DDoS Attacks: No Longer Just a Meme?

One of the most entertaining aspects of iRacing’s damage control procedures, is their willingness to blame a server farm incapable of handling an excess load on a rogue sim racer intent on ruining people’s fun. Year after year, we see iRacing schedule these massive online automotive festivals based upon marquee real-world motorsports events, only for the userbase to be subjected to widespread outages once the green flag drops – to the point where some no longer bother signing up for them, anticipating yet another round of connection problems. Though iRacing do their best to try and convince unhappy sim racers that the technical issues were due to a direct denial of service attack – supposedly some asshole spending his afternoon trolling sim dads and home schooled kids – the sheer consistency of these outages traditionally pointed to a much more common problem: their servers simply can’t handle the load of anywhere from five hundred to three thousand connections within a period of a few minutes.

It’s a narrative that’s as fun to run with as it is comical given how much some have spent on iRacing in pursuit of the ultimate sim racing experience, but today there’s now anecdotal evidence pointing towards actual direct denial of service attacks taking place as well. In a thread that has now since been deleted on the official iRacing member forums due to a strict set of rules prohibiting these kinds of discussions in the first place, Lars Conrad, formerly of Pure Racing Team, has revealed that the European sim racing outlet have taken part in DDoS attacks towards specific users on the service; some of which have affected the outcome of some $10,000 iRacing World Championship Series events.

With the final line, “an internet disconnect in the warmup lap of a WCS race is not as coincidental as one may think”, Conrad hints at malicious acts by fellow competitors as the reason some top-tier drivers have had their evenings ended prematurely, adding later in the thread that while still anecdotal, he personally has talked with the individuals responsible, and claims that the DDoS attacks towards other users will be linked to the PRT website IP address if investigated properly. Another user, Phil Schallenberg, appears to believe this may be the reason some former team members from PRT have jumping ship to drive for other outlets in recent weeks. While Conrad has provided no hard evidence himself to back up his rather bold claims, the reactions from other sim racers contributing in the thread seem to believe this scenario is highly possible, if not par for the course in what is already a very toxic, confrontational online country club.

If true, direct denial of service attacks against other players could drastically alter the course of iRacing championship events – or postpone them altogether upon widespread usage by the rest of the competitors. iRacing’s anti-cheat software obviously polices those attempting to manipulate the software to their advantage, swinging the ban-hammer almost instantly when a user is caught altering the game via third party programs, but there is currently no possible way to adequately detect when a user is dropped due to natural connection problems, versus malicious DDoS attacks towards another driver’s computer – unless each instance is thoroughly investigated.

It is therefore theoretically possible for all competitors to gather the resources and tools required to DDoS each other prior to the scheduled start time of an event, resulting in a starting grid equivalent to that of the 2005 United States Grand Prix, and iRacing themselves would have trouble differentiating between what appeared to be an ill-timed widespread internet outage, compared to something more sinister. I’m not saying I’m wishing for this scenario to happen, but it just goes to show that these sim racers have effectively found a loophole in the rule book that iRacing will be completely unable to enforce, police, or even keep track of so long as everyone keeps their mouth shut. Conrad obviously blew things wide open with his post today, but considering he’s implied this has taken place several times already without so much as a peep in the past, it’s certainly a form of sabotage that is able to fly completely under the radar for God knows how long.

Of course, this now calls into question any disconnect that has occurred during a world championship event over the past eight years, but you knew that already, so mentioning it is a mere formality now than anything.

If these accusations are proven to be accurate, PRT will soon find themselves in a world of hurt. The European gang offer both a sim racing driving school on their official website, and are said to be supported by a few major sponsors – including a Renault dealership – and I assume those who have given PRT any sort of financial capital for either training or sponsorship will now have some sort of interesting legal case on their hands if this progresses beyond message board talk quickly squashed by the iRacing overlords.

We will have more information on this story as it becomes available.


78 thoughts on “DDoS Attacks: No Longer Just a Meme?

      1. Love how he dodge on every single question with a PR buzzword diarrhea

        Dan Greenawalt is and always has been a fucking salesman clown.


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  2. People have been doing these DDOS attacks in bigger, more robust game system like some MOBAs out there it is no surprise the same happens in iRacing and probably other sims leagues


    1. I’ve seen it hit a pretty bad point in CSGO leagues when CSGO Lounge still had betting. People would bet on the underdog and DDoS the favourite into oblivion so they couldn’t compete.

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  3. The engineer who drafted the 10-page manifesto criticizing Google’s diversity policies has been fired.

    Big Jewish run tech companies such as Google fully embrace Cultural Marxism as the founding ideological principal of their workplace culture. This has caused companies like Google, Facebook and other tech firms to operate like deranged religious cults. Disagreeing with any aspect of politically correct doctrines represents an act of heresy and is usually punished with expulsion.

    As a former longtime employee at a software company, I can say that this is absolutely the case. It is good to see that there are other people who have noticed the same thing and are exposing it as a problem.

    But let’s just stop for a minute to appreciate how insane this is. He was fired for believing that men and women gravitate towards different roles because they are biologically different from one another. In other words, they fired him for making a logical observation about the natural world. How exactly is this harmful to anybody? Google does not seem to have an answer to this question.


    1. While I actually agree with the guys overall premise of alternate causality for the gender differences seen in various lines of work (go visit an offshore drilling rig some time, or a combat zone), he made the fatal mistake of essentially saying that women “react differently to stress” (code for: “Can’t handle stress”), which frankly makes me wonder more about his relationship with his own mother than anything else.

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      And that is why they fired him. Google is a company with a 100% peer-review system. How could they have this guy around, doing peer reviews on female employees? The first time he gave an unfavorable review to a female peer, there’d be an instant discrimination lawsuit. Ergo – the guy rendered himself incapable of doing an important part of his job (rating co-workers).

      You’re Fired.

      Having served in the military and having seen both men and women react to getting wounded, I can tell you that women *cry* more readily under stress, which men then often *misintepret* as being indicative of a loss of control. It is not.

      Women are assuredly wired a bit differently, which is why its important not to go around projecting what it would mean if you started crying onto someone else.

      In any case, just go observe childbirth some time if you have any lingering doubts about a womans ability to “handle stress”.


    1. Censorship is never the answer (except with regard to very specific areas like sexual exploitation of minors, for which I support an immediate Death Penalty and/or being parachuted out the back of a C-130 over an ISIS stronghold).

      Logical refutation (or, if you don’t have that kind of time – just ignoring the fuck out of them) is the right answer.

      In other words: Censor it yourself.


  4. Don’t most home users have dynamic IP’s? I can change mine at will by restarting the cable modem. Might be a good idea to do this a few minutes prior to the race, unless these competing teams can react quickly enough. I generally use a VPN anyway, but that wouldn’t be good enough for online gaming (adds a tremendous amount of RTT).


    1. Rebooting your cable modem before a race probably won’t help you change your IP. Your ISP probably gives you an IP based on your router CID DHCP request. Since you already have a lease, the server will give you the same one.


        1. Hmm. Interesting. I’ll check to see if the routers IP changes. One time we lost cable for a few hours during a T-storm (someone always ends up slamming into a telephone pole) and I could’ve sworn that *everything* changed.


          1. This is a different situation. Depending on how long the outage last, and the state of the lease, it could be possible that your public IP might be given to someone else when everyone comes back online.

            But for a reboot that last only couple seconds, it’ll stay the same.


  5. Warning, this is going to be a long message! I also want to state that indeed, there are two sides to every story, and I’ll admit there were mistakes I made on my end too…
    Note: Kinda funny about the thing on the ISR Farewell show… I missed that (must have left before they said that xD)
    Let’s travel back in time. I seriously got into Sim Racing when I was about 15 (in 2008 or so) with NASCAR Sim Racing. TECHNICALLY you could say I started with Sim Racing when I was 6 (I had NASCAR Racing 1999 Season, but had no idea what the heck I was doing). Looking into the rabbit hole of Sim Racing, I quickly discovered this “new-ish” site, Inside Sim Racing. I got hooked, and enjoyed the dynamic between Darin and Shaun.
    Fast forward to late 2013, and I decided to try out my hand at writing about Sim Racing. I have always been passionate about Sim Racing, and wanted to share my love of the hobby. I started “Checkered Flag Sim Racing”, and this was my first review I ever wrote: http://cfsimracing.blogspot.com/2013/12/derek-speare-designs-2014-track-boss.html
    I noticed a “Help Wanted” ad on ISR, looking for two writers and a forum moderator. I applied for a writer position, and he hired me based off of what I wrote for CFSimracing. John Sabol and Ricky Davies were hired at the same time.
    Quickly, I established myself as his go-to writer, and then, I showed him this video, that I thought was cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i5OdXL-dWk
    Darin was like “That’s some really crisp video! Are you interested in doing a video for ISR? I’ll give you a free key for the 2014 DTM Experience for you to review”. That resulted in my first (and last) video for ISR, which ended up being a nightmare. At that point in time, I was very socially awkward, not good at speaking (something I’m still working on to this day), and I had a Logitech G930 headset, which has horrible audio. After that, I didn’t offer to do any more videos. Darin wanted me to do some stuff like Assetto Corsa previews, but I didn’t feel comfortable with myself enough to do it.
    Around July/August ’14, ISR was starting to have to make some budget cuts. Darin let go John and Ricky (but Ricky decided to stay on as a volunteer). I made an offer to kind of take a pay cut, to make sure that the blog was still one of the top news sources in Sim Racing. When I was initially hired, I was at a flat $10 per blog post, with no limit. A few times, I wrote as many as 50 posts per month, so that was around $500 a month. My offer was to have a flat $400 a month, with a guaranteed 40 post-per-month minimum. Darin accepted, and we did a lot of progress on the blog. I think my record was around 65 blog posts per month or something like that.
    Let’s fast forward a bit to the Empty Box situation. Fun Fact: when that situation blew up, Darin, John Sabol, and I were actually beta testing the first ever iRacing 24 Hour testing event, GT3 race cars at Interlagos. I was driving my shift, and then Darin joins the server, and says “Will, I think I’m ready to have you move to Washington!” I was intrigued, but a little curious about what happened, and I go to the iRacing forums after I swapped seats with Darin, and see the Empty Box situation. I am like “Whoa”… but think, yeah it’ll blow over at least, and it may be a good opportunity to move to Washington!
    So, September and October 2014, Darin and I start talking about the idea of me moving to WA, and being trained to be his “successor”. We talk about the idea, and I’m getting more and more stoked. My mom and step-dad are feeling excited, and they even spent $400 on getting a trailer hitch installed on their Subaru, to be able to take the U-Haul up to WA.
    Darin flied me up to Washington, and I spent around 3 days scouting out the area and talking with Darin in person. I got to try out the “Frankenrig” (fun fact, I came up with that name 😉 ), got to see my first live hockey game in 7 years, and had a good time (which I am thankful for).
    However, I was coming to a realization that, it might not have been a smart move for me to move to Washington… I was starting to freak out at the end of the second day, to the point where I was starting to hyperventilate in my hotel room. I was freaking out, I called my mom, breaking down, and my mom recommended calling my friend (and former boss), Allan (who has a job making apparel for race car teams).
    I called Allan, and he told me about a project that he was working on, to start a motorsports-themed Cafe out of his warehouse/office. He needed some people to help with the building of stuff, so he was interested in having me help out. I was thinking, “Okay, this is good, I would have a local job for now at least, and still maybe continue writing for ISR from California.” The next day, I tell Darin that I’m not feeling like I’m ready for the responsibility of taking on a full-time ISR position and moving two states away. He seemed to be okay with that, and said that maybe in the Spring, if things change, he could move me up there.
    I fly back to California, and continue working. However, Darin seemed to be more cold towards me, and then got upset at me towards the end of October, when I wrote “only” 42 blog posts. Apparently VirtualR and BSimRacing wrote around 70-ish blog posts that month, so Darin was hoping I’d have similar performance compared to them. Because of that, Darin said that he would take over some of the writing, and would be re-hiring John Sabol, effectively cutting my pay.
    I vented to my friend the next day, and he suggested “Why don’t you start your own site?” A few hours later, we had registered the Sim Racing Paddock domain name, but I still wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with my own site. The straw that broke the camel’s back though was when Darin was over a week late on sending me my check. Was especially frustrating, considering that him and I had the same bank and, in theory, he could have just gone to the bank and done a direct deposit (he had my bank info).
    I talked with my friend, and told him I’m interested in going through with SRP, and wanted advice on how to give notice. He said that, since things were starting to go sour, it may be a good idea to just give notice, effective today, stating that “I had another opportunity come up”. I followed that advice, which may not have been the best move. Maybe I should have given 2 weeks notice, hindsight is 20/20.
    Darin got mad once I gave notice, and then the next day he apologized for getting upset. The next day he asked what I would be working on, but I didn’t see it until the day after, and by that time, Darin went ballistic at me, and then cut off all content.
    I was hit hard by that, because until that point, I had looked up to Darin, saw him as a mentor, a guide, and even as a Father figure… I know I made mistakes myself, but it was still tough… Also, to compound to the rough emotional roller coaster, one of my closest friends passed away a week and a half later, so I was spinning emotionally.
    However, I decided to plug away, went live with SRP in January, and later that day, got another message from Darin, saying that I “stabbed him in the back”, and that I was missing out on a huge deal he was working out for ISR. I’ll admit that I definitely struggled with figuring out my footing for SRP, and I was painfully awkward in front of the camera. Here’s an old video that I actually never went live with, which was downright PAINFUL!

    For a couple months after starting SRP, I got the occasional message/email from Darin, attacking me, and some of those things really stung. One thing he said was that I was “a fat loser, who was socially awkward and likely suffering from a form of Autism, and is going to be living with his mommy into his 30s and maybe his 40s”. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but here was the email: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9hxnh1qj1ar28hh/Screenshot%202015-02-06%2013.44.18.png?dl=0
    That hurt… a LOT. I was trying to build it up, and I had no experience in front of a camera, no experience video editing, etc. I was trying to start from scratch. After a while, I felt I couldn’t take it, so I “quit” around late summer 2015, took a few odd jobs, and spent some time trying to improve myself and become more confident with myself.
    I came back to SRP in 2016, and decided I didn’t really give a rip about if I got attacked or what, so I put a lot more effort into the site and Youtube channel, and hopefully that shows. I’m now trying to get SRP to grow further, maybe bring on some more people to the site, and just be able to share my love for Sim Racing with you all!
    Darin leaving ISR is a bittersweet feeling for me. I still have some hurt from what happened, but I still hold Darin in a position of respect, because I feel he actually earned it for what he did for the Sim Racing Community.
    Hopefully someday in the future, him and I could patch things up, and just be able to share in our love for Sim Racing as a community.

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    1. Yeah, I have to once again give my unsolicited professional opinion as an ABPN board certified psychiatrist and say: Darin is a narcissistic, insecure and volatile individual (who would likely benefit from psychotherapy) who was humiliated at some point and now is a ticking time bomb of sudden animosity.

      Probably hopeless. These guys are what we call “externalizing personalities”. You know the type. They blame any adverse events on external circumstances, but instantly take 100% personal credit for anything positive. They have some degree of sociopathic charm and Darin likely latched onto William’s need for a father figure. It’s how they operate, since they don’t have much real empathy for others. This is why he can slide instantly from a kind/caring/paternal stance to being a cruel jerk.

      William. If it’s any consolation, let me assure you that:

      1) You’re assuredly not “autistic”.

      2) People like Darin are inwardly miserable and insecure (hence the need to lash out).

      3) Eventually he’ll explode on the wrong person (likely someone he perceives as powerless) and that’ll be the end of his short-lived notoriety.

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      1. >Yeah, I have to once again give my unsolicited professional opinion as an ABPN board certified psychiatrist

        Who asked you?
        Why do you think PRC gives two shits about your opinion?

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        1. I do, probably the most balanced interesting viewpoint here. You know, capable of an adult conversation, unlike yourself.


            1. Nah, not me. That’d be pretty sad to chime in about myself like that.

              Also, it’s a real pleasure to get disliked by Cobretti. He also consistently “likes” the anti-Semitic/Neo-Nazi posts.

              Don’t get me started on that 😉


        2. Not sure why it’s important to tell anonymous strangers “Who gives 2 shits what you think”. If that’s true, then simply let it be true.

          People here who tell others to STFU remind me of the shrill leftists whose regard for free speech is confined to those with whom they already agree.

          Oh, and – Hi Darin. That you? Your sentence structure and phraseology looks decidedly…familiar.


    2. Thanks for your candour dude, no small amount of bravery involved in that post. Lol, the fact that he could smile at Austins comment yet get derisive at the mention of your name knocked you up a few notches I thought. How and ever Darin’s left the scene, sure let’s just leave him to it and get back to video games


    3. Another reason why I’m glad Darin Gangi is gone. He’s such a piece of shit, and the way he treats his colleagues is sickening. Fuck you Darin, you won’t be missed.


  6. “Xbox One X offers “significant” graphics bump over PS4 Pro for Project Cars 2, says Director”

    Project Cars 2 will look significantly better on Xbox One X compared to PS4 Pro, according to Slightly Mad Studios Game Director, Stephen Viljoen.

    In an exclusive interview with Trusted Reviews, Viljoen described the One X as a “great piece of hardware” and also gave us a teaser for what we can expect from Project Cars 3.

    I asked Viljoen about the sacrifices the team has to make in the transition from PC to console, and he noted that while the visuals suffer there’s no need to worry too much. The core gameplay remains the same across all platforms.

    He explained that while the gameplay mechanics need to mirror each other on every platform, it’s possible to ramp up the eye-candy on Microsoft’s upcoming console:

    “We don’t want people, based on the platform they choose, to have a lesser experience with the physics fidelity. It needs to be the same level of detail and accuracy as what we have on the high end platform on PC.

    “Even on the PC you have high end PC vs low end PC and it needs to be consistent. Because consoles nowadays are pretty much low end PCs. When people go and play online on PC, you’re going to have people playing on low and high end PCs, and you can’t have them physics fidelity being different between them.

    “So we’d rather compromise on the visuals and keep that physics experience as accurate as possible. So yes it’s an incredible challenge, and the one thing us developers always cry for is give us more horsepower, make these consoles faster! But of course the consoles get faster and then we add more stuff.”

    MPU 1 (Desktop / Tablet)

    When asked about the addition of horsepower in the form of the Xbox One X, Viljoen confirms it won’t match the visual fidelity of a high end PC, but will certainly deliver a performance bump over the PS4 Pro.

    “Obviously we can’t go everything ultra, because on PC you can run it on three 4K monitors, and everything set to absolutely incredible detail, which is simply not possible on [this] generation of consoles. The Xbox One X is a great piece of hardware and we’re very excited for it and we’re making the most of it, so when you run the game on it, it will certainly look better than if you’re running it on anything else, other than a high end PC. But even so you can only do so much.”

    Viljoen goes on to discuss Project Cars 2’s engine, and how it helps scale the visuals according to the platform it’s on.

    “Our engine inherently is scalable, so on the PC we expose that to the player, so going into performance options on the PC, you can see there’s things that you can take from low to ultra, for example track and car detail. So there’s a ton of settings, so what we do is we use that when we target a new platform and we set that optimally for each platform.

    “I can’t tell you exactly what all the various sliders will be at when you’re on Xbox One X versus on PS4 Pro, but obviously they’ll be higher, so there will be a significant, a noticeable improvement, because you have better hardware.”


      1. After checking the site, I see people in the comments section complaining about how inactive the blog is now, with the last article being from three weeks ago.


  7. What, no article about the absolute shit show that was the Sunday 6hrs of WG?

    I expected a seething report of how iRacing ensured the top split was OK so the RS broadcast would work, but did not give two shits about the other splits no one could even connect to in the first place.


  8. Presumably this refers to Freddie Rasmussen in the Core Motorsports Orange car disconnecting on the grid at Silverstone in the Blancpain Endurance Series after qualifying on pole by 3 tenths of a second? PRT ended up winning that one…

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  9. Seems SRP dropped another bomb lately by questioning pCars 2 physics. He couldn´t see many similarities with rF2-physics especially in the GT3/GTE-class and find them behind AC, rF2, “even iRacing”… It´s a solid progress to pCars 1, but shouldn´t be compared with the mentioned titles. Sonoma Raceway is still very inaccurate and seem Nordschleife is still the same bumpy shit like in pCars 1.


        1. […but i would never judge physics only by watching Youtube-videos]

          Neither from unfinished builds of the game. what you saw in SRP’s video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g43Z_7vm6S0 ) is definitely not the final product (Visible object pop-ups on the left window) and as he admitted at one point on there is gonna be a day one patch as always happens these days. What he said about the track inaccuracies and the not so great jump of the physics compared to the first game though is certainly disappointing.


          1. This is pretty much gold-status and just gets the day-one patch on release. If many changes would be still on the to-do-list SMS/Bandai Namco would not spread their build around YouTubers. And SRP was a bit more critical on the live-streams. If you can´t spin a GT3-car while trying without any assists active, the physics are definitely different than the URD-Mod in rF2.


    1. PCARS2 FAQ


      ​The franchise is now committed to employing scanning technology on our newer in-game tracks, including the use of laser-scans, or photogrammetry. For Project CARS 2, this new emphasis is embodied by the completely rebuilt and laser-scanned Nordschleife.

      According to them it’s laser scanned, so either you are wrong or they lie.


  10. Apparently you approaching to PC2 with preconception that i can’t be HC sim for some reason and you think that only little refinements were done on physics. Nothing can be further from the truth. The tyres physics is pretty much all new.
    Plus you have LiveTrack3.0 which plays really important role and you can’t see that in any other game (so advanced).
    Yes the game is not finished yet, But saying it’s just a little bit better than the first one and not HC sim is simply wrong.

    (AC and iR fanboys, you can start shooting now :)


    1. The physics in pCars 1 were already all new and nothing left from the former ISI-engine, Bell was telling us. So why is AMS so much better in FFB and physics with tyre-pickup and flatspots? This weather-feature is great, if they done it right this time, but pCars 2 will not be the Jack of all Trades the marketing-campaign including Austin told us it is. SRP lives around Sonoma and want an accurate track. I live around Nürburgring and want the same (for both tracks). We both have better choices to get what we want and at least Sonoma don´t need rain i guess.


    2. Then they wasted a lot of time, because it looks like it has the same problems as before, bar some fixes here and there. They should sell this as a deluxe patch for Project Cars.


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