I’d Rather Play DriveClub than Gran Turismo Sport

A few more days, a few more laps, and a few more sessions of play have pretty much cemented how I feel about Gran Turismo Sport – or at least the beta, if I’m to add that important disclosure to the beginning of the article. Jumping into the closed trial period relatively late in the ballgame compared to most PlayStation 4 owners who signed up for beta codes, I was excited to see Polyphony’s take on iRacing’s established variant of online racing, one which brought structured competition and scheduled event start times to a franchise that has traditionally been all about just sort of firing up the software and fucking around for a few hours within a giant automotive sandbox. There were no lunar rovers, no coffee breaks, nor classic Gran Turismo locales such as Trial Mountain or the High Speed Ring to be found in the closed beta for Gran Turismo Sport, only nine short sprint races per evening spread evenly across three classes.

As I wrote in my original post on Gran Turismo Sport, I liked the premise of what Polyphony were doing from a design standpoint. The franchise desperately needed to evolve in a way that was fresh and exciting, as the series had been eclipsed by everything from Forza Motorsport to select Need for Speed titles in recent years, becoming a shadow of its former self by regurgitating old PlayStation 2-era car models and uninspiring events against dim-witted artificial intelligence. Moving into iRacing’s territory seemed like the right call on paper, as the market has been desperate for a competitor to what the hardcore PC sim offers for a number of years now, but my first night with the game – as Shaun Cole from The SimPit would say – just wasn’t a great shared experience.

While I had fun turning clean laps and acquiring sportsmanship points to progress quickly through the ranks, brushing aside the very GT-like oddities such as the inability to adjust the cockpit camera’s field of view, my competitors struggled to keep their vehicles pointed in the right direction, the software doing little to retain their interest. For every sim racer like me who was stoked to have a rival to iRacing on the market, fully buying into the experience Polyphony had crafted, there were twenty Gran Turismo fans throwing their DualShocks in agony as they blasted into a sand trap. GT Sport is only fun if you’re good at Gran Turismo, and not many people are what you’d call good at Gran Turismo. For them, it is a sandbox, not a worldwide competition, and no longer does the game allow them to play it like one.

But the point of this follow-up article isn’t to merely re-review the closed beta of Gran Turismo Sport, because that would be extremely boring for our readers to have what’s basically the same discussion all over again. Instead, I come to you guys as a warning of sorts. As a simulator, at least in its current state, Gran Turismo Sport is embarrassingly bad, and is actually eclipsed by an arcade racer when it comes to vehicle dynamics. Obviously they still have a fair bit of time to get it right – I believe the April 20th release date rumor is a hoax – but for how big both Gran Turismo and Polyphony are, and how much notoriety the franchise has earned over the past decade and a half, not to mention the near-limitless resources fueling the project which the dev team have access to, Gran Turismo Sport drives like absolute shit. In about three days of casual play I was able to climb the ranks from entry-level racer to competing in top split events, the game’s highest seeded online lobbies for each scheduled race session, and the way you need to drive the cars at the limit is nonsensical.

In fact, Driveclub does it better. Yes, a racing game that was originally intended to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 before being subjected to numerous delays and eventually released unfinished and supported by an entire second game’s worth of downloadable content, drives much more predictably than The Real Driving Simulator.

Above is a clip taken from my own personal YouTube account of what at the time was a world record run for the Mercedes AMG GT3 at Salar De Surire in Driveclub. Though the force feedback in Driveclub is horrendous, and there’s actually a glitch of sorts in which the game doesn’t properly save your FFB percentage as configured in the options menu – meaning you have to flick the toggle back and forth to the desired level every time you start the application for it to register – what Driveclub gets right is in how it handles a rough approximation of basic race car physics. On corner entry, you can see me flaring the rear end to get the car to rotate a bit better, whereas other corners I merely power through the understeer, and at the twenty second mark, I lean on the sidewall quite hard for the treacherous hairpin that defines the first half of the track, still accelerating in third gear while maintaining a bit of slip angle at corner exit. I’m almost full throttle, but you can tell there’s a bit of hesitation, and see the nose wiggle a few times while I’m counter steering – that’s because for being an arcade game, Driveclub’s tires still feel like they’re made of rubber, and you have to drive in a manner that’s somewhat realistic.

Another clip from my account, this time at the Port of Vancouver circuit that was added as downloadable content, displays that while Driveclub clearly has some sort of semi-canned drift effect built into the software that allows you to execute long slides for skill points, keeping the car below that canned drift effect still generates pretty reasonable behavior. In the tracks’ final hairpin which begins at thirty two seconds into the clip, you can see the car wiggle a whole bunch on corner exit – again exhibiting a bit of slip while I counter steer and put the power down. It’s a handful to deal with and a bit tricky to figure out at first without the car launching into a full-on slide, but as a driver you can feel Evolution Studios built some kind of half-competent tire model into Driveclub that lets you free the car up in a corner and get up on the sidewalls, or at least hold a slip angle on corner exit.

The point I’m trying to make, is that Driveclub, while an arcade game from start to finish, has some semblance of a simulator. You can actually rotate the rear end as you would in a simulator for better turn-in, and power through with the ass end of the car wiggling about. Not only is it great fun to have real world driving skills apply in what’s supposed to be a lighthearted romp in exotic locations, this is how you set world records and other miscellaneous top times in Driveclub. Who would have thought that driving in a realistic fashion, in an arcade game, would be the fastest way around the track? Sure, you can hammer the downshift paddle and camp out on the sidewalls for massive bends, but when you’re doing it, the inputs required, and how the car reacts to corrections, makes sense.

On the flip side, Gran Turismo Sport does not exhibit any of this behavior. The Group N300 street cars offered in the game, which as of this writing are mostly AWD or FWD sedans judging by the lineups I’ve competed against, all exhibit varying levels of understeer because that’s what all AWD or FWD cars do by nature in real life, so the problems of the tire model Gran Turismo Sport relies upon don’t really come to light. However, as you progress up the ladder, the cars everyone will be striving to purchase and compete in once the game hits store shelves, are basically nonsensical.

I’ve been driving the GT4 Hyundai Genesis for all of my time in GT Sport’s Group 4 class, and posted a top ten qualifying time at the Nordschleife – though I was admittedly dusted by guys using the all-wheel drive Nissan’s (Earth to Polyphony, you have balance issues). I found it impossible to free the car up; you were either neutral or suffered from varying levels of understeer, and the car felt as if it had the weight of a fullsize truck. GT4 cars in real life are somewhat nimble, but for the life of me I just couldn’t get the car to rotate properly around corners. There was no sidewall, no rubber flex, or anything that felt like weight was shifting to the outside portion of the car as I’d go around a corner. You drove in a way that was very much like a hovercraft; you’d slow to a rate of speed that would not generate any type of understeer, and retained that speed until the corner opened up. It made hitting lines very easy, but also caused the driving experience to feel stiff and lifeless. I didn’t know how to beat people off corners or ask for that extra 10% from the car.

When I did try to stretch the rear tires to their limit of adhesion, the car would literally snap in a debilitating death slide that would instantly cause me to lose all of my forward progress, therefore rendering that driving style useless. Whereas I could get up on the sidewall in Driveclub and power off of a corner in pursuit of a tenth or another car, Gran Turismo Sport flicked a switch and sent the car dead sideways. It is impossible to hold a slip angle, impossible to power out of a corner, impossible to lean on the sidewalls, and in general asking far too much from the tire model to drive Gran Turismo Sport as you would any other simulator, or a real car.

Transitioning to the GT3 class at Willow Springs magnified this problem exponentially, with the race above highlighting just how prominent the tire model woes are among the best drivers the game has to offer. The second sector at Willow Springs sees you race to the top of the hill before embarking on a journey to the lowest point of the property, and in other simulators this track is genuinely a lot of fun because it’s basically a roller coaster where you gain tons of speed from the elevation changes. Yet in GT Sport, merely breathing on the throttle at 100 km/h in third gear would send your car into a death slide, and as you explore the three heat videos I’ve uploaded from Willow Springs, my front windshield is full of guys jumping sideways either at the center of the corner, or at corner exit. This is not what GT3 cars do by any stretch of the imagination.

There is no sidewall flex, no lateral grip, and no slip angles to be held whatsoever; you’re basically driving on plastic Hot Wheels tires. Hell, this one guy in front of me is fucking sideways at 180 km/h over a gentle crest, and if you look closely at my steering inputs (the white dot is the center point, the red dot is steering), I’m sideways too. These cars generate almost three thousand pounds of downforce and are designed with rich amateur drivers in mind, yet Gran Turismo believes that they will try to kill you at 180 km/h in a wide open corner.

The biggest problem for Polyphony to sort out prior to the launch of Gran Turismo Sport, is implementing a tire model that actually makes sense to drive. Yes, while many Gran Turismo fans will be put off by the sudden change in priorities that force them to become amateur eSports competitors whether they like it or not, people will stick around if the driving experience is fun, intuitive, and something they can master with practice. Currently, it is not – the most prolific name in the history of sim racing have a physics team who currently believe sticky rubber slicks generate the same handling characteristics as a children’s die-cast car.

As a result, Gran Turismo Sport is absolutely brutal to drive, and has been out-done by an arcade game that almost didn’t come out at all. Polyphony need to get their shit together if they want Gran Turismo Sport to succeed, or even partially live up to the tagline of the franchise as the real driving simulator. Last time I checked, Vadim Kogay embarrassed himself at Monza because he had poor racecraft, not because his Ferrari 458 Italia jumped sideways when he did so much as breathe on the throttle pedal at 180 clicks.


148 thoughts on “I’d Rather Play DriveClub than Gran Turismo Sport

    1. Oh wow..I got drive club on a sale recently and wish I could get my money back. What a polished turd. Beta testing GT sport at the mo. Miles ahead…


      1. Yes I agree! My order of best driving game is 1/ Drive Club VR. 2/ GT Sport. 3/ Project Cars. 4/ Assetto Corsa.

        The reason GT Sport is ahead of P Cars & Assetto is that both games have there own unique play styles, and I’ve always said that if the two styles could be combined you would have a better game in physic!

        GT Sport has this on PS4, but I wish they would bring out a free roam just as good, like The Crew!
        That would be great.


    1. Stefano will put his racing c0ck so deep his @nalc@vitie he will turn to the fishing simulator side, and get hooked!


    2. Although not the most well written apology/explanation I’ve ever read, Josh responded to every issue raised, acknowledged his misrepresentation, and didn’t try to minimize it (too much).

      Couldn’t have been easy.

      Surprisingly, I also found his explanations largely believable, and wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.

      At his age, I imagine I would have responded defensively, and tried to minimize my own culpability etc., but it seems he may have learned his lesson. He’s obviously an intelligent, and ambitious, young man, with a very bright future (as something other than a professional racing driver).


      1. I’ll just re-post this excellent reply on reddit to Josh’s fake, self-serving “apology”:

        That’s the second time you’ve said that on this thread (clearly a copy-&-paste), and it’s one of the things that reveals your lack of remorse. What “correct things” have you “been focusing on?” Lies? Deceptive self promotion? Swindling sponsors?

        It seems your true focus was never on being a competitive race driver (sim or otherwise), but instead on ‘building a brand’ for yourself based on nothing but empty claims, tiny snapshots of info taken out-of-context, staged mock-ups, innuendo, & blatant falsehoods. It’s as if you’d won an elementary school spelling bee and marketed yourself as though you were a viable contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature. You would be better suited working in some corporate marketing department instead of behind the wheel on a race track.

        It sounds to me like “the sim racing community” was not at all your intended audience for this silly “public response,” but instead this is actually just a love letter begging sponsor$ not to lose faith in your eagerness to wear free clothes covered in their logos while posing for pictures, giving interviews, & signing autographs.


  1. The high detailed graphics probably took up to much processing power so they dumbed down the physics to make it work on the PS4, because the wow factor is in the graphics and graphics sell games.


  2. Hey, GTSport does 60fps on the original PS4 and James is very proud of that because Assetto Corsa does not. Take that AC and its community. You should dumb down your physics to get those 60fps with 1.6GHz cpu. It doesn’t matter that you do stable 60fps on PS4 Pro.

    And DriveClub does it even better, a rock solid 30fps. The less fps a game does on console the more simulation value. DriveClub > Project Cars > Assetto Corsa > GTSport&ForzaMS


  3. That sounds identical to fucking GT4: endless understeer until you death wiggle into a slide so unsaveable it makes iRacing death wiggles look tame. Amazing.

    And how do these other players play the mainline GT’s, fuck. Do they just slide off into the grass at every turn in single player and win through overpowered tuning? But then how the fuck do they get the money to throw at their cars? How do they pass the licenses? How are these people so fucking bad a series they claim to be fans of?!

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      1. I don’t know the right word to what you just said.

        Gathering followers with manipulation, kissing their ass to make it look they are right in thinking like you and everyone else is wrong for not thinking like you.


        1. This doesn’t change that the cars in GT Sport & GT4 both exhibit varying levels of understeer until the game flicks a switch and sends you into a nonsensical death slide akin to a dog trying to walk on ice.


          1. > nonsensical death slide akin to a dog trying to walk on ice.

            Really? Please do us all a favour and work on your metaphors. This babbling is beyond cringeworthy.


            1. Wow, GT fans so butthurt that their beloved franchise is turning out to be a shitty has-been, they’re getting triggered by metaphors now. Astounding.


                  1. Everywhere actually, even if you’re not blatantly talking about it. That would be too obvious but since you underestimate your audience you don’t realize.


          2. F1 2011 had something very similar. Once you exceeded whatever they decided the grip threshold was, the game would activate a fake oversteer algorithm.

            It was still fun, because they made it where you *could* catch it if you were quick enough. Felt nothing like a real car, but Hey.

            I honestly think this sort of handling was handed down from Ridge Racer. It had exactly the same gimmicky mechanic.


    1. The licenses were stupidly easy on gt5 and 6. Compared to 1-4 where a good time meant you were actually did, gold in 5 and 6 just meant you cared enough to make 2-3 attempts for a gold time


  4. Another Gran turismo shit article from an SMS employee -> NORMAL! Better to crticise all project cars 2 rivals. JAMES your done please Stop that partiality.


    1. James calls out issues within any title,if you can’t handle the fact that your arcade game is shit,that’s not his fault,at least act like your not a 10 yr old


      1. Not my game. Every game has issues. But highlithing them on purpose, as a concurent products of your company you have a contract with, is another story. JAMES said he is in conflict of interest. I am just saying that. But you have to be more than 10 yr old to understand what a conflict of interest is…
        And for any title, i dare you to gimme a SMS critic here for 4 month now who was not a shilling article.


  5. The saddest thing is that Kaz is blowing all his money on a part-time schedule in the VLN and he still doesn’t understand how a race car really handles like, despite driving one around the Nordschleife every now and then.

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  6. Who cares about what you’d rather play? DriveClub was and still is a pretty shitty game.

    Can’t say anything about GTS, which I haven’t played yet.



      1. I think the best you can do, that Ian taught you, was to speak badly of the direct competitors of pshift2 (or nfs:shift4). Yeah sure, just say their racing cars are all bad, that their esports scene is a fail. Out comes pshift2 with its amazing rf2 physics and iracing esports scene. Pshift2, the ultimate racing sim.

        You’re not mentioning anything about pcars2 because you don’t to be obvious, but Ian educated you to give it a go at putting down the direct competition so that when time comes your reviews for pcars2 will be better enough than gtsport.

        I still remember that GT6 article where for you it was better than some sims, suddenly GTS is the worst. How convenient.


        1. Because if PCARS 2 sorts out AI and glitches, it’s gonna be one of the absolute best racing games ever (so would be Gran Turismo if the AI was competent and all cars had full interior and proper career races)


    1. Look at GTPlanet; apparently it got (half-)endorsement as official fan site from PD/SCE and yet the news headlines includes news from other games and even actual motorsports. And even actual cars – which led me to ask “Has GTP turned into VirtualR, minus mods, plus Jalopnik?”


    1. You didn’t learn that in two years, James doesn’t actually care about helping sim racing games unless he’s paid like SMS paid him to do. All the other games and companies are just shamed in public because he’s addicted by attention, both negative and positive, mostly negative though. So he doesn’t care much that people disagree with his articles and talk bad about him, is still attention that he wants. If he hadn’t have this attention SMS wouldn’t have given him anything financially, much less direct entry into pcars2 for him and his buddies.


  7. Well, this seems opposite to how it was in GT6, where top drivers would induce crazy snap oversteer on corner entry in a very calculated manner while applying extreme lock while doing so. I still remember being annoyed, where after a seemingly flawless lap I was 5 seconds off the pace because I tried driving like you would in any sim game. Or maybe I kinda sucked, idk but on the other hand I remember being able to get kinda close to WRs the time I played pirated Assetto Corsa for few days.

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  8. Your preferences are noted. The text states that cars lack weight shifting, yet the videos show that the weight shifting is sophisticated enough that you had to ease off the brakes and/or throttle at parts of the tracks.
    The videos show almost exactly the opposite of your conclusions in fact. A more accurate conclusion would be that, although you enjoy sim-racing you are at quite a low level in terms of skill and ability to define a handling problem, and that you prefer a simple dual-axis weight shifting to a 4-corner sprung mass weight shifting model as the latte has too much realism for you to handle.

    This is not a bad thing, but it does invalidate pretty much all the text in this article. You should have go back to the need for speed which eclipses it, or maybe try some old burnout games, they have the “driving on the sidewalls” (sic) handling “simulation” that you’re looking for.


      1. Do the cars still stick together like magnets in Project CARS? The devs on the forum tried to claim it was realistic. Lol.


    1. Are you blind? Every single issue he stated is clearly seen in the video. I don’t know what kind of rose tinted lenses you are looking at but you just wrote a bunch of BS.

      That’s pretty weak.. I guess you just wanted to discredit Austin’s article but man did you fail.

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      1. Yes, I am blind.
        It was therefore surprising to find out that rose-tinted lenses change my perception.

        I had no desire to discredit Austin with my comment, I don’t even know Austin (unless you mean Austin the car company, they don’t need me to discredit them). I was referring to the above article and videos by someone called James and how he’d rather play Driveclub.
        He talks a lot about not being able to get the car on the sidewalls, or drive on the sidewalls in GT sport. I regard that as a good thing since the tyre folding under and having sidewall-to-road contact rather than tread-to-road is a sure way to achieve instant grip loss and leave the tarmac. That’s why there is such a thing as tyre pressure, to help the tyre maintain carcass-shape & contact-patch.
        In a real car you want sidewall flex and suspension travel to be balanced together to give maximum contact-patch (the biggest possible area of tread on the road), even high-end tyre simulation computers costing millions are unable to accurately simulate the extremes of real world tyre/suspension kinematics, so the best we can hope for in a home computed version is to get a good ‘feel’ compared with real life.
        This is all pretty basic stuff to anyone who has driven a circuit in real life.

        So James gets the best feel from Driveclub, fair enough, valid opinion,and I appreciate the information and the background context which helps me make an informed decision on whether I may share the opinion.
        Since I didn’t yet play gt sport it is helpful to me, and in no way would I try to discredit anyone’s opinion. I hope for all our sakes that GT Sport is the step forward the series deserves, in the same way that I hope project cars 2 release isn’t the horrible mess the first project cars game was. Sadly we don’t get another Driveclub, again due to the issues at launch of the game, but maybe a new refreshing surprise will turn up.

        So thanks for anonymously turning up to discuss my points in an overly defensive manner ‘anonymous’, in what way are you related to the author? Are you him in disguise? His manager, nanny, marketing director, mummy? 😀 Actually, don’t bother to answer, I just realised that I don’t really care. The whole driving an Austin maxi on the sidewalls thing shows up the author as very ignorant of how tyres and cars (especially racing cars) work. This doesn’t invalidate his opinion that Driveclub is currently the best, it’s just not an opinion that I share.

        For some thrilling driving-on-the-sidewalls action check here:


    2. Videos captured in this article are from top split GTSport races, so against the absolute best players in the beta. I regularly finished in the top five, only beaten by cars that have already been deemed “overpowered.”

      You can violently whip the wheel left to right in the GT4 cars without worrying about the car unsettling. All it does is understeer to varying levels. The GT3 cars don’t let you breathe on the throttle at 180 km/h in a fourth gear corner without threatening to send you into a nonsensical death slide. Only a fool, or a complete GT fanboy, would deem this behavior to be realistic.

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      1. Hi James,
        Thanks for the reply, sorry to have made you so defensive. I wasn’t questioning your ability to lap in-game, you could be the fastest driver in the world but in classic days of thunder style be an idiot when it comes to defining handling issues. This is not relevant in any way to providing an assessment, nor does it make your opinion any less (or more) valid than anyone else’s.
        This is one of the reasons a great engineer helps our lap times in real life.
        As far as gaming is concerned, none of the technical aspects matter very much, even realism is fairly irrelevant if the physics engine is consistent and provides a good feel. Although a perfect simulation would, of course, provide the best feel!

        I have not yet played GT sport, but from your description it sound like it has a similar downforce issue to the early Forza games, whereby the high-downforce cars get extra grip but it isn’t appropriately proportional with speed, so they counter-intuitively lose grip as they gain speed. I hope this isn’t the case as it’s never been a problem in GT games past and would be a serious issue for me.

        Anyway, I hope that’s relaxed you a little bit. Keep up the opinions, those of us not in the beta are hungry for as much information as possible. Thanks, and try not to be so defensive with replies in future, going straight to self-justification and fanboyisms isn’t a constructive way to elaborate on your points and makes it seem as though you have no rational for your position. The gt3/4 car comparison is interesting, and you should have expanded on that rather than go the way you did.

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      1. SMS’s first false claim with Project Cars 2 will be the late 2017 release date, when in reality mid 2018 will be the release of the unfinished PC2 1.0


      2. If the goal here is to improve racing games, the unmoderated comments will always give the dev’s an easy out, bit of a pity


  9. You guys are stupid if you think Ian Bell wants to have influence over this blog.

    He is just really desperate to sell his game to the 50 people that go to watch WESCAR. That is all.


  10. After playing Forza 4,5 and 6, and Forza Horizon 1,2, and 3 – I’ve come to the conclusion that Consoles and FFB wheels just do not mix. Not consistently, anyway.

    With the exception of (of all things) Forza Horizon 2 and FM4, they all seem to use this weird canned “slide” effect once you’ve exceeded the hard-coded limit of adhesion. I imagine that tire behavior, at the moment of adhesion loss, is devilishly difficult to get right (look at all the tire models our favorite sims go through for evidence of this). So, the consoles just say “Fuck it – You’re gonna slide now” and don’t worry about it.

    It feels nothing like a real car, and it actually reminds me of Ridge Racer more than anything.

    Probably where they got the idea.

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    1. ^ _Forza_ and FFB wheels just do not mix.

      Fixed it for you.

      Your generalization regarding FFB wheels and consoles is invalid. Even James called the FFB of GTS’s street cars “frankly incredible.”


      1. > Not consistently, anyway.

        I’ll admit that I overread this sentence of yours. Anyway, my point is to not blame the hardware, but sloppy programming for bad FFB effects.


        1. I don’t blame the hardware or the programmers.

          I blame the console target audience.

          Somewhat less than 1% use FFB wheels per the Forza wheel support thread IIRC. It’s not a priority except for a vocal minority.

          Hey. That rhymed, didn’t it?


    2. I wish I knew how the “limits of adhesion” feel when driving high downforce gt cars irl but sadly I’ll ever know. Certainly not like in Forza 3 when I played it so much, but in Forza 2, I remember driving a Shelby Cobra just by slightly sliding through corners, (and destroying AI on hard difficulty) so is it really a physics engine fault?


    1. Oh, another alt-right sim racing elitist faggot on PRC, who comes here to worship his master. Did James send the bat-signal?


          1. I don’t agree with James’ political views, but the problem here is that you brought politics into this. That was completely unnecessary and uncalled for.


        1. I can’t find the words to describe how screwed up someone must be to try and use a Nazi punching a woman in the face to justify their far-right views.

          I wonder if any of the Italian gaming news outlets would like to do a story on SMS sponsoring this nutjob.


          1. Maybe you should actually read the story.

            Girl announced on FB she was planning to incite violence against trump supporters (well actually, collect nazi scalps, whatever).

            She went after one guy and he destroyed her with one hit.

            She immediately started trying to scam people for $80,000.

            I’ll side with people who stand by a lippy president and dont take shit from rioters rather that hippie scam artists who run around under fake aliases so daddy doesnt find their porn shoots.

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              1. Trash does as trash does. What else do you expect from PRC cult members?

                Of course, the elephant in the room is the question, how does Ian Bell think that sponsoring these bunch of nazi lunatics will do any good for the SMS brand??? An answer from the man himself would be very much appreciated.


                1. As a dispassionate observer, it’s hard not to notice how Austin backs up his statements with facts, meanwhile his detractors almost immediately retreat into name-calling and labeling.

                  If you guys think that simply labeling someone as “Alt Right” or “Facist” is persuasive in any way, I refer you to the results of the most recent US presidential election as an example of what happens when you start labeling large swaths of people that you happen to disagree with.

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                  1. Dr. Kondor, we’re going in a circle with you. Sometimes you sound like james best friend other times you wake up to reality. Make up your mind.


                  2. Kondor, you’re reading way too much into all this. Since this site is dead for relevant simracing coverage, we come here for the LOLs. Push the right buttons and James will dance for us. That may not be very nice from us, but hey, what can you do? For a self-confessed 4chan user James acts surprisingly thin-skinned when people mess with him. 😀


                    1. No, I get that’s what you’re doing. But I still find the articles interesting and at least Austin will express an *opinion*. He then tries to support that opinion with evidence.

                      The other sim-racing sites make it sound like everything is just perfect with every simulator that comes out. Reading their articles, it sounds like they were put together by the marketing department of whatever game they’re discussing.

                      Then you actually play the game and find out that the AI is horrible, or the physics are wonky, or the tire model feels nothing like any car you’ve ever driven, or the software is just a cobbled-together collection of random tracks and cars with no attempt to create a compelling experience.

                      I can’t read Austin’s mind, but I assume he finally had enough of this bullshit, saw that sims in general were *worse* than what we had circa 2007, and decided to speak out. If you actually go back and read his articles, they’re actually fairly balanced and he is quick to give credit where it is due.

                      I think he actually cares about improving the genre. He also wants to make the jump from sims to real racing. It should be fun to watch. Meanwhile, he can argue with you guys about this Alt Right stuff.


                    1. I don’t really give a shit about persuading anyone of anything. People love drama, name-calling, etc. It’s their primary mode and modus; Their central kick.

                      Social Media (including blog comment sections) is just the latest expression of your typical 3rd grade playground.


            1. I read the story. Both sides are retarded extremists. I would bet that the Nazis were also inciting violence beforehand.

              Remove the politics and I just see a man throwing the first punch and hitting a woman like a coward. This is wrong regardless of the size of her bush.

              I do not understand how this justifies the misogynistic and racist beliefs you and Sev hold.


                1. As much as I think this hairy ho is a tool, I don’t agree with a guy hitting a woman like that unless she’s got a gun or a knife. A bottle with a firecracker ain’t what I’d call a close combat weapon. Once he got within 10 feet, she was effectively unarmed.

                  He could’ve just as easily swatted that shit out of her hand and put her in a hold. Punching her lights out (she’s a small female irrespective of her outsized obnoxious personality) just isn’t right.


                  1. Sev’s description was partially correct. She was putting M80 fireworks inside glass bottles, so when they’d detonate, the glass would act as shrapnel.

                    I mean we can argue all day about what constitutes as a valid defense in that situation, but punching a domestic terrorist in the face who’s holding onto a makeshift bomb is pretty valiant IMO.


                    1. I agree in that I have a rule: Don’t sit here (like I’m doing) in the comfort of your home and judge someone else faced with a situation in which hesitation could get them injured.

                      Seen in that light, you are correct.


                  2. Why? Women want equal rights, so they should expect to get equal lefts in the face, too. She’d been attacking people all day, I don’t give a shit whether you’re a guy or a girl, you deserve to get knocked the fuck out.


  11. I must say I have been completely put of with regards to GT SPORT from what I have seen on you tube and from what James has stated himself , I know GT Sport is only in beta and pcars 2 is also but from what I’m seeing is that Gt sport hasn’t moved forward , infact it looks asif it has moved a mile backwards.

    At least from what SMS are showing that the game is moving forward from the poor first outing , 10 times more innovative than GT sport is shaping up.


  12. James you gotta recognise that people with handicaps like yours would have been the first to slide into the oven so dont push the i like nazis button, even uf the girl is a whore…


    1. Austin Ogonoski is Polish and now he’s defending Nazis. He’s not even the blond type of Polish.



    1. Just read both negative and positive reviews from Steam. Outlets have their self interest in promoting games. Steam reviews, although personal opinions, you can draw some truth out of them. Also beware of WMD fanboys polluting the Steam reviews. It happened with pcars1, it happened when rf2 moved to steam, and it happened when iracing moved to steam.


      1. If you said fanboys (and shills, by extension) are polluting Steam reviews, why even bother trusting it then? At this point the only way is your own (blind) judgement.


        1. Yes, but to get to the point of actually buying the game I will read user reviews and professional reviews, watch gameplay on youtube or reviews on youtube.


  13. Hey James, hope this comment doesn’t get lost amongst the others but I figured I’d write here instead of sending an email:

    Have you had a chance to take a look at the Forza Racing Championship Invitational that took place over the past weekend? You can find more info about it here: https://www.forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/rvm_4_17_17

    I watched it and the production value seemed pretty good, the drivers had decent skill and outside of a few ad breaks there wasn’t much that I would call cringeworthy. Prize pot of $25,000 as well and a big partnership with Porsche.

    It was basically a kickoff event for their forthcoming esports season: https://www.forzamotorsport.net/en-US/FRC

    Yes it’s a console game but it looks like they’re trying to take this thing seriously, albeit in a slightly different way to GT Sport.


            1. Man, at the end of day you’re just moving pixels on your screen, using a control device of your choice, no matter if it’s a keyboard, controller or a toy wheel. Haha


  14. Give me GT Sport’s Multiplayer system and Forza’s community tools and handling model and I’ll have the perfect game (for me).

    I can have one or the other right now but not both 😦


  15. @Kondor, news websites aren’t there to give you reviews of games, some do some don’t (for example pcgamer makes reviews while gtplanet also has some opinion in their articles). Sites like virtualr and bsimracing are there to give news to people who already bought the game and know what it’s like.

    Do you want those websites news to constantly have articles about sim racing games and point out what works and doesn’t work? People already play these games and know what works and what doesn’t. There’s also a forum for each of these sims for players to give feedback.

    This blog is just one guy giving his shitty opinion about how things should be. Why are you praising him for saying AI is not good in whatever game he decides to “criticize” this week? You can’t observe that for yourself? Other people who play the game can’t observe that for themselves? Is like you need this guy to tell you what opinion to have.

    People who want to buy a game will go look for user reviews and other times for reviews in dedicated websites or youtube channels. Many websites in sim racing aren’t there to constantly dictate what people should think about a certain situation. They are there for the people already playing these games and looking for news related to sim racing in this case. Is like you want all sim racing websites to focus on fucking drama.


    1. I don’t have the time to thoroughly analyze these games from the perspective of someone who has pretty much immersed themselves in competitive sim racing for years (ie Austin). I know real racing OK (but 30 years out of date), but sim racing is a relatively new thing for me.

      I got my G25 around 2007 but barely used it (for rFactor F1 mods exclusively) because the USAF was busily sending me to lots of really interesting places from 2005-2010 (Look, I think I’m starting to dox myself). Then I got a CSRE and was really into FM4 (go ahead and laugh – I love that game). It was only in 2013 that I got a TM TX and started having enough free time to really get into sim racing.

      So, I found this blog after I Googled “Assetto Corsa AI horrible” or something similar after getting rammed for about the 100th time at turn 1 of Barcelona. Since then, I’ve fact-checked Austin’s observations on a wide variety of issues and discovered the guy has an uncanny knack for noticing shit that others either gloss over, make excuses for, or just plain ignore. His biting commentary about the bizarre “sim-dad” sycophants who litter the official forums and shout down any dissent was also spot-on.

      Anyway, like I said, if I had time to sit down and spend 2-3 hours a day playing and studying these sims, I wouldn’t need a blog like this (and neither would anyone else, I assume).

      It also doesn’t hurt that the blog has started to exert some real pressure on developers to fix their broken, half-assed games by giving a voice to those of us who’d like the occasional finished product rather than endless DLC packs for a game where, until last week, you couldn’t even schedule pit stops.


      1. “Anyway, like I said, if I had time to sit down and spend 2-3 hours a day playing and studying these sims, I wouldn’t need a blog like this (and neither would anyone else, I assume).”

        You and James are everything that’s wrong with sim racing. Is just absurd what you said. Like Vettel would say “Honestly, what are we doing here??” Playing sim racing or just reading sim racing?

        If you’re not playing now sim a, b, or c is because you don’t want to. I really really doubt you will play a lot once that sim is totally fixed and properly complete. Unsatisfied people will remain unsatisfied forever.


  16. Nothing will change. It will be the same lifeless boring arcade game it always has been.



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