Reiza2017… 2018… 2019…?

I think if there’s any one specific event in the history of sim racing that displays the utter foolishness of the community, and their willingness to virtue signal in front of their peers for internet brownie points rather than demanding more from developers in the face of a dying genre, Reiza Studios’ IndieGoGo campaign – the aptly titled “Sim Racing Bonanza” – immediately comes to the forefront. Twenty four months have passed since a whole lot of sim racers collectively tossed over $107,000 USD at these guys, and I am genuinely surprised not one of them have bothered to ask some pretty basic questions as to what Reiza Studios are actually up to.

The year was 2015, and Reiza Studios had established themselves as an upstart indie developer in a scene known for relentless superautists that criticize the slip angle of every last tire compound seen within a modern racing simulator. Yet though their most recent release, Game Stock Car Extreme, was quickly becoming a highly underrated cult classic among the most dedicated of pretend race car enthusiasts, Reiza Studios had run into a bit of a problem; they knew their piece of software was objectively something special, yet lacked the means and funding to insert vehicles and locations that would attract a bigger crowd to the title. Featuring primarily South American content, with the centerpiece being  a sort of pseudo-DTM series known as Stock Car Brasil, Reiza’s creations had traditionally been held back by a very weird brand of racing which Europeans and North Americans – the two largest sim racing demographics – found very difficult to adapt to. And as a result, for everyone who bought Stock Car Extreme and loved it – myself included – there were ten others who looked at the track list and went “what the fuck?” No thanks.

Reiza’s solution to the obvious problem, was to take a leap of faith and create a crowdfunding campaign – highly popular at the time – in which sim racers would donate to the team in exchange for Reiza to work on more appealing content, and this is outlined pretty specifically on the IndieGoGo page.

On paper, it wasn’t a terribly bad idea, and Reiza were initially justified in their decision to explore the crowdfunding route when it was revealed the first piece of content contributors would get their hands on was none other than a mighty V8 Supercar-spec Holden Commodore. With Australia’s national racing series lacking any sort of simulated representation outside of iRacing, users flocked to the otherwise highly niche title, some pitching in a pretty absurd amount of money to the campaign just to turn laps in this beast before anyone else. And to Reiza’s credit, they deserved this fanfare; the SuperV8 is one of the best simulated race cars of all time.

But it’s here where the story goes from a promising gamble, to a strange set of circumstances at the very least.

Reiza surpassed their crowdfunding goal with flying colors, but the popularity of Stock Car Extreme was not sustained from this unprecedented wave of generosity on behalf of the sim racing community. Within a week, Stock Car Extreme was once again a ghost town; used solely for independent online racing leagues, and Steamcharts actually hinted the game was on life support – a significantly different story than what users across various sim racing message boards would have led you to believe. At the time, I even wrote articles on the phenomenon, as it was unbelievable how sim racers tossed a six figure sum at an extremely small developer, only to basically forget about it a week later. The amount of active players the game boasted, amounted to about three league’s worth of players turning offline test laps for an upcoming race – no different than the game’s level of activity prior to the crowdfunding campaign. In short, the virtue signalling of sim racers claiming to support Reiza, didn’t translate into more people playing the game; only sim racers buying or contributing to tell others they did so for internet brownie points.

Acting quickly to counter the drastic decline in legitimate popularity, Reiza re-released Stock Car Extreme with minor, sometimes intangible improvements under the name of Automobilista – an effort that I believe was made to capitalize on the popularity of Assetto Corsa as an “every man’s PC driving simulator”, albeit with a much more profound focus on race cars. While I personally enjoy Automobilista, very little hides the fact that it’s yet another rFactor re-skin with an assortment of community plug-ins and minor tweaks; ones the average sim racer won’t pick up on. Thankfully, those who owned Stock Car Extreme on Steam prior to the launch of Automobilista, received the game for free.

The first point of interest, comes in the development pace of Automobilista.

Reiza promised a pretty steady stream of new content and features throughout the title’s lifespan, and while it’s something they’ve somewhat delivered on, the process has been very slow going. Development of Automobilista was intended to be completed by the first quarter of 2017, but as of this summer, the team are still working to complete post-release downloadable content packs and other upgrades they were once happy to discuss and publish a tentative release date for. Some mentions of previously teased content have disappeared from newer updates on the official Reiza forums, such as a Group B rally car, hill climb stage, and a car pack from a major manufacturer. This content has failed to manifest as of late, and while I don’t exactly doubt Reiza’s ability to finish the cars and tracks at some point in the future, their timeline to do so is now well beyond what was originally advertised. Simply put, they are now tangibly behind on Automobilista.

The second point of interest relates primarily to a title flying under the codename of Reiza 2017. Now while it’s important to note that the crowdfunding campaign was not for their full-fledged sequel, many of the higher contribution perks advertised a free Steam key to this upcoming major release. According to the IndieGoGo pitch made two years ago, we could realistically expect to see Reiza2017 available for purchase sometime after the final quarter of 2016. This is why a lot of people found the crowdfunding campaign so attractive in the first place; they’d fund an extensive push for Stock Car Extreme downloadable content, and in return receive “the big one” for free in a few years when Reiza had sat down and made their own full-fledged software release.

The problem is, we’re now halfway through the 2017 calendar year, and precisely zero details in regards to Reiza2017 have been made public.

The people who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign expecting Stock Car Extreme DLC, followed by a major release that pushed the isiMotor engine to its limit, were instead given a half-baked repackaging of Stock Car Extreme with a dynamic racing line and higher physics refresh rate, while info on the “new simulator” discussed in the campaign pitch is non-existent to the general public – despite the campaign implying it should have been released by now. Reiza did make their change of plans clear to the general public, believing it would be ideal to introduce a stop-gap title to hold people over until Reiza2017 was ready for release, but this isn’t a plan that would work if the team were to fall substantially behind on development of the stop-gap title.

Which is precisely the case right now. At the very least, Reiza are enormously behind on the company’s three-year plan, which has understandably angered some sim racers as they were very much looking forward to a DirectX 12 powered racing simulator from an otherwise fairly competent indie team, not a regurgitated version of rFactor with light tweaks here and there. In a more extreme view of these events, I think those wanting a refund have a reasonable complaint to register with the team, as part of the attraction in contributing to their crowdfunding ordeal was the eventual free access to the DX12 simulator, and we haven’t heard a single thing about this game’s existence despite blazing past the initial expected launch date for it. The stop-gap title essentially took so long for Reiza to complete, it’s now shifted their entire calendar back.

It’ll be a tricky path for Reiza to traverse, but one thing is for certain; Automobilista in it’s current state isn’t exactly a poor game by any means, but when there’s talk of DX12 and dynamic weather, a regurgitated copy of rFactor with some decent community plug-ins inserted by default isn’t what a lot of people were hoping for.


80 thoughts on “Reiza2017… 2018… 2019…?

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              He was a vegetarian, the first politician to introduce environmental laws?
              So i guess he would have been open minded about it.

              Probably wouldnt have liked ian bells le happy merchant style money grubbing anticts and put the bald faggot in an oven though. But who could blame him?


  1. Extremely fucking poor. I paid for the tier which had access to AMS, the DLC for it, and then Reiza2017 when it eventually came out. I already had SCE so AMS was free, and 2017 is vapourware, so all I got was some DLC.

    I’m pissed. Not good.


  2. You can’t even ask questions on the forum either,last time I looked the head guy said do not ask as we will not tell you anything.
    Quite sad really as I think Niels is a genuine stand up guy,but this whole thing will definitely spur his name


    1. They never said to not ask, they said there is nothing to talk about as AMS development is not on schedule. Anyway AMS is the base for next game so any feature developed here will be present in next game


  3. DX12 (or 11) is a buzzword, even the least technical people in the audience should have realized that by now. Try playing Crysis 2 in DirectX 9 mode, see how much that holds it back. Here’s a 4K comparison for Dirt 3 between DX9 and DX11:

    The way to make a game look good is by throwing a bunch of money and a team of talented artists at it. Simply upgrading the engine to a new version of the graphics API isn’t going to do jack shit.

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    1. Well fucking said, you should tell that to Studio 397, and their users, who think putting Direct X 11 on every single video and screen shot they create is going to convince people that rFactor 2 graphics engine is built from the ground up in direct x 11, when in reality it is not.
      rFactor 2 fake direct x 11 still looks shit like their Direct x 8 engine, which rfactor 1 and 2 are built on.


    2. So fucking true. People act like an API is somehow going to compensate for massive amounts of time and talent (or lack thereof).

      Look at Uncharted 4 on the PS4. It looks incredible on meager hardware. Why? Because the actual art assets are extremely high quality and the game itself is well-optimized. It looks better than almost anything I can buy for my GTX1080-equipped PC with all its DX12 bona fides.

      I’m always amazed at how bad AC looks with its DX11 engine.

      Weird subpixel crawling in the distance, shadows that fade in a mere 150 meters or so in front of you, bizarre aliasing artifacts involving shadows on fences, and the only weather condition that looks OK is “Mid Clear”.

      All this even with everything maxed out at 3840×2160 on a GTX1080. Sometimes it looks OK, but many of the tracks are really painful to look at – DX11 or not.


      1. dr. kondor with the AC hate again. Back to that phase again huh? I guess you’re again tired of raceroom and need to pick on thing that aren’t there. “Weird subpixel crawling in the distance” wtf?


        1. I can’t help it if you don’t understand subpixel rendering (rasterization is a non-trivial subject). Suffice to say, these things start to matter a lot when you’re sitting close to a large-screen image in particular, even if it’s 4k.

          I like AC a lot. The official tracks are pretty good at minimizing the geometric elements that bring out the worst in their rendering engine. I really enjoy all the AC cars with stiff suspensions, because it minimizes the bizarre “weight transfer” fake FFB effects they’ve tacked onto their otherwise excellent FFB engine.

          Do you remember the early betas of AC? They got killed on the forums for overly numb FFB. Problem is – that’s how a real car feels. You can’t feel weight transfer through the wheel IRL. At all. In AC (especially with older cars and others with soft suspensions), you get a lot of weird “springy” FFB where the wheel oscillates as if it’s directly attached to the suspension uprights (as opposed to the steering rack). In PCars, they labeled this crap as “SOP” (Seat of Pants) and I’m not a big fan.

          With AC’s race cars (and especially the Formula cars, which have almost no suspension movement), the effect is largely eliminated. My favorite car is the Lotus Exos for this reason. That car probably has the best FFB I’ve ever felt, in any game. Better even than Raceroom, which is otherwise my overall favorite. Thing is, I love all the mods and shit, so I end up spending about 75% of my time fucking around with AC. I mean, where else can you drive a Calibra ITC/DTM or a Renault R25?

          See man, I got no dog in this fight. I like aspects of all the racing sims out there. Even PC1 has a couple of decent cars that are fun to drive in the rain 🙂

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            1. No, I’m not talking about the Kerb/Road/Slip effects. This is built into the current FFB and can’t be disabled. It’s hard to explain if you didn’t experience the early FFB back during the beta. Notice how rF2 and AMS don’t have all these weird oscillation effects?

              I understand they’re trying to convey additional information about what’s happening to the car through the FFB, but IMHO it’s really overdone and makes street cars in particular feel like shit.

              Which is fortunate, since I don’t like street cars much anyway.


              1. oh em ge you couldn’t be more wrong.

                The ffb in AC simply comes from the suspension geometry of that particular car and then what you feel is influenced by the tyre grip, track elevations, and car setup.

                But for someone who doesn’t see what’s in front of his eyes (raceroom’s ffb settings that control the forces) I guess we can accept you don’t know any better.

                I don’t know if you noticed but the only slider that controls the force you receive to your wheel from the simulated car is on the Gain slider in main menu. All the other options have absolutely no influence on the ffb. Except that understeer effect that cuts the ffb when the car is understeering, but is as fake as road/kerb/slip effects (these last three settings only add vibration, not actual force feedback).


                1. “All the other options have absolutely no influence on the ffb”

                  Wrong, wrong, fucking Wrong. The Slip/Road sliders *amplify* the FFB that’s already there, and are decidedly not “fake” FFB effects. The only fake effect in AC is the Kerb effect (see end of this post).

                  Same goes for “Enhanced Understeer”. This toggles amplification of an effect (decreased FFB when understeering) that’s already there, but which may be too subtle for low-dynamic-range wheels like the Logitechs to actually feel.

                  AC attempts to replicate weight transfer effects by adding information from the suspension to the information coming from the tires. ALL FFB systems do this to one degree or another. The problem with AC (IMHO) is that the degree to which it does this is non-adjustable.

                  This is why cars with soft suspensions have weird, delayed, oscillations in the FFB. You don’t see it with cars that have stiff, nearly-unmoving suspensions like open-wheelers. Consequently, these cars feel more real (IMHO) because IRL you do *not* get suspension info (or weight transfer) through the wheel itself.

                  Next time you take a car to the track IRL, pay some attention to what you’re actually feeling through the *wheel*. Again, I understand what they’re trying to do (and so would you, if you’d been reading their forum posts since 2013), but I think the effect is overdone, and results in many of the street cars being highly unrealistic in terms of how they feel.

                  Again, I’ve driven an MP4/12C IRL. It feels *nothing* like the sloppy mess in the game. The P1 in-game feels like a late 70’s luxo-barge. This is not correct. IRL these cars feel extremely tight and precise.

                  Here’s the relevant post about this, blessed by the devs themselves:

                  Road & Slip
                  Think of these as amplifiers. With these at 0, you still get Road feedback and Slip feedback. Increasing them amplifies forces already coming to your wheel.
                  Road is just what you can guess it is: feedback from the road; bumps and cornering; road texture and imperfections. Slip is a vibration from spinning/slipping/sliding tires.
                  This is the only “Canned” effect. It will vibrate the wheel when going over kerbs, but, it will vibrate the wheel even if going over a flat kerb. Understand, your wheel should already vibrate when going over a kerb even with this at 0.
                  Enhanced Understeer
                  What you need to know, is that when you turn the wheel too much and get your front tires understeering (slipping), the force on the steering wheel drops slightly/subtlety (car dependent). You should feel when you are understeering. Some wheels are quite hard to feel this drop. That’s why this option is available. It increases the drop in force in an understeer condition.


                1. See my above post which points out several inaccuracies in that guy’s post.

                  Suffice to say, AC’s FFB *can* be some of the absolute best out there (go try the RSR Dallara F312). But it can also be incredibly unrealistic (go try the McLaren P1). I’ve never driven a P1, but I’ve driven a 12c. And it was laser-precise, feeling *nothing* like the sloppy mess we get in the game.

                  The IRL 12c drove much more like the 12c *GT3* car in Assetto Corsa (a full-blown race car with Heim Joints and not a single rubber bushing in sight).

                  That’s fucked up.


                    1. Thrustmaster TX. Turned out to be a really nice, reliable wheel for the past 4 years. It’s got a low-drag design and reacts fast, but it can also put out some serious torque.

                      I’m not sure what a DD wheel would do for me, since I run the TX at around 50-60% (depending on the car) strength. I’ve nearly ordered a DD several times, but what I need is more spare time to race – not better equipment.

                      Plus, I’ve also noticed an inverse correlation between lap times and how nice a wheel you have 😉


  4. I remember when the main response to the criticisms of AMS was “wait for Reiza 2017.” Well it’s 2017, and we haven’t seen or heard anything at all about this game. Maybe it’ll be released in an alternate universe where KartKraft and Half Life 3 are released.

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  5. On a side note, will you please stop calling everyone autistic? My brother has been diagnosed with autism and I’m offended. That, and you keep saying it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. We get it. You don’t like the simracing community. You don’t have to go around insulting everyone all the time. In fact, this site as a whole is too negative, but that’s a rant for another day.


  6. Can someone PLEASE destroy Mr. Ongoski for questioning Reiza when they’re the GOOD GUYS!!!!!!!!

    Jk I’ve said this for months now and people were upset. Just the mere realization that Reiza was a month behind a simple car/track DLC release was enough to get people to dislike my reviews on AMS.

    It’s been clear since day one, Reiza 2017/18/19/20 whatever it may be, is behind schedule.


    1. behind what schedule ? 🙂 there is no schedule .. all they need to do is announce something before end of the year .. also everything that is done for AMS now is them working on Reiza17 …


        1. I reacted to your statement that Reiza 17 is behind ..why would Reiza 2017 be rushed? they don`t have release date, they don`t have deadline as far as we know .. again they don`t need to release anything in 2017 .. sure DLCs for AMS are bit behind their unobligatory plan, hit happends, but we get more we were told we will and updates are quite frequent ..


      1. it isn’t, and you’ll soon see a video about it from your resident rf2 shill joe nathan

        damn that james always gets surrounded by the best people


        1. You can have your opinion, you’re mighty entitled to it. That doesn’t change the fact there is a world you don’t know, and very few people do, but most people do not go on social media speaking so confidently and pushing their opinion without having the actual knowledge. Or a good chunk of it.


  7. You should squeeze them even harder. They all must become a suffocating babie under your fingers. Cuz pCars is still a funny little toy in comparison and it’s upcoming patched version don’t give much hope and trust. Shift4 promoter you.$)
    …no need to break tradition – will your daddy announce a first delay of patched pCars closer to the deadline?


      1. If like pCars1 even after all the delays? Yes! )) But it’s just my opinion and from developer’s standpoint it can be a good thing when you don’t want to punish yourself with polishing and throw out your turd into people and grab the money)) and then repeat.


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      1. That’s also my primary criticism of our resident neo-Nazi(s): Laziness.

        To that, we can add: “Unaware of the history of your own movement”.

        I wonder sometimes if these idiots even realize that all this “Aryan” BS (and the anti-Semitism that devolved from it) was started by a quack Ukrainian theosophist by the name of Helena Blavatsky: A kooky cult figure who thought the world was being controlled by “Masters” etc etc (just read the Wikipedia article).

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        1. It’s an insult to neo-nazis to call that guy a neo nazi. He’s just an edgy 4chan autist who’s too low functioning to realize people aren’t somehow dumber than him if they get offended by this stuff when he doesn’t. Alternately he’s some kind of Russian spam bot copy pasting that bullshit from that site for SEO reasons. Given the audience of this site I’m leaning heavily towards the former however.


  9. “The problem is, we’re now halfway through the 2017 calendar year, and precisely zero details in regards to Reiza2017 have been made public.”

    One of them said on their forum that they won’t release this game this year.

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  10. I really do love AMS and have played the hell out of it.

    That said, AMS is based on gmotor2 (with some in-depth changes to the engine, but all very much evolutionary, nothing groundbreaking). So it was always a question of Reiza stepping up their coding game to release something with a newly developed renderer.

    I hope they can do it, but the recent silence has been disconcerting.


    1. Renato is an asset on one end but a liability on the other. It’s been shown many times over. The game will come out but there will be plenty of asterisks and excuses.


  11. Reiza have proven themselves to be incompetent. The only company worth trusting is Slightly Mad Studios. Buy Project Cars 2.


    1. Hi ian
      I just played pcars and every time i edit the hud and save it resets on the next session.
      This is quite shit really can you pull your cock out of james long enough to save settings n things in pcars 2?
      Thanks cunt.


  12. Automobilista – 2017 Stock Car Brazil season Announced

    Reiza Studios officially announced that their upcoming v1.4.5 Automobilista update will introduce the 2017 Stock Car Brazil season. The free update will include all the drivers, the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze, a new track called Curvelo and the new Stock Car Brazil regulations, including an updated Push-to-pass functionality.

    You can find more info about the Stock Car Brazil Championship at the official web page.

    Besides a host of features and fixes, V1.45 will also contain the updated tracks we reported on last week. The new update is scheduled to be released #verysoon. We will keep you posted when the full V1.45 changelog is published.

    Automobilista puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience!

    As the natural successor to Reiza Studios´ previous title – the highly regarded PC exclusive Stock Car Extreme, originally released in 2013 – AUTOMOBILISTA continues to simulate the premium Brazilian racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Petrobras de Marcas, Formula 3 Brasil and Mitsubishi Lancer Cup, now packing every car and every track from their respective 2015 championships.

    Beyond the Brazilian core, Automobilista is extensively complemented with one of the most diverse selections or racing vehicles you will find in a racing game

    Automobilista is available on the Steam platform for 27,99€.


    1. Those crazy Brazilian stock cars are pretty cool to drive (sorta like DTM but with way less aero), but Yeah – nobody’s ever heard of the series outside of Brazil.

      Which is a kinda big problem from a marketing standpoint. Still – should be fun to sling em around Bathurst, etc.


  13. Hey James, have a look at Stefanos twitter they are searching for C++ programmers and web/service programmers (apparently you need to be italian though), this smells like the drama you are looking for…will they start to develop AC2 already? Or do they only need few guys more in the office to hold Stefanos dick which is said to be gigantic…be the first to report


  14. Any game that has mass market appeal to Brazilians is good by me. Keeps the cheating, ramming, screaming, music playing, generally obnoxious fellows off PCars and Forza.


  15. I think perpetually wondering what color the grass is on the other side of the hill stops a lot of sim racers from enjoying anything. Anything and everything can always be better of course and AMS is hardly fresh technically. But you get out what you put in or however the saying goes. AMS offers the most fun on the market right now for me personally. And it is now. I have patience for PC2, Reiza2017, GTR245795, or whatever else looms. But now is now. They’ve quite steadily/continually updated and tweaked it for the better. And now the Custom Season Tool and AI updates (about to release) have polished the singleplayer turd side of things. It ain’t pretty, it ain’t perfect but no buyer’s remorse here (bought season pass post-crowdfunding campaign and post-release of AMS). Not going to tell crowdfunders how they should feel but I’ll enjoy what I got until the green grass is actually growing on my side of the hill. Plenty of ’17 left too. 😉


    1. Some of the AMS tracks actually look better to me than AC. The graphics aren’t bad at all and it barely uses 40% of my GTX1080 even at 4K with 8xAA and everything maxed. The shadows in particular are more pleasing to the eye than AC, and they don’t seem to fade in so close.


  16. Version 1.5 is the last one. AMS will be stopped once 1.5 is released. You can expect the new game afterwards. The question is, how long until 1.5 is released?


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