Huis Hits the Track!

16422601_1355765794446607_2300918519670998168_oEven though last month’s million dollar Visa Vegas eRace will go down in history as a disastrous one-off event most sim racers would like to forget – painting our favorite line of games out to be visually stunted pieces of unexciting technology – not everyone has come away from the experience believing CloudSport and Formula E conducted a gigantic waste of time and resources. After dominating a large portion of the final race, losing the lead to teammate Oli Pahkala thanks to a poorly constructed mod allowing for six whole laps of the controversial fanboost component, and the FIA awkwardly adjusting the race results after the official trophy celebration had concluded, Team Redline competitor Bono Huis came away from Las Vegas, Nevada with much more than just $200,000 USD in spending money.

Images uploaded today on Team Redline’s official Facebook page have revealed Huis recently completed a private test session in Spain with Formula E team Faraday Future Dragon Racing. Say what you will about Formula E as a series; this guy was allowed to take unrestricted laps in a top level race car all thanks to his accomplishments in a racing simulator. And that’s pretty cool.

16462991_1355765864446600_143863361741151827_oHowever, it’s admittedly very familiar territory for Team Redline, as this isn’t the first time a member of the world’s top sim racing team has been invited to test a real race car thanks to their proficiency on a modern simulator. Greger Huttu’s dominance in any simulator he touched throughout the mid-2000’s landed him a Star Mazda series test session at Road Atlanta while flying under the iRacing promotional banner, though his unfamiliarity with G-Force loads generated in such an agile open wheel race car caused him to lose his lunch after a mere handful of laps. Obviously, Bono would be looking to improve on that kind of performance, especially with a significantly higher caliber team looking on.

Unfortunately, at the moment I’m unable to find any tangible feedback on how Huis performed during the test session at the Calafat circuit in Tarragona, Spain. While any sim racer going out and turning laps in a real car will obviously warrant a miniature celebration within the community, even more important is how well the virtual rendition of the car prepared them for the real thing. After all, this is the entire purpose of a racing simulator. If a sim racer who went out and decimated the entire field in an event conducted by Formula E can’t hold his own in the real deal, it sort of shits on everything the FIA and Formula E were trying to build with their push to make sim racing a stepping stone of sorts for the actual series.

16463331_1355765927779927_7120777234278788704_oWith how much money Visa and the FIA pumped into the Visa Vegas eRace production, I’m sure it’s reasonable to expect that a documentary chronicling Bono’s path to sim racing stardom will surface in the next couple of months – and only then will we find out how much truly did transfer over from the simulator. And with the inevitable short film surrounding the event and subsequent test session undoubtedly in the pipeline, I hope there is a very concrete effort made on part of the directors to discourage certain sim racers from living in a fantasy world, utterly convinced if they sit around and play video games, semi-professional teams will shower them with rookie contracts.

Yesterday evening we ran a somewhat lengthy article profiling sim racing Twitch personality JJacoby88, who has become almost a poster-child of sorts for delusional iRacing members convinced there are top level motorsports scouts privately spectating key races on the service. The pie-in-the-sky fantasies of these people are fueled partially by quasi-promotional endeavors such as GT Academy or the Visa Vegas eRace, and never has a director of the accompanying television footage created to document them made it explicitly clear that these were the absolute best of the best earning a very special opportunity unique to their specific situation; there was a major learning process involved, and not always did they produce results on the race track. It’s certainly not a motorized version of American Idol by any means, and I’m genuinely hopeful that when Formula E upload Bono’s path to the track, it’s not treated as such.

For now, however, a talented member of the sim racing community got to wheel a Formula E ride. would like to congratulate Bono Huis on his test session with Faraday Future Dragon Racing; we hope you drove your fucking ass off!



37 thoughts on “Huis Hits the Track!

  1. So in the previous article, a guy gets slated for trying to get a real drive following his sim racing exploits.
    In this article a guy gets high fived for getting a real drive following his sim racing exploits.
    It’s like you’ve forgotten exactly why you’re angry.


    1. It’s almost like one person actually had talent in sim racing, and managed to win $200,000 USD from an international competition put on by Formula E against the best of the best to turn laps a real car…

      …whereas the other guy is an average driver in just one simulator, while barely having a fanbase even worth mentioning to marketing (sponsors really care about marketing reach in 2017), and just wants a full-time ride because it’s his dream.

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      1. He likely has Aspergers you prick. The disorder is often linked with restricted and intense repetitive patterns of behavior and interests, while still being able to function like a normal adult. Your ignorance on the matter are extremely distasteful.

        Your smear campaign against this guy who has done absolutely nothing that effects your life is disgusting.


        1. First off, it’s “you’re” not “your” and “affects” not “effects.” So I don’t know who you are calling ignorant. Second, I don’t see a “smear campaign,” it’s two articles. Third, as was pointed out in said articles, much of the blame lies with the parents and the iRacing community who have led this clearly disabled young man to make what are likely ruinous financial choices in pursuit of what? Steering some pixels around on a computer screen. You think that’s ok?

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            1. Even if either angle is right – Aspergers or financial ruin – it’s punching down. There are real jerks on iRacing et al who never learned – but desperately need to be taught – what it’s like to get hit in the face. Jacoby isn’t one of them.


            1. Ah the classic grammar Nazi who tries to discredit someone by pointing out poor grammar only to have it blow up in their face. Well done.

              Who cares what someone does financially with their life? If it gets paid off and hes happy with what hes doing, who the fuck are we to judge?


        2. I have Aspergers and I don’t use payday loans and money I don’t have as a reason to build something I can’t afford,

          Autism and Aspergers is not a reason to be allowed to act however you want and place yourself in situations you can’t get out of by yourself.

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      2. You can get into racing because you happened to be

        1. A model
        2. A soapstar
        3. A cyclist

        Yet being a sim racer having a dream is a bit of a stretch? At least sim racers have some assemblance of vehicle dynamic knowledge. In fact there are PLENTY of real racers who put out sponsorship proposals with even LESS reach. Sure this Jason kid is a bit of a dreamer… but welcome to motorsport, this is how it is.


        1. In comparison to those 3 professions you mentioned above, a simracer has, at the very best, maybe 0.1% of the outreach of that of a “celebrity”. Not a single company cares if someone is the best on a racing simulator and *might* be able to translate that into real life racing, what they care about is having their brand associated with a person that has millions of followers (Patrick Dempsey for example). Their actual racing skill is only secondary. Why do you think so many paydrivers make it into F1? Not because they are actually the fastest, but because they were clever enough to string together a sponsorship package with companies that believe that these people increase their company’s value by plastering stickers on a race car.

          Of course a simracer can have a dream, but loaning 12 (or even more) paychecks to build a replica NASCAR cockpit while being a slightly-above-average driver in a racing game and thinking even a single company will contact him upon seeing it (which they never will) kind of deserves to be ridiculed, if not that then at the very least be heavily criticized. If I could go back to before I started to get into racing, I’d probably tell myself too to invest the ~$60k I spent in something else, because nothing came of it even though I was actually fast enough at the time to go against the pros.


          1. “kind of deserves to be ridiculed”

            This is the problem with society in respect of the attitude towards others.

            Do you listen to yourself Sev, or James completely brainwashed you already?


  2. Sim racers don’t have exclusivity on delusion…. I have lost count how many karting parents have sunk houses into getting their kid racing with the hope of ‘making it’

    Sim racing, is offering drivers oppurtunities they would not get….. unless they were willing to invest over 100k (and thats a conservative figure) otherwise.

    I have seen with my own eyes a driver paying to test a Aston GT4, go faster than anyone, and nothing coming of it. Real motorsport actively works against ‘talent’. at least we can mildly happy some kid who isnt the son of a millionaire gets to test a race car.

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  3. What happens when a person who is , say 120kg wins one of these competition’s and he can not fit in the car ………….. Odds are it is going to happen at some point .

    This is nothing against people who are large , autistic , racist , abusive , delusional , nazis , padawans , Aspergers and angry .


    1. Yeah, and it’d be hard to get out of it by making a clause saying fat people can’t win get a seat. Special snow flakes would complain. Cause obviously allowing what is physically impossible makes sense since “everyone is equal”.

      Well, I guess they could throw such a person in a NASCAR.


    2. I’ve entered a national sim racing competition where the finalists get to drive race cars and they do actually have weight and height restrictions for this very reason (on the entry form it says competitors must be under 18 stone / 115 kg and between 5′ – 6’4″ / 153cm – 193cm)

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  4. Kondor, how do you medically analyze a person who writes bashing articles about others who didn’t do any harm to the author but they are getting bashed because the author doesn’t agree with their way of life.


    1. Doesn’t matter, he won a lot of money on a formula e sim racing championship, therefore he deserves a positive article. Everyone else deserves a negative article because they aren’t successful to james standards, or don’t do things how james want things to happen. Basically, sim racing is at james mercy. You’re a little shit, you will be labeled delusional. You won a lot of money in sim racing with some toy wheels, you’re a hero to sim racing. So james, where is that pretend race cars argument? Ah I get it, when winning money is involved you forget. Just like how others paid you money to advertise and put a good word for them.


      1. Thanks for missing the point completely. I know Bono won the E-race and yadda yadda yadda. I was just genuinely curious.

        So let me repeat my question: Does anyone know if Bono Huis had any profound real-life track experience before his Formula E drive, e.g. going karting on a regular basis?


  5. A lot of whiners are complaining about the tire sounds in Project CARS 2, but I find them brilliant, because they truly help you know the limits and adjust your driving.


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