Yawn Factor: Sector 3 Studios Acquire Porsche License

If you’re going to go through the trouble of making some sort of impromptu hashtag, and tease a “major announcement” about your video on Facebook, it better actually be a major announcement, and not something that everyone else within the ecosystem have been doing for about eleven months. This is the spot RaceRoom and Sector 3 Studios have found themselves in today, as the #WelcomeHome announcement was not a full-fledged TCR Scandinavia expansion as I publicly predicted (though I think Jean-Francois can confirm I called it in private on Facebook), but rather the introduction of Porsche into the *free-to-play PC racing simulator. After years spent using the aftermarket modification brand Ruf in substitute of the iconic German sports cars – as did many developers during the years of EA’s exclusivity deal – simulation enthusiasts who call R3E their software of choice will now be able to purchase a fleet of authentic Porsche race cars in the near future.

For the R3E crowd, as well as the developers themselves, it’s certainly an exciting time for the game, as Porsche’s inclusion is really one of the last major automotive brands to be implemented into RaceRoom Racing Experience, and there are a pretty diverse array of classes in which Porsche sports cars past and present can be dropped right into the already stout packs to compliment the field. I’m also hoping that some of the older ADAC GT Masters packs will be retrofitted with the previously omitted Porsche content, as the pricier bundles depicting one of Europe’s top GT series at the time shipped with incomplete fields due to the lack of a Porsche license. If Sector 3 were to take this route, it would be an extremely classy move on their part, breathing new life into content people may have forgotten about.

Contextually, however, I find the hype and fanfare RaceRoom tried to drum up in regards to this announcement fairly peculiar, if not outright pretentious. At the very least, the marketing department could have done a lot better given the circumstances.

Rather than simply tease a new manufacturer was being added into the mix, the affordable simulation rig company instead boasted of a “major announcement”, using the hashtag #WelcomeHome. In light of the team’s plans for an extensive online racing service, and an entirely new console game from their sister company SimBin UK, a lot of sim racers believed this #WelcomeHome announcement would be much bigger than a new car brand entering the fray – and this is a sentiment conveyed on the official Facebook page as well. For this “important announcement” to manifest itself as a mere license acquisition… It’s kind of a letdown.

And that’s because for over a year, almost every other developer in the sim racing landscape today treated their own acquisition of the Porsche license like it was a pretty major deal – which in all fairness, it was at the time. Kunos Simulazioni rocked the entire genre on June 17th, 2016, when they revealed their little studio of just under twenty people had somehow managed to wrangle the elusive Porsche license away from the grasp of Electronic Arts, revealing a trio of paid downloadable content packs, paving the way for the rest of the hobby to follow suit. But then Turn 10 got their hands on the very same license, as did iRacing, Slightly Mad Studios, and even Gran Turismo – a franchise that had existed long before EA’s exclusivity deal went into effect. Within a few months, it honestly just didn’t matter anymore, and the deal between Porsche and EA had firmly cemented itself as a really aggravating piece of trivia. So for RaceRoom to advertise this as a major event in the game’s timeline… I’m sorry guys, but that ship sailed long ago.

I also take issue with the rather strange, misguided hashtag used to kind of promote this announcement, the whole #WelcomeHome thing they’ve got going on. Dating back to Race: The WTCC Game, Porsche vehicles have never appeared in any simulator made by the Swedish incarnation of either SimBin or Sector 3 Studios. So in this case I’m not really sure what Porsche are “coming home” to, as Porsche car models weren’t present in games created by this team to begin with.

Some will try and claim this hashtag is actually in reference to the GTR series of simulators, in particular GTR 2, but they’d be factually incorrect to do so. The GTR releases were actually made by a group operating under the moniker of Blimey Games, based out of the United Kingdom, and not Germany – Porsche’s home. Those who still push the GTR 2 argument regardless of these facts are also forgetting that marquee manufacturers weren’t a key selling point of GTR 2; the game was based on the 2003 and 2004 FIA GT Championship seasons, and it just so happened that there were a lot of Porsche’s and Ferrari’s on the roster because that’s what teams were using at the time. This wasn’t Need for Speed or Test Drive by any means, where trailers showcased shiny street-legal Porsche’s and Ferrari’s for you to gawk at; it was a pretty obscure racing simulator.

Regardless, it’s good to see Porsche playing ball with even the little guys in the genre, and this can only open the door for an increased level of cooperation within the sim racing landscape.



68 thoughts on “Yawn Factor: Sector 3 Studios Acquire Porsche License

    1. Their game has remained unchanged for a year, if not more, while their promised revisions have failed to materialize and additional paid content is used as a distraction.

      10/10 this is exactly what sim racing needs.


        1. Original draft of the article had three predictions, and would go from a “safe bet” to “absurd bet.”

          1. Porsche
          2. STCC
          3. actual GTR3 news and not bullshit mockup shots to secure an investor

          I then chopped up the article and went with STCC because no retard in their right mind would consider Porsche to be a major announcement when that sort of thing stopped being a major announcement six months ago.

          But yeah, LOL LMAO ECKS DEE DEE DEE pollack asshurt, etc


          1. And yet the people working at RR/S3 consider it a major thing for their product.
            So according to you they are all retards, interesting.


      1. VR-support manuell pitstops and flag-system were no changes in the game?

        And still as mentions in the comments of your faulty article – Raceroom is a german company/brand as porsche is, too.


  1. This article reflects my thought bang on when before and after the announcement,wtf is coming home,do they expect all of their lost members to return because of Porsche.

    At least rf2 is looking promising with the latest roadmap


  2. I suppose it could be big news for the few people who only play R3E, similar to when they finally released their laser scanned Nordschleife more than a year after Assetto Corsa got it. That hashtag was retarded though, with that I have to agree.


  3. Can’t you even be bothered to google the most basic of your supposed “facts”?
    GTR and GTR2 were originally published by 10tacle, based in Darmstadt.

    RR is based in Germany, so they are the only current publisher to create Porsche content that’s based in the country that manufacturer is situated in.
    But having learned a lot about your research methods, I’m afraid I even have to tell you that RR is based in Fichtenberg, which is really close to Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen.
    So if anybody can make such a claim, it’s them.

    Seriously, you’re embarrassing yourself.

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        1. Well he just doesn’t want – or fails – to realise that b2b marketing is a two-ways deal, so of course Porsche themselves have an interest in such announcements. It’s publicity for their brand, simple as that.

          But seeing this lack of comrehension helps to understand how he can sell out for a shiny toy and still believe he’s a credible, independent commenting voice.


        1. blimey were contracted by Simbin to develope GTR2 .. so technicaly with both eyes closed you can link it to Sweden .. welcomehome …


    1. Yeah, every dev team seems to be treating “We’ve got Porsches now!” like it’s the most mind-blowing revelation possible on God’s green earth instead of, like, a manufacturer that’s in everything now anyways.

      Though, honestly, it’d be kind of hilarious if they just did this with everything going forward. “Hold on to your horses and brace yourselves, because the most legendary piece of machinery on the planet finds its way to : you can drive the one, the only, the EL CAMINO!”. Or a bright flashy E3 show bringing down an AMC Pacer while EDM blares.


  4. I think it’s pretty awesome that the sim with the best FFB, tire modeling, complete race series and arguably best-looking graphics (hard to believe it’s DX9) is getting a major license.

    This opens the door to every single GT3 IRL now being driveable in R3E. Also, the Gr5 can use a real 935 and not a tube-frame silhouette version that has a 935 engine but is otherwise completely unrelated. It also means they could begin doing Group C (can’t do Gr. C without a 962).

    So, it’s pretty awesome and certainly qualifies as a major announcement for those of us who really enjoy R3E.

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      1. That’s true, but the Fabcar 935/84 IRL would completely outclass all the other Gr5 machines in Raceroom. I think Sector3 nerfed the engine to keep things competitive, which is annoying. The real Fabcar 935 (aka “The Last 935”) was cobbled together from various bits and pieces of an ex-Derek Bell wrecked 935, a Kremer front end, and a lot of tubing.

        What I’m saying is that it would be cool to have a “real”, earlier-spec 935 that matches up better with the other Gr5/DRM machinery. Of course, I’d much rather have the Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo – but Lancia seems like a forgotten brand when it comes to simulated racecars.


  5. yup! Yawn..who cares!..Every R3e new updates always Fubar and ai still retard…F1 2012,NR2003 n AMS Boxer way more fun..


  6. It’s like the whole world is giddy about Porsche. AC-3 Porsche packs, FM7-Porsche on cover, RR-Porsche announcement. Everyone is getting erect and sticky over a crapload of cars that all look the same. I don’t get it….


      1. Exactly.
        Why should anybody with an interest in automobile racing be excited about Porsche?

        They’re just the worlds largest race car manufacturer and the record championship marque at the 24hrs of Le Mans, the 12hrs of Sebring, the 24hrs of Daytona and the Targa Florio and by that secured 14 WSC/WEC titles.

        Dude, you’re a clown.


        1. Not disputing their success, as your Google search proves, just that it seams suddenly every developer realises that Porsche exists and it’s suddenly the number one defacto selling point for racing games.
          How excited can a person get by the same 911s in half a dozen games?

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          1. They have announced Porsche, where did they say that this would be the number one defacto selling point of their title? The announcement is understated, a tweet the day before to get peoples attention & then a few lines in a post with a promo video, this article is hyperbole if anything. For people who like the game adding a marquee like Porsche is a good thing as they have a great motorsport history, they have a fanbase. The licence only recently became available after years hence the reason lots of them are now being released.
            Why would anyone who prefers r3e care about Porsches in other games?
            I’m sure you know all this and are just trolling, either that or really thick.


          2. Nobody’s asking you to get excited. But for all those people working on all those racing themed products – whom I assume are proper petrolheads – it’s an important brand to include to their product, simply because it’s arguably the most important, influencial player in the racing business with an unparalleled history. With all their efforts and daring projects over the decades they’ve pushed the whole racing scene more than anybody else has.

            So yes, I’m a Porsche fan, been one for as long as I can think.
            If you or anybody else doesn’t like Porsche or isn’t interested in them, fair play to you, you probably like shit I wouldn’t turn my head for and that’s cool.

            But calling people retards because they get excited about announcing something that is a big deal to their business like Krusty up there does is just a tad too fruity, especially considering Mr Clown is considering himself to be somewhat of a gearhead.


  7. Sms and their shills are butthurt that everyone including raceroom is getting porsches. Which makes it less special that pcars2 has porsches now. So here we have an ordered article from ian bell wanting to demean racerooms moment with a troll article.

    Sorry folks, but the honor goes to Assetto Corsa and for Porsche on breaking free from the need for speed games. Pcars2 has porsches? Is just another one on the list, along with raceroom, gt sport, iracing and others. Let it go ian bell and co.

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  8. An SMS employee moaning about viral clickbait marketing of a half finished product is some irony.

    Everyday more pcars2 videos on YouTube yet not one word on physics except from those paid to repeat the marketing lines.


    1. What do you expect from an sms shill who sold out and still thinks he’s a credible and independent writer. Not that he was before, because just the fact he did what he did shows how he truly was beforehand.

      This guy should be a case study on delusion. It was an easy deal for Ian bell, he knows how to stop these guys and persuade them easily.


  9. I know it sounds like Austin being salty for not being right, but he has a point. It’s not a big deal anymore when you’re like number five on the list of devs who acquired a Porsche license recently.

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    1. Well, it’s kinda of a big deal when you finally get Porsches that drive and especially sound like their real world counterparts.


      1. Yup. They can develop it better than the other sim that currently has it, and likely better than the ones that will feature in the latest upcoming sim. Plus Porsche 962 can bring the R90CP with it.


      2. We’re past the point where announcing that you have Porsche in your game is a big deal. Assetto Corsa, Forza, Project Cars 2, iRacing, Gran Turismo, and even some arcade off-road game called Gravel all announced that they will have Porsches before RaceRoom. There’s nothing special about this announcement.

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        1. there’s also nothing special that pcars2 them. So pretty much if doesn’t matter that raceroom is now getting porsches it also doesn’t matter that pcars2 will have porsches when the game releases this fall. We’ve already played these cars in other sims. So, nice try ian bell, you’re as important as raceroom.


          1. I didn’t mention anything about Porsche in PC2 being special, but you seemed to be so obsessed about the game that you can’t stop talking about it. PC2 didn’t have some kind of cryptic marketing build-up to announce its inclusion of Porsche cars. RaceRoom did this after every sim has already put Porsche in their games, and it wasn’t a special announcement at all because of that.

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            1. Hi James..

              or should I say Ian Bell got so triggered he had to post with anon account. The only guy to get so annoyed by raceroom is Ian Bell himself and lately James has been parroting the same hate as well.


            2. any new manufacturer to a sim is special, even more the addition of porsche. All new manufacturer announcements are special even if other sims already have their cars.

              But carry on prc fanboy.


    2. its not a big deal for pcars2 either. The hidden agenda behind this article is to try to downplay the fact that other companies are also getting porsche. So ian bell is pissed that it makes the happening less special for his game too.

      Like this post now, James shill. Is not hard to see right through your bs.


  10. “Getting salty”.
    After “immersion”, the most widely used forum term by sim racing geeks and annoying arse holes the world over…..


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