Josh Martin Closes Website, Issues Apology Amidst Allegations of Fraud

My, how things can change in a week. What was once deemed to be fake news by the man at the center of the story himself has now evolved into a full-on admission of guilt, with the sim racing community reportedly consuming record amounts of popcorn as the story has developed in an increasingly bizarre fashion with each passing day. Partaking in an impressive multi-year exercise in fraudulent activity, Scottish sim racer Josh Martin promoted himself to the outside world as a prominent eSports superstar in a quest to attain sponsorship from major sim hardware companies, public appearances at gaming conventions, multiple interviews with the British Broadcasting Corporation, and even claimed to have landed multiple drives with real life team owners due to his sim racing prowess – but upon conducting a proper background check, we here at PRC learned he was little more than an elaborate bullshit artist. Every single aspect of his eSports persona, including his official-looking website that implied he was on the path to being the next Jann Mardenborough or Lucas Ordonez, were extremely liberal interpretations of the truth, if not outright lies.

The world records were bogus accolades in which he was the only participant. Support from Caterham’s Formula One team was merely them responding politely to a piece of fan mail Josh had sent. The eSports championships he had claimed to win in abundance were instead private sessions of Formula One 2013 he’d won against his mates, and the car he’d announced he would be driving in several different news articles had instead been placed up for sale – the team owners dragged into unknowingly marketing a fraudster from a community they didn’t quite understand or care to learn about.

Though ProRace UK’s own Craig Harper took to the comments section of PRC last week to aggressively defend the team’s new eSports Ambassador, labeling those with genuine questions about Josh’s fraudulent-like backstory as “haters” and “trolls”, those same “haters” and “trolls” were proven to be correct in their analysis of the situation, as Josh Martin removed virtually everything off his personal website and issued a public apology for his behavior, which you can read in full by CLICKING HERE.

Refusing to drop the role-playing element of his fictionalized sim racing career, Martin’s piece reads as if it were a professional PR response, angering users on Reddit even further by appearing to provide “justification for willingly misleading people” rather than a genuine apology, at least according to a user under the name of 1Operator. The sim racer in question goes on to state “this does not sound to me like someone who is sorry for what they’ve done, but instead just sorry they got caught/exposed.” I agree with his analysis, as the careful wording of his apology, plus my own investigation into the story of Josh Martin’s fabricated sim racing career uncovered such widespread deception and dishonesty over a period of several years that were in some cases aided by his teammates and online friends, there is simply no way the guy woke up one day and had a sudden change of heart.

In fact, when Josh’s public apology had been linked to certain groups on Facebook, teammates of Josh’s arrived to attack other users and discredit the expose him again, even though Josh himself had already admitted the article’s we’d written about him were truthful, removed all content from his website, and issued some kind of public apology for his actions. This clearly displays that this magical adventure was not the work of a delusional sim racer completely detached from reality, but a group of sim racers working in tandem to benefit from fraudulent behavior.

As the story has spread like wildfire throughout the sim racing community, we have learned even more about Josh Martin’s antics, some of which remained private knowledge until today. A former league member claims Josh had promised them TV time on the European auto racing network MotorsTV that never materialized due to MotorsTV already having a contract in place to televise iRacing events (not to mention the Emails he used as “proof” being doctored), while another told a story of Martin offering paid private training and setup building sessions to drivers who were faster than him. A third, the man who designed Josh’s team logo, contacted me on Twitter to say that Josh merely took a conceptual design, promised “income and exposure” from his sponsors, and ran without paying him.

An anonymous reader of PRC has also discovered that the entry level BMW race car Josh had posed with in November of 2016 had been listed for sale as early as October of 2016, indicating that both Josh Martin and ProRace UK’s Craig Harper knew that contrary to the media frenzy and multiple BBC interviews discussing his transition to real racing, Josh would not be driving the car in 2017, but continued to publicize the endeavor anyway for a period of several months, intentionally misleading potential sponsors and sim racers interested in the story.

Though it is unlikely Josh acquired sponsors through his relentless self-promotion with ProRace UK, any sponsors who did financially contribute to Josh’s real-world racing career after being persuaded by the promotional campaign now have a pretty open and shut legal case. The classifieds page claims ProRace UK had been forced to sell the car due to a driver situation, and also reduced the price of the vehicle due to the HMRC bill. The articles about Josh hadn’t even been written yet, hell the promotional pictures might not have even been taken, and they already knew they weren’t going to be racing the car, but then they went ahead and embarked on a massive media tour anyway knowing it was a sham, dragging the sim racing community through the mud in the process.

Maybe the European auto racing climate is different than here in North America, but this is the kind of shit that gets you laughed out of an entire racing community over here.

Lastly, one of Josh’s female acquaintances – presumably his girlfriend, but I’m not quite sure – has arrived on PRC to defend Josh even though the same public apology we’ve linked to on Reddit has also been posted on his respective Facebook pages. Posting under the name of Alexis Summers, the Scottish girl can be seen aggressively lashing out at our articles exposing Josh as an elaborate sim racing fraud, a bizarre move considering he has already admitted the articles were factual and taken down his website in response. However, coupled with the behavior of his teammates displayed above, I am under the impression that the public apology was a cold, calculated move to appease the larger sim racing community, while in private a much different story has been told to his friends, family, and sim racing teammates – one which portrays him as the victim.

Though his website has been almost completely erased and a public apology issued on several different social media platforms, Martin is still scheduled to appear at a video game convention taking place this July in Aberdeen, operating under the name of 4TheGamers Game Con 2017. Given the drastic difference between Josh’s personal stance on the allegations of fraud among his family, friends, and sim racing teammates, versus his public wishes to disappear from the spotlight for a period of time and re-emerge as a “true talent”, it remains to be seen whether Josh will attend this convention as originally planned, or responsibly back out of the event himself.

One of the most bizarre, hilarious, and confusing stories ever to manifest in the world of sim racing, the saga of Josh Martin has been nothing short of a wild ride. Knowing what kind of people naturally flock to sim racing, it’s not a stretch to imagine some sim racers may be overly delusional in their accomplishments or see the hobby as an extension of a career they were unable to pursue away from the keyboard, but Josh Martin’s multi-year trip spent angering league after league and community member after community member while convincing international news agencies he was an eSports phenom is no doubt the stuff of legends. Crafting an intricate web of lies dating back to a time when Codemasters’ Formula One 2013 was a brand new, $60 product you could purchase from Wal-Mart or Best Buy, Martin’s inexplicable mix of delusion, deceit, dishonesty, and brainwashed followers will remain unmatched for years, if not decades.

Knowing how long he was able to remain undetected – those with genuine questions relentlessly attacked by his online teammates and various acquaintances who were no doubt instructed to provide false anecdotal evidence in support of his character – we may never know the full extent of the damage he has done to the sim racing community. Thankfully, we can at least say that period has now come to a conclusion.


105 thoughts on “Josh Martin Closes Website, Issues Apology Amidst Allegations of Fraud

  1. It’s an explanation, not an apology, and quite surprisingly, he acknowledges every issue and admits his mistakes.

    He’s a bright kid who fucked up, got caught, and appears to be handling the fallout pretty well.


    1. He isn’t that bright. His lies were too obvious. It was only through luck and the fact that sim racing is so obscure that he managed to avoid being exposed.


      1. Explanation? come on Mike he admits some things then tries to make out he was just trying to do the right thing. I’m not sure whats going on here but i reckon he meets most of the Hare psychopathy checklist.
        That said don’t know how James can take the moral high ground, think i would rather have a pint with Josh than James.


    2. I have a really nice bridge in NYC that you might be interested in purchasing.

      Seriously, Micheal. You’d have to be a complete idiot to read that tripe and interpret it as an apology or even good damage control. Did you actually read the responses to it on reddit?

      He got roasted and every single reply he made was downvoted into oblivion. The court of public opinion has rendered its verdict. All that remains is the sentencing phase.


      1. That’s a bit harsh on Michael there Kondor. You said yesterday that you don’t get involved in the name calling on here. You seem to get rather excited about this saga and it brings out the worst in you.


        1. Sometimes I make exceptions.

          It takes a lot to force my hand on this, but when (for example) someone opines that this scammer is “a bright kid” who “appears to be handling the fallout pretty well” (when the kid got absolutely hammered on Reddit, where literally every respondent downvoted him into oblivion), it makes me wonder what the person is basing that opinion on.

          In any case, no single opinion makes a person an idiot. And even the smartest people can have idiotic beliefs or blind spots that make them look foolish at times.

          I happen to deal with liars on a daily basis, 12 hours a day (I do a lot of forensics work). My honest opinion is that this apology from Josh is nothing but more marketing. Apologies from known liars generally fall into that category. Like I’ve written on countless psych assessments:

          “Subject appears to prefer a lie to the truth, even when the truth would serve them just as well.”


          1. Since I only explained my reaction to the explanation itself earlier, my argument that he’s handling the fallout well is based his willingness to wholly acknowledge the misrepresentation, and publicly, as well as his subsequent responses to those who downvoted him into oblivion.


            1. To wholly acknowledge is actually saying ‘sorry for my actions i have no excuse, i have no racing career & i’m not any where near the level of competence i claimed to be & admit I knowingly mislead others for my own gains. i will remove myself from my sponsors & remove all fraudulent claims from my website & social media’
              Yet he..
              a. claims to have a career when he is a f&*%n student.
              b. continues to talk like he is some celebrity sports personality.
              c. washes over his wr & doesn’t address the point that it was deliberately done to mislead.
              d. rattles on about the euro gamer championship again like he is a significant person in sim racing. e. reckons he misconstrued Caterham yet just saw it as another op to further his bullshit story.
              f. has the cheek to say ‘and will be helping show that simracing can provide a career path to racing for those willing to work hard and honestly.’
              g.normalises the Fanatec fraud without putting into context that his whole life is one big scam.
              and finally ‘I have been focusing on the correct things’….hahah

              Liked by 1 person

      2. Public opinion is rarely an arbiter of reason, and my life experience (for lack of a better word/phrase) leaves me loathe to judge others (at least beyond an initial, emotional, response that usually subsides quickly).

        (As an aside, I’m also convinced our cultural conceptions of individual, autonomous, agency are as flawed as Galenic medicine, leaving me even less latitude for judging others.)

        I think my response to Josh’s explanation largely stems from his willingness to address every issue raised, when I expected him to focus on the least consequential.

        I was also quite surprised that he explicitly admitted to misrepresenting himself and his accomplishments, and acknowledged trying to fake it until he made it. Although he did try to justify some of his actions, including the Fanatec/Thrustmaster email debacle, he didn’t try to scapegoat anyone, and he wasn’t defensive at all.

        Finally, we don’t choose our thoughts and beliefs anymore than we choose who we’re attracted to, and reading Josh’s post, his explanations apparently passed my “inner reasonableness test”, and I found myself responding favorably.

        BTW, I won’t bore you with infinite indictments against the court of public opinion, but keep in mind that a substantial majority of the public “believe” in an omnipotent, benevolent, flying spaghetti monster that many call God. Contravening public opinion may not be the goal, but it certainly isn’t troublesome.


  2. Ummmmm if I were him I don’t think it would be a good idea for him to show up 4TheGamers Game Con 2017.

    4The Gamers Game Con 2017 , I advise them to remove the Con part 🙂 if he doesn’t show .

    He’s a bright kid who fucked up how long did this fuckup go for ? 4 years ………….. If my kid fucks up for 4 years straight I would disown him.

    What I teach my child on a daily basis is be polite and not Lie………. Fuck up is a extreme understatement . The guys is a bullshit artist and after being one for so long he will probably continue to do so in other ventures.


      1. I’ll just leave this here, since it was the best response I read on reddit (credit to 1operator):

        That’s the second time you’ve said that on this thread (clearly a copy-&-paste), and it’s one of the things that reveals your lack of remorse. What “correct things” have you “been focusing on?” Lies? Deceptive self promotion? Swindling sponsors?

        It seems your true focus was never on being a competitive race driver (sim or otherwise), but instead on ‘building a brand’ for yourself based on nothing but empty claims, tiny snapshots of info taken out-of-context, staged mock-ups, innuendo, & blatant falsehoods. It’s as if you’d won an elementary school spelling bee and marketed yourself as though you were a viable contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature. You would be better suited working in some corporate marketing department instead of behind the wheel on a race track.

        It sounds to me like “the sim racing community” was not at all your intended audience for this silly “public response,” but instead this is actually just a love letter begging sponsor$ not to lose faith in your eagerness to wear free clothes covered in their logos while posing for pictures, giving interviews, & signing autographs.


  3. The best bit from the Reddit comments was how so many people just didn’t care about it at all, haha. “What is this and why does he matter?” Anyone who dealt with the guy, however, has the right to be angry but if they never followed up on their dealings and didn’t try to enforce the contract, that’s on them. But it’s not cool to show the girl/person’s e-mail address and part of their IP.


  4. I read his apology a couple of days ago and thought good on him for doing the right thing. I agree that there are a few too many caveats but at least he admits he actually exaggerated, fabricated and outright lied. The writing style looks like a much older adult to me so I assume this was prepared by someone else.

    Unlike say a politician he did answer each point raised and admit where he got the ‘facts’ from. As misguided as those actions were he does acknowledge them. If you understand the brain you will know we all confabulate the reasons why we did things after the event. His reality seems to be that he wanted to get ahead in sim racing and would do pretty much anything to that end. Now having been exposed he is clutching for reasons to justify those actions. If you’ve ever made a mistake yourself even on a low level (I know this is unlikely in the ‘elite’ sim racing clique) you might have caught yourself making similar justifications.

    Just one note of caution with the publicity PRC is giving him (the Reddit reaction tells us the rest of the world really didn’t care) over time we easily forget why we know a name. In a few years time, we might start hearing his name again and most of us will have forgotten why. There will be something familiar about it though and we might well fall into the same traps again.

    I hope Josh has learned his lesson and for a time I suspect he will be more low key. In true millennial style though I expect his quest for fame to reignite sooner rather than later.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good try Josh. And no, the “apology” was not well written at all. Not when you use the word “right” instead of “write”.

      “if I really was so convinced I was the best, then I would not have the moral conscience to even right this article”


    2. “Just one note of caution with the publicity PRC is giving him (the Reddit reaction tells us the rest of the world really didn’t care) over time we easily forget why we know a name. In a few years time, we might start hearing his name again and most of us will have forgotten why. There will be something familiar about it though and we might well fall into the same traps again.”

      Very interesting argument, and if true, goes a long way to explaining the adage, that there is no such thing as bad publicity.


  5. Personally I think it’s a maturity issue. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he probably got caught up in it all and couldn’t find a way out, to a point where he actually started to believe it was all true.
    Big life lesson learnt hopefully, and if all he had got to show for it was a free steering wheel and pedals it’s a rather pathetic tale.
    The saddest part for me is that he was exposed as a fake racer by another sim racer who thinks he’s a real world racing hot shot. That must hurt.


  6. I’m not cool with how Slightly Mad Studios have increased their viral marketing presence from what we saw with the original Project CARS – which was already intrusive on it’s own.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. After reading the article, I decided to take a look at his “apology” and I have to say it was everything I expected it to be.

    Though at first sight it may seem as he is actually apologizing and that he addresses every point made against him, the clever use of rethoric (which doesn’t really fit his writing style, so I’m going to assume it’s not his) circumvents every accusation, instead placing an emphasis on his potential and skills.

    Long story short, he’s not sorry he fabricated information or that he blew his achievements and skills way out of proportion, he’s not sorry he swindled potential financial backers, he’s not even sorry he got caught. He’s sorry and pissed he can’t reap any more gains from his story and is going into full damage control mode, still trying to pick up every piece he can. It’s just sad really.

    P. S. : I’m predicting a re-emergence under a pseudonym.


  8. I have never “defended” Josh… me a screenshot of such (all previous requests to show evidence have never been provided)
    I made my position clear several times and answered every question clearly and honestly.
    If you claim I am a fraud….that’s not my concern as anyone with half a brain can read the comments and come to solid conclusion themselves regarding ProRaceUK campaign and the support provided for Martin, instead of accepting your random summaries and accusations (in reference to ProRaceUK, not Josh) that you have a record on this topic of falsifying quotations and generalising statements.

    The bit that’s gonna break the Internet and Media is when Josh drives a ProRaceUK car this year.

    Now there’s a story.

    All previous insults and derogatory comments still stand (tongue in cheek of course)

    James, you never did contact me or discuss any of this for full clarity of the finer details. I find that strange but it’s easier to make stuff up if you don’t have a conscious due to holding the correct information.

    Enquires for arrive and drive packages have been fantastic for the time of year.

    We have catered for several international drivers previous and this has clearly set us in good stead for the interest you have created James. Thank you.


    1. Cmon, give it a rest, Josh has admitted that the whole ProRaceUK was little more than a publicity stunt.

      As for the part where he drives a race car this year, both yours and Josh’s wording is crafted in a way which looks like he may compete in racing events to the hopeful among us, but it reveals that he’ll probably do little more than a common arrive and drive. Seeing him in a race car is no big deal, seeing him compete even at the amateur level and not be several seconds a lap slower than the top runners is what would break PRC


      1. We talked to a guy who sold sim equipment to Josh. He had to borrow money just to afford the gear so IDK how he’ll fund a drive in a real car. Just looks like Craig is being taken for a ride on this one.


        1. Wow real investigative journalism. I understand the point you are trying to make but seriously why do you or anyone care if this guy borrowed money to buy sim equipment? When you say he had to borrow money do you mean he placed an order for it with say, a credit card?


          1. No, as in, “hey can I give you $40 now and then $160 later? I just don’t got the money man.”

            Not to mention being unable to pay $10 for a logo design and instead having to cut & run from the artist.


              1. You don’t need to care, he is making a point that either a.he has money but is a parasite or b.he has no money & is still deluded or lying about racing. You know like it being relevant to the article. Caring isn’t relevant.


    2. It’s cute that you still want to take all the negative attention away from your young autistic friend so you can continue exploiting his dreams for profit.


    3. Awesome, Craig. Be sure to keep us updated on how well he races one of your cars. If he doesn’t finish in the bottom 10% in his class/field, I’ll eat my own dick.


    4. > this has clearly set us in good stead for the interest you have created James. Thank you.

      Firstly: Oh God, he’s back.

      Secondly: No, not if anyone reads your increasingly childish, misspelled, rambling diatribes where you instantly retreat into personal insults against anyone who dared to question your fraudulent narrative.

      Lastly, Here’s some advice from Gabe Newell, a rather successful businessman:

      “One of the things we learned pretty early on is ‘Don’t ever, ever try to lie to the internet – because they will catch you. They will de-construct your spin. They will remember everything you ever say for eternity’.

      You can see really old school companies really struggle with that. They think they can still be in control of the message.

      So yeah, the internet (in aggregate) is scary smart. The sooner people accept that and start to trust that that’s the case, the better they’re gonna be in interacting with them.”

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        1. Sigh. This guy really is quite special.

          You know, it’s one thing to come here and make a fool of yourself anonymously. Quite another to do so under your real name and while representing your business (whose target market includes sim-racers apparently).

          Pretty amusing, but now edging into decidedly “sad”.


          1. How I word it is purely to let you keep trolling.
            It’s not my target market.
            I am a prick to deal with as I have two agendas. Profit and Results.

            I can assure you…my race cars exist….unlike your motorsport career or sense of reality.


            1. > I am a prick to deal with…

              On this, I think we can agree.

              But tell me, as a future Ron Dennis, how does such a successful businessman have so much time and energy to devote toward trolling anonymous “losers” and name-calling on some site about kids games?

              See Craig, I know you’re lying. If you really were all that you say, you wouldn’t need to *say* it quite so much. What keeps bringing you here is likely insecurity that all of this will go viral and make you look like a fool to a somewhat wider audience.

              So again, I’ll give you some free advice: The Streisand Effect.


              1. my Facebook and all social media are fully public and accessible at all times as I have nothing to hide.
                All I can say is the same as before….never make assumptions as you would be surprised by the truth….which is very different from compartmentalised information you find online.

                What more can I say apart from if you ever want a coffee, chat or advice drop me a line anytime.


    5. You should offer Austin a ride in a series in Britain and he’ll shill for you too like he’s shilling for Ian Bell. He could run his Late Model in North America and then run a series for you as well. He’s given you almost as much shit as he did Ian Bell. Work together you two. Put Austin in a series in Britain.


  9. “but this is the kind of shit that gets you laughed out of an entire racing community over here.”

    yeah………just like the whole PRC/SMS love “affair” thing is laughed at, by us in europe! lol


  10. Come on already, leave that guy allone.
    He appears to be not the brightest kid around, but he has done no harm.

    If I were Josh, I would take James to court for defamation.
    He was merely putting himself in a brighter light, and anybody that would haven taken him seriously (which nobody did) would have noticed with ever so little background check that he is a show off.
    What Mr. Augonoski is doing to him though is public defamation, and I guess it would take any lawyer little time to bring up adjudications of similar cases and have a court ruling in Joshs favor.
    I’ve a gut feeling this story will backfire badly on Mr.Augonoski…


    1. He defamed himself , he didn’t need any help from James , oh by the way in the court of law if you are seen as a compulsive bullshitter like Mr Josh seems to be that usually doesn’t sit well with the judge or Jury .

      Case over 🙂

      And Josh doesn’t have cash for a plastic wheel let alone fund this .

      Ian has more cash than Josh 😇


    2. Hi Josh. I think the term you are looking for is libel. But obviously, you don’t have a case as for it to be considered libel, first you need a career/livelyhood to be effected. 2nd, what was written has to be untrue. Might be an issue as both of those aren’t the case.


    3. Defamation is amongst the most difficult civil claims to successfully argue, regardless of validity, and in this case, James hasn’t defamed Josh.

      The most interesting issue would be whether Josh is a public figure.


  11. You are hoping projects cars 2 will suck so you can see how James will react ? Just trying to clarify what a bag of wank is .

    Now James is apart of the beta after his racing driver friend started the beta , don’t you think James would not be involved at all if he didn’t think the game had merit already , now I know you guys are going to start on about the car sponsorship and being payed to beta test the game ( fuckn bonus for him) .

    I will also say that being payed is going to sway your opinion fairly substantially, it’s nature to support what supports you.

    I think James has put himself in a fairly good position , the game itself is looking pretty dam sweet and from what I have seen from the last couple of weeks from the early build that the game is coming along pretty dam well .

    This is how it may turn out Dutch , James continues to enjoy his race car sponsored by SMS and the game itself blows everything away with its new tech and all reviews are very positive giving James a clear run at doing a positive review ( wouldn’t the be the first from him ) .

    I hope the game is fucking awesome with the dynamic track behaviour because by fuck we need something to up the bar in sim racing , at the moment it’s as Stale as fuck! I enjoy sim racing but with title after title just doing the same old boring lap simulators it’s starting to get old .

    Title after title bar the odd one last year is just the same , no reason to invest time when you know it’s not giving you Any excitement/ enjoyment .

    Gran is turismo sport is not looking like that title either , being very critical of project cars first game I still hope they are successful in bringing everyone here a racing sim title that most will enjoy and get a bit of a buzz out of .

    Have a good day gentlemen !


      1. WMD I am certainly not ……….. I have been punted from project cars forums more than once for speaking my mind on the first title.


    1. Well a little birdie told me that pcars2 drives exactly the same as pcars1. No change to the physics at all. So still a bag off wank. No weather and dynamic track helps that. There just some extra gimmicks to sell the game.


      1. I do hope you are wrong Dutch , some gimmicks won cut it 😦 it needs working rules as well as working dynamic weather / dynamic racing line which has been mention but yet to be seen.

        Wasn’t a big fan of the tank slapping in project cars handling .


        1. I agree if the don’t improve on the physics it’s still going to be a bag of wank No matter what gimmicks the put in. I’m hoping I’m wrong to. But the birdie that told me is definitely not shagging up with Ian bell or anny other developer. So at this moment I trust him more then James


      1. Thank Christ for that. For a minute then I thought the whiter than white bumper nudging cheating rules denialist was about to ruin the most promising racing game……


  12. Aw babe this is just pure pathetic now how obsessed you are with Josh and the other racers, I’m a big fan of a lot of the racers you’re attacking and trust me, you’re not doing nearly as much damage as you think you are 😊😇


      1. Said this before but clearly you don’t read comments before replying so I’ll say it again, I’m not his mate, I’m not his girlfriend and I’m sure as hell no his mother. It’s called being a fan, if you actually managed to get yourself a racing career you would know what they are, but there’s clearly something more psychological hate here. Did mummy leave daddy for a racing driver? Did your girl leave you for one? Because there’s clearly something no right with you when you’re going to this much effort to spread hate. Be the bigger person for once, you’ll like the view from up here.


        1. Alexis what are you exactly a fan of? Normally one might be a fan of somebody who has a great talent in a specific area. What is it Josh is so good at that has caused you to follow him?


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