What are Polyphony Doing? GT Sport Beta 1.05

There will undoubtedly be cries from avid Gran Turismo supporters claiming that I’m either paid directly or subtly pushed to rip on the competition in this manner, but truth be told Polyphony have dug this increasingly bizarre grave all on their own and no outside forces are needed to report on the truth – this is simply not “The Real Driving Simulator” that’s been advertised. A rather hefty nine gigabyte update dropped for the closed Gran Turismo Sport beta earlier this morning, promising physics improvements and general accessibility refinements that saw races take place across all hours, meaning those who willingly wanted to subject themselves to a full twenty four hours of online racing in this elaborate testing phase were now free to do so. Unfortunately, all this update has done is solidify the fact that Polyphony Digital are simply not the team they used to be, and no longer capable of building any sort of racing simulator that can hold a candle to Gran Turismo 4’s legacy – a game that while nearly perfect in it’s own right, still had some significant flaws.

Is the trial version of Gran Turismo Sport a beautiful game? Yes, in fact it’s objectively the best looking driving game of this console generation. But no matter how smooth the framerate or how advanced the lighting engine is, graphics alone don’t complete the experience, they merely enhance it. I find it comical that many major outlets are praising the visual qualities of the title, because once you’ve gotten past the element of photorealism, there’s still not much here to convince me that Gran Turismo Sport will part the red sea and unleash sim racing’s potential as a major eSports genre.

When I last covered Gran Turismo Sport, my key observations were pretty simple to comprehend: most GT fans I raced against struggled to remain on the track, the tire model was woefully simplistic (and often unrealistic), sim-style configuration settings such as cockpit seat adjustments and field of view were nowhere to be found, the races were too short, and vehicles were absurdly unbalanced. This created an overall experience that was boring, bland, and repetitive; the Gran Turismo Sport that existed in peoples’ heads, as well as in press material released by Polyphony themselves, is far more interesting than booting up and playing Gran Turismo Sport in the flesh.

Sadly, there are even more problems to report with the newest update, and it’s why I continue to be abrasive towards what Polyphony have built, rather than understanding and patient.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, and the GT4-spec Nissan GTR, are still leaps and bounds ahead of any other car on the grid, to the point where you are guaranteed to lose a race unless you select the leaderboard car just like everybody else. I’m fully aware that real life GT4 and GT3 sports car racing each make use of an extremely intricate performance balancing system regulated by the FIA because each vehicle is constructed in such a vastly different fashion, but given that in the virtual world we’re merely working with 3D models and numbers, you’d think Polyphony would have taken some precautions to ensure a level playing field prior to unleashing this stuff on the general public. This does not appear to be the case, as unless you’ve been lucky enough to unlock one of the leaderboard cars manually through the game’s random reward system, you’re not going to contend for a win.

As you can see in the above image, over half of the grid showed up to the Nordschleife with a Nissan GTR, and the guys on the front row stomped us, even though for the first sector I could see them constantly putting tires in the grass, blowing their racing lines, and making contact with each other. This was a problem for several weeks in the last build, and the problem has obviously not been fixed, even though Polyphony claim to have been obsessing over online race results. Every N300 event I have participated in, a Lancer Evo X has won, and every GT4 event I’ve raced, a GTR has taken the top spot. The insult to injury is how menus claim some sort of BOP formula has been applied to your car, only for each race to play out in such a lopsided fashion regardless. If Gran Turismo Sport ships with these same balance problems, especially if there are any micro-transactions that allow you to obtain the top cars early, there will be substantial outrage. Showing up with an inferior car isn’t the same as in PC sim racing, where a good driver sporting a competent setup can out-wheel his opponents. Here, people basically walk by you, slide all over the place, and within a minute they’re over the horizon. It’s silly.

I don’t think the garage menu is terrible, in fact I like how there’s been a slight reduction in options to just the main suspension, downforce, and gearing elements, but what really blows my mind is the spring rate slider. Unlike modern PC racing sims, which give you about eight different types of springs to select from, GT Sport provides you with an analog slider down to one decimal place, meaning it’s a genuine pain in the ass just to tweak your springs. Whereas in rFactor, it’s a few clicks to go from 650 to 800, Gran Turismo Sport makes you sit there and manually click from 1231.9, to 1232.0, to 1232.3.

Of course, you can hold the D-Pad to scoot ahead, but it just feels clunky when compared to how the rest of the available options work. Give us like, eight or ten springs per car, in 50 lbf increments, and we’ll be good. I don’t know why this was completely ignored. These guys have had a solid decade of modern simulators to examine, and yet this is probably the most counter-intuitive menu slider I’ve seen.

As I’ve mentioned above, races now rotate entirely throughout the day. The previous beta of GT Sport always held the Group N races at 5PM local time, before moving on to GT4 at 6PM, and finally, the big cars at 7PM. This has been changed so the three-class format is on a constant cycle. I was able to find a decent-sized GT4 race at three in the morning, so there’s certainly no issue when it comes to the number of people playing this – especially considering it’s a closed beta you had to apply for – but I would have liked to see a finite number of users registered for each race. As Gran Turismo Sport experiences a natural drop-off in the number of users post-launch, it would be nice to have a way – like iRacing – that lists the exact amount of people signed up prior to each event so those putting aside an hour or two for online racing didn’t end up wasting their time.

But because this is a hardcore sim blog, what you’re all here for is to learn about the driving physics. Previously, I complained that the race cars felt like vague, understeering, lifeless hovercrafts that lost rear end grip at 180 km/h in fourth gear, requiring you to completely lift off the pedal and gently re-apply power, losing several precious seconds of on-track real estate in the process. It was an absolute joke to drive, and I could not fathom how a team with such exclusive access to real world race teams was able to compose a virtual car so inaccurate, after basically bragging non-stop for the past decade about how Gran Turismo was a worldwide phenomenon and it’s transcended mere racing simulators into a car culture thing or whatever OUTRIGHT FUCKING BULLSHIT they tried to feed people.

As you can see in the above video, things have now swung in the complete opposite direction. They’re still lifeless hovercrafts, but you can now flat-foot these massive lazy slides with reckless abandon. There is no art or talent to driving the top level cars as there should be; you merely steer in the direction you want to go, and if the back end breaks loose, you wiggle the wheel once while keeping the throttle pinned to your floor. I am up-shifting into third gear at full power while in a thirty degree slide, and Gran Turismo’s physics couldn’t care less about a situation that in any other simulator – or real life – would spell total disaster.

Usually I go out of my way to defend games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, deeming their critics to be elitist PC sim pigs who dickwave about playing “superior” games before running in rFactor leagues with 5% damage and no required pit stops, but this shit right here justifies the years they’ve spent ripping on the console crowd. These driving physics, these tire physics, this experience, is totally unacceptable for what’s being advertised by Polyphony. I am drifting a purpose-built, ultra stiff, high downforce race car for multiple laps, and it’s as if there’s a hand of god gluing my car to the racing surface.

I would love to come out and say my console has been hacked, and that international spies have given me a corrupted beta of Gran Turismo Sport to falsely smear another sim developer, but what has been unfolding on my computer monitor is absolutely horrifying. Polyphony are trying to convince Gran Turismo fans that hanging a GT3 car out at full throttle like it’s a D1GP entry constitutes as “updated driving physics,” while running around to major gaming news outlets acting as if this is the rebirth of Gran Turismo, and the game is so accurate you’ll be able to use your pretend race car license obtained in-game as proof that you’re qualified to pilot a real one, not to mention participate in officially sanctioned FIA tournaments.

It’s… perplexing. Gran Turismo Sport has been eagerly anticipated by a lot of people, and the beta – and it’s subsequent updates – only continue to disappoint. I purchased a PlayStation 4 and Logitech G29 primarily for this game, as I knew it would be some sort of major online racing platform that would attract far more racers than any game before it, but instead I’ve only been left questioning what in the hell has happened. I personally don’t believe Gran Turismo 4 was over-rated and the company has been merely riding that success for over a decade, so after playing GT Sport I’m basically left confused as to how such a prolific studio – and franchise – could fall this far.


99 thoughts on “What are Polyphony Doing? GT Sport Beta 1.05

  1. I’m saddened. So many brilliant memories of GT4 in my childhood, and this is where the series is at nowadays. I’m all for watching the simracing world burn with popcorn in hand, but I genuinely hope that Polyphony get their shit together and sort this one out because I don’t want to watch quite a big part of my childhood go downhill like this.

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    1. GT4 really was awesome. I had an S2000 IRL at the time, so that’s pretty much all I drove in the game iirc.

      Wasn’t GT4 the one with that kick-ass Opera S2000 with like a thousand chamfered holes drilled all through the chassis? I remember it took *forever* to master the scenario where it was in the rain, I think at Tsukuba. Great memories…

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    1. Although I often disagree with his arguments, James’ writing has always been excellent.

      And while we’re on the subject, google “passive vs. active voice” before replying.

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  2. I have said this many times, GT was never in any way a simulator. The only reason it had gotten away with it was, children using consoles who didnt know any better, had nothing to compare ot against.

    Combine this with the rest of the circle jerk preteen fags at GTPLANET and you have yourself a propaganda machine to rival the Third Reich.



      1. Actually, GTPlanet’s very fond of Project CARS in general, so you might not even need to replace it. That said, I get a bit tired of the pointless hating of pCARS 2 before it even launched. Play it for two hours, then decide whether it’s as shit as you think it’ll be. As it is now, you’ll have no choice but to keep hating it even if it was actually any good, because otherwise you’d seem totally inconsistent.

        Doesn’t mean I support these shady tactics this blog, run by an SMS employee, uses against SMS competition. That’s simply not on, and this blog’s only kept running because otherwise there’d absolutely be no difference to what happened to Yorkie’s channel (remember that article?) and everyone in charge of this would be wholly exposed as the hypocrite they already are.


        1. This is why I provided video evidence for this article.

          It’s one thing for me to write that GT Sport has shit physics, because you know, “muh SMS employee” and shit.

          It’s another to actually show a video of me drifting a GT3 car with the pedal to the floor in third gear and the car inexplicably remains relatively stable.


            1. Probably because this stuff is supposed to be FIA approved… Goddamn FIA APPROVED, just let it sink in for a sec


          1. ““muh SMS employee”

            Are you sure you’re Canadian, because you act and speak like an American. Is not just that small reference in the quote.


          2. No one says that what you write is actually wrong. I firmly believe it’s valid, but this isn’t about being in the right, this is about appearances. As an employee of one company, you don’t badmouth other company’s products under the disguise of objectiveness. You simply don’t. Even if you’re right, it’s going to make yourself AND your company like you need to slander others to be successful yourself.

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            1. Do you believe a Randy Pobst can’t do a compelling article about his experience with a corvette ZR1 because he’s on Porsche’s payroll?


              1. If Randy Pobst’s selling point was to write in the most abrasive style possible while focusing on the negative points, then, no, I don’t.


                1. You would have a valid point if he didn’t provide hard evidence in the form of a video that shows a GT3 car behaving like it’s at a D1GP event.

                  You should play GTS and fact-check him. I have a feeling that you’ll end up sharing his conclusions.


                    1. “You’re drunk”. Seriously?

                      That’s all you’ve got? Come on. At least *try* to be slightly interesting. For instance, I like the guy who insinuated I might be jealous of Austin and Ian’s burgeoning love affair (or whatever he said).

                      I mean, sure it reveals more about his own homoerotic hangups than anything else, but at least it’s somewhat amusing.

                      By comparison, “You’re drunk” is just so…lazy.


    1. Looks like someone’s salty, probably got banned from GTP for being a complete cockhead, much like he is right here. Hey George, I’d love to see you call me a pre-teen fag in person, you dickless keyboard warrior.

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      1. no, I did get warnings for pointing the truth. Why take it to heart> did you also create one of those GTPLANET PSN usernames> you know, to belong?!


    2. Except the main audience of gt2-6 were 21 through 40 year old males.

      Call me crazy but the issues might stem from using the same core physics engine since gt3 and while many years ago that engine was great when compared to more modern ones it doesn’t hold up. This new game continues to use that engine.

      If anyone is wondering what takes them so long to finish a game the answer is in 2 places. First the contract of PolyPhony Digitals man in charge gives him control of when a game ships. Second, because he tends to ship inferior games once every 6-8 years the staff size at the company was shrunken quite a bit by Sony trying to offset the massive budget for a series with dwindling sales.

      Also yes comparing it to project cars is apt.

      Based on the latest builds of both games they are about equal in quality of physics but GT gets the win in visuals and audio. Pcars2 is still a buggy mess and digging through the games files and comparing them with the originals it’s quite evident as to why.


  3. It’s a shame really, the price of focusing on marketing over content. Polyphony have one, last chance with the next game


  4. “…graphics alone don’t complete the experience, they merely enhance it.” This. Exactly. This is why the long hypereels full of beautiful rain or slow-motion cars or whatever make me MORE leery about a game/sim nowadays, since it tends to mean it got more focus than the actual underlying physics (insert obligatory pCARS example here). Plus, realistic appearances don’t age as well as a signature style; Virtua Racing still looks great, for instance.

    Other than that, I can’t really comment here; I’m way outside the target audience, feels like. I’m among the sizable chunk of the Gran Turismo audience that loved the earlier stuff, the detailed and expansive career modes that introduced all kinds of racing and an RPG-like experience, wanted more, and then went “wait, eSports? What does that have to do with anything? No, thanks.” It seems to me like they’re kinda going straight for dying on that hill here.

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    1. Totally agree. This E-Sports shit sounds like the latest excuse for not bothering to create good AI or a compelling SP experience à la Rainbow Six Siege.

      “Here’s a bunch of random cars and tracks” seems to be the new paradigm.

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    1. You can’t deny how good PD’s good fictional track designing, man. Except for Cape Ring, which is the Mega Man X7 of PD’s fictional tracks, it seems.


  5. Getting fed up with sims nowadays… It’s like the more in depth they become, the more stupid shit they let you do. Even on iR now you can take a GT3 car, throw it in a corner halfway on the grass and laze your way up straight again, and overall just do dumb shit. Then under other conditions the car will nope it’s ass into a wall. On AC, you’ll just have to try your hardest to actually lose it, it’s probably harder to spin than not, nevermind how unresponsive the tyres are, and the sticky grass.



  6. Another way to promote SMS product. Apply to GT sport what you aplly to PCars 2, the game is still WIP. And at least, polyphony gives an open beta. SMS just give controled environement to a payed controled press to make a review.
    Wich one do you think is honest in this industry ?
    I am not GT sport owner neither that i have a PS4. But the bullshit of this marketing strategy from SMS and this blog is far away from his purpose of educating people on “what you’re all here for is to learn about the driving physics.” Ahah 😀
    Educate first people at the start of your articles that you are paid by SMS. That will be the first start to be honest. After that you can say as shit as you want.


  7. The Japanese are fucked up. Sony refuses to put more money into Polyphony. They’ve barely expanded over the years. Not like other AAA studios. There’s probably still a pack of old hat nationalists who believe in the honor in making something successful while at a competitive disadvantage or some other similar stupid shit. Fuck Japanese developers.


  8. The Japanese are fucked up. Sony refuses to put more money into Polyphony. They’ve barely expanded over the years. Not like other AAA studios. There’s probably still a pack of old hat nationalists who believe in the honor in making something successful while at a competitive disadvantage or some other similar stupid shit. Fuck Japanese developers.


    1. GT has always been an arcade game which solely focuses only on the graphics and the size of car list at the expensive of more important things such as simulation value or authenticity.

      Nothing that Austin is crying about here is unique to this GT game, nor even to the Gran Turismo series.


  9. Shame you aren’t allowed to write articles like this about Daddy Ian Bells Project Cars 2 unless he says it’s allowed.


    1. Put yourself in James’ position, you wouldn’t write bad things about Project Cars 2 either if Ian was your sugar daddy and buying you expensive gifts.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. And yet…You all keep coming back. To his “biased” blog. To whine like a bunch of kids who have been told that they cannot have ice cream for dinner like they were promised.

          And you keep his reader counts up, so he gets money from the sponsors and he can show his reader counts to more sponsors…

          And you will never learn because you are so laser-focused on your “righteous” indignation.

          He wins. You hate. You keep coming back to complain about how he has tossed his morality down the sewer.

          Every day. Every blog post.

          When do you learn?


            1. (The comment above yours is mine from another computer)

              No, not like me. I like this site and I do not have a personal beef with James because of what he did. I have nothing but props for him using this site to help him in his racing career, and while surprised he was able to get a sponsorship out of Ian Bell (due to his slamming of Bell and pCars), it was an example of a good business choice.

              I find it amusing that you would come in here, time and time again, just to chastise him, hold him to some ethereal standard of morality that you think he should exhibit, and constantly whine about his methods.

              If you disagree then stop coming in here. If you are merely coming in here to tell him how disillusioned you are, how he does not meet your standards, etc…

              Well, you are trolling.

              If you are unhappy with his actions stop coming in here and building his reader count. That is the best way to “show” him. Your constant, childish whining in here merely shows, as a statistic, that you are merely a reader, a source of income for the sponsors, and, ultimately, him.

              He wins and you don’t see it. Your personal vendetta, (or trolling), is helping him reach his own goals.

              And you still keep coming in to whine.


            1. Pay close attention to our use of language in here. They are dissimilar.

              If you were capable of doing that you would know that I am not James. Or anyone else associated with this site.

              Of course, if it makes you feel better, if you feel more clever making your claims, who am I to stop you when you have decided upon your course?

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                  1. Kondor as Austin’s original lover, does his new relationship make you jealous? How his it affected things in the bedroom between the two of you?

                    It’s clear from your comments here you still worship the ground he walks on but surely it’s changed the dynamic of your relationship having a 3rd man in the equation?


                    1. Maybe you should refocus on the subject of sim-racing and leave behind these homoerotic fantasies that seem to both repel and intrigue you.


                  2. so what? He can say Hi dev whether or not the IP checks out, we have no way of knowing. But is easy to see James is only trolling with those Hi Stefano, he drops them whenever he doesn’t like the opinion of one guy. When he likes the opinion he puts a like, when he doesn’t sometime he drops a Hi Stefano or Hi any other dev. That’s how he manipulates.


                    1. Dude, it’s just a joke. I think you’re taking all this far too seriously. I guess if you live and die by what’s said in the comments section of some random blog, then it could be considered “manipulation”.


  10. Are you posting this feedback in the official Beta forum as well?

    Polyphony have a greater chance of reading it if you put it somewhere they can see it.


  11. I already know your modus operandi of your blog: shitting on what it feels like shitting on. Everything, on your demand. That includes Project CARS 2. I already pointed this out on an NASCAR article ages ago.

    Also, there’s no sign of Super GT cars in the game. Are we seeing a future where Super GT’s “official” game is a mobile F2P gacha-based game, where pulls and rarities (muh SSR 5* Miku AMG GT) matter?


  12. Given how you mentioned people were struggling online, what’s to say they haven’t intentionally scaled back the physics model for the beta in order to collect more data as more people will run successful races without flying off the track?

    I’m going to wait until I play the final product before shitting all over it.


    1. If GT has proven something over the years is that they don´t need to scale anything back to produce a shitty driving experience.


  13. I don´t give a shit about GT, don´t even own a Playstation and when i buy one, certainly not for this title.

    But really this is all baby-poo against iRacing in the moment. Their new tyres are glued to the road and couldn´t get the Skippy to spin while trying. It just wants to understeer and it did quite the opposite a year ago. I seem still competitive winning 2nd place while quite drunken.

    But the biggest Bullshit is what iRacing calls GT3. I just rented the Z4 GT3 in iRacing and thanks to Uwe Alzen on his famous Nordschleife-lap i know what this car can do in many corners with which pace and proper gear. This was always my tutorial running GT3 in AC, Raceroom and pCars and it did a good job in all this titles. Topspeed are matching +/- 1 km/h, breaking points quite the same, gears all about the same with the right ratio.

    In iRacing even with the aero on -1 it´s over 20 km/h to slow on every straight compare to the real car. Running up Kesselchen i just could get 235 Km/h top-speed, which is way beyond every GT3-car and more close to the GT4-department. It can´t be the toe, which is under -/+ 1°. This is just Fantasy-physics and cornering or breaking on the other hand seems more like in a LMP3-car. Higher gears and pace in the corners a car with 1200 kg weight at least will never do.

    According to Nicki Thiim the old McLaren MP4 GT3 is now the fastest car on the straights in iRacing, certainly faster than the AMG he was running. According to the GT3-classification it´s the slowest car in the GT3-class without BOP, so no weight-penalty required and probably does better in cornering and breaking like in every other sim, just not iRacing.

    Thiim is probably just playing it for the competition-stuff and certainly not to train GT3-car telemetry. The GT3-cars in iRacing are driving like low power with low weight cars, maybe like 400 hp on 1000 kg and when knowing it, all makes sense. But when i buy a virtual GT3-car for at least 14 Euros in Europe, i want a GT3-car and no fantasy physics nice driving car that doesn´t exist.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. “Michael Henke
        Within which split were you competitive?”

        What a stupid question.
        The mans oppinion of iracing is more or less spot on.
        Hehe but his observations does probably annoy you 🙂


    1. It never ceases to amaze me how iRacing continues to be regarded as realistic. It doesn’t feel anything like any car I’ve driven.

      It’s essentially a NASCAR-themed social club.


  14. They have completely lost their way from the productions time line of their games , through to the content.

    They are relying on graphics only , its been done umpteen times before but they seem to not realise that they will be left behind in the market place . Pretty sad really when Driveclub is far more enjoyable to play than the GT Sport title .

    They may as well have did a remaster of GT6 and rolled that out . Would have taken a lot less effort !


  15. If you want a heads up on how to spot the SMS/PCars forum brigade here. They all brought their avatars with them.
    Comments section used to be 90-95 percent anonymous.
    Not so much anymore. hmmmm
    Feels like the PCars forums for sure.
    There’s a reason I only use your blog to fall asleep now. I know Ill never make it through the BS without becoming disinterested due to the lack of authenticity. And bam. I’m out.
    Seriously though. How many views on that video? So I can tally how many people really visit this blog these days.
    did you really just light up GT and try to “drop the mic” based on a less than 30 second clip and one corner? And oh yeah. Suspension settings are “too customizable ” blah blah
    So………a lying Shill and too lazy to make three extra clicks on the d pad for full customization
    Got it Bells Bitch.


  16. I’m not as Interested in a tire model being perfect as I am in reminding everyone your Bells Bitch and nothing you say has any credibility. True
    You used to write articles damning dozens of PCars shortcomings, but now that your paid by them You oniy found two VERY SUBJECTIVE faults with GT? Two months ago, PCars physics were abhorant to you, because “camber exploit”. Just kill this blog already and start fresh as the WMD mark_A_Tear you have become.
    Hint hint. We won’t visit. We only come here to see how far you will fall and to talk shit cuz were a little jelly. As jealous as you can be of someone who makes a deal with the Devil.
    Pro tip. It’ll cost you this blog and any integrity it may have ever had.
    PCars = good physics, when they aren’t too busy breaking, but crap game
    Good luck not being outsold by GT by four fold.
    At least there will be public lobbies loading tons of people into a legit race that the servers control.
    Not the PCars private legue BS you have to Wade through if you want to try beating some other WMD wannabees in their favorite car and track setups. If you could find a league anyway.
    PCars is just a game that got to market at the right time. Im a sim racer who enjoys both games
    my son howeber, and 8 or 9 out of 10 will just never bother with or enjoy true SIM physics.
    The absence of GT allowed SMS to sell a bunch of copies to people who never played or enjoyed the game. But they are stoked on GTSports potential for online racing. Because it’s FUN and POPULATED, and plenty will enjoy the tire model, like Forza, dirt rally etc.
    PCars2? I’ll take it for less than $20 on gamefly within three months just like Pcars1
    And before BellEnd wrote you a check. You felt the same about PCars as me.


      1. Fam? Haha
        It’s deep enough for you to pretend your a sim racing savior though right. ?
        Saving us from those who taint its image pretending to be pro and building sim rigs that make us look bad. ?
        You take issue with those who take it too seriously! All the while taking it way too seriously yourself, like the hobby needs saving or something and your tHe man to do it.
        Then when someone calls you a disengenuous fraud.
        No biggie, it’s not that deep fam?
        Your so full of crap and so is this blog now.
        I used to enjoy the shit you slang everywhere.
        Now your just like Kondor, Ethan SubGTRacer etc etc and all the other WMD tools who populate your comments section
        now. Difficult to tell the difference between this and the PCars official forums.


  17. I spent a little time in the updated game last night and thought they had dialed out at least some of the boat like feel on the gt3 cars, the gt4 cars felt much better as did the n300 class. While overall yea it’s still not right, it did seem to at least be headed in a better direction. That red flashing strobe light for brake zones is annoying as fuck tho, that needs an on off option for sure.


  18. I love reading these comments. It always descends into the same gay/autistic mudslinging. The sim racing community is rife with insecurity.


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