Nerd Goggles Fail to Impress at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are just getting your feet wet in the world of auto racing, the yearly Goodwood Festival of Speed was held this past weekend in West Sussex, England. A tradition which started in 1993, the iconic event serves as motor racing’s equivalent to the Detroit Auto Show; race cars from the past, present, and future – as well as a capped limit of 150,000 fans – all cram into the grounds of Goodwood House for what’s essentially a pop-up encyclopedia of where auto racing has been, and where it’s going. Though the hill climb at the center of the festivities is little more than a cozy one minute stretch of asphalt sporting a few blind corners, the overall atmosphere and sheer size of the displays turns the event into the pinnacle of race car exhibitions. It’s certainly a bucket list item for those living within close proximity to West Sussex, and in recent years the popularity of Goodwood has skyrocketed thanks to event organizers streaming the event live on YouTube for outsiders to take part in.

To capitalize on the audience of 150,000 hardcore auto racing fans, many major developers had their own respective booths configured to show off this fall’s upcoming simulators to their core audience. Our friends over at Slightly Mad Studios were able to partner up with Bentley’s factory GT3 team and place a top of the line sim rig next to the Continental GT3 car, encouraging fans to have a go at the yet-to-be-released Project CARS 2 on the Brands Hatch GP circuit in what was more or less the best setup money can currently buy. We’re talking a proper Vesaro rig with a Direct Drive wheel, and of course a virtual reality headset.

One PRC ground reporter – who’s also a talented sim racer in his own right – was in attendance at Goodwood this year and was actually able to try a few laps on the rig (pictured above, though it’s not him driving), which was a monumental step up compared to what he races on at home. Unfortunately, his impressions from the experience of racing on a setup that featured top of the line everything were a mixed bag, and it does not bode well for those wanting to splurge money on sim racing peripheral upgrades, or even improving a single aspect of their setup – most notably the purchase of a virtual reality headset. In fact, his time with the Project CARS 2 uberseat only served to perpetuate our notion here at PRC that virtual reality headsets are a passing fad, and that it’s completely understandable for some developers to be completely uninterested in supporting the various high definition nerd goggles available on the market.

The choice quote I received from our ground reporter after his session was incredibly blunt; “virtual reality is a joke.” That’s how the conversation began, with him elaborating further “it was blurry and disorienting as fuck, with no peripheral vision either. It was like I was looking through binoculars with these giant black borders.”

So uh… yeah, that’s the kind of experience people are spending $800 on, and then shilling for across gaming forums far and wide.

And though they aggressively beg developers to add VR functionality across every modern game under the sun – especially racing simulators, where the technology is a natural fit – it’s also why developers like Codemasters are still generally hesitant to bother with nerd goggles despite scores of fans drumming up bullshit hashtags such as #noVRnoBuy. As Shaun Cole of The SimPit so expertly described these headsets many months ago, it’s a good experience for some who really get into it and can look past the flaws, but virtual reality headsets as a whole aren’t a good shared experience. For every person who turns a few laps in Assetto Corsa and is promptly blown away by how in-touch with the car they feel – promptly rushing out to buy a pricey wheel despite little to no sim racing experience – there are three or even five people wondering what the fuck all the hype is about, as our PRC ground reporter discovered first hand. It’s blurry, disorienting, and feels like you’re driving while wearing a shitty set of dollar store toy binoculars. Some developers can’t be bothered with implementing functionality for hardware they themselves personally don’t enjoy, and believe to be massively overrated.

It’s also got me wondering just how many users praising VR are genuine individuals, and not just paid shills told to flood various message boards in a quest to get more and more teams to purchase development kits/licenses, which in the end results in Samsung and Oculus turning a better profit. As a gamer I’ve never seen reception to any gaming product so inconsistent and contradictory; usually if a product is genuinely, objectively good, there are little to no negative remarks about the game or piece of hardware anywhere.

For example, when Assetto Corsa first came out in the fall of 2013, it was unanimous that the vehicle handling was leaps and bounds ahead of anything on the market – I don’t recall any notable negative feedback; the game instead shot to the top of Steam and threw more money at Kunos than they knew what to do with. Yet despite VR goggles receiving the same kinds of glowing reviews from portions of the gaming community in a manner similar to Assetto Corsa – deeming it to be the next revolution in gaming – there’s also been an equally vocal portion like our ground reporter from day one who were left utterly perplexed by the experience.

So how in the world are some people calling this technology game-changing when many others are coming forward to say it’s downright brutal? Again, my hypothesis is paid shills, mixed with a pinch of post-purchase rationalization – early VR adopters realizing the technology hasn’t lived up to expectations, yet convincing themselves that the purchase was worth it to feel better about the enormous amount of money they’d spent on nerd goggles plus the PC upgrades to run it.


115 thoughts on “Nerd Goggles Fail to Impress at Goodwood Festival of Speed

  1. Yep, VR is overhyped as hell as well as overpriced. Still boggles the mind that people would be willing to shell out that amount of money especially with the games it is really actually compatible with. Lots of shitty, made for VR games of browser game quality and then you have the proper games with VR compatibility where the experience is complete dogshit.


    1. I don’t play simracing games without VR since I got my VIVE. The immersion alone is worth the graphics dropback from any monitor (or 3).


  2. I’m calling bullshit on the vr comment. I have a Vive and pcars as well as iracing. It’s not blurry or disorienting or like looking though binoculars. Having said that, did he have the headset properly adjusted for his vision.? If anything, there needs to be more vr racing support, not less.


      1. I think Sev’s (assuming it is Sev) VR experience is likely more indicative of PC2’s implementation, than a valid criticism of the technology.

        At least as far as sim racing.

        iRacing’s implementation, although a bit fiddly, is excellent, and I absolutely feel as though I’m in an actual car. Racing in VR has been an incredible experience, screen door effect and other graphical drawbacks notwithstanding.

        Some can’t get over the graphical issues, but I’ve never heard anyone claim the experience itself was worthless.

        Nor is the positive iRacing response an example of mass post purchase rationalization. Given the standard month or longer return window for these devices, it’s simply not a product one must live with if unsatisfied.

        As a DD wheel owner, I’ll be the first to admit that I believe them over hyped. Worthwhile, at least for some, yes, but not at all necessary for an immersive sim racing experience. In many cases, I imagine they can even make you slower.

        VR is altogether different, an amazing experience, and I hope I never have to back to monitors.


      1. So, you haven’t even tried the Vive? But based on a few laps you’ve convinced Austin to write a lengthy article about how VR is a joke. Good job, have you thought about working at Breitbart?


        1. I didn’t “convince” him to write anything. I just hit him up on FB when I came home from the event, and made a few comments in passing about my perception of VR amongst the other shit I did and saw that day. Not my fault he wants to spin a few off-the-cuff private-chat comments from one person’s brief experience into concrete basis for an article. Not the first time that’s happened, either.


          1. My apologies, sorry. Ok I understand you didn’t convince him to write it, it just agreed with his opinion and he ran with it.


    1. This. Although I play my racing games both ways, that is with my 1440p ultrawide and Oculus, the whole binoculars thing is just bullshit.

      FOV, although still limited with current gen headsets, is gazillion times better than it is with any single monitor setup using reasonable/realistic FOV settings. And FOV with VR is order of magnitude better than it was with my previous triple screen setup not to mention you also get good vertical FOV with VR headsets which is not the case with triples.

      Also, headtracking is far better with VR headseats, than it is with TrackIR, for example. Driving is generally a lot more fluid and natural with VR, when you have Vive/Oculus high resolution tracking. TrackIR, although still a good system, feels really outdated compared to what Oculus/Vive can offer.

      I also agree with the downsides of VR. God rays, relatively low resolution and depending on the engine, lack of some PP effects are things that are a fact. You can’t deal with god rays if the game isn’t designed to “avoid” them (games designed with VR first usually adopt colur palettes in menu’s and such, where god rays aren’t that evident). For resolution stuff, you need beefy enough a computer to run enough super sampling and AA to deal with jaggies. Still, you can’t get IQ as good as it is with a quality high resolution monitor, no matter what settings you use with current gen VR headseats: you practically have FullHD+ screens inch away from your eyes and nothing can change that.

      Still, the immersion is far better with VR headsets not to mention the natural driving feel. Screen door effect is there, at least for those with good vision, but if you bother to play more than 15 minutes with your headset, you don’t even notice it anymore: all the positive aspects of VR suck you in.

      The main gripe I don’t use VR every time with games that are capable of are either performance issues with poor VR port or disconnection with the outside world. If you need to remove your headset when browsing the menu or something like that, I usually just prefer the monitor over the VR.


      1. You sure it isn’t more like Project Cars still doesn’t have proper vr implementation? Frame pacing issues + vr = bad. Tons of indie devs figured it out, codemasters figured it out. Also If a visual effect doesn’t occur to the human eye it shouldn’t be active in VR which is something slightly mad doesn’t understand either.

        The only issue vr has today is screen resolution. Upcoming HMD’s from both major players will offer higher quality screens. The problem will be people’s PC’s and whether they can render high enough resolution at 90hz.

        The 2 big players released products that were as cost effective as possible on a specific economy of scale. Now that production lines exist and software kinks are worked out by (unless you are sms) they will be updating each hmd with improved technologies both for tracking and display resolution.

        I bought an Oculus knowing full well it wouldn’t be the best because that’s the price of early adoption.

        I wonder how many sim sites Ian Bell owns these days. For every feature dropped or poorly executed in pcars 2 we will get an article about why said thing was terrible. Next up, tires. Cars don’t needem!


  3. pff bullshit on VR because someone said so…congrats to you both this shows you havent properly set it or even tried it probably, but hey you know i read somewhere that….


    1. Someone from SMS was there overseeing things, and since this took place at one of the world’s most prestigious motoring shows I would imagine they’d have set it up correctly beforehand.


  4. VR is awesome and disappointing in equal measure. It’s stupidly expensive, the resolution is crap, it requires massive PC and after a year of regular use it smells. It’s also brilliant in all the ways the VR fans say it is.


  5. My experience: was first blown away but suffered from motion sickness. Managed to overcome that but still found the experience just a little bit too intense where I would stop a race feeling really foggy and brain overload feeling. I stopped for a while and come back to it and finding it much easier to deal with and really enjoying it, doing it every third race or so. For me it’s definitely the future and when the clarity and other issues are resolved, I think everyone will be on one. My guess is the debate will turn out something like this quote:

    1903: “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad.” — President of the Michigan Savings Bank advising Henry Ford’s lawyer, Horace Rackham, not to invest in the Ford Motor Company.


  6. The only reason people who bought VR headsets are so defensive about it is because subconsciously they realize it’s not all they thought it would be and feel they need to angrily justify their waste of hundreds of dollars to anyone who will listen. Same goes for the direct drive clowns and anyone else who thinks that spending as much money as possible makes the games more realistic (and it doesn’t.)

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      1. This comment section is split by people who have VR and love it and people who don’t have VR and are telling the people that do have VR that VR is not good.

        Since when are people who don’t have a product in a better place to review the product?

        Are you really saying that people just don’t like VR?

        I do feel sorry for the people who cant afford the tech but that doesn’t make it somehow worse.

        Are you honestly saying that nobody prefers VR?

        Austin you are a dogmatist.


      2. I like how people who haven’t even owned a VR headset (or in James’s case, haven’t even tried it) believe themselves to be more qualified to talk about its merits than people who have actually bought it. Is this some weird jealousy on your part because other people have something you don’t?


      1. freeze yourself and get hibernated, have that man-sized freezer connected to a timing-clock set to about 10 years into the future and
        if you are right about it being “the future”:
        you will have the time of your life, just when it begins to take off “globally”.

        Just ehm, don’t expect to be able to afford fossil fuels for the purpose of propulsion of your rusty car then. If you are not a TRUMP-citizen cracking down on the last reserve, that is.

        Jokes aside: the companies creating the tech probably have all they need to further devlop it. The question is: do they see the perfect fit for their tech that is racing- and flying simulation application? If they do: great. If they don’t, then plastation-VR is as far as it will ever go as a mass-market “thing”.

        It is not ready, yet. Simple. But I DO cross my fingers. Just not as hard as to make it hurt!


  7. Assetto Corsa forum peripheral threads:

    Fanatec (108 pages)
    Oculus Rift (105 pages)
    Logitech (103 pages)
    Thrustmaster (88 pages)

    More than 1 million PSVR units sold

    4k headsets with eye tracking coming next year (enabling foveated rendering, improving performance by 300%)

    “passing fad”


      1. So I read through this review of yours and some very obvious points come to mind. Your biggest complaint seems to be around resolution and sickness. You are using a dk2 with no pixel density increase. This is not going to look pretty. With my cv1 and pd up at 1.6 this is equivalent to 4k. Anything within the distance of my car is very sharp. Only in distant horizon is it still a bit blurry. So when you say objects up close are blurry this really isn’t the case at all. Infact playing some games at 2.0 it’s quite something to see such detail in 3d space.
        Your sickness is a personal one. I never got sick driving in vr ever. Only when I played subnortica on the firdt day and was diving underwater I will it concerned me and I thought shit am I going to have a whitey and have to lie down every hour. After a week I never got it in anything played.
        I personally have been critical of vr but it is not vr itself but the content. The content is not great imo and can be very generic. I also think touch is not well implemented in most games and can feel clumsy. There are some exceptions notably games like lone echo multiplayer that works very well as a game in vr. But all in all it is sims that compliment vr so well and I can only feel sorry for those that don’t seem to get it.


        1. What I experienced was nowhere near 4k. I truly wish it was.

          Around ten feet in front of the car was 720p at best. Apexes and braking points were a fuzzy mess until I was right on top of them and they were about to disappear into the bottom of the windshield.

          To its credit, I did feel fairly immersed. I did feel like I was in an actual car, but the thing is I felt like I was looking into this actual car through a moderately-sized porthole attached to my face.


          1. It will never look like a 4k monitor as you are up so close to the screen in VR, im talking about 4k in the panels themselves. Comparing VR to a monitor is a bit pointless in terms of resolution.

            If Apex & breaking points are a fuzzy mess then that would certainly indicate that either
            a) The setup was wrong(possible),
            b) Game was run on the lowest settings due to the game being a heavy resource hog(concerning)
            c)There is an issue with your eyesight(always possible)

            I suggest you try vr in AC as it most definitely works well & pushing the pixels & aa up is possible with a 980ti.

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          2. Did they adjust the IPD (the distance between your pupils), and go through the standard setup procedures regarding resolution with you?

            In my experience, placement of the HMD impacts perceived resolution tremendously, and although I hope this diminishes in future hardware generations, it is something to consider.

            That said, you’re not alone in bemoaning the graphical issues. I’ve just never heard someone devalue the entire experience so thoroughly.


              1. This is the actual “crux” of the matter.

                These goggles will have to be much easier to handle, much more reliable to land on the right spot – automatically – when you strap them on – and that thick, heavy cable has to go away. All these things together and much more will take time and serious development effort. It’s not a case of selling the “Model-T” to post services instead of live horses. This is like selling an ultra-light self-propelled electric single-seater aircraft to a commercial airline as a replacement for their 747s or A380s.


  8. The reception for VR has been overwhelmingly positive, and Assetto Corsa’s physics were not unanimously considered as being “leaps and bounds ahead of anything on the market”. In other words: fake news.

    It’s funny how you try to explain all the praise as shilling and rationalization but don’t acknowledge the industrial amounts of sour grapes that are present in every VR thread.


  9. I see people are not very well familiar with VR. I know it because I was just as sceptical (and stupidly black&white minded) before I bought one and made myself comfortable with it. There’s no way back anymore… 🙂


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    Poor, sad CNN!

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  11. Vr isn’t a chioce for “gamers”. But for enthusiasts advancing the sports immersion, there’s no comparisons. You can’t say it has flaws as there’s nothing else close.
    Although you can see where VR could improve, cheaper more comfortable and pixel density. So interpreting the authors articles with consideration to the lack of their personal reseach. I’d say he’s right.
    “It not a replacement for gamers”
    But a privilege for cashed up enthusiasts.
    So sit back and let dreamers happily do the work for your future as usual. It’s a pity the negatively but people will bag in replacement of their own cost justification.
    If you want to really experience VR before purchasing. Get your self a full faced visored helmet and go drive your car. It’s “exactly” the same, uncomfortable obstructed vision.
    As I said its not for “gamers” but it
    does border on a enthusiasts wet dream.


    1. VR is about £500 and will run on a modest rig. I don’t see why its so enthusiast, triple screens costs more. I think its a complete no brainer when it comes down to that choice.


      1. £500 is absolutely obscene and definitely enthusiast tier. If it’s not a reasonable option outside the US and the UK, it’s not ready for the masses.


    2. “Get your self a full faced visored helmet and go drive your car. It’s “exactly” the same, uncomfortable obstructed vision.”

      Guess who never wore a full face helmet before.

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  12. Right on the money. VR is a stupid gimmick right now. And I don’t think it can really work. Nintendo tried VR 20 years ago and it failed spectacularly. And VR is still a broken experience.


    1. Im glad Austin made you feel better. Now make sure you don’t try VR because then you’ll want it again and that will make you upsetted when peoples are saying its good.


  13. Suffice to say, I had the exact same experience when I bought an Oculus Rift a couple months back. I had researched the whole thing for months, had everything set up perfectly and…it was a huge disappointment. I also had to endure the vicious attacks from VR fanboys who make ISIS converts seem staid by comparison.

    There are several serious with the current gen headsets:

    1) Incredibly low perceived resolution. Foveated rendering will help, but recall that the chief scientist of Oculus himself stated you’d need approx 16k *per eye* to equal the perceived sharpness of a 4k TV seen from 3 feet away. His very informative talk is on YouTube for any who care to listen.

    2) Motion Sickness: Highly variable, but I was the only person among my family/friends who could tolerate AC for more than 2-3 minutes. My limit was 15 minutes. For the record, I’ve been a pilot since age 15, love rollercoasters and only puked the first time I did some aerobatics IRL (thankfully back on the ground).

    3) Heat! No one seems to talk about this. The displays generate a lot of heat and there’s nothing to dissipate it within the nearly-hermetically-sealed confines of the goggles. Eventually this gets *really* uncomfortable and, once again, your play time is limited.

    4) Massive GPU power needed for the upcoming higher-res VR goggles: Again, people think foveated rendering will be a panacea for this looming catastrophe. Simply put, rendering 4k *per eye* (8k – let that sink in) at 90fps is way, way beyond the limits of current GPU hardware. Even an SLI GTX 1080Ti setup will *choke* on this many pixels. And it’s not why you think. The problem at these sorts of resolutions isn’t so much the lack of compute power, it’s more the fact that only HBM2 stands any sort of chance at handling the memory bandwidth. You’ll need well over 500gb/s to handle it, and AMD Vega HBM2 tops out at 409. That’s a bleeding edge $1000 card that just dropped this week. And even it won’t be able to handle an 8k, 90fps image.

    Bottom Line: We are approximately 5-6 years away from good quality VR that costs less than a $5,000 PC to implement. Even then, there will be huge swathes of the gaming population that will be unable to tolerate the nausea and heat of the headsets.

    The question is: Will any VR manufacturers still be around by then? Look at what happened to 3D for a great example of what’s likely to occur..

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    1. Hahaha I knew it. The real reason you hate it is because it makes you sick.

      If your theory is so correct about the tech not being good enough yet why is it the over whelming majority of people who have it for sim racing prefer it to 4k 2d?

      I bet you are unable to come up with a mature answer to this and go with Austins shilling theory.


      1. I like how you ignored all the other issues (of which, the atrocious picture quality is the most serious) in favor of something that applied to me personally.

        Also, look up “weasel words”.

        Saying things like “overwhelming majority” or “most people” isn’t the equivalent of citing actual statistics. My guess is that the people who tried these crude 1st-gen devices and returned them simply do not go around blathering about the experience nearly as much as the ISIS-like VR devotees.

        And yet, the fact that Oculus and HTC both refuse to publish their sales figures speak far more loudly than a tiny group of sad children who have developed an apparent emotional attachment to a piece of display hardware.

        As you can see from the link below, the sales of Samsung Gear VR accounts for more than every other VR headset…combined.

        Anyway – the market has spoken. Unless there are simultaneous fundamental breakthroughs in display technology, GPU compute power, memory bandwidth, and the susceptibility of the human Vestibulo–ocular system to nausea – VR is the next 3D.


        1. There is far more evidence that you are wrong about the number of people dissatisfied with their vr purchase. Just look at any of the sim forums regarding vr. You are basing your argument on your own experience rather than any logical analysis of the facts.
          Those stats you have produced are clearly a guess but obviously Samsung gear is going to have a large number because its part of a phone bundle so is free or pretty cheap if you buy it. Im not even sure what samsung gear has to do with anything anyway in regards to VR being a good experience in a sim?
          If VR fails it will be down to cost & need for a fast computer it would have nothing to do with the technology. Everyone of my friends & family who tried my VR headset said the experience was much better than they imagined it would be.
          If they bring out a next gen we will see a big price drop in first gen & that will be what people go for it wont be for the expensive high res version.


          1. I’ve been tempted to get an Oculus myself but the cost of it and the GPU horsepower needed is what puts me off.


        2. I hope you’ll at least concede that post purchase rationalization is an idiotic response to those of who claim to enjoy the technology while sim racing.


      2. >why is it the over whelming majority of people who have it for sim racing prefer it to 4k 2d?
        Precisely what James said – people trying to rationalize their purchase. The simracing community is full of manchildren, after all – the last thing you’d want is to agree with the majority.


        1. 4k isn’t yet perfect either. Refreshrate being the problem. 60Hz is so 2001. When CRTs were going extinct, the really good ones at about NTSC and Adobe-RGB 1998 colour-gamut with true 8-bit per channel and tunable white-point on the cathode-beam level @100-120Hz… …to be replaced with hold-type TFT displays with about half as much contrast at best, 60Hz, 8bit on the panel if you could afford it but only 6 of them able to be perceived in the picture, digital-to-analogue-to-digital VGA-connectors as standard.

          Monitors are only going to start shipping with better components once GPUs start getting the horsepower to support display-port 1.4

          But spread-sheets don’t benefit from 120Hz as opposed to 60Hz, hence this will be a niche at best. Retailers – should they survive – simply won’t stock the good stuff because the herd don’t “see” the advantages and the price it takes to adopt them. Hence mass-production as well as distribution of the good stuff will stay high, volume low. And your neighbour will wow you with the amount of 60Hz screen real-estate that he could afford for much lower cost than you. Simples.

          The one great thing about “1st-gen” HMDs is their 90Hz refresh-rate and arguably good (not stellar) colour-gamut. Which is a band-aid in itself. Give us 120Hz @ 10bit colour @ 180° FOV @ “16K”with affordable hardware! Without the cord, please.

          Good bye to the VR-dream for the next ~ 10..20 years of my life? I don’t think so.


    2. I can take the heat, i can accept the lower perceived res, and I don’t get any nauseating feelings at all.

      Same as many people, i can read my break markers, see apex’s and the sense of scale when you are racing up close beats any monitor experience in my opinion.

      I personally hope that this tech does get the development i feel it warrents, but if the rift was as good as it gets then i can still take much pleasure from it.

      The strange thing here is that this article was sanctioned, now obviously they wont get VR working on consoles so this article is designed for that purpose… But have they fucked up somthing on the PC implementation.

      I have pre-ordeded the deluxe version of PCARS 2, and ill stick my headset on, jump on brands hatch in a familiar car, and before my 2 hours is up ill either be pressing refund or not.

      Back to VR, some people are a little fearful of the tech and it sits uneasy with them.

      I can say in all honesty that it has been a game changer, i spend so much more time racing now that i have VR.

      This article is a second hand opinion piece and is also a load of hairy bollocks.


      1. I’m blind in one eye and do not get how people think it’s blurry… Even with a 1070 I can run project cars with supersampling 1.5 Yes you have to turn stuff down but you don’t notice a thing. Assetto Corsa I can run max setting ss 1.5 with 90fps all day. You do not need a supercomputer. My 970 before this worked also. I also have a i5-6600k. Honestly though I let the haters hate, but like someone said before I hope we do not go back to monitors I know I can’t. It’s too boring. Sure it’s gets a little warm. Sure it’s only 1080p, but people forget this is the 1st consumer version. I know they have something else in the works. Wireless is just around the corner even though you don’t even notice it driving after a bit. It’s only logical that it goes up in quality. If had a lot of people try my headset I make sure it’s setup proper for them and they are blown away. Buddy of mine is saving for one now. I told him to wait until next year to see if something new comes out though. The only thing I am missing on my rig is motion. And that’s in the works..


  14. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    VR is not for everyone, but for me.. in racing games… It’s everything .

    Yes I’m an early adopter. Because I really really want this tech to succeed for my own personal enjoyment. I’ve done VR so many times in the past and this one is the only round of tech that works as close to how it should .

    Yep it’s blurry at distance due to the infinite image detail fighting for decreasing pixel availability in the center of the screen. Yes more pixels would make that better… But the PC Power you need for 4K at 90fps is some time off.

    For most, the current gen with supersampling improves image quality enough at 1080/90fps just fine and once your driving your racing the bumper of the guy in front. Rarely do you look into the inifite focal depth during a race. So… That ‘too blurry’ argument is moot and I’m calling bullshit on people using it as an excuse to bash the tech and or the people who bought one.

    Now here’s the thing with #noVRnoBuy… We haven’t petitioned or troll normal monitor users for only having a monitor. Nor do we petition against your ability to play a game because of your 2D monitor choice. We all.want to play together.

    What is happening in the gaming community is bullshit where people are actively calling out VR owners as being unecessary to cater for. It’s the bullshit equivalent of… ‘You have a steering wheel over $400? Well fuck you… Your a nerd and your wheel shouldn’t be supported… G27’s for everyone!!! Fuck you rich Fanatec cunts’

    This is the kind of shit I’m seeing in forums by of all people… Fellow racers?!!!

    Let’s not forget the number of VR owners now who not only just like VR… Enjoy it enough to have now sold their monitors and race exclusively in VR…

    It would be different if they still had those monitors. But full rig builders are increasingly removing monitors in favour of VR. Smaller space constraints, cleaner look… And for 3 decent monitors, VR is cheaper.

    I literally can’t play racing games now without VR for this reason. It has a HDMI port for God’s sake. Code is easily implemented and it’s no different to supporting a new steering wheel in 2017. It should be native for a genre that it so naturally supportive of tech to simulate racing / flight.

    So I’m amazed at how fellow gamers can react calling it advertising shills. When by almost every account VR (with exception of resolution which is the same as your monitor by the way, your just closer to it) is a better experience.

    I don’t see people trolling and poo pooing direct drive wheel owners since they cost more than VR and it’s argue that I personally would get more from VR than I would over a modified T300 to. $1500 direct drive.

    This is how the bullshit nature of sim racers are and the very reason why this site exists to pull heads back in line.

    noVRnoBuy is a reality, it’s a formal request by very same community of people who petitioned for steering wheel support.

    We have 5 members in our league alone that exclusively race in VR and also swear by it. Sure I’d like 3 monitors worth of pixels, but for early tech today that my PC can run… VR is fucking brilliant for racing.


    1. Brilliant post and spot on..

      I’ve just built myself a second rig dedicated to VR..

      Both my rigs running direct drive wheels.. I would definitely choose VR over a wheel upgrade if I had to.. thankfully I have both.

      But this article seems like irrational generalisation.. even for PRC. I was a total skeptic and only bought my rift to try it and then sell it just so I could see what it was about. I am very sensitive to motion sickness and fully expected not to be able to stand it. I can’t even play a FPS on a monitor.

      But damn after a few laps I was just blown away.. took a little while to get used to it but I don’t get sick at all.. weird.

      Amazing tech and I really hope it doesn’t fade away. I don’t see the point of this article other than to bash VR.

      Talk about a generation of spoilt brats.. I remember being blown away by papyrus Indy car racing back in the early 90’s. I don’t think anyone could’ve even imagined how good the tech would get back then.. but all you entitled brats just have to rag on it..

      Each to their own.. if you don’t like it.. don’t use it.. but just let those of it that do enjoy it do so without your negative bullshit..
      It’s not a competition between monitors and VR. we’re lucky we have the option.


        1. huh? how was his reply autistic? Also there’s something rather ironic that you are exhibiting the exact same ‘repetive autistic’ behaviour as our anti semitic troll by posting these things all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for shaming that idiot, but still it’s kinda funny.


  15. It’s also got me wondering just how many users praising VR are genuine individuals, and not just paid shills told to flood various message boards in a quest to get more and more teams to purchase development kits/licenses,
    Like “some” people do for pcars2 ?


  16. I can only comment on the lowest or near lowest version of VR which is ps vr , now the initial experience was dam good , games like rush of blood and resident evil 7 were exciting and enjoyable.

    A simple game like the on rails type of game rush of blood is took me to another place entirely , no other game has ever done that.

    Resident evil was bloody awesome.

    Dirt rally , I have never been able to see apexes coming like VR , showing distance and angle like no other experience on a flat TV .

    In saying all that I have sold the PS VR ( I have only mentioned 3 games above , there isn’t a lot else to talk about)


    I don’t want half assed experiences either like GT sport is going to do !

    Once the realisation of how bad the resolution really was in comparison to normal TV viewing I went back to my trusted HD tv and have stayed at that point ever since .

    I would believe a full resolution experience with a full grid , weather , crashes and pits stops would be a sublime experience for anyone to be pulled into.

    VR is going to improve a lot !

    If I could get a clean and crisp 1080p resolution in a racing game without reduction in grid sizes , weather and so on or any other game I would be happy , until then I will sit on the fence until that time comes .

    Its really in its infancy at the moment . I for one hope it continues forward.


  17. Well your expert sim racing reporter either
    A: had a setup not adjusted for him
    B: has no real word racing experience
    C: both

    I have been Sim racing for about 10 years and racing Karts/cars for 15 years.
    I along with all my buddies that sim race now(including a Indy/CART veteran) will not race without VR.
    The peripheral vision issue… Pretty much a non issue. Put a helmet on, it will make sense.
    Bluriness? Also don’t have a issue with this really in a CV1. I feel it’s more then adequate for the time being. I can read brake markers from 200m away at most tracks depending on sizes.
    I like the content on this website but this article is a load of crap.

    One of the guys I coach decided to step into sim racing. Bought a extremely expensive motion sim, 3 huge TV monitors, DD wheel. The whole enchilada. He was constantly having issues with consistency and driving the virtual car on the limit. We adjusted everything to try to help.
    Finally he purchased a rift, and he said that solved all of his issues. He could connect with the car and feel things that he couldn’t percieve on the 3 screens. It helped with braking, line consistency, and recovering slides accurately.
    I couldn’t sim race without vr now.


    1. “The peripheral vision issue… Pretty much a non issue. Put a helmet on, it will make sense.”

      Seriously? Racing for 15 years yet sound like you’ve never seen a full face helmet, let alone put one on. Look at one, the opening goes a few inches BEHIND you eyes. You barely see it in your peripheral vision (it’d be a shitty helmet if you could). Now look at a VR headset, the sides go straight forward. No comparison whatsoever.

      This goes to show how reliable the rest of your claims are.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you for speaking common sense. the helmet thing is cited frequently by VR shills and it makes no sense whatsoever. With a racing helmet, I can check my mirrors with a minor glance of my eyes to the side, barely moving my head at all. In VR I have to turn my whole head about 25-30 degrees to look directly forwards at the wing mirror. It’s completely immersion breaking. And driving normally is extreme tunnel vision. I had a Vive and sold it specifically because of the lack of peripheral vision.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I am not sure what the issue is here. With my CV1 I can glance in side mirrors and see clearly without turning my head too much.

          In most every race car I have driven to actually see what is in the mirror you would have to slightly turn your head anyway.

          Besides we actually do turn our heads when we’re strapped into a actual car. What is so wrong with that.


      2. Well, do you have a full face helmet? (Assuming you don’t going by your comment)
        Do me a favor. Before you put it on, hold your hand at the 9 or 3 o clock of your head in line with your temple. You will be able to see your hand in your peripheral vision. Unless you have horrible eyes.

        Now put the full face helmet on. Do the same test.
        You’ll figure it out.

        You could do the same test with a open face helmet, the results will be marginally better.

        I can tell you with confidence that the FOV is very similiar. It’s a non issue.

        Doesn’t matter the helmet. I currently have an Arai GP6 and a Bell prior both similiar in visibility outward.


        1. Regurgitating what I said, original.

          Now do me a favor and put your hands right beside your eyes going straight forward. Now judge what is worst between that and a helmet.


  18. Haha, softening the blow for the console peasants. So fucking obvious. VR pisses on triples.


  19. I was watching an iRacing streamer on Twitch a few days ago try out VR for the very first time, and he was experiencing motion sickness along with his display being very blurry.

    It’s really annoying seeing VR crybabies go on a crusade on every game that doesn’t implement VR, with the most recent example being Dirt 4.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Disorientating and blurry? Jesus get that kid a glass of milk and a blanket. Does it ever occur to you that maybe this guy has an issue with his eye sight? Oh wait you wear glasses too I get why you are so jealous of those who enjoy it.
    A guy confirms Austins bias and of course everyone else is lying. This sums up Austins narsasitic mental state.


    1. Calm down. I’m just calling what I saw. Believe me, I wanted to step into that rig and be blown away.

      I’m tempted to get my hands on one for a few days (hire, probably) and set it up in my own home at my own pace and thoroughly check it out. I don’t think a few private-chat comments should have been taken as final, concrete, thorough analysis upon which to base an article. If I had a lot of time to play around with it and set it up at my own pace, sure, but not after three laps of Brands Hatch Indy.


      1. PRC Ground Reporter wrote:

        > I don’t think a few private-chat comments should have been taken
        > as final, concrete, thorough analysis upon which to base an article.

        ^ This!!!


  21. I don’t understand the animosity towards people who blow a few k on their hobby. At the heel of the hunt, who cares. If you’ve got 20k tied up in a rig or your using a controller, a players track etiquette is of more concern to me. I’ld understand this article if the masses were duped into a purchase but with the amount of differing opinions surely potential customers would try the tech first. I’m afraid I just don’t get this one. As for this being a fad, like 4k, progression will push development even if there’s little market currently for it, because you’ve got to be moving forward somehow.


  22. I certainly wouldn’t disagree with the remarks from your on the ground reporter, but there are 2 things I’d add which may have a bearing and perhaps go some ways to answering your question

    1) I don’t think anyone can just jump into VR and go racing straight away. You need to crawl before you can run. I’d recommend at least 3x 1 hour sessions getting used to the experience in slower cars on flat tracks with few (if any) opponents to cause havoc. Only then would I start to really get into racing. A demo/exhibition obviously doesn’t allow for that, plus they often feature pretty fast cars. I’ve also got no idea if the motion rig helps or harms getting used to VR quickly since I’ve never tried one.

    2) I also don’t think the majority of positive reviews are paid shills or rationalisation (although I’m sure some are with respect to the latter). There hasn’t really been anything like this before, and part of the rose tinted goggle syndrome might instead be players seeing the future potential for version 2 or 3 of these devices, where issues like screen door effect and lack of peripheral vision are able to be resolved, in part thanks to faster computer hardware, etc. Perhaps that’s way too optimistic, but the Rift still came out of nowhere and apparently advanced in leaps and bounds.

    That said, my rift, and even my wheel, remain packed in their boxes after moving house. I certainly enjoyed the experience, and may get them out again, but for the moment I just don’t have the time.


  23. Well, this is a personal matter..
    James, please try it by yourself before quoting another person about disorientation, tube-view etc. – maybe you will like it. And maybe not – because VR tech could cause a nausea, pukes and headache.
    Me personally can’t get back to flat screen simply because i get a level of immersion i always wanted to get – with this for instance
    The motion allows to enjoy pure VR feelings without any motion sickness, because only this way you got a proper brain cheating. Since i got my motion rig i was dreaming about adding such tech for my experience and thanks to Oculus (or HTC) we got it.
    And no, i’m not a payed off person – just an enthusiast who enjoys driving on my favorite track. Besides, i’m not a VR adopter – i didn’t buy oculus dk1 or dk2 – cause this was a pure crap – but yet people play with it and truly enjoy the immersion.
    It should be dully noted, that current VR tech level is not enough for some people to get a proper joy – in terms of quality. The tech is constantly evolves and soon we will see a new hybrid systems (foveat rendering, hi-resolution spatial hmds for adjusting focus ques, hi-res 2 frame merging systems etc.).
    For me it is no brainer what to use – flat screen panel or a hmd. All doubters will likely remain the same if they don’t want to spend some funds they always spend to subscriptions..


  24. I remember watching Gregor Huttu getting motion sickness in a Real life star Mazda test. Speed and hills did him in throwing up in his helmet.
    So +1 for vr realizm I guess.

    Personally I get motion sickness playing doom on a monitor.
    So I thought twice before buying/trying the rift.

    As suggested by early adopters, I started slowly driving the skippy on a flat tracks doing short stints. It didn’t take long before I could feel it coming on. So I did what they said, hop off have a break etc etc.
    On the first day before dinner, all cars and tracks combos were fine.
    Scary but +1

    As for vision and also mentioned before, its no different to wearing a full face helmet with a clear plastic visor. Like every go-karting kid has too. Not perfect, but could be ?
    +1 for realizm I guess.

    My freinds.
    Well they found my 3 monitor 80/20 rig a bit of a bigboy weird toy (wt#! osw, he/pedals etc. )
    Mostly because they couldn’t sim drive, always crashing, etc etc.
    Then me always having to defending my E sport investment when they’d say things like “it nothing like driving a real car or racing go karts.”

    Funnily since VR it’s Thursday night at mine.
    All my expensive perferals meant nothing. Untill I got my VR:)
    Immediately they could sim drive hurray! (And I’m nolonger crazy. To them:)
    Their remarks
    “It really is a total 3d immersion”
    “Give me another go”
    Which has it’s draw backs cause now we need the rule “crash your out”
    +1 for realizm, I guess:)

    Ya see, they had no preconceived ideas unlike me. Or unrealistic forum based expectations like me.
    To them it was correct in every sense.
    +1 to vr I guess

    Anyway after a few weeks of toggling back and forth from triples to VR, cause living with vr and trying vr is totally diffrent, and also to make sure I wasn’t on a gimmick ride.

    I found the habbit of just playing a simple game was strongly embedded.
    Everytime I’d go back to triples, and I have done that lots, I said
    “who am I kidding!”

    I’m going from a geometrically perfect 3d virtual reality “motor esport” with some isuues, to a basic old school 2d game. with it’s issues! And those old thrills of playing a basic games have been beaten up! and out of me.
    As if it was ten yrs ago.
    (Sorry haters of expensive new tech.)

    So I’ve ended up removing my extra monitors. And now I just go sit in my new ferrari cause I can, before hitting the true to life lazer scanned tracks at neck braking to true to life speed.
    So for me.
    +1 for VR I guess


  25. Huttu didn’t get motion sick.. he threw up coz he was a porky unfit nerd who only sits in front of a computer..

    This is very real and would happen to almost anybody who isn’t pretty fit after a few laps.. Myself included! Just sayin!


  26. As a side note, Forza Motorsport 7 was also on display at Goodwood, at the Porsche lounge. From what I have read the force feedback is very impressive.


  27. The Anti-Defamation League a notorious Jewish terrorist group has just issued a press release complaining about Donald Trump’s recent #FraudNewsCNN wrestling tweet.

    Go read their full analysis here :

    After extensive research, the ADL determined that the clip was originally created by Nazi Reddit user HanAssholeSolo. It appears as if someone else added in audio and made some edits like the Fraud News Network graphic.

    HanAssholeSolo seems to have quite the extensive track record of Nazi shit posting. Lots of funny stuff!

    Needless to say, the ADL was none to pleased about his activities.

    I’m still trying to figure out what’s funnier. The fact that the President of America tweeted out a clip originally created by Nazi Reddit user HanAssholeSolo or the fact that the ADL did such an extensive analysis of postings by Nazi Reddit user HanAssholeSolo.

    The ADL actually thinks they are demonizing Trump by linking his tweet to an Internet Nazi. In reality, all they’ve done is make his tweet that much more epic and funny.

    When Trump opens up his presidential library, there needs to be a section specifically dedicated to this tweet and a reference to Nazi Reddit user HanAssholeSolo. After all, this tweet represents a historic moment for the Trump presidency.

    We salute HanAssholeSolo for his fine work and hope he continues his efforts. Without him, this great moment in Internet shit posting would not have been possible!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. I know the comments are unmoderated… But surely the peado stuff should be removed!!!? C’mon James surely you can’t let that stuff reside on your site…


  29. “LFS HAS THE BEST VR SUPPORT WITH ALL POSSIBLE SIMULATION VALUE!” Sorry, can’t resist, especially that the LFS truther is thankfully gone and the reason the LFS devs resumed development is because of VR.


  30. As today is July the 4th, I hope Kim celebrates too by joining your stupid party with his nukes.

    Condor, if you’re reading. I’m seriously considering about buying a road legal Datsun 120A and using it as a base for a replica of the 710 IMSA race car from the early ’80s. Tell me where you live, and I’ll challenge you at a 1vs1.


  31. The whole bit during Goodwood’s livestream of the first day where their reporter tried it out and careened disorientedly into walls was a pretty sorry sight; it was pretty embarrassing to see that as the representation of what “the simulators” are to the mainstream.

    (Granted, it wasn’t as embarrassing as the countless posts about Ed Berrier failing to turn right and perpetuating the NASCAR stereotype.)


      1. Stuck throttle by the looks.

        So many people did the hurr durr NASCAR-turning-right joke thinking they’re being clever and witty, when really it exposed just how fucking stupid they are because Based Mike Skinner absolutely bombarded the hill in a NASCAR Tundra not a few minutes prior.


  32. So the other day Glorious Leader Trump made a tweet. Easily the greatest tweet in the history of Twitter, a WebM of him from his pro wrestling appearances throwing a flurry of punches at a man with “CNN” imposed on his head and walking away like a badass.

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    CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

    CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.CNN

    They hunt you down and make you read a statement you know isn’t true. Similar to what Soviets did. No surprise, Jews run both.

    This individual that CNN is threatening ?

    He’s 15 years old.


  33. VR is awesome if you set it up properly, and can stand the low resolution. The problem is setting it up properly is a massive pain in the ass. You have to measure the distance between your pupils, spend at least ten minutes fiddling with the straps to get it to fit right, you cockpit setup has to be near perfect, and the temperature of the room has to be nice and cool, a few degrees cooler than usual. Having a fan right in front of you helps a lot. If you sweat even a little bit, the headset will fog up and get uncomfortable. If you wear glasses, getting the headset on without messing something up usually takes a minute or two, and if you have to take it off, you have to do it again. Every thing that supports vr is buggy, and will usually have to be reset or restarted a few times before it actually starts working properly.

    If someone ordered everything you needed to setup a simracing cockpit with vr, and just needed to set it up, they would probably spend two hours installing and downloading software with decent internet, an hour or two messing with software to get it to work, about four hours fiddling with hardware, and three hours getting things dialed in so they can actually use the hardware for longer than about 15 minites without getting uncomfortable.

    Who has time for that? It may be worth it for some people, but VR is clearly not ready for even most simracers to use. If I knew it would be such a pain to setup, I would not have bought a Vive. I’m still keeping mine, but if I had to do that setup again, I would just sell it.


    1. I found setting it up 100x easier than triples.
      Just my opinion. It was plug and play for me. To be honest.
      I’ve not changed anything since last year so no probs here.


  34. VR is an aquired taste. It’s kinda shit at first, but once your brain fills in the gaps left by the lower resolution, VR kills any flat screen experience.


  35. Reads like an article written by someone jealous that they can’t afford the latest toy.

    VR is good for sims, if you have the spare cash, but far from essential. Rift and Vive offer almost the same experience but you need more space for the Vive.

    If you want to experience VR sickness try PSVR Farpoint with full locomotion.

    The one point I do agree with is the concern over people being paid to express opinions. I’m more and more sceptical of the motivation behind expressed views. There are far too many companies masquerading as just another player.


  36. “It’s also got me wondering just how many users praising VR are genuine individuals, and not just paid shills told to flood various message boards in a quest to get more and more teams to purchase development kits/licenses, which in the end results in Samsung and Oculus turning a better profit”

    I’m “genuine” and genuinely enoying it even if it’s obvious that there is still alot to improve, as much on the hardware than software side (and affordability overall). I do get the red racoon marks and after one hour of play I just want to throw away the vive from my face but I still have a smile everytime I put it on. I tried a 15k motion platform a few weeks ago during F1 festival and even if it was fun to get more physical retroaction, the immersion from vr is incomparable. Hell, even 3d Imax was a bit boring last weekend… perfect picture but the sense of scale is just not right.

    I don’t think it will take over the world the same way personnal computer or mobile phone did but it’s definitively a technology that is there to stay and get better.

    Otherwise if money was not a limit, there could be better options for such “out of window” experiences and integration with a full cockpit, like what is used for car driving research and flight simulator but space requirement would also be far greater : (home make collimated display).

    My 75 yo mother when she tried vr for the first time (with assetto), instinctively turned her head to check incomming traffic while driving out of the pit and I was amazez that all the other adults playing on monitor and entry level motion platform that I saw at F1 festival where driving like they never had touched a car… Vr Immersion for the win.


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