Assetto Corsa Private Lobbies Have Been Delayed

Those who purchased the console version of Assetto Corsa for either the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One knew this was coming at some point, but finally seeing it manifest itself in a Facebook status update is surely the aspect of it all that’ll sting the most. Kunos Simulazioni spent several weeks, maybe even months, implying the long-awaited implementation of private lobbies would be arriving in the forthcoming update for Assetto Corsa, but as you can probably infer from the screenshot above, the release of that update has now been pushed back an undisclosed amount of time.

Shipping with a comparatively minimal amount of features and functionality when pitted against other current generation racers, Assetto Corsa was deemed to be an extreme disappointment by the majority of those who purchased it, yet the hardcore sim enthusiasts pledged their allegiance to Kunos Simulazioni in the hopes that one day, the console iteration of the popular racing simulator would offer the same type of overall experience found in the original PC counterpart. Though consoles typically aren’t the ideal platform for serious organized multiplayer league races, games like the Codemasters’ F1 series, Gran Turismo, and Forza Motorsport have proved that an equally dedicated group of sim racers call these platforms home, and were hoping to use the figurative playing fields of Assetto Corsa for future online racing seasons

Unfortunately, their patience and good-will continues to be put to the test, with no clear reward in sight – only to be hounded by fellow forum for not exercising even more patience. As a sim racing developer who rose to prominence through the 2014 calendar year by building an indie racing sim that skyrocketed in popularity thanks to a wave of over-zealous fanboys helping to perpetuate their eternal science project, Kunos were warned quite aggressively by third parties who could see the game for what it is that the console crowd would simply not stand for some of their more questionable development choices; ones that prioritized a steady stream of downloadable content over implementing functionality seen in games from previous console generations. This talk was at one point deemed libelous, and the individuals responsible for the controversial postings as “notorious trolls” who “irrationally hated” Kunos, but at this point it’s pretty hard not to call these predictions anything but brutally accurate; with Kunos continuing to fumble console updates and provide no tangible timeline as to when console owners can expect to have a game that resembles the vastly superior PC version, the company’s reputation has taken a pretty severe beating.

All kinds of colorful rumors have tried to explain the botched console release and subsequent shoddiness, from Kunos staff members not being entirely on-board with the console release from the get-go, or a rival coder supposedly hired to produce the work output from Stefano Casillo (and reduce the message board hostility), but unfortunately we’ve never gotten a clear explanation that accurately conveys why the same company held in such high regard by a number of sim racers could put out a woefully inadequate counterpart on another platform.

These delusions of grandeur also appear to stretch to the development team themselves, as Kunos staff members can be seen appearing at Codemotion Rome 2017 to discuss the process of preparing Assetto Corsa for current generation consoles as if the game was an excellent example of how to successfully accomplish this task, when in reality the team are consistently botching or outright delaying essential updates the community have patiently waited months for – not to mention the horrendous launch which saw both consoles unable to run the game smoothly for several weeks. It’s hard not to label what’s going on in Italy as a virtual cult of personality, as it seems there’s a pretty big detachment from how Assetto Corsa community members feel about the title and key developers, versus what’s actually happening from a basic consumer standpoint. Facebook “fans” have loaded the offical Assetto Corsa page with praise, thanking Kunos for the vague news on what in layman’s terms is an extremely shitty delay, but those who don’t need internet brownie points from fellow sim racers know you certainly can’t keep sitting around waiting for a product you bought eight months ago to add rudimentary features it should have had at launch.

It’s really just a bit old fashioned mess at this point, and in hindsight I’ve often wondered why Kunos even bothered to conceive a console variant of their simulator in the first place. The team weren’t exactly known for their strict development schedule even in the PC version’s Early Access phase, and before the game achieved 1.0 status was already being blasted by mainstream sim outlets for a lack of functionality. I have no idea why a company would intentionally and knowingly bite off far more than they could chew, especially with such a large chance that it would backfire and expose their incompetent traits on a significantly larger platform. Yes, we all know the answer to the question is “money” – plain and simple – but in the long run, is it really worth shitting a severely hampered version of your PC sim out into the wild for a few million?

The answer, quite simply, is no. Even if Assetto Corsa 2 is on the cards, every single potential customer is going to remember how it took eight months and counting just to add private lobbies to the game, and instead of purchasing the game out of curiosity like they did for the first title, they’re going to outright avoid it – especially with stuff like Gran Turismo Sport, Forza Motorsport 7, and DiRT 4 on the market offering a significantly more comprehensive overall package.

I’m under the impression that this delayed update is part of larger problem; the ship is sinking, and we’re merely starting to see the first cracks – though the losers who support Assetto Corsa like a rogue religion will only continue to demand more patience, and like Scientology, encourage you to contribute… er… support Kunos by buying both present & future DLC packs. My question is, when do these blind apologists also give up hope? Kunos sold an abhorrent game on consoles, and eight months later, it’s really not that much better aside from minor FPS improvements. When is reality going to set in that it’s just not working out, and they’re kind of a shitty company for putting out such a half-baked game when compared to the other products on the market?



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      1. You’re a her, see again what the picture says. 😀

        Also you’re trying to play it cool to win people over with manipulation. Putting a like on certain types of posts is also one of the manipulation ways you often do.


        1. “Anonymous
          APRIL 29, 2017 AT 8:57 PM
          You’re a her, see again what the picture says. 😀

          Also you’re trying to play it cool to win people over with manipulation. Putting a like on certain types of posts is also one of the manipulation ways you often do.”

          Please go to a psychiatrist – you desperately need it

          Probably you’re very lonely keyboard warrior with a big mouth in front of a computer but being autistic in real life.

          Keep writing like that and I really hope you die soon – such people like you are cancer and either must change or die.


          1. oh wow, I’m not sure who actually needs a psychiatrist visit. Read again your post and tell me if what you said isn’t 10x worse than mine.

            At least my post shows critical thinking and yours shows personal attacks, and serious ones.


  1. “When is reality going to set in that it’s just not working out, and they’re kind of a shitty company for putting out such a half-baked game when compared to the other products on the market?”

    Let me see, you’re going to give props to driveclub and project cars. AC is shit, GT is shit, did I forget anyone else from the competition with SMS? Yea, nice shilling you SMS employee.


    1. Project CARS (SMS) competes with GT and Forza only on consoles (AC is so shitty that you can ignore it)

      On PC side Project CARS (SMS) competes with: rFactor 2, iRacing, RaceRoom, Automobilista and Assetto Corsa

      I heard youre an employee of cancer


      1. I read his articles on gtsport and that’s the image I got out of it. For him only the street cars were somewhat good and everything else was bad, like the race cars, their new multiplayer, etc. If he wants to believe gt6 is more realistic in the way you have to drive the cars, let him believe it then… He really kicked in the ass the multiplayer and those driver ratings, and the esport component.. go figure since sms is investing a lot in the same stuff for pcars2. The only good opinion articles he has is when devs pay him up. Pcars2, brick rigs, race2play etc. So you see who we are dealing with.


  2. Sadly, this is nowhere near rare for console ports of PC games nowadays. Used to be that PC suffered awful console ports all the time, but now a good deal of the opposite’s true again. I quite enjoy PAYDAY 2, for instance, but remain baffled that they announced a Switch version of the game when the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are months and months behind the PC version in content updates, and those versions only exist because the PS3 and 360 versions became outdated by entire years! Once devs get used to only checking Steam forums and such to gauge the community, a lot of fans are stuck dragged through the mud waiting absurdly long times to hear anything at all. It’s a shame.


  3. AC does not interest me, but if KS had pushed an update that was broken you would hammer them for it. They cannot win with fools like you. When do we see the negative articles like this for Project Cars 2???


    1. Trying to shift the focus from Kunos failing to fix the consoles version of AC to PCARS 2 I see. The fact remains that AC still lacks private lobbies on console, which is extremely laughable for any racing game. AC on consoles is nothing more of a pathetic money grab attempt by Kunos.


      1. You’re wrong. You won’t even care when and what Kunos adds to their game. You only care to stomp and humiliate when people do things you don’t agree with. That is pretty sad. Why are people so insensible and inconsiderate nowadays. Is very easy to talk when you’re not doing anything and pass all day judging what others do or don’t.


  4. “and instead of purchasing the game out of curiosity like they did for the first title, they’re going to outright avoid it”

    Same is true for your sugar daddy’s game and that is why he need to do extremely aggressive viral marketing campaign.

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    1. Exactly. Even Sev’s criticisms are not worded the same as the rest of the tripe that is usually spewed from this site. James the hole you are digging is getting deep. Well maybe not as deep as the hole that your sugar daddy uses…


  5. Assetto Corsa PS4 owner since day one. Love it. Private lobbies are a big deal but who cares. This “game” is so far beyond anything on console I don’t give a rip. Just happy as an Argentine resident where PCs are prohibitively expensive that I can enjoy a semi-sim on console.

    Based on what I have read about GT Sport and its pathetic beta and what Project CARS 2 has to offer, alongside AC and DiRT 4 due in June, I’d say I’m happy to be a console plebe at this time.


    1. Eh I care as it’s just a 40 quid hole on my hard drive without private lobbys. Regardless of whether you use the feature or not, surely it’s pretty much essential these days. I’ld also say the content offered in the vanilla version is poor also, yet another 30 quid for the season pass. On the console at least, it doesn’t feel like 70 quids worth of game

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  6. I doubt that AC on consoles is as bad as pCars on any platform and now we know why SMS didn’t fix any shit. And they will continue this with pCars 2 vs 3 again. That’s what I call a shitty company betraying their users.


  7. Couldn’t agree more. AC on console is total shite. The AI are laughable. The FPS is totally wank, even when you consider the graphic textures and models look like something from the PS1.
    But…… the fanboys and forum brown-nosers continue to wash the feet of Lord Kuntos in return for feint thanks and the occasional pat on the head. Meanwhile he’s planning the next batch of mundane supercars to sell you as dlc. They believe their own hype. They have defended the product for so long it is now totally unthinkable to think of it as anything but a failure. It’s called cognitive dissonance. Google it.
    The good ship Kunos struck the iceberg pre-Xmas. It’s been listing ever since and only the captain’s special cabin boys will soon be left onboard.


    1. Hello… this game is a sim so of course the fps won’t be as good as in non-sims, like your usual forza and driveclub. But at least is not capped on 30 fps like driveclub or in the 40s like pcars1. But if put AC on ps4 pro you get a stable 60 fps, yet driveclub remains at 30 and pcars1 rises to 50s. I bet if rfactor2 or any flight sim would go to the original ps4 and xbox1 they wouldn’t reach 60fps either.


      1. You can’t really use the “it’s not the game, it’s the hardware” argument when referencing consoles though and saying I need a ps pro sort of defeats the point. I’ll assume you didn’t play the console version at release as it was terrible, much better now I’ll grant you. Neither offering from Kunos or SMS has lit my trousers on fire on ps4, both needing countless updates with SMS rounding of support with update 10. I like decimals too but there are still some pretty bad flaws left unattended. The news that Kunos can’t seem to offer private lobbys isn’t encouraging either


        1. “The news that Kunos can’t seem to offer private lobbys isn’t encouraging either”

          Do you know how to read? Kunos is offering private lobbies, just not today. It seems it will be in May.


          1. I can read, even write too, if I try really hard. The word “seem” is the important snippet of my sentence there. I hope your right and May sees us with custom lobbys, not just pre-set servers. I wouldn’t put a fiver on it though


        2. Of course is the hardware. Is hard for a sim to have high fps on a hd 7870 with an 8core console cpu at 1.6GHz. Why do you think Sony had to release a PS4 Pro? Many games needed it. If the problem was just AC why would Sony build an upgraded console only for one game?


  8. The fact that in 2016 a developer can release a pile of dung like this for £40 says all you need to know about Kunos. They are so emotionally attached to their fucking tyre model that everything else was seemingly over looked.
    Shit graphics? – They won’t notice, the tyres are ace.
    Shit framerate? – No worries, the tyre model is superb.
    AI that doesn’t overtake a stationary car? – Doesn’t matter, feel that grip man……

    They’ve been rumbled. Hopefully they’ll learn from it, but seeing how their chief talks to his customers I doubt it very much.

    Still, he’s always got the sycophantic arse-kissers to tell him how great he is.

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    1. A pile of dung? You don’t know shit. I bet you can’t even code Hello World.

      Tell me, are all the console titles perfect and with a score of 10/10? Or that happens rarely to only very big and rich studios, for example grand theft auto games. If you’re going to blame Kunos or AC for not being very good then you need to blame thousands of other titles.

      I challenge you to create a game on ps4, xbox one, pc, and with the complexity of a sim racing game. If you knew shit you’d be more considerate and have a more respectful talk.


      1. I could have a go at coding some shit on console, but there’s no way I’d expect anyone to pay £40 a pop for my futile efforts.
        I couldn’t care a rat’s cock if 1 person coded it or 100 people coded it. It’s still wank and the price is the same.
        Keep defending and praising mediocrity. It’s daft twunts like you that keep keep Simon Cowell making records.


        1. You saying AC on console is a futile effort or that is badly coded tells you have no idea about game development. You are just regurgitating what this blog manipulated you to think. So what if AC on the original PS4 and xb1 can’t keep 60 fps at all times. People don’t buy consoles and expect the same performance as on a PC. The fact that Sony had to launch a PS4 Pro really says a lot about how under performance the original PS4 and xb1 we’re since the start. Is not really the fault of game devs. They tried their best and the fact that AC on PS4 gets a stable 60fps tells that Kunos devs did a good job. Unfortunately for original PS4 owners, your console is not good enough for directx11 racing Sims.


    1. Owh my days. Look at that fat ugly bastard. No wonder he’s such an asshole. I would kill myself if i was that ugly…


  9. AC on console feels superb. The first time I fired it up and drove around Silverstone, I was completely blown away. It was beyond anything I had ever driven, on console.

    That’s where my praise for AC ends. Beyond hot lapping, this game is useless. The AI are pointless and all you can do is race randoms, online, half of which have no idea what they’re doing.

    For as.much shit as I’ve given pcars, at least I can get a little enjoyment out of it, both on and offline. I have never been able to say the same about AC and it appears that’s not about to change.

    At this point, all it is, is a place holder on my HD.


    1. Next update will improve Ai apparently, i would assume that for console as well. Lets wait & see, i would be surprised if there is a big improvement.


      1. Except AC on console is so far behind that of the PC version.

        Before it was released, we were promised that AC on console would run on the same version as PC, there would be no difference between the two. As all console players know this isn’t even close to the case. There are setups on PC where the numbers don’t even make any sense for console.

        While I’m not 100% convinced the console port was purely a money grab from KS (I think they may have gotten in over their heads and by the time they realized it, it was too late to turn back), I also don’t think KS is even coming close to holding up their end of the bargain.

        KS may improve the AI but heaven only knows when console players will see it. Consider this, Xbone players STILL can’t save setups.


  10. Selling a defective product and then blaming the hardware for its shortcomings is dishonest, period. Hardware specs were known beforehand. Kunos could either keep away from consoles altogether or inform buyers that their sim would not ever be up to PC standards because the hardware won’t allow it. Anything else is bullshit.

    Having said that, I really don’t buy this hardware excuse. Forza on the Xbox One with a full field of AI cars, at night or under rain, runs much more smoothly than AC in test drive mode, when supposedly there is no AI calculations involved. Even Project Cars on console is better than AC, which is saying a lot. The simply blew it. Perhaps it would be better to simply admit that and move on.

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    1. Do all console titles give stable 60 fps? No. They why are we only blaming Kunos for not being able to give fps as good as on PCs with superior specs than the original ps4 and xb1?

      Your console must be really shitty if the game doesn’t run smooth with only one car on the track. Here it runs smooth even with 10-15 cars on track.


  11. Lets see how you can never win with this shitty blog.

    – Kunos releases AC on console too early so is not in the best conditions: “You fools”
    – Kunos takes their time with the private lobbies+other features to secure best conditions on release: “You fools”


    1. All I got out of this post is Kunos desperately needs a competent production manager. Is anyone surprised at all that their studio can’t get necessary shit done when lorded over by an egomaniac dubbed LORD KUNOS?

      Haha. Give me a fucking break.


      1. Maybe AC is not for everyone, but is for some. And those some justified the release and continuous updates afterwards. If you are such an expert in product managing send your application. But I doubt you know anything really.


        1. I dick around with an Oculus Rift in AC a few times a week. I like it well enough for what it is.

          It doesn’t take an expert however, to recognize where Kunos shits the bed in product development. Our boy James has been repeatedly hitting this nail on the head just fine.


          1. For what’s worth, AC on consoles is still a better product than AC on PC from 2013-2016. From mid 2016 to today the PC version is better overall. But the next update for console seems that it will even it out, although I see some people wanting better button custom mapping in the console version, so the PC has some advantage there for now.

            “It doesn’t take an expert however, to recognize where Kunos shits the bed in product development. Our boy James has been repeatedly hitting this nail on the head just fine.”

            That is flat out wrong. Some people, including your boy James, have a certain view for a game. Kunos has a different view. But not all people are as bitter as James, therefore they can enjoy AC as is and as it will be updated. James however won’t enjoy AC ever, no matter what Kunos adds to the game. His soul is already sealed with pcars2.

            Look, some people won’t ever enjoy or like AC ever as well. But that is fine. Not all games are for everybody and for everyone’s preference. However you nor James have any clue to talk about product development of a video game on any platform.

            One last thing, what’s this idea lately that all games must be a 10/10 and have everything impeccable? Just like people, every game has its traits of good and bad, every game will be liked by other people differently. Even when you have the best game for one it doesn’t mean is the best game for the other.

            Thousands and thousands of pc and console games have performance issues or they can’t reach very high fps. The reasons are distributed between hardware, software, game physics/graphics engine and the way all it was coded. Multi platform games like Assetto Corsa are made to work well overall across all platforms and different pc specs. Games like Gran Turismo and Forza are made to run very very well on one single piece of hardware. It just shows a lack of game development knowledge to compare games with different purposes, studios, budget, and wanting all of them to do the same things well.

            Be more understanding with the game devs from the genre you like, don’t just flame them consistently, even when they make things that aren’t very good. Fuck if we aren’t all people trying our best in what we do. But don’t treat them like they are your slaves and which can be humiliated only because sometimes they don’t succeed in all areas.


            1. The straw mans and appeals to compassion are stronk with this one.

              You start out by trying to refute the previous post’s claim by lumping it and James’ criticisms into some mystery category of having ‘a certain view for a game’. Instead of attacking the claim, you bring up your irrelevant opinions of James and imply he’s financially motivated to do criticize Kunos in the manner that he does.

              Trying to poison the well with estrogen-driven rhetoric is a terrible way to structure an argument. How about attacking the point instead?

              Next up, some understanding of software development. It should be obvious that retooling a game developed on the PC to work on console–hardware with a high core count low clock speed design–does take work. Multi-threading is much more important in that scenario. Until now they’ve had the convenience of brute-forcing via high clock speeds to hide their inefficiencies, as do many other PC only developers. (I’m looking at you too, SMS.)

              There will absolutely be teething issues with that process but don’t make the mistake of confusing performance issues with stability problems and lack of feature support for the platform you’re developing on. As much as I despise the console gaming experience itself, the platform’s standards are high and feature-rich, especially that of its multiplayer communities. AC’s shortcomings in supporting them are unavoidable in that scenario.

              It’s not unreasonable to ask a developer for new features. I cannot think of a reason for doing so other than to improve the product for the end user. It is completely unreasonable however, for a lead programmer to have temper tantrums when someone does. ‘Be thankful for what I give you?’ he says? Bitch please.

              Which brings me to:

              “Be more understanding with the game devs from the genre you like […] But don’t treat them like they are your slaves and which can be humiliated only because sometimes they don’t succeed in all areas.”

              A standard PRC response is to tell you to get your tongue out of Stefano’s ass. I’ll do you one better than that.

              Criticism over the internet is quick and easy. That doesn’t mean it is unfounded nor unwarranted.
              Kunos is a software developer that tried to sell a product in a market with specific expectations. They fell short and the community has voiced that. The act of doing so doesn’t equate Kunos with being enslaved by the public.

              Besides, wasn’t your first claim that Kunos does it their own way? Fuck, this logic thing is difficult.


  12. Another PC2 shill masterpice. The author take absolute caution not to mention PC2 in case that it was to evident for readers. But the fact is there, trying to destord the concurrence…


  13. The fact remains that Forza Motorsport 3 back in 2009 was a more feature packed game than AC. And shut up with the “it’s a sim” shit nonsense. It’s not a sim, it’s a half-arsed one man’s masurbatory secretion. And it’s bloody awful. Wake up people.


    1. Why aren’t you still playing Forza 3 on that old console? I rest my case. Besides, Forza is backed up by Microsoft and Gran Turismo by Sony. So they better justify that investment. You don’t know shit about video games, development, publishing.


        1. No, is not Stefano. But at least he made something useful with those books. On the other side you don’t accomplish anything reading anime all day.


            1. Is fine, you don’t have to like AC. But is not hideously flawed. Is not perfect either, no one is delusional here. Only that some people are extremely exaggerated in their negative remarks. Maybe because they are trolling or supporting other sims, so their idea is to always pass a negative image of a game from the competition. But often those trolls forget the other game they support is far from perfect.


  14. Can someone tell me what PaulieGTR gets out of making that post? How many years are we going to hear muh small team being used as excuse?

    I really believe James is on to something when he says it’s people with bigger issues looking for a place to belong.


    1. Oh look is Chris, don’t you get tired of ass licking James? The only delusional guy in sim racing is James and his puppets. At least he got a big payment for his efforts, yet Chris sev and Dustin get nothing in return for doing James dirty work.


  15. I just don’t get the defense of such a poor product. I read all the reviews of assholetto and still bought it to support development, I’m sure many others did as well, we all want good products, we all want to have fun but this cognitive dissonance about the product is disturbing.

    Lord Kuntos swore up and down that the ps4 port would be equal to the the PC port, it’s almost a year later and it’s not even 25% of the way there, SAD! What does it take for some of you to accept that?

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    1. Yeah sure you bought it… and even to support development out of all things. If you don’t agree with how a product is then why buy it? Not an intelligent customer.

      I’d still take AC on console as is than no AC on console. Heck, James and some other people still blame a lot the PC version and suddenly they all take the chance to shit again on Kunos for why AC on console is not an exact copy as on PC, as if you ever praised the game on PC.


      1. I’m glad I bought AC. It made me wake up to how great PC1 actually is. For that I will be eternally grateful as I went back to playing it daily in January. So, thank you Lord.


        1. Hahahah that’s a good joke. Did you already give your paypal to Ian Bell or doing this for free like sev and chris? James is the smart guy, at least he shills for money and goodies. You fools are in the shilling business for the love of pcars? hahaha 😀


      2. Most AC console players couldn’t give a toss about what’s in the PC version. Only the PC players seem to have a complex about it. The console players just want basic functionality that’s been in games since around 2008. Custom lobbies, remappable controls, you know, the stuff we kinda forget we have but it’s kinda huge when it’s not there. Like refrigerators, and running water.
        Now your Lord and master has just announced today that customizable buttons aren’t necessary and wants everyone (in a sarcastic tone) to submit a written bug report or he won’t listen.
        It’s as if he needs to remind everyone daily just how far he can get his head up his anus.


  16. I wonder if PC2 and AC2, presumably with more features and better visuals, will be offered for current consoles or only new-gen consoles and high-end PCs. Perhaps James would know something about that. If they do, it will be difficult to blame the failure of earlier versions on the hardware.


  17. Seems the ‘Lord’ doesn’t think console users need button mapping. He makes out this is a new issue yet we’ve been asking for it from day 1, submitted support tickets etc, which clearly they just ignore. Kuno claimed the console game would match the PC version yet custom controls, a basic feature in games today is apparently not needed. I mean who needs to be able to use all the assigned functions in a simulation?

    I hope you write another article and rip them for this too. The general gaming press have never taken this half baked game to task and someone needs to keep poining out the inconsistencies with the PC version and broken promises.

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    1. Any dictator will listen to the praise of his half dozen closest generals and do what he thinks his best for him and his idealistic vision, whilst ignoring the desires and voices of his people.


      1. Are you really that delusional to think they decided to not put custom buttons because “half a dozen fanboys” told them not to? Fuck people here in prc have no clue about working on a video game.

        Lets see this logically, custom mapping wasn’t here from the start of the console version release. So how could you say that fanboys told Kunos or 505 what not to put. They decided this wasn’t going to be in the game while it was under development, without influence from any users. You guys are delusional coming out with those sort of arguments that “fanboys” told the devs to not add certain things to the game.


        1. No, You misunderstand. It’s what idiots do a lot.
          I’m suggesting that there won’t be customizable buttons because the presets suit Stefano and his team’s preferences already thank ya very much. And screw what everyone else wants. It’s been pretty much like that since September. You point out a shortcoming of the game, you get told in a roundabout way to shut up and read a book.
          What I am also suggesting is that his die-hard loyalists (fanboys, brown-nosers, you know, the ones that crave attention from those in charge) will find a way to defend this quite frankly ludicrous situation where players are forced to play with someone else’s button preferences. You know, like we did in the 90s on the PS2.


          1. Is not the “fanboys” power to do anything really. Kunos proved countless times that when people want something and the devs also find it valuable for the game they will work on it to add it. It happened both in the pc and console version, although more with the pc version so far.

            Still, if kunos thinks the best way right now is to add more presets then they know is a good enough solution. But is possible they might encounter limitations with this and then proceed to offer full custom mapping for the devices.


  18. Is this the way forward! Really? Asking EVERY user to write down their preferred button setup for every type of car just because YOU’RE TOO EGOTISTICAL AND STUBBORN to admit your customers are right to expect to be able to customise controls? There are actually people defending this?! Excuse me, WHAT YEAR IS THIS ??!!


  19. The Lord is just creating a distraction and pretending to be interested but in actual fact he’s just delaying taking any action once again. The button mappingissues have been discussed and reported many many times from day one.

    He’s also been rumbled by a console user who usually, but not always, sings his praises. It seems the Lord has forgotten his earlier promises:

    Here are the most relevant comments to save you wading through the laregly PR drivel:

    RD: Will both PC and console versions be largely the same or do you expect each to have a different feel / content / experience than the original PC edition?

    MM: Except for the user interface, content is the same for all versions, as well as the features and driving feeling. Like any other game available both on PC and consoles, of course on Hi-end PCs you can get the best experience possible.

    SC: It’s the same software, unsurprisingly really, considering the size of the team. The console version has a brand new UI front end. I expect to be nothing less than exactly the same.

    The UI comments should be the focus because all the brand new UI did was leave out half the options and controls. They claim console hardware is the issue but look at Elite Dangerous and the way the team there redesigned the UI and controls for console and you see what can be done. The Lord would be better admitting they just don’t care about the console game but a dodgy DLC pushing publisher and over 1m sales means he has to, appropriately for this site, pretend to care.


  20. I never understood why their are some who claim to enjoy sim racing games, (PRC especially) but bash Kunos and AC specifically as much as they do…. I’ve been playing racing games since Gran Turismo came out on the Playstation and imho, Kunos has given me the best bang for the buck out of all the ones I own content for at the moment (Rf2, AMS, Pcars, R3E, iRacing) It has had the most valuable updates and has been running the smoothest out of all of em. Not to mention it has come the closest to emulating how I abuse my own RWD toys in real life…It does have it’s shortcomings of course, but so do all the others. I even had a car built for the game (cost me 1K) because of the games realism and the fact the code allows for the modding community to do what they love to do. Only rF2 gives me a woody enough (and the possibility) to spend that to make a personal toy come to virtual reality…..

    However, I wish I would’ve read your article on R3E before I got hooked almost two years ago with the DTM and ADAC race experience offerings as I have never been so disappointed in a title or developer as that F@#$%NG game….Truly pathetic as far as updates and hotfixes breaking the game, not to mention the bad business model etc.

    I can’t seem to get into AMS for some reason, and Pcars had great graphics and enjoyed some of the content but couldn’t forgive them for botching my beloved Boss 302R, especially since SMS hyped the realism so much.

    Anywhoo, I just don’t get why all the hate for AC…..And a hello from a fellow BC’er who used to head to Mission Raceway every other weekend and used to do the Fraser Canyon run ( Hope, BC to Cache Creek, BC) when it was “camera free” lol. Whenever we had the time and walkie talkies!



  21. I wouldn’t call it hate for AC. Just disapproval of being sold something that is clearly a long way from completion and is so far from completion that its very hard to imagine it ever reaching that status. Particularly with the “attitude” that comes from the lead developer. Maybe thats why people get so narked about AC.


    1. Well, devs informed the console community they rethought this subject and are going to work on custom mapping for the next update after the lobbies update.


      1. Remappable buttons will probably make it to the console version in 2019 then. They’ll most likely get the Rapid Response Team on it.


  22. “You have to hand it to Kuno’s that they listen to their customers and work very hard to deliver the goods. If you recall Assetto Corsa was realised on console for the European market on the 26th August 2016 and North America on the 30th August 2016. Now 9 months further on, we are still getting updates and communications from the developers.”

    “Kuno’s need to be praised for their continued support and a lot of effort behind the scenes which most of us will never see.”

    Meanwhile, ISRTV announces the delay in a post full of praise for Kunos. Or should I say “Kuno’s”? In fact the author of the news article goes as far as to imply that this is exactly the reason why you should buy AC on console.

    I had a good laugh reading that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s like being grateful to the Post Office for keeping you informed about the whereabouts of your mail after failing to deliver it for nine months.


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