Why Do the Most Prolific Sims Have the Worst Sim Cars?

Last week, RaceDepartment posed a very interesting question to the racing simulator community, one which generated some genuinely intriguing responses that from an outsider’s standpoint would leave a lot of potential customers scratching their heads. Asking readers to reveal their personal picks for the all-around worst car to ever land in a modern auto racing simulator, the topic promptly exploded overnight; more than 120 replies all sought to convey a variety of thoughts and feelings on what virtual race cars needed to be avoided at all costs. To my surprise, the topic did not descend into mindless shit-slinging or fanboy wars between rival simulators as you’d expect – most users contributed to the discussion in a very modest fashion – but as the topic progressed, I began to notice an underlying story line that if publicized, could turn the genre on its head.

Away from the abrasive confines of PRC, iRacing and rFactor 2 are regarded by an overwhelming majority of the community as the two most accurate racing simulators on the market today; the pinnacle of what the genre has achieved since Gran Turismo and Papyrus became household names in the mid 1990’s.

Regardless of how each individual developer claims to strive for accuracy when it comes to perfecting their respective racing simulators, what we can agree on is that Image Space Incorporated, as well as iRacing, have spent decades refining their software to the point where the general buzz around either title usually consists of mentioning an abundance of real world auto racing teams align themselves with one group or the other. rFactor 2 fanboys will kick and scream that Formula One and World Sportscar teams use rFactor software both as a training tool for their drivers, as well as an in-house simulator to test new cars and potential setup changes, while iRacing members will be quick to link you to a testimonials page featuring an overwhelming amount of American race car drivers claiming to be so enamored by the accuracy of the online racing service, they constantly use it to brush up on their driving skills.

As an outsider just getting into sim racing after growing tired with mass-market console titles, this kind of marketing combined with very promising ground level buzz makes the choice seem pretty obvious for those looking to buy their first simulator – iRacing and rFactor 2 are supposedly so far ahead of the competition, real drivers are flocking to either title en mass because they’re just that realistic, that refined, and that authentic.

Responses to RaceDepartment’s recent thread may have something to say about that; the two genre-defining simulators are actually a bit of a mess away from the carefully crafted marketing hype, full of cars that are of such a poor quality, it’s difficult to comprehend how these games are so widely praised by the community to begin with.

Let’s start with ISI/Studio 397’s rFactor 2, which has been on the market since 2013. Several users note the Historic Stock Car, the Karts, the Renault Megane Trophy, the Formula 2, the GT3-spec Chevrolet Camaro, and even the Skip Barber are not just underwhelming cars when compared to the rest of the vehicle roster, they are deemed to be some of the most unrealistic, inaccurate cars ever created for a racing simulator. If you go onto the rFactor 2 Steam Forums, or even the official Studio 397 message board, you will see people praising this game to the highest of heavens, going on and on about a tire model so complex and so advanced, historians will deem this to be the most groundbreaking and innovative piece of software ever developed. Some will even berate you for daring to mention you enjoy other games, simply because rFactor 2’s physics are supposedly so perfect, you’re somehow less of a sim racer if you choose to ignore that portion of the software in pursuit of a more well-rounded simulator experience elsewhere.

And yet, here are a cluster of seven different sim racers saying a handful of cars in the game are complete trash and should be avoided at all costs. Answer me this: if the game is every bit as advanced as its reputation makes it out to be, why would anyone dare to label some of the default content in the game as “the worst sim car of all time?” It’s not like these people are all dog-piling on one specific car that ISI announced later down the road had been created by a group of rookie staff members just learning how to insert content into the game – no, there’s a pretty diverse range of cars mentioned, all from different periods in rFactor 2’s lifespan, that are deemed to be the worst cars the genre has to offer.

How is it that a game held in such high regard by a significant portion of the community is at the same time being nominated several times over for including cars so preposterously bad, they are being mentioned in a “worst sim car of all time” questionnaire? Everywhere you go, from Steam to Reddit, people claim that rFactor 2 is an objectively fantastic racing simulator that doesn’t receive enough credit for what it accomplishes, but yet we now know of six cars in the game to outright avoid because they’re so absurdly bad.

How does that work?

Next, let’s talk about iRacing. Launching in 2008, iRacing has grown into a worldwide phenomenon within the spectrum of racing games over the last decade, a “final solution” of sorts to console gamers who have grown tired of chaotic public lobbies, or hobbyist PC sim racers seeking the ultimate online racing challenge. While racing simulators are a bit of an obscure video game genre as a whole, restricted to hardcore nerds who willingly drop hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on plastic steering wheels, iRacing as a brand is fucking everywhere – with PC Gamer calling it the best racing game of all time, iRacing liveries constantly popping up in American oval racing, and even top level NASCAR commentators occasionally name-dropping the software during live events. So you’d think with all of this hype, publicity, brand recognition, and the most important factor – money – fueling this operation, the quality of the software itself would mirror the enormous exposure it has received, right?

You are mistaken.

An abundance of users on RaceDepartment are in some cases nominating every single car available in iRacing as “the worst, most inaccurate car ever to be released for a commercial simulator.” This isn’t just the crazy ramblings of one guy with a vendetta against the company, either – you have several people from all over the world, road racing fans, oval fans, dirt fans, armchair sim racers, guys who have raced in real life, all saying the entire game is horrible. I think I counted five alone whose responses were just “iRacing.”  Full stop.

Just consider what is being said here; after all of this laser-scanning stuff, the aggressive marketing, the testimonials from real drivers claiming they all practice on the software 24/7, the elaborate developer diaries, the numerous tire model revisions both old and new, former NASCAR engineers lending a hand with the physics side of things, and the bizarre cost that can quickly eat into the wallet of anyone who isn’t financially responsible, you have several people going onto a public forum and saying “the whole game is trash and drives nothing like a real car.” This is supposedly the pinnacle of sim racing, the reason people are spending thousands on full motion rigs, triple monitor setups, and toy wheels that can eclipse the cost of an amateur race car.

And that’s before we pick apart specific comments left by users such as Akra, who notes “the Spec Racer Ford was clearly broken and undriveable on day one, and as usual it was defended by the iRacing hardcore as being the most realistic thing known to man. Turns out it was broken, and patched too.”

How can it be that the biggest, most prolific sim racing entity in gaming today, is being discussed by users away from the official forums as so unrealistic, every single vehicle in the game could qualify as the worst sim car of all time? Again, one guy with a post history of nothing but slamming iRacing, that can be written off as someone with a vendetta and a bit too much time on his hands. However, multiple sim racers all saying the same thing, with some even coming out to openly talk about how iRacers will crucify you for daring to mention that a car within the game isn’t very good, that’s cause for concern.

So what’s going on here? Two of the most prolific, well-known simulators are being blasted by sim racers for totally inaccurate cars that behave nowhere close to their real life counter parts. How does that work, and an even better question, why is nobody raising awareness about this? Here you’ve got two companies that openly advertise their products as being so accurate that real-world racing teams are lining up to use them, yet everyday customers (who make up 99% of the audience) remain totally unconvinced, writing things like “the Mazda MX-5 drives like a psychotic ice cube” on third party message boards.

Is sim racing as we know it just a giant smoke and mirrors show, held together by idiotic fanboys who throw money at anything and everything to live out their failed race car-driving dreams, while those critical of the software are pushed aside and dismissed as irrational haters pushing a garbage rhetoric?



108 thoughts on “Why Do the Most Prolific Sims Have the Worst Sim Cars?

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  2. Since PRC has been compromised i don’t even read the articles anymore. I instantly skip to the comment section to witness the shitstorm. Can anyone confirm that this article is indeed about shitting on every sim except Codemasters games, Brick Rig and of course pCARS 2?


  3. ive literally only read the initial question (at RD & now here) but my initial thought was, the more complex the model, the higher the odds something goes wrong/very wrong. of course this ‘excuse’/line of reasoning works a lot better for rF2, which releases cars for nothing, than iracing, which charges $10 a pop.

    AC & even moreso AMS are somewhat renowned for comparatively simple engines & the quality of content is very consistent; probably moreso w/ AMS but in that case you also have far less real world examples to compare 1:1.

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    1. James doesn’t like this post because, although it talks negatively about iracing and rf2, it talks positively of AC and AMS. James can’t accept that so he won’t put his like as it would be a seal of approval. Typically you get a like from james or sev on a post that is exactly the type of opinion they would have, only to increase their fanboy stable with seals of approval.


      1. Very good point! This behaviour highlights the insecurities and the desperate cry for attention of Canadian hobbyist driver James and failed German race driver Sev (both of whom are allegedly contract workers for SMS), who rejoice in their echo chamber of prc claqueurs.


      2. i dont think its positive or negative about either, just a possible explanation. less variables = more consistency, but in theory more variables = more realistic.


    2. AC is very hit and miss (depending on what version of the tire model they’re own…), but during the time I enjoyed it the most and where I thought it felt the most realistic (for GT3 cars) it had a way simpler physics than rF2 for example. AC is (for me) a case of where the more complex it got, the worse it got. GSCE/AMS I always enjoyed, the cars were fun and more-or-less realistic to drive, but due to the limitations of the engine it’s not comparable to what rf2 offers in terms of realism.


      1. Tim Wheatley of ISI made a idiotically claim that everything we feed into our spread sheet cut & paste physics engine, car data I suppose he means, would come out pretty much like the real car.

        I guess that dip stick Tim was smoking crack, when he said that, because the Race Department discussion revealed 99% of the cars in rFactor 2 are actually garbage, and just proves Tim crack head Wheatley was talking bullshit as usual, sack that bitch, and don’t support 397 they are just as shit as ISI.


  4. There’s also the fact that these sims tend to have many cars, some have low participation which leads to them being untouched for a long time where they just lets the car sit broken til a major update in the sim, bout once every 3-4 years.


  5. It’s because the guys at ISI know how to build a great physics engine but suck at everything else that makes a sim.


  6. I got to save the reputation of the Megane Troph in rF2 here. I drove that car in a small onine series in 2016 and it handled like you would expect a mid engined open wheeler with a carbon fiber Megane a body kit with a little bit of downforce expect to handle, that is very responsive to inputs and weight transfer, somewhat quick to snap at the limit, but progressive before that. Also reacted well to setup changes, setting the attitude of the car entry/mid/exit corner with springs and ARB is easy. You can play with the rear wing to adjust stabiloit i high speed ones on top. Very starighforward.

    Now I haven’t driven this car back when it came out, so it might have been different then, but the current version is very enjoyable to drive. Maybe some people epect the car to be front engined FWD and wonder what’s going on, I don’t know.

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    1. The Megane is IMO one of the best cars in rF2 and I don’t care what some people saying. Some AMS-cars were mentioned as well in the thread like the Super V8 just because people can’t handle them. Some expect GT3-physics in every car even this running computers have not much in common with raw racing cars.

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    2. I agree, I don’t think the Megane deserves to be on a list of worst RF2 stock content offenders.

      I think the reason some people don’t like it is that it showcases some weaknesses of rf2 more than the other cars, similar to the NSX. The flat feeling oversteer does feel off and the default setup doesn’t help. Another of those classic rf2 sorts of problems that are largely irrelevant when you’re on pace and listening to the car for your setup.

      I would drive the megane over the NSX any day


  7. I tried iracing for a month, drove the Mx5 as i know the car well, concluded the game was shit. To me it felt like driving a sim from 20 years ago. But what do i know? What do those people who posted those comments know? I know Hornbuckle is the biggest AC fanboy you will ever meet so not sure why you would consider these forum comments are not biased.
    Really the only way to compare these sims to realism is to scientifically compare to real cars. If you think that our opinions count for much without this then you are naive. the human mind can convince itself of all sorts of nonsense & of course marketing guys know this. That imo would make for a more interesting topic rather than some opinion of random guys on the internet. This could be set up with some proper thought behind it & could basically end all this silly debate.
    Does seem like Ian Bell is changing you though as you are starting to sound like him which of course is his plan. I sort of agree with Ian’s philosophy just can’t understand how they got it so wrong in pcars.


  8. I think RF2 has the *potential* to simulate a car more accurately than any other sim. But it’s complex. The tire model alone seems to defy human comprehension.

    Because of this complexity and, consequently, how easy it becomes to screw things up – You get a fair number of lousy cars and the modding scene is moribund.

    It’s possible that RF2 pushed things a little too far and created a content creation platform that’s simply too difficult for any but the most skilled creators to use effectively.

    I have no idea what iRacing’s problems might be. They don’t allow mods (obviously), so we have much less insight re: the issues involved with creating a virtual car in that sim. All I know is that the top drivers apparently turn off their FFB entirely, which is telling.

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    1. Objectively seen:
      rFactor 2 has the most advanced physics in a video game that has been RELEASED!

      About the cars I cant say much though


    2. Given FFB’s diminished utility on oval circuits, many oval racers disable it, or use non-FFB wheels (ECCI 6000, TSW) for smoother steering and easier steering angle management. Although I’m sure some would also question the quality of iRacing’s FFB, the two phenomena are unrelated.

      I’m unaware of any road racers, let alone any competent road racers, that share this preference, as the feedback (whether realistic or not) is very useful. Many will, however, reduce the overall strength, as steering forces and lap time are often inversely proportional.

      As for RF2’s simulation accuracy ceiling, you may very well be correct, but I’m not sure why you think so. Off the top of my head, I would presume iRacing’s resources and development model provide a significant edge, but I’m not familiar enough with either the variables in play, or the competition, to have a meaningful opinion on the matter.

      Frankly, I’m not even sure how simulation accuracy is best measured.

      Finally, although iRacing certainly has its share of problems, a bunch of RD trolls claiming it sucks isn’t evidence of any of them.


      1. I know how. You put a decent driver into the sim and see if their car control skills translate into that sim. There is no other metric that matters.

        Thing is, a lot of real drivers who play these games are being paid by the developer of the game, so you can’t trust a thing they say. I remember Alain Prost robotically saying “Virtua Racing feels just like my race car”, coincidentally right after Sega ponied up some sponsor cash for his 1993 Williams.

        Virtua Racing, man. Virtua. Racing.


  9. Sometimes I wonder if rF2’s advanced simulation features are way too advanced for those stock content or something. For instance, Sega Saturn had two CPUs and that (along with documentation issues) is why developers stay away from it, because it’s a nightmare to work on.

    Maybe I’ve described rF2 modding. Who knows.

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  10. Assetto Corsa’s tire model isn’t thermo-mechanical. For example, its peak slip angles don’t vary with temperature, among several other things. AC also lacks gyroscopic effects that actually influence vehicle dynamics, among many other things.

    It should be emphasized that an rF2 tire is a proper seperate rotating simulated body from the rim and not a mere mathematical simplification as in AC.

    Therefore objectively rFactor2’s cars are much more accurate than any car in Assetto Corsa for example.


      1. I am in no way defending rF2 or any other sim, but first you have to ask the question who are these people and exactly how valid are their comments?


        1. Is associat0r. But then you’ll have other rf2 fanboys saying someone is impersonating him. But you can’t get around that trying to mask what he says, those are his words and not just a copy paste of what you find him writing in several places. He repeats many buzz words but in between you can see who wrote it.


        2. “I am in no way defending rF2 or any other sim, but first you have to ask the question who are these people and exactly how valid are their comments?”

          Not if it contravenes your narrative.


      2. You are missing the real question behind your article James.
        The question should have been how come the 2 best racing sims both have some cars with a behaviour pretty close to something “realistic” but also have a lot of cars with a behaviour more bad than the cars in the Mario Kart series.
        At least when their tire models are so advanced as they does postulate.


      3. by whom , a bunch of AC lovers who at the drop of a hat will sling dog turds at RF2 ?? . why the hell would anybody believe what a handful of forum sucks print in RD.. rubbish article. next


    1. The model is an ongoing project as they are still figuring things out and refining it, and it requires a lot of specific values to be inputted… and get a number wrong or use approximations, as it is often done with educated estimates, and you start falling into the realm of realistic behavior but not replication. Plus there’s still the bit of how tires behave while overheating and latitudinal grip.


    2. “Therefore objectively rFactor2’s cars are much more accurate than any car in Assetto Corsa for example.”

      Nope, because one thing is to have a “perfect” shell and another thing is to have inside an exact replication of real life. Without saying that what’s inside rf2 is also a simplification, because simulation is simplification of real life, there’s no way around it. rf2 also works based on mathematical formulas, just like all the other sims. That’s simulation.

      “Assetto Corsa’s tire model isn’t thermo-mechanical. For example, its peak slip angles don’t vary with temperature, among several other things. AC also lacks gyroscopic effects that actually influence vehicle dynamics, among many other things.”

      So if AC adds this, I wonder what will be your next excuse about all the sims that aren’t rf2. MMmm I bet rf2 will be simcade compared to the next sim from isi.


    3. “Therefore objectively rFactor2’s cars are much more accurate than any car in Assetto Corsa for example.”

      Dude. That’s not how simulation/emulation works. Just because something is complex, doesn’t mean it produces accurate output. There are super complex models of various wind and bowed instruments.. simulations if you will. Yet sampling, a simple recording (or a look-up-table if you will) produces _objectively_ more convincing (= accurate) results.

      The problem is that the sampling model only provides an overall more accurate result within very narrow parameters whereas the simulation can __potentially__ cope with special cases a lot better.

      .. hopefully you are smart enough to understand what I’m getting at here.

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  11. You know that listening to the opinions of a handful of internet warriors doesnt actually say anything about the sims in question. 10 people saying that a sim sucks is no evidence at best without concrete video evidence of their driving.

    Maybe all these people have no idea how to drive a racecar because they grew up driving Gran Tourismo or forza where you can slam a car into a corner with 100% brake pressure and not even come close to spinning out. You put these people into RF2 or iRacing and its no surprise that they would have no fucking clue what to do and think it sucks.

    Get some video proof of these peoples driving so we can break it down and show where they may be going wrong to wind up with the opinion that they have.

    iRacing and RF2 are regarded as the best because they are. The vocal minority is so heavily outweighed by the silent majority, this is a non story.

    Good try though.


    1. get a grip dude, there are real drivers and racers in any sim saying that sim is the best. Apparently when real people say something about rf2 all the other people lied and they tell the holy truth, just because associat0r says so. Associat0r drives with a keyboard and his arguments are only buzz words and hundreds of links of what other people say. rf2 best ffb, I tested it my thermo-mechanical keyboard.


  12. A couple of the rf2 cars (boxmaster and interceptor) *are* the kind of ‘science project’ you mention, isi’s not shy of releasing really weird stuff just for fun. It’s not a great comparison, same as if you tried Niels’ RC supra and said it was hard to drive. It’s not meant to be easy it’s meant to be different.


  13. Well how can any of the cars in iracing be anywhere near correct, when the guy doing the tires thinks they only cool down when in contact with the track?
    He literally had tire cooling 100% backwards


    1. Reminds me of an Instagram model who proudly shows all the presents her sugar daddy gave to her… Ian will be so proud of James.


      1. An actual race car in an actual series versus a delusional kid that delivers pizza and bulids Nascar replicas only to use a rift and goes into debt for it. Yep, exactly the same.


        1. One guy sold his soul for money/things he wanted to do and the other maybe got into big debt for a home fantasy. Is hard to recover from both situations.


        2. I respect what that kid did.. Heart on sleeve..

          James or Austin or whatever his name is has spent years on his soapbox only to sell out and become the biggest hypocrite in the history of sim blogging!! And in a lame series to boot..


            1. It’s pretty hilarious how much faith some people put in the worst sim news site… how dare you take that away from them though


            2. Maybe because sim racing is more about playing the games than getting into real racing? You have this superiority attitude. Same about esports in sim racing, is about competing in the games and not using esports as launch ramp to motorsports.

              Are we really sure Jacob got into big debt or if he has that he didn’t pay it up yet? Is faster to pay the debt and he’ll be done with it, but being someone’s puppet is harder to get out of.


  14. My first thought was that these games in particular got mentioned so much simply because they’re played so much. Then again, my response to that thread was about a car that got me to ragequit the game it was in altogether (Historic F1 in PCARS), so that might be a bit backwards of me.


  15. rFactor 2 is objectively the best and most realistic racing game on the market right now. The physics of Assetto Corsa and iRacing do not compare to the superiority of rF2’s thermomechanical tire model. The high complexity of rF2’s tire model alone compared to other sims easily makes rF2 the best sim racing game ever made.


  16. Bunch of rF2 fanboys bitching @RD about “the Worst Sim Car” = “the Worst Sim Car in rF2”, cuz other games are ARCADE. James, you should know better.


  17. As soon as someone says “this car is bad cause you cant slide it”, then you can assume he sucks ass and can disregard his opinion.

    iR’s MX-5 for example has been neutered pretty bad. Much more understeery than it used to be, too much even. It was amazing when it came out but noobs couldn’t handle it, so the car had a few tweaks done so said noobs could overdrive without spinning out (too much).

    Most sims end up pretty bad mainly because of shit drivers complaining they cant make a lap. Maybe if they were a little more scared somehow they’d stop overdriving, just like real life shit drivers.


    1. Neutered? Haha, that slow speed tank slapper the car was a couple of years ago would never have been allowed to leave the factory.


  18. I guess we will have more terrible articles like this in future. Now that Austin is compromised he knows he can’t post his own opinion any more since it’s clearly tainted by his lover Ian Bell’s money. Comments from retarded sim racing autists on facebook and forums like this will probably provide the basis for most of his writings in future.

    It’s interesting that he only selected comments criticizing iracing and AC though. Are there no SMS cars mentioned in the racedepartment page he used as a source for this drivel?


    1. My comment was that every single street car in PCARS was horrid. Same floaty, bizarre tire model as NFS Shi(f)t 2. The early Lotus F1 machines had the same problem IIRC. A lot of people on that ridiculous WMD forum tried to tell them, but they just shipped the fucker anyway.

      They made driving a Mclaren P1 feel like a wobbly 1920’s sports car. With 900+ bhp. Their P1 was vastly worse than the one in *Forza*. Way worse.


    2. “t’s interesting that he only selected comments criticizing iracing and AC though. Are there no SMS cars mentioned in the racedepartment page he used as a source for this drivel?”

      He doesnt bash AC in this article, its rFactor2 and iRacing that take the hit.


        1. Because I’ve already written like 25 articles myself on why pCars was a colossal let-down, and the devs are working on an entirely new game instead of pushing out pCars updates for 6-7 years like rF2 or iRacing.

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          1. hahahah james got brain washed into the slightly mad studios, world of mass development, ian bell mindset. Congratulations!

            Who’s the no1 apologist of pcars2 and sms? Austin Ogonoski. No2? Severin Austerschmidt. Dustin is trying to escape it but he’s tightly held by Austin into it. Actually there are many more contenders inside world of mass development for that title.

            The important question though, are virtualr and pretendracecars sister websites now? Technically yes. Both advertise the same game and company.


          2. That’s good to hear. I hope they completely discarded the PCARS tire model. It never did work right, as evinced by the fact that it couldn’t generalize over to street cars or really anything with some sidewall flex. Or maybe it was just another bug.

            Guys, give Austin break here. The fact that RF2 and iRacing got *hammered* in this RD thread isn’t something he invented or even noticed first. IIRC a lot of people were noticing as well.

            I see no evidence of bias so far and, like he says, this blog is absolutely filled with stuff on how bad PCARS turned out. It’s an old game that few play at this point. Why would he waste time on it?


            1. He has, but those sims are still being supported, played and updated (unlike PC1).

              Also, those 2 hold themselves out to be the ne plus ultra of racing sims. PC1 never aspired to that AFAIK. It was supposed to be a fun Forza-like for the PC, but with better graphics and more flexibility (night, rain, etc) at the cost of a much smaller car selection.

              It is objectively interesting that the 2 “most realistic” racing sims had, by far, the highest number of totally shitty cars.

              For me, it was gratifying to see iRacing called out. As someone who’s actually done competive road racing (and now track days), I have always found iRacing’s tire model to be completely bizarre. It’s like you’re on 30-lap-old Pirelli ultrasofts that got left out and dry-rotted.

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              1. In terms of simulating physics & environment Pcars was supposed to be the most complete & realistic sim out there wasn’t it? Wasn’t that the objective?


                1. That exactly was how they advertised it, including people from their closed forums talked about the simulation in public. And once again we’re seeing the same mantra with pcars2.


                  1. Lol i member PC fuckboys claiming PC as feeling like rf2, and had just as good features BEFORE release, now they repeating the same line now, without a hint of irony.


                    1. I got banned once from Pcars steam forums, for challenging the biggest poster there on this very fact, even said the FFB was as good, this was before release of course , no one ever said that after release,no


  19. saw the same thread thought the same things as james about rf2. Didn’t write an article.

    However only a handful of rf2 cars are worthy of its prestigious realism title.. Rf2 should be more acclaimed for its AI, that for sure is class leading.

    Its cars and inconsistent ffb, and lack of any aligning torque on anything but a dd wheel is hilarious..

    One word


    should the most realistic sim on the planet need a caster nerf to make the cars feel like real cars – or am i going to the hear the same BS excuse that we all need DD wheels to make rf2 feel like it was claimed.

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    1. You’re right about the caster thing. It afflicts a lot of their F1 cars. Turn the wheel hard over and you get *negative* self-centering. It does clean up at speed (gyroscopic effects?), but clearly something amiss there. I change caster to around 8.5deg to clear it up.

      Never driven open-wheel IRL. Maybe they do this IRL with caster at around 7.5deg?


    2. Loki , you are so full of shit , people just laugh at your issue ,when will you realize that claiming to be an expert driver after driving a tuned down track car at a boringly slow pace doesn’t make you any sort of physics wiz. Fuck off and mold away


  20. The thing about iRacing that has stuck with me of late is just how dated the car content is. Whether it be good or not is one thing, but they should be ashamed of the 4 cars available to drive in the 24h of Le Mans.

    2007 to 2011 – HPD ARX 01
    2005 to 2011 – Aston Martin DBR9 GT1
    2005 to 2011 – Chevy Corvette C6.R GT1
    2009 to 2011 – Ford GT GT2

    The 24 Hours of Le Mans in iRacing should be the absolute ultimate of Sim Racing, but the cars are going on a decade old by now. That’s shameful.

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    1. its their time to develop thats the big issue there i think. i believe they chanced upon lemans & struck (which is awesome); unfortunately they didnt really have a plan in place for it. since then the emphasis has really been on dirt. hopefully we’ll see 2-3 GTEs & at least one LMP1 & LMP2, but to think itll all come within a year…extremely doubtful. id expect a ‘full grid’ is 2 years away, IF the licenses are in order or easily obtainable (only one i know for sure about is the 488 GTE) AND they actually do something with them. iR is notorious for being so slow on development that licenses end up bought with nothing to come of it for the end user.

      of course, to really simulate le mans, you need a 24 hr cycle; theyre inching there but i dont know how far away it is.

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      1. I don’t know that I am buying the time constraint. Time isn’t an issue at all. Could be personnel or finances, but getting a single, modern Prototype scanned and built doesn’t take much time. Other games release thousands of new cars within the time period we are talking about here. From 2011 to 2017, iRacing has not released a modern Prototype or GTE suited to run at Le Mans.

        iRacing as a game clearly caters to the NASCAR/oval fan and the vast majority of their resources of time, effort and energy go into that. I think it is a simple case of prioritizing other things over and above circuit racing.

        Which is fine. It is their business to run things how they see fit. I am sure they are directed by the dollars here. It is very easy for them to run all the NASCAR tracks they have with the few cars needed to run them. It keeps costs low and that membership very satisfied.


  21. In rF2 case you simulate more stuff you got more chances of things going wrong, especially when its tire model runs at 2400mhz that is far higher than any other sim is doing. That’s why rF2 should not be a modding platform


    1. PRC is much better to read once you block all the images, Austin’s articles usually have way too many shitty screenshots in them.


  22. This basically confirms what I’ve been suspecting for quite some time now. My iRacing subscription expires April 27th and I don’t foresee renewing it ever again. Also, the toxicity I’ve received from Class A drivers has basically justified my decision NOT to try to get anywhere near Class A. It’s good for finding online races and that’s just about it. Paying $100 – $156 per year (plus $300 for the complete NASCAR track roster) isn’t worth running on a game that’s just “good for finding online races.”

    I’m going to try to compete with iRacing and break their online-only monopoly.


  23. I used Iracing in 2014. It’s mx5 simulation was horrible shit , the car is actually easy to drive fast IRL. Easy, not difficult. In my opinion iracing is no good at all. rF2 is better than ever, it had also very bad tyre model in 2014, but they’ve fixed it. In those days rF2 was like driving on ice, but wise men of the community decided it was real because it was soo difficult. Hilarious. They propably never had driven an IRL track day. Real cars have goog grip on asphalt track you know, try it sometimes you pitiful nerds.

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