Reader Submission #142 – The Front Wing is Too Damn High

No longer confined to select press releases and vague teaser shots, the covers have been fully removed from Codemasters’ upcoming open wheel racer Formula One 2017, but the diehards have managed to spot some oddities – and we’re praying it’s not indicative of the rest of the game’s quality. Coming off a stellar outing in F1 2016, a title many fans considered to be Codemasters magnum opus once the tire wear issues had been rectified for online play, expectations are high for what the UK crew can achieve with their next outing, yet in the preview shots that have been released by first party sources, questionable findings were discovered that really shouldn’t have made it into promotional material at the very least.

Today’s Reader Submission here at PRC comes from Australian kart racer Tyler W., who has summarized the oddities in the officially released footage quite extensively for us. Though it’s not a clear indication that Codemasters are on pace to dropping the ball a second time this year after DiRT 4 failed to impress, the Formula One series has been constructed primarily for die-hard Grand Prix fans, and the game will live and die not by it’s content, but by it’s polish.


Hey PRC! I’m getting in quick before the rush of emails start coming regarding this topic, but some Formula One 2017 gameplay with Max Verstappen has officially dropped, showcasing him turning laps around the short layout of Silverstone. Now, I have watched a few E3 videos of the classic cars, and it didn’t seem that bat, but now with outside views of the cars, I have some cause of concern regarding the game. And I don’t say this lightly as I’m someone who has been playing Formula One games for about as long as I have lived.

First, for some reason the 2017 RB13 has a front wing so high that Snoop Dogg would be jealous. Problem is, no way would any F1 car run a wing that high at any time, as it would have no downforce properties in order to be fast.Then, we move onto the RB6 from 2010, and it looks even worse. For some reason, the car looks to be running on the ground with the wheels looking abnormally high compared to the car itself, making it seem like a botched open wheel mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. It’s like there’s a horrendously soft suspension setup on it, and it’s not realistic at all compared to how the car sets through the corner in real life. While it’s compressing, the tires are still pretty low compared to the chassis.

I might be overreacting and worried over nothing, as what Max drove may have been an earlier build, but it’s a bit scary that the game comes out next month, and there seem to be some pretty glaring model issues, on top of the horrid external V8 engine noise – almost worse than what F1 2010 had, if I’m to be completely honest. By the way, how do you screw up a model that you’ve had since 2010?

What are your thoughts?

On one hand, I’ll gladly bring up Van Halen’s Brown M&M’s tour rider clause, where if one precise detail was botched – such as the color of M&M’s in the candy dish – the rockstars had every reason to believe exponentially larger mistakes were made when assembling the stage. So inaccurate car models and ride heights could point to other issues behind the scenes with F1 2017, problems we won’t discover until we’ve actually got our hands on the game and start screwing around with it. However, past examples have shown a racing game featuring inaccurate car models does not necessarily equate to a bad game. The EA Sports NASCAR Thunder games shipped with woefully inaccurate Chevrolet Monte Carlo bodies – they were too tall, too narrow, the front clip was nowhere near close, and the headlight decals were outdated by a few years – yet those games are still considered the absolute pinnacle of officially licensed NASCAR titles save for that small blemish, and it’s just something the diehards have to deal with every time they fire up the game.

Yet I do wonder how Codemasters were able to film promo pieces knowing such glaring oddities still existed with their car models. This is a team who are fully aware that die-hards are going to scrutinize everything and everything in the weeks leading up to the game; Formula One isn’t Mario Kart, it’s consumed exclusively by those who eat, breathe, and sleep grand prix racing, so why you’d pull the trigger on promotional material knowing it would be ripped apart is pretty perplexing. In my opinion, this one’s on the marketing team for not stepping in and saying “um… guys… are you sure you want this out there?”

There’s also the chance that Max was allowed to dick around with the game for a bit prior to filming, and he’s running some nutty exploit setup he figured out because he’s talented like that. I know in testing for Project CARS 2 I’ve been running some crazy shit outside traditional setup techniques for certain cars in the garage area, and it’s received some pretty interesting reactions when people either take a look at the values or try it for themselves, so that’s a distinct possibility.

Regardless, I wouldn’t write off the game just yet – Codemasters had a stellar blueprint to build upon thanks to how phenomenal last year’s game was – but yeah, I’m not sure why the promo team gave the thumbs up to put out footage with irregularities most F1 fans can spot from a mile away.


24 thoughts on “Reader Submission #142 – The Front Wing is Too Damn High

  1. I would love to understand what exactly Austin liked about F1 2016. It took a nice direction in some areas (like how it handles damage) but to be brutally honest it drives like shit and that ruins it completely.


  2. I don’t see nothing wrong with the images.if you cross reference the wings to the wheel nuts,it’s looks right


  3. Here’s what one of the devs had to say about this:

    >”We tend to run ‘default’ setups in events like this, which is why the ride height is even. In game you can adjust that yourself in the setup, which will give you rake on the car.”

    Also, if you happened to notice, Verstappen was sweating quite bad while he was driving – indication that the new Xbox One X has problems with overheating? Find out in the next blog post, only at Pretend Racecars!


  4. Wait, what??? Are we supposed to look at these two pics of game under one angle versus irl from another angle, without any reference to markers or other quantitative measurements, or at least estimates, and all nod our head in agreement?

    Sorry, it doesn’t work like this. Without quantitative statements your point does not exist – it’s simply not visible from this pic in to a sufficient extent to say anything sensible.

    Unless you have an inside scoop or there’s something you’re holding back. In which case: please enlighten us 🙂


  5. One thing to note: every promotional image needs to be approved by the teams featured in said shot, and most likely FOM as well.

    In other words, they all think that this is fine, and to be fair, it’s not going to make the average consumer go “oh my god, the wing is 10mm too high, pre-order cancelled!”.

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      1. The distance between the ground and the wing isn’t static and therefore not a very good reference point. However, the wing in relation to the wheel hub is and therefore the type of tire is irrelevant. Comparing the video with this picture and really any number of similar F1 cars, I can find no discernible difference. Of course, I don’t need to explain that to you, because your super, duper, smart and knew what I was getting at all along.


        1. You only came up with that because you got caught. But it is creative indeed, nice one. Also very convenient because you can always say “it looks about right to me”.


  6. Hopefully, unlike Van Halen, Codemasters won’t get complacent, fat, drunk, stoned and forget there’s a world outside of California. And with a bit of luck they won’t put a cunt up front and churn out crap for 20 years. Unless of course they are thinking of hiring Lord Kunos.


  7. What they need to concentrate on is making the F1 experience as boring as possible. Make the driving element about 20% of the actual “experience”. Instead, make the player do very boring press interviews and introduce an earnings system where the player progresses through a succession of massive watches, diamond ear studs, and designer sunglasses. Drivers brave enough to wear six different baseball caps during the post race interview would be rewarded with additional XP to spend on bigger plastic tits or cocaine for the wife.
    Codemasters got it almost right in F1 2016 by introducing the laptop as the primary route to championship success, but there still was too much reliance on being able to drive a car at high speed in order to win.


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