Introducing Milestone’s AMA Supercross

The surprising leap in quality exhibited by Milestone’s most recent release, MXGP 3, was only just the start of a golden age of dirt bike games.

Flying under the radar in a behind-the-scenes documentary shot by Barn Pro’s Racing earlier this season, rider Chris Alldredge and his teammates can be shown posing for several 3D modelling photos for what the subtitles claim is an unannounced, upcoming “2018 official supercross video game.” Though many will be quick to believe this is the work of THQ Nordic, who recently released a comprehensive downloadable content package featuring all layouts of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season – albeit without the proper stadium names and models – a small piece of paper attached to a table in the background clearly displays that it’s actually Milestone behind the project, naming the portable workstation “Milestone video game photos.”

The only logical conclusion one can make, is that we’ll be playing Milestone’s AMA Supercross 2018 sometime near the end of 2017, or right when the real Monster Energy Supercross season kicks off in January.

Had this project been announced a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have gotten too excited. The first two MXGP games honestly weren’t very good, brought down by clunky riding physics, obscure content, and a poor overall atmosphere making the games a literal chore to play. However, given the substantial improvements Milestone managed to implement across the board with MXGP 3, and the subsequent widespread acclaim it acquired from the hardcore motocross gaming community as a valid, simcade alternative to the ultra-demanding indie title MX Simulator, sim racers have every reason to be ecstatic over an officially licensed AMA Supercross game from Milestone. With the real life series itself being the second most-watched form of auto racing in North America, an official dirt bike video game of this quality will most likely have the same effects of what the NASCAR Thunder series of titles from EA Sports were able to achieve for stock car racing in the early 2000’s – it’s going to bring in droves of new fans, and it’s going to encourage people to hit up their local circuit, whether it be as a spectator or rider.

Those interested in seeing what a Milestone AMA Supercross game might look and play like, can already experience a trial run of the discipline within MXGP 3. The game’s practice compound features a generic supercross layout that’s very far removed from the rest of the outdoor content in the game, and just yesterday the team pushed out a four dollar Supercross Riders’ Cup downloadable content package, adding a special indoor event in Germany that’s very similar to what you’d see from Supercross events in Canada and the United States. It’s certainly a bit pricey at four dollars for just one track, but given how the market isn’t over-saturated with motocross games – each with their own platter of downloadable content – those who enjoy the sport will certainly hand over their money without question.

After years of mediocrity from THQ, North American dirt bike fans will finally have their wishes fulfilled. An AMA Supercross title from Milestone is on the horizon, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Finally getting their act together and pushing out a glorious motocross game, Milestone have dug themselves out of dark times and are seemingly in the middle of a resurgence, almost guaranteeing AMA Supercross ’18 to be a title on everybody’s wishlist whether you’re a fan of supercross or not.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Milestone’s AMA Supercross

  1. This is exciting news. Milestone has really stepped their game up the last little bit, wasn’t very long ago I wouldn’t play their games if they gave them away. Hope they can keep it up.


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