Don’t Upload Videos of KartKraft

Let’s start the week with a bit of senseless controversy. Earlier this month, we stumbled upon brand new beta footage of KartKraft that had been linked to users at a French iRacing forum, and I promptly re-uploaded the three clips in an effort to ensure the original poster would not realize his unlisted videos were appearing on a sim racing news publication and take them down before anyone could see them. To Black Delta’s credit, the game looked pretty solid in action despite the in-game footage being a closed beta copy of the game, and most viewers agreed KartKraft looked great – though it still didn’t explain why the niche karting simulator had suddenly gone MIA; heavily implying we’d be playing it by the summer of 2016 on their official Facebook page, only to seemingly evaporate and give vague answers in regards to the title’s whereabouts.

It took a couple of weeks, but the leaked footage was removed as per YouTube’s copyright policies, filed not by the user who uploaded the closed beta footage, but by Black Delta themselves, the developers of KartKraft.

A non-story? That depends on how much you’ve been anticipating a playable copy of KartKraft, as it’s certainly an odd chain of events unfolding behind the scenes. Black Delta have demonstrated they absolutely don’t want rogue footage of KartKraft surfacing on popular social media outlets such as YouTube – evident by the takedown notice I’ve inserted above – but this is where they slightly contradict themselves. The footage we were able to obtain honestly didn’t show anything new that Black Delta haven’t already demonstrated themselves in both their own official trailers, as well as footage that’s publicly available on Steam – the three clips merely showcased a user turning one out-lap and one flying lap across three different locations. There were no blatant bugs appearing on-screen, and the game’s user-interface was at a satisfactory level of cohesiveness; in simpler terms, it was actually benefiting them to have the footage out there, as people were responding positively to it.

Furthermore, Black Delta can be seen touring around to independent electronics showcase events and letting the general public play unfinished versions of KartKraft – to the point where gaming journalists on websites such as Road to VR have been publishing detailed previews and hands-on impressions of the title as far back as August of 2015. Maybe I’m missing some sort of underlying point here, but it’s very strange that a racing sim developer would embark on such a large promotional tour and allow tons of different websites to provide coverage on the title, but the moment you upload physical gameplay footage originally recorded by a third party not affiliated with Black Delta, they come chasing after you with copyright claims. It’s oddly protective when they’re turning around and simultaneously showing off the software to a large audience anyway.

What makes this all questionable and turns it into a story, is how KartKraft missed it’s initial launch window on Steam’s Early Access platform, and we really haven’t heard anything concrete from the team since. There have been no official announcements that have come out and said “sorry we couldn’t get it out for the summer of 2016”, only the same calculated reply to users who bombard their Facebook page with questions about the existence of the game – it’s supposedly still in closed beta, but obviously people are getting antsy after footage of KartKraft in its current state first surfaced in 2011, and talk of the title first began in 2007. Of course, nobody has actually paid money for it, so there aren’t a wave of customers entitled to some kind of functioning product wondering what their cash went towards, but it’s one of those deals like Chinese Democracy by Guns ‘N Roses, where if you’re going to bother getting people all excited for a product, it sort of helps if that product materializes within a reasonable period of time, otherwise the story behind the project becomes as big as the game itself.

And that’s why the copyright strike may possibly hint at something else occurring behind the scenes. After several years parading around KartKraft, why would Black Delta suddenly not want footage of the title out in public, especially when the footage is basically a carbon copy of the content and gameplay displayed in their own trailers that have been circulating since 2011 at the earliest? Why would it be necessary to be this protective over an indie kart racing game’s publicity?

Only time will tell.


34 thoughts on “Don’t Upload Videos of KartKraft

    1. What odds are the book makers giving the actual chances of Indianapolis speedway being included in this iteration of project cars? Ian I know you lurk on here (on account that you own this site) will it actually be in the game this time as advertised?


      1. If you blindly believe everything you read, then you have bigger problems to worry about than some idiot shit posting on prc


  1. I’m not too sure how you tackle the anti-Semitism but tackle it you must. Poor old Kart, it would be a game on all our shopping lists, yo dev’s sort it out


  2. They’ve stated in the beta testing applications that people couldn’t publish things about the game. I don’t think there’s much to it, the game is in limbo and fortunately we didn’t spend any money on it.


  3. 1. You uploaded closed beta footage

    2. It was stated elsewhere that the people in the beta who signed up had an NDA, i.e. could not discuss things. I remember clearly for pCARS being told specifically not to share anything that wasn’t public knowledge by Mr Bell himself and yes, that included stuff on the forums or knowledge about the game

    3. Developers/publishers ae fully fucking entitled to do what they want with their shit. I feel at this point I need to go link to an explanation by a fucking attorney to explain this one.

    Also, GG, breaking an NDA


      1. Companies can request to take down video footage of their products in public websites regardless or NDA or not. Is the same thing with monetized videos with content owned by someone else, like video games. Often companies have to give public permission for people to upload gameplay videos and/or monetize them otherwise youtube can disable monetization or companies can request for the money earned through ads on those videos to be redirected to them.


  4. Not you, the user on the french R forum who originally posted it.

    Point is…Black Delta can do whatever they want with their stuff.


  5. Ian Bell has more money for a better Attorney 🙂 oh and he has a game that’s finished 🙂

    Sorry couldn’t help it !


  6. Lets say I found a unlisted video of project cars 2 and uploaded it to my own channel: dont you think SMS would try to put it down?


  7. You have bigger problems to worry about. Like seemingly allowing anti-Semitic posts and pictures on your blog. How does this sit with your sponsors?


      1. Considering James is a right-wing nut and /pol/ack… I mean look at the “Racers for Trump” stuff on the sidebar. (And James himself is Canadian.)


        1. Racers for Trump is pretty self-explanatory.

          SMS pays us in US dollars. I don’t care how many people are crying that he was insensitive or said mean/off-color comments or are rioting because something he did/said offended them, the one good thing his presidency has done is improve the economy. A good US economy, paired with a weak Canadian economy, and the currency conversion from USD to CDN puts an enormous amount of extra money in our pocket, both for the race car, as well as myself personally.

          Second, we ended up backing out of our Penticton race this weekend, and are looking at a US replacement date instead (so still running a minimum of seven races). If we go to the States, not only do they pay both tow AND prize money, those funds converted to CDN make it a viable business venture to race in America because you can actually make a bit of money by going out, keeping the car clean, and finishing sixth, as opposed to racing for peanuts in Canada.


          1. You realize the economy right now has nothing to do with Trump right, as none of his policies have actually made it through yet. It baffles my mind when people claim that in a few months Trump fixed the economy just by becoming president.

            And your attitude is EXACTLY what is wrong with the world: I don’t care about … (insert anything here)… as long as I make more money.


  8. KartKraft should sponsor PRC if they want their game to be treated with respect.

    Incidentally did you guys know that Project Cars 2 features the most realistic Kart’s of all time with all possible simulation value?


  9. Its the best and most accurate unreleased sequel of all time, plus its got the best preorder goodies including a fabulous anal lube applicator


  10. what’s strange is how the company is still solvent after ten years of development and no product to show for it.


  11. also if you do the same with project cars 2 videos, upload already uploaded videos, the project cars 2 forum moderator come at u as wasps, with threats.


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