Information on Project CARS 2 They AREN’T Sharing

pconly-jpgWhile the usual list of sim racing outlets are adhering to a strict collection of officially released media from Slightly Mad Studios when it comes to covering their upcoming racing simulator, Project CARS 2, hardcore sim racers found deep within the semi-private forums of both Kunos Simulazioni and Sector 3 Studios are sharing an abundance of yet-to-be-revealed information with fellow community members about the title. Dancing carefully around treacherous non-disclosure agreements and other unmentioned contractual obligations, rogue virtual auto racing enthusiasts are doing their best to bring unbiased info about the simulator to an audience who will not fall for vanilla marketing tactics accompanied by generic promotional material.

And that means it’s our turn to shine a spotlight on these revelations. Images of the built-in online league functionality found inside the online portion of Project CARS 2 have surfaced on the official Assetto Corsa forum of all places, indicating sim racers should expect a very streamlined experience that will see the software itself handle the heavy lifting of running an online league – a fantastic change in pace compared to how previous simulators traditionally required the work of a few dedicated individuals just to open a private lobby for the series itself. All of the inane, time-consuming bullshit of running a private rFactor or Automobilista league will now be contained completely within the application itself in a very Madden or FIFA-like sub-menu, allowing users to focus primarily on the racing element while the game handles the important bits automatically.

As someone who has spent several years running in private leagues on a number of different isiMotor platforms, the biggest hurdle for any new sim racer to overcome is simply learning how the process of joining an online league works; from registering for obscure message boards and ensuring you’re on the entry list, to downloading several tracks, making sure you have the most recent livery pack, and tracking race-by-race statistics in an external spreadsheet that doesn’t always get updated until a league administrator sets aside the free time to do so, it’s all a bit overwhelming unless you’re absolutely dedicated to the hobby of sim racing.

Slightly Mad Studios have set out to exponentially speed up this process, and it’s very important to give credit where credit is due – this looks phenomenal. Now the only thing required to start a series will be to merely advertise your league on places like Reddit and 4Chan, instead of sitting down and basically building a private community from the ground up, full of individuals dedicated to tracking stats, paying for servers, organizing a livery pack, and all of the external bullshit modern simulators are traditionally known for.

oc-admina_origHowever, none of this matters if the on-track experience isn’t up to par with the rest of the game built around it, and Sector 3 Studios forum member sbtm has answered several questions regarding the actual driving portion of Project CARS 2 for his RaceRoom Racing Experience comrades. His feedback on the simulator is brutally honest, but what may come as a surprise to those who are vehemently against the work of Slightly Mad Studios, is that not everything sbtm has to say about Project CARS 2 is negative. The user notes the Force Feedback menu has been greatly simplified from it’s disastrous first rendition, and on cars deemed to be nearly complete by the team at Slightly Mad Studios in private WMD contributor builds, it’s an entirely different game compared to the original Project CARS – which was blasted by the hardcore community upon its release in 2015 for a very confusing and unpredictable set of physics.

However, there are still some obvious warts given the game is still far from release, as the artificial intelligence are deemed to be “very reckless”, and the vehicles seemingly gluing themselves together upon contact – a problem dating back to the team’s 2009 release with Need for Speed: Shift – is still present. While some of these problems can easily be written off as understandable niggles that will undoubtedly arise during development, the length of their existence draws into question if they’ll ever be fixed in time for the release of Project CARS 2.

pcars-1After further inquiry, sbtm then goes on to describe how he was genuinely surprised (in a good way) by both the driving model and force feedback effects, instructing readers to “forget Project CARS 1”, as the second iteration of the series drives like an entirely new simulator, believing it to be on par with Assetto Corsa and RaceRoom Racing Experience in what the on-track experience offers the end user. Yet while he’s quick to praise the title for its strengths, he believes the team at Slightly Mad Studios still have a monumental amount of polishing to do before release, as certain elements of the title feel vastly unfinished compared to others. Upon release of the first game in the franchise, many sim racers noted that Project CARS as a retail product felt like it could have used a bit more time in development, so it appears Slightly Mad Studios – at least to our eyes – have once again built a game with so much content, there’s just too much of it to keep to a uniform standard.

pcars-2For the oval racing fans among us – a big topic of discussion considering oval racing was intentionally left out of the first game due to the inability for Slightly Mad Studios to make the AI drivers perform in an acceptable manner – there is indeed oval racing within Project CARS 2, though sbtm describes it as “a minimal amount to satisfy the needs of North American buyers”, so by this I assume we’re looking at just two or three oval circuits on the roster. Ice racing, which has been heavily advertised in initial previews filmed at the Mercedes-Benz press event, is said to be a gimmick, with sbtm saying the game is so incomprehensibly big and tries to include so many different cars, he doesn’t believe it’ll feel like a cohesive product in the end.

ovalsI won’t analyze all of his comments, you’re obviously free to develop your own conclusions from the posts I’ve taken screenshots of, but it appears there are genuine reasons to be cautiously optimistic about Project CARS 2. Boasting an objectively superior driving model, dynamic weather & track surface elements seen in other simulators, a significantly larger roster of content, and built-in league support, it seems as if Slightly Mad Studios have simply tried to build the rFactor 2 that everybody wanted, but Image Space Incorporated and Studio 397 failed to deliver. However, at this point in time, subtle bugs and grievances that have been a stable of products released by Slightly Mad Studios dating back to their days spent working with Electronic Arts on a pair of Need for Speed games also seem to be prevalent, so as a sim racer, it’ll probably boil down to how much you’re willing to put up with.


121 thoughts on “Information on Project CARS 2 They AREN’T Sharing

    1. Did you miss this?

      Project CARS 2 – Ian Bell has provided Severin Austerschmidt with free entry into the WMD program currently conducted by Slightly Mad Studios for Project CARS 2.


  1. Hi,
    I just had a quick view on your article.
    It’s true, I’m pleased with many things now.
    And it’s obvious that they still have lot to do. It’s still minimum 8 months to release, so a game nearly finished so early would be strange.

    And since the actual NDA says you can talk about features like FFB, livetrack, sound etc (but not major content, and the wookie allowed it) I thought I could share a little harmless information for interested fellow simracers.
    Most things were already said in the GTP QnA anyway.

    Didn’t Sev already tell you some of the stuff?

    I’m not a race driver or handling expert by any means, but at the moment I’m happy how the game evolves, although I don’t agree with all of its content. But that’s just my personal preference.

    In the end everybody has to decide for themselves if they like their new approach or not.

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    1. Hey mate i wanted to know more about live track , will it be more advanced than rfactor 2? and will there be proper water simulation on the track?


        1. rfactor 2 live track has track rubbering in and drying line. and there is more grip on the racing line cause that is where the rubber is. there are also marbles where the cars dont go. Do you mind explaining pcars 2 live track 3.0? if you cant explain it due to NDA i totally understand


          1. Its massively more

            Puddles are forming in real time and the tracks have working draining systems.
            It goes sofar that you could drive water from 1 puddle into the next one.

            Grass transform into mud when it gets wet.
            You can carry dirt, sand, mud onto the track and it affects driving.
            Proper aquaplaning on puddles. Proper drying line. Proper rubbering in (you can even draw your name with it :P).
            Proper track temperatures -, that goes sofar that shadow affects it and makes track cooler in that place.

            Something never been done on such a scale in a sim.
            And its already working in the dev. build atm (nearly every aspect of it).

            The remaining question how good it will be synced in Multiplayer. And they still need to balance some of the things.


            1. Sofar, noun: a system in which the sound waves from an underwater explosion are detected and located by three or more listening stations, useful in determining the position at sea of survivors of a disaster.

              So far is the phrase you want.


      1. Yes. They sound nice but they drive like vehicles for rich pensioners. The only reason GT3 is popular in sims is because 99.9% of simracers are too incompetent to drive anything that’s actually challenging.


        1. >guy talks about sounds
          >you ask if hell can break loose in regards to sounds
          >yes it can
          nice goalpoast shifting, my friend

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  2. Too good to be true is I guess the underlying feeling. They seem to be doing everything right but it must be an imence task to get all those things working together in a game.
    Anyway surely Sev can gives us a bit of insider info? That guy on r3e seems to think it’s ok as long as cars and track names arn’t mentioned.


    1. Well, sharing pics and videos is strictly prohibited. And sharing manufacturers information etc also. But talking about physics, FFB, and other improvements is ok. But I think sometimes I dived too much into details after rereading it. I should stay with smaller info bits. Jesus.. I can already feel the ban hammer falling down on me in WMD forum for stretching it too much. 😀

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    2. For Sev to write insider info, we would have to ask permission from SMS and get someone like Ian to review every single sentence just to publish an “early pCars 2 preview” that everyone would call us shills for anyways and completely disregard before accusing us of accepting bribes and the whole thing descending into a shitstorm within 24 hours, if not less.

      If that’s what you want, I can obviously pull some strings and make it happen, but it’s a total pain in the ass considering actual NDA’s are involved and we have to work around them.


  3. Project CARS was completely and thoroughly ‘meh’ in my book. Also, I feel the viral marketing that came along with the game was pretty gross.

    That said, if PCARS2 delivers a solid sim experience, I will buy it and race the shit out of it. No grudges here (and I think the bulk of sim racers are with me).

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  4. Road cars can give quite intense races. It’s always about match the cars with the track. Stick shift is really fun!

    About the FFB, when you have a look at the custom settings, do all wheels model come with the same settings? or they change from wheel make to another?

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  5. After the disaster of the first game, and the unacceptable behavior of Ian Bell, this sequel must be judged with the highest scrutiny. “Cautiously optimistic” based on the opinions of one forum poster is not good enough. We can’t just forget what happened with the first game.


      1. Everything outside the norm is unacceptable. I say fuck that.

        You know what is hypocrisy? People making so much drama when “unacceptable” behavior comes from people in focus and no one really cares about that kind of behavior from ordinary people in the community, or especially when themselves are doing it.

        People are too controlling of others and get too much offended and too often when the others are individuals who escape from the control of the norm. Because if your behavior is not the expected standard, those “pure people” will fall on you, since they were also taught to be in the norm, so they can’t accept when others aren’t but themselves have to be.
        They feel their only option in this situation is to oppress the behavior by saying is unacceptable since they feel trapped in the norm, which makes them think everyone must obey it, because is the norm to obey the norm.


        1. So I don’t see how it’s hypocrisy if I say that Ian Bell threw temper tantrums and just generally didn’t handle PR very well, if I’ve never treated anyone in this community that way. I also wouldn’t consider that kind of behavior acceptable if an “ordinary person” in the community started berating others in the same way. It would seem, then, that my views on the issue are pretty consistent.

          As far as your strange ramblings about societal norms and social control, I have no idea what you’re talking about there. It sounds like you just want an excuse to be a dick (which would also excuse your friend Ian’s behavior) to people without “societal norms” getting in the way. I can only imagine that you’re a WMD shill who isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is.


          1. Basically people can’t really be free in the way they want to interact and express their discontentment with things they don’t agree with.


      2. Frankly I can’t give you citations because I’m too busy being a productive member of society this morning to go and do a research project about a video game, but you know what I’m talking about. Temper tantrums on the forum around the time of pCARS release that were not becoming of a head of a studio. There’s numerous articles on this blog about those antics…


        1. Lol I am being a productive member of society whilst shit posting on a “sim racing” blog. Good to know, fuck striving for anything more.


        2. Weak reply in my opinion, give me some links and context?? Did I ask ongoing and disruptive members of the forum to leave? Yes. I think James may have conflated normal moderation with a ‘temper tantrum’. I can assure you, it takes a lot more than a repetitive forum troll to cause me to have a ‘tantrum’… I’m a very laid back guy. But I’ll call a spade a spade and meet like with like. I won’t be a corporate automaton spewing out corporate platitudes and if that doesn’t fit in your world view then feel free to ignore me.


          1. I think you’re right in cutting through people’s bullshit and not caring about politically correctness. Unfortunately you’re an easy target because you’re a person in focus. So what in your mind seems a right procedure in dealing with people it will actually look 10x the wrong attitude.


          2. Not really. You banned plenty of people that complained about the ridiculous quality of the shit your released in a polite way, you handed out warnings for bullshit when you got spanked in discussions. You banned links to websites critical of your game -including this blog you bought out now-. You had Stephano like meltdowns. You showed you didn´t have a clue about the fine detail of your own game many times.

            People don´t give you shit for being honest and saying what´s in your head. You get shit because you behaved like a cunt. We don´t condone dickheads just because they´re genuine dickheads.


            1. Not once did that happen. Repeated and continued complaining on the same acknowledged topic yes. It’s written in our forum rules and the moderation team do a very good job of administering the rules. Now, I can’t say I’ve never behaved like the fine words you’re using but never on the forum. Again, give me links and context or you’re just being a keyboard warrior.


            2. No idea why people keep lying about stuff like this. You do realize that you are completely making shit up? ALL of the bans that happened were more than deserved.


              1. It was not only Ian Bell. Also “He is a doctor!” stephen baysted called me an arsehole, and Andy Garton were massive cunts on the forum always guarded by that backstabber Remco who “moderated” any valid criticism. I can confirm that several users were banned after stating criticism about the physics, audio and FFB. None of them was offensive yet they were banned and criticism deleted.


  6. I don’t think any will forget the first game for one reason or another .

    Things seem to be looking up for the second title but as you say “cautiously optimistic” is a nice way to put it.

    Its looks asif SMS are trying to cater for the sim racing community on this one , it is still very worrying that the AI is a little crazy and the sticky cars are still there ” I was positive I had heard that was fixed” ?

    Anyway Its a log way of , I will be enjoying WRC 6 “would have to be good” its unlikely , dirt4 , f1 2017 , gran turismo sport “maybe” prior to this coming out.

    Have a good day gentlemen .Fingers crossed for this title to impress .


        1. There is no agenda, only opinions.

          So far, I like what I see. The online league functionality is a massive step forward considering most of us are forced to renegade it up and do everything by hand for our leagues – which is frankly unacceptable in 2017 when you look what other games are doing. Hence why I draw comparisons to Madden; you can literally have 32 people all managing different teams, playing as individual players, or setting hot dog prices in the stadium, but in racing games suddenly you have to resort to trusty ol’ Microsoft Excel just to conduct a championship?

          No, fuck that. Thanks SMS for being willing to operate in this DECADE of video games. That’s right, I said DECADE, because like clockwork, some knucklehead rFactor 2 fanboy will start kicking and screaming if you point out rF2 has no single player championship mode, instructing you to download some obscure spreadsheet application instead. This feature is objectively good and deserves praise.

          As with sbtm from the R3E forums, Sev has also hinted at pCars2 driving in a totally different fashion than the first. I could have let him write a huge shill piece after asking permission from Ian and REALLY get the juices flowing among you spergs, but instead I waited for a third party not affiliated with us and posting within the privacy of his favorite community, away from the SMS overlords, to confirm it.

          If this constitutes as shilling, I’d like to know why you’re over here getting upset over nothing instead of raising hell at two other websites who shamelessly promote pCars 2 under the guise of “sim racing news.”

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          1. When your entire platform is negative, you realize the second you post a positive article, it raises suspicions?

            Ever read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? This is you in a nutshell. If you dont want people calling you a shill, try writing shit with a more balanced viewpoint.

            When PCars2 is literally the only thing you write positively about, its pretty fucking obvious.


            1. This is just proof that you don’t even read what’s posted here, just regurgitated what some cuck on Reddit said because he was triggered at my JailbaitGallery livery.

              We gave DiRT Rally game of the year for 2015. Also gave high praise to F1 2016, a Richard Burns Rally 2016 update, a high downforce variant of AC’s Sauber C9, and I’ve noted time and time again that RaceRoom Racing Experience has bailed me out of sketchy situations in a real car. There was an article on how to get NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona working on a popular GameCube emulator, and I even went on to say Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo would be one of the best rally games ever had it not been for the technical problems. This is everything off the top of my head, I can’t be assed to dig through 870 articles.

              It’s not my fault if you don’t actually read the articles but just jump on the bandwagon of HURR HATE BLOG.

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                1. I’m sure any normal person would not want to be given a list of 300 links, so I assumed seven would suffice.

                  But since I’m in a giving mood, here are all of our positive articles from January 2017:







                  I’m sorry your Reddit friends have told you this place is all doom & gloom because they’re so emotionally fragile they couldn’t handle someone saying mean things about their favorite game and instead resorted to ad hominem and basic insults that have been perpetuated by the community.

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                  1. You’re not able to handle any sort of criticism to your blog. Sometimes sev, chris, another chris, maple, and a couple other followers come apologizing in here. This is just a suspicion, but you’re a ghost writer for several articles and comments you did here in this blog. No, I’m not talking about you correcting writing mistakes. Is much more than that. Whatever, happy life happy sim racing.


  7. No! I have never played a wrc title , was hoping it may be worth a shot , will wait for the reviews before I even contemplate wasting any money on it.


  8. How well does the snow work? Can you sit out in your car and watch it sart sticking to the ground, then get covered 3 foot of it so it turns into a dynamic surface? Then obviously make a snowman.


  9. The “glue issue” i.e. car contact physics needs to be sorted, like yesterday, JEEZ!!!!!

    A major contributor to a frustrating online multiplayer experience and general animosity between racers.


    1. Agreed yes and we’re on it. It’s almost completely eradicated. It was a bug at the very core of our collision tech and we’ve ripped it apart and rebuilt it. We’ll be testing the fruits of that effort in the next few weeks.

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        1. Haha! Where did I say the camber exploit isn’t an issue? I’ve written on four separate occasions to acknowledge that we had a camber bug at the core of the tyre model (that’s now fixed also BTW but I can’t force you to believe me).


  10. For me where project cars falls down is in the detail, for instance in the picture that leads this story both round 2 and round 5 show as being as zolder but has a track map for spa???…this (i believe) was ok’d to be shared as part of the obligatory hype build up for the game so was checked, then checked by someone else and not picked up, if they make mistakes this easy to spot then i wonder what else will be “missed” once the game comes out.


    1. Sorry, this is not even worth arguing about. In software development there are things like “preview version” and “placeholder picture”. This part of the game is still work in progress.

      (I’m feeling so dumb for pointing out the obvious…)


      1. But if your showcasing your product (whether it be an early version or not) do you not think its best to showcase it in the best light, especially when your previous product launched with many bugs and people may have reservations about buying PCARS 2 based on their previous experience with PCARS 1.

        Seems to me like it would be obvious that they would want to promote their product as positively as possible!


          1. WIP or not how hard is it to put the right track icon against the name, if its a place holder it would take them just as much time to put the correct one on as the wrong one plus how is having an opinion different to someone elses being a baby?

            If having a discussion is above you IQ level then you are more than welcome to step out of it and return to something which is easier on your brain…


  11. OMG! James is not crapping on a racing sim/game for once, What is this world coming to!
    James must be trying to suck cock to get a bit of free ass !
    Hi, my name’s Andy Tudor and I’m a long time sim forum lurker multi time poster. Despite previous negative reviews I saw James the cock sucker and he sucked me rotten, I’ve never had such a good experience. I think everyone should see the PRC blog and spend their hard earned money on his fake book and adverts. He sure needs the support he only had 10 suckers on his Teamspeak server.


  12. We cant just trust a company which lets down the fans not even finishing the first game properly but releasing a second with the very same engine issues as before, why dont you step up your game like Star Citizen and sell screenshots of upcoming DLCs when you didn´t even start to model them, would be a dope way of making money without the hassle to have to actually develop anything, think about it

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  13. I personally didn’t like the driving dynamics of the PC1. It felt like there was only 1 tire, in the exact middle of the car and the car would pivot around that point. It had decent tracks and content but the vehicle dynamics and handling just felt very wonky.


  14. I’m still pissed sms started making a sequel before even finishing the first game. How much stuff was left out of the original pcars?

    That being said, I’m extremely, cautiously optimistic about pcars2. From what I’m hearing, it’s a huge step forward but, for the love of God, make the AI at least somewhat decent.

    In fairness, there are times where the AI in pcars is “competent”, outside of the first corner cluster fuck with cars barreling through the turn, into the wall.

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      1. You’re an idiot, no ‘either’ about it. The AI is the most human of any game yet and I stand by that. OK, they were a little too aggressive at higher strengths as we linked those attributes together, but they were the most human. No trains or corner helpers… We’ve dialed that slight excess aggression out now though.

        I don’t want your money either way.

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        1. Human what?
          Retard on a pub server or professional racing driver who wants to win but not write off a 300k car or become paralyzed?

          Im not hater or shill but an old sim racer since i loaded indy 500 on my farthers xt and i know for a fact pcars AI was a steaming pile of shit.

          Get over it. Take the criticism like a man and make the next iteration better for fucks sake. Im sure like most peole you have good and bad qualities but statements like this make peope think you’re a massive cunt. Either that or delusional.

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          1. Ill take criticism as I choose to take it. That’s how men take it BTW. Calling someone an ‘idiot’ or a ‘conman’ isn’t criticism it’s abuse. I’ll choose how I take that. Please don’t for a second think you have any right to tell me how I take that 🙂


            1. Fair enough. i was talking about criticism in general as opposed to that exact post and its wording. Im an aussy so have no idea what a spiv is. I know shit AI when i see it tho.

              As for the abuse i suggest you might be reaping what youve sown in your own dealings with critics in the past.

              Its a bit ironic that your most famous line is calling a member an “idiot” for not getting the ffb settings and now pcars 2 is touted as having a user friendly ffb settings page like its a major new feature/selling point.

              Maybe if both you and the wmd member kept things civil and nutted out the problem pcars 1 would have had this amazing new ground breaking usable ffb settings screen?

              But then i guess why make pcars 10 if the first 9 are actually finished products right?


              1. Not the case. I called a member an idiot for posting the same ‘War and Peace’ length, passive aggressive diatribe full of ‘here’s why you guys are stupid’, ‘here is why SMS will fail’ etc etc over and over in 8 posts repeating the same words.

                We are paying a lot of money to a lot of people to tell us where we aren’t good enough, in all areas. It’s all about being able to frame your criticism without having to resort to personal abuse. Quick glance at our official forum shows over 8 critical threads (many months old) in the first few pages.

                Our new FFB for pCARS2 is only as good as it currently is because we’ve rewritten the tyre, drivetrain and differential model. It’s not something we could wedge in to pCARS1. We do maintain Jack Spade’s tweaked FFB files on our official forum for people to try as a lot like this and think it feels more like AC.


                1. The underlying core of the FFB from what i here is the same in pcars 2? In the end i felt i could never get the feel i wanted not just because it was complex but because it didn’t communicate what was happening under breaking or in the corners, no matter what i tried & i put a good 200 hours in on ffb settings. Its funny that there is a thread on there talking about FFB that has been going on forever with the same few guys in it chasing the FFB unicorn. I’m sure they are becoming mentally ill & the irony is they are now back to pretty much default settings & conclude fx is actually broken & should be turned down or off. Any way my point is something just felt odd with the ffb. Some people complained about road feel but i actually found road feel pretty easy to dial in & felt much better & more realistic than most games, it was just everything else.


                  1. We now have three presets which allows everyone to (hopefully!) find the ‘fell’ they want without having to fiddle. The underlying core of the FFB is completely reworked in conjunction with our new tyre model, new drivetrain code and new differential code. So that feel you were searching for is much more readily apparent now. The feedback on WMD2 is that it’s much better in general. Still a lot of polishing work to do though.


                2. Well there you go.
                  Despite being a WMD member and having an active interest in simracing that makes me check the web sites almost daily, the gist of the story I got was a screen grab of you calling the guy an idiot and a backstory that he was pointing out flaws in the FFB. Flaws that post release turned out to be a big problem for people. It was most likely on this humble blog that I was given this impression… Maybe the “project cunts” article? Cant remember. Anyway you guys have made up since, all good.

                  I think the problem is by taking the bait and not just ignoring the guy, you created the material for people to present you as this massive arsehole who abuses his customers. Yes I know WMD members aren’t customers. Lots of people don’t.

                  I know at some level what this is like. Although on a much smaller scale, I have my own software out on Google Play and have had abuse along all lines, usually non English speakers that cant figure something slightly technical out. Does the Bell manual for PR suggest I go and reply to these reviews calling them idiots? I’m not saying its not true, most people aren’t as smart as they think (dunning kruger etc). But saying that in a public or private forum wouldn’t generate any goodwill towards me at all.

                  I think its a pity the way things turned out with pcars I was really on board with your “we’re all in this together message” to build the best sim. In the end we got a buggy half baked product that didn’t know if it was sim or sim-cade. This blog only gained its popularity by being the only online publication daring to criticize your attitude, pcars and the hostile environment of the WMD forums where anybody who dared to say it wasn’t the greatest sim in history got shouted down.

                  Anyway good luck with pcars 2 I hope in terms of the driving its everything pcars wasn’t. I own all previous SMS games even that ferrari thing, but due to the hostility and vehement inability to accept pcars flaws this will be a wait and see game for me.


          2. Open wheel racing was pretty bad with Ai. Especially on higher settings. Some tracks worse than others as well. Other than that the ai was good imo. I’m not sure about the most human as I did not compare all other sims but I had some very good races against the Ai. Also if you acted aggressively they would return the favour. So I don’t really get why people would say it was so bad. Ac I would consider having poor Ai you merely driving round moving obstacles rather than having a race.


          1. They can’t get off the line. They lift between the start and turn 1 for no reason. They hit you from behind in every long braking zone. They have no pace. They have no awareness.


            1. How much money did you make on pcars1? Is 12mil € ballpark right?
              Can you ask render team if pcars2 accept old style mebs files? Also with .rg file binarized, will you update pcars1 support for adding car mods like you did in patch 10.0?
              Btw did Micas died?


              1. I can’t give exact figures but we’ve sold 2.3 million copies (not all at full price of course). At full price and before your costs are considered, you make about 12-14 dollars per copy.


  15. so looking forward to this game giving me 25fps. calcs for live track or whatever its called will need a NASA super pc to get anything better


    I think we know you better than yourself it seems, we called this years ago, how fucking sad this place has got.


  17. So hate, much wow…
    Oh yeah, about the comparisons you people are making. I think AC has a few more realistic things, while PC1 is way more immersive. I started liking AC more but somehow I ended up almost abandoning it and racing PC1 because I was having better and more entertaining competitions there. Both have lots of bugs, but both are complete sims with some flaws, they’re not broken.
    I would define a sim incomplete if it was like R3E or IRacing that you go buying in tiny pieces until you assemble something.
    I haven’t played PC2, but between PC1 and AC I lean slightly to PC1.
    If someone doesn’t like what I say, instead of crying out loud like a little girl, 1v1 – no assists – random track – random car in whichever you choose: AC or PC1.


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