10. It’s become clear to me that at this point, Kunos have created and fostered an environment surrounding their game that is at least as toxic, if not more toxic, than what Ian Bell had going around the disastrous launch of pCARS in 2015. Stefano is just an angry, thoroughly unpleasant person, and these bootlicker fanboys need to leave the basement because unless you’re like 10, arguing over PC vs console is really strange and embarrassing behavior. The game is broken, period. If you paid for it, you should get a functional product. No excuses. This attitude of “buying the game means I swore fealty to the developers and must defend their honor” is pathetic and needs to stop. They fucked up and need to hear about it.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. There are too many shagging the legs of the developers like horny dogs on heat. Unbeknown to them, their lord and master could potentially smack them around the head with an insult at any time, should they suddenly stop shagging or forget to bring his slippers.
      At the end of the day, the game is fucked. It’s not even a game really. It’s a “look at my anally retentive tyre simulation”. So far up its own arse that they actually thought it wouldn’t matter if there was piss-all to do once you’ve stopped gawping at the sound and physics.
      The career mode is crap. Online is crap. The only fun to be had is through racing against the AI, and even that’s shit, seeing as they are far too polite to overtake since the last patch.
      Still, not to worry, Porsche pack 3 is out soon. More cars with one choice of tyre compound, and no adjustable wings.
      Forza 4 was better than this half-assed turd, and that was 6 years ago.


      1. The sound in AC isn’t even good. These fuckers just barely figured out basics of the Fmod sound engine their using, and somehow with the high level equipment their using, their recordings still suck fuck. The fact that Fonsecker can get better sounds off of random Youtube videos should tell you something. The fact that he’s almost been banned should tell you something else.

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        1. Yeah, Kunos also do a fantastic job of ruining his and many others mods on almost every update on this super mod friendly (no mod forum) sim.


  11. Well, yesterday I said ‘the grass isn’t all that greener on the other side’, but considering that clear bias towards PC users having free roam, resulting in the behavior displayed, maybe it is – if only for those in Stefano’s little army who keep drinking the kool-aid, listening to his Guitar siren-song.

    Outside of it – “in the market” let’s say, AC is disappointing once you start looking past the hot-lapping and see it for what it really is. I shouldn’t be having more fun with rF1 & mods than RedBull’s 2016 “Game of the Year”.


    1. I got the Sim-Bin mega bundle on Steam Sale, even hotlapping in that is more fun than AC. The game runs stable, and the sounds actually work.
      On the plus side, the graphics are almost the same too.

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  12. stop giving Ass Corsa attention it doesn’t deserve, its a fucking shitty incomplete game, those fuckers born in 70s 60s and whenever are nothing but fucking shiteaters, they would buy everything they can get their hands on, even if its literally SHIT itself.


  13. There is a guy that has a youtube channel and posts setups for AC PS4. He started doing same for PC version of AC. A couple of days ago he posted his first AC PC public server online race.

    Last lap he gets side rammed by P2 when leading. Same $hit you see daily on PS4 version online.

    At least on PC there’s option for private lobbies which have yet to come to consoles.
    (I know, I know, they’re going QA on console next week)…
    …which means at least 6 weeks out with no idea of how they’ll be structured yet.

    Back on topic, same $hit goes on regardless of platform/monies spent. LOL.


    1. See youtube channel: thekie25, “ASSETTO CORSA MY FIRST PC ONLINE RACE”.
      (I posted link but it didn’t post with my comment above).


  14. It’s interesting to see them trolling console owners especially that first guy with the shit PC. I also loved how he posted the settings he runs the game at. 2xAA omg you hero.

    Consoles are where the money is. If PC sim racers ever want to receive a game that isn’t launched as a pile of shit full of bugs and made by developers who don’t give a shit then by all means continue to segregate yourselves into the microscopic market that is PC sim racing, a market where peripheral makers win the lottery and game developers just trudge through muck for no real payoff.

    If a game like AC was properly polished for release on console it would have had a chance to sell a great many copies. That in turn would help fund further development and allow the team making the game to get bigger which in turn means more content and less issues or issues that are fixed in days not weeks or months.

    The truth of the matter is despite gaming on PC being technically superior all the money is made from console game sales. Until a sim comes along that is as polished as Forza people won’t abandon Forza, that’s just life. Why stop playing a gorgeous game that runs at a locked 60fps, has tons of tracks, cars and options oh and doesn’t eat your save data or crash frequently.

    Project Cars is a perfect example of a game that had a chance to break through and had it been a booming success it could have been for the betterment of all PC racing sims. Unfortunately that job was given to Ian Bell and SMS. Then AC comes out and it’s even worse and still people wonder why 1 version of Forza will outsell every PC sim combined year after year.

    Indie studios have no business trying to build something as complex as a proper sim. Not enough money or talent to go around. That’s evident by most games running the same physics engine, a dated poorly written physics engine yet it’s fans herald it as THE engine of engines.

    Bespoke is something I hope we all know the definition of.


    1. “also loved how he posted the settings he runs the game at. 2xAA omg you hero.”
      I guess you dont know what 12xS + 2x SGSS is..


    2. Indies can make a sim fine, if they’d keep the scope reasonable instead of trying to make these sandbox all things to all people simulators. Keep it to one kind of car and one style of racing and it would be manageable, but they try to do everything with nothing.


      1. Exactly. They don’t even need to keep to a single style. If they are simulating weight, aerodynamic forces, friction (tires, suspension, humidity, air and track temp) etc etc then the simulation engine should be able to take data from any car and get close to accurate. The problem is they generally ignore more than 1.

        When modders can build a body and enter some numbers a complex simulation engine you do not have, what you have is an approximation engine.

        I’d LOVE to see a bunch of the small teams pool resources, maybe even do a Kickstarter and just build an engine. ISI is ancient and inaccurate, let that company reuse it if they like but anyone who isn’t them (or thieves like SMS) could make some real magic.

        Split the teams into different aspects of the simulation. For example have one team just work on air and moisture, have another work on engines and suspension. I’m not suggesting simulating whats happening in an engine I’m real time…We aren’t there yet BUT there should be a simulation run on the effects of air temp on the engines output. An actual simulation not changing power levels by entering a couple values in a box.

        You need a team just working on a tire model and a team to build working models (minus the physical motor) of the car. So a suspension system is built and simulated piece by piece and so on and so forth.

        When you have all these and more items being simulated legitimately you have a proper sim engine to build off.

        Take a year with all these teams working on these absurdly complex equations and a tool chain while artists design cars or tracks.

        You can add depth to the simulation by simulating real world things as time goes on. 2 years in you should have a fairly solid engine minus good AI as well as some cars and tracks to release into early access.

        Lastly min system specs should be able to run it at 1080 maxed out with a min refresh of the visuals at 60hz and a physics engine running at a minimum of 300hz. So that’s visuals updating at a min of every 16ms and physics every 3.333ms.

        Insurance companies have simulation systems like these. They gather wind speed, air pressure, an estimation of tire quality or actual measurements if they still exist information from the cars computer then they run the simulation placing the cars where people say they were then they run it again backwards using satellite data and it stimulates in reverse exactly what happened.

        These simulators cost around 130 million in r&d and coding plus extra for support and additional potential scenarios about a decade ago.

        It can be done today…The only thing holding it back is how much money there is to be made in the PC hardcore space. Plus console owners who play with high end wheel setups.

        The money is there…The players are there. Someone just needs to build it.


  15. These PC Master Race types are out of control.

    I mean, I can understand a bit of elitism among owners of things like yachts, exotic cars and Slavic supermodels.

    But among owners of…Computers? This is really quite amusing.

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      1. I love how what sounds like a really quite legitimate complaint/bug report about the game corrupting saves gets labeled as “stirring shit up”.

        The forum attitude is:

        “You’re not a consumer who bought a product. You’re either a Convert or a Heretic. And we burn heretics around here.”

        As if AC were some kind of religious belief, to be taken on faith and faith alone. So, dissent isn’t merely dissent. It’s fucking betrayal. Heresy. You called my mom a whore.

        That kinda thing.

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        1. I love how PRC is going full propaganda these days… send in an agitator to stir shit up, keep escalating until someone hits back, then go crying “he hit me!” as if it was a completely unexpected outcome, just like that idiot Nazi Spencer.

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    1. From that thread:

      “But since it seems you already have a PC with which to play this game, why don’t you just stick to it and stop your attempts at ‘improving’ console?”

      Quote of the fucking year right here

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  16. Look this mentality will continue for as long as we are here on this earth (unfortunately ) !

    Some people are amusing in a not so funny way , what ever they own all be it a pc or console , they think that item is the one everyone should be using and they seem to want to share that thought with the world and once a person disagrees “its on” .

    As far as Kunos & SMS are concerned they have both managed to produce messy unrefined products that say on console have a problem and the PC they don’t in some cases , I have seen umpteen disagreements/ arguments saying I have this problem and someone else saying I have never experienced this problem ever you Wanker !…….. shit like that.

    At the end of the day I believe everyone (in sim racing communities) are frustrated as fuck ! Waiting for a racing simulator that stimulates our brains with some excitement .

    They cannot produce the same old lap simulators year after year , for fuck sake ! 🙂

    Now I’m angry , I’m leaving assholes 🙂


  17. First of all, James, or whatever TF you’re called can you get off yet ass and install some kind of tool to get rid of all the LFS, racist and homophobic nonsense being posted here. Unless you think it sort of funny? And why on your home page is there not just a post title, preview and click to read more? It’s a f!cking blog, fix it. One of your writers made references to big things coming to PRC a while back, he didn’t want to reveal what it was, what is it perhaps a spam filter..?

    Honestly screw Assetto Corsa. Stephanie or whatever the hell his name is, playing his guitar on Twitch on a Sunday, I actually thought the guy was decent, and then he verbally rapes the Norwegian driver, who actually knows something, when he asks a valid question.

    There are multiple channels on YouTube that seem to focus primarily on AC on PC, I just don’t get. Some dude, calls himself “Extra Mile” has an Accuforce direct drive based rig and mainly hotlaps on the Nordschleife in AC..?

    I bought AC during Steam EA, and I bought some of the DLC but I’ve never ‘clicked’ with the title, I don’t really know why. I can spend hours in R3E or rF2 but not AC. At one point I said to myself, okay I’ll try it now, heck I bought DLC, I tried the career mode, got as far as Lotus I think and gave up. I’m not criticising the game, it has its fans and they’re happy with it and now with the buy out I hope it will continue..

    Will people just leave people alone? If I buy on PC or console my money is just as valid and there should not be bugs of any kind. Do DiRT Rally PC guys piss all over their console bretheren over on a Codemasters forum? I expect and hope not.

    Look at DiRT 4. They learned what works on each platform identified the user types (gamepad, wheel, VR etc) and will I hope endeavor to include features to cater to all in June. That’s what game and software development is about. GRiD 2, Autosport and F1 15 were turds I know so Codies are no angels either but perhaps they learn from mistakes. Now there’s an idea…

    And finally regardless of what Ferrari or Porsche deals they do I’ve heard it time and time again, the road cars in AC are better than the race cars. And that the Japanese pack is superior.. There is something to that. And it is in no way the best at anything and PC player trolling and being permitted to troll valid console complaints on the official forums is sign that something is seriously wrong…


  18. Having fun bashing the game, devs, and the community? Good to know. Do you also react the same way with your own flaws and failed goals? Or do you try to motivate yourself and take the support from your peers? Therefore I don’t understand this hostility every time something isn’t working or missing in the game. Do you bash your friends or support them when they failed in something?


    1. The hostility is due to a lack of response to these issues, and general nonchalance or outright hostility towards their solution. If I trusted a friend to do something and they didn’t and then all their friends laughed at me for trusting them, I’d sure as hell call them out for it.

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    2. Sorry to say but a lot of the negativity surrounding this game originates with the devs and the community, who think that legitimate criticism is some kind of heinous affront. I’m not saying there isn’t excessive negativity on this and other sites as well, but perhaps Kunos and the forum community should take a step back and look at how they treat others.

      The game has problems that honestly should have been addressed by now. It’s obvious Kunos overextended themselves and now has to deal with the consequences, namely the fact that there are people who paid for AC expecting certain things to function properly, and they don’t. Are those people who are disappointed supposed to be happy about this situation? Are they supposed to support developers who respond with hostility and derision when problems are pointed out? Is that what you’re saying?

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      1. Actually a lot of the negativity originates from some of the users that are too impatient and demanding. There is good criticism and feedback, then there’s one done in a bad way. So devs sometimes also answer in a not nice way, they don’t do it just out of nothing. Think about it.

        Ok, you are disappointed, what now? Lets riot?!


          1. No they wouldn’t. People bitch about free or paid. But they do games just for money? I think that devs who are doing simulation games are in it for more than just money, especially when sim racing games aren’t a wealthy industry. The wealthy industry of simulation is exactly the non-game software.


  19. I pirated this game the other day, spongey, simcade, cars drive super boring, tires feel like ballons, a.i. worse of all games on the market. Don’t you dare pass the leader cause they go into grandma mode. Needs a lot more work. I really wanted to like it, but somethings missing. Brakes are numb, acceleration numb, uninstalled.


      1. Ha, not an expert, just my opinion. I think because ac doesn’t give any feedback off the rear tires, although that’s correct, I find that at the end of the day, that’s what makes ac boring.


        1. Unfortunately, I’m starting to come to the same conclusion. I play AC less and less. Right now, I’m captivated by R3E’s FFB, tire behavior and fairly good offline racing (GTO and FR2 series). Next up is to try that new 911 in iRacing (yet another one month membership!).

          The tires in AC feel like hard urethane or something. It just does not feel like what a real car feels like. I’m using a TX wheel (i.e. $500 pretty good hardware) and comparing it to 30 years of pro-am experience.


        2. What you just said is that you prefer simcades where the FFB is faked to make it more fun.

          Which is totally fine. As long as you own it.


  20. “to operate in a cult-like manner. Here you have an entire group of people viciously going after fellow enthusiasts for merely experiencing a software defect”

    Did you just describe PRC, fam?


    1. I’d say it’s 50/50 among the people who post here between those who would buy Austin a beer and those would rather piss in it.


    2. This is a blog about simracing. No one paid $59.99 to be here.

      There’s a big difference between people yelling at each other here vs paying customers asking (repeatedly) to get a major bug fixed – and then getting shouted down my PC Master Race trolls for daring to do so.

      This article’s best point is that we PC users need the console users a lot more than they need us. If fans really care about the AC franchise, they should be supporting and encouraging console users, not ruthlessly mocking them whenever they encounter a problem.

      Going a step further, that behavior is embarrassing and makes me want to conceal the fact that I’m primarily a PC gamer, because it implies that I’m some kind of freak that lives with mom at age 45, watching Pornhub all night and drawing Disability while I take to the Internet each day to remind random strangers how I’m better than they are – Because I game on a mid-range PC that costs (way) less than a year of car insurance.


      1. >I’m some kind of freak that lives with mom at age 45, watching Pornhub all night and drawing Disability while I take to the Internet each day to remind random strangers how I’m better than they are

        That’s exactly how I picture you


      2. You’re telling us that all the PC users are not giving the console users a chance? Is great how this blog taught you the mentality of “a couple of guys = everyone”.


        1. You see it a lot.

          The term “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” was first used by writer Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw in 2008, in the online gaming magazine The Escapist in which he video-reviewed the role-playing game The Witcher. Croshaw explained that his initial intent in referencing Nazi Germany’s master race ideology when he coined the term was to poke fun at an elitist attitude he perceived among some PC gamers at the time of the game’s release:

          “It was intended to be ironic, to illustrate what I perceived at the time to be an elitist attitude among a certain kind of PC gamer. People who invest in expensive gaming PCs and continually spend money to make sure the tech in their brightly-lit tower cases is up to date. Who actually prefer games that are temperamental to get running and that have complicated keyboard interfaces, just because it discourages new or ‘casual’ players who will in some way taint the entire community with their presence. I meant it as a dig.”

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  21. Didn´t recon before that the PC in PRC stands for politically correct. Its nice you´re getting on the Jesus side of things, poor people they are threaten so badly, i am so glad Jesus jumps in like a true hero to help the poor betrayal suffering console people and points out such unjust behaviour. Its time to love each other and pay a prayer of penitence for our forum sins, thanks Jesus you´re the best drug i ever had, show us the truth give us real simulator behaviour and anus feedback.


      1. That PRC is striving for Politically Correct sim racing community when they are the first to stir shit up in the community by making something bigger than it actually is, with the excuse of “we’re trying to save sim racing”.


  22. it takes a special kind of person to make a huge “NOBBY 76” picture and put it in a signature. don’t these guys get that their photoshopped “humantoilet69” nicknames just look silly?


  23. You should know the thread was already closed by Kunos staff. Reason:

    “Every time there’s PRC in a discussion, a thread dies.”

    With 8 brown nose likes underneath to complete the cringe.

    You hit a nerve again Austin! Well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is more like they struck a nerve on you after the thread close down. The fact that you needed to come here to prc to inform your master tells how affected you are by whatever Kunos does and whatever happens in the AC forum.

      Let me quote “Nobody listens to reason” guy from below:

      “sadly he built himself a little world where he does his best to surround himself with likeminded people.

      It’s ridiculously toxic.”

      This fits perfect on James and this blog? 🙂


  24. Stefano is a very disrespectful individual with no emotional intelligence. It’s baffling he believes he can behave as he does with anyone, sadly he built himself a little world where he does his best to surround himself with likeminded people.

    It’s ridiculously toxic. And above all it’s not like his game is a godsend either.


  25. All this ridiculous moaning about AC and Kunos and what would be Sim-Racing without them? Project Cars is Simcade at it´s best, AMS is great, but not looking like that and little real cars like rF2. Raceroom is nice, but not on par and no street cars. And there´s iceRacing for the price of a real car.


      1. I had countless good online-races in AC. The net-code is so stable and no cars disappearing like in iRacing. Or just driving Nordschleife Tourist on the Servers is lots of fun for that money.


    1. Why. Just saw some AC-console-videos and apart from the not perfect FPS it´s more than okay. Maybe i would not have switched to PC with this possibilities today. I´m glad i did, but at that time there was only Forza or PC as alternative and Forza is just total crap. That´s not even SimCase, it´s just fake-driving.


  26. This place is very much needed , the more games that come out the more it is required.

    With regards to ps4 and xbox one , these developers making these games are churning out broken products , I myself was looking forward to project cars on ps4 only to have it corrupt saves several times , black screens , blue screens the list goes on and on .

    As for Assetto I’ts farkn boring , the AI is completely shit! So that’s half the game gone , online is a waste of time without private lobbies and no point in hot lapping as there isn’t even a leader board . (forza has had that since day one)

    These guys are going backwards in regards to what they are pushing out , its half assed , unfinished shit!

    The more sim racing titles I see the worse it gets !

    Like it or not consoles are not going anywhere and they are now truly part of sim racing with wheel peripheral support / game support and so on .

    We need someplace to voice opinions all be it good/bad or otherwise without being punted from a forum for asking when is this going to be fixed or when the fuck are the flag rules going to work .

    I don’t agree or like everything I see here but that is no different when a read the paper or visit any other forum.

    Good day gentlemen.

    Liked by 1 person

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