So… Where’s GTR 3?

For about a week in February of this year, RaceDepartment was set on fire. Proclaiming a revival of the iconic GTR brand on behalf of SimBin UK – an off-shoot of Sector 3 Studios – we were given several lengthy pieces and interviews with key team members promising us that yes, after many years of ideology changes and botched projects, GTR 3 was indeed a real thing. In a sim racing climate in which developers load up their respective pieces of software with as many unrelated vehicles and locations as possible in the hopes that something will captivate their audience, the community saw this announcement as not only a breath of fresh air, but a return to form; the days of single-series simulations we’d seemingly moved far away from were now on the horizon once more, potentially hinting at a second golden age like the one we saw in the early 2000’s was not too far off. Though the initial batch of images SimBin UK published were quickly ripped apart by internet sleuths, who noticed lighting irregularities and oddly placed car models, we were assured that by some point in 2018, we’d be playing GTR 3, and at the very least, the team would have a working game by the summer of 2017.

Of course, when some noticed how absurdly difficult it would be for SimBin UK to create a scratch-built simulation physics engine in Unreal 4 with just the four or five staff members they’d had on the payroll at the time of the game’s announcement, the metaphorical crickets could be heard in abundance – giving doubters such as myself the impression that a lot of people were being taken for a ride, and GTR 3 was yet another pipe dream; the team mocking up a few proof of concept shots and using their connections among the sim racing community to publish pseudo-announcements in high traffic areas, with the hopes of securing an investor to actually fund their vision.

In case you haven’t figured out from the plethora of coverage on YouTube from your favorite sim racing outlets, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is in full swing. This isn’t some sort of obscure gaming show by any means; E3 is ourWoodstock per se – the entire goddamn industry comes together for one giant event in southern California to demonstrate the products we’ll be playing either in the fall, or at some point over the next few years. Now, is it reserved for the giants of the industry? Of course not; Kunos Simulazioni flew out there to announce indie racing simulator Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the Kylotonn guys are there displaying WRC 7, and even 704 Games – the questionable team behind the modern NASCAR Heat reboot – brought a laptop and some Xbox controllers to debut NASCAR Heat 2. This is on top of the already stout lineup of Forza Motorsport, Project CARS, Gran Turismo Need for Speed, Formula One, and The Crew – though the latter isn’t a personal favorite of mine.

Absent from this list, would be SimBin UK’s GTR 3, possibly the only major racing game that’s been announced yet did not make an appearance at E3. Now you’re certainly not required to travel halfway around the world show up to the California-based convention to demonstrate your game – a simple YouTube teaser would suffice – but that too appears to be missing in action. When the world is focused on the gaming industry as a whole, and your entire collective target audience have their eyes locked on YouTube to take in the sights and sounds of all the new racing games, it’s certainly odd that there’s not been so much as a peep from the GTR 3 team.

Yes, that’s my “scoop” for today; SimBin UK have not shown off GTR 3 at E3 or at least taken advantage of the hype and pushed out a teaser trailer on YouTube, so I personally have a hard time believing this game exists, or that things are going smoothly behind closed doors. But before you call me an evil conspiracy theorist set to destroy other games, let’s take a bit of a journey around the internet to see what might support this theory, and make it significantly less of a wild conspiracy perpetuated by a sim racing “hate blog.”

SimBin UK’s own web page lists an abundance of job openings, and this is something you can navigate to and see for yourself. There are at least five active positions available to apply for on the SimBin UK company roster, most of them being very prominent positions that play a key role in the development of a multi-platform racing simulator. They don’t need random motherfuckers to bomb around the office and crank out car liveries every few days, they need senior programmers, C++ programmers, and network programmers. These are the kinds of positions you fill before announcing a game, slowly fleshing out the roster with supporting positions as the main guys fall into place and bust their asses on the heavy stuff.

How do you announce a game in February, proceed to whip all these different websites into a flurry of excitement, and then five months later still have openings for key positions on the team? This is like announcing you’ve started a rock band and are recording an album, but post on your official Facebook page that you need a drummer, lead guitarist, and singer.


Next, we travel to the team’s Twitter account, which is suspiciously quiet. Aside from seemingly being configured to retweet anything relating to RaceRoom Racing Experience, there’s virtually nothing about GTR 3’s progress. There are something like seven or eight posts in a row about the official Mercedes DTM competition on Sector 3’s RaceRoom simulation, but that’s clearly not GTR 3, it’s RaceRoom – an entirely different piece of software. In regards to GTR 3, there’s actually a whole lot of nothing – save for one custom tweet stating their new website is live.

That was back in March.

In an era of gaming where developers across the sim racing community sit on forums and social media virtually all day, bantering with customers and/or releasing teasers of upcoming projects or future updates, for SimBin UK to announce a major racing simulator earlier this year, and then put their social media on autopilot to regurgitate articles focusing on a game from their sister company, in combination with no progress or updates on their game in six months, no appearance at E3, not even a newer teaser piece, and a whole lot of important positions yet to be filled, is highly suspicious.

Links to the team’s other social media pages from the SimBin UK website, such as Facebook and YouTube, direct to pages that in some cases haven’t been touched in three years.

This kind of anti-progress and questionable chain of announcements seems to be something not specific to SimBin UK, but also extends to Sector 3 Studios themselves, a team responsible for an objectively good racing simulator with R3E. While the team have been openly talking about turning the online portion of their title into something that can compete with iRacing at a fraction of the cost – something that’s very well possible given the diversity and overall popularity of the content offered in RaceRoom Racing Experience – as of two days ago, long after this stuff was first announced, Sector 3 can be seen openly trying to recruit employees to actually build that element of the game. So between both Sector 3 and SimBin UK, I’m under the impression they’re both operating in a manner in which they announce upcoming features, and in some cases entire games, without actually having the staff necessary to build them. They then go “oh shit” and scramble around to fulfill their previously announced goals, hoping the sim racing community either forget the previous announcements they made, or vehemently defend them if they can’t be seen to completion because “muh small developer” and stuff.

I’ve been patiently awaiting the new online format for RaceRoom Racing Experience as I love how the title drives, and would not hesitate to purchase all the content the honest way if I woke up to news that the structured multiplayer format was set to go live in a few weeks, but the reality is that all we’ve got is a few new GT cars and some obscure Swedish tracks. I was told around September of last year that they were working on an iRacing-like multiplayer service, and nine months later we’ve gotten precisely no new info; only clues that they don’t even have the relevant staff positions filled to complete it in the first place.

And I believe that’s what’s happened with GTR 3 as well. Judging by what’s publicly available, the lack of any updates or teasers at what’s traditionally a time to take the covers off everything in the gaming industry, the awkward silence on social media, the abundance of open positions on the team’s official website, the difficulty in creating a high-fidelity simulator engine from scratch with a skeleton crew, and zero coverage from sim racing publications that were once happy to push the announcement of GTR 3 to the forefront, I have an exceptionally difficult time believing this game will see the light of day.

Again, I want GTR 3. The popularity of sports car racing is at an all time high and it would be sweet to have that flagship GT game where all you do is race GT cars, in the same manner that DiRT 4 is that all-encompassing off-road title for fans of rally racing. Warts and all, I don’t think it’s too hard for a non-traditional team to deliver some sort of niche sports car game; Milestone’s MXGP3 is proof that no matter how obscure the subject matter may be, a good racing game is a good racing game.

But in this particular situation, there’s a marshal holding a red flag in every corner. Radio silence at a time when even the lowliest of NASCAR and Isle of Mann developers are proud to demonstrate their software to the world, no social media activity, a blackout from the publications who once covered it, and prominent job openings when original interviews stated there’d already be an internal build operational in the summer. If you want myself and the other skeptics to believe GTR 3 exists somewhere other than the imaginations of SimBin UK, this isn’t the way to do it.


72 thoughts on “So… Where’s GTR 3?

      1. Hehe Ian, stop using James account. You have your own. Austin, when will you share some of your income with your other shill friends? Sev has been sad and under motivated.

        Still, nice article Ian. But we know this is BS because the only purpose of this and previous article about GTR2 was to remove credit to Sector3 and help SMS. Low tactics but expected from someone who needs to pay up people like Austin.


  1. Is there no credible studio producing quality sim racing content that works as advertised? Ian bell should start looking for a merger or acquisition that will increase his market share, rather than running these alienating gorilla marketing campaigns. But then with all the shit code floating around in these games its hard to justify such an undertaking, when any small group of competent assholes can come in and produce a competing product that is very similar in quality. One of the large racing organizations needs to start a studio and start ramming the product down there consumers throats during races to draw in an actual user base and maybe it could also increase their viewership because people will have had a similar experience to relate to, like most other sports. Also maybe produce a move with a big star to gain outside exposure to the product, like a cross between Pinball Wizard and Driven. If the actual sanctioning bodies of racing give no shits about sim racing, sim racing has no future.


    1. I take that all Back, once people sit down and their perceptions of greatness are shattered by the fact that driving a car at competition speeds and wheel to wheel racing takes great skill, they will shelve the product and declare that it is the sim that is a piece of shit, instead of sitting down and ironing out their deficiencies through extended practice. 0/10 would not invest in sim racing.


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    1. The author and Ian Bells silence on this issue is an open endorsement of the views expressed by the commenters . How is this good advertising for PC2, or should I say Powerful Caucasians 2.


    2. It’s shitposting. People are trying to make trouble by making it look like this site is some sort of white power gaming site, then linking it to pcars with the whole sponsorship thing. Undoubtedly their goal is to get the sponsorship pulled.

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        1. OK that makes sense, but it does not negate that the fact that this platform is fast becoming a place for anti-Semite radicals to voice their opinions and to engage in the spreading of propaganda. This problem is not going away unless it is addressed. Perception is reality, if someone has a swastika tattoo they do not get to claim support equality. For the record I find all religion to be equally irrational.


          1. Strike that last sentence. The comment section should be for the discussion of sim racing not other shit that does not pertain, but ultimately it is the authors decision to allow other discussions.


          2. If I go to a baseball game and me and 2 buddies start chanting “WE LOVE HORSE PORN”, does that suddenly mean the league supports bestiality?

            This is a public message board, much like areas of free speech at many events in many places. Things said here by individuals does not represent the beliefs of the owner or operator. Have you really never seen that disclaimer before?

            Now this is the last I’ll talk about this matter, as even having this discussion, is playing into their hand(s)

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        2. Do you think the guy making these reddit threads and constantly crying about Ian Bell supporting racism could be Associat0r?


        3. Interesting hypothesis, but IIRC, similar comments pre-date the sponsorship announcement.

          Although I (think I) understand James’ comment policy, a little curation would be nice.

          Why risk a burgeoning racing career?

          Finally, before anyone speciously mentions the First Amendment, comments like those at issue are only ‘protected’ from government persecution.


      1. Singular purpose of my comments is to invoke racial hatred against Jews, the person replying “Project Cars 2 sponsored content” is probably a butthurt kike trying to get my comments deleted.


  3. This studio has no money (relatively speaking), no personnel, and no means of putting GTR 3 out. Doesn’t take a genius to see this was never going to happen.

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    1. It’s the same studio that’s doing Raceroom, so they’ve already got nearly everything they need in terms of the physics, FFB and car/track licensing (obviously there are some holes in that last category). What they don’t have is an engine that can handle weather and there’s got to be some reason they don’t allow people to mess with tire pressures (or choose compounds).

      Right now, the GT3 offerings are all pretty awesome to drive, but what’s obviously missing is that overall Single Series Framework that a lot us want. Essentially, it’s a GT3 mod right now.


  4. Im sure this was mentioned on your last article, forgive me if they stated else where Ive not seen, but the physics as far as I know is still Pmotor, or at least RRE version watered down a bit, they have decent physics already that can be adjusted for use, why scratch build one out of a unfinished engine.

    I can see GTR3 as simply RRE with new graphics engine, and wrapped up in a package and maybe physics tweaked to be more casual.


  5. How retarded are you? Simbin UK’s existed for maybe a year now, how fast do you expect a complete game to materialize out of nothing?

    Also those job “openings” have been there the entire time.


    1. Whether James’ conclusion is hasty or not, those jobs remaining unfilled doesn’t bode well for a timely (or untimely, for that matter) GTR3 release.



    Hereโ€™s another story showing how stupid all this diversity and multiculturalism nonsense is.

    A White woman in Canada requested her son be examined by a White doctor who speaks proper English. Apparently the only doctors at the clinic were a bunch of mud monkeys who spoke broken English. Her simple request has been transformed into a national news story by the Canadian media. They apparently want to expose this woman as an evil racist.

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      1. It just makes sense ๐Ÿ˜€
        Your version of isimotor ir pre rfactor and is messed up to just update it and add more features
        Hire ISI instead to work in Isimotor 2.0 adding some features they did in rF2
        Since they are doing it a second time they know well how to make it in less time, and you don’t need all the features like complex tire model running at too high speeds that makes the game process run out of time ๐Ÿ˜› and since they also want consoles I don’t think it’d be a good idea to use the same model
        Port to UE4


  7. I understand why the stupid zenophobic/racist crap is being posted, attempted dis-crediting, but can someone please remove it. Freedom to speak is a great thing but this stuff is becoming very annoying as it has no relevance what so ever to racing or simulated racing.

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  8. “While the team have been openly talking about turning the online portion of their title into something that can compete with iRacing at a fraction of the cost โ€“ something thatโ€™s very well possible given the diversity and overall popularity of the content offered in RaceRoom Racing Experience โ€“ as of two days ago, long after this stuff was first announced, Sector 3 can be seen openly trying to recruit employees to actually build that element of the game.”

    At the end of May, Georg Ortner from Sector 3 talked quite a lot about the online league system they’re working on in one of his private streams on YouTube, and amongst lots of interesting info, he also mentioned that it could quite possibly come in the next big R3E update, while later clarifying that he didn’t mean the June one as that one was pretty much finalized at that point, but the one after that. Which would likely mean July. Obviously him saying that doesn’t mean much as it wasn’t an official S3 stream, but his information on estimated content launches tends to be quite solid and he’s rarely this specific about something unless he’s fairly sure it’ll actually happen. But we’ll see.

    Also, saying that they’re “openly trying to recruit employees to actually build that element of the game” is kinda misleading. While it is true the job offer was related to this part of the game according to what it said, they were looking for a frontend developer to take care of the game’s portal. That alone doesn’t really tell us anything as far as the actual current state of the online league system (for all we know, they’re just trying to hire someone to take over the responsibilites from someone else), and we’ve also known for a while now that they’re not happy with the portal as it is now and want to improve it, so it only makes sense to hire someone to work on that full-time. Not everything must always be a big conspiracy, you know.


  9. Youre a fucking retard.
    There is a single check box to disable what you call “unreal physics”, its really just a wrapper for nvidia physx… You know the shit your boyfriend ian bell relied on in pcars?
    They have access to the r3e physics engine to plug in and its content.
    The job isn’t as impossible as you make out but its still too early to expect anything you flaming halfwit.
    Seriously don’t have kids.


      1. .. more like, this post is explained by.. you guessed it, autism. Nobody “normal” keeps posting stuff like this. So what we have here are autists fighting autists.


    1. Not really that weird.. it’s quite obvious a lot of people in the simracing community are severely autistic. It all makes sense in my opinion.


    1. the good ol james will ignore this and won’t do an article. OMG 13 job openings with the game due for september. Where’s the article james? Oh right, sweet money from ian bell.


    2. Didn’t SMS announce a new ‘exciting’ IP back in April? Could these job be related to that? Fast and Furious game anyone?


      1. There is a conspiracy theory that ian bell has had a crisis of consciousness and decided to hire staff to finish off all the half baked garbage sms have released in the past!

        Oh no wait I just read the careers page apparently nfs shift and vapourware red bull air race are “genre defining” where do I sign on?


  10. Wow,comment was censored because fuehrer joke so its true you only enjoy seen burning jews how deep did adolf penetrate your polish ass?


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