Forza Fans Tear Turn 10 a New Asshole After Pre-Order Announcement

So unless you permanently live under a rock and cling to your Pentium III running Windows 98 as if it’s some sort of metaphorical children’s blanket or teddy bear, obviously you know that E3 2017 is in full swing, and Turn 10 Studios have taken the wraps off of Forza Motorsport 7 – which will be landing on store shelves this November. Boasting upwards of 700 cars at launch – including Porsche and Volkswagen, which were either added in much later via downloadable expansion packs, or left out entirely – as well as something like 38 unique locations, dynamic weather, and avatar customization, Forza Motorsport 7 will easily become the most anticipated racing game of the next two years.

Considering the simulation will also be available on the Windows 10 marketplace for PC owners – a first for the core Forza Motorsport franchise – a whole lot of people are looking forward to messing around with the limitless Forza experience on home computers, as the sim racing scene has traditionally been dominated by no-nonsense software that has remained virtually unchanged since the days of F1 Challenge 99-02. Offering a full career mode, car collecting meta-game, extensive upgrading system, and unique community features that even the big titles like iRacing and Project CARS have yet to scratch the surface of, there’s a lot of hype for what Forza brings to the table – even if the driving model is a bit simplistic as we touched on in our review of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex.

Yet upon revealing the pre-order options to the general public – which offer three distinct ways to purchase the game, with an increasing amount of pre-order “perks” with each tier – Turn 10 is facing an immense backlash from the Forza Motorsport community, and as the title of this post suggests, they’re basically being torn a new asshole at this point. Comments on the official Forza franchise Facebook page are overwhelmingly negative, criticizing Turn 10 for blatantly ripping off their customers with a shady downloadable content plan that puts a time limit on the season pass people are paying extra for, resulting in two waves of DLC; the latter of which is not covered by the already expensive ultimate edition.

The hostility originally stems from how the massive studio handled last years’ Forza Horizon 3 pre-order bonuses. Like what has been depicted above in the Forza 7 pre-order breakdown, Turn 10 gave fans the option of paying a premium price – upwards of $100 USD – for an “Ultimate Edition” of Forza Horizon 3, essentially paying up front for all of the game’s car packs and expansion bundles, which would then automatically be downloaded into the user’s game the moment they became available. It’s obviously a steep price to pay for the standard video game entry fee of $60, but the additional price was advertised as a convenience of sorts; users making one sole transaction ahead of of time for all downloadable content that would be released for the game.

Yet in a highly questionable display, Turn 10 put a finite end to the Ultimate Edition’s perks. Users thought they would receive all Forza Horizon 3 downloadable content for the price of the Ultimate Edition they pre-ordered as early as July of 2016, only to discover the “car pass” that came with the Ultimate Edition was only valid for the first handful of DLC releases, and better yet, did not apply to both the Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels expansion packs. As one user on Facebook explains, he had paid $130 up front for an alleged premium edition of Forza Horizon 3 whilist under the impression all of this content would be included in his purchase, only to be stiffed by the company and told there was a second wave of DLC the premium edition didn’t cover, which took another $68 out of his wallet.

So for those who wanted the full Forza Horizon 3 experience, they were out a whopping $190 USD. This is an absurd price to pay for any video game considering the market has soft-locked the cost of a new piece of software at $60, and you can purchase an entire used console from this generation for roughly the same price as acquiring all content in Forza Horizon 3. And this wasn’t the first time Turn 10 had pulled this stunt; it also occurred in Forza Motorsport 6 – Turn 10 sold a premium edition of Forza 6 bundled with a season pass, only to continue pushing out DLC well after the season pass had expired.

It’s blatantly nickel & diming customers far beyond what they should pay for a single piece of software.

“If you don’t like the DLC, don’t buy it” – Forza Motorsport Fanboy/Shill

This is a common argument I see across the Forza Motorsport community, and here’s why I feel it’s not valid in the slightest.

The Forza franchise is at it’s core a game that relies on mass car collecting as one of it’s main gameplay elements. People love opening up the showroom, scrolling through a list of cars, and handing over the in-game credits to call one their own and put it through it’s paces. That’s just part of the fun in car culture games like Forza or Gran Turismo; it’s not so much the racing or the driving physics or the offbeat challenges; it’s the act of opening a virtual Hot Wheels display case, and saying “that one’s mine, and I’m going to upgrade it and draw dicks all over it.”

So the principle of placing a portion of this experience that’s the life and soul of the Forza franchise behind a paywall, and then doubling said paywall by imposing a bogus expiration date on the first paywall, is a diabolical way to manipulate gamers into giving Turn 10 far more money than that experience is actually worth. Remember, this same car culture experience that we saw in Gran Turismo 4, and previous iterations of the Forza franchise, has now been inflated to $200.

People generally don’t mind forking over an additional $30 for a season pass on top of a $50 game because they know in the end it’s at least adding to an integral portion of the game – car collecting – but going a step further and metaphorically tipping these individuals upside down so all the change falls out of their pockets and they wind up spending almost the whole cost of a console for a few more virtual Hot Wheels in their collection, that’s dirty as fuck. Come on, Turn 10. You are the leading racing game developer across the entire video game landscape, and yet at the height of your popularity, with the most money the company’s ever made in your history, you respond to your financial & critical success by “thanking” the fans who helped you get there with an intrusive DLC scheme that only benefits the company’s bottom line and makes your loyal fans question how much they’ll spend this year?

Naw dude. That’s not cool.

Here’s to hoping that the public backlash Turn 10 are receiving for the Forza Motorsport 7 DLC plan will make them re-calculate their approach and go back to a more reasonable all-encompassing season pass format in time for the game’s launch this fall. If not, they only have themselves to blame for the inevitable Jewish conspiracy memes that will no doubt flood their forums once the second batch of Forza Motorsport 7 hits in the spring of 2018, angering season pass holders who were under the impression their special pre-order perks would go a lot further than just six uninspiring car packages, conveniently running out just in time for the pricey title expansions.




46 thoughts on “Forza Fans Tear Turn 10 a New Asshole After Pre-Order Announcement

  1. Do Forza games ever go on sale? I mean on the Windows Store, as I got the supposedly ultimate edition of FH3 for Christmas, but don’t want to spend as much as I might on one or more indie titles on DLC at the moment.


    1. They’re actually on sale this week, or at least Forza Horizon 3’s base game is $30 off. I keep getting tempted by it, but the massive inundation of paid DLC every single place I turn in the franchise is really off-putting.

      Forza Horizon had a season pass that actually included absolutely everything for $50. Near the end of the game’s online lifespan, it was $20. I’m not saying it wasn’t worth the $110 total – surprisingly, it I’d say it was! – but trying to wrangle $139 more out of me with each title is increasingly unappealing. Collecting cars is fun, but if I have to pay real money for them each time, I might as well just keep buying actual Hot Wheels.


      1. But only if you have Live Gold and want it on XBone. Otherwise, no sale for you! Microsoft really understanding the PC market there.


          1. anon is talking out of his arse again. Since I randomly get email notifications for when it goes on sale I can see that its been on sale three times lowest being £25. Downside is I get emails about when its on sale when i own the damn game, I dont even know how its sending me emails about it or how I stop it.


  2. now people should tell em again how expensive Raceroom is with its 65€ for massive contenct + 2€ per future track and a few Euros for future cars. You’ll get many cars and tracks until you reached the 190$ total.


  3. Imagine that we are borrowing millions of dollars per year from chinks to pay for centers which indoctrinate people to believe in a fake genocide that didn’t happen on a different continent 70 years ago.

    That is weird, even if you don’t hate Jews.

    The Hill:

    A bipartisan group of 64 members of Congress is demanding a reversal on $3 million in funding cuts to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum proposed in President Trump’s budget.

    “In our view, the mission of the museum has never been more important, particularly as the number of anti-Semitic attacks around the world rises,” the letter to the Interior appropriations subcommittee said. “Now is not the time to cut funding for this national treasure.”

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  4. Imagine if the developer of PCARS, knowing the game was full of bugs, many of which were never fixed on console at least, tried to sell an Ultimate and Collectors edition of PCARS2 with so far unseen gameplay for even more than the full price of Forza 7 plus all dlc packs! That would be a joke wouldn’t it? Oh wait….

    Are you sure ‘everyone’ thinks this pricing is an issue? All Forza games so far (even 5 just about) has offered plenty of value. It will all work on release that is for certain.

    With Play Anywhere on PC and Xbox Forza 7 is cheaper than buying 2 copies of PCARS2 for both platforms before dlc for pcars2. Plenty of people buy on both it is a factor.

    PCARS2 22 Sep, Forza 3 Oct (29 Sept for early play). What a head to head moment. My prediction is pcars2 will actually launch somewhere between January to April 2018 and almost work as intended in early 2019.

    You might or might not be paid to cheer lead SMS products but you are almost certainly paid to knock the competition.

    Much as I find your articles entertaining I’ll buy both anyway and make my own mind up and suggest others do the same.


  5. After they completely jacked up the FFB since FM6, I’m officially done with Forza as a franchise anyway. I’ve got all the FM6 and FH3 expansion stuff, but I barely look at it because the FFB is just so abysmal now.

    I actually liked the FFB in FH2 and FM4-5. It felt “pretty much” like a car to me, and rewarded reasonably realistic driving styles. But since then, they’ve gone with a bizarre canned system where you get sudden snap oversteer whenever the car loses grip *at all*, whether that grip is front or rear.

    So you get the ridiculous spectacle of a big front-heavy barge like the Dodge Hellcat (which should suffer from endless understeer unless provoked into power oversteer) swapping ends every time on corner *entry*.

    It gets to the point where you might as well be playing Ridge Racer. No thanks.

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  6. Ridiculous. If publishers believe that games are not worth $60 anymore (and this is clearly how they feel), then at least be up front about it and charge $80 and let that be the end of it. Everyone pays more, everyone gets all the content. Single purchase. Enough with the piecemeal DLC bullshit.

    Then again, people are generally not smart consumers. Gamers are especially dumb consumers, and they seem to just love paying for all these DLC packs, so if the publishers keep getting away with it, why change anything?


  7. While I think this is a gank your comparison to the cost of consoles is invalid. You do realise they lose a shit load on the console so they can get a foot in the door to make money on the games right?


    1. No, they lose money early in the life of consoles, but then as technology advances shit gets cheaper, so they make money.

      Games are a larger business then they were, and people like additional content after a game is released. The alternative would be full priced yearly releases with just additional content, but then you’d have to start over, the online player base would be split and people would bitch that the new game is just a glorified update.

      There is a middle ground somewhere, but GTA shark cards, and day one dlc are just straight bullshit.


      1. GTA shark cards are not BS. Nobody is forcing you to buy them to play GTA. Play the game how it is supposed to be, earn GTA$ that way.


  8. While it’s still shit that it costs so much to get all the content. The pre order page for Horizon 3 ultimate edition specifically said that it didn’t include the expansion pass and only the first 6 car packs were included in the car pass. Anyone that assumed it contained ALL future content was just too dumb to read let alone drop so much money on a game like this.

    If they had of actually read the page in the first place like they are now they would have actually realised how shit the value is unless you’re a hardcore Forza fan


    1. I was just about to make this comment. It’s worked like this since at least Forza 5, so why it’s all of a sudden a big fucking shock now I don’t understand.
      I remember being in the store and looking at the back of the box that clearly states “Includes the first 6 car packs.” I’m not even sure how much of a “saving” you get from the pass.
      Not to mention bitching about the stranglehold that EA had on Porsche so T10 and Microsoft had to pay massive licensing fees to acquire after negotiations. This whole thing is REALLY fucking dumb.


  9. Which other upcoming famous Simulation Title is taking a similar approach? I am having such a hard time to remember……haaaaaaaaaaaaaha


    1. too bad turn10 didn’t pay up james, otherwise he would shill for forza and hate on pcars2. Same goes for polyphony and other companies, ian bell did well 🙂


  10. Luckily there exists such a thing as the pirate bay. Online lobbies are a joke anyway with racing games that attract mostly a casual audience.

    If it doesn’t have mutli controller support I can’t play the game anyway.


    1. You don’t need multi controller support just so long as it has AI skill adjustment. The only feature you need to feel good about yourself.


  11. Sounds like you’re almost enticing your readers to post anti-Semitic posts on their forums. No surprise really seeing as you seem to openly embrace them on your own.
    People pays their moneys and takes their choice. Goading people in to race hatred, “naw that’s not cool man”.


    1. Honestly, it’s the ridiculous crap that I have the most fun in, and find the most worth paying for. I don’t think I’ve used any DLC car for Horizon as much as I have the Ford Transit. If it means more variety, I’m all for it.


      1. Horizon is different. That’s a kids’ “driving around the streets game”. FM is a motorsport racing game. There’s no place for Clark Griswald’s sedan.


  12. I agreed that the massive money on the Project CARS 2 preorder was a bit of an odd decision. But at least they’re not purposefully holding content behind a paywall as Forza are and I’d say that’s worse considering the amount of people it affects.
    The top price of the game could be paid by 1000 at most and doesn’t change anything in game and nor does the 2nd price tier either. However, anyone who preorders gets the Japanese Car Pack.


  13. The Jews meme shit is so low you can start to show nazi gayporn again at this point, and always remember that you would be the first to glide in the oven given the unarian impurity of your polish roots and your handicap


  14. Forza will keep pushing the limits of what we feel is acceptable, untill they see drops in purchases. Even that, they would be able to blame on other aspects such as higher comoetition from other games or even diminishing interest in racing games of that particular style.
    As much as i like Forza there are more and more issues that i feel dont match my expectations of a racimg game. Will not preorder but propably end up purchasing at release date. Same goes with dlc (except for hot wheels pack if that comes)


  15. What about the fact they have announced day one DLC without saying what is actually in said DLC? That is scummy as fuck, they have done that for ages but no one seems to call them out on it. What is the point in saying “hey here’s this game, you don’t know much about it because we are being super secretive about what is actually in the game, we ain’t gonna tell you what cars are in it for months but look at this shiny Porsche and while you’re at it pre order this super expensive version with day one DLC which even we don’t know what it will contain yet, but we have announced that there will be a day one car pack anyway because we want even more of your money on release day as we cannot hold out spunking our DLC all over you”.


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