CART 88 Enters Pre-Season Testing

rfactor-2017-03-04-18-39-20-70Classic open wheel seasons have been a staple of rFactor’s third party modification scene since the title’s initial release in the summer of 2006, and that trend is set to continue well over a decade later with the Historic Sim Racing Organization’s upcoming project, centered around the 1988 PPG CART World Series. Turning back the clock to Danny Sullivan’s championship season, and a calendar which saw 270 km/h purpose-built race cars hit the streets of New Jersey, Long Beach, Toronto, and even Tamiami Park, the mod aims to be an extremely comprehensive package – every single car that took the green flag at each of the fifteen stops on the schedule will be included in the mod, allowing the most hardcore of sim racers to replicate the very same performance improvements and equipment changes made by each team throughout the season.

rfactor-2017-03-04-18-45-51-85Though the mod’s primary use is to serve as the platform for HSO’s own online series, which will mirror the real-world 1988 schedule as closely as possible and be contested over full-length races from March 26th to December 10th, there are rumors that CART 88 will also be brought over to Reiza Studios’ Automobilista platform in some manner, showing off to the greater sim racing community what the hole-in-the-wall website can produce after years spent refining their craft. Typically keeping their releases constrained to the original rFactor title, the HSO group are extremely proud of what they’ve created with CART 88, and are looking to push this one out to as many people as possible.

rfactor-2017-03-04-18-47-53-85We’ve been privileged enough to blast around in a preseason testing version of the mod intended for league members to become acquainted with, select a car for the upcoming season, as well as report any minor bugs, and all of us are blown away by the quality of HSO’s work. It’s incredible to see major sim developers completely miss the mark with their tire models or liberal interpretations of classic open wheel cars, only for a passionate group of modders existing on their own corner of the internet to get it so bloody right, immediately out of the box. These cars are absolutely insane at the limit, often exhibiting bipolar tendencies which glue them to the track in one section with the precision of a modern race car, yet throwing you into the barrier just a few seconds later to remind you this is all still late 1980’s technology.

CART 88 will launch for ISI’s original rFactor in roughly a week, while the Automobilista version is said to come later down the line.


35 thoughts on “CART 88 Enters Pre-Season Testing

  1. Are the major developers not missing something here?Racefans love the older style series.So instead of including gimics like Ice racing and the predictable GT3 cars I would have thought DLCs like 1979 DTM,1987 Group A Touring Cars,1999 BTCC,1971 Trans Am,1971 Can Am,1951 F1 etc with maybe one track from the original series would be popular and people would be willing to pay a decent amount for.

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    1. Thank you! Someone with sense!
      Ice racing my arse. Who the hell thought was a good idea? It’s just a “box ticking” gimmick to differentiate from all the other racing games.
      Give the race fans what they crave, rather than smart arsed gimmicky nonsense that most will simply ignore. It probably won’t make it in to PCars 2 anyway. Most if the ore-release hype of PCars didn’t ever appear in the final release.

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    2. They don’t think it will sell. They don’t want to go after the manufacturers to license the cars, they don’t feel fantasy cars will be attractive, and they would have to do old school research to build the tracks.

      This is summarising from actual conversations with different developers over recent times, not a theory.

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    3. I completely agree, and perhaps if R3E’s IMSA GTO pack sold well, we’ll see more developer created historic series (not just single cars).

      BTW, I think I remember Empty Box being excited awhile ago about a late 80s/early 90s CART mod, but I can’t recall the platform or modding group.


    4. In the grand scheme of things, only a few people end up still rocking around in vintage cars. The majority cant stop wanking over them, but when it’s time to drive they all flee to modern GT cars. Most just arent good enough at driving.

      Another issue being licensing that sometimes can be a bit of a pain (some vintage cars arent owned strictly by the car company, but by another group and licensing is done with them). Having access to some of these cars and getting data is often more difficult than it appears, and with many cars being museum pieces now, having access to one that drives is even harder.


  2. Hear, hear. Part of the reason of the decline of modern racing is IMHO that it is no longer a really exciting sport. The drivers are no longer heroes smelling to gasoline, they are athletes smelling to after-shave. The tracks are becoming stadiums, and the cars … don’t get me started on those. Historic racing has appeal to any of us who really love the unmuffled sound of a racing engine and the sound and smell of tires being stretched on the asphalt with risk of the body integrity. For the rest, you can go electric or diesel . LMAO.


  3. Hear, hear! More classic content, PLEASE!

    There is a reason I still regularly fire up GT Legends, Power & Glory, HistorX, and GP Legends…The incredible diversity of the cars (and tracks) just adds another layer of intrigue that simply cannot be replicated by “Yet Another GT3 Based Series”.

    Which stickers would you like on YOUR GT3 car?
    Ooh, I want mine to say “BMW”!
    Make mine a “McClaren”!
    Lambo all the way for me, boys!

    Meanwhile, I be over here all like “zzzzzzz”….


  4. Judging by the first photo, it a buggy piece of shit. Thanks for the subliminal message whilst still properly shilling to appease your studio overlords.


    1. Indeed you judged by the first pic – and didn’t even read more. It is not a studio, but a private league who made this mod. Good job on making your comment’s value equal to zero.


      1. You didn’t read my entire shit post, therefore your appologetic dick sucking is unwarranted. Your name indicates that your asshole is a target for massive cocks, I recently introduced a new product you might be interested in. We have also found a driver to sponsor and he needs a teammate, would you be interested?


        1. Thanks for proving me right. Now have a nice day continuing alone this discussion, as I am not answering you any more.


  5. I enjoy classic content, so this is nice to see but it is also set to be on a classic sim. D: Will wait for AMS release then lol.


      1. The situation is ongoing, I’ll continue collating the forum pages if you want them. Is it something you have an interest in publishing?


  6. From what Ive heard our “James” didnt get any check from iRacing for him being banned. Thats why he is on a bashing-streak against them apparently.


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