Top Sim Racers Stage Protest in iRacing’s Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans

In an online racing service boasting over 60,000 hardcore members forking over copious amounts of disposable income to continue participating on a monthly basis, and featuring an abundance of laser scanned renditions of virtually every relevant vehicle and location on the global auto racing calendar, it’s ironic how what very well may be the defining moment in iRacing’s lifespan features absolutely no racing at all.

Like the several World Tour events which came before it – one-off races intended to bring the entire community together for a virtual festival of speed mirroring real life marquee events – iRacing’s servers were supposedly once again unable to handle the sharp increase in traffic, and promptly shit themselves about two hours into iRacing’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. The lack of a complete day/night cycle was the least of the service’s worries this afternoon; the few sim racers not affected by widespread outages proceeded to stop at the start/finish line in protest of the long-time technical issues iRacing have continuously failed to rectify during the website’s official YouTube stream of the prestigious race, absolutely fed up with a simulator that advertises itself as the premiere option in online racing, yet consistently fails to deliver when it counts the most.

Yes, it’s a bit cringe-worthy that pretend race car drivers are staging an impromptu protest, but in this situation, they actually have a point.

Since starting in January of 2015, I’ve regularly been forced to publish articles regarding iRacing’s server outages during World Tour events. My first post on the matter dates back to February 2015covering races as far back as 2012 – with newer entries discussing both the 2016 and 2017 24 Hours of Daytona events; I’m sure there are even more if you’re inclined to dig that far. Regardless of what the loyal iRacing supporters love to proclaim across social media in relation to the overall quality of the simulator, this is an area where the rabid defense force simply have no legitimate argument; iRacing are demonstrably incapable of holding these events without the entire service grinding to a halt and wasting everybody’s time. It’s complete nonsense for a service to demand its customers fork over a serious amount of cash compared to other racing games for individual pieces of content on top of already hefty subscription fees, only to suffer the same crippling issues with astounding consistency for six consecutive years, seemingly never having a fix in sight.

With a rules package explicitly not allowing any sort of substantial criticism on a public platform, a mock protest on a live race stream with the intent to embarrass iRacing was basically the only option these drivers had.

Server outage-like problems on their own are pretty disastrous and a very dark cloud hanging over the iRacing service, as it’s shitty to continuously hold these mammoth World Tour events with an extensive history of connection issues constantly ruining everyone’s weekend of sim racing, but what’s arguably worse is the events which took place beforehand. iRacing were fully aware that the service was in no shape to hold their virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans, yet continued to push forward with the initial scheduled date and even asked users to purchase new content, just for the event.

As far back as May 31st – almost two weeks prior to today’s event – users began reporting within the official iRacing forums that endurance racers were struggling to go off in a technically sound fashion; private leagues racing at Le Mans were suffering from alleged memory leak issues that saw upwards of 20% of the field being dropped from the event. This continued as the official, public iRacing Prototype/GT multi-class series began their week at Le Mans a few days later, with several users reporting widespread disconnects, and even a staff member chiming in about a possible cause.

However, instead of realizing that these massive problems may adversely affect the quality of the 24 Hours of Le Mans event this weekend, and respectfully delaying the marquee race until the memory leak woes had been taken care of, iRacing instead pushed forward with the original date knowing these crippling technical gremlins wouldn’t be fixed in time for the biggest endurance event of the year – leading to a complete waste of a weekend for anyone who bothered to attempt the fabled online race – and then releasing a pair of new cars on top of that, so those who wanted to participate in the GT category would be forced to hand the company more money for a race the company one hundred percent knew wouldn’t be anywhere near the experience advertised, let alone functional.


This is an ugly company, run by ugly people. Obviously for those who have stuck around PRC for the long haul, you already know I don’t hold the company in especially high regard, nor do I possess any sort of positive relationship with the individuals who represent said company, but in this case it’s hard not to get fired up about what’s taking place and label it as one, giant, disorganized mess. iRacing’s marketing department, not the on-track experience, is why the simulation is as big as it is today. Behind the slick trailers and carefully crafted promotional footage that imply this is the pinnacle of online racing, lies an experience where crippling issues go unattended to for upwards of five years, staff members refuse to reschedule events despite advanced knowledge of technical gremlins that threaten to (and eventually do) derail the whole weekend, with the development team continuing to push out car after car and track after track for a substantial price tag in spite of the core service not functioning as the promotional footage proclaims.

Do not give this company any more money until it’s clear that significant changes have been made behind the scenes.



106 thoughts on “Top Sim Racers Stage Protest in iRacing’s Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans

  1. Driving physics were horrible in 2014 when my membership started, like ice skating simulator. Far from reality! They promised clean racing, it was not true. I was on road racing level 3 ( or was it C?) when I finally got it, better stop wasting money on this crap. I’ve had o lot more fun with Project cars, Forza, Assetto Corsa and RRRE. From which came to my mind that Iracing does not even have AI. It is totally overrated boring wreckfest and too expensive.

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  2. iRacing is nothing more than a black hole into which sim racer man children pour thousands of dollars for content they don’t even own. This has always been an “avoid at all costs” game for me.

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    1. So James puts a like on a post that talks about how terrible iracing is and how expensive. Yet he still makes articles about iracing any time something more controversial happens in iracing. Does it mean that inbetween those “bad moments” iracing is a good sim that James actually loves but he’s so butthurt that he got banned so nothing but shit articles from him 😉 He’s like a crazy ex-gf that is still inlove but can’t recognize it. So he stalks… and “hates”.


      1. “So James puts a like on a post that talks about how terrible iracing is and how expensive. Yet he still makes articles about iracing any time something more controversial happens in iracing.”

        Who else is going to cover this story?

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        1. I think you have a point. Big shame. This was, in fact, terrible.

          I like iRacing, and I like the new content they’ve churned out lately. Given the fact that I don’t participate in huge events like these, I rarely experience problems with the game.

          However, given the finality of a race session (especially those that run 1440 minutes), there should have been an investigation or at least more communication regarding those memory leaks since they have been documented since the end of may, and a couple of other similar incidents happened at the big Nuerburgring event. I didn’t race the 24h, but I did a couple of the week 13 “french connection” GTE/HPD races the days before, and when I cranked the graphics settings along with activating the new dynamic mapping stuff, I couldn’t even boot up a test session. I had to load a different track and dial those settings back, and only then could I even load Le Mans.

          All those people who signed up must feel gutted. There was a hotfix between the GTE release and the 24h, of which I thought would have dealt with this memory leak problem, but.. well..

          As a paying customer, I would at least expect an acknowledgement of this mess-up, and, better yet, a solution. I cannot believe they weren’t aware at all. There were people all over the place with a variety of computer specs that experienced the same problems.

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        2. > Who else is going to cover this story?

          No one. And none of this would’ve made it outside the re-education camp known as the iRacing forums otherwise, mainly because iRacing has adopted the totalitarian tactic of suppressing dissent via threatening your online “life” (i.e. your entire investment) if you dare to complain.


          1. Reddit sim racing did. But why would news websites need to cover drama or technical issues of sims?

            Isn’t it enough that all this is discussed within the iracing community because in the end this only matters for the iracing users.

            You need to spend some time reflecting about this dr.kondor. All this blog really wants is fame and popularity (+ money), all conquered on the expense of what other people or products do and how they are. This seems ok to you dr.kondor, since you are a psychiatrist. This doesn’t ring any bells? I thought psychiatrists were more imune to brainwash and dramatic/controversial stories which their only purpose is to boost the fame and ego of a certain individual.


            1. What a ridiculous line of reasoning.
              Potential customers also need to be informed of the issues the service has so they can make good use of their money.

              “spend 500 dollars and have your account banned and then your allowed to complain”


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              1. There’s no parity here. Why are we always “informed of issues” and never informed of good things. Do you not see what’s 99% of the material in this blog? If we were to follow what this blog says all games are shit and sim racing would have 0 customers. Oh wait, it would have 1 customer because sms games are the shit. You do not see the agenda? In the last years since this blog existed only pcars2 is the best sim. Go figure, he is an SMS worker getting paid to always promote the game in a good image. Even when he says that pcars2 still has some issues he writes that in a positive image for the game and the company. When any other sim has any issue, he puts it like “this game and this company are the worst shit to ever exist”. Parity… none. Money… a lot (Thanks Ian Bell, you did well.).


                1. Did your miss the article praising the new Porsche?
                  Obviously you did.

                  If all you look for is the negative, that’s what you’ll find.


            2. My brain hurts.

              “Don’t talk about bad things in sim racing because people talking about it on an obscure, paid access message board is enough.”



              1. bad things is your perspective. Basically this article: “iracing is shitty because they have server issues on 24h races, for something that only 1% of the iracing players use”. I have never seen you inform possible customers for why they should use and buy iracing or any other sim (other than pcars2). Your only stuff is posting some issues that affect the niche of a niche and with that try to convince all the possible customers to not buy iracing.

                Where are the articles praising when iracing does stuff well? That wouldn’t go well with your agenda of “possible customers must know”. All you focus on is when a game/company has a bad day and not mentioning anything about the good days. But I get it, all sim have bad days everyday and pcars2 has good days all days. Nice try sms employee.


  3. In a way it’s a shame that Iracing holds the Monopoly that it does over the whole genre… although the choices of good racing games on consoles are limited at best, atleast we don’t have to put up with this stranglehold that Iracing seems to have over the vast majority of the sim racing market.

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    1. Yeah, it’s fun to watch events online every now and again, but from everything I’ve seen, I can’t imagine it being a very pleasant experience to actually play, and they really tend to be THE synonymous term to sim-racing to the general public nowadays, like Nintendo to video games. It’s almost painful seeing how many real-world series they snap up without really doing them justice.


  4. Was quite interesting to watch it unfold!

    Having recently signed up to iRacing, 3 months for a few quid, I don’t think I will be investing any money in it after seeing some of the issues the last few weeks.

    Having tried Project Cars and not really enjoyed it, what racing game would you recommend?


    1. If you just want sim racing ridiculously cheap, Race 07 is a pretty good one for screwing around and testing the waters. Most of my other recommendations would be mod-heavy or overly specialized, like rFactor, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, or DiRT Rally (which is a good deal more simcade but is still satisfying). None of them have the weird floatiness and aggro AI that made pCARS underwhelming.

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  5. All it means is that it is a popular title in the genre and when something like this happens he considers it newsworthy. The fact that he writes about the game doesn’t mean he likes it. All the bullshit surrounding it is good fodder for articles, frankly.

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            Also: Run.

            Read “I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me” for a good layman’s intro. That should scare anyone off.

            99% of the time, anyone telling you they have a PD, it’s Borderline Personality Disorder. Happens a lot to people who were sexually abused as young children. They operate at an emotional age roughly the same as when the abuse began (often age 3-4).

            Dating one is essentially like dating a toddler. They have tantrums. You can never build up credit with them. They have the emotional memory of a small child (doesn’t matter if you bought me a toy yesterday, what about today). They often self-mutilate and have many suicide attempts, almost always in response to perceived abandonment (breakups or even just not being immediately available on the phone). They’re also incredibly promiscuous, and yet are highly paranoid about you cheating on them. They get their feelings hurt very easily, and all it takes is a single negative comment to ruin their entire day.

            People who live with them talk about “walking on eggshells”. They often gravitate towards people who are narcissistic, because the narcissist enjoys repeatedly rescuing the Borderline. We call those couples “stably unstable”. Lots of screaming and arguing, but they stay together because they fulfill one another’s (pathological) needs.

            It’s a hotly debated topic in Pysch whether BLPD’s are even treatable. Dialectical Behavior Therapy has, as its primary goal, a very low standard: Reduction of inpatient hospitalization rates. I’ve not read of anyone who seriously thinks it’s possible to fundamentally repair how they think. Eventually, they start “burning out” around age 40-50, and become somewhat more functional.

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            1. You quite described James here about all the updates to sim racing games. Is like they don’t exist. There’s let’s say 5 game updates in half a year and there are some bugs or a feature not working as expected. “You incompetent devs. What about these specific features I’m asking, which games 20 years ago had” – James

              “They have the emotional memory of a small child (doesn’t matter if you bought me a toy yesterday, what about today)”


              1. I think that’s a pretty big stretch. It’s not unreasonable to expect racing games in 2017 to be feature-equivalent to software developed during Bush 43’s first term.


    1. Thanks for your riveting argument. I will shut down PRC at once and apologize to the sim community for the mess I’ve made.


      It’s funny how when iRacers are confronted with the reality of their favorite game being objectively shit in some areas, this is the level they descend to. Such immature cucks they think anonymity is just a license to shitpost & spam, as if it’ll have some kind of effect.

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      1. If Stefano said those words there would be a week full of articles about it and over 200 comments in each insulting him.

        If Ian Bell said those words there would be a week full of articles about it and over 200 comments in each insulting him…. ahem, sorry not any more. It wouldn’t be “covered” on prc due to new policy. PRC = 2, but worse.

        By this time we should have had stories from wmd forum of people saying things Ian Bell doesn’t like and being banned. Those user submissions go immediately to trash in your email? By this time we should have had juicy stuff about pcars2, but instead prepare yourselves for some sponsored articles, they are coming.

        Poor Chris and Sev, they have to shill for pcars2 and sms but get none of the financial profits like James. 🙂


        1. Did you ever think those comments regarding people getting banned from WMD2 are just guys taking the piss out of our comments section and maybe it’s not actually happening?

          There’s a dude who’s posted 3 or 4 times on here stuff like REEEEE WHY ARENT YOU POSTING MY SUBMISSION ABOUT CENSORSHIP ON WMD2???? Ive never actually gotten a submission from him to begin with; it’s just a dude shitposting in our comments.


            1. Nothing stopping me from signing on to the ISR forums under a fake username and posting inane shit like DARIN GANGI TRIED TO TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND AT A NIGHTCLUB. This is basically what people are doing here under anon.


        2. I’m not even “shilling” for PCARS2 anywhere, why would I receive money from Ian Bell? I can’t even playtest the game right now because I’m on an internship right now away from home with no wheel, I wouldn’t even dare to ask for money from him. However, Ian and I have something planned for after the PCARS2 release 🙂


          1. “However, Ian and I have something planned for after the PCARS2 release 🙂”

            Thank you for your shilling services. However you won’t be rewarded besides a standard copy of the game.

            – Ian Bell


    1. Why would I want to?

      Company knows of technical issues that will cripple online races, push out content and press onward with the races anyways, then go “oopsie” and either pretend it was a DDoS attack or just don’t fix the issues for years upon years.

      Cold tires are faster than hot tires.

      Man-children screaming at you cause you said a bad word over the chat, then posting links to NASCAR Radioactive clips full of cussing 10 minutes later in the forums.

      Stewards are giant cunts.

      Forum bans from complaining.

      Anti-consumer ToS.


      1. If this game and their service are so bad why you keep writing articles about them? More and more I think you were the crazy ex-bf that stalked.


        1. Yeah let’s be an alternative sim blog but not cover the biggest racing simulator having massive technical problems during a marquee event. Smart.


          1. What would happen if you wouldn’t write about any of this? Somehow you think you’re some savior or hero for sim racing. All you do is for fame and money, literally, and you’re more like an anti-hero (not the deadpool type), but the villain type for sim racing. All games have problems in all of the genres. But most games from all genres, including all games in sim racing, are very much worth to be used and used again. Yet the message you’ve been passing is exactly the opposite, for people to get away from sim racing games.

            You haven’t helped sim racing at all dude yet you have these grandeur delusions. To make you understand what I’m trying to say, if you’ve been writing for so long about “all the bad things” in sim racing community and in sim racing games, how come you’re still writing about “all the bad things”. What you’re doing is no more, in fact very often less, than what people do in the forums of each sim racing game. Customers there report bugs, give feedback, give suggestions, sometimes communicate directly with the devs. What do you do actually with this blog and what have you accomplished with all the articles so far in direct relation to sim racing games? The only thing you do here is to regurgitate the same negative opinions of a minority you relate to about these sim racing games.


  6. It seems like this happens for every iRacing 24 hour race. I really hope another sim is able to have a large active multiplayer community like iRacing’s in the near future because this shit is getting ridiculous.


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    1. Why are nazis so hated? Because they are pea-brained zenophobes with very small genitals. This means they need to comphensate for this shortcoming by being total dicks that go around drooling hatred. It’s sad.


  8. Although I think iRacing should stop hosting these one-off endurance races until they’re confident they’ll run seamlessly, and should communicate more effectively (and transparently) with its membership, this is obviously not the (or even a) defining moment in the service.


    1. You can’t have “transparency” with your membership when you’ve essentially outlawed any form of dissent. Everyone on their forum is eligible to lose their entire investment if they complain. Does that sound like a reasonable, customer-focused stance?

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      1. Who cares really, that only matters for the people themselves. They have the possibility to stop spending money there or to never go there in the first place. That’s what intelligent people do, they don’t need to have blogs tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.


      2. There’s plenty of dissent, and James’ characterization of iRacing’s response to said dissent is as laughable as it is disingenuous.

        Moreover, forum bans are forum specific, not service wide.


  9. This is a very concerning issue.

    Not only the servers were crapping out, disconnecting lots of people and giving shitty connections to others, to have this bug still crashing out a lot of people is really a big concern for me!

    This bug has been present since the first DX11 build! They “apparently” fixed it, causing no issues for a long time, but on the more detailed tracks (Nurburgring, Le Mans, Daytona…) it appears when there are more cars on track.

    This is why I did not renew my account until they sent me a pay 1 month get 3, and I’m sincerely regretting doing that, as I was disconnected while running third…

    Just awful…


  10. “featuring an abundance of laser scanned renditions of virtually every relevant vehicle and location on the global auto racing calendar”

    Every relevant vehicle and location? Is that a joke? Seems you know fucking nothing about Motorsport.


    1. F1. Check.
      GTE. Check.
      Nascar. Check.
      Indycar. Check.
      GT3. Check.
      Imsa. Check.
      Lotus 49. Check.
      Historic Imsa. Check.
      Sprint Cars. Check.

      Spa. Check.
      Daytona. Check.
      Le Mans. Check.
      Nurburgring. Check.
      Sebring. Check.

      Catch my drift?

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      1. So one vehicle for a series makes it “every relevant vehicle”. You are just an idiot. Le Mans without LMP1 and modern LMP2 is ridiculous. Two actual driven GT3-cars is not a series. One F1-car is not F1-racing and where are all the tracks they are racing. Does iRacing even support DRS or push2pass? Never saw it…


  11. Whilst in the meantime I watched most of a 24hr Le Mans multiclass race hosted on rFactor2 that was seamless and streamed by multiple teams. It was both technically sound and entertaining. The rFactor2 cars and tracks feel good too. It was so good I now want to get a team together and have a go myself.

    iceRacing on the other hand. I’ve tried that a couple of times and never been remotely impressed with the way it plays. The league structure and clean racing ratings are good the rest they can keep. Must still be the most expensive racing game on the market too?

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  12. We were in split 11 and there were a handful of issues. Over 30 cars still finished the race and there was no mass disconnection. It’s a shame but for what it’s worth, it wasn’t ‘everyone who signed up’ that was affected – there was a lot of good racing to be had.


    1. This doesn’t matter, iracing sim and iracing service is shit. Thanks PRC and SMS employee, now I’m an informed customer.


  13. iRacing *IS*
    iRacing *WAS*

    It may be a company that employs multiple people but it’s still one company, group, service, game, whatever. There aren’t multiple iRacings. Stop writing this way. You’ve been doing it for years with no fix in sight.


  14. Cry noobs, iRacing is the best sim of the world, I was with 60 cars and did two stints without crash my computer, fuck computer, fuck crash !!!! hjahahaahah


  15. Ask a black man on the street about trannies, queers, Mexicans, Jews or feminism, and their views will be more extreme than anything you’ll read on The Daily Stormer. This is a big problem for the Democratic Party since their electoral strategy in the Midwest hinges entirely on getting blacks to vote as a bloc, but animosity towards ordinary whites just isn’t enough to get them to vote for elderly DNC white and Jewish candidates.


  16. “This is an ugly company, run by ugly people.”
    Congratulations you are one click away of getting sued or this could be start of a wonderful sponsorship, either way youll get coverage


    1. Bias? Well yeah, I’m clearly not a fan of iRacing. This is nothing new.

      But PRC didn’t tell iRacing to go ahead with Le Mans knowing a crippling technical issue was yet to be rectified. That was iRacing’s decision.

      PRC didn’t ask iRacing to sell a pair of GTE cars for a Le Mans race they knew full well would probably be a disaster. That was iRacing.

      PRC didn’t instruct the top drivers on iRacing’s broadcast to park on the front stretch in protest of the shitty service. That was their own, communal decision, obviously indicating that maybe it’s more than just the one asshole at PRC who is fed up with iRacing being woefully inadequate at what they boast about in promotional material.

      All we did was point out that iRacing made several shitty judgement calls after years upon years of World Tour plagued by technical issues, and that you shouldn’t give these people money until they can demonstrate they’re capable of producing a better overall experience.


      1. Considering you participated in nearly 1000 official races during your 3+ year membership, your masochism is inspiring.


        1. Keep in mind I was able to at least get my whole investment back.

          But thats the result of like, two straight years of building a case. Not everyone has that luxury.


          1. Article on process please? Help the community out and you can keep dodging the Indianapolis content question in your employers upcoming turd.


  17. “leading to a complete waste of a weekend for anyone who bothered to attempt the fabled online race” – this is completely untrue. the majority of iRacers experienced no problems whatsoever


  18. No day / night cycle … no real-time weather … so no endurance iracing does not have the level to produce a real endurance simulation, it’s too expensive it’s a shame but the pigeons Are legion …


  19. Hi James,

    here’s an iRacing topic worthy of investigation: Cheating on iRacing by using third party software apps.

    More on Ep. 43 of the Simon Racing Report


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