Sim Racing’s Ali Dia

On the surface, Josh Martin’s rise to eSports prominence – and eventually a shot in a real car – is a story for the sim racing landscape that’s nothing short of meteoric; a preview of sorts as to the role sim racing might play in the motorsports landscape not too far from present day. After becoming infatuated with Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa racing simulator as a teenager, the Scottish lad – who according to news clippings does not own a passenger car for day to day transportation – progressed through the Assetto Corsa world rankings in such an absurdly quick fashion, major auto racing teams took a profound interest in the twenty-year-old’s virtual career, with Martin’s online exploits helping him to secure vital sponsorship that eventually landed him the job title of “professional race car driver” at twenty years old. With fifteen championships, seventeen world records, and over five hundred wins to his name, Martin’s online prowess is the stuff of legends – feats even more impressive when you consider this has all been accomplished in just the three years since Assetto Corsa’s release.

His personal website lists an abundance of high profile sponsors, his publicized sim racing statistics are simply mind-boggling, many news articles list him as an up-and-coming phenom recruited from an unlikely environment, and the kid indeed seemed to get a real world ride out of his virtual accomplishments – with ProRaceUK preparing a formal press event to announce Josh’s transition into a real car, the ultimate goal for any sim racer wishing to turn their dreams into reality. Move over Greger Huttu, there’s a new kid on the block, and his name is Josh Martin.

But what if I told you the feel-good sim racing success story – the story of a nerdy sim racer going out and getting it done to legitimize the hobby as a valid training tool – was the exact opposite; a sham that will make individuals involved in the motorsports world wince at the mere mention of sim racers?

At first glance, Josh Martin’s personal web page appears to resemble that of many fellow amateur racing drivers who are slowly making their way up the motor racing ladder. Sections dedicated to biographies, supporting sponsors, and photos of both Martin’s real life exploits, as well as his simulation endeavors, have all been carefully crafted to convey an air of professionalism – in some cases surpassing the often ragged, unfinished mess of amateur North American auto racing teams. To the untrained eye, he is a budding Jann Mardenborough or Lucas Ordonez – a young driver walking the planet as living proof that video games are a legitimate path to a professional racing gig, he just hasn’t landed the sweet GT3 ride as the aforementioned drivers, but most would have the impression that he’s on the way there.

Martin’s Press & Media section also weaves an extremely compelling tale to potential advertisers and rival team owners as well. A marketing machine away from the race track, Martin’s face has been spread around several different media outlets big and small as the world’s first virtual driver turned pro, with links to a bundle of articles depicting him to be a phenom that has been scouted by a variety of professional teams, and his rise to international fame is said to begin in a hobbyist BMW class – which by all accounts is a reasonable entrance into the world of auto racing for a sim racer who doesn’t even own his own car, and that in turn makes the story all the more believable. He’s not getting a shot at Formula One, he’s being thrown into an entry level car to partake in a sort of driver development program.

Listing nine different sponsors on his dedicated sponsor page, Martin is said to have backing from both Thrustmaster and Aird Motors – a local Subaru dealership – indicating there are a lot of people in this for the long haul, hoping to one-up the highly popular, Nissan-backed Gran Turismo Academy process by basically funding the whole goddamn thing themselves, and praying their investment in Josh will pay off in the long run. Up to this point, it seems like a pretty admirable story – an independent spin-off of GT Academy, where all sorts of little companies, individuals, and businesses have placed their faith into one prominent sim racer to “make history”, as his own website suggests.

But this is where the party stops.

Basic fact checking and inconsistencies with reality on Josh’s own website indicate many, many people, have failed to ask this guy rudimentary questions that would raise obvious red flags about the entire operation, and therefore prevent their names from being dragged through the mud in such a profoundly absurd manner – whether it be as sponsors, business partners, or third party journalists reporting on the story. It appears Josh is not a massively talented eSports superstar on the path to a professional auto racing career as his website suggests, but merely another delusional sim racer with far too much time on his hands, and far too many enablers around him to put a stop to it.

Inconsistencies and downright wishful thinking begin on Martin’s eSports page, in which he claims that Thrustmaster had sponsored him after his incredible performance in a private Codemasters Formula One series online championship just for Northern Scottish Players, despite these games not traditionally holding broadcasted tournaments of any sort, his own YouTube videos from those races reeling in less than a hundred views – and thus exponentially lessening the chance of brands like Thrustmaster hearing of him to begin with. Martin then claims this sponsorship, the authenticity of which is already doubtful (though I’m not opposed to be proven wrong on this front), allowed him to develop a “working relationship” with both Sauber and Force India – two mid-pack Formula One teams who are far more interested in phenomenal real life GP3 and GP2 drivers than a guy playing Assetto Corsa or a Codemasters F1 game.

Martin then makes a massive error by mentioning that the Caterham F1 team had been scouting his online performance at the time of being signed by ProRaceUK. Formula One fans will note that the Caterham Formula One entity only existed for three seasons – 2012 to 2014 – missing the final three events of the 2014 Formula One calendar altogether. I find it hard to believe that an F1 team we haven’t seen on the grid in three years and whose assets were liquidated is actively monitoring the driver development of a random sim racer, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

We now move into discussing Martin’s online racing prowess, as his promotional material (above) claims he is in possession of seventeen world records on Assetto Corsa – no small feat for any sim racer, considering the application used to track world hot lap records is traditionally downloaded by a small fraction of the userbase intent on competing against the very best, as opposed to casual Assetto Corsa players. However, upon closer inspection, all of Josh’s seventeen world records are absurd car/track combinations that are completely meaningless from a competitive standpoint – he is intentionally taking the game’s open wheel race cars to drift tracks, drag strips, and layouts not typically used by Formula One machinery, such as the GT3 layout of the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit, which essentially means many of these “world records” are anything but, as in some cases he is the only person to register a time on that combination to begin with.

When tasked with a normal leaderboard challenge, Josh struggles to crack the top one hundred – a lowly 104th place at Spa-Francorchamps in the Ferrari F138, and 39th at Imola in the Formula Abarth, directly contradict his claims of being one of the top sim racers in the world.

Now personally, I cannot track down all of Josh’s league results to confirm the authenticity of his five hundred race wins and fifteen league championships given that his leaderboard records have been called into question, but what I have discovered is that he is listed as a driver in Eurogamer’s Assetto Corsa Championship, which is put on with help from Sparco, nVidia, and Thrustmaster. Those results are available, and they paint a picture drastically different from Josh’s personal website – despite being paired on a team with race winner Hany Al-Sabti, Josh is statistically the worst driver in the championship, qualifying some four seconds off pace for each round, and even being disqualified for reckless driving at the Montreal event.

The more you dig, an increasing amount of discrepancies slowly float to the surface. News articles of Josh Martin being invited to drive a Formula Ford for the 2015 season are proudly displayed on the Codemasters community blog, yet in other articles, this Formula Ford gig is referred to as merely a pit pass, with a team owner inviting him out to the track as a special paddock guest.

Across his personal website, there are many shots of Martin in a paddock area that depict him to be an amateur racing driver, wearing undergarments and a racing suit loaded with sponsors, but upon closer inspection, they appear to be part of a $170 USD karting suit designed after the Caterham F1 team. While some might see this as giving a bit of weight to Caterham allegedly monitoring Josh’s eSports “career”, these karting shots were uploaded to Facebook in 2016 – two years after Caterham’s departure from Formula One, and this is also a suit that anybody can go out and buy on eBay. Most photos of Josh in the paddock appear to come from one 24-hour karting event put on for teams of university students.

Info supplied to us by a third party has revealed that while some of his sponsorships are indeed legitimate, they have been seemingly attained under false pretenses; in this example, a group of sim racers can be seen discussing a way to fabricate emails that would convey to Thrustmaster – who was initially unwilling to spend money on sponsoring Martin – that Josh was a highly sought-after eSports personality being pursued by a rival company.

But the biggest contradiction of them all comes from ProRaceUK’s own Instagram page. At the top of this article, I displayed a picture and links to several articles talking about Martin supposedly signing to drive an entry level BMW touring car as part of a driver development program with ProRaceUK – which again, sounds reasonable on paper, and was actually covered by a fair amount of media outlets – enough to give the story some credibility. However, ProRaceUK have uploaded a photo two weeks ago of Josh’s car – with his name still on the window – advertised as being for sale.

Another shot has been uploaded just one week ago, displaying the car undergoing a “for sale wash”, implying the car has been sold.

The BMW Compact Cup that Martin was advertised to be competing in does not hold their first event until April 9th, 2017, though these photos indicate the car he was alleged to drive under the ProRaceUK banner was sold from the team to a private individual sometime in March – meaning the media frenzy appears to have been all for nothing, as it was for the Formula Ford arrangement a few years earlier. It seems the meteoric rise of Josh Martin from bedroom Assetto Corsa fanatic to professional racing driver – one which actually managed to dupe quite a few news outlets into running the story – has been built on the back of a delusional sim racer far too intelligent for anyone in contact with him to figure out that none of it was real to begin with.

First of all, there is no such thing as an international Assetto Corsa ranking system, meaning Josh’s title of #1 sim racer in Scotland is completely made up based on a hotlapping app that only a fraction of the community uses, but I cannot fault news outlets for not picking up on that. Second, Josh’s seventeen world records are largely the result of him cherry-picking tracks that have never been driven on before with a specific car, meaning he isn’t a world record holder in a traditional sense, he’s just the very first dude to ever race that track with that car, and it’s often nonsensical layouts, such as a Ferrari Formula One entry on a circuit intended for drift competitions, making his lap times beyond meaningless. Third, while I can’t find extensive history of his online racing exploits, for a sim racer with over fifteen online championships, his performance in the Eurogamer Assetto Corsa Championship – a collection of the best sim racers Europe has to offer – is astonishingly poor and directly contradicts his alleged credentials. These are all portions of Martin’s story that nobody aside from a fellow sim racing autist would ever be able to piece together.

Fourth, I find his statements about being scouted by the Caterham F1 team to be ludicrous, as that particular Formula One entity ceased operation before the conclusion of the 2014 season & liquidated their assets in February of 2015, whereas Martin has implied the team was paying attention to his journey up until he was signed by ProRaceUK in late 2016. Fifth, the team he was said to have signed with in October of 2016 can be seen selling the exact vehicle he posed with as of one week ago on Instagram, and in a similar fashion, nothing appears to have materialized with the Formula Ford arrangement he announced many years ago – using the exact same story line of a sim racer transitioning into reality after being noticed for climbing a non-existent world ranking leaderboard. Oops.

The whole thing is absolutely mind blowing; how nobody asked very specific questions and allowed this level of delusion to progress to this point is beyond words, and once again, we all look like retards lost in childish fantasies to the real life motorsports community.


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  1. Nothing shocks me anymore,and this is the reason why I don’t tell anyone about my hobby,when ever someone is shot into the spotlight,we are made to look like delusional fools.liers and just down right pathetic


  2. The whole thing is absolutely mind blowing; how nobody asked very specific questions and allowed this level of delusion to progress to this point is beyond words, and once again, we all look like retards lost in childish fantasies to the real life motorsports community.

    I only read the last paragraph and skimmed most of it because we all know what a joke Austins articles are. Is this piece about PRC getting bought out by Ian Bell?


  3. There’s some Canadian dude called Austin Ogonoski who has had a very similar career path.

    You should look him up. Might be worth doing a piece on him.


    1. Austin has topped leaderboards on various Codemasters titles, won countless races on the highly competitive Race2Play service and nearly won a prestigious local shitbox championship.

      He is a real driving God and his recent SMS sponsorship is definitely not just some cringeworthy PR stunt.


    2. Shitposting aside, Martin is like an alternate reality version of myself.

      Martin’s accolades are impressive when kept to a general description (17 track records, 15 championships, etc) but traditionally boil down to “F1 car hotlapping on drift tracks or club layouts nobody drives”, and various claims of climbing some global leaderboard when said leaderboard doesn’t actually exist. The only results I’ve been able to find so far, the guy is seriously brutal and in no way lives up to his self-proclaimed set of skills – hence the comparison to Ali Dia.

      In comparison, someone bored enough can probably go out and track down all of my statistics dating back to my start on iRacing – and maybe even Monster Trucks if you look at Sim Monsters events on YouTube. It’s not the most productive use of your time, especially if you want to find EVERYTHING I’ve participated in, but you can indeed see I’ve won X amount of online races, Y amount of championships, and held Z amount of track records. I’m sure people will cry that some are meaningless victories because it wasn’t THE iRacing World Grand Prix or Peak Anti-Freeze Series, but there’s more than enough data floating around on the web to show that I’m a fairly competent sim racer.

      Articles on Martin say he’s a professional racing driver who once had a ride in Formula Ford and now has a drive in the BMW Compact Cup, but there appears to be no record of his results, or even photos from his 2015 season; instead there’s an article that says he was merely invited as a VIP guest to watch one of the events. ProRaceUK, the hobbyist team who signed him in October of last year, can also be seen selling the exact car he posed with on Instagram, and Martin’s two Facebook pages do not indicate he’s preparing for the upcoming season, which is set to commence this weekend. All I can find are years upon years of news articles saying he’s about to make the jump into reality with various teams, or signed a very big sponsor to support his online career, but there is never anything to show for it as raw proof.

      To contrast with Martin’s “professional career”, which is suspiciously absent of photographs or race results aside from a selection of articles claiming he’s turning his eSports stardom into a real racing career, most of my personal social media is loaded with generic off-season shit, you can find detailed race results under my name & home track at the myLaps website, and in general there’s a ton of supporting evidence that – for lack of a better term – I am who I say I am. The same cannot be said about Martin.


      1. I’ve given you a bit of shit at the pointlessness of your articles recently but credit is due on this one, the guy is a fraud & worse many idiots have fallen for it. still why did you spend so much time & money in iracing when it sucks?


        1. For a while, no other game had that size of userbase, and it took many years for it to filter out into public that iRacing wasn’t very good.

          For example, when iRacing first came out, a lot of the backlash was from butthurt NR2003 modders upset that Papyrus had sued a community member and jacked up the price of the game exponentially. So criticism of iRacing was first seen as angry NR2003 racers unwilling to accept change. Following that initial wave of asspain, the marketing campaign (with help from guys like Dale Jr) pushed iRacing as the sim of the future, so a lot of people bit.

          I’d say early 2013 is when people started waking up. Slowly, more and more people started posting on the forums – many with real racing backgrounds – implying that iRacing wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The murmurs among select groups eventually became louder as the sim got bigger, and more and more amateur racers signed up, only to become confused at the vehicle physics.

          By that point, you either sat down and shut up because of sunk cost fallacy, or you were like myself and others who became very vocal about it.

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          1. The unhapiness really hit a peak in late 2011 when iRacing inexplicably changed the NTM Beta which was really good becuase pros were crying about it on the forums.

            I also remeber there being a very credible rumor about Dale Jr being ordered by Hendrick Motorsports to stop iRacing becuase it was fucking with his real racing. Considering that alot of people on iRacing know somebody in the Carolinas who knows somebody or knows someone who had acessto the DMP teamspeak probably had enough informaiton to substantiate this.

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          2. “For a while, no other game had that size of userbase, and it took many years for it to filter out into public that iRacing wasn’t very good.”

            I took me about 2 hours to find that out, back in 2011
            Just sayin…

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            1. I agree with this, but then again not everyone has ever driven an actual race car with 500+ hp and slicks. Without knowing what that feels like, it would be very hard to immediately render a judgment about iRacings verisimilitude.

              But yeah, I’ve checked in about once per year since 2011 and it’s still total unrealistic shit. I guess the new Porsche is OK but I refuse to buy anything else for iRacing after I wasted money on the McLaren Honda. Free mods for AC and especially AMS were vastly better, free of charge, and came with a game that included offline racing as well.

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  4. Scotland announced they could leave the UK and join Canada today. Obviously Austin is worried about having another like-minded autist to compete with over the self credited title of “Canada’s #1 simracer” and is trying to ruin his competition’s credibility before he has a chance to beat him to the title.


    1. How can anyone take this comment seriously? What has Austin done to self-promote other than announce what he’s doing on his own blog? Is he running around to TV stations with fake claims and posing in a fake racing suit with fake sponsors?

      No, he posted a single pic of him leaning against a *real* race car bearing the logos of *real* sponsors. He’s not claiming that F1 teams are scouting him. Every claim he’s made is verifiable and apparently accurate re: his sim racing and real racing experience.

      I don’t get it, man.

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  5. Can you stop using Oops after the point you wrote? Damn, someone here is also delusional that people take him seriously.

    Now about the article itself, I’ve read about this Josh Martin guy several times, how he was linked to sim racing “esports”, to assetto corsa and some real cars. But I never entirely believed it because I never saw concrete results of success. He’s been guerrilla marketing to make himself appear as some new racing prodigy using racing games and some real car, but is basically just vaporware. Meanwhile there are actual young racing talents out there in real series, with the biggest exponent being Max Verstappen, but for sure there are more young talents in the lower formula series in the path of promotion. Anyway, I always had some doubts reserved about Josh Martin simply because he had nothing more to show up besides hype.


    1. You would need to beat Austin for that, which based on what he says about his own skills on here, is impossible for any mere human.


    2. PRC people should go beat all 15 of his remaining records. I’d do it myself but I don’t own Assetto Corsa and I’m not good enough to take on an alien like Josh Martin.


    1. Yup, I read about that just this second.

      “gain afraid of being caught, he saw a group of supporters giving the stick to the players and started to fight them so that he was sent off before even entering the field. After the match, Kaiser lied to the patron that the supporters were calling him a thief and not only the player was forgiven but also earned a six-month extension.”



  6. The funny thing is, it would appear you put ‘real’ racing on a pedestal, as if this kind of stuff doesn’t happen there. I have lost count how many ‘World’ Karting Champions there are per year, when there are literally just two or three depending on the FIA’s class structure the time.

    People abuse so-called results all the time, its part of the game. Though some push it more than others


    1. This happens in drag racing as well.

      You have the NHRA, which is well, the drag racing sanctioning body everybody knows, like NASCAR.

      You then have the IHRA, which is basically the ARCA of drag racing. To be honest, it was pretty big in the 90’s and most pro drivers ran both schedules at once because dates never conflicted, and the rule packages were basically the same. Certainly not as big now, however.

      Then there’s the AHRA, which for many years was just one track in Spokane, Washington.

      All three sanctioning bodies would dub you “world champion”. The difference here is that regardless of which series you won, you still won a professional auto racing championship, in a car that could turn into a raging inferno at any second, and costs thousands upon thousands of dollars just to campaign for one weekend. So even if you won an AHRA title (which my family has done a handful of times), it’s like “shit man, you won a major event against a full field of the best cars in the northwest, congrats!”

      Here, it’s like “yo, your fucking private lobby F1 2014 races against your high school mates doesn’t classify you as an esports legend.” Might as well race your tricycle against the neighborhood kids and call yourself the next lance armstrong.

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      1. need to do your research there James, and read the FIA’s sporting code. There are no tracks in Europe at least (with FIA aligned ASN’s approval) that will run a ‘World Championship’ titled event even if the event was run by a non-FIA body. The track would lose their licence. If a driver even calls themselves a ‘world champion’ when they are not they are in breach of the FIA and could lose their licence. The problem with drivers is the FIA don’t readily enforce it like they do with the tracks.

        There are a TON of tiny insignificant championships that when won drivers call themselves ‘MSA British Karting Champion’ when in reality they are no where near it. They just won an MSA sanctioned class with 3 other karts.

        The point being that even in the ‘real world’ where people are literally spending hundreds of thousands of pounds you get these kind of promotional tactics. The difference is no one in the real racing world has the time or energy to do long pieces on it.

        I am not saying it’s not worth noting, but it certainly isn’t a phenomena exclusive to sim racing.


  7. Is that a 4:3 TV?? Maybe narrow fov is the way forward! To be fair, he is just a kid and that news article could have gotten him pussy so fair play.


    1. Assuming Austin’s take is correct (and the evidence suggests it is), he’s fooled quite a few people, and possibly made a few bucks doing it.


  8. I’d never heard of the guy before your post but he is far from alone. Research suggest as many as 40% of millennials want to be famous. Looks like he’s one of them. Is he really to blame? Probably not. With the rise of reality TV stars who’ve contributed nothing to society we see this kind of aggrandisement in many areas of life. Exaggerated truths and fake news all seem to be part of the way they build a persona. Paradoxically your article in some ways adds to his search for fame.

    He seems a bit misguided and your expose should help clear up some of the lies and make him think about the claims he makes in future. Either that or he’ll fake it till he makes it.

    Interesting read but I much prefer it when you go after the shoddy game companies and their blatant marketing lies.


    1. “Interesting read but I much prefer it when you go after the shoddy game companies and their blatant marketing lies.”

      He got paired up with SMS, so we won’t see that anymore.


    2. I disagree. You’re either new to the site, or haven’t read many past articles. One of the longstanding issues highlighted by the site has been the delusional behavior of sim racers in general.

      Examples include the Jacoby kid, the “Simulation Value Experts” and forum sycophants (Michael Hornbuckle being the best example) who think that, by defending developers to the death, they can form some sort of personal relationship with them.

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  9. Still not as batshite crazy as Mark Plourde…though it’s pretty damn close.

    Seriously. What the fuck. Also, didn’t Caterham show up in 2010? I swear I remember them in Bahrain 2010….


  10. So you crashed anothers boys dreams. Even if it´s all true, it will backfire to your own dreams and i bet it will harsh.


  11. As someone who has actually raced in SCCA track events (when Reagan was president!), I find it unbelievable how people just throw around “F1 teams are looking at this driver”. Do people have any idea at all how utterly impossible that is?

    Look at Pascal Wehrlein. This guy is 22 and has been karting since age 9. He raced in ADAC Formel Masters, F3, and *won* the 2015 DTM (incredibly competitive). He has basically worked his ass off for over half his 22 years on the planet to get a drive at Sauber.

    And even *this* guy cannot currently drive an F1 car because he isn’t fit enough to do so (he got a late start to his physical training due to a crash). Knowing this, what kind of fucking idiot would even entertain the notion that some sim nerd playing games in his bedroom would be of the slightest interest to anyone involved in the most prestigious level of motor sports?

    Seriously – I think people who play sims in general tend towards delusional grandiosity. Maybe it’s what attracted us to the hobby in the first place. For me, I am trying to recapture some memories of my late teens and also I don’t have the time/$ to go to track days more than once or twice every 2 months.


    1. And even with Wehrlein people saying, that his training-conditions are just an excuse. Maybe his replacement ist just faster in the sim and they want to try him out.

      This hole recruiting process is corrupt in it´s core anyway. It´s not about finding the best potential drivers, it´s about money and influence. It´s corrupt like in any other business. No musician get´s famous just for making very best music, no journalist for bringing the most accurate stories and righting well, no scientist for being right about anything. The hole system is corrupt in it´s core.


  12. Pack mentality bullying an 18 year old. Is that what this blog has become, so fucking what if he pretends he is better than he is. Can someone explain why its upsetting you? Don’t worry i know.. Its because your all really really really really fucking sad asswipes.

    Slightly mad studios seriously you endorse some wank shit but this is new levels of wank shit, when you can just literally post pictures of some kid on a blog for 1000’s of people to see. The poor fucker just wants to get a ride.

    This is some seriously shady shit you’ll probably have someone causing self harm or worse someday. James im all up for takin the piss but this is a young kid you called out. Shady mother fucker. You can do much better than this surely. I know your quite young aswell but someday you will look back and realise that you shouldn’t do that to people (thats what he is) my guess… James is an only child mollycoddled way too much. Didnt grow out of rebellion teen years. I congratulated you on your ride, now i dont think you deserve it.


    1. Oh look, it’s the “cyberbullying” argument again.

      Quick rundown, the guy has an official website & Facebook fanpage, not to mention a pretty decent selection of news articles & interviews from otherwise reputable sources that put his name out there as a public figure. And last time I checked, criticism of those are fair game. I’m sorry I was the first guy to rub two brain cells together and figure out that the guy is a giant bullshit artist (actually I’m the second, this story originally came as a Reader Submission and I did my own digging on top of the supplied info).

      Who is he hurting?

      Well we currently have what’s looking like a scam artist out there in the sim racing community, actively persuading people for eSports sponsorship, exposure, and a drive in a real car under completely false pretenses that until this article have gone undetected. Why would anyone NOT report on this?

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      1. And then he gets to make a fool of himself on a public stage, or whats the alternative? You cant just say your a racing driver it doesn’t work out. So either he enters a esports race (you yourself say that these events should contain characters instead of ricket ridden teenagers) and gets rinced, or he does a good job.

        Or real race team give him a chance and realise he is not a race car driver (like what happened)

        i think its fine to call the community delusional but yes this does class as bullying because he never hurt you or anyone here for that matter and you used your platform (muscles) to ridicule him, thats bullying just because you trivialise it with the word cyber doesn’t change shit. Your being a nasty bully James and you can do better, the fact that this was the first article in 3 days says to me you must have been clutching at straws.

        Why would you want to start this with a community as fucking desperate and vile as these disgusting dirty shit sucking nerds, theres plenty of pretenders who follow this blog.

        And while were on the subject of pretending, you now support a guy who did actually dupe a lot of people out of money. Sms did actually deserve calling out for false promises, if it turns out there doing the same again then you are much worse than some kid pretending to be a race driver and hurting nobody, at worst being a time waster.

        Also about the scottish, the are completely over patriotic, they crave attention, probably wasnt even his idea. They just want to be better than the english at somthing. And they are, there better at being malnutritiond and tennis.


        1. The guy actively courts the attention, he didn’t just randomly get picked up by the Scottish press. He pushes his “alien simracer” persona out to all who’ll listen. His Twitter history is constant tweets at various outlets and simracing personalities saying “hey check your business email,” “interested in a business proposal?” etc. He seems to have obtained his sponsorships through relentless self-promotion. To be fair, he has been very successful with that and is incredibly good at it. But that doesn’t make it any less of a sham.


          1. I once saw in a facebook comment in AC’s page trying to contact Kunos for a business. This guy is everywhere and it sounds like bad business.


        2. i think its a fair point to remember that he is only 18. But he is also classed as an adult & if he doesn’t drop that shit soon it could land him in serious shit. One of several things going on here either he is a future con artist, a la Freegard, Dia, just some kid who has got carried away maybe encouraged by his friends & family or the article is wrong.


      2. lol at self-gloating. You think you were the first one to not believe this guy? Maybe the first one with a blog that can write about it. But there are people who didn’t believe or at least didn’t trust completely the news and his personal website.


  13. Credit where it’s due.. he Kaiser Soze’d all those people! That in itself is impressive!

    Good read Jimmy.. but the fact remains that you’re still a nerd sim racer who was lucky enough to have a developer pay you off so you don’t bash their new sim when it’s released..

    Bashing this guy doesn’t actually make you any better..


  14. You forgot to mention him scamming people. I can get you more info on this Austin if you want to add to the article?

    He falls into the same category as ASPEC7878 and Balanesko.


    1. I bought all of ASPEC7878’s excellent mods and feel like I got my $2800 worth of Forza rips with outstanding “physics” hand-coded by this great Russian scientist! Truly, ASPEC7878 is like the fuckin Da Vinci of modding. How dare you call him a scammer?!


        1. Ah, no. That was pretty clearly some major sarcasm dude. His models are ok, but the physics are a ridiculous hodgepodge ripped from (you guessed it) other mods. I think he *still* has the 917k for $21, even though it’s included in official DLC.

          The Peugeot 905 in Forza 4 drives way better than his version for AC, if that tells you anything!


  15. Finally James. Been winding this crook up for a while now. Blocks anyone who dares to try and expose him on social media, like an immature spoilt brat.

    Hopefully this will banish him to his bedroom for good. Feel you’ve only scratched the surface, but the poster above and the whole crook comment bears fruit.

    This guy has been in, and been found out in more leagues than I have had hot dinners.

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    1. The amount of screen shots I have is funny on this guy. For got to mention the promised TV deal to a bunch of simracers… James I sent u a pm on fb

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  16. Bedroom computer race guy starts a bitch fight with another bedroom computer race guy. There can only be one outcome. It’ll all be over when one of their mums shouts them downstairs for fish fingers and chips.


  17. Wow.
    I am the owner of ProRaceUK and have very little time to respond to what I can see is a troll nit picking a lad who has put together a strong marketable package using well chosen data and statistics. I approached Josh after seeing his audience and efforts online, strange I didn’t approach yourself.

    1. ProRaceUk It is a fulltime dedicated motorsport business not hobbyist. Delivering services worldwide.
    2. I own several race cars non of which are directly dedicated to one driver in the longterm (irrespective of some cheap vinyl on a window that was used in a photo shoot).
    3. 90% of the work involved in motorsport and career development is carried out offline and in the real world. Feel free to come join us any weekend at BTCC, British GT, BritCar event.

    On a personal point….I love haters. They fuel my drive and passion to succeed. Enjoy your audience, but I’m not sure how you will monetize your bitterness but I’m sure your drive for success will shine through.


    1. So when will Josh be driving in the BMW Compact Cup as per the earlier press release?? Let me know the dates and I’ll come watch. Also, I didn’t see James question ProRaceUK’s legitimacy anywhere, only j0shter’s. No-one is hating on you, Craig.

      2. LOL at “well chosen data and statistics.” I used to have over 30 world records in Project Cars using the same method Josh does, driving car/track combinations no-one else had done. The difference is I was doing it for the lulz and knew very well that it was completely meaningless. Trying to market yourself with those sorts of statistics is misleading, disingenuous and deliberately deceptive. I’m not sure how why you don’t recognise this.

      Josh certainly has put together a marketable package, too bad it’s entirely based on smoke and mirrors.


    2. I’d love to see Austin do a full season of Ginettas in the BTCC support races. If only to quash the self belief that he’s a racing god.


    3. Craig I think you’ve missed the point. This guy has scammed you.

      He has faked a marketable package with fake data and fake statistics.

      It’s now apparent that this guy has duped and scammed a lot of people. If you still stand by him, then it doesn’t show you, or your business in a very good light.

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    4. Hello Craig, Austin is definitely a troll you got that right but i thought on this occasion he put forward a decent case. Maybe you can provide something to counter this? If josh is the real deal i wish him the best but if not then this could have ramifications for future youngsters on the same path. I’m assuming you wouldn’t take him on if you didn’t see him drive for real right?


    5. The problem is this guy has basically fabricated his achievements, used a fake promise of a now defunct F1 team that was allegedly scouting him, has very dubious world records and has massively oversold his statistics, as well as got into (aparent) sponsorships with high value and big name sponsors based on false acollades and false pretenses..

      So, would you, Craig, take on an employe in the shop that claims they worked for Penske and Williams and Team Dynamics, or would you follow up that call with research, and why is it different if it’s online? You should be doing a lot of research on the people you’re going to potentially sign, especially if the tiniest thing seems fishy really.

      I mean, the Caterham thing was a dead giveaway as two seconds of research would show it was fake, the supposed Scottish F1 game league barely cracked 150 views, and his entire website seems too well put together to be the work of a sim racer, he’s trying to get money and fame for basically inventing a massive career.

      I could do the same, I could go to…say…Rangers and say hey, I scored 50 goals in 20 appearences and I was team captain X times and I did this and that, without ever revealing it was a Sunday league situation. Point is…stats aren’t the entire story. You and your business still need to do your research into any potential signings regardless of their background.

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    6. You can’t even sell a piece of trash such as that M3 for £5.000 (still there for sale, according to the Facebook page) and you want to sell the fact that the guy you allegedly signed up is legit?

      Yeah, good luck with that.

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      1. I think it’s a 318. Price seems correct assuming it’s a good shape. It’s a proper race car, but obviously at the grassroot level. Not especially fast, a bit like Spec Miata.


    7. I think we need to now take a look at “ProRaceUK”, if indeed this posting is legitimate. Birds of a feather flock together. Also, I’m not exactly impressed by a £5000 “race car”. What sort of shitbox series is that? Even in the SCCA classes I ran in 1983-1988, that amount would only just about cover our tire and prep costs for a single race.

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      1. Kondor, it’s see it as something along the line of a Spec Miata.. I believe it’s a 318, probably even slower than the former, especially compared to competitive cars (top SMs are hella hacked). Still a pretty good drive tho. Price seems right.

        It’s much cheaper to buy than to build 🙂


        1. Yes, looks like it. Nothing wrong with that or their main business of providing rentals for racing (great idea, actually – but not what I’d call a “Race Team”).

          Unfortunately, this outreach to sim racers wasn’t apparently taken seriously and now the owner is right here mocking us because we actually give a shit that Josh’s “accomplishments” are fake.

          That gives you a lot of insight into what this guy thinks of us. I’d love to go give one of his Ginetta’s a try and maybe re-educate him into realizing that not all sim racers are hopeless dreamers.


  18. The issue is the guy who runs this site. He gets silenced by one of his unfortunate victims in exchange for promises of riches, and all of a sudden thinks he’s Dale Fucking Earnhardt and an authority on real racing. Stick him in a FWD car in the BTCC and let’s all see how brave and awesome he is then.


  19. “It appears Josh is not a massively talented eSports superstar on the path to a professional auto racing career as his website suggests, but merely another delusional sim racer with far too much time on his hands, and far too many enablers around him to put a stop to it”

    I reckon you two would get along just fine….


  20. This guy is definitely one of the best simracers out there. He should be in the iRacing iWCGPS because the #2 simracer in Scotland, Graham Carroll, is a podium contending driver there. Graham was also a finalist in that shitty Vegas thing and got some sweet dough from it. I wonder why Josh wasn’t in Vegas tearing Bono Huis a new hole tbh. He needs to run in the 2017 iRacing Pro Series so Huttu and Kronke can get rekt in 2018. Prob doesn’t have time for that because he’s busy racing BMWs and Formula Fords tho.


    1. His performance in EACC championship tells everything you need to know about the guy. He was way off the pace (+4 seconds from the pole) and crashed in every race and will probably be replaced for the races to come


      1. I find it hard to believe a 500 time race winner, 15 time championship winner and holder of 17 world records would be 4 seconds off the pace? Sounds like fake news to me!

        On another note, I was joking.

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    1. It sounds like you’re a small company trying to leverage some social media presence using what turns out to be a fake sim-racing champion whose only real talent is relentless self-promotion.

      Why not just admit you got taken in? Also, we would love to see your new signings actual race results. You’ve challenged this blog to “put up or shut up” by coming to one of your races.

      Perhaps you should take your own advice, and let us know how Josh does this season?

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      1. What is it this company actually does? Seems to me its some sort of racing school that they are selling where they have track days & put on amateur race weekends. So really anyone can buy into this by the looks of it. I think they are using this guy to sell that idea to the sim community. So i’m not sure of the link with the BTCC other than that’s part of the sales pitch?

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        1. Yep, I think you nailed it. It’s analogous to “Vanity Publishers” (from pre-Internet days), where anyone could pay for the cost of printing a book and become an “author”.

          They probably see sim-racers as a prime target market. I mean, it’s not the worst idea in the world. There were (and are) plenty of “pay drivers” (i.e. Useful Idiots) in all forms of motorsports, and it should never be forgotten that triple world champion Niki Lauda was once regarded as such (boy, they got that wrong).

          This having been said, they should’ve done some basic checking and approached a *real* sim-racing “alien”. Instead, they appear to have been taken in by a scammer.


      1. No worries folks.
        Fortunately my business or career isn’t directed by those opinions of angry trolls.

        Every investment need a return, I invested in the motorsport career of Josh happily and return was had in a short period of time.

        ProRace UK provides motorsport services worldwide.
        The £5k BMW for sale is one of the many race cars we support.

        If I missed the F1 Caterham claim then that’s my mistake. Josh has not “duped” me in company.
        You guys seem very bitter that he has managed to jump-start a path into motorsport.

        What date will he be racing? That’s his decison, I am currently working in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup, BTCC, BritCar British GT and started off in clubman series over a decade ago…all in the real world. Feel free to come join me anytime around the UK.

        Try not to be too disrespectful of people…you have no idea where life may take you.


        1. His website says he’s racing in the BMW Compact Cup series in 2017. He posed with the BMW you sold. When is he racing in it? What were his Formula Ford results? Did he ever actually compete in a Formula Ford race?

          Did you believe him when he told you he was one of the world’s leading simracers? If so, you were duped. He’s not. Also, his whole marketing spiel is about being the “first” driver to move from simracing to real motorsport, even though there are already a significant number of such people from GT Academy nowadays.

          For me, personally, I know I have no chance of ever competing in real motorsport. I wish anyone who makes it the best of luck. What bothers me about this guy is the lies and twisted manipulation of records and stats. And his avoidance of plain facts whenever he is confronted about the fact he is in fact, not one of the best in the world.

          He has, at various times, claimed to be the #6 and #8 best simracer in the world when (a) no such rankings actually exist and (b) he can’t even crack the top 20 in any kind of half decent field even in a single race (and make no mistake, the EACC field is not even close to the strength of an iRacing Pro or WC series field). He also claims to be the #1 simracer in Scotland, again based on what I can’t possibly figure out, considering there is a Scottish guy who won the qualifying competition for the $1m Formula E Vegas race, and competed in the final in Vegas. That same Scottish driver has also finished on the podium in the iRacing World Championship, a level of competition Josh couldn’t even dream of competing at. And yet, he is apparently “ranked” higher than Carroll. I also know some other Scottish simracers, who are fast and capable, and have absolutely smashed Josh in various leagues but they would never make such bold claims as they know they’re simply decent to slightly above average in the grand scheme of things.

          Ultimately, it’s just annoying to have some guy parading himself around the internet and TV as some kind of eSports God when he is, in fact, rubbish.

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          1. You don’t get it. It doesn’t matter if josh is not the number 1, the whole thing is a sham & this guy Craig is just using Josh to promote his company, he has probably spent next to nothing on this guy seeing as his company is basically a bunch of cars & staff that support club racing. The fact that Josh has been on TV is good enough & he has seen an opportunity to cash in on Josh’s fame. Photo opps, hashtag#nextjosverstappen this Craig guy is milking it just as much as Josh.

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        2. Dude.. you were and still are duped. Too bad you refuse to see the truth. Not of any strong character are you? Not good for your business image.


        3. Here is Josh conspiring with his mates to give Thrustmaster the impression that Fanatec is interested in sponsoring him, by outright forging emails.

          What else do you think he forged or outright lied about?

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        4. Mr. Harper, you are really embarrassing yourself here. I have a strong feeling that you already knew Josh was a sham and are just using him to market your services (which amounts to renting out race cars, from what I can tell) to sim-racers and other dreamers.

          I know you also have a real racing team, and likely use the proceeds of this “rent-a-race-car” business to help finance that (my dad owned a chair of hardware stores that financed our team, so I’m sympathetic). In that case, they are 2 separate entities. And now you’re trying to conflate the two operations in a vain attempt to lend credibility from one to the other.

          So, is Josh being paid to race? Is he actually a part of your team? Or is he just being given free rent to drive a car in an amateur series to promote your “Arrive and Drive” package?

          See, the fact that you don’t even know what date he will start racing speaks volumes. Clearly, he is *not* part of your racing team. What team wouldn’t know exactly when their driver is starting?

          I looked at your site, and you offer: “Arrive & Drive Packages from £999 per weekend”. Let me guess: Josh is doing one of these, but at a reduced rate (or free) as a publicity stunt.

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  21. Do you even realize how badly this guy would humiliate you James, he is one of the top talents in the whole of Europe when it comes to virtual open-wheelers.


    1. Yeah that’s why he was four seconds off pace with the polesitter’s setup in the Eurogamer championship and actually got DQ’d from a race for shitty driving.


        1. Josh Martin’s reputation has been known for a while now. A post in Sim Racers a few weeks ago directly involved him.


          1. So many questions going unanswered.
            Fortunately I don’t have to explain myself to people who are clearly very upset at the world.

            The relationship and financial situation between my business and my drivers is simple. It my business.

            But I must say reading the astute analysis of my business and various choices open to me in regard to products and services I provide at the the highest level in the UK are entertaining…if not blatantly obvious.

            I don’t think I have much of an interest in entertaining ANYONE from this sim community again given the vibrant and aggressive nature I have expereinced as an outsider. It’s a feeling I don’t think I will forget soon.
            Well done to all involved.


            1. Nobody is “angry at the world” here.

              In October of 2016, you announced a driver would be driving for your team for the 2017 season. There was a lot of media coverage about it. Six months later, the car you announced he would be driving is for sale, and we haven’t been told when he will be racing. It has been discovered many of his online racing “records” are competitions where he was the only participant. Most people are simply drawing obvious conclusions.

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              1. I certainly hope it’s not the real team owner, since whoever it is can barely write and spends most of their time making broad sweeping generalizations about the people here, rather than actually addressing a *single* question asked.

                Liars, when caught, tend to pick a personal fight or try to make the subject “Well, look who’s asking” rather than addressing the issues raised.

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                  1. That’s just creepy.

                    Sometimes, people are telling the truth. I am.

                    If you change out your power ranger onsie and head over to the most prestigious race circuit in the world, come hang with me.

                    It’s not more money than sense, it’s kindness and opportunity.

                    You may confuse this with your lemon hinted perspective.


  22. I don’t get all this sanctimonious preaching and playing the simracing moral police. If dude was an U.S. citizen his alleged Trump-esque avoidance of plain facts and lying would qualify him for POTUS.


  23. I love the fact that he deletes and blocks anyone that challenges him on any fb post.. Probably goes crying to his mom when he gets made fun of on the internet


  24. Racing debunked

    99.9% of racing is paid for by salaries and on the promise of future dreams.
    Not sponsorship or paid drives.

    There is a reference to these paying drivers being “useful idiots”.
    Im taking a stab in the dark here but it appears to be that sim racing is funded by, well drop off the “useful” part.

    It’s very hard not to take it personally in regards to a decision I made to SEEK out a young local lad with aspirations and marketability and SUPPORT him.
    There is a real personal and venomous attack being made on the lad.

    Let’s say…..everything is a lie.
    I’m the one who paid him money…not you.
    I’m the one who invested time and effort into him….not you.
    I’m the one who got a return from him and would of happily put together a 2017/18 sim team together fully paid and backed by a fulltime motorsport team…..not you.

    Now I’m off to bed as I have over half a million pounds worth of cars room look after tomorrow at Silverstone for some “useful idiots”

    What are you doing tomorrow?
    Checking this blog.
    Reassess your life goals lads.


    1. I’ve just been watching some of his YouTube videos. He can’t even drive a rental kart.

      Putting this kid in a race car will be very dangerous. It’s on your head Mr Harper.


    2. I don’t know who you are, but as someone involved in the motorsport industry, what you just said is 1000% bullshit. Motorsport has always been about the sponsorship dollars and if you can drive decent. It’s not James’ fault that you were conned by some kid making up that he was the real deal. You may have half a million dollars in race cars, but if you’re getting randoms to drive them with no prior racing experience, expect those driving to be less than $10 in driving talent.

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      1. Your right about a few things, you don’t know me, but unlike everyone else here, I’m open honest and don’t hide behind anonymous names or profiles. I exist and so do the facts that I relay across.

        “”what you just said is 1000% bullshit””
        I’m unsure how to calculate that statistic given the fact I only measure 100% or less….sorry to be as pedantic as some others here. It seems to be contagious.

        “”Motorsport has always been about the sponsorship dollars and if you can drive decent””
        That’s hilarious.
        I’m sure your gonna tell us next that skill and ability in real life racing matters more than money also, that’s why your sitting typing and I’m on my way to the race track for quali…because your talent has carried you so far.

        “”It’s not James’ fault that you were conned by some kid making up that he was the real deal””
        So now I was conned, and everything is my fault. I’m sure I will be to blame for cancer, AIDS and homelessness soon enough with this kind of logic.

        “”you’re getting randoms to drive them with no prior racing experience””
        There is more than one random with zero relevant expereince throwing their opinions about blindly. If you only knew what drivers I look after….you are such ignorant troll. Apologies for name calling but you could easily Google, LinkedIn or Facebook me. People pay to drive after heavy vetting…that is motorsport. It doesnt matter where the money comes from Teams run campaigns for businesses….this has been happening for decades. Shock. Teams deliver the technical part, marketing and PR teams deliver the ROI

        If you want to race…learn
        Motorsport Marketing
        Brand partnership
        Securung funding
        And then implement those tools, then you will race forever fully funded at the top level.

        Any donkey can make excuses that they are amazing racers but never had the “lucky break’ or “rich parents” or “unspotted talent” or expereince.
        That’s just excuses for bitter angry people who haven’t learnt the importance of funding racing and use it as a comfort blanket when they realise we all have relatively the same tools and opportunities open to us. The only difference is you dont work on your racing paths. You guys seem to use this blog to air aggression and bitterness instead of facing on your careers or opportunities. Sitting on a computer will not give you a motorsport career……SHOCK
        Let’s say everything Josh has done was FALSE and ZERO of it existed…
        He has secured relationships and opportunites through selection of data, professional appearance effort and knowledge.
        All of which are available to “more skilled” individuals, but the difference was tenacity, dedication and a single focus… succeed.

        The alternative, sit on a blog and cry to the world while trying to monetize trolling, break down others and hold companies at gun point with the opinions of an angry bitter crowd.

        It’s a perspective thing, I spent ZERO time putting together an argument against Josh (or any other SimRacer) and simply put together a budget, opportunity and effort into giving the lad a break after seeing the monumental effort he was putting in at the time.

        ……what have you guys done in that time.
        Well from what I can see in the last 48hrs…..smashed keyboards with your face and typed up childish ignorant opinions based on Hollywood films, hopes and dreams….with zero links to reality.
        Makes sense, your racing careers are a simulation so you see your opinions are likewise
        You don’t get to press restart here though.
        You just get left in the gravel shouting at yourself.


        1. “Let’s say everything Josh has done was FALSE and ZERO of it existed…
          He has secured relationships and opportunites through selection of data, professional appearance effort and knowledge.
          All of which are available to “more skilled” individuals, but the difference was tenacity, dedication and a single focus… succeed.”

          If you think using false information or manipulated statistics to succeed is admirable you are a twisted person. Go look at his “world records” on RSR now. They’re gone. Because they were meaningless since no-one else had attempted those track/car combinations before. His 15 “championships” would be better described as “shampionships” considering the leagues they took place in. He’s never won any kind of reputable simracing championship. Again, misleading and deceptive.

          Saying he’s “ranked #1 in Scotland” isn’t clever selection of data. It’s A LIE. It’s MADE UP.

          I have a focus to succeed too, except I put it into practicing and being on pace in legitimate, reputable simracing championships. I’ve raced many of the guys Josh is getting creamed by in the Eurogamer championship, and I was most certainly not 4.5 seconds off pace.

          But I would rather try my best against talented racers and finish 9th than beat up on people with no ability in tiny leagues with a dozen members to “win titles” and create a false “professional” image around myself while actually being completely useless at racing like Josh. I guess that’s just what being an honest person is like.

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        2. Craig i think the issue is you are quite clearly the entrepreneur, you see the bold claims about his career as an opportunity for some media coverage & more fuel for your marketing fire. We see them for what they really are, exaggerations of the truth. I was always willing to see your side of things but you spent more time trying to trash us than actually explain what is going on.
          I think maybe Josh will be successful but not sure that will be as a racing driver. His determination & willing to bullshit his way through life wont do him any harm unless of course it turns into something more sinister.
          You are defensive as you wouldn’t want the reputation of your company tainted in any way & i see no good in that either, you provide jobs, you provide a service really there is no hatred from my side. If people buy into the idea that if they pay you, that will turn them from sim racer to race driver that’s up to them.
          I just think its an interesting story & also the truth is important to me so its in my nature to dig a bit to find it. I’ve no interest in becoming a racing driver either not sure why you assume that of all of us here, just a bit of fun for me its a game.

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          1. My offer of 5 questions still stand

            I have nothing to avoid
            I have nothing to hide
            I have taken time.out a very busy and succesful race day to answer questions and now what would appear to be entertain people who have very little passion or drive towards a motorsport career.

            The truth is important.
            So feel.feel free to ask any questions and I will feel free to answer any questions


        1. Have no doubt you are what you say you are. I mean I could contact Lawrence right now and sort out a Ginetta for the next round)

          But what I don’t understand is as a successful businessman how you have been duped into someone with fraudulent qualifications, and no talent, and into promoting them, sticking up for them, and supporting them. I get it. Pride.

          There are hundreds of not thousands of other more worthwhile people available though. That’s all people are saying. Not an attack on you, personally.

          I mean, based on actual results. The lad can’t even handle a virtual car. Would you trust him with a 5k BMW. Let alone a 25k Ginetta. Big call that.

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          1. A ginetta is £120k.
            But let’s not get details in the way.
            It’s simple there are more of you that me.
            It’s a mobile mentality and what can I say…your all correct. I am wrong please forgive me and my lack of knowledge or experience.


        2. I love how this Craig Harper fellow is now trying to lecture everyone that he is this incredible expert in the economics of racing, when he actually runs a tiny racing *support* service whose total value is less than what it costs to run a single car in GT3.

          Gosh, I wonder if the drivers for Black Falcon or Zakspeed realize that Mr Harper has decided that they’re all talentless hacks who bought their way in?

          Basically, he provides rental cars for kids to try a weekend of racing. Just check out the Prorace UK page and his customers on FaceBook.


          1. Tiny support team.
            Show me yours and I will show you mine.

            No one said talentless. But talent is wasted without money.
            I may be wrong given all the people on here offering opportunities to so many.

            “”Basically, he provides rental cars for kids to try a weekend of racing. Just check out the Prorace UK page and his customers on FaceBook””
            Sherlock to the rescue.


            1. I notice you didn’t deny a thing I said. I’m sorry, you really have been caught out here. You’re a complete minnow in the world of racing and you think this is just a bunch of angry kids who hope to one day drive a race car.

              News flash, Sherlock. Some of us already did. I’m not some angry sim-nerd who’s never made it past virtual driving.

              The way *real* drivers make it is by relentless hard work, delivering results first and foremost, and either they have a wealthy family that can sustain them through the years of competing in the lower formulae, or else a very hard-working dad. I had the latter, by the way.

              Your take on the motorsport world may apply to the nasty little corner you inhabit, but go look up Lewis Hamilton’s bio. He made it via sheer talent, delivering results and having a father willing to work 3 jobs. Eventually he got noticed.

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              1. Your father must be so proud of you now.
                How you managed to go from top racing driver to angry bitter man.

                I have never once referred to anyone as a kid…….kids have manors and tend to want to learn and share.

                You sir are a big blow of hot air resting on the hard work of your father it appears by your own admission and failing to be “spotted”

                The Internet seems to have spotted you now and your calling is clear.
                Train and educate the way of motorsport.

                Today I won a trophy.

                That was nice.

                I also gave some time to angry bitter lonely men.
                Which was kind of me too I feel.


                1. I had a test with Roush (now Roush Fenway), for the record. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

                  It’s interesting that you hired this fraud Josh to be your “E-Sports Ambassador”, clearly intending to leverage his notoriety and thereby sell your “rent a race car” service to aspiring sim racers.

                  That’s actually an OK idea, but for 2 things:
                  1) Josh is a fraud.
                  2) You’ve subsequently spent your time insulting and alienating the very people (sim racers) that you wanted to use your service.

                  Not much of a businessman, are you?


    3. Mr Harper,

      Have any of your drivers progressed beyond paying you to drive one of your rentals?

      Have any been picked up by other racing teams?

      I notice you tend to label people as “haters” who happen to have legitimate questions about what you and Josh Martin are doing.

      I find that liars, when caught, try to pick a fight or change the subject. You seem to be doing both. Instead of explaining what’s going on, you give us advice as if everyone here is some kid.

      I’m a 50 year old guy. I happen to make more per year than what your entire business is likely worth. I don’t need your advice on how to live my life, but it would be great if you’d answer some basic questions and save the pablum-filled lectures for your congenetics.

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      1. My drivers are highly talented and financially stable that’s all I am willing to discuss.

        As for calling me a liar or a lecturer you sir are a pedantic undermining Internet hero who has son much money and experience feels it necessary to belittle all points in which I have provided….all of which are based upon fact.

        But I’m wrong

        What I am doing is providing Josh Martin opportunity and relationships to progress his racing career.

        I haven’t change the subject or picked a fight.
        I have only given my side of the discussion from the team that support him.

        For full clarity though….
        I’m willing to provide answers to 5 questions to clarify myself and my companits position here.

        Fire away. Then I’m done. As this is an utterly shambolic situation as you guys are clearly so experienced in the race wored you would realise how small the world is…and how careful you need to be with your negative and attacking g mentalities….but you all know that with your expereince and wads of money


        1. I don’t care about the racing world personally. Others might. I’m just annoyed by his lies about his eSports achievements. Even though it’s funny as well.

          For example. From Josh’s LinkedIn:

          “I am an up and coming racing driver, who is making history by coming exclusively from the world of Esports to real life racing. By becoming the 1st person in history to do so, there is an extensive amount of media coverage.”

          Not true. Several drivers have now done this through GT Academy and been very successful in sportscars. Jann Mardenborough raced single seaters in GP3 too. Claim 1 debunked.

          “The competitions are fierce, and the realism is at an all time high as Esports becomes a worldwide sport (To put the customers in perspective, more people watched the Esports finals than the super bowl in 2015). I am very fortunate in that I am ranked #1 in Scotland, and one of the world’s finest.”

          Not true. Firstly, there are no national or world simracing rankings. They do not exist. Secondly, there are several much, much more notable Scottish simracers competing in the most well known and competitive championships with significant real cash prizes. Josh has never shown any inkling of being on that level. If he was one of the world’s finest, he would not be 4.5 seconds off pace in the EACC. Claim 2 debunked.

          On another note, the eSports that were watched by more people than the superbowl were things like League of Legends, Starcraft, DOTA and CSGO. Most simracing broadcasts struggle to attract more than 1,000 viewers. The Vegas e-Race which had a $1m prize pot, peaked at about 13,000 viewers. Not exactly major marketing numbers. MISLEADING.

          “My skills have allowed me to work Closely with the previously run Caterham Renault Formula 1 team and I was due to have a factory visit in preparation for my move to single seater racing”

          Huge claim. Evidence? I found a few tweets sent from him to the Caterham twitter account in 2014, which they did not reply to. It seems like he was quite infatuated with them. If I was to guess, he probably did a visitor factory tour as a regular paying customer, not because they wanted him to drive in F1. The whole thing is just embarrassing really.

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          1. Here is what I believe happened.

            Craig doesn’t know shit about sim racing and took Josh’s bullshit at face value.

            Craig then said “alright, bring some sponsors along to fund the ride and it’s yours.”

            This is where things started to fall apart. Josh doesn’t have actual sponsors because he’s a borderline autistic kid lost in his own delusions of grandeur – or he’s an excellent con man, one of the two. The Subaru dealer is where his mom gets her oil changed. The clothing company is his sister’s. The Lux Livery guy is just some dude with a decal printer who makes sim racing liveries for people who toss him a fiver. We heard from a guy who sold him some sim equipment and josh needed to borrow money (about $40) from a mate for the transaction despite claiming to bring in $40k worth of sponsorship the previous year.

            Unable to bring sponsors because he’s a bullshit artist/delusional, Josh needed to ask his mommy & daddy for money to fund the ride. They said no.

            Craig is embarrassed that he was played by some guy on the internet.

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            1. Its worth noting Craig has done very well out of the media attention. If you look on the pro race Facebook page he even comments about the publicity they have received through josh ‘Cannot thank the media outlets and people for their amazing support. We have secured more media exposure in a month than most racers obtain in their entire careers.’
              Exposure in a major uk national newspaper for example is going to be amazing promotion for pro race uk. It wouldn’t even surprise me if Craig was the instigator & that they are related to each other.
              Of course it could just be he has seen the opportunity as I’ve said before. But i do not see Craig as a victim here he knows what he is doing. He will keep that kid sweet & keep selling that story to the media for as long as he can.


  25. I actually think that this is one of PRC’s best articles to date. Real investigative journalism.

    He has done a little digging and caught out a crook/scammer. Not only that, more people have then come forward to further expose him, and some of the underhand ways in which he operates.

    Furthermore, it’s now exposed an actual race car company as being pretty much the same as him. If they are promoting Josh’s tactics in securing money for a drive, it makes me wonder what they are up to themselves. Not a good advert for an honest business.

    Pretend Race Cars: Exposing The Truth.

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      1. Perhaps.. too bad you got conned, and now that the truth is right in front of you, you’re in denial. Don’t feel too bad though.. it’s very human of you.

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  26. Isn’t it about time Mr.Harper put up or shutup.

    Get that fraudster into your Ginetta.

    Will the equivalent of me trying to fly a Boeing 747. Dangerous. Irresponsible. Stop leading the lad on. I get what your doing in terms of using what you thought was a successful person to enter the sim racing market. But you’ve picked the sim racing equivalent of Fred West.

    Other than a few freaks who he’s brainwashed into loving him, he is the most unpopular, uncool, shallow talented sim racer around. Just do your research on here or any sim racing forum.


    1. Dear “anonymous” i think i will refrain from you deciding timescales and objectives for my business. No apoligy made for this decison

      Ans now i see you have decided he is now he is an convicted serial killer.



      1. I’m not sure what you are really expecting here Craig? I’ve seen this sort of thing many times within my real interest of endurance running. People getting caught out for lying about there ability for money & fame. Problem is the media are easily convinced but when the enthusiast start looking into things & notice things are a bit fishy its going to rile people who see it hindering those who are truly talented. The difference here is normally the sponsors act responsibly & acknowledge the dishonesty of the athlete & request people let them deal with it internally. I think you may have done more harm here as it probably would have fallen off the radar, but the continued denial & hostility from yourself has resulted in people providing more evidence. I mean how many WR does that guy have now?


        1. Please give me examples of hostility? Have I not been open and honest?
          Please give me examples of my denial….have I not been open and honest?

          You sir are fishing with a shoe on your line.

          Answer to your question
          His online WR have and never been an influencing factor in our relationship and I have no idea how many and frankly don’t care.


          1. On more than one occasion, in the comment section of this article, hard facts have been provided which prove that “your guy” is not who he says he is, that he does not have the talent he says he has and that his so-called sponsorships have been obtained by lying to commercial partners. Perhaps, I should send a mail to Thrustmaster with the evidence posted above, saying that the money has been given based on false claims and that their sponsorship money is being used to fund a project that shouldn’t even happen.

            What this kid has done (and is apparently still doing), is actually illegal in my country. I’m not 100% practical with the laws of your country, but I would assume that a court would find all of this really interesting, if anything for the way he actually got the money: by deceiving people fabricating stories.

            Yet, all you’re babbling about is how great of a business man you are and you still have to acknowledge or directly comment on any of that, because we are all trolls, sheeps, donkeys and all that. Still, you claim that you weren’t hostile towards anyone? I’m pretty sure that calling people donkeys counts as being hostile. Not being in denial? Read the first line of this pharagraph again.

            You’re a sad person. And I will make sure to stay the hell away from you and your business, if I ever come to your country.


            1. …Oh and saying you don’t care about whether he was WRs or not, and don’t care how many if he does have some, is just hilarious. You rave on about how great your motorsport business is, and then brag about how you don’t give a fuck that a driver you’re working with has absolutely no talent at all… All the while ignoring most of the questions people are asking you, and resorting to personal attacks instead of actually discussing any of the points people are raising that you’re ignoring.

              You must be a complete moron, because no successful business person operates that way in public.


  27. Also, I think you get us wrong. Teams like you, is a great think you’ve looked into supporting sim racing.

    Having taken part in both at various levels. The difference is large. Vast even. So to get sim racing on the map is an enviable task for anyone wanting to take it on…

    But Craig, there are so many well liked, professional, charismatic, FAST sim racers out there who could win championships for you or other teams.

    The frustrating thing is these people fall to the wayside while someone who is essentially a professional bullshitter hits the limelight. Although afraid to say I would think his reputation is now completely shot, and not worth the hassle. If you are serious about taking on board a sim racer. Research. As I for one would want someone to succeed again in the same way as mardenbrough (sorry, spelling and can’t be arsed to google) did.

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  28. I like how Mr Harper is using the total value of all the cars he’s looking after to make himself look important. A car park attendant could do the same.


    1. Which is funny because Superkarts cost a lot less and yet go faster around big purposed race tracks than his Ginetta’s and BMW’s do.


        1. Not trolling good sir. Just stating that the monetary value of your race cars are not points that should be used for arguments.

          Good luck for the BritCar event and I hope that JohnnyRaceFan himself Josh doesn’t cause you too much costs in damages.


    2. Mr “Anonymous”
      I’m not doing such and that isn’t the total.
      I’m merely relaying relevant info

      Or I’m just a liar and a scammer….I’m sure you will decide either way and let us all know


      1. I guess really you don’t give two shits Craig as he’s paying you. Fair point. He’s a customer, you’re the service provider.

        Where I think your PR team (I’m guessing such a successful team like yours has a PR team right?) would do well now, is to distance yourself from him and his ludicrous claims. Unless he pays you more of course.

        I’ll await another witty response from you.

        Mr Anonymous.


      2. Nobody would care if you were managing a fleet worth £1bn or if you were in an F1 garage today. It’s totally irrelevant to this topic.

        There’s a video of your sim racing prodigy struggling to drive a rental kart. He has no talent. You are telling people he has talent. How is that not lying?


          1. “My drivers are highly talented”

            We know for certain that Josh is not and you’ve spent the rest of your comments telling us racing is all about money and marketing so I wonder how many more Josh Martins you’ve signed.

            Your sponsors must be thrilled.

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            1. They are highly talented.
              I never said at what.
              I mean some of them have fantastic kill to death ratios on COD, others can even bake cakes.
              You never asked what they were talented at, you just made assumption.

              Like you, you are smart…just a special kind of smart.


              1. For a glorified car rental company owner, you sure are cocky. It’s just a shame that during your eleventy bajillion posts in which you’re trying to be clever, you just manage to make yourself look more and more pathetic. You’re consistently saying everyone’s just trolls and you’re done, yet you keep posting. Your business must be bloody quiet if you’ve got this much time to entertain “trolls”.

                BTW: If you want to appear clever on the internet, it’d be a good idea to at least brush up on your writing…. Because it’s arse at the moment 😉


                1. Talking to you is like my way of giving back. Like care in the community.
                  Like throwing a stick for a dog that just loves to chase it’s tail.
                  I offer a distraction but ultimately your just going round in circles.


      3. One tip: Let your Josh to compete in one of the Raceroom-Championships and see where he ends up. Top 30 should be possible and the switch from AC to Raceroom is probably more easy to accomplish than from AC to a real racecar.


  29. On a positive note Craig, wait until Austin Fucking Earnhardt Jr III hits the track in the Team Bellend Chevrolet. You can draw your own conclusions on on how sim racers make great race drivers then.
    Get some popcorn in.


  30. There’s a thin line between marketing and lying though.Was discussing this with a few friends and the point was made that Mr Harper and his team have been caught out and haven’t handled it at all well, yes, they are a real race team but they aren’t exactly….or, Craig, actually, isn’t handling it at all well waving around the BUT MY CARS ARE GOING FAST SO THERE argument, instead of publically distancing himself from Josh and doing hisresearch into a potential PR nightmare.

    Also another point we (well, friends) pointed out was Josh’s claims fall apart after a few seconds of research, and simply because somebody is good at setting WR times, does not translate to racecraft.

    That’s like, to use a baseballl analogy I was told, a batter who sits on a fastball every single pitch. Yes, he’ll crush that fastball but he’ll be way, way off on anything else thrown his way.Or to use a gridiron analogy, a WR with great speed and zero catching abilit…wait….I think I seen that guy before….oh, Vikings, circa early 2000s.

    Point is. His real world video experience does not paint Josh in a good light, and his (demonstrobaly ) false claims don’t either. If he was on a marketing race team….he’d be a champion, but a race team is about much, much more than marketing, then again, Taki Inoue, and several GT drivers I could name…

    Also as has been mentioned, he is not the first sim racer to go from virtual to real, Lucas Ordonez, Jan Madenborough, et al, have gone through the GT Academy, and been given Nissan drives and…done pretty damn well. difference is…they had talent to start with and were likeable.

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  31. Please show me where I said this

    Im done, you guys seem to know everything and have a fantastic fully verified career. I am sorry for providing information or context to any of my activities as they are all clearly false.
    You guys know better.


    1. Look at the top of this page:
      “The worst site you could possibly visit for Sim Racing news.”
      That’s not a joke and the site is a moron and asshole magnet running by the biggest asshole of them all.


      1. Thanks and respect to Craig Harper for explaining your side of the story! Take in mind what Anindo wrote and disregard the trolls.


    2. Mr Harper, you really have a lot of attitude for some guy who runs a fantasy rental car race team. If you’re so incredibly successful and busy, why do you keep coming here and repeatedly making sarcastic remarks like this designed only to insult people?

      You claim that everyone here are “trolls”, yet who is coming on some blog and repeatedly shit-posting personal insults and “You guys know everything, I’m done here” mic-drops. You’ve said that at least 3 times now, but you still keep coming back with more non-answers, trying to change the subject, trying to make it into a game of personal insults in the vain hope we’ll get distracted from the original issue.

      Clearly you think you’re somehow better than the people who spotted your fraud. You are not, sir. You strike me as the sort of race team owner who thinks the whole field of racing is a sham and a marketing gimmick, and you’d just as soon make your money selling used cars (which I see you do as well) or hawking snake oil.

      Which is likely why: 1) You’re stuck in the lowest level of shitbox racing 2) You have time to come here on a day where your “team” is “racing”.


          1. Totally unrelated, but fun fact: You forgot to mention that he’s allegedly also a psychiatrist, which Kondor mentions in every second post of his.


              1. 3.
                Of course not. And he nor I ever said he was one of the “elite” although as with everything I’m wiling to be proven I did and apologise for any misconceptions as of such.


            1. Seriously, are you drunk? On meds?

              More people read this blog than you realize. It’s gotten pretty big in the sim racing community.

              A professional would have just said “Thanks for the info, we’re looking into this” and left it at that.

              Does the (lack of) professionalism you’ve displayed here extend to the manner in which you prep your cars?


              1. Kondor……..

                In the eighties….people may of said…. “we’re looking into it” and fobbed you off.

                I have been incredibly clear and concise.
                Offered you multiple credible.opportunites for valid and clear questions.

                What have you done with that?

                Insulted and questioned my professionalism, mechanical ability etc.

                You sir are angry and bitter.

                In regards to how.popular this page is. Well let’s just say this, if your reading this and don’t understand the aims and agenda of ProRaceUK as a fulltime.motorsport team.doing what they did and see myself.myself as a fraud etc. I don’t really expect you to be calling me for This was a new avenue we looked into and well whether or not Joshs info is correct fades dimly into the backdrop.of how rodent like the responses have been towards myself.myself and my company that provides opportunities to so many to get involved in motorsport at any level.

                And in this decade.


                1. Really Craig?

                  First point: Josh is a con man. He’s conned you into thinking he has all these records and championships which you fell for, thinking he was a good ambassador to eSports for Sim racing. He wasn’t. He was just good at bullshitting.

                  Now the community in which he claimed he was so great has called him out for being a fraud, and creating this hoax.

                  I understand you’re a little embarrassed, but trying to defend here in the way you are doing is really showing you up as knowing nothing about this subject – the subject is frauds and hoaxes, NOT giving a guy a break in racing. He scammed you simple as that.

                  He also scammed: a local newspaper, a national newspaper, a local radio station, a local TV station, a well known sim racing website, a well known sim racing developer, and a lot of sponsors. The sponsors, including you Craig, probably have a case against him for false advertisement and corporate deviance to claim back any money you may have given him under a false pretense.

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                2. “I have been incredibly clear and concise.”

                  No Craig… You’ve been a complete cockwomble and made yourself look borderline retarded. I’d never heard of your business before, but I sure as fuck wouldn’t have anything to do with it now.


  32. My offer still stands…..

    For full clarity….
    I’m willing to provide answers to 5 questions to clarify myself and my companies position here. Just in case you think I’m still avoiding answering questions openly and honestly.

    Ideally try to contain your bitterness and keep them relatively venom free.

    Fire away



      1. That’s 2.

        3 left

        No Josh wasn’t racing today in BritCar. That was never and has never been inferred….ever.
        I’m selling it because we no longer run in a championship that is eligible for this vehicle at this moment in time.
        I never announced he would be driving this exact vehicle.
        I have 3 if these….is that also a problem?
        He may well be driving one of out Citroen enduro cars but that’s meant to be kept quiet….I’m sure you won’t tell anyone.


          1. ……..and what does it really say?

            “”When Josh takes to his PRORACEUK BMW e36 3 series””

            Does it say this exact vehicle?
   open for change…..yes.
            Am I legally obliged to honour a drive in this EXACT vehicle given the fact of the other vehicles available?

            If you then read the extract highlightEd on the other page…..

            “The aim for 2017…..””
            Does it say….HE WILL.DRIVE THIS CAR AND ONLY THIS CAR OR ELSE THE INTERNET WILL IMPLODE WITH ANGRY BITTER COMMENTS!?……No I doesnt say that. I’m sure you blue highlighter missed that comment.


        1. Two questions here and I’d actually like to hear both your side of the story and Josh’s side, assuming it’s free of marketing BS that is…

          1. Did you simply take him at his word that he was that amazing online racer, or did you profile and study him in the same way as any other talented prospct that comes knocking?

          2. Did you expect any backlash once Josh’s accomplishments were called into question, given plenty of sim racers have put holes in his accomplishments?

          And, 2.5…

          Does this whole experience change how you view talented sim racing prospects in any way?

          Look, Craig, I know I may have come off as a dick earlier in my comments, but I simply absolutely hate overinflatetd stats, marketing gurus who according to their own videos cannot seem to drive a relatively* simple vehice, and who seem to focus more on selling themselves than letting their accomplishments do the talking, who seems more intent on impressing sponsors without the results to back up his claims and who is trading in dreams and vague promises of maybe, ne day I’ll be a race driver for your team, instead of okay, I’ve done X in online, here’s Y series of videos and this, this and this show off why I should get a shot in a real car bcause of X Y and Z.

          In other words….he seems to be in way over his had in terms of hyping himself up for an absolutely EPIC career when he’s peddling false news about himself and blatantly false credentials, and ignoring facts and actual racing accomplishments of other drivers who went through the aformentioned GT Academy system, and progressed into a GT spec Nissan and run 24 hour races, I somehow think honestly Josh may have been better off going that route instead of building a massive marketing website with all these high stakes claims, because if this doesn’t work out, what then, it’s going to look bad for…okay, worse, for everyone concerned, your business, Josh, sim racing and the idea that you can somehow jump from virtual to real tracks.
          * Compared to a multi million pound race car that is, a kart is a simpler machine than a GT car or a single seater. that is.

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          1. I hear what you’re saying, but this Harper guy hired Josh as an “E-Sports Ambassador” – not a real driver. ProRace UK wanted to start marketing their rental cars to aspiring sim racers, and thought this Josh guy would be great. Who cares if all his “accomplishments” are fake? It’s a just a bunch of losers on Xbox, right?


            1. “””1. Did you simply take him at his word that he was that amazing online racer, or did you profile and study him in the same way as any other talented prospct that comes knocking?”””
              I would say in vested as much effort into research as would.justify the investment in the opportunity

              “””2. Did you expect any backlash once Josh’s accomplishments were called into question, given plenty of sim racers have put holes in his accomplishments?”””

              When you provide opportunity for one and not another there is always jealousy involved and ultimately backlash as any justification will be sought to witch hunt.

              “””And, 2.5…

              Does this whole experience change how you view talented sim racing prospects in any way?”””

              Obviously. My previous statements regarding any future invvement have been made explicitly clear.


              To a point…..your correct.
              ( try saying that without choking on your own pride)


    1. Why did you thought it was a good idea to hire dude whose best virtual racing achviement is winning championship between his school mates in Codemasters F1 2013?


  33. “E-Sports Ambassador”. Great choice. Then you have the owner of the company coming here and insulting the very people (sim racers) he hired this Josh fraudster to attract to his “rent-a-race-car” service. I’d say these two deserve each other.


    1. Insulting?
      So it’s ok to falsely accuse me of fraud, scamming, name call etc…..but when I response with accusations of trolling, childish behaviour and incredibly tongue in cheek responses………that’s wrong??

      Kondor…….you need.need to address your own self pity, stop blaming the world.for u our short falls and start to enjoy life for what it is.

      Fortunately my business model.does not rely on securing customers such as yourself. But I’m sure if I was in the position it did….I would be a very upset man….but im not.
      You never did tell us about the eighties…


      1. That is really disconcerting. I was actually hoping it was Josh himself. What sort of businessman engages in this sort of insulting, condescending banter with…his target market?

        Imagine what it’s like, as a customer, to deal with this prick? You can see from his posts that he thinks all sim racers are closeted wannabe losers who should be grateful to be allowed to rent one of his Pretend Race Cars.


        1. Would you prefer me not to respond openly and honestly?
          Would you prefer not to be called out as strange angry man?
          It’s not my target market.
          The aim was to step into the market as so many people above have already explained.

          I am a prick to deal with as I have two agendas. Profit and Results.
          Uncompromising on either as doing such would not my business sustainable or in fact….a business.

          “””You can see from his posts that he thinks all sim racers are closeted wannabe losers who should be grateful to be allowed to rent one of his Pretend Race Cars.”””

          Don’t generalise…..I’m sure you said that before.
          I just think this site seems to breed and feed angry bitter men.

          I can assure you…my race cars exist….unlike your motorsport career or sense of reality.

          Keep calm and feel free to ask any questions that may provide clarity or explanation of my stand point.on this subject.

          ….or keep mashing your face off the keyboard. That’s your call.


          1. “I can assure you…my race cars exist….unlike your motorsport career or sense of reality.”

            Hahaha, please tell Josh.


  34. someone just sent me screenshots from the facebook group where Josh and his buds are brigading. I don’t have facebook so I can’t comment myself. asking here instead. can you please please please ask him for evidence that he is the #1 simracer in scotland. thanks.


      1. Currently Ranked #7 in the world, 1st in scotland and 2 in the USA, I aim to make history and become the first to transfer from eSports to single seater racing.

        Yes & his position of 7th world ranking & 2nd in the USA.


  35. Wait….how is he second in the USA with the UA’s emphasis on ovals and such?

    also, something I thought of earlier, I’m pretty sure the 4chan detectives can do their ‘b/ detective shenanigans and figure out if Josh is actually ranked as high as he really is and either validate or debunk his claims. 4chan squad, where you at?


  36. This has been some excellent work by James and co.

    Witness Craig Harper’s epic transformation from polite and honest businessman to shit-whipping ignorant troll, brought down to the level typical of PRC comments, and truly mad.

    Turns out he made a deal with this Josh kid to promote his business among a certain market and not as a driver as the article sorta implies. That deal may work just fine for Craig – how many X-Box racing-game playing potential customers in the UK read this blog? He was awfully evasive about the whole thing though, and might have been more constructive by asking the actual experts here who would be a better candidate with actual talent for such a deal.

    This Josh kid is an awful self-promoter, good on exposing him. Success and opportunity should come from hard work and not lying or fooling the gullible with a bogus CV. What Craig calls “tenacity, dedication and a single focus… succeed” most would call scamming.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ld say you could be surprised with how many people frequent this site from across the pond, although I do wonder how long, the more, eh-hem mainstream media outlets can continue to ignore what’s brought to light here. I also wonder about Mr Harpers reaction, reminiscent of alot of what we’ve seen in the past from the dev’s. Is it just simply ego, we’ld need Kondor to answer that one


      1. Someone posted it on the sim racers Facebook group, and he and his buddies basically just brigaded with memes and I KNOW JOSH HE’S NOT LYING.

        So it’s like “ok, Josh’s friends & teammates say Josh isn’t a fraud.”


    2. “””honest businessman to shit-whipping ignorant troll, brought down to the level typical of PRC comments, and truly mad.”””

      Ain’t nobody mad here….I have seenjoyed this whole thing as humorous….you may sense that in my tone if you re-read anything

      As for ignorant… Google the definition and re-read above.

      I have merely engaged with people here st their level….and offered full open and honest answers AND the opportunity to ask questions.

      You sir are just looking for a fight, you could of asked a question, you could of went for clarity in your response. Instead you sir I challenge are part of the problem….false facts.


      1. Sorry you’re right, I’m an asshole and I wasn’t clear at all. When I wrote ignorant I meant in regards to sim racing, and why wouldn’t you be? You deal with real cars and we’re a bunch of bedroom racers with a very niche hobby. It’s easy to see why you might be fooled by Josh’s CV and pitch.

        The thing is, I’m completely ignorant about the economics of racing, especially at the level you work. So I’m confused about how Josh helps your business (as you claim he has). I don’t care about the actual amounts of money involved, but I am genuinely curious who pays who, although that is your business of course.

        His press release says that he’s your “E-sports ambassador,” with the specific aim of increasing your exposure to potential new customers – sim racers with fantasies and fat wallets. Fair enough, sounds like a good idea.

        Does it matter if Josh has no exceptional talent as a racer? Is he there just as a pretty face to appeal to the youths? That’s a rhetorical question, and it’s probably good business so I don’t fault you for it.

        If Josh were defamed far and wide among the sim racing realms from here to VirtualR and RaceDepartment as a mediocre fraud, would it effect your bottom line? I would think not because hardcore sim racers are such a niche and you’re going more for the larger video game crowd, but what do I know about real business? Although you probably didn’t even realize there is a distinction and don’t care, since it’s just a bunch of kids willing to part with their money for a chance to drive a real race car on track. Again, fair enough.

        But does it bother you to learn you’ve partnered with a fraud? Or is it just business and you don’t care as long as it brings in customers? Not judging from my seat in the gutter here, but again genuinely curious.

        I’m dubious of your stated plans to put Josh in a real car (unless he’s paying for it of course, that’s your business right?). If he does get in a car, I suspect how he finishes in the races won’t effect your bottom line. Because if you did actually put any faith in this kid’s driving abilities, woo boy. I’m guessing you put your faith more in his marketing abilities and (somewhat sociopathic) charisma.

        “Ain’t nobody mad here….I have seenjoyed this whole thing as humorous….you may sense that in my tone if you re-read anything”

        If you say so, but this place makes me mad. And yet I keep coming back…

        This whole thread was really about Josh’s dishonesty and had nothing to do with you or your company. You shouldn’t be surprised that sim racers at a sim racing enthusiast site are pissed that Josh is misrepresenting himself and this competitive hobby. If the revelation that Josh twists the truth in shameless self-promotion (“well chosen data and statistics” as you say) doesn’t matter to you or your business, then this is all just a waste of time for you to even be here, you’re busy after all right? But if you did care and you asked nicely, I bet you’d be surprised and people here would point you in the right direction and help you identify young sim racers with both ambition and talent, and with scruples to boot.


        1. You nailed it in 1 go.

          What more can I say apart from if you ever want a coffee, chat or advice drop me a line anytime.

          You are the that has taken information, applied logic and came up with 2+2 being 4

          Forgive me if I didn’t put it as concisely as yourself I was too busy feeding the lads that didn’t get it and wanted to burn me and my family out the village for witchcraft.


          1. Hahaha, thanks mate. West coast US here but thanks for the coffee offer anyway.

            The idea that you’d sponsor Josh’s real driving career based on zero real results didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but the marketing side did. Some people here are liable to look for conspiracies.

            I still think Josh was remarkably dishonest about his sim racing accomplishments, which 1) could be seen through by any sim racer who’s been around a while, and which 2) was totally unnecessary – there are plenty of sim racing personalities who are well known because of their enthusiasm and charisma, and not because they’re quick drivers. I guess I’d take this behavior as a red flag and bad precedent. But he’s only 20 so I hope he can learn from all of this, he’ll be better off with honesty in the long run.

            This has been an amusing diversion, cheers.


  37. Have you guys noticed anything strange here?

    I have offered up the opportunity many many time to clarify my stand point as team owner….(not a fictional team)

    But all I seem to be getting is s***storm of abuse etc. It’s wierd … all.all . from one person.

    It’s almost like Kondor holds me responsible for his father running out of money and not being able to fund his racing career beyond the eighties. (Apologies if this is factually incorrect…but it seems apt)


    I question you.

    Tell me what you would like to see done with all this information?
    What is you top 3 outcomes from this?


    1. *sigh*

      I am a Western Canadian stock car driver, not a jealous man-child wearing a power ranger onesie. This website is run by myself (2016 Edmonton International Raceway rookie of the year), my real world crew chief (2008 ARCA Ok Tire series race winner in Vernon, BC), and our German friend (ex formula ren. 2.0 driver who has tested for audi & BMW).

      The article on Josh was not written out of bitterness or jealousy. As drivers with real race cars to attend to away from the keyboard (actually, Sev is out of action this year), we merely have many, MANY questions about this story.

      We know what the process of acquiring & signing sponsors entails, as we teamed up with an international video game company this off-season. We have essentially done what you and Josh are trying to do with this endeavor.

      Yet not once have I had to skew truths when pursuing sponsorship funds, and this includes sponsor packages I have made for three other individuals (two of which were successful, go me). As a driver/PR guy, what Josh has done to self-promote is devious and misleading. He is not who he says he is by any stretch of the imagination. I would be out of friends and connections very quickly if I chose to use the same style of self-promotion Josh has used, which you have chosen to praise. This is why users such as Kondor are questioning your own operation as well. It is backwards for what is considered socially acceptable in the racing community.

      I cannot fault you for failing to discover Josh was being dishonest in some aspects of his self-promotion; it is your job to look after real cars, not virtual cars. However, as someone who straddles both worlds equally, I can tell you that Josh’s eSports “accolades” are very liberal interpretations of reality. Like real racing, virtual events have time sheet printouts, and we’ve been able to find some of Josh’s eSports data. He is an objectively a poor driver who uses victories in which he was the only driver on the leaderboard as “world records.”

      Now as a team owner it is your responsibility to market your business/services in an appropriate manner. You have chosen to market him as a successful eSports figure who will be making the transition to a very specific real car. Before choosing this approach, this is when you should have done some background research on the individual’s eSports career. Clearly you did not, because we have discovered eSports race results that show he is NOT a successful eSports figure, in fact he is a very poor driver overall. That is why some commenters are making fun of you; nerds on the internet were more proficient at doing a background check on a driver than the actual race team owner, who surrounds himself with millions of dollars worth of cars.

      You also made a very public announcement that he would be driving a very specific car, to the point where his name and windshield banner was on the car, only to list the car for sale weeks before the event would begin.

      I cannot fathom a scenario in which we at LM would waste $800 to put decals on a car for one picture, knowing it would be sold in a few months time. I also cannot possibly imagine writing an article for a readerbase of 650,000 people saying I would be racing a very specific car in a very specific series at specific roster of tracks, generating all of this hype and excitement, knowing fully well my team owner was going to sell the car right before the season was set to commence, and then falling back on chance technicalities of my wording when people asked why the car I posed with a few months ago and whipped people into a frenzy over was suddenly for sale. This scenario DOES. NOT. HAPPEN. unless some serious shit went down behind the scenes. In racing you do not announce a very specific season plan unless it is 100% going to happen, and if it does fall through you make that shit public right away to not mislead people, so either something happened with Josh behind closed doors you can’t tell us about directly, or you are playing along to some extent.

      I know what it is like to both pursue and land a sponsor on honest pretenses – both for myself, and for racer buddies of mine. I know what the process of putting together a car for a season looks like, and listing a car for sale after prepping it for a future driver complete with decals unique to him, isn’t something you just *do* overnight. Knowing this, seeing his webpage talk about racing the BMW series, and the subsequent media articles telling a much different story than the FOR SALE listing and Instagram shots of the car getting washed before handed off to another owner, looks profoundly shady.

      If the deal fell through, a public announcement saying “it fell through” should have been priority number one, and Josh’s website should have been updated to reflect that immediately. Instead it was not, and there were several resources saying this guy would be racing in the BMWCC on the day of the first event.

      What pushes many into believing this to be a fraud, is you are now the second team he has done this with. He announces he has many sponsors, that a real team has signed him somewhere in the UK and he will be racing in the upcoming season, and then nothing comes of it. That, plus his dishonest self-promotion, is why this article was created, and why many people are not on your side.

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      1. OK..

        So you have avoided my highlights above James. Stop avoiding question and answer.

        and now now what does it really say?

        “”When Josh takes to his PRORACEUK BMW e36 3 series””

        Does it say this exact vehicle? open for change…..yes.
        Am I legally obliged to honour a drive in this EXACT vehicle given the fact of the other vehicles available?

        If you then read the extract highlightEd on the other page…..

        Does it say….HE WILL.DRIVE THIS CAR AND ONLY THIS CAR OR ELSE THE INTERNET WILL IMPLODE WITH ANGRY BITTER COMMENTS!?……No it doesnt say that. I’m sure you blue highlighter missed that comment.

        Tell me what you would like to see done with all this information?
        What is you top 3 outcomes from this

        How many rookies competed with you in 2016 stock car race? Done a lot since then?

        I feel rather humoured now.
        When I read the “expereince” that is behind the page…it makes more sense to me.
        Your selective use of vehicle types but lack of timescales and gaps makes it clear you are not professional…but self funded hobbyists. This is of course not a bad thing …but makes it very difficult to take your point of view serious. Why? Because you CANNOT tell me first hand what it takes to get into and STAY fulltime paid in motorsport.

        You can only give me a strange flash in a pan perspective mixed with some Hollywood ideals.

        Now.please answer my questions.

        I’m yours….if there was any.


        1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as butthurt before on the Internet as Craig Harper is now.

          I’m still hoping the REAL Craig Harper will show up and say:

          “Oh god sorry guys someone is pretending to be me. Thanks for highlighting this hoax that unfortunately I fell for. I didn’t realise Josh Martin was such a crook. I’ll do more research next time.”

          If this is the real Craig Harper: seriously mate, hire someone to deal with your PR stuff because you are dreadful at it.

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          1. Craig Harper you make the accusation that we are all a bunch of self funded hobbyists.

            If you run a motorsport business providing race cars and support, then you’ve just insulted pretty much all of your customers. Good one.

            You’re completely missing the point of this thread. We are no attacking you (well until you came here with a shitty attitude), but we are exposing a fraudster.

            YOU FELL FOR HIS HOAX!

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        2. 1. I don’t know on earth a single team owner who would take elaborate press photos with one specific car & driver combination, complete with the guy’s name on the window/door/etc, go through the trouble of promoting it on a pretty large scale, only to sell the car, and then when challenged about why this guy is not racing said car at said events as was promoted a few months back (not to mention being on his own website and in several press clippings), say NUH UH READ MY EXACT WORDING (or something to that effect). You are not obligated to do anything, but after a major media push, it’s what people were expecting to materialize. It hasn’t, and that’s very odd given how entry level cars cost next to nothing to campaign.

          This is profoundly absurd, misleading, and dishonest compared to how most auto racing teams big & small operate, and speaks volumes about your operation. I support arrive and drive teams, hell it’s how I got into racing, but there are teams on a much smaller level who operate with more class and honesty about their day-to-day operations than what you have displayed. No one is – excuse my language – retarded enough to promote something that isn’t absolutely finalized, or knowingly won’t come to fruition in some manner.

          We sat on our sponsorship deal for several months, only revealing it to the public when the sponsor money had been allocated to ensure we would make all of our planned events, and decals were finally on the car. You can’t honestly tell me a backwoods late model team from Canada is more reasonable about their PR approach than a semi-professional european team that races at silverstone, but if this kind of ineptitude is par for the course in the motorsports world, I expect instant success for merely possessing a functioning brain and being able to hold the bottom line in corners. There is a joke where I’m from that alberta race car drivers have more money than brains, but I did not expect this carried over the Atlantic.

          Why is it so hard to say “auto racing is an exciting and fast-paced industry, and sometimes things don’t go the way we first planned. Unfortunately, Josh will not be driving in the BMWCC as we discussed a few months prior, but we will have an update on his career for our supporters soon!” I mean that’s so easy and gets rid of a lot of misconceptions and shady atmosphere, but instead you have shown up to argue and pick fights with anybody who echoes that sentiment. That, in itself, is telling. It’s okay to be embarrassed that you partnered with a bum who told lots of tall tales, but to defend it and lash out at those who did their background research on the guy for you is a bit odd.

          Mercedes would never take a picture of Vadim Kogay standing in front of their 2017 car with several articles saying VADIM KOGAY TO BE TEAMMATES WITH LEWIS HAMILTON AT MERCEDES, only for Valteri Bottas to show up at Melbourne and Toto Wolf begins angrily dismissing SKY reporters when asked what happened to Vadim. This is what you have done, it’s why people are asking questions and calling you names, and it’s why I’ve written an article about it. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

          2. Here’s what should have been done. According to Josh, the deal to drive for ProRaceUK fell through. This should have been made public, and his website (and your news feed) adjusted accordingly. The fact that it wasn’t also speaks volumes about your operation. You have told people one thing, but are doing another, while people are still actively under the impression the former is still in progress. Illegal? No, but like myself and the commenters here, sponsors will eventually ask questions, especially if they were told specifically “we are racing X” and they have given either you or Josh money. I know SMS would be very upset with me and most likely pursue legal action if pictures of the #2 SS was listed on a week before our first scheduled event and I had mentioned on Twitter that I was on vacation in Hawaii.

          If the news articles are somehow incorrect, as a team owner it is your responsibility to make sure they *are* correct. I may have an interview with the local paper in May (through proper, honest self-promotion), and when that time comes, it is MY responsibility to work with him and make sure the reporter gets all details correct.

          3. We had twelve rookies in my class alone last season, as it’s an entry level, cost effective class like the BMWCC that sees a lot of newcomers field cars, though I will go the extra mile and say there were seven of us that made a serious attempt at racing for points (myself, dawson, donovan, dan, melynda, Andrew, and Mike), whereas five were part-time entries who raced every few weekends for fun. In Canada we have snow from October to mid-April so there isn’t much to do in the off-season. This year season starts in may and I’m racing every weekend from May to October.

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          1. If this guy Craig really owns the business, then there are only 3 explanations re: his behavior here:

            1) He was drunk (my favorite via Occam’s Razor).

            2) He thinks sim racers are just a bunch of kids playing Xbox, so who cares if their so-called “records” are “real”. It’s all bullshit anyway.

            3) He’s one of the many people in motorsport who think like used car salesmen. These guys rarely progress beyond the lowest levels of racing.


    2. You’re drunk (I hope). My racing career didn’t progress because I went to Johns Hopkins (undergrad) and became a doctor. I think only Dr Jonathan Palmer managed to combine those career paths, and I certainly wasn’t the driver he was.

      I wonder if you realize just how much you’re revealing about your own insecurities here? Perhaps you wanted to be Lewis Hamilton yourself, but didn’t have the money, time or talent?

      Because you are *very* quick to insert these sorts of “You’re just jealous of my success” comments into what was a rather straightforward discussion of your fake E-Sports Ambassador. No one here knows you well enough to be a “hater”. But perhaps you know yourself well enough to anticipate that reaction

      Anyway, good luck with your business Mr Harper. Rest assured that your “E-Sports” venture is off to a wonderful start!


    3. I’m a total outsider (not from an English-speaking country, gamedev by trade, play Dirt Rally from time to time) and read PRC for drama.

      Here’s what you did wrong:
      1) you didn’t research your audience before barging in
      2) you don’t have the skills needed to adapt to the audience on-the-fly

      So you operate on your preconceptions, but instead of realizing by the audience’s reaction that you miss most of the time, you double down.

      Generally speaking, that’s a losing strategy.
      Whatever were your goals, you’re just wasting time.

      Here’s what image you have created for yourself for me judging by your posts.

      You’re in your late 40s, a bit overweight, you like to think you run a tight ship, you may be quick to anger (though from your point of view it is completely justified each time).
      You haven’t had much education to speak of, however you were savvy enough to (probably) create a business with quite an expensive inventory.
      You don’t have a high opinion of your customers, but you’re very proud of what you’ve made, so you’re quick to call out any slight (perceived or not) and to try to turn it into “what are you compared to me, sonny?”
      I don’t think you’re doing it because of any insecurities, rather it’s likely to be just an aggressive attitude that may have helped you to build what you have.

      But you don’t know much about shit-slinging in the internets.
      Your aggressiveness is a liability here and your constant attempts “come to me in real life if you’re not a coward and I’ll show you” are laughable.
      So you’re a very, very easy target to prod into this or that reaction, whether you deny it or not.


  38. So this is all becoming clear to me now Craig.

    The wonder of the internet, is that it contains a lot of information.

    These four Ginetta’s at Silverstone yesterday. You know, the ones you say are owned by ProRACE (who on companies house is owned by a Michael Jos Jenkins)

    They wouldn’t happen to be run by teamHARD would they? As it says on the teams/drivers for the championship.

    Bit surprised, as you know. Based on what you said, the number 34, 285, 33 and 24 cars, in the team column should say ProRace UK right? Or am I wrong, not teamHARD…..?

    Is this the same TeamHARD that you worked for as a ‘Crew Chief’. In actual fact, the date on your CV says 2016 to Present in this role.

    So what were you actually doing at Silverstone Craig? Working as a crew chief. No shame in that.

    I see no mention of ProRace on any of these Ginettas from the photographers I have spoken to who were at the event.

    I still have doubts, as I cant find any information about ProRace UK as a business anywhere. But can find Pro Race Scotland, based in Falkirk, (irrelevant, of which the finances look a bit iffy based on the last submission at the end of the tax year)


  39. Dear Mr Harper,

    Please contact pseudo racing sim developer Slightly Mad Studios and ask for a Mr Ian Bell. We would like to offer you a PR role.


  40. I’ve got 5 serious questions for the team owner/businessman here…

    1) What is your official role with Team HARD Racing in the BTCC, BritishGT and Ginetta Supercup?

    2) Do you ‘own’ the cars and are you the ‘principal’ in running these drivers as you proport to?

    3) What’s Tony Gilham’s thoughts on you portraying to ‘own’ all the Ginetta’s he’s runs?

    4) Is your role at Team HARD essentially like many of their engineers and ‘self-employed’ with other racing exploits on-the-side such as ProRaceUK?

    5) As the business owner of ProRaceUK otherwise known as ProRace Scotland, why are you not registered as a Director or person with significant control?

    Not trolling. Didn’t even want to comment but as a businessman, amateur driver and someone who one day wants to provide credible opportunities to credible drivers be it from the sim world or otherwise, I’d be interested in your clarification on the above, as from my perspective it is unclear and as you have said, you’re being fully open and honest.


  41. Not too hard to find #honestyisthebestpolicy

    Excerpt from Craig Harper’s own Facebook profile:

    “Over the last few months I finished up working in Surrey and took up and full time position with Team-HARD. Racing in Kent. Taking the reins for their new venture for 2017 Ginetta GT4 Supercup on the TOCA package with Dan Kirby.

    Many people have asked about ProRace UK of course and well it’s still operational of course…as I am ProRace and so are all my amazing supporters out there…you know who you are.
    Family are still back in Scotland and being 500miles away in never easy of course.”*

    One could put 2+2 together and get 22 and say the BMW Compact was Dan Kirby’s car and now he’s moved over to Ginetta GT4 Supercup, is selling the car to release an asset for this season’s campaign and thus the ‘physical’ drive is no longer available for Martin. But like I said, that 2+2 = 22. Plausible but speculative at best. Would have been a much straighter answer in the first instance and not led to this shitstorm!

    In any case, the excerpt above contradicts statements made by Craig, specifically “my cars”, “my drivers” and his manner and conduct within these comments alone will ensure that they [ProRace] “engage with potential clients and showcase our services to them. Our primary aim is simple, to show to both Esports athletes and current/future customers (racing drivers) the natural relationship and migration between each”^ will NEVER come to fruition irrespective whether “we see Josh climb into one of our race cars and then jumps out onto the top step of the podium and it doesn’t stop there.”^ happens or not or whether he’s capable of it in the first place.

    * – Craig Harper added 3 new photos — at Brands Hatch Racing Circuit 30 March at 23:02

    ^ Statement from Craig Harper (ProRace)


    1. Hmm. In the mean time, it seems Mr.Harper has locked down all of his Facebook account. So can only presume has read this.

      I think I see it as this in terms of Pro Race.

      Long time friends Micheal and Craig setup Pro Race Scotland. It goes tits up, they have a massive row (neither are on each others friends lists but both have pictures of the BMW Compacts on their photos) company is currently give or take -77k in debt according to companies house.

      The ProRace Scotland site forwards to, im guessing Craig has taken the name. A source tells me he still has a ‘couple’ of cars.

      I don’t think the article was made personal intentionally. It was the manner and conduct, and outright aggression that lead to this.

      It seems Josh and Craig are both as bad as each other. But I think the long term damage has been done. As mentioned above. Don’t think teamHARD would be too impressed if one of their crew chiefs was basically pretending to be the owner in a public forum.

      I think people may have underestimated ‘people who just twat around on their Xbox.’

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    2. OK…my Facebook and all social media are fully public and accessible at all times as I have nothing to hide.

      I agree a follow up article would be a great idea given the wide interest recieved if not rather dull.
      As you see… have the Internet and I have mentioned previously feel free to find me and look me up on facebook, LinkedIn…..damn….there is even a real life documentary on me….I previously made the same offer….it’s there for the digesting.

      All I can say is the same as before….never make assumptions as you would be surprised by the truth….which is very different from compartmentalised information you find online.
      2+2 as to quote above …..

      If you are interested in another article I’m more than happy to go full open book in regards to my career, my choices and hurdles in fulltime motorsport.
      That’s always an option.

      Be very careful what you think i said.

      Evidence of this….
      “””was basically pretending to be the owner in a public forum”””
      Show me where I “basically” said this.

      ProRaceUK is my company and it provides motorsport services worldwide.
      Middle East, Europe and even out in South Africa.

      ProRace Scotland is nothing in anyway shape or for to do with myself or ProRaceUK

      Dan Kirby has never been a customer of ProRaceUk

      The vehicle for sale was owned by a driver called Kinghorn, then driven by Smith and rented by Uehara.

      In direct to response to
      1.)What is your official role
      Answer…..That’s already been clarified

      2) Do you ‘own’ the cars and are you the ‘principal’ in running these drivers as you proport to
      Answer….I run many cars some I own some I don’t, but they are all still my cars in my care.

      3) What’s Tony Gilham’s thoughts on you portraying to ‘own’ all the Ginetta’s he’s runs?
      Answer… show me where I said I OWN ginettas and I will show you his opinion.

      4) Is your role at Team HARD essentially like many of their engineers and ‘self-employed’ with other racing exploits on-the-side such as ProRaceUK?
      Answer…… it is….in a way but isn’t….in a way.

      5) As the business owner of ProRaceUK otherwise known as ProRace Scotland, why are you not registered as a Director or person with significant control?
      Answer….. ProRace UK is a private owned company.
      ProRace Scotland Ltd. is owned by the aforementioned individual above.
      They have no relationship between each other and no massive row was had.

      If you do “cntrl+F” and search for any of the following words in this entire thing…

      “Own cars” or “own ginettas” or similar….see how you get on.

      So now the new accusations come after a few hours of trolling pages with Craig Harper and PRORACEUK.

      amazing part is…I’m happy to discuss openly and honestly as I haven’t lied or misled you.

      Show me in a screenshot or highlighted where I have lied or tried to avoid any answer.

      I have asked several times what would be the 3 main outcomes you get from this James?

      Apologies for my “aggressive” tone….actually looks as if you guys have quite enjoyed the banter and the troll food….

      I think what’s actually happened having little time to reflect over the last couple of days……Josh has tried or trying to make move into racing….that cannot be denied.
      He has used various bits of information to give himself credibility and opportunity….that cannot be denied.
      He has chosen and utilised it either wrongly or naively or fantastically depending on your stand point…..that cannot be denied.

      Me, well I’m me, I’m happy to share discuss and help anyone in motorsport.
      I just don’t like dealing with bitter angry people who focus on bringing others down instead of building them up.

      I have never threatened anyone here….screenshots welcome

      I have never made ANY FALSE claims…..
      Screenshot welcome

      I have been informative and helpful….with a good twist of rudeness where I deemed appropriate…..screenshot to the contrary…

      There is and always has been an available drive for Josh in a proraceuk BMW E36 compact funding and opportunity to capitalise on that hasn’t always been there.

      I’m gonna make this so simple…..keep.on troiling, keep on stirring, I don’t hide behind anonymous names like you guys.

      I’m a real person who gave a real opportunity and real advice to a lad.

      I wasn’t scammed, I chose to. I’m happy with my choice. My life, my business and career all carry on.

      At some point you will realise that your just unhappy with your life and get comfort in trying to break others down.

      Still no relevant questions in regard to The Josh situation though. All very personal and gathering some fantastic conclusions if not a touch delusional

      And why dont you share your real names and profiles…… oh wait i know why. Shame.


        1. well i think people are barking up the wrong tree, i couldn’t see anything wrong with procarsuk & him working for team hard. What i still don’t get is what is going on with Josh. I’m guessing he is trying to protect him from the inevitable internet shit storm. He is after all 20, i would probably do the same although not in the same way Craig has.

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      1. Answer… I run many cars some I own some I don’t, but they are all still my cars in my care.

        I’ve taken the liberty to re-word your answer to ensure you are as grammatically correct as I know you would like to be, especially as “my” in an English language sense means “of or belonging to me” and I know you don’t really mean that, so…

        Answer… I run many cars some I own some I don’t, but I see them all as ‘my’ cars as they are in my care.

        Congrats on adding to the silverware for this season too.

        PS: You may find that some people are indeed annoyed at the audacity of Josh’s actions when they too work extremely hard to network and obtain funding/sponsorship for racing yet see people obtaining recognition for falsified information. Anyone would be rightly bitter in the circumstances as I’m sure you of all people can recognise. Credit given where credit is due and all that.


  42. Worthy of a quick email to the Scottish Herald, Daily Mirror, and the local news and radio do you think?

    This has turned into a pretty big story. The press would go nuts for a story like this!

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    1. I think the newspapers and newsrooms.around the globe would love my life story.

      I am not protecting anyone…I reiterate once again

      I here to explain my side of things.

      Explain to me where I or my company have been fraudulent……if you can’t…. I have a suggestion….take a deep breath, rub your ear lobes and the freshen yourself up with a dab of lipstick


        1. Rosko apologies I typed a response and then lost it. I’m sure the creepy homemade stalking investigators on here will trip over somewhere on the Internet.

          If Josh can get a budget together there are several opportunites in our calender to get him in the Scottish or National BMW Compact Cup Championship.

          Also, in a more recent opportunity I am building a little Citroën C1 enduro car…..Google it…..that’s right, use your Google powers for good activity.

          Various clubman opportunities are open and available to Josh.

          He’s actually a really nice lady if you met him.

          If he is fraudulent as per all accusations, I wouldn’t distance myself from him, I would try accusations do help him reshape, remodel and learn. Instead of trying to destroy him.

          I asked several.times above to James.
          What are your 3 main objectives of this article. You have never answered.


      1. Ok, in plain terms, you associated yourself with an eSports fraudster-like figure and initially defended him. Thats why people are making certain conclusions.


  43. It’s ironic at your.inability to answer simple.simple . questions James.

    I’m sure your band of merry men won’t see it..but to.the rest of the normal humans reading this
    …..they can read the questions I have asked you…..and see no answers.
    If you want a list of questions recapped, just scroll up.


      1. Apologies, short and concise I’m sadly from a generation of TL;DR
        Add me on facebook James, I’m sure you will find me 😂😂😂
        And we can talk about future articles I, like you, love motorsport.
        But in stark contrast i love to introduce and help people into the world of motorsport, you seem to want everyone to bow at your alter of trolling.

        Nice…… “bow at your alter of trolling”
        Now there’s a qoute for the real press.
        Whether it be mechanic, tyre guy or driver.


        1. We can see how insecure you are when you accuse anyone questioning Josh’s motives to be an angry troll. There is no trolling or a personal vendetta against you. You simply got duped by a scam artist who was successfully able to self-market his mediocre sim racing career into an illusion of being an e-sports star that’s becoming a real racecar driver.


          1. So let me clarify
            Mr Anonymous

            People delve into hours of searching about me, social media and company profiles, accuse me personally of being fraudulent and scamming…..but it’s not personal.

            You sir are a delusional rocket who is too ashamed/scared to share their or profile. Hiding behind his sofa shouting at me.

            Josh is his own man.
            I have given a perspective…you don’t like it.
            You may have sensed….I don’t care.

            Keep digging you non trolling entity.


            1. Not sure what using a real or fake name has to do with anything, but it doesn’t change the fact that Josh Martin conned you out of your money, and you are trying your best to save face from this.

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  44. Well, delving deeper, you say “ProRace UK is a private owned company.
    ProRace Scotland Ltd. is owned by the aforementioned individual above.”

    Then why are the contact numbers on the two sites EXACTLY the same.

    Why is your details (albeit with fake details) the web registrant for Pro Race Scotland? You’ve tried to be clever and enter fake details, such as Spain, and a mobile number with a 3 instead of a 2 at the end. But you’ve left your postcode in Falkirk in the details…. 😀

    I could see earlier that on one of the pages of Pro race Scotland, its said Contact Craig on (the name mobile number) which has since been removed from when I looked this morning. I took a screenshot with this on then/

    So many things DO NOT add up here.

    “ProRace Scotland is nothing in anyway shape or for to do with myself or ProRaceUK”

    It has your mobile number, and landline numbers on both websites Craig. Plus there is a picture on an old version (yes we can go back in time) on the weareprorace page, with a car, in a garage, with a massive ProRaceScotland decal on the side of it.

    But they are nothing to do with one another right?


  45. They are nothing to do with each other

    They were at one time.
    But as you will ee from the archives Colombo. They no longer are.

    ProRaceUK is a private owned company

    ProRace Scotland is owned by the aforementioned individual.

    just because I registered a Web domain and worked within a comoany PREVIOUSLY does not mean that there is any connection currently or future in any way shape or form.

    This mistake be the most desperate lonely man trying to huntil or literally anything he can find on the Internet.

    It painful to read it bet.


    1. So maybe instead of saying “they’re two seperate companies” you should have said “they’re NOW two separate companies” and clarified that they used to be associated?

      Do you see how saying you have nothing to do with prorace Scotland, and then facts coming out that you did makes you look bad, whereas saying “we used to be involved with them” doesn’t?


      1. How I word it is purely to let you keep trolling.

        It’s just evidence that you have information…..but no context or understanding of how it applies to reality. Possibly similar to your “racing career”

        I’m happy to clarify and be honest.
        You though……look for any public ally accessible information…..twist it and use it to try and belittle.

        How about….you could of asked me, “have you ever been involved with ProRace Scotland?” Instead of…… “ahhaaaaaaa…….I’ve caught you… registered a Web domain! Die die die Craig!”

        We both have choices in this discussion….you just choose the one that makes you look like a numpty…..a really creepy numpty stalker.


        1. Mate, this is the first time I personally got involved.
          If you’re having fun here in the comments, that’s cool I guess, but at the same time pretty unprofessional.

          Just saying.


          1. Your calling me mate. Mr Anonymous

            No idea who you are.

            Can you send me over “The professional guide to Internet ting behaviours for people within motorsport” please?

            Just saying


  46. Can you do a follow up article to this James? As someone in Craig Harper’s target market (sim shitter in the UK who wouldn’t mind dropping a grand to drive a real racecar for a weekend) I’d be interested to see how this one plays out.


        1. For the millionth time this is not about you Craig, you need to get a handle on your attention seeking ways. I want to see if that kid gets anywhere. your supposed to be in the background making it all happen.


  47. I knew I recognised you from the TV.

    Craig has appeared on many TV shows including The Barrimore Show and the Jane McDonald ‘Star for a Night’ show.

    More recently Craig was successful in getting through to the last 15 on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

    His show is a clever blend of vocals, impressions and up to date humour. He never fails to win an audience and soon has them participating and laughing ’til it hurts.

    Craig Harper (also known as CJ Harper) started performing at the age of 9 with a performance of ‘Old McDonald’s Farm’ rewritten by his parents, which replaced animals with impersonations from celebrities of the day.

    He won his first talent competition at Scarborough and then went on to win the grand final. He even appeared on Opportunity Knocks with Bob Monkhouse at the age of only 10.

    CJ knew at this young age that he was going to make performing his career.


  48. Back on topic, and in no way derogatory.

    When you took on Josh. Did you have any knowledge or were lured in by his sim racing achievements? I.e. were they a deciding factor?

    As a sim racer. Regardless of the stuff above. Thanks for giving someone a chance.


    1. That’s a very kind and honest reply.

      I had a quick look around online seenow no red flags and irrespective of what he said, I actually quite like the lad and his aims within motorsport.
      So much of racing is relationships.
      The deciding factor was and is the effort he puts in.

      How and what he puts in is not my call.
      I purely support him when he needs it or a it of guidance.

      He isn’t a criminal or a crook, he MAY have made a bad call to pursue certain avenues but it’s not uncommon for any type of racer to get tunnel vision and do anything at all costs to win/succeed.

      AND THE IMPORTANT PART……People can change.

      Even the mighty Kondor, who earns 1million a year as a doctor, shouts at the Internet and burned all his dad’s money on his self confessed terrible driving….he can change. OK it’s only his socks that he can change….but change none the less.


      1. You’re acting like you run a bloody Formula One team Craig. Get your head out of your arse for just a moment. Your business’ website looks like it was set up by a highschool kid in the ’90s, and the Facebook page for ProRace UK only has 1600 likes lol. For less than $400US I could go drive a car at my local track that would utterly stomp anything your business runs. You quite clearly think you’re a big deal, but you’re a joke mate, and you’ve exposed just how big a joke you are with your hilarious rants here.

        Get off your high horse dip shit, you’re a small business owner, not Bernie fucking Eccelstone.


  49. Don’t forget also guys, anyone with a decent credit score can take out a business loan. Just because he has 500k British dollars worth of cars doesn’t mean he doesn’t have business debt.


  50. I just find it admirable that Mr. Harper is defending the guy, that is what a real team manager should do so he gets a gold medal for it, the point the article made about the false statistics the guy fabricated to promote himself etc are true also. Just dont like the fact that James shows up here like Jesus when you very well know you have fabricated so much bullshit on this blog yourself and rarely made a step back to admit your own errors, so who are you to accuse (to put it in jesus therms)? However it was a entertaining comment section to read and i think this was the purpose of all this article at the end we should just let it go now and start to masturbate because virtual racing is probably the most interesting thing in the world as it raises such discussions, you wont get such drama anywhere else so start enjoing it pull the thing out and masturbate as we are all manchildren at the end.


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