Assetto Corsa Fails Tech Inspection with Xbox One Update

Pushing out post-release updates for software on current generation consoles can be a pain in the ass for even the biggest of development teams. With both Sony and Microsoft requiring each new package to go through a rigorous certification process prior to the update going live – as opposed to Steam’s rather relaxed set of rules that allows developers to mash the metaphorical update button – it’s not uncommon for smaller teams to run afoul of the inspection process, and be forced to announce that long-awaited updates to their game might not come on the scheduled launch date, let alone anywhere close to it.

This is the situation Kunos Simulazioni have currently found themselves in with the Xbox One version of Assetto Corsa. It has been revealed that the version 1.14 update for their indie racing simulator did not pass Microsoft’s certification process – a virtual tech inspection, if you will – and Kunos will have to make the required tweaks to the package and then re-submit all over again, beginning the process anew. It’s just one of those things that happens, and something I’m personally familiar with dating back to the days of NASCAR The Game 2011; Xbox 360 users received updates almost two months earlier than PlayStation owners, as Sony’s evaluation process was much more intricate in the previous console generation.

However, it’s certainly not something Xbox One owners of Assetto Corsa wanted to hear. The version 1.14 update promised much more than physics tweaks to the base simulation experience; features promised to significantly extend the lifespan of the game and had been left out by Kunos Simulazioni due to poor foresight and a lack of resources – most notably the ability to host custom sessions with your own personal settings – were set to be implemented with this update. With the version 1.14 update now back at square one, those who purchased Assetto Corsa for Microsoft’s flagship console are left with a game that is drastically inferior to both the PC variant, as well as it’s PlayStation 4 counterpart. Version 1.14 is essentially what Assetto Corsa on consoles should have been at launch, and this unexpected delay looks to be the final nail in the coffin for those who were berated on the official forums for supposedly not being patient enough with the progress of the game. Ten months later, their patience still hasn’t been rewarded with much of anything, and the already small userbase of this game on the Xbox One is certainly bound to drop to dangerously low levels knowing there is no set release date in sight.

Of course, this has not stopped the rabid Assetto Corsa defense force from promptly lashing out at Microsoft, with some RaceDepartment users believing that the electronics giant is intentionally sabotaging Assetto Corsa’s progress on the Xbox One due to a conflict of interests with one of their own intellectual properties.

Of course, this is simply ridiculous, but just goes to show the extent of which Assetto Corsa fanboys have been brainwashed into believing that the entire sim racing community is against them. Both Kunos Simulazioni, as well as their supporters, appear to be living on the borderline between their own fantasy vision of Assetto Corsa as it exists in their imaginations, and what Kunos Simulazioni have actually created. These hyper-fans genuinely believe Assetto Corsa has the footing to take on one of the biggest franchises of the current gaming era and is such a threat to the market share it’s actually forcing Microsoft to sabotage things behind the scenes, when in reality it took Kunos Simulazioni almost nine months just to add private lobbies – a stable of racing games dating back to the late 1990’s – into the PlayStation 4 version; the Xbox One servers boasting a pathetic 50 users per night according to RaceDepartment forum user MarkR while Forza Motorsport 6 boasts something like five million semi-active players.

This mentality appears to further extend into the professional circle, as the team can be seen giving a lecture on how to successfully launch and maintain a product on the Xbox One. We’ve covered this video already here on in a previous article, so it’s kind of shitty to re-visit a prior topic, but in hindsight it’s a lecture that’s getting better with age, knowing how the team would eventually fail certification checks and piss off the remaining Xbox One owners who still held onto a copy of Assetto Corsa.

Where does Kunos go from here? That depends how angry the remaining customers are, and whether it’s actually worth continuing to support the game on the Xbox One. Though I don’t possess any hard statistics, I have a very difficult time believing there’s this substantial renegade group of Assetto Corsa owners on Microsoft’s console checking the official forums twice a day for any news on the version 1.14 update; your average gamer, unless they have serious psychological issues and an abundance of time to waste, will simply not be content with buying a game and then sitting around, not playing it for nine months because they’re patiently waiting for an update – that shit gets promptly returned to GameStop or EBGames within less than a month, if not the first week. So if Kunos do by some chance push out the update within the next month or so, I have to ask the obvious question here – who is left to play it?

But they’re also stuck in-between a rock and hard place, because if they cut their losses and don’t release the update, it’ll be a permanent black eye on the company for royally botching the Xbox One release, which will follow them to whatever game they choose to push out next; whether it be Assetto Corsa 2 or an unrelated arcade racer, the Xbox One owners will undoubtedly follow them across social media spouting things like “remember how they handled Assetto Corsa?”

It’s certainly not a situation I’d like to be in, but that’s the risk you take when you inexplicably believe a hardcore PC racing simulator with barely any features to reel in mainstream gamers is somehow worth porting to current generation consoles.


74 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa Fails Tech Inspection with Xbox One Update

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  2. Beyond extremely humble apologies, Kunos needs to offer all DLC free of charge to XBO users and maybe the first 6 for PS4 folks.


  3. Why don’t they just pull the plug and move on to Assetto Corsa 2 , just like Project cars did when it all got to hard to fix the mess they created .

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    1. I fully agree. I own the Xbox One version but have shelved it long ago. I don’t think it is worth fixing, or even that it can be fixed at all. It’s a waste of time and resources. If they want to keep their Xbox fanbase, they should offer AC2 free or at a discounted price – provided it works, of course.


  4. Assetto Corsa is close to being the best DLC simulator. A new DLC again with a number of cars.

    They are pushing out content so fast that it’s hard to believe it’s a genuine work from scratch.
    I’m more and more starting to believe that they are copy&paste things from older cars.

    Meanwhile, it takes ages to release a single car for certain developers.


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    1. What’s with the antisemitism? It’s pretty much every post gets some nasty jew hate for no apparent reason. I’m no jew but WTF Austin, is there no way to either ban or edit this shit out?

      I’m here for the good content but the jew hate is a tad much and while I’m only person and won’t be missed, it’s enough to make me stop coming here no matter how much I enjoy the site. I can imagine I’m not the only one though. Bigots suck muchly, SAD!


  6. Even the diehard fanboys on the Console forum are starting to lose faith.
    AC is dead. Not that it showed much sign of life anyway.
    The Monza banking was nice if I had to find something positive from this mess. The funny thing about all this is what a total dick Lord Kunos has made himself look. Karma. Ya reap what ya sow. Enjoy your books.


  7. When even the most hardcore Lord Kunos waljsbin water PCfanboys have started to wake up on Kunos’s own forum you know the game is up.

    At first they called console players liars and children. “Give Kunos time they’ll deliver” was the repeated put down. Some woke up at 6 months when it became clear nothing more than a bunch of dlc was being rolled out. Now finally most of the rest including the most vehement see the point.

    Assetto on console is nothing more than the pc beta version plus a paid dlc. There are no more excuses that suffice. It’s time this game and the developer was given the kind of spanking other games such as WB Batman and No Man’s Sky. Kunos has hidden behind the ‘small team’ nonsense too long. They literally made millions from the console players and spent it on the pc version.

    Kunos need to stop taking the 5th or whatever monastic vow of silence they take whenever something g goes wrong. They were crowing when the new AI was released but nowhere to be seen now this debacle has hit the gaming press one more.

    Kunos would’ve well advised to get this sorted asap and make a decent fist of any apology.

    Instead though I’m expecting them to drag this out until late September then abandon the game and hope we are all too busy with Forza & maybe pCARS to notice.

    If Lord Kunos, what an ego, thinks people forget these debacles quickly he should look at the scepticism pcars2 is still being met with today including here. People remember. He’s threatened to quit games development a few times and you know I wouldn’t care if he did. The better elements of Assetto need to be added to a better game and with a developer who can deliver promises.

    Good concept, appalling execution.

    Well done to PRC for keeping on highlighting these shoddy practices because otherwise they often get ignored.

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    1. “Well done to PRC for keeping on highlighting these shoddy practices because otherwise they often get ignored.”

      Unless the studio pays for your WESCAR fantasy.


    1. -“bountiful content”
      -“infinite replayability”
      -admitting that they added too much grip but twisting it around like it’s a good thing because it mimics his experience of understeering and falling into ditches irl due to his own lack of skill

      Did we read the same review?


  8. Where’s the article talking about the PS4 update?

    Oh and some of the comments about hating on Kunos and AC are quite hilarious. Why would Kunos drop the game just because they’re having difficulties releasing the last update for xbox one? You talk like PS4 and PC don’t count. Too bad for xb1 players but in the other two platforms the game is played well with the latest updates.


  9. They made millions from AC, yet they still run the studio like its based in someones garage. Perhaps invest some of that money into developing the title, ie, hire more staff. The snails pace development has gotten old, fast.


    1. You should work for SMS, you know a lot about this stuff. Maybe James can put you a good word. But don’t expect any payment, as nor Maple, Chris, nor Sev are receiveing any. All money and goodies go to the greedy James.


  10. At this point, we all know that AC on consoles was only made to generate a quick profit for Kunos, and that they have no intention of bringing the same quality of the PC version to consoles. If Project Cars 2 actually lives up to the hype and has compelling car physics, then AC will be in big trouble.


  11. Basically nowadays this blog is a bitter fest of hateful comments and articles. Every once in a while we get a pcars2 article and some wmd people show up agreeing with the author.

    Too bad this is the way james&co chose to treat sim racing. Also too bad Ian Bell has to pay him to shut up him up. That action from SMS/Ian Bell tells very much the entire purpose of this blog and austin ogonoski, so Ian Bell saw the only alternative at his hand to defend the image of his games.


  12. therefore Jan Bell sponsors fashism bigotry and racism, PC stands for Project Cunt and WMD for White Men Development. Also heard a rumor that every Car in PC2 has Swastika wheels and a max rev range between 1933 and 1945 Jpm (jews per minute)


    1. Ian bell and ProjectCars2 are “OFFICIAL SPONSORS” of PRC (this site you are reading). I am most certain that they support the vitriol on this site, as long as it is not towards ProjectCars2.
      -All hail Führer Bell


      1. lol… so if James talks shit in articles about pcars2 and sms he won’t lose his job at sms? There’s no other way around, Ian Bell now owns this blog and whatever James does and says that could harm his new game he gets in trouble.


          1. read again more slowly, you’ll get it. But as you’re an sms and prc fanboy I advice you read at least three times more. Is about your boy austin and your boss ian, so I understand if your brain can’t process that information in the first times.


      2. SMS and Ian obviously aren’t comfortable with a majority of the comments left on here, but it’s not their website, and therefore they don’t determine what stays and what goes.

        I, however, do, and I believe moderating a community is time consuming and wastes a ton of resources that can be allocated elsewhere. Learned that lesson the hard way with the anal cavity guy last season. To sit there with your phone and go delete… delete… delete… Fuck that.

        Is this dude hurting anybody? Well no, he’s not. He’s being offensive. In a hobby full of (mostly) grown men you should be mature and composed enough to merely scroll past anything you don’t want to read, rather than need someone to curate the posts for you, like how your mom would quickly flip the channels if she saw you watching violent programming at a young age.


        1. I get it, I just thought it worth a mention as I don’t recall it being called out. Hey some of it is funny even. I’m an older gent and certainly remember being much less of a don’t give a rats ass kinda guy. It is your site and I wish you all the best with this and your real life stuff. I’m retired and have lots more time than most and if this was my site I would moderate it differently. It’s because I wish you well that I don’t want some random asshole with a hangup to possibly associate you with his hatred, yea not fair and all that shit but it can and does happen.

          I’m going to leave it at that, thanks for letting me have my say and engaging in something that must certainly annoy the shit out of you.

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        2. Are players who choose to buy higher end sim racing hardware hurting anyone? Yet you bitch about them at every chance. We can also say the same about many other topics you talk about that you feel is your duty. One day make an article about your own delusion 😉


  13. AC on PS4 is not too shabby IMO, the last update really transformed it and I finally understood some of the hype about the physics and all that.

    Ok so having said that and sorta tying in the most recent post about the game expo going on in California, the folks at the GranTourismo website gave PCars 2 a rather alarming review re the FFB and controller feel, it’s the first really negative review I’ve come across so far.

    What’s the real deal James/Austin/PizzaSubCombo/MattressGirl dude? More PC2 info please.


    1. I don’t care to post much on pCars 2 unless there’s something really groundbreaking I want to talk about. Part of the reason is that basically every other site is covering it and my involvement is more exploit hunting rather than sitting back and enjoying it.

      I personally don’t have issues with the FFB. It’s not difficult to set up, a few presets with four tuning sliders – very much like a guitar amp. I use the “Informative” preset and tune the first and third sliders down to half the value. IMO it feels comparable to rFactor 2.

      Could be that someone messed with FFB, or they’re just so used to Gran Turismo Sport that it felt odd to them.

      Some suggested there’s an agenda behind that review but IMO I don’t see it; just guys who have played one game religiously and are now trying to adjust to something new.

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  14. How do we know it failed MS’ tests?
    We only have Kunos’ word for it.
    Do we know for a fact that it’s ever even been submitted/ exists?


    1. Correct and apparently Kunos can’t possibly disclose anything further due to some oppressive NDA. It all smells of bs.

      All we can be sure of is that Kunos have no idea what they are doing on Xbox.

      They should’ve stayed on pc only with their fanboy groupies.


  15. I gotta say the comment section is a blast. But yea Kunos really f’d up with the Xbox version totally and if Xbox is making them jump through hoops it’s kinda deserved, how did Xbox miss players not being able to do a save? Yea it’s bad and Lord Kunos is keeping a low profile, nothing wrong with that. After all version 1.14(?) is months old, made it to ps4 last month and the DLC pack is still MIA on console. Clearly something organizational is busted at Kunos, obviously being lead programmer and CEO are not helping the company in the marketplace.


    1. And Lead Arrogant Twat.
      Had his wings clipped since the cash-in though. Probably my been told to sort out his shit instead of throwing it at his customers on his Waco-esque forum.


        1. I hate no one and worship no one. However I do have a mistrust and cynicism towards sycophants, self indulgent arseholes who can’t accept constructive criticism, and downright arrogant wankers who take my money in justification for reading a few books about motor racing and thinking they’ve just released the best racing game on the planet.


              1. Everyone is in their right to not accept any criticism they don’t consider good for them or for what they do. There is a lot of criticism towards AC and Kunos that is pure garbage. Kunos devs are people of their own mind as well, they know what they want for the game and what can be good for the majority of their players.

                I think you are a worse person for insulting them so much and for wanting them to listen to any criticism, only because is criticism. That’s not thinking with the head, but just reacting to anything some people say only because they sound angry. They think the devs must do whatever they say, but they are capable of judging what’s good criticism and what isn’t. So don’t expect for them to listen just because you have something to say. Make an effort and say something better and more helpful.


              2. Yea, of course they will tell you to read some books about simulation if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Educate yourself about the matter before talking. There is a reason they did a sim racing game and you’re just an armchair expert.


                1. Reading the defense of assholetto corsa on these pages and all the others, for that matter, it’s as if the Italians had shot their load during the Roman Empire days and that since then they’ve had nothing to grasp hold of for national pride. Sure they all dream about being Mussolini but forget he was a total failure who couldn’t even get the trains to run, never mind run on time. Sure for a little while Ferrari made some cool looking cars but even with that, they cost more to maintain than they cost to buy.

                  I’m not even going to mention that it was Ford of all companies that snatched Le Mans away from them because that would be like rubbing salt in their wounds.

                  I’ve been to Italy a bunch of times and it’s great there, the pizza in Rome is almost as good as the pizza in Brooklyn New York, the arabic graffitti all over the churches is very colorful, the tent cities in all the parks are great and the open air sanitation fills the air with a certain fragrance you never forget, hey now, chin up Italy has way more going for it than assetto Corsa.


                  1. wtf are you on about… some sim racing experts are hopeless. Everyone knows more than the devs and they all gather in prc and in select articles in racedepartment.


  16. It’s ok folks, it doesn’t need fixing There’s a new dlc just been announced that will make everyone feel better. Just vote for your favourite Ferrari and they’ll immortalise it all it’s 15fps glory. It’ll look so good that the AI won’t even be able to bring themselves to drive past it. One literally cannot make this shit up.


      1. I’m calling bullshit on the Xbox update. They’re just treading water and occasionally talking bollocks until September / October when the final few who “still cling on to a notion of giving a fuck” have moved on elsewhere. They’re waiting fir the dog to die slowly and quietly rather than doing the right thing and announcing it’s termination.


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