Delivery Driver with a Pipe Dream

There’s running a Twitch channel, and giving viewers the option to donate a pound or two towards your endeavor if they feel inclined to give back in some fashion for the hours of entertainment you’ve provided them, and then there’s outright asking your audience for the funding to purchase a full-fledged race car. When we last profiled iRacing Twitch personality Jason Jacoby here on PRC, the 27-year old Domino’s Pizza delivery driver from Georgia had revealed his one-of-a-kind sim racing cockpit to the world based upon an actual late model stock car chassis provided by a local race team – though his efforts were overshadowed by just how he’d acquired the funding to build such a monstrosity; payday loans and credit cards. Approximately eight months and 1,700 subscribers later, Jacoby is back in the iRacing community spotlight, this time asking for $13,000 to jump-start his real world racing career. With a GoFundMe page entitled “A Pizza Delivery Boy’s Big Dream”, Jacoby is now openly accepting donations from fellow sim racers in the hopes of acquiring a Legends car to campaign at short tracks across the eastern portion of the United States.

The roadsters are a pricey entry level stock car racing class, though they can be configured to run road courses and dirt ovals as well, which makes them so alluring for sportsman competitors – they can be raced practically everywhere.

The description of the campaign, which I encourage all of you to read in full, is nothing short of preposterous for someone approaching their thirties. Embarking on a long-winded life story, Jacoby details his time spent in a private NASCAR Racing 2003 Season online league as Dale Earnhardt Jr’s personal backup for one event, before outlining his experience driving street stocks many seasons ago in which his car constantly suffered from mechanical issues. This is actually the most reasonable part of the entire crowdfunding pitch, as it appears Jason does possess limited real-world experience and merely wants to get back into the sport, however he fails to provide photographs or results sheets from online transponder websites such as myLaps to provide a sense of validity to his claims – which is usually standard for when drivers are trying to secure funding for the upcoming season.

While technical failures are a part of real world racing, companies want to know that at the very least, you won’t be a rolling safety hazard to your competitors, nor be upside down and on-fire. Jason hasn’t provided tangible evidence of that.

He’s also failed to provide evidence that your money will be used in a wise fashion, which is rule number one when creating a crowdfunding campaign and asking strangers for money. In a video uploaded just a few short days ago, Jason proudly shows off a brand new Chevrolet SS ARCA Series show car he plans to turn into another elaborate sim rig, obtained for the low price of just $2,000.

As someone who participates in grassroots racing myself during off-weeks from our big car, I find this to be the most particularly insulting portion of this crowdfunding campaign so far; it costs significantly less to build and campaign a hornet or mini-stock at NASCAR-sanctioned tracks – the proper steps for Jason to take in order to pursue his dream of becoming a race car driver – than to purchase a show car and turn it into a proper in-house simulator setup. Pulling a page from my own personal sponsorship package I hand out in the off-season, the following are 100% authentic numbers regarding the cost of getting into a local entry level class and running a full season. I am left totally bewildered – as should others considering a contribution to this campaign – as to why he feels the need to ask sim racers for money to launch his racing career, when it was absolutely doable from the start out of his own wallet (my first season was self-funded while working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which pays less than Domino’s), and he instead chose to purchase an expensive toy for his bedroom, on top of the other toy he’s still in the process of paying off.

You are an absolute fool if you give this guy money, because there is zero guarantee it’ll go to the correct places.

Like last time, I once again must point the finger at the sim racing community – in particular the equally delusional iRacers – as there appears to be an abundance of grown men unable to see the situation for what it is, instead encouraging and enabling Jason to pursue this avenue to obtain funding for a drive in a real car, with the end result being nothing short of cringetacular. Wander through his YouTube channel, and there’s a shocking abundance of users in the comments section of every video who don’t seem to be all that bothered by these unconventional, nonsensical attempts to get into real world racing, nor do they seem to care about the amount of money spent for little to no gain, and in what ways this money was obtained. Buying elaborate toys with money you don’t have was traditionally a way to end up on the front page of TheDirty and earn yourself a pretty shitty reputation across Scottsdale, Arizona, but in the sim racing community it’s instead somehow a way to attain acceptance and praise from your peers. How not one responsible adult has stepped into the fray to inject some common sense into this trainwreck speaks volumes about the iRacing community.

It’s also pretty wild that none of these supposedly mature sim racers willing to spend an arm and a leg on iRacing have notified Jason that live streaming himself on pizza deliveries is actually in violation of Georgia’s recording laws. If a customer complained, this guy at the very least has the potential to lose his job, and that’s in an ideal scenario. Maybe it’s my manlet powers taking over, but if my pizza guy shows up to my door with a hidden camera and he’s streaming to his buddies on YouTube, I’m going to make sure he’s not going to be anyone’s pizza guy for much longer. This isn’t cool.

When we last ran a story on this particular iRacing Twitch personality, many of our readers criticized me for supposedly “bullying” an autistic child. Sadly, the lot of you are incorrect and need to head back to the metaphorical drawing board. Jason is three years older than yours truly, and he’s putting himself out there as a public sim racing personality. These aren’t private streams for a few close friends to goof off with; these are open broadcasts that anyone can watch – and now donate to.

I’m in a unique situation in that I’m essentially on the career path Jason aspires to be on, and I’m pretty disgusted by what I’m seeing. Do you want sim racers to look like man-children attempting to indulge in some boyhood fantasy? Because this is precisely how you do it.

Grassroots racing is easily affordable for anyone with a full-time job, regardless of how little their workplace pays. I was employed at Enterprise for just over three years, and had absolutely no trouble campaigning an entry-level car out of my own pocket without the use of payday loans, credit cards, or other miscellaneous shady adventures. Granted, I didn’t have an elaborate simulator setup to pay off, but that’s a choice I made ahead of time – I thought it would be more reasonable to head out to my local track and risk sucking major ass in the hopes of chasing a childhood fantasy, than to blow all my disposable income and then some on a fake cockpit inside my bedroom. Financially, it was also the cheaper option of the two. So for me to see this guy drop upwards of an estimated $23,000 to play computer games in the hopes of launching a real racing career, when he could have gone out and actually launched a racing career at his local track for a fraction of that amount – without the long-term financial problems – I’m about a step or two below having a full-blown anuerysm at this point.

Then there’s the crowdfunding campaign. Look, everyone has their own way of asking for sponsorship funds in the off-season, but coming to the sim racing community and essentially asking them not just for sponsorship, but to buy you a brand new race car – after they’ve been made aware that you’ve already blown through a significantly large amount on a fake race car – with zero credentials other than “I raced a long time ago and my Grandpa said I was good but our car sucked” is some next-level shit. It would be one thing if this guy had a season or two under his belt and could point to statistics online that proved he was decent, because then it’s just a sim racer trying to leapfrog a few classes and acquire a more serious batch of sponsors (which there’s nothing wrong with, it’s actually smart), but that isn’t the case here. You essentially have a computer geek begging for hand-outs, when there is absolutely no reason he couldn’t have funded an amateur ride himself… Save for that useless ARCA show car he blew his money on instead.

When you’re on YouTube as a twenty seven year old man having your mom conduct fake post-race interviews with you, it’s hard to believe this is anything other than a delusional iRacer surrounded by an equally delusional crowd of online friends, unable to tell him he’d crossed the line. Do not contribute to this crowdfunding campaign.


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    1. I find Nascar very offensive, all that 400-500 miles left turn only good part is the last 20 laps..Talladega this year is like Pocono now..retard boring.! also Nascar now is Busch and Jr. Inc.


  1. After viewing his videos, I’m convinced that Jason is…differently-abled. He seems like a painfully naive and overall nice guy, but he’s operating at the emotional level of someone much younger than his stated age.

    Therefore, I place nearly zero blame on him and 100% of my derision goes to his parents, who are clearly supportive of his quixotic fantasy life.

    The commenters on his videos are likely living vicariously through him, which explains their apparent blind faith and encouragement. They have no skin in the game, and therefore nothing to lose. It’s far less easy to explain why the people around Jason who know him personally have not intervened in some way.

    Maybe they think its best for him to just get this out of his system. And who knows – perhaps there are enough sim-dad iRacers out there willing to donate to this kid. iRacers are a strange bunch.

    They’re sort of the Scientology of Sim-Racing.

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    1. They’re letting him hang himself so they can demonstrate sympathy later and feel good about themselves.

      “Aw shucks, too bad it didn’t work out, buddy. I believed in you!”


    2. I had the same reaction upon hearing about this guy for the first time last year. He’s clearly not capable of functioning as a typical 27 year old should. Shame on his parents.


      1. He likely has a mental disorder and his parents are just supporting him in trying to live his boy-dreams, even they will not going true.


        1. No reasonable or responsible parent would allow a mentally challenged individual under their care to take out pay day loans and ruin their credit to buy overpriced computer games and related paraphernalia. These are either bad people or they’re just dumb. Probably both actually.

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      1. I’m not here in my capacity as a mental health professional. I have no doctor-patient relationship with the individual, nor am I making a diagnosis, nor am I asking for payment.

        Ergo, I can make comments as an anonymous user of this forum.

        Rendering an educated guess isn’t being “judgmental”. We do this every day when dealing with others.


        1. I wasn’t commenting on your diagnosis, but rather your derision for Jason’s parents, as well as your previously expressed desire to see pedophiles dropped into war zones sans parachute.

          I’m surprised by your lack of compassion for those less fortunate (and yes, I think pedophiles and the beleaguered parents of special needs children are among the less fortunate).


            1. Considering most were abused as children themselves, and don’t choose their sexual orientation, of course I do.

              If we persist as a species long enough, someday our descendants will view our models of conscious human agency (and with it, our conceptions of right and wrong) in much the same way we view Galenic medicine.


  2. Dude, I was watching his stream this morning and thought about writing you saying “thank you for not talking about this guy again, if you only knew…”



  3. I just wanted to let you all know that I am retiring from my spot here in my #4 Pizza Hut Nascar Monster Energy Cup Car. My Ride has been bought out in Favor of Domino’s. Seems Pizza Hut can not Carry the Koolaid to stay in business and race at the same level as our competitors. Look for me in the booth on Sundays on NBC starting July 4th weekend 2018


  4. You are the owner of a troll blog that does nothing but create bullshit and you are having a chance too because for whatever reason Ian Bell is strange. For what matters the delivery guy is better than you. Leave him alone.


    1. Hi Ms Jacoby how is his Father doing? O you havent seen him. Im sorry your son grew up with out him


  5. Lacy MacAuley is one of the sickest individuals that I’m aware of. This is a crazy woman who admittedly let a Turkish man beat and “rape” her over and over again. She enjoys being abused despite claiming the contrary.

    When Middle East monkey sex was no longer enough for her, MacAuley became sexually obsessed with Nazis and White Sharia. If you take a look at her Twitter feed (@lacymacauley), you will see that nearly every one of her posts is about a Nazi or someone associated with pro-White causes.

    Here she is sexually harassing an innocent Daily Stormer supporter at the recent AmRen conference.

    Clearly, MacAuley was sexually aroused at the site of a man proudly showing his support for the Daily Stormer and openly advocating his belief in White Sharia. Her angry outburst was her way of flirting with him.

    If we lived in a normal society, she would be put on a sex offender’s registry and locked up in a mental hospital. Since we do not live in a normal society, she is allowed to freely roam the streets.


    1. Yes, she’s insane by any reasonable definition (likely borderline personality disorder, almost certainly was sexually abused as a child).

      You’re also insane for posting this to a Sim Racing blog (or caring what she thinks).

      Lastly, the very term “White Sharia” makes me question my own sanity, since apparently the world has gone completely, irretrievably apeshit.


        1. Dude, it’s pretty hilarious that you’re rejecting “patronizing help” when you’re saying you’re going to be providing that exact same “patronizing help” by giving a handout to some random kid who wants to be a race car driver.

          He’s not exactly begging for cash for his starving family here. I’m honestly gobsmacked that anyone would consider giving a handout to someone so they pursue what a luxury fantasy like this.

          Why don’t you take that donation and give it to Wounded Warriors Project? I’ve treated hundreds of vets and active duty with TBI’s and PTSD, and I can assure you the money would be well-spent on them.

          Alternatively, give to the Salvation Army. They do great work and their CEO (oddly enough) makes $13k a year to run one of the most efficient charitable organizations on Earth.

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          1. On the one hand it’s fun seeing idiots like James or Dr. Kondor getting triggered, on the other hand it’s actually too easy. And no thanks, I won’t give my money to extremist religious organizations. SMFH…


            1. Let me get this right: Dr. Kondor advises me to give money to an organization with a documented past of protecting pedophile members? This is just all kinds of wrong.


          2. Here’s my advice for you. Do something fun. Get drunk, fuck your Russki mail-order bride or pop some pills, but please in the name of whatever deity you subscribe to, don’t tell me how to spend my money.

            To make it simple for you: The beauty of a free society and capitalism is that I’m free to burn my money on whatever I choose to burn it over and don’t have to listen to a psycho quack doctor.


            1. So, are you Tommy Cadwalader ($50), Todd Turk ($100) or Joey Frydrych ($5)?

              Because if you’re not one of these guys who have actually donated, you’re talking out of your hypocritical ass while you give us an impromptu (and incorrect – see below) lecture on how, in a “free and capitalist system”, you can donate to whatever you want.

              See, that’s a painfully idiotic statement. Just try to donate to ISIS tomorrow in your “free and capitalist society” and see what happens.


                1. Those 3 people are the ones (besides another Jacoby) who have donated so far. On Gonfundme, you can see everyone who’s donated.


  6. James you are simply a narcissistic dick. You got your stockcar for no reason (the hillbilly series you compete in has zero marketing value, you are too unknown and controversial, actually you were not mentioned by the PC-media channels A SINGLE TIME). And now as this (pretty dump) dreamer wants to get one too you make fun of him.

    He might only work for Pizza Hut but what’s your job? You work for a used car dealer – and are as old as this moron.


        1. I said a real job.

          You’re doing work as a glorified QA assistant and external consultant. You’re no closer to the company than closed/beta testers are to developers of any other random game. They get to play the game early, they give feedback, done. Nothing more, nothing less. The only difference is that you have a 2nd deal outside of your contractor job in which he bought you a stockcar to promote his game, although I have doubts people coming to see races at a local level are even interested in that (assuming there are enough people of the targeted demographic in the stands, and assuming there are spectators at all to begin with) as the car he’s sponsoring isn’t even included in the game he’s/you’re promoting.

          Once the game will be released, daddy Ian won’t need you anymore, not in the long term anyway. Or are you really that naive to think that being on the SMS payroll will put a meal on your table for the next 30-40 years, or even just 5-10 years? Or that daddy Ian is interested in throwing money at something such as a racing program with a poor ROI? I could’ve understood if he bought you a Mazda MX-5 and told you to go racing in that series (where the iRacing money/sponsorship is aswell), where the media coverage is not excellent, but adequate enough for what an entry level series can offer, but local short track racing somewhere in the north of NA where there are more trees than people?

          And when that will happen, what will you do? Having quit your real job at the car dealership, if he pulls the plug on your funding for the stockcar, you’re essentially an obscure Canadian driver with not enough disposable income to fund yourself and as you said in one of your race reports, you barely managed to break even so far this season. With these premises, do you think you’re going to find a new sponsor interested in funding an obscure newcomer who hasn’t achieved much so far at a local level where interest from spectators is self-contained to each track and rarely carries over to multiple races with people in the stands actively following the season, with little to no media coverage, not even at a local level?


            1. Sorry for being a responsible adult, despite being his same age.

              I quit my own racing career around 10 years ago when I realized that despite being half decent at driving a real car, racing at an amateur level (because let’s not kid ourselves, in his situation local short track racing is amateur level as much as racing small hatchbacks over here as nobody cares about them) wouldn’t have given me a sustainable future and I prioritized my life over my delusion.

              I still try to get in a kart everytime I get the chance to once in a while, if anything because, as all racing drivers, I’m a freak and need to feel the thrill of going faster than your mother would agree with. But throwing all my money at racing, with no guarantees of making the cut and landing a fully funded junior program with Porsche in the Carrera Cup? No thanks. Those times are long gone for me and I need to pay the bills.


                    1. Oh no, I have differing political views than you. Whatever shall I do?

                      Fun fact: My buddy runs a “white nationalist” Team Poland car. Gee, who would have thought that labeling anyone with non-liberal views a “racist” might actually backfire and generate even more interest in right-sided beliefs?


                1. Lol so you have now changed the picture & taken away the option to reply to your comment directly. You still look like a miserable psychopath in that pic. Body language says ‘socially awkward’ it’s clear where your anger comes from.

                  ‘Oh no, I have differing political views than you. Whatever shall I do?’
                  Probably genocide or suicide hard to tell, your hero Hitler managed both.


                  1. The picture I inserted is much better at conveying the right wing psychopath look; I merely made your argument more compelling for you.

                    I just love how there’s an interesting mix of fellows here trying to portray a Canadian dude living in traditionally conservative-minded Alberta as some extremist nazi, when it was the Nazi’s themselves who went out of their way to chastise those with differing beliefs like you’re doing right now.

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                    1. That is true. Come to the DPRK and witness what happens when only one viewpoint is allowed!

                      So orderly and quiet. I invite all Progressive Social Justice Warriors to visit this perfect exemplar of your political beliefs!

                      Please bring your own rice.

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              1. “I’m a freak and need to feel the thrill of going faster than your mother would agree with.”

                That’s my favourite bit so far.


            1. bitch please, your blog is a salt mine, since your very first article in here.

              But you call salt on the anon that said you’re a glorified QA assistant? He’s your wake up to reality, maybe dr. kondor can aid for your delusion. But usually dr. kondor kisses james ass at every opportunity.


                1. But you know he hired you to stop criticism to pcars2/sms/any other sms game or thing related to them or himself, or else he stops the funding.

                  As long as you know he’s paying you for your silence (except about games from other companies, where on their articles you can go bananas since it benefits him), then you’re sane. Delusion kicks in for you in case you don’t reflect on the true reasons he’s having you on payroll.

                  But if you know that already and you’re just profiting while lying on articles and comments, then you’re just conning ian bell. Which is actually cool, it takes a shady man to con another shady man. Most likely ian bell himself knows about it but it doesn’t matter as long as you keep a positive image in public about his game and his company.


                    1. There it is.

                      Maybe you’re pissed Stefano didn’t offer you goodies like Ian Bell? At least Kunos isn’t buying out media news (virtualr, pretendracecars, youtubers, wmd marketeers) and they have some integrity.

                      I heard SMS also tried to buy Racedepartment a few years ago.

                      Of course is fine for James (Austin Ogonoski), he comes from the same kind as Ian Bell.


                  1. have you stopped to consider that while you may be right about Ian Bell wanting to stop James’ bitching, is it possible that the way he’s stopping austin from bitching is to fix all his complaints before the game ships?

                    Do you think it might be possible that by letting James bitch about the game months before it’s released that they could actually fix those issues?

                    Would that not in the long run means James doesn’t bitch about the game?


            2. The fact that all you can answer with is that, without even trying to articulate, just shows that I hit a nerve.

              While there are entire QA teams of professionals in the videogame industry, once they’re done with a project, they usually move onto the next one, hired either by the developer or sub-contracted by the publisher (in case the publisher has its own QA department. But QA teams are definitely not kept around rolling their thumbs once a game hits gold status and is sent to the publisher for the final approval and distribution. And with your reputation, even if you were to decide to try and follow a career path in the QA business, what other developer of racing games would hire you when they might have more qualified QA teams as options anyway?

              And I don’t see what use you will be to daddy Ian once the game is released. Because either:
              A) the game is surprisingly flawless and bugfree and there’s not a need for you (what’s there to QA if there’s nothing else to QA?);
              B) the game is utterly broken and you failed at the one thing they paid you for and there’s not a need for you (sidelined because incompetent and substituted with someone else more capable).

              This affair the both of you have is working on the short term, sure, but it won’t last forever. It might not last for another month. And if you don’t want to see that (or pretend to ignore that shrugging it off your shoulders just because he bought you a stockcar), you’re just as oblivious and delusional as the guy you’re making fun of in this article. The only difference between you and him, is that he’s asking for money to buy a car, you already got that car bought for you.


                1. I don’t have an issue per se. It’s your life and I don’t really care what you do with it.

                  It’s the way you are name calling and publically shaming and insulting a guy because he’s “delusional” and “mentally ill” and that people close to him are “encouraging” this delusion of his because he’s in his ’30s and still convinced that he can become a professional racing driver just because he has a fancy set of toys to play with.

                  Granted but not given that he might indeed have issues with his brain, and I don’t condone what he’s trying to do, you’re doing exactly the same thing. Quitting your real job pursuing something that everybody knows will never work out unless you are filthy rich or have companies like RedBull that can fund and push you for the next 15 years just because you think you’re good at videogames.

                  How are the two situations different? This guy is asking strangers on the internet for money so that he can buy a stockcar. You went to a stranger on the internet (daddy Ian) and asked for money to buy a stockcar. He’s still stuck in his mom’s basement because virtually no strangers on the internet gave him any money yet. You are already racing in some obscure series just because a stranger on the internet (daddy Ian) bought you a stockcar in exchange for you to stop being critical of his game.

                  The “deluded” guy you make fun of in your articles might be in monetary troubles with the debit cards deal, but you took a bribe as big as a stockcar. There’s technically nothing illegal, it’s just morally wrong.

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                  1. You’re an idiot. How the fuck do you think people get started or noticed in racing? You seem to be saying “Don’t even bother trying unless it’s already 100% assured it’ll work out”.

                    That’s exactly how losers think who never achieve *anything* because they’re too afraid to try. People like that also tend to shit all over anyone who’s trying to do something:

                    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

                    So fuck off, you pussy. Bet you’ll feel pretty fucking stupid if his gig ends up going somewhere. And if not, at least he tried.


                    1. Well, there you go. Listen, James – this guy is just pissed that his racing career went nowhere. Maybe the same will happen to yours, but that’s not a reason to stop trying.

                      People like this frequently try to discourage anyone from doing something they themselves failed at. It’s pitiful, really.


              1. Why did you tell him the truth? This idiot motherfucker will find out soon anyway. Like with this weirdo you should let him believe in his shit.


              2. And please don´t tell him, that racing on this ovals with the messy car-setups is very different from driving real cars. He still believes that cars have insane grip just because his toy drives so well through left-turns:D


              3. You sound like a really angry wannabe whose dreams didn’t work out, so now you’re shitting all over anyone who’s even trying.

                You do realize that Austin didn’t leave a high-paying CEO job, right? Who in their right mind would pass up even a short-lived opportunity to race and get paid to do it? He can always go back to working at the rental car place afterward if it doesn’t work out.

                Sorry your shit didn’t work out, but all I’m seeing from your (long, rambling) posts is jealousy.


                1. You are the kind of person who look at the finger when you point the moon at it.

                  I’m not jealous of anything. I raced at an amateur level in my teenage years for 10 years, until 10 years ago, starting with karts and moving up the touring cars ladder a few classes through the years. I wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t great. I ran out of budget and decided to call it quits on my own terms, rather than put my family in a difficult economical situation.

                  I’m not the one who goes around calling other people mentally ill because they ask strangers on the internet money nor I think of myself as a great racing driver just because I compete in obscure championships nobody cares about with mediocre results.


                  1. Prove it. Because I don’t believe a fucking thing you’re saying, just because you claim it. Even if true, your logic is fallacious as hell. You ran out of budget because you weren’t good enough to get noticed. The same doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone else.

                    You’ve nicely painted yourself as an embittered failure who now wants to throw shade on anyone else who dares to attempt what you failed to achieve. By your “logic”, no one could ever become a race driver without massive backing from the get-go.

                    Yes, that’s true for moderately-talented types (like yourself), but there are plenty of counter-examples (Lewis Hamilton) of naturally gifted drivers who came from modest backgrounds, and who nonetheless managed to succeed greatly.

                    I haven’t seen anyone calling themselves a “great racing driver” here. Can you point out when that happened? This James person seems like he’s OK at online sim racing. He’s bragged a little about that (and provided evidence to back up the claims, unlike you), but the overall tone of his IRL racing articles is humility and genuine surprise that he’s able to compete with much more experienced drivers.

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                    1. I have nothing to prove to you, nor I will share my personal informations online just so that creeps like you can then start stalking me like in the SRD days.


                    2. Lewis father invested a lot before he reached a professional level. He often had three jobs at the same time to fund lewis career and allow him to progress further. Although later Lewis was guided and endorsed by Mclaren’s young driver programme.

                      Lewis at his time was one of the most promising young drivers, even before receiving help from Mclaren.

                      However there are many other promising young drivers who had to abandon because either their families couldn’t buy them karts and basically fund an amateur career. These types of Mclaren programmes only take a few drivers per year, so is possible a lot of other talented are left out.

                      Racing is unlike team sports where is easier for poor kids to make big. In racing being poor yet talented still doesn’t give you many chances to reach a higher level of competition.

                      Which else poor/modest backgrounds people besides lewis made it big in racing?


                    3. First mistake is getting into kart racing.

                      Go grassroots and film everything – the talent pool won’t be oversaturated with rich kids that way. If you’re not shit, use the on-board footage to market yourself. Start small, then slowly increase the size of your operation.

                      I’m not the only one of my friends who landed a sponsor last off-season, I was just lucky I could market to bigger companies because of who I knew through PRC.


                    4. We are playing sim racing here. Not everyone’s dream is to be a real racer, especially when we know we don’t have that talent. The bulk of sim racers and every day drivers in real life is no talent for racing and we’re ok with that. But we just play these games as they offer a better gameplay compared to arcade and simcade games.


  7. I’m actually more disgusted that a 30 year old guy is still delivering pizzas and living with his mum. Sim Racing obsessives take this as a warning.


    1. I’m his age and I deliver pizzas when I’m not overseeing ballistic missile tests that will ensure the eternal sanctity of our Great Nation.

      You got a problem with that? Where do you live exactly?

      Because pretty soon I will be able to hit anywhere with one of my “Dear Nukes” (we’re still working on the final naming scheme) and I need to firm up my target list.


  8. Instead of begging for money he should learn from history. Set up a controversial inward looking racing blog site and wait for a major developer to silence his efforts with a gifted car in a series backed with a website that looks like it’s been crafted by a 12 year old using an old version of AOL Press.


    1. If you look at the number of users and commenters, it can hardly be called “inward-looking”.

      A more appopriate descriptor would be “increasingly popular”.

      Otherwise, what’s the point of “silencing” it?

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  9. Rap battles between users are encouraged; losers will be IP banned for 24 hours.


  10. >Do not contribute to this crowdfunding campaign.

    James, even though I agree with you, by now you ought to know that telling people what to do (vs suggesting) does not work.


    1. If he’s like me, he’s hoping that people will, in fact, contribute plenty so we can collectively mock them afterward 😉

      BTW, did anyone actually read his Gofundme pitch? That is definitely not the writing of someone in their late 20’s. I hope.


      1. The American education system is fairly poor compared to the rest of the Western world. Couple buddies of mine lived in the States for a few school years after a stint in Canada, and they said it was like going back three grades.

        Common core has a large part to do with it, so by actively providing a sub-standard education, it will supposedly encourage more and more parents to enroll their kids in private schools.


        1. All educational systems pale in comparison to those of the DPRK.

          We care so much that we even send people to *Re-Education* when they fail to realize that they are living in a Workers Paradise.

          If that doesn’t work, we shoot them. I can have only so much patience for reprobates, unlike the leaders of the decadent West.


  11. Who wants a rap battle with me?

    Whitney Houston… I used to sing with her.

    You’re Supa Hot Fire… I’m the fire EXTINGUISHER!!!


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