#WelcomeHome, TCR Scandinavia?

While there hasn’t been a whole lot of action regarding Sector 3’s RaceRoom Racing Experience as of late – the Swedish team slowly churning out more and more obscure content while talk of an extensive online racing interface to rival iRacing has died down – the RaceRoom brand have put out a rather ominous teaser on their official page, christened by the hashtag #WelcomeHome. The post has sent followers and official forum members alike into wild mass speculation, as unlike most developers who drop subtle hints about upcoming content through tweets and other miscellaneous social media posts until the inevitable reveal, Sector 3 have remained relatively tight-lipped about the future of RaceRoom Racing Experience and their company as a whole, meaning sim racers are left largely in the dark as to what this announcement could contain.

Intense speculation is really all this story warrants at this point, so for today I’ll just sort of drop an estimated guess on our audience, and then over the weekend we’ll see how close we got to the actual reveal.

I believe this announcement could possibly be related to an official TCR Scandinavia expansion pack for RaceRoom Racing Experience. While operating under the name of SimBin, the team we now know as Sector 3 Studios released not one, but two very obscure expansion packs for the cult classic simulator Race 07, centered around the regional touring car series many years ago. While it might not be everyone’s proverbial cup of tea – one “blanket” touring car series is often enough for most sim racers given how most sanctioning bodies provide the same vehicle specifications, and the same kind of racing – it would at least make sense for Sector 3 to revisit something very close to home. The team are based in Sweden, after all.

The evidence that points towards a possible TCR Scandinavia expansion pack can already be seen in RaceRoom Racing Experience as of today; Sector 3 have spent the past few months pushing out five straight Swedish racing facilities including Knutstorp, Falkenberg, Anderstorp, Karlskoga, and Mantorp Park – so all that’s really needed to complete the TCR Scandinavia experience would be the vehicles themselves. I’m not going to sit here and tell our readers it’s “not a lot of work” to make just a few cars and some liveries, because it is, but it’s certainly much less of a mountain for the team to climb compared to obtaining a Ferrari or Porsche license, and it 100% explains the #WelcomeHome hashtag that Sector 3 are pushing. This project is obviously something they take a lot of pride in because it’s close to home, and there’s nothing that says “obscure Swedish racing sim developer” than “Swedish touring car series.”

Unfortunately, at a time when sim racers are chomping at the bit for either ranked online racing to be implemented into R3E, or more information regarding SimBin UK’s GTR 3, it’s probably not what many loyal R3E supporters are wanting to hear. I’ve really been wanting an excuse to jump back into R3E, as I personally love the combination of how the tires behave, the internal car sounds, as well as the exceptional force feedback, and touring cars on tracks that are otherwise meaningless to me are just not going to reel me in – and I think a lot of people will agree on that front. RaceRoom Racing Experience is a good simulator, it just needs that little extra boost to make it great. This isn’t an extra boost at all, it’s just… more content.

Content that only a fraction of the userbase will even entertain the thought of purchasing, especially in light of talk regarding a massive overhaul to the online ecosystem, and a spin-off game centering around content that people do want to drive, just seems like a really bizarre way to proceed about things. And it’s decisions like this, if true, that really serve to explain why the company has run into financial trouble on multiple occasions. Customers have their credit cards armed and at the ready for all of these exciting new features the team have no problem announcing, but are then given regional touring car series instead that very few people will buy, while the actual exciting stuff just kind of vanishes until someone brings it up on a forum in six months.

But anyways, for the Swedish PRC readers hanging around here, y’all can probably get hyped for a TCR Scandinavian expansion.


38 thoughts on “#WelcomeHome, TCR Scandinavia?

    1. Sorry but TCR is not big anywhere.WTCC,BTCC are way ahead in terms of tv and people attending.TCR is a cheap series for drivers & teams which is a good thing but TCR has a tiny following.


      1. I’m quite confident you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        First of all, WTCC has been on a steady decline in both ratings and relevance ever since the mid ’00s. They went from 30 cars to barely 18 and 1/3 of those cars aren’t even full season entries. Fans do not show up on the grandstands literally anywhere that isn’t Portugal or Hungary because of local drivers (Germany @ Nurburgring doesn’t count, the thousands of people attending are there for the N24, WTCC is a 3rd grade support series, Macau round doesn’t count aswell for the same reason, people are there to see other races). The rulebook is simply beyond stupid and there is no interest from manufacturers to join the series. They went from having Seat, Alfa, Opel, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Peugeot, Lada, Volvo and Honda to only the latter two still with factory entries. All the other teams are running with outdated cars that have received zero support in the past 5 years. As a matter of fact, nobody cares about WTCC.

        BTCC is fairing slightly better just because it’s popular in their own country. But again, nobody cares about BTCC outside the UK and nobody bothers enough to buy the rights to broadcast it outside the country.

        TCR on the other hand has received a level of interest from fans, manufacturers and teams that was never seen for the better part of the past 20 years, ever since STW was at its peak in popularity and then organizers ruined it until it died. Every national TCR series has at least 25 entries, Germany alone has 45 cars. It has become so popular that even IMSA picked it up for their own championships in the states, allowing a great number of TCR-spec cars to race in the CTSCC starting from 2018.

        The only tiny following here, is the shadow projected on the wall by your erected tiny penis.


  1. Maybe this is exactly what the Sim racing community needs though – some more genuinely unique offerings.

    If it was purely a Scand. race series-only game then I would expect it would struggle to sell but as a complement to the rest of the game it provides a way to stand out against the dozen other studios all rushing to provide the exact same content and experience.

    How many times can you buy and race the same dozen or so most popular real-world tracks (and cars)? How much does a studio consume just recreating the same minimum expected content over and over again for each iteration of game they release?

    I would love to see the most popular/common tracks open sourced (if possible technically or legally) so anyone building a new game can just ‘plug in’ the big tracks then spend their time and money focusing on all the extra content that the community is crying out for and really start moving the genre forward.


  2. I really wish Raceroom would do Group C.

    Lancia LC2, Porsche 962, Sauber C9, Jaguar XJR9/12/14, Peugeot 905, Mazda 787b, Mercedes C1/C291.

    Those are what I can recall off the top of my head. *Especially the LC2*.

    Would also be cool if they would add just one last DRM car: the Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo. How could they leave that one out?


    1. But would Porsche ever consider a Sector 3 game “home?” No, not really. Porsche hasn’t been in a SimBin/Sector 3 game since GTR 2, and it wasn’t a game that focused on brand identity, but instead just race teams who used Porsche or Ferrari cars.

      It would also look massively pretentious for Porsche to land in all these other sims, but then for Sector 3 to consider R3E the “true home.”


      1. “It would also look massively pretentious” It sure would however that never stopped your Lord and saviour from stating his sims are the most advanced on the planet since the release of Shift 2 Unleashed. This is the very definition of a pretentious statement given the issues and errors in everything released by SMS

        Let’s take a look at what the community fixed that SMS couldn’t…


        Bug fix summary:
        – fixed reversed toe values bug (flipped positive and negative values so that they now correctly match the tuning menu).
        – fixed sounds for Nissan 2000GTR and Nissan 240ZG engine swap
        – fixed Mazda RX8 and Porsche 914 engine descriptions
        – fixed bug in Bugatti Veyron rear-left “SlowBump” range
        – corrected power of Mazda RX7 FC rotary (stock and turbo upgrades).
        – fixed uneven ReboundTravel on many cars.
        – fixed diffuser base value typos on various cars.
        – fixed uneven left/right tuning on various cars.
        – fixed front & rear wing range for Audi R8 LMS.
        – fixed camber values on various cars.
        – corrected fuel tank locations (some were up to 2m behind car).
        – fixed missing DiffPumpSetting values (from “DiffPumpSetting= ” to “DiffPumpSetting=0” which was found to produce more consistent AI behaviour in Overhaul mod for Shift 1)
        – fixed a bug that prevented proper upgrade of Mercedes 190e Evo2
        – reduced the magnetized effect of collisions with walls/rails and other vehicles.
        – fixed reversed mirrors in several cars.
        – fixed syntax errors in tracks.lod files

        All of those fuck ups & work arounds in the ‘most advanced physics system ever released in a racing game’ (1:54): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=929UZ6Nq-hk

        And pCARS 2 is supposed to be even better!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, QA (and keeping promises) have never been their forte.

          Honestly, if either R3E or AC had weather, I doubt I’d need much else. The modding scene for AC in particular has really exploded lately. Just finished driving the new R25 mod and it’s a blast. I wish the VRC guys would go after Group C now.

          Please God – someone do the Lancia LC2 in my lifetime 😉


        2. The funny thing is that pCars 1 telemetry hud is the same. That short clip answered some questions i still had about it!(never bothered to search for it)

          thanks! 😀


      2. I really have no clue what will happen, but one aspect you might have forgotten. Sector3 is swedish but “only” the developing studio. The games owner and publisher is Raceroom, based in Germany…


    1. James is in his feelings about a frigging hashtag??? Guy should get help. Simracing is clearly not good for his mental health.


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          It was just a tip.


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  5. I welcome Porsche to R3E. Let’s hope some historic model’s will come. The ones in AC is cool, but physics & FFB is killing the fun of driving them compared to R3E


    1. Because it uses the shitty dated flawed ISI motor engine.
      Every single sim that uses the ISI engine seems to be struggling on steam, it was never a good engine to use, even the developers themselves ISI has binned it, sold it to a incompetence no name developer called studio 397, who as never made or released a single game ever, and are only good at data collection.

      Race room is played more than Autoboshista


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