Currently Under Changes: The Perplexing Story of Josh Martin Continues *UPDATED*

Update: Martin’s personal web page has been wiped entirely, with only the text Site Under Maintenance displayed.

Only a few short days ago, we here at PRC introduced our readers to the curious case of eSports personality Josh Martin. Boasting seventeen world records in Assetto Corsa alone, as well as fifteen online championships and over five hundred individual race wins, the twenty year old Scottish chap had been aggressively marketing himself for a number of years as a virtual racing phenom who had landed the opportunity to campaign a real race car thanks to his eSports accolades – until we performed a thorough background check and discovered he had a lot of explaining to do. A disservice to top level sim racers such as Greger Huttu, Bono Huis, and Olli Pahkala – stand-up individuals whom act as ambassadors for sim racing to the rest of the eSports world & motorsports community – we revealed that Josh Martin’s online career, sponsorships, and even partnerships with legitimate race teams, had been built upon extremely liberal interpretations of the truth, stretching into fraud-like territory that certain entities may possibly be able to pursue legally, but we’ll leave that up to them.

The fifteen eSports titles were attained primarily via competing against mates from school in unsanctioned Codemasters’ Formula One 2013 leagues for the Xbox 360, a far cry from sanctioned, licensed eSports events such as the $10,000 iRacing championships sponsored by automotive brand PEAK Anti-Freeze, and the $1,000,000 Visa Vegas eRace that come to mind when one is to mention eSports competitions. Likewise, the seventeen world records Martin was using as proof of his raw speed in simulators were discovered to be just as invalid, as in several of the leaderboards that deemed him to be the world record holder for a given car on a particular track, he was the only participant whatsoever. And though it was difficult to find evidence of his five hundred victories, results from the Eurogamer Assetto Corsa Championship held this spring depict him to be a bust unlike any other – Martin’s self-proclaimed title as the #1 sim racer in Scotland (of which no ranking exists) does not match up with his on-track performance, in which he is seen to be four seconds off pace and was most recently disqualified from an event for reckless driving.

Since our expose on Martin’s misleading eSports statistics, as well as another sim racer taking time out of his day to beat all seventeen of Josh’s records quite easily, Martin has now drastically reconfigured his personal webpage to delete any mention of the bogus statistics in favor of red text that reads Currently Under Changes, though previously uploaded YouTube videos of his have allowed us to preserve the outright misleading information in some fashion.

So your next question is understandably to ask why this all matters, as the sad reality is that sim racing attracts many teenagers and man-children alike by allowing them to live out their failed childhood dreams of becoming a race car driver. It’s certainly not uncommon to run across people in the community who believe NASCAR scouts are paying attention to their iRacing results, or Formula One teams are interested in their offline F1 2016 career mode progress, so yet another sim racer taking their delusions of grandeur to the extreme and opening a website to portray themselves as a professional eSports personality with incredibly impressive statistics full of more holes than swiss cheese, should be par for the course in a sense.

The problem here, is that Martin is actively marketing himself to both media outlets and potential sponsors under these same false pretenses that most sim racers can easily see through, and in some cases, these entities are handing over money, time, and real cars in return for exposure they aren’t actually getting, because Martin isn’t who he says he is, and isn’t doing what he said he would.

A post in January of 2015 by Josh claims he has been offered an actual racing contract to drive in the United Kingdom’s highly popular Formula Ford series, with a smilar story appearing on the Codemasters community blog, and is a “big sim racer” who is sponsored by Thrustmaster to compete in eSports competitions.

There is no record of Josh competing in any prominent eSports competitions such as iRacing’s World Grand Prix Series, the iRacing NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series, or the Formula E Visa Vegas eRace, the three biggest simulator competitions of our time. Josh’s personal website does not depict him driving the Formula Ford entry from Gwyn Richardson, but merely attending one of the races as a paddock guest, a fact reiterated by another publication. Furthermore, we have been supplied screenshots of a private message exchange in which Josh asks his acquaintances to fabricate emails that would increase the likelihood of Thrustmaster supplying him with sponsorship funds after they initially rejected his offer.

Despite the moderate coverage of Josh’s acquisition by Richardson Racing, including a television interview with STV, there is no record of Josh Martin piloting Gwyn Richardson’s Formula Ford. Martin himself made no effort to inform those following the story that the deal did not materialize, and continues to use choice shots of the Richardson car on his website to subtly imply to the untrained eye he had at one point driven it.

Two years later, in October of 2016, Martin resurfaced, returning to media outlets and sim racing message boards alike to proclaim he had signed with a hobbyist squad, ProRaceUK, to drive their BMW 3 series race car. The snazzy pre-season photographs and media frenzy culminated in an interview with two outlets, one on BBC Radio Scotland, and another on BBC Radio 5 Live, in which Josh again attempted to tell the same story of landing a professional racing gig through his eSports exploits – albeit with a tintop team instead of a Formula Ford operation. Failing to inquire why an earlier, identical deal had fallen through, media outlets ran the story anyway.

However, as the date of the first race approached, and sim racers were eager to see how eSports personality Josh Martin would fare on a legitimate track under competition speeds despite his misleading accolades, it was discovered that the same operation that had taken part in his aggressive self-promotion, were actually selling the car he had posed with on their public Facebook page, and despite a very thorough marketing push heavily implying Josh would be driving for them in 2017, did not even list him as the potential driver.

As someone whose schedule is loaded from May to October driving two very different race cars, I don’t know of a single team owner who would willingly take elaborate press photos with one specific car & driver combination, complete with the guy’s name and number plastered all over the bodywork, go through the trouble of promoting it on a pretty large scale to the point where the driver was being interviewed by the Goddamn BBC, only to get rid of the car weeks before the season was set to commence. This is very strange, and it is simply not what auto racing teams do on any level whatsoever.

After our original article on Josh Martin went viral, ProRaceUK’s own Craig Harper appeared in our comments section to both belittle and insult anyone who dared to question why the heavily promoted 2017 plans with Josh Martin failed to materialize in the exact same manner as the Formula Ford deal mentioned earlier. Harper’s meltdown spanned over three hundred comments, and you can read the entire chain by clicking here, but even when confronted with proof that Josh’s sim racing accolades the media had been so quick to run with were bogus embellishments mocked by legitimate eSports personalities, Harper claimed these comments were from angry, bitter individuals made out of jealousy, and he felt what had already been debunked as misleading, fraud-like eSports statistics from Josh were instead a “strong, marketable package.”

It’s easy to feel sorry for Mr. Harper at first; a real mechanic had simply been taken advantage of by a crafty twenty year old due to his understandable lack of knowledge when it comes to simulated race cars and the eSports kingdom, but after three hundred comments, the other side of the story was able to materialize. A Facebook video featuring Josh Martin & Craig Harper has surfaced, in which they gleefully boast about Josh’s now-debunked sim racing statistics before joking about Josh taking all of Craig’s money, and needing additional sponsors to field the car for the upcoming season.

It’s easy for some to dismiss this video as off-beat British Humor that may go over the heads of North American readers, but comments from Craig Harper appear to convey that all jokes aside, Josh’s 2017 drive that was promoted so heavily across the BBC and even sim racing websites, is indeed hindered by financial issues.

This is where I stop playing nice.

In the world of auto racing, you do not announce a very specific season plan via relentless promotional material unless it is 100% going to happen, and if it does fall through for one reason or another, you make that shit public right away to not mislead people, current sponsors, or potential sponsors. Financial issues never arise at the eleventh hour; there is no such thing as “oops, we went through all this trouble of spending money to prepare a car, and now that its done, can’t afford to race it” unless you are mind-boggling levels of retarded. What dumb motherfucker poses with a race car, hits up the BBC and several other media outlets to talk about his race car, and tells the sim racing community about his race car, when he knowingly won’t be able to afford driving the race car, and the team is actually in the process of selling the race car?

For example, when preparing to campaign the #2 Chevrolet SS for this upcoming season, our complete internal budget spreadsheet was completed prior to receiving the sponsorship money from Slightly Mad Studios. Our entire 2017 season, including but not limited to parts, travel, fuel, tires, potential damages, setup software, and other miscellaneous items we could purchase to ensure we could race the car for at least seven events, had been meticulously calculated to ensure the venture was both affordable with the funding we were provided with, and ready to be put into action on the day of the money changing hands. And after causing a miniature riot among some of our 650,000 readers with the season announcement, adding an entire Team PRC tab to our website that listed our tentative schedule, creating a Facebook page for the team, we certainly did not list the car on

I refuse to believe that a team competing at locations such Silverstone International Raceway were so ill-prepared for the financial aspect of running a race team, and the financial problems crept up so quickly, they were unable to inform their sponsors, supporters, and the press who had covered them, that the endeavor would not be going ahead as initially advertised.

Martin’s personal web page still heavily implies he will be competing in the BMW Compact Cup, giving off the impression that the venture is still moving forward. Nowhere on his web page does he list a tangible schedule, nor that he was forced to miss the opening round of the championship and will instead be competing in a partial schedule, or that the car he posed with has been sold by the team he lists as a partner. ProRace UK’s Facebook page contains no announcements that explain the stark contrast between what the press articles say about Josh’s alleged racing career, versus what’s actually happening. I am confused as to why none of the parties would make an effort to clear up any discrepancies given how much media attention their story initially received. People are going to start asking questions at some point, why not just get it out of the way?

Sponsorship and financial issues which would keep a driver sidelined are not problems that arise the week before an event, they are learned of several months in advance – especially considering the 2017 racing season just began over in Europe and you have all the time in the world to figure shit out during the winter months and announce if things aren’t going according to plan. Therefore, it is to the best of my knowledge that Josh Martin and Craig Harper appear to have been aggressively self-promoting their endeavor while knowing full well Josh would probably not be racing in the first place due to a lack of sponsors. This makes the pair look dishonest, despicable, and is a black eye to our hobby in particular when a sim racer is at the center of it all, in part using dishonest, now-debunked accolades to get this far in the first place.

I do not place the blame on Craig, as typically it is the driver’s responsibility to bring sponsors to an operation. After investigating Josh’s previous sim racing exploits, in which he forges emails to bait sponsors into supporting him, and greatly misleads others with exaggerated eSports statistics that operate on technicalities and clever wording while embarrassing himself in legitimate events, I am under the belief he promised ProRace UK he could bring sponsors to the operation, but of course, wasn’t telling the truth, and nobody at the organization was well-versed in the world of sim racing to figure out they were dealing with a bullshit artist.

In 1996, an amateur soccer player by the name of Ali Dia prank called Southampton manager Graeme Souness, and disguising his voice as 1995’s World Player of the Year, recommended himself to the Southampton club before being outed as a fraud during his first and only appearance with the team. In 2017, a low-level sim racer by the name of Josh Martin fabricated an entire website dubbing him to be the #1 sim racer in Scotland despite no such global ranking system existing, and used these fabricated, misleading accomplishments to land a partnership with a real race team before being outed as a bust thanks to his tall tales failing to materialize because race cars cost money to operate, and a couple sim racers taking a serious look at his few publicized eSports results. Josh Martin is sim racing’s Ali Dia.

Since the story first went live over the weekend, all of Martin’s seventeen world records have been snatched by random sim racers in pursuit of a hearty giggle, while the home screen of Josh’s official webpage has been drastically altered in what many will no doubt see as an admission of guilt, though his Twitter page claims the article was fake news, and the tagline on his web page still lists him as a “professional racing driver.” Comments have been disabled on select videos seen on his primary YouTube channel, and while to his credit Josh has attempted to provide us with “proof” of the Caterham F1 team being genuinely interested in his eSports accomplishments…

…it’s hard to believe a the message was little more than a polite response to a superfan, as Mercedes AMG Petronas can be seen publicly joking about receiving such an email on their own Twitter feed – indicating the source of the lighthearted tweet may have been rooted in reality, and we’ve merely figured out the original inspiration.

The entire saga is as unfortunate as it is incredibly absurd. Though we only tend to highlight the bad apples here on, the sim racing community is full of stand-out individuals who could act as phenomenal ambassadors for our hobby on a much larger scale, and it is incredibly disappointing to see someone giving sim racers an incredibly bad name to the world of auto racing by actively working to deceive the press, sponsors, and even real world motorsports personnel. It is frustrating to be made aware of such an individual wreaking havoc in two distinct communities, but now that the story is out there, hopefully steps can be made to rectify any behind-the-scenes destruction & deception.


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  1. I was pretty good at Daytona USA back in the day. I even held the top of the leader board at the local arcade for a while.

    I should have tried to land an ARCA ride as a local track champion or something.

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    1. Nice man, I once played against three other mates and won two of the three races we did while we were waiting for our movie to start when I was teen. I was that good I was spotted by a NASCAR scout. Almost got a ride too, but couldn’t get my sponsers to come to the table.


  2. I would like to add that accomplished Project Cars players are prepared for top level real world racing because of SMS’s unprecedented and unmatched tire and physics model. Project Cars is where James developed and honed his driving skills, look at him now ready to sweep the Canadian late model series.

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  3. James, I think you’re missing the thread here, but you touch on it:

    “Therefore, it is to the best of my knowledge that Josh Martin and Craig Harper appear to have been aggressively self-promoting their endeavor while knowing full well Josh would probably not be racing in the first place due to a lack of sponsors.”

    This was all a marketing exercise for Craig: make it look like attractive and aspiring sim racer and regular kid Josh is realizing his dream of racing real cars, thereby drawing in new business from other dreaming sim racers and driving game fans in general. According to Craig this has been successful and I don’t really doubt him on that.

    Craig knows that Josh is bullshitting and doesn’t care because not many of his potential customers are going to do the sort of deep vetting of Josh seen here. I really doubt the evidence or outrage here will create any backlash for his business.

    And his business is renting race cars, not winning championships. I doubt Craig gives a fuck how his customers perform as long as he gets paid. And maybe Josh does wind up driving his cars someday, but I guarantee you Josh will be the one paying for it.

    So this seems like a case of dishonest ambition teaming up with slightly unscrupulous marketing for mutual benefit. As a long time sim racer, Josh’s behavior pisses me off a lot more than Craig’s, but feel free to make your own moral judgments.


    1. Well like I said in the comments yesterday, as a team owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

      You shouldn’t allow your driver to promote himself (with the help of your team) as an eSports superstar if you haven’t done a simple background check on the guy yourself to see his statistics were fraudulent. Turns out he is a type of fraud and now everybody from the same eSports community you’ve tried to enter and get involved in now think you’re a Class A retard who just jumps on trends without thinking things through.

      You shouldn’t allow your driver to be doing radio interviews with BBC about the race car if you’re not even sure he’ll be in the damn car he’s talking about because he hasn’t supplied the funds he said he would. Now you just look stupid because at the end of the day, on top of associating yourself with some kind of fraud because you just admitted you’re unable to perform a simple background check, he’s NOT racing like he said he would, and people who originally got excited about the story are now asking many, MANY questions.

      Josh is an asshole with elaborate mental deficiencies (not uncommon for psych students), but these people you can’t reason with face to face, only expose them and let the info cycle through the community.

      Craig actually seems like an alright dude, just made some really shitty calls and needs somebody to explain what he just walked into because this is all totally over his head.

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      1. James, its time you come clean and admit that you used Project Cars exclusively to get ready for your upcoming real world racing venture.


        1. Difference is he’s actually a talented driver in real life.

          Oh and also he actually drives a real race car.

          What does Josh Martin do?


          1. Erm, I wouldn’t be quick to say talented.

            I had phenomenal results for a complete newbie. One feature win and 5-7 heat wins dubs me the anus of okay-ness.


            1. Sweetie, don’t flatter yourself, you’re a racing GOD! You won a rookie prize, how cool is that? Don’t listen to the haters. They’re just a bunch of worthless meanies. Let’s all bow down in honour of James.

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      2. Pretty sure his point is that, like the saying goes, ‘there is no bad publicity’. Even if all that is true, at the end of the day his company was on BBC twice and that’s good for business.


  4. Kudos and many thanks for an article which lead to more than 300 (!) comments! The rage and butt-hurtness of the majority of man-children who posted and made fools of themselves in the comments section was worth it. Personally IDGAF about morals and frauds in simracing. Some take their hobby way too serious. Thanks again for the LOLz!!!


  5. You know this Craig Harper who was posting is most likely just the Josh guy form the original article and the guy in the youtube video is just his mate right?

    No one who is involved with the BTCC would be posting about “Haters” on PRC


    1. @You asked the wrong question:

      Facepalm! Craig Harper’s identity has already been cleared by James in the comments section of the first article about JM.


      1. This whole article is just a shambolic remake of the first one…

        James….you’ve had your chance to ask questions to get full clarity…
        You chose not to.
        You chose to retype your drivel.
        Ignore all.previous answers calling them a MELTDOWN

        I’m here James and happy to answer.

        What 3 outcomes.would you like to see from this (4th time asking you)

        You James are desperate
        Clearly lonely
        and you rose tints need are on point

        You can Qoute that….because I actually said that.


        1. Why do you keep asking for outcomes?

          The first outcome he (and the rest of us) wanted: Josh to be exposed as a fraudster and a scammer. Outcome achieved.

          Second bonus (unintended) outcome: the “boss” of his “racing team” to reveal himself as an idiot, with no social or PR skills, who is probably a fraudster himself. Outcome achieved.

          There’s the only two outcomes that matter. There doesn’t need to be a third.

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        2. Hi Craig

          I just wanted to say thanks for your posts in these articles. Your stupidity and ignorance in the comments has been a source of great amusement for me.


  6. Meltdown…..
    Wow, I see what you’ve don’t there James.
    I have laughed the whole way through this
    ….and called.out every single person who has been aggressive and disrespectful…..throwing back “playground insults” where I deemed it useful.
    But you don’t clearly don’t get irony or sarcasm…..which explains a lot. It wasn’t in the training manual when you won the rookie baby banger stock car tickling championship with 10 other people….and you being the only rookie.

    Have I answered EVERY question asked?

    You don’t like me being cheeky…..when I respond to cheeky comments… a Meltdown…..your website appears to be a scream for attention after a flash in a pan attempt at banger racing…to validate your views and opinions.

    I have clarified already….. some hundred dollar cut vinyl chucked on a car for some photos ….does not legally obligate me to keep ONE EXACT vehicle that must never be sold.until the Internet is satisfied.
    That’s just silly.

    That car is NOT up for sale because any thing to do with Josh, sim racing or the price of cheese.
    It’s up for sale because I need it out the way. When you do what i do and have more than your mother’s car in your care….space is a premium.

    I explained this previously.

    How many races have happened this season in the BMW COMPACT Cup?
    1…..and it was the same.weekend I was out at BritCar…..let me.see what gets priority
    2. You used your trusty if not nonsense screenshots again above…..
    “”””heavily implying Josh would be driving for them in 2017, did not even list him as the potential driver.””””

    That’s a for sale advert… lists the drivers of theta exact car!……and the question marks are hinting at “it could be you” if your reading the advert. Are you really that big a moron to not understand this?

    I need to clarify a few things.
    For those who haven’t read the whole 300 previous comments (not all.from me as inferred lol)

    There are a lot of angry people on here.
    Not because of me
    Yet no matter how many times people (mostly james) say it’s not personal about you Craig…..they have spent hours trolling the Internet for information about me

    Putting it together in a ramshackle way and manipulating it to make out as if I’m a bad man who has lied.

    I haven’t lied.
    Instead of showing me grammar and spelling mistakes…..Show me the lies as I have said many times.

    Josh can and more than likely will drive one of my race cars this year…..I mean….look at the free publicity you have given my company….you call it bad yeah?

    I have quoted 4 arrive drive packages so far off the back of this.
    And how much has it cost my company to get those enquiries?

    It’s so to grab your quotes and insert them…..and then clarify..but what you do is very misleading and dangerous.

    “””” Financial issues never arise at the eleventh hour (FACE PALM) ; there is no such thing as β€œoops, we went through all this trouble of spending money to prepare a car, and now that its done, can’t afford to race it” “””
    (WHERE DID YOU GET THIS QOUTE FROM…..OH…..YOU MADE IT UP JAMES ….so the following insult.could be used)

    “””…unless you are mind-boggling levels of retarded. (POT/KETTLE BLACK) What dumb motherfucker poses with a race car, hits up the BBC and several other media outlets to talk about his race car, and tells the sim racing community about his race car, when he knowingly won’t be able to afford driving the race car, and the team is actually in the process of selling the race car?”””

    Is super simple……you seem fixed on that particular chassis number and vehicle…..

    I have explained calender clashes
    I have explained the Citroen C1 enduro car
    I have explained the various other cars….

    Just because your disappointed that he isn’t driving that EXACT car……doesn’t make it fraudulent or.scamming on my part.

    If you ever visited McDonalds and ordered a cheeseburger…
    And didn’t get that exact one on the screen….would you be angry…..of course YOU would be.

    Have I or my company misled anyone…..
    If YES…..I have offered on more than a dozen occasions the opportunity for clarity, apologies and even invites to events. (Which again has been manipulated as threats….leaving your bedroom is a good thing)

    If NO…..your just making up.tripe, repeating already answered questions. In the hope that I don’t pop.back.up with normal.balanced answers and hope that people buy into your drivel RE: Craig Harper/ProRaceUK

    Personally I thank you for highlighting the issues in Joshs background. It’s the way you done it then proceeded to stalk my location, history and insulted me personally that seems well….rodent like

    I have not had a Meltdown James….you page seems like a Meltdown as I have previously stated.
    I have merely been open and honest and discussed all areas of concern regarding myself and my business..

    That’s why many people now have full understanding of the situation.
    Apart from you. Ironic


      1. Avoided answering again

        I’m not questioning WHY…….everyone knows this

        It’s HOW you have done it…..without calling me or anyone else..
        Gathered random data….and put it together in a ramshackle manner that best suits you so you can accuse anyone of whatever you like.

        Now answer my questions
        ….but you won’t.


        1. Craig said:
          “Just because your disappointed that he isn’t driving that EXACT car……doesn’t make it fraudulent or.scamming on my part.”

          So why don’t NASCAR Sprint Cup teams raise like $10,000,000 in sponsor money, then place their drivers in Honda Civics in some SCCA regional series, pocket over nine million dollars for themselves, and go LOLOLOL I DONT HAVE TO PUT THEM IN THE EXACT CAR TO SATISFY ANGRY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET, YOU HATERS ARE JUST JEALOUS OF MY $3,000 CARS THAT SURROUND ME.

          Oh right, cause it’s deceptive as fuck and anyone who’s not fifteen or part of Josh’s social circle that have bought into his delusions along with him will know this.

          Craig’s mad the driver he partnered with in good faith was exposed a phony and there is no right move to make afterwards after they spent so much time and effort trying to get into eSports and be “ahead of the curve” so to speak. What’s going to happen is a friend of craigs will catch wind of this, talk some sense into him, and he’ll be like “oh… shit…”


    1. “I’m not having a meltdown”…proceeds to post a super long, rambling, barely coherent comment. Ok there, Craig. You aren’t having a meltdown. Sure thing, buddy.


    2. My gut feeling : Craig fucked up big time, somewhere, because he’s behaving passionately defensive about _something_, just not where James thinks he fucked up – and neither party seems willing to stop bickering over who’s right, and just really compare notes and figure out why they see things so differently, try to find something they both can agree on, without all the (albeit entertainingful) aggro and drama.

      Just sayin why not assume you’re both right but just don’t understand where the other’s coming from very well yet …


    3. >That car is NOT up for sale because any thing to do with Josh, sim racing or the price of cheese.
      It’s up for sale because I need it out the way. When you do what i do and have more than your mother’s car in your care….space is a premium.

      No matter what, it’s still for sale.


  7. We can’t get along….because the following reasons….

    1. James is angry
    2. James doesn’t want friends….he just want social acceptance
    3. James doesn’t know how to play with other children and compromise, tolerate or communicate anything apart from the voices in his tinfoiled covered head.
    Or I might be wrong and he will add me on facebook..we will chat and make something positive from all this…or not


    1. I asked why you could not publicly explain to people or even instruct your driver to say that his original plans would not materialize, and things were now currently up in the air.

      You got SUPER DEFENSIVE about this and went on some tangent about not being legally obligated to inform anyone of anything before lashing out at my readers who asked the same questions.

      If you tell people you are going to university for engineering, but yet the semester comes and you haven’t actually enrolled in any classes, do you continue telling everybody you know, six months later, that you’re enrolled at the university? Do you put “Studying engineering at the university of Jerusalem” in your Facebook profile and ask family members and friends for canned food, furnishings, and other miscellaneous school supplies even though you haven’t actually been on campus and are currently working at Tesco? Of course not. But that is what you and Josh have been doing, in a sense.

      You were played by an eSports fraud. You will hear this from me, you will hear this from other commenters, and you will eventually hear this from your real life acquaintances as well. I’ll wait.


    2. Craig, your observations are on point! Keep in mind that most of James’ blog entries are ripped to shreds in the comments. Most of what he posts is based on bizarre conspiracies than fact and he won’t change his mind even if facts prove that he is wrong. Think of PRC along the lines of Infowars and Breitbart.


      1. I get on fine with James.

        I don’t know Josh or Craig but…

        I wouldn’t get on well with Josh because he’s a liar and a fraud.

        I wouldn’t get on with Craig because he’s shown himself to be an idiot.


  8. I’d like to see a Sim Racing WWE special including James, Craig Harper, Ian Bell and Stefano Casillo. I guees in the end Ian Bell wins, after beating Stefano and Craig and bribbing James another time.

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  9. I don’t need a fake history lesson on the thread.
    It’s there for everyone to read the truth

    James you seem to be one of the most devious and venomous people I have come across in a long time.
    Smile….it’s easier

    Now who us threatening read world consequences

    You still haven’t answered my questions.


    1. I asked why you could not publicly explain to people or even instruct your driver to say that his original plans would not materialize, and things were now currently up in the air.

      You got SUPER DEFENSIVE about this and went on some tangent about not being legally obligated to inform anyone of anything before lashing out at my readers who asked the same questions.


  10. Kondor is going to have a field day with these comments aswell once the timezone differencies bring the sun up in the US aswell.

    Oh, on a side note. Trump is making Syria great again AFTER saying that Syria should’ve been left alone during the Obama presidency.


      1. He probably use examples such as Craig to his patients saying “See? This could be you. Good thing you’re in my care”.

        I imagine him having a giant 4k tv screen connected to a rss feed that shows new comments in real time, a Pretend Twitter of sorts, with filters to only show Craig’s messages (and in the past, Stefano’s).


    1. YESSSS! Kondor making an idiot of himself on PRC is always a never-ending source of LOLz.

      Oh, on a side note. Sending an aircraft carrier to waters off the Korean peninsula is a strike of genius. WWIII not far away.


  11. Good article and right to expose. However make sure you give equal or greater coverage to the “stand-out individuals who could act as phenomenal ambassadors for our hobby on a much larger scale” and not just the dicks.


  12. Is the rumoured world popcorn shortage caused by this thread real or just more fake news? πŸ˜‰

    It’s no surprise that people are outraged by the exaggerations, fake news and downright lies. Josh remains low on the untruth scale for me, more misguided than outright harmful. Take a look at the far bigger scandal involving science writer Jonah Lehrer and the much larger amounts of money involved:

    Josh has done plenty of damage to his reputation and might want to read Jon Ronson’s book to help him recover through the backlash and recover what he can from the situation. An open, honest and sincere apology is always the best policy.

    It’s also worth noting that Lehrer’s employers sacked him and publishers recalled books and quickly distanced themselves once the exaggerations were revealed. I’d taken no notice of the 3rd parties involved such as the race team, they seemed as innocently drawn into this as anyone else. The continued defensiveness makes it look like they might be more involved. Why they’d want this discussion as part of their corporate image makes little sense. Distancing would surely have been a better policy?


  13. Good article, Josh’s antics only go to further highlight the massive problem simracing has with deluded autistic man children.


  14. I can see this from both sides.James should not just assume every racing deal between racer and team is the same or even similar to his own deal.Craig sounds like a typical hard working race guy that you can see up and down the British club racing scene every week in summer just trying to put deals together with drivers who often promise things that often dont happen for all sorts of reasons.

    The original article was good and revealed some dishonesty but the guy was only bullshitting and it did not work.Had someone sponsored him it would be no crime and the gullible person should have done some research.The chances of gaining a sponsor via the media was virtually nil anyway.Most people in racing are sponsored by someone they know like James and SMS.

    I like the way you are going about your racing James with a professional attitude.

    I will add I am a Southampton fan so know all about Ali Dia…Unlike Josh he got on the pitch….


  15. James….

    You fabricate quotations to suit your arguments.

    Im happy to answer anything….as i said.

    If i missed quesrions fire away.

    “””I asked why you could not publicly explain to people or even instruct your driver to say that his original plans would not materialize, and things were now currently up in the air.”””

    Things are the air because I haven’t spoken to Josh about all these full substanciated claims from both parties.
    ….why would I want to support a serial liar.
    …..why would I want to drop a lad on his face because of some Internet stitch up.

    I will make my decision in time regarding proraceuk and Josh Martins relationship over the next short while. We do have a contract so it’s not just a case of option A or B. But you know this, as everything else is known by you.

    You have trolled me….and came to some.fanatical ridiculous conclusions

    James…..your angry…very very angry at life.
    You seem to attract fellow bitterness.
    It’s ok though I don’t hate you or even dislike you, I feel that everyone deserves a chance especially in motorsport.
    You do seem though a touch….well how can I say politely….a bit far gone.
    When only a hashtag can explain…. #TinfoilHat #KingKeyboardWarrior

    I have no interest in deleting comments

    I invite all.questions…as clarity and honesty here is key….in James “search for the truth”

    Why do I keep asking James for 3 clear outcomes….well it’s simple…..

    1. It gives all the readers a clear idea of what James is trying to achieve (like mission statement)
    2. It’s tit for tat… all ask me my intentions and outcomes for ProRace relationship with Josh….(what, when, where will he be driving)
    3. Prove to me that it is not just about angry man sitting perched since a press release waiting for 6 months to spot failure or lies.

    My aims and goals are simple
    Help people into motorsport
    Build up people and plans for success
    Inform and work in an open and honest light

    This isn’t Nascar as you have tried to compare it James.
    And you aren’t the media.
    Your a bitter little man trying to call out someone who has all their information social media outlets and content fully available and willing to discuss.

    If that makes me anow idiot……then so be it.
    It’s seen me well thus far.
    I have nothing to hide and nothing I won’t discuss.

    If I was of weaker mind or easier influenced by bullying tactics etc…..I may have said….

    I’m so sorry……please forgive me

    What have I done wrong? Apart from not troll some computer sim ranking table…..that doesn’t seemingly exist….so I couldn’t troll it.

    Let’s create a list…..
    Press release josh joined us
    Given Josh opportunity to enter the world of motorsport
    Communicated with Josh various bit of relevant info
    Prepared for 2017 season
    Started 2017 season
    Responded to information put to me via James fully credible website.


    Have it missed anything (please provide proof)

    Would you guys prefer me not to respond???

    Answer my questions.


    1. You should ask Austin/James about his racing sponsorship. It’s basically just a gagging order to prevent him from writing negative articles about an upcoming video game release.


    2. Mr Harper,

      My diagnoses:

      1) Alcohol and/or Poor Impulse Control (indistinguishable via this medium).
      2) Too much free time for anyone actually running a small business.
      3) Narcissism.

      Why don’t you simply take this God-given exposure and turn it around to your advantage? Your target market (you know, the ones you hoped to reach with your E-Sports Ambassador?) is sitting right here. You’re running the considerable risk of becoming the Paul Christoforo of Sim Racing here.

      Why not change the subject and tell us how much it costs to practice in one of your cars or something like that? Why dig in and defend a proven fraudster at the (possible) cost of your own reputation? Why is worth even a 0.1% risk of damaging your business?

      PS – I’ll anticipate one of your hyper-defensive responses (to #2 above) and tell you that I’ve been on vacation in Paris for the past week (but back here for the past few days). I’m back to work tomorrow, so if you see me posting a lot tomorrow, you’ll know I’m a hypocrite in addition to being a pedant πŸ˜‰


      1. It seems you’ve been off work a long time. You’re constantly on here tonguing Austin’s ass who is also a narcissist so what does that make you?


      2. Hi Kondor, nice to see you’re on the pills again! Don’t your knees hurt and doesn’t the view of James’ stomach get boring to you though?


        1. I’m confused, if Kondor is bent over being fucked from behind to the point it will give him knee pain, how is he able to simultaneously see Jame’s stomach without the use of a mirror?


    3. I think Craig, you have a bit of a delusion of grandeur. People don’t give a shit about you, or ProRaceUK. People find it funny how hard you are to wind up, and how defensive you are, so people keep feeding you to see you explode. I’ve enjoyed it, I’m sure others have to. I get why you helped him out. You thought you were breaking into the e-sports industry and Josh, a local lad, with all of these sponsors and records came along. Most people, like you would have jumped at the chance. Me included, probably.

      People DO care however about how an entity such as Josh can get sponsorship – you’ve basically gatecrashed his shit show. Hell, anyone could get sponsorship if they walked into a business claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread. The Ali Dia comparision is a PERFECT comparison.

      He rang the right person, proclaiming to be the right thing, and voila. It happened.

      Again back to JOSH, and not Craig.

      Does that make it right? Lying to achieve. I guess thats an ethical debate. Is it any different to a fake tradesman knocking on someones door claiming to be a builder. Getting the work, and absolutely trashing someones house?

      The funny thing is. The “x amount of world records” claim. Josh now has ZERO “world records”, ironically.

      He has an email from the Caterham comms person saying yep, well done for emailing me. We will be in touch if we want to do anything. In terms of business. Thats like saying. I like your product. We might email you and make an order. You ever watch Dragons Den?. People try to base their whole business model from a “nice product, we might order from you”. They get absolutely murdered for it. Based on this, buying a Caterham undersuit and posing for a photo, and proclaiming to be on their development driver list. Is that normal?

      Again, back to JOSH. His whole reputation. Other than a few friends with an unhealthy obsession (who are writing on here using spoof accounts using a German proxy) has no support, and no fans. The only way he could shake this image is to work hard at the actual core fundamentals of sim racing. WHICH IS ACTUALLY DRIVING A SIMULATED CAR FAST!

      Maybe he could focus on this, and get his name noticed this way. As for now, I can’t see any other way forward for Josh than the kid who is a bullshitter (but not a bit, a whole – living an alternative reality in his head kind of way). Just maybe, and its a long shot. He could actually get better at sim racing and get noticed that way.


      1. What’s your name and how do you know what emails Josh has in his inbox……that’s a strange bit of info.

        “::how defensive you are, so people keep feeding you to see you explode””””

        How is offering to.answer questions….any and all.questions defensive? It’s not….you just don’t like the answers

        Explode??? Mate….if only you knew me….explode.
        Because I may have used an exclamation Mark at some.point….or maybe even capital letters (GASP)…..doesn’t mean to say I exploded….your just fantasising….

        As I previously said….I treat this site with the contempt it deserves

        I give each person the response and respect they deserve….based upon their attitudes, your mum taught me that. (LAST TIME…I PROMISE)

        Please don’t confuse cringe worthy responses with angry ones.
        I know the difference you must trust me on this point.


        1. You’re quite possibly the LEAST trustworthy person I have ever come across.

          For someone who doesn’t care. You’ve probably spend a good few hours, wasting your life on this site replying to people. Who in reality, are getting a great laugh out of you.

          Why isn’t Josh here? Surely he should be defending himself. I don’t get why someone who is just in a working relationship is so vocally defending him. It’s weird.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I asked the same thing. Why take even a minuscule risk with the reputation of your business to defend “a lad” you barely know?

            I hate to say it, but it almost sounds like their relationship extends well beyond the purely professional.



          1. Hi guys, imagine a “doctor” talking to people like a piece of crap then attaching them for not being professional and someone going under an anonymous name and claiming the person offering full disclosure is no trust worthy.

            And they say Americans don’the get comedy.


    4. you’re from Scotland right? Can you fucking speak your native language in a grammatically correct way? Its fucking annoying. You support a fucking fraud, good for you, you think this negative exposure is good for the company, not really when it gets run down the toilet – for free.


  16. Is it just me or is everyone forgetting the fact that anyone can secure a drive in Craig’s car if you can afford i, rather than Craig being duped, some stupid mental ill kid enquires about driving his car and as normal Craig says hell yea, that will be Β£xxx please, then previously mentioned mentally il IDIOT can’t come through with the funds, whats the big story here other than Josh being a complete lying fantasist, other than Craig looking a bit silly on here I don’t see what else he has done wrong, duped, no asked for seat in his car for a price and he said yes, why would he want to check background story, mentally ill kid wants to pay he pays and drives end of. p.s Craig how much for a season hahahahaaa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Craig paid Josh money. Although not confirmed. In the video. He quite clearly says. “Cause he needs money! Cause I’ve already given him all of mine”.


      1. No trolls here.

        Kondor and James
        You live for this stuff.
        Negativity is your fuel.
        You only reap what you sow and you have no interest in anything rather than destruction.
        I could 101 psychology you guys too.
        But life has taught me one thing….you can only fight stupid with stupid…. or was that your mum that said that.
        (That’s called sarcasm with a large amount of tongue in cheek)

        Inlet regards to the deal/financial arrangements….it’s quite simple

        That’s between Josh and ProRace
        …..what I will say is what I have said many times before to blind eyes on here.
        I have invested in various ways into Josh, and HAD MY RETURN

        So I haven’t been scammed
        I havent misled anyone.

        @Bored Embarrassed Scotsman
        His points are pretty damn good.
        Read them.


            1. It’s Josh.

              I felt like getting your attention as I have won 15 championships and have hundreds of world records. I also am on the Caterham young driver scheme.

              I wondered if maybe we could come to an arrangement to promote e-sports in the UK? You could give me all your money, and then see how it goes.


        1. So you agree Josh is a can or two short of a six pack? That’s a large part of Embarrassed Scotsmans conclusion. Pity you didn’t say that from the start


          1. Only thing he said about him is he’s a “nice lad” right? He’s probably mentally challenged like the dominos autist Austin featured a while back and he feels sorry for him, and/or he is taking advantage of him for money.


        2. Craig, what is up with the format of these posts? You fancy yourself a poet or something? Have another drink or something, you need to calm down


        3. I sympathize with you a bit Craig, for reasons of lurker gut feeling in first approximation.

          But you’re making yourself too vulnerable. If you’ve dicked up big somehow, just boast it proudly together with implementing what you learned from it.

          Guaranteed safe from snipers.


          1. Imagine it turns out he was mentally challenged.and he percieved everything he said was true as a part of his “condition”…..and you guys were destroying him….one of them even being a doctor.

            That would be very awkward.

            Personally I like the lad and wouldn’t change a thing I have done.
            Why because life is to short to regret. Would I do it differently in the future….well it’s safe to say once again…..the page and the responses all.confirm what my suspicions of Sim racing community was
            …..I took a punt and it paid off at the correct time.


  17. I think we’re beating a dead horse with this one. This Harper guy can’t retain a modicum of objectivity as his responses inevitably decend into petty insults. He’s enjoying the attention.


  18. Both Josh Martin and Austin Ogonoski give sim racing a bad name. The first one for trying to sell himself and the second for already being a sellout.


  19. Agreed how many times has Craig said: “You haven’t answered my questions. I’m here, ask me 5 questions. What are the 3 outcomes you want?”

    The guy is clearly a bit special.

    But this really wasn’t about Craig, until he made it about him.

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    1. Meltdown?
      Answering questions and throwing random internet troll stereotypes in the pot are rarher fun.
      I have zero intention too be quiet.

      You guys wanted answers and seem to love trolling me….so.I’m here.
      Now.that’s a problem also is it?

      What’s your name?


          1. No he doesn’t, he either ignores them entirely, likes their post, or leaves a three word response that ignores any of the points they just raised.


            1. Ah….like in this and the last”article”

              Back in the eighties….when kondor blew his dad’s wad (of cash) being a below par racing driver waiting to be signed for Nascar……oh wait…I have no idea where I was going with this point.

              Can I write for PRC? Oh wait….my experience is relevant and I answer questions……cancel that request.


              1. You’ve got a serious hard-on for Kondor. Mmm maybe it’s your repressed feelings have lead you to become hyper sensitive, poor chap


              2. Mr. Harper,

                What exactly is your relationship to Josh? You’ve spent a really inordinate time here defending him. And yet, you are not Toto Wolff and he is definitely not Lewis Hamilton.

                So what’s your interest here? You’ve put on quite a show in front of 650,000 readers for….what exactly?

                Let’s get real here for just a minute. Forget about me and insulting me personally (pointless, given that I’m anonymous and you’re not, something that seems to escape you). WTF are you intending to accomplish here?

                You’ve said that you’re here for amusement. That’s fine, but you used your real name and are, whether you understand it or not, representing your business in every (increasingly incoherent) posting you make.


                1. OK….serious face.

                  My relationship to Josh is about a year old. Not how to answer that tbh.
                  He was wanting to get into motorsport….I am in motorsport….it’s pretty simple.

                  Why am I here?
                  I’m here to give you answers in regards to myself and my position regarding Josh..I may have stated it once or a dozen times.

                  Let’s do some math.
                  10% may see what I was trying to do for Josh and the sim community …65k

                  Of that, 10% may want to follow a clear path into motorsport 6.5k

                  1% of them actually have the funds/resources to make it a reality….6.5 people

                  So far….. I have had a huge increase in web traffic to website worldwide

                  Over a dozen enquires for various motorsport services

                  Countless private messages through various social media sources telling me their thoughts and enjoying the insults/playground tactics utilised towards angry men who have trolled and come up wanting.

                  That last part was just a bonus.

                  Unlike you and many others…..who hide behind the cowards blanket of anonymity
                  I’m open, honest and willing to discuss any point relevant to me and business.

                  ….this seems a shock as it’s not the norm
                  But tbh… guys aren’t normal
                  and that’s what keeps me smiling.
                  What makes me sad….is you could do this to other businesses as blackmail (previous history of doing such) and also cause some real social and emotional damage.

                  I’m sure as a “doctor” kondor you know this. And it’s why you hide behind anonymity…as your conduct, language and points displayed are not really that of a professional.

                  Me…I’m just a hoodwinked grease monkey having a meltdown.



                  1. Dude.. he hides behind his anonymity because he is smart. You’re very obviously not. Dumb people are usually proud to be dumb so that’s nothing new.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Apologies I thought it was because he was spineless and ashamed that his opinions hold zero validity due to the fact he is either a child or wearing a tinfoil hat locked in your grandparents basement.
                      My confusion.
                      I thought it was because people who hide behind walls were scared.

                      But it’s actually because he’s smart….like you.

                      And what’s your name?

                      Oh wait….that’s a dumb question.
                      Apologies. Silly me.


                  2. Yes, I agree you’re having some kind of meltdown. And only a fool would dox themselves on an online forum like this. Lastly, do you have any sense of irony?

                    Because here you are, flinging childish personal insults in bizarrely worded, misspelled diatribes while accusing others of not being “professional”.

                    Anyway, I’m done here. While it’s been (mildly) amusing to watch your antics here, it’s pretty clear you’re not interested in doing anything other than ineffectual mockery.

                    You should really consider taking some sort of course in effective communications and reputation management. I recommend Constant Contact or Reputation Defender for some tips on how to effectively interface with the public via public forums.


  20. God. This just gets better and better.

    Thank god I never paid your “2017 driver” last year. Plus thought you had to actually own the vehicle, you were putting said sponsorship onto……. not a kart from a local track haha. Plus I know who owns his local track πŸ™‚ stupid little………

    what a fraud.


    1. Hey Anon, The ownership of that exact vehicle upsets you too butthurt? Sorry autocorrect. I meant … butt hurt?
      That’s nice you think you dodged a bullet, feel free to contact me anytime for tickets to our events. Would be great to catch up.


      1. No not the ownership. I have a problem with some kid messaging me trying to get me to ‘sponsor’ his f#$k about in a go kart. Claiming he in some championship πŸ™‚ so yeah dodged over 200 “bullets”

        Would love to come to a event, always go to btcc races and cheering on team hard.

        Tony G the man πŸ˜‰


      2. Oh and I never wrote the first response but it was a friend and we are pretty pissed tbh.

        Anyways got better stuff to do ☺



  21. Lol imagine if you were one of Kondor’s patients and you came on here and saw him getting upset about some kid lying about his online racing record.

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  22. Guys i really don’t understand why so much hate for Craig.
    If you knew motorsport you’d know that most of the time it’s the driver that pays the team, so if a Sim racing liar wants to race Craig’s car, why should him say no?
    And if this sim racer als manages to promote both of them with lies, without the team actually know about them, that’s not really something that has to do with the team and Craig actually benefits from exposure. As simple as that.

    I’d still like some more info about their collaboration, but i understand that:
    -Something may be under NDA
    -He cannot say something negative about someone that’s probably paying him to race

    IMHO Craig seems like a good person, maybe not the most adapt for PRC’s comment section and maybe not really understanding what PRC is about, but i think everybody should act more like an adult than a jealous kid.

    And, since he seem like he actually wants to answer honest questions, i’d like James to engage with him in private instead of trolling him on comment section.

    Hate should be on John’s lies, not on his team’s manager.


    1. Mr Harper has been given a more than adequate chance and primarily I certainly assumed the guy had been hood winked by an over ambitious gamer. However from the continuing tone of his comments I’m now of the opinion that he’s trying to court controversy in a very poor marketing ploy. The only problem here is he’s no Conor Mc Greggor and most of us here probably find his antics a mild amusement at best

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    2. Very good comment! The main problem is that most commenters will eat anything James serves them, don’t use their own brain and play along nicely in the comment section. That’s typical mob mentality. More leaders and less spineless followers in the comments would be a nice change of pace, but I guess you reap what you sow.


      1. Long time reader and would normally agree. BUT it seems James has actually thought about this one. Every statement is backed up by a fact or a screenshot or some kind of proof.

        Unusual I know. An actually thought out article on this site. But there you go.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. What a load of shit, man. This is the most raucous, fucked up, unregulated comments section of all time. I agree with Austin when he makes sense. I’ve disagreed with many of his statements in the past, but lately he’s on a bit of a roll. I call ’em like I see ’em and I’m sure Austin knows this. I think I was the very first person to voice strong disapproval of his deal with SMS and still there’s people saying I’m some kind of diehard PRC loyalist.

        There are no sycophants here. Just a few people who give a shit about improving sim racing. To the extent we agree on how to do that, then we agree. Otherwise, it’s game on.


        1. That awkward moment when someone claims they support PRC because they want to improve sim racing.

          The reality is this blog has been going two years, Austin has been paid off by three devs and sim racing is still in the state.

          He has very little credibility outside of his small circle of friends and this blog is only popular because it lets the community fling shit at each other without consequence.


        2. > There are no sycophants here.

          Ha ha, that’s the best joke ever. You bigots get very touchy when your circlejerk is interrupted too much.


  23. Question for Josh (we know you’re reading!)

    Please list your 15 league championships (name of league, website, sim used, name of 2nd and 3rd place drivers, number of participants)


  24. Haha.. I can’t believe this is still going..

    To Summarize..

    “You are… are! are! are! are! are! are! are!
    You suck..
    You do..
    No.. you do
    Your Mum..
    No..your Mum”

    Hahahaha! It’s great!


      1. I’ll let you into a secret: Josh Martin doesn’t have a real racing career. His sim racing career is basically made up in his head. So don’t worry.


  25. Josh is a hustler and not a very good one as it hasn’t gotten him much more than a free thrustmaster wheel. Way to sell your integrity for cheap. That kind of thing doesn’t wash off and getting a good job will be tough when HR digs this up with a quick google search. Sad.
    James is a troll with better imagination which helped getting a company to pay one season for his racing dreams to basically stop his trolling. I don’t see a lot of difference between these guys, in some ways James is worse because Josh never attacked businesses publicly willing to be paid to stop doing so. Neither one deserves any respect.

    What is scary, as a club member that does track days, is the concept of arrive and drive and how Craig will put anyone with a cleared check into a track car and put them out in a field of people. Stay far away from that kids, you have been warned. I avoid the arrive and drive establishments in my neck of the woods at all costs, stick to clubs who vet their members and require beginners to have an instructor in the car. Do legit track days and schools, then maybe club spec racing if you can afford it down the road. Arrive and drive is a racket and it sounds like a good way to get injured by someone who has no business being on a race track. They fact that Craig would advertise puttiing a kid in one of his cars that only has a few minutes of kart time under his belt is the worst thing about this entire story.

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    1. This guy gets it. Austin and Josh are both turd stains on the sim community.

      Craig seems to be trying his best to get his business off the ground and tried to use Josh for some publicity. It’s unclear whether he would have actually put Josh in a racecar but I hope he moves on and ends up putting more real drivers on the track.


  26. Craig,
    If you were a true professional racer, business man or whatever you would never waist your time with this BS site or comments, you have no credibility anymore.


          1. “”””If you were a true professional racer, business man or whatever you would never waist your time with this BS site or comments, you have no credibility anymore””””

            So just to clarify
            Only fake unprofessional non racers waste time on this and they hold all the credibility ??

            So no other comments are valid.
            That’s quick a perspective.

            Anon….whats your name?…..oh that’s right. Coward hiding pointing and shouting.


            1. “”So just to clarify
              Only fake unprofessional non racers waste time on this and they hold all the credibility ??””

              My point exactly, no one on this site holds credibility in the comment section this site.

              No one affiliated with the business your in would think of engaging in this BS discussion. I assume there are sponsorship contracts and other agreements that would not appreciate the unprofessional engagement here.

              I am nobody, I am not a pro racer just a hobby sim racer but I do have a job and am a professional in the business I am in. I read thru this sites articles because I can… But never look thru the comments until I seen in this post that you were quoted on a comment you made.

              I am beginning to wonder if that is really you or someone else using your name. Just hard to believe you would act in this manor.


              1. So just to clarify

                …….being open and honest
                Discussing every point and inviting people to join me at racing……is bad.

                Not hiding and communicating with everyone…..ok some tongue in cheek insults in response to cheeky accusations …but all fully deserved.

                I don’t see it as BS….i see it as an opportunity.

                “”””No one affiliated with the business your in would think of engaging in this BS discussion. I assume there are sponsorship contracts and other agreements that would not appreciate the unprofessional engagement here.”””””

                I have previously asked to be sent the “guide on professional Internet behaviour for those withing motorsport dealing with trolls”
                But it hasn’t arrived in my inbox yet.

                Feel free to send me your copy.

                You may see my personal comms as unprofessional but most see it as open, refreshing and an opportunity to obtain relative information and answer.

                It’s a perspective thing.

                I get it


    1. He can’t even fake this well. Caterham was all but under by November 2014, being unable to compete in races that fall due to lack of funds and only made it to Abu Dhabi, their last ever race, due to a crowdfunding campaign. But they had time and money to waste on an outreach program for gamers. Yeah, right. Fuck this kid.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Even so, the team was in dire financial straits throughout the whole year and I really doubt they were working on such a program given the issues they were facing. They couldn’t pay their staff to get the cars ready for races, how could they have had such a plan in the pipeline? He’s clever in picking the second shittiest F1 team of the last decade to obsess over in an attempt to make his lies more plausible but they still are unconvincing.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Actually….I know of a driver who had signed for a manufacturer team….launched everything and the manufacturer pulled from racing. Screwing the drivers chance of a drive that year. I cannot give anymore detail than that sorry.

            But it does happen….rose tinted specs and youthful naivety sadly don’t always go together with reality…


      1. I don’t doubt the guy might be legitimately trying to get the sounds done, but it is such a poor attempt with a shady-looking setup. rF2’s Cosworth sounds aren’t very good but aren’t bad either, and they keep mixing that and the Corvette engine sound into other material, so the majority of the other content is what needs proper sounds.


  27. I can only say this about this whole deal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚nut ball’s πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚a lot off buts are hurting at the moment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚some in need off a psychiatristπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  28. Craig you’re just a moron and CEO of an unprofessionall wannabe racing team. You should not mess with Austin/James/Chris, he’s not only a troll but also Canada’s best racedriver. So get lost. We’re Team James, the best team since Team Jacob and Team Edward. Wanna see some great driving skills? Don’t look at Josh Martin, coz he’s gay and surely the next member of One Direction.


  29. Bit disappointing to see a sequel so soon. Not really sure whats to get out of killing that kid, are people so insecure they have to kick a kid when he is down.

    His lies have been proven, Craig has accepted that he should look into it. whats left? One can only speculate about weather Craig played a bigger part, knew all along & just used the media frenzy for his own gains.

    what i would have preferred is an article to see what effect all this would have had on Josh after the dust had settled. was he still going to keep up the bullshit or maybe try & actually do something useful with his life.


  30. Josh can’t​ even use his cherry-picked 17 world records on Assetto Corsa as one of his accolades anymore because they all have been broken. HAHAHAHAHA!


    1. OK I think it’s about time I stepped away from the plinth

      You can all.make.your own decisions and kind up.regarding my input and support given to a sim racer.

      ….questions have dried up and I’m sure you can all.see what fun in have had and how I have gained from this in many ways.
      Im not hiding any of that.

      All I will leave with saying is
      Of youn think I’m “unprofessional” That’s literally not my problem, we likely never have or ever will do business.
      But many have understood my perspective, relentless answering of.questions and blatant taunting of some really reality twisting individuals.

      Josh….well he has his own situation to deal.with.
      I don’t and haven’t spoken for him.

      If you have any more enquiries/requests/insults feel free to visit my Facebook, insta, twitter or website and drop me a line… anonymous users of course will let go straight to junk/block but your welcome to try.

      Thanks everyone for your kind words and unique perspectives on a very unfortunate and clearly avoidable situation

      2017 race season has literally only just kicked off….let’s chat once it ends if you like James….no sarcasm genuine offer as per all previous offers.

      Tell me when it blows 1million views as I will.include this in my monthly reach reports.

      (places mic down for someone else)


  31. Apologies….spelling and grammar….I frankly don’t hold dear to my heart, it’s the compromise I make to send you quick responses with minimal impact on my busy day.

    β™‘β™‘β™‘much love.


  32. I think this is gonna end the story…

    I just checked Josh Martin’s Facebook page and it’s just been updated with: “Josh Martin is now in a relationship with Craig Harper.”

    Well that explains everything.

    (just kidding)


  33. Anyone who has seen Josh in a kart knows he has talent. It’s sad to see all of these jealous people trying to suppress his career.

    You might be able to beat his virtual records but I doubt many could beat him on a real track.


      1. I’ll second that. I’ve been Kirtling a long time and seen some very fast racers.

        Josh is a joke in a kart.

        All Craig had to do was watch his karting videos and it would have been obvious he was no good.

        I guess Craig just knows about how to fix up cars, and not much about racing talent.


      1. Yeah, I basically speedran through Josh’s combos; once I’d beaten a given record, I wasn’t really motivated to try and improve it unless I’d fucked up badly. If I pulled a clean lap and it was at least .150 clear, that’ll do, onto the next. It’s good to leave some speed on the table anyway in case he does manage to retaliate.

        Running time in a particular combination is a factor too; RSR appears to show I did 5-8 laps average per combo (on legit circuits anyway, ignoring twaddle like Black Cock County or the drag strip). In contrast, I went for the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport record at Imola last night, and it took 26 laps to nail it down well enough to get past Ross Macfarlane’s time.


  34. It’s a sad state of affairs when a bribed “driver” produces two elaborate news stories poo-pooing the dreams of a young lad. Just look at all the brown-nosers sucking up to him. You lot are no better than the cock strokers in the AC forums. Most distasteful.
    My guess is that PCars2 will now feature a very bad Kart AI driver called Josh Martin who will always finish last. I’m sure with your contacts you can pull that off Austin.


    1. You’re being a complete idiot. No matter how much you dislike PRC it still makes no sense jumping to the defense of Josh Martin.. he is a fuckn fraud!


      1. He’s not actually defending anyone.
        He’s is actually questioning the “authors” credibility as he has questioned Joshs
        It makes sense to do that i suppose.

        James won his bumper car rookie baby banger championship fairyland square.


        1. Slightly Mad Studios has its headquarters in London. Last time I went there it was in the UK. So, rather than support an up and coming UK youngster in say Formula 4, Ginetta Juniors, Clio cup etc at an event attended by and viewed on TV by thousands, they chose to sponsor a gobshite in a faraway land, a gobshite whos gobshittyness has been cast their way on numerous occasions.

          Sounds fishy?
          Draw your own conclusions, I have mine, and racing talent doesn’t come close.

          They could also have sponsored Ash Sutton, a rather good real touring car AND sim racer.


  35. I am so happy to have discovered that jesus first name is james, he is so shiny, clean and polite we should all act like him! => i mean he is the truth of everything he gives things a meaning which dint have one before he got a racecar from nothing because he always turned the other cheeck and was able to grease his ass so well. Maybe other could do the same and arise to your level.


  36. This blog has the potential to be the Old Man Murray of sim racing. A little more funnies, and a little less vitriol would be good. Poor Josh though. All that internet humping blown away by James and then made worse by a fuzzy angry Scotsman who’s tighter than Josh’s well worn anus.

    The internet… I still do so love you.


  37. Still says “Esports Champion and Professional Racing driver” in the top corner.

    Wonder what it’s gonna look like after ‘maintenance’.


  38. I just find it extremely pathetic you’re going after someone like thisπŸ˜‚ Let me guess, you failed at having career in racing so now you’re going after someone else’s?πŸ˜‚ I mean you think you’re doing damage when in fact you’re just giving him more publicity but whatever.. you do you. πŸ˜‚πŸ–•πŸΌ


      1. Aye well see thing is sunshine, every thing you say is a pile of utter shite, and someone else reported on how you make fake documents to destroy people’s careers. So while you can sit and call josh every name under the sun I think it’s fair so say that it’s you that needs help.


        1. Oh and just saying, everyone can stand beside a car and call themselves a racing driver, doesn’t mean shit.😊😊


        2. The guy you’re defending admitted he was a fraud in a lengthy public apology, in another post explained that he respected the article, and took down his entire website because of it. You are defending someone who already admitted the story was factual.


          1. Maybe if you spent as much time on your ‘career’ as you do writing pathetic little articles (that probably get like what 5 views if you’re lucky?) then you might have actually got somewhere! Or better yet, move out your mothers basement and see what’s out there in world and become a decent person


            1. And people wonder why I have such disdain for women. Emotionally stunted creatures who resort to petty personal attacks with no substance other than LOL NERD GO OUTSIDE when backed into a corner.

              I’d say 2.6 million views on a website nobody expected to succeed, and a race car sponsorship that allowed me to quit my full-time job at 24 is the exact definition of making it.


  39. Did he honestly get his hood rat gf to post on here??? The kid is a liar was called out on it and was proven to be a fraud. Maybe he should go play operation and then say he’s a Dr. And then tell everyone he’s been practicing for 18 years.

    Liked by 3 people

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