Become Stefano’s Apprentice at Kunos Simulazioni

Though there haven’t been many clear or even partial indicators regarding the future of Kunos Simulazioni and their beloved homegrown simulator Assetto Corsa – aside from the controversial acquisition by Digital Bros. – recent job postings have hinted that at the very least, Kunos are planning to stick around for more than just a string of downloadable content packs. Posted just a few short days ago to the official Assetto Corsa forum, is a link to a handful of programming positions that have recently became available within the company, implying Kunos will be looking to at least partially expand Assetto Corsa over the coming months, if not outright work on a sequel altogether.

The job openings come at a very pivotal time, especially for Assetto Corsa supporters, as the game itself is in a bit of a crossroads right now. No longer the quirky early access racing simulator with a lot of potential we once knew it as, Assetto Corsa is now a veteran of the sim racing scene, yet hasn’t exploded in popularity as the original rFactor did many years ago – a game released with similar goals for the software in mind.

The modding community is good – not great – those interested in online racing are still split between numerous traditional leagues and the excellent SimRacingSystem app (meaning online participation isn’t totally centralized for online racing in Assetto Corsa to take off), and as a whole certain elements – such as the objectively brutal user interface – still feel as if they were tacked on at the last moment, to be substantially improved upon at a future date. While new content is nice, especially with the overall feel conveyed by the tenth iteration of the game’s tire model, it’s certainly time for the rest of the game to receive the same tender, love, and care as the cars always do. Hopefully, the new openings will allow Kunos to apply that level of polish to the areas of the package that need it the most.

So what exact plans could Kunos Simulazioni be hoping to implement with a few more programmers added to the roster?

My first guess, is that the team are looking to somehow integrate SimRacingSystem – or their own unique equivalent – into the vanilla Assetto Corsa experience. The Portuguese third-party application has been a life-saver for Assetto Corsa’s online scene, providing a structured experience that’s identical to iRacing within a significantly more realistic driving model, and I have no problem saying it’s partially responsible for the game’s long-term appeal in 2017, especially considering the simulator is quite stale otherwise. Kunos building their own counterpart to SimRacingSystem would turn the game into a valid alternative to iRacing almost overnight, drawing in hundreds if not thousands of players to the PC variant of the game. Strategically offering several online championships making use of DLC cars would also help Kunos generate a steady stream of revenue, to extend the lifespan of Assetto Corsa 2 if a sequel is not on the board, as the new content could be used almost as a mock “entry fee” for newer championship rotations. I’m not saying I’d agree with an influx of DLC, but if you want these guys to survive solely off of transactions relating to the game currently on the market, that’s the way to do it.

My second guess, is that Kunos Simulazioni are in the early planning stages of creating Assetto Corsa: The Second, and the first order of business is obviously to expand the roster of staff members. However, in my opinion this is a bit of a stretch estimation, as the first game was quite the ordeal for Kunos Simulazioni, with tales of mortgaging homes and extremely high stress levels surrounding the development of the game – and I just can’t see these guys wanting to go through that again unless a third party offers the resources to do so. With the console renditions of Assetto Corsa not doing particularly well among both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners, I also couldn’t see Kunos beginning work on a PC-only sequel when it’s hard to imagine what a sequel would actually look like. More cars? More tracks? Why would that justify an entirely new game when they can just add to the current one?

My third, and most prolific guess, is that coding whiz Stefano Casillo is planning to step away from the sim racing industry altogether, and this act is merely to find a partial replacement crew. It’s no secret across sim racing message boards far and wide that while Casillo is a literal genius, and his work is a large part of why Assetto Corsa blew us all away when it first arrived on the scene, but the guy just can’t handle the community element that plays an integral role with the day-to-day shenanigans taking place among this industry. It is entirely possible that this is all a build-up to Stefano announcing his departure from Kunos Simulazioni, but that’s not something we’ll know until that piece of news has been published on much more prolific websites than ours.

Regardless, if you have the proper credentials and would like to work for a prominent figure in the sim racing ecosystem, Kunos Simulazioni are hiring.


87 thoughts on “Become Stefano’s Apprentice at Kunos Simulazioni

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      Come find me at my address : 25 83 DZ DenHaag. That’s where I’m destroying my buddies fun holes at when not employing new Filipino hookers.


  1. Become Stefano’s Apprentice at Kunos Simulazioni

    No thank you I have already got a shit job with a fuckn asshole for a boss 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t want to have an employee like you. And no, this isn’t Stefano posting, so keep for yourself the “Hi Stefano”.

      You say you have a shit job with an asshole of a boss, this sounds more like you’re the problem and not the others.


      1. To be fair, that’s what they all say about every sim. Some of them, like rF2, are genuinely broken beyond repair, and listening to the daddies on this one is a total waste of time.

        AC is not one of them though. People are just too used to the awful ISI physics.


  2. I’d submit an application just to get an interview with him so that I can go to his office in Rome and take a dump on his desk.


          1. What fine? You want to say that is legal to sell a turd like AC for €60 and then release as many mini-turds dlcs as possible for inflated prices but it’s not legal to gift them one for free?


              1. You know something is wrong when people get proud for what they post online.

                Online is nothing more than trolls. But in real life they chicken out. “hurr durr im so tough, I take a dump on your desk”. I bet in real life he would shake Stefano’s hand and say “how do you do sir” or he wouldn’t even have the courage to talk with him most likely.


                1. You didn’t think the turd reply was funny?

                  Bathroom humor isn’t usually my cup of tea, and I don’t even agree with his take on AC, but the reply was rec worthy.


            1. Let’s see your “turd” then.

              You lost all credibility when said AC’s dlcs are on inflated prices. Get back to your cave.


  3. What do you think about rfactor 2’s recent announcement?
    McLaren car will be 5€ in their own in-game store. Launching in aug 1 or 2.They also said something about content packs which offer a cheaper alternative to buy content in bulk.


    1. Are you serious? the game that killed itself on launch for making online cost extra, and is only now finally starting to get any sort of momentum is launching more paid DLC?

      How dumb do you have to be?


      1. s397 is looking to make money out of their investment in the game. Or do you think they bought the game to keep doing only what isi was doing.


    2. I wish they’d finish just one series instead of spitting out random cars that have nothing to race against except themselves (or, in this case, one lonely Nissan GTR GT3). Nothing is more boring than a race with only 1-2 different cars.

      Why don’t they give the GTR GT500 something to race against? I’d love an HSV-101 and an SC430 to round out the Super GT series. Maybe partner up with URD?

      They could give away one car of each series and then make the remainder a DLC – that way people could try out a representative sample before buying.

      I mean – the 650S GT3 is a nice car, but it’s already available in AC and Raceroom. Not sure why I’d be dying to have it in rF2. And in AC and Raceroom, you’ve got a *lot* of other GT3’s to race against.


  4. and I just can’t see these guys wanting to go through that again unless a third party offers the resources to do so.

    They are owned by Digital Bros now, which you even bring up in the article. Jesus fucking christ.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “Welcome son. Your first job is to work out why the frame rate drops to single figures when there’s only you abs one other Porsche 911 on the track, because I’m fucked if any of us can suss it. No, scrub that, create a shitload of dlc.”


        1. Is not Stefano, is player with a bit more common sense.

          What anon above reported that his frames drop to single figures with only another car on track sounds like an isolated case. So, just go to the forum, post your logs and your specs and devs will see.

          But I bet he’s just of those “I know more than the devs, fix your game”. Those guys are hopeless.


          1. I do know more than the devs. I know this title is a steaming pile of shit. It would have been shit if it had been released in 2007. The fact that it’s at least 10 years behind the curve is not even funny. It’s a hobbyists play project, and it’s totally fucking wank. If you’re an expert please explain to me why it’s ok to release this garbage in this day and age? Fire up Red Bull track in clear weather conditions, quit, and load it in cloudy conditions. Then come back and explain why I’m cloudy conditions the graphics look like they’ve been drawn in MSPaint by a retard?


            1. It really is your potato pc. Pleaae uninstall, throw your pc out the window, and go play under water for 30 minutes…


  6. I loaded up AC last night as I fancied a blast around RedBull after watching some Endurance racing on TV.
    Fucking hell the graphics are awful aren’t they???!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m always amazed at how shitty AC can look, even at 4k with 90% GPU utilization on a GTX 1080.

      The sub-pixel shadow mapping is complete shit. I mean, seriously. They really need someone to look at the graphics engine. It’s got more artifacting than an XB360 launch title.


    1. only read the things what you want and still say shit afterwards? You didn’t see the parts about senior programmer and web/server backend?

      Troll harder next time.


    1. You want to be Stefano’s bride, is that it? Tough luck. Maybe try your luck with Ian Bell. Sorry, James already snatched him.


  7. I don’t understand the ongoing favoring of Assetto and especially the admiration towards Stefano. He (or Marco for that matter) is not going to offer a position or paid benefits, or trips to drive sportscars.


  8. Assetto is the best sim and does not need to become something like iracing is and doesnt even need that format, look there arent thentousands of players playing on simracing system as far as i recon . And what is the difference between a “good” and a “great” modding community, there are so many mods and modders how do you even generalise them as a whole? Also when some tracks are ported from other sim mods isnt it the shitty community of other sims being ported to AC?


  9. James plz confirm how many people are in the AC defense force today. i feel like it’s just one, and would be interested in seeing where they are from…


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  11. He didn’t kill himself, he fled to South America with his vile cronies and was sheltered by like-minded corrupt governments in Argentina and Chile.

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  12. I thought at first that he fled with an ufo unter the artic ice settled in neu schwabenland to produce a clone army of blondes to reconquer the World from there


  13. “yet hasn’t exploded in popularity as the original rFactor did many years ago ”

    Heh, rFactor sold half a million copies?


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