The Handmaid’s eSports Series

Though she certainly hasn’t been able to boast the marketing empire of fellow IndyCar-turned-NASCAR star Danica Patrick, fans of American open wheel racing will undoubtedly be familiar with the name Pippa Mann. Finishing a stout fifth place in the 2010 Firestone Indy Lights series – a championship commonly used as a proving ground for the big show – Mann found herself unable to secure a full-time ride over the following seasons, instead making sporadic appearances for Dale Coyne Racing during marquee events such as the Indianapolis 500. The thirty four year old journeyman driver from England earned a fairly stout reputation among the paddock despite her limited track time in the Verizon IndyCar Series, both for her ability to bring the car home in one piece for a mid-pack finish during otherwise chaotic eventssuch as the notorious 2015 MAV TV 500 death race at California Speedway – and for her abundance of charity work, which usually centers around the breast cancer awareness foundation as you can see above.

Yet in stumbling upon today’s biggest piece of sim racing news, it’s not her on-track accomplishments that reminded me Pippa Mann exists, but rather her comments away from it.

With sim racers patiently awaiting for more news on the long-awaited release of GTR 3 – which was first teased earlier this year – as well as an estimated release date regarding RaceRoom’s supposed implementation of an iRacing-like online structure – again, heavily teased – SimBin UK (and presumably Sector 3 Studios, as the two are more or less sister companies that share technology) have instead eschewed giving their fans any sort of relevant information about their upcoming products, and announced this morning the creation of a women-only eSports racing series. No, I promise you this is not April Fools’ day. This is like, an actual piece of news I woke up to being posted on legitimate news websites.

And like most reading this, my jaw hit the floor several times in rapid succession, because I was left with more questions than answers.

First, SimBin UK don’t actually have a game on the market to hold this competition in. Sure, they’ve announced GTR 3, but all we’ve seen of the title are assets from RaceRoom Racing Experience placed into the Unreal 4 engine for static images, some of which actually display vehicles clipping into the ground – a pretty amateur effort. So I’m a bit unsure as to how they’re going to conduct some progressive eSports competition when there even isn’t a finished game to do so in, and the last public interview conducted with the developers mentioned there were just three people on the staff roster at the time the article was posted. Of course, the news outlets covering this have conveniently glossed over this pretty integral point, instead carefully describing the situation as “SimBin UK are currently working on GTR 3 for a release next year.”

Okay, let’s ask the most basic question: if the company’s first game game comes out next year, but the eSports tournament begins this fall, and this company currently has no games on the market… What in the fuck is going on?

Next, let’s talk about the wage gap that has supposedly been one of the reasons this progressive approach to an online racing league has been taken in the first place. Like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Harry Potter, the wage gap is a myth perpetuated by emotionally fragile children. Here is the Wall Street Journal debunking it. Here is CBS News debunking it. Here is the Huffington Post debunking it. Here is Reuters proving women actually out-earn men in the workplace. And if this random pretty girl from New York state still doesn’t convince you that this is all a bogus narrative pushed by man-hating feminists, think of it this way – if a wage gap really did exist, whether it be in the working world or the eSports kingdom, wouldn’t 100% of the participants or employees be female, as it would be financially more reasonable to just hire an entire workplace or eSports team full of women and pay them less, than to hire or sign any man in the first place?

But rather than allow myself to go on a tirade against social justice warriors and temporarily turn PRC into Tumblr lite, just like their sister company Sector 3 do when working on new cars or physics updates for RaceRoom Racing Experience, we’ll enlist the help of a professional race car driver to outright embarrass SimBin UK’s pathetic attempts at virtue signalling, and explain why a women’s only eSports series is complete garbage.

Three months ago, in June of 2017 – so this wasn’t that long ago and should still be fresh in the minds of most auto racing fans – an article appeared on car enthusiast blog Jalopnik entitled “This Proposed All-Women’s Racing Series is Some Bullshit.” The post explained how that essentially, some wealthy organization obtained twelve older GP2 cars and would put a bunch of female race car drivers currently without full-time rides in what’s more or less a gimmicky support series. The prize for winning the championship, which is said to be held over six events in 2018, is a full-fledged Formula One test.

Basically, they were doing what SimBin UK have announced they’ll be doing this fall in an eSports series, but with real cars.

Janet Guthrie, the most successful female driver in the history of NASCAR, told the Indianapolis Star it would be a “freak show” and that “it automatically implies women are somehow less capable than men.” Pippa Mann, still fresh off her IndyCar experience, went a step further and penned an entire blog post about it titled “The Handmaid’s Racing Series.” And she did not mince words. This is a legendary tirade that’s worth the ten minutes you’ll spend reading it on the shitter.

And yet with all of these professional female drivers – some with multiple Indianapolis 500-mile races under their belts – slamming a real life gender segregated racing championship, explaining how the concept “made their skin craw” and openly refusing to take part while publicly embarrassing all involved within the organization, somehow the buffoons at SimBin UK thought a virtual counterpart would be a fantastic idea.

SimBin UK, despite not having produced a single retail game as of yet, have the audacity to push a concept that professional race car drivers have publicly ripped to shreds in international news when placed in an identical situation, all while daring to claim segregation is somehow “progressive and inclusive.” And this is in a genre of video games where the input of professional drivers is the holy grail of racing simulator development.


We here at PRC have no problem ripping companies to shreds for buggy video games, but this right here is absolute next level hooliganism. SimBin UK have established themselves as the absolute worst developer in sim racing by literally ignoring any sort of relevant feedback from professional race car drivers that may pertain to the situation at hand, and going forward we here at PRC openly encourage our readers to boycott any of their products, or products that may be affiliated with them.

This is farcical.


138 thoughts on “The Handmaid’s eSports Series

  1. Kinda funny they talk about woman being harrassed and getting paid less when in simraicng there are near 0 women driving and the males aren’t getting paid much either xD


      1. 100% of the paid sim racers are male, AND 0% of the women are paid. How can you not see the patriarchy at work? The wage gap is widening at an alarming rate.


        1. Also, 0% are genderqueer, non-binary or transexual (to say nothing of asexual, pansexual and oligosexual).

          Ok, so I made that last one up. Still.

          Clear evidence of Toxic Masculinity once again. Or, as I prefer to call it: Masculinity.

          If you self-identify as a cis male, you’re Part of the Problem.

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  2. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, seeing that there are next to no women in sim racing anyway. So maybe some of them will at least try it.


    1. there are no women in sim racing, so theyre gonna have to go find and train some. my back marker ass would probably be faster than all of them


      1. I know at least 3 women in sim racing, one of them is pretty fast (not alien fast though)

        There are female e-Sports teams that would kick your ass so hard that you wanna do suicide. So I would be careful with such statement. I bet there are at least 5 female alien sim racers out there.

        The actual problem is that generally there are only a few female gamers, because most men harass them online. Happend to my sister. She got insulted as slut, bitch and noob all the time, even she was in shooters most of the time top 5 of the table with very good perfomances.

        It is also kinda dumb because many male gamers are lonely and more women would be the perfect thing to make them happy (if you know what I mean).


        1. > It is also kinda dumb because many male gamers are lonely and more women would be the perfect thing to make them happy (if you know what I mean).

          What do you mean?


          1. Imagine there would be many more female gamers – then many more relationships would start, as they have a common interest
            If the males make it ever out of the house xD


    2. It’s not that this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it just makes no sense since there’s basically no scene. Games like CS are struggling to find a relevant scene for female players to compete let alone sim racing which barely has enough people to fill just a few decent championships as it is


      1. That’s because female get harassed online – males are basically like “you slut” “you are a female, you suck at gaming, gtfooh” and similiar. Further generally gaming is often very toxic (especially easteuropean guys) and full of insults and females don’t really like that


    3. There are a few possible ways this could go down.

      1. The organization recruits 20 random twitch personalities who give zero shits about sim racing for the race. In the days leading up they’re touted as “sim racing girls who have been harassed into silence by the toxic community and finally have a championship to call their own”, only for one of our readers to discover an Instagram post from one of the girls who accidentally admits she’s “never played a racing game since Mario Kart 64” and is “nervous” about the event. We expose everything, and all involved look stupid for manufacturing a 100% fake event with fake “sim racing girls” to push muh women in gaming on a genre that nobody cares about.

      2. There are so few girls who sign up and post competitive times that would translate to a good on-track product, the event is opened to transsexuals to be progressive. A man with a mental illness who demands others to call him by a pretend female name wins the race. We run an article congratulating the winner, referring to him by his birth name and gender. “Man Wins All-Girl Championship” will be the title. I will probably compare it to the Frank Grimes episode of The Simpsons, where Homer enters (and wins) a craft contest for little kids.

      3. By some act of God there’s 12-16 genuine female sim racers, two of them are somewhat decent, with the other fourteen getting into a massive turn one wreck. The on-track product ends up being horrible and it ends up being a laughingstock. I do not want this to happen as screenshotting a livestream for pictures of wrecks is boring.

      Place your bets.

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      1. 3rd is bs
        Females drive much more careful. The race will be much more clean compared to normal races. Trust me, I raced against females – that is at the same time their weakness, you can most of the time easily keep them at bay or divebomb them, but I also know 1 female that this is not working.


      1. Need to boycott every others products that SMS is not producing, especially if it is SIMBIN UK.
        Message Sent to Auston OGONOSKI by mail by Ian BELL.


  3. Oh come on. You cant say that female harassment doesn’t exist in gaming. I’ve seen it first hand. Let them have their races. Whats it to ya? What do you care how it’s done?


          1. Quite an intelectual that guy, nice source of thoughts. Why should anyone have to walk away in the middle of something they like to do because the environment is pousinous? Isn’t it a problem that someone can’t take part on an activity with normality because someone else is hostile and retarded? Are you really this dense or are you just frustrated because women ignore you?

            No wonder you attract crazy girls only…


    1. Most online harassment to a women is done by other women, anyway. If you happen to get an inside look into those Facebook groups (because normal people try to stay as anonymous online as they can) you will see that doxxing, harassment and bullying is rife.


  4. I have yet to meet a single female who wants to waste their time playing simulators (unless it’s for a job), whether it’s a racing sim, flight sim, tank sim, etc. Same goes for wargames and other time-consuming gaming genres. Every women I’ve known has universally regarded these activities as pointless and a distraction from the important things in Life. It’s hard to disagree with their logic.

    I happen to think this demonstrates that men are more inclined to “lose themselves” in imaginary worlds – often to the detriment of their Real Lives. I’ve read several times that Autism can be thought as an “extreme male mindset”, wherein the individual is essentially lost in a world of their own making and loses interest in the people outside it.

    Why do men (and it is always men who cook up these schemes) insist on dragging women down to our level of autistic, obsessive behavior? Is it because they’re lonely?

    Women make excellent pilots, specifically because they tend not to get lost in the romantic, macho bullshit and instead focus on what really makes you a good pilot: Caution, attention to detail and discipline (as well as their demonstrated superior ability to orient themselves in 3D).

    You will never catch a female pilot doing stupid shit like navigating by following highways or flying in conditions outside their rating. Their logbooks always look pristine, and I’ve never once seen one blow off a pre-flight.

    Women are wondrous creatures. I wish well-meaning nerds would stop trying to turn women into female versions of themselves.

    Vive la différence.

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    1. I appreciate your wisdom, Dear Leader.

      In fact, women are more likely to be productive in the real world, actively looking for a wealthy husband and the most attractive hair dyes and cosmetics to achieve a higher status, and certainly not playing video games, reading about history or studying philosophy. Women are surely also more respectful of other women, and will wait after the race to call each other fat or slutty behind their backs.

      If more men were women, we could finally achieve a peaceful and safe society like in Sweden, where generosity and hospitality go hand in hand to create a diverse utopia of inclusiveness, progressivism, genderlessness and soul-liberating violent rapes.

      Women shall inherit the Earth, and then give it to the Muslims, before the Jews get rid of them.

      Pop: 500 M (and some slaves)

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      1. Only because no-one ever bothered to make “fucking moan about everything unless it’s edible, Hoover the same piece of carpet every fucking day, how dare you try and relax after 12 hours at work you pathetic man, try to go two days without entering a supermarket simulator”


    2. That’s because you’re actually living in Northkorea, where there is no gaming 😉

      The problem it’s rare, most women get harassed away by male players at early stages and thereby never explore so far what gaming has to offer.
      I actually know a lot of females that are doing sim racing. SimRacingClub has a couple of females racing in VEC / VLM.

      Not all males are losing themselves in imaginary worlds … this is pure bullshit. Most males are just here to have fun and relax, only a small percentage gets lost (the addicted ones). See it as this: Its an alternate hobby to ie. fishing, collecting poststamps, building something, etc.. Gaming is not more harmful as the average hobby, it has even more social contact, even they don’t go that deep as irl.

      “their logbooks always look pristine” … what a bullshit, I know a lot of female gamers that do the same bullshit as males do. Ie. twitch PMSProxy is a very good example – I would agree though if you would say they don’t do it as often as males.


  5. I figured Austin would go off about this, and his views regarding womens issues tend to be unfortunate and insensitive, in my opinion. I’ve seen plenty of unwanted comments made towards women, both on video games and at real life racing events. These are two male dominated areas and I understand why women would be intimidated by that – a lot of men are just pigs, and yes, it is a real problem.

    With that said, I have to admit I didn’t realize there were enough women actually interested in sim racing to form their own league, as I tend to think they are smart enough to realize what a waste of time it is. I know several women who are big motorsport fans, and play other genres of video games, but they have absolutely no interest in picking up even the most casual racing title.


    1. > These are two male dominated areas and I understand why women would be intimidated by that – a lot of men are just pigs, and yes, it is a real problem.

      I’m sure continuing the destruction of masculinity and fatherhood will produce more balanced and respectful men in the future, so there is hope.

      > With that said, I have to admit I didn’t realize there were enough women actually interested in sim racing to form their own league, as I tend to think they are smart enough to realize what a waste of time it is.

      Male hobbies are typically a waste of time. Shopping and getting weaves are the signs of a mature adult.


    2. It might be worth re-reading the article. This has nothing to do with my personal views on women.

      There was an attempt to create an all-female racing series as recently as this year, using older GP2 cars.

      Professional female race car drivers, two of which who are traditionally pretty reserved and soft-spoken, adamantly came out and said “I refuse to take part in it, this is not how I want to be represented as a competitor, I did not get into auto racing for a girls’ only trophy, and I am embarrassed that some think segregation = progress.”

      Three months later, despite the immense backlash from Indianapolis 500 participants and public thrashing the all-women racing league received in international media for being absurdly sexist, a dev who supposedly holds pro drivers’ opinions in high regard went and started a virtual all-women’s league.


      1. > Professional female race car drivers, two of which who are traditionally pretty reserved and soft-spoken, adamantly came out and said “I refuse to take part in it, this is not how I want to be represented as a competitor, I did not get into auto racing for a girls’ only trophy, and I am embarrassed that some think segregation = progress.”

        Sounds like internalized misogyny and patriarchy. They must be freed.


        1. That’s true. Women can’t be trusted to decide anything on their own. They desperately need feminists (both male and female) to decide *for* them.

          By the way, if that sounds a lot like Communism/Fascism, you’re talking to an expert.


    3. women need to stay out of male spaces. they keep forcing their way in and when they dont get treated ‘special’, bitch and complain.

      you and them can leave.

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      1. Halt die Fresse du Hurensohn

        What you write is so much bullshit … they are curious and want to explore it, yet most males come and can’t accept that because “it’s their terrority”

        I really wish you cancer, such people like should be terminated


    4. it’s funny, because i work for a company selling racing products and doing support and i’ve actually been very surprised by the amount of women calling in about their race cars. it’s a much larger market share than i thought, but to be fair, we cater to drag racers, so they don’t even have to turn left.


  6. One of the people I follow for setup stuff is of the non dangley bits body type, ran into her in the project cars network challenges, a consistent top 10 finisher. She is now doing Assetto laps and setups that are crushing the RSR records. She has a corvette lap that’s around five seconds faster than the Nordschleife RSR WR.

    She has a team and while I don’t know if they are all fast, if they are sharing the load doing setups I would guess the team performs. Um so yea, there are racers out there that get it done at a high level and gender seems to not play a part, while sure getting passed by a pink lambo isn’t something you see every day, it can theoretically happen.


  7. Could you expand on how exactly a professional race car driver’s feedback is relevant – in your words “the holy grail”(sic!) – for a (online) marketing campaign?

    As to you women’s esports is “total garbage”, what is your view on women’s sports leagues and bodies in general?

    And because you are so sure that the gender pay gap is “a bogus narrative pushed by man-hating feminists” and “social justice warriors”, what do you think about the gender-based differences in sallary in professional sports?


    1. He just loves dicks, he created this site because he loves dicks, with every article he inspires and inflates dicks, i imagine he feels uninspired by thr female body… Unless its from Bangkok.


    2. If multiple professional drivers are going on lengthy tirades speaking out against an all-women racing series, it’s probably not smart to create an all-women virtual racing series three months later.

      I don’t enjoy watching female sports because the athleticism and power just isn’t there compared to male sports. The entire LFL highlight reel can’t measure up to one shot of Ray Lewis utterly destroying a running back, nor can the WNBA put on a spectacle quite like LeBron James dunking on someone.

      If a female athlete can’t put on a show that puts fans in the stands on a nightly basis, she absolutely does not deserve the same pay as her male counterparts that do provide a show, and it is beyond asinine for the female athlete to demand a similar paycheck.

      LeBron James has a mammoth paycheck because he is a freak of nature on the court that makes the sportscenter highlight reel on a nightly basis (justifying any brand who sponsors the Cavaliers because it means extra TV time), he put the absolute shithole of Cleveland, Ohio on the map with an NBA championship and guarantees solid ticket sales during home games (which means more money in the owners pocket), is statistically one of the best basketball players ever to play the sport, and has influenced an entire generation of children to pick up a basketball. The insane contract is justified for the revenue he brings to both the city and team, as well as a partial thank you for all he has contributed to the sport.

      By comparison, here is your WNBA crowd for the LA Sparks, one of the league’s more popular teams.

      Why do these female athletes deserve multi-million dollar contracts when they aren’t bringing a show, aren’t drawing a crowd, aren’t on the highlight reel every night, aren’t influencing kids to play basketball, aren’t landing huge sponsorship/endorsement deals, and statistically aren’t putting up big numbers?

      The answer is quite simple. They don’t. They are paid appropriately for their talent levels.

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      1. They can’t draw a crowd, what? Two words: professional tennis. Anything to say about that? Get a clue please.

        Your argument is shit anyway Austin. Unlike in basketball, there’s no difference to the eye between watching a guy running 100m in 9.7 and a woman running in 10.5, yet the paychecks… It’s like when they made F1 a second slower in 2005 for the first time in ages and fans bitched and promised they would stop watching when they couldn’t even spot the change.

        I think you’re mad to women because you’re rejected James. SJW and modern feminism indeed stink, and you’re the other stinky extreme of the same spectrum.

        You’re both disgusting your own way.



          Professional women cant beat school boys,but you want equal pay to men who rake in millions, nay Billions? by the way, Tennis has pretty much equal pay, along with squash annnnd Volleyball.

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          1. >we can’t beat a high school boys team
            >pls pay us like david beckham because feminism and muh wage gap

            This is an absurd, unreasonable demand for a fully grown adult female to make. You are paid what you are worth. This is not “sexism” or a bogus “wage gap.” It is basic “my employee has not done enough to justify an enormous contract.”

            Also this guy’s assertions about F1 are completely incorrect: the fans actually DID start leaving in droves.



            1. Stick to NASCAR imbecile. F1 started getting slower at 2005. The peak viewership happened later.

              Your argument regarding athletics is moronic. If it worked like that we would only watch guepard racing, they’re faster than Usain, and by a way larger margin than Usain beats the fastest women.

              Pro tennis is a model to follow as someone mentioned before.


              1. They’re called cheetahs in English, and they’re not a breed that can fuck your mom, so it doesn’t count.

                Women’s pro tennis attracts viewers because the chicks are hot and they’re moaning like they’re getting pounded, so they deserve the money. Also, the exchanges last more than 2 seconds, which is how long I would last with Dominika Cibulkova.


      2. OP here.

        “If multiple professional drivers are going on lengthy tirades speaking out against an all-women racing series, it’s probably not smart to create an all-women virtual racing series three months later.”

        Not sure if that is supposed to be an answer to my first question, but if it is then I’m afraid you’ve missed the point. What level of expertise does a (male or female) racing driver bring to the table when it comes to creating marketing campaigns?

        Also, there are multiple professional researchers explaining at length that smoking and lung cancer are not connected. Yet the majority of researchers and doctors think otherwise. So according to you, as long as there is somebody rejecting an idea that is widely being accepted as proven fact that concept is “bogus”?

        “I don’t enjoy watching female sports because the athleticism and power just isn’t there compared to male sports.”

        Again, sadly not really answering the question at hand. If a female esports series is “total garbage” to you, do you consider other sports bodies like for example the ones you mentioned “total garbage” as well?

        “If a female athlete can’t put on a show that puts fans in the stands on a nightly basis, she absolutely does not deserve the same pay as her male counterparts that do provide a show, and it is beyond asinine for the female athlete to demand a similar paycheck.”

        Just like you seem to be oblivious to the difference between adjusted and unadjusted statistical data you appear to misunderstand the concept of equal pay. It is not about awarding everybody the same absolute amount but a figure that is equal relative to the individual performance.
        You are right in saying that women’s sports leagues don’t create the same level of viewership and hence less income to the companies involved (it is also interesting to think about why that might be (f.e. would women’s basketball attract more people if they played on height adjusted courts, so they could also do the spectacular stuff men can on courts that were originally designed for their height?), but that would lead to far away here).

        So let’s say WNBA games only attract one quarter of the audience the NBA does, how does that justify that WNBA player’s minimum salary is $38,000, while an NBA player’s minimum salary is $525,000 and that an average NBA player makes over $5 million while an average WNBA player makes $72,000?
        And what about sports where the physical disparity doesn’t take away from the attraction, for example Golf? (Also see the Forbes article.)

        And finally, why do these topics seem to aggravate you so much? Who are you to judge and label people who are rooting for what they consider a worthwhile cause with words like asinine, buffoons, pathetic and so on?

        Thanks for reading, and maybe even taking the time to answering all of my questions.


        1. 1. If a professional driver is adamantly against an all-girl’s racing series, and you’re in an industry where a professional driver’s stance on basically anything = valuable feedback to push the genre forward, it’s probably not a wise move to create an all-girl’s virtual racing series.

          Going one step further and labeling unnecessary segregation (this is not ice hockey, nobody is going to get hurt due to biological differences sitting in front of a PC) as a “safe space” from alleged harassment and oppression, despite no reported instances of this harassment and oppression actually occurring within the sim racing community, only makes both SimBin and the organizers look woefully inept.

          SimBin for willingly getting involved with a social justice group before their first video game has even hit the shelves (presumably for cash to fund said game), and the social justice group for awkwardly inserting themselves into an obscure hobby that features no tangible female portion of the userbase, but still have the audacity to claim legions of women THAT DON’T EXIST BECAUSE THEY ARE ANOMALIES IN THIS HOBBY, PERIOD, are being harassed.

          Fuck both of these entities.

          2. Inferior players competing in inferior sports leagues do not deserve to be paid on par with superstar athletes making millions/billions. There is a wage gap between the NBA and WNBA for the same reasons there is a wage gap between the NFL and CFL. Is it because the CFL is full of female football players and there’s some conspiracy to oppress them? Well no. The level of play isn’t there, which means the audience isn’t there, which means the ad revenue isn’t there, which means the boost to the city’s economy isn’t there, which means there is A) no justifiable reason to pay these inferior athletes a premium and B) no money for the team owners to do so.

          Put on a good show, be the best at your craft, and you’ll get paid. Ronda Rousey certainly did. Play to half-empty stadiums in semi-professional leagues, only to get stomped by geeky high schoolers? Your employer will hold off on tossing you the big $$$. This is something everyone learns playing franchise mode in Madden, but I guess being a male feminist, it’s more important to regurgitate emotionally-based arguments in the hopes that your crush will go out with you for defending her ideology on the internet, than to actually break down her bizarre beliefs.


                1. Inferior athletes who are unable to attract a crowd on par with superstar athletes do not deserve equal pay. This is not a gender issue; this happens in the CFL in comparison to the NFL just as much as it does the WNBA in comparison to the NBA.

                  Anyone who believes otherwise is outright delusional.

                  Welcoming the SJW crazies into sim racing is not a path I suggest anyone to traverse. These people aren’t here to race, they’re here to pick fights over nothing and guilt trip people into self hatred. Don’t let me be prophetic on this one.


                  1. They’re already here. Look over at RD. So many reactionary male betas (and eurofags) looking to pick a fight over anything even tangentially related to females in the hobby.

                    These guys are desperate. What other options do they have (aside from making good $ or hitting the gym) when it comes to attracting women?

                    Not everyone can be an absolutist hereditary monarch who can essentially order any woman into his bed. You can ask Kim Jong-nam about that.


                  2. Problem is you think anything else other than your disgusting views is SWJ. That sim racing competition is a crap idea and doomed from the start, but the rest you add on top is utterly moronic. Isinbayeva is worth more than the 15th best male even if he jumps higher.


                    1. You know what I find interesting?

                      There’s a collection of shitposters here who sit around screeching that I have disgusting views, that I’m sexist/racist/xenophobic…

                      But none of ’em ever provide tangible proof of this.

                      I read /pol/. I post on /pol/. I follow Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter and I’m a big Milo/Breitbart fan. Everyone knows this.

                      But many times these outlets provide hard numbers to back up their assertions, just like we provide laptimes to say whether a sim is realistic or not.

                      Name calling doesnt work. Sorry.


      3. Having a couple racers who were privileged/lucky/talented enough trash an all womens league doesnt make them experts or their criticisms absolute.

        I get what youre saying but there’s nothing wrong with single gender events. The backlash is always veiled in misogyny.

        You can not deny it is a male dominated industry and it makes it harder for women to break in. The most positive aspect of an all women event is that it allows women to be given a chance in this field. It can inspire younger women and soften how male dominated this sport is. A sport wherewomen can compete with men so it’s arguably more important.

        The issue I have with being so against something like this is what harm does it actually cause? A perception of women cant compete with men? Like that doesnt exist already?

        This type of thing allows for. More good than bad and the only thing blocking it is backlash of men who have no part of it. Even the women you cite. They have 0 part in it. Let the women who can’t break into the mens field compete. What is the issue here?


        1. Also I just want to add. Yeah I am totally against poorly run events that use gender or other BS to promote it. That’s definitely an issue but to argue against female only events is silly


        2. What’s preventing a woman, or several of them, from breaking into sim racing?

          Are they not able to purchase a PC? No.
          Are they not able to purchase a toy steering wheel? No.
          Are they not able to sign up for Steam and obtain a relevant racing simulator? No.
          Are they not able to practice for hours and hours to refine their car control? No.
          Are they not able to go on YouTube and study racecraft videos or hunt for setup advice? No.
          Are they not able to participate in relevant leagues and community-wide events? No.

          So, in other words, absolutely nothing. In fact you could argue sim racing, and video games in general, are “the great equalizer.” Your progress in the competitive realm is 100% results based, regardless of whether your name is Austin, Ashley, Batman bin Suparman, Optimus Prime, or West Coast Pressure Cleaning.

          I take great offense to a random social justice group we’ve never heard of, as well as a dev supposedly working on the sequel to one of the best racing simulators of all time, implying we’re serial shitbags to anyone with a vagina. Hey, you know what? This might be accurate in Counter-Strike circles, but in my time running PRC and covering the weird shit that I have, this isn’t something that has popped up.


          1. Thank you for your answers, Jim.
            Now I understand what the issue is here. I thought I might have been unclear or you might be misinterpreting things, but as it turns you’re just stupid and gullible, or in the words of an individual equally numb as you: You’re the kind of person whose nerves are too short for their body.

            So let me explain a few things to you:

            You still fail to comprehend the core problem of unequal pay. It is not about people working less than their counterparts, it is about people doing the exact same jobs and having the exact same level of experience/skill/education as their colleagues and still getting paid less, which still is the case in many sectors and day to day jobs if you look at the adjusted data (i.e. taking into account differences).

            Just because you find two persons saying “I think doing A is wrong, and I should know because I’m a professional at doing B” that doesn’t necessarily mean that every person doing B shares that opinion. Following your logic, if I found three other female pro drivers who approve of a women’s only (esports) league, those would overrule the two you quoted?
            Just because somebody writes something somewhere on the internet that doesn’t automatically make that thing fact or the only valid statement about that thing. So you should try to think carefully before quoting some random persons thoughts from some internet forum, combined with the assertion that that statement is the “nail in the coffin” of an argument. Rule of thumb: If somebody calls himself “Snake Doctor”, “Mr. Dinky” or “The real [insert name]” you should be aware of the possibility of that person being a moron and/or scam.

            You follow Watson and you’re a Breitbart fan? Why? Because they tell the truth and back it up with some numbers? What about the people finding numbers that indicate the opposite? What makes Breitbart and their paid shills more credible than other news professionals or researchers? Actually, forget that question; I think I know why you would think that is.
            Jim, listen carefully. You might think you’re a provocateur, a fighter for freedom, one of the few who dare to think outside of the box. Let me tell you now: There is no box!
            It’s an illusion created by people who have little knowledge and skill and yet they have to make a living somehow. So they decided to trick gullible people with even less skill and knowledge (you) into believing outrageous stories.
            How can you identify these tricksters and scams? Usually they tend to generalize and label people they don’t like or agree with. Don’t fall for their trap, Jim! Stop labelling people who have different views than you and consider the possibility of them being the ones who are correct and you being the sheep.

            If I may, I want to come to a close with a rather personal question:
            Do your mother and grandmother know about the things you are uttering publicly?

            Have a good day.


        3. > You can not deny it is a male dominated industry and it makes it harder for women to break in.

          By that, do you mean that they are not getting privileges and a free pas despite their inadequacies like in so many fields in society?

          Liked by 1 person

  8. Wait I thought that video games were why I was a worthless manchild that can’t provide for marriage, now it turns out I’m playing video games because my non-existent income is better than women?


  9. Allen speed , can I have some of what you are smoking because farrrrrk you are of your face to even contemplate this is going to be successful .

    Fucking hell I wish these devs would concentrate on making a complete game and not this bullshit !

    Soooo many devs pushing this esports crap , marketing tool words.


  10. You’ve got to be kidding me! You know you’re in trouble when absolutely everything has to be politicized. Now the divisive left is destroying motorsports AND virtual motorsports (which is already in so much trouble and in need of redemption). I guess whatever can be slightly misinterpreted as “bad” not only will be misinterpreted as bad, but DELIBERATELY misinterpreted and to the worst possible degree imaginable. The world is run by IDIOTS!


    1. > The world is run by IDIOTS!

      Far from it. Western civilization is the only thing in the way of a global government, so they’re destroying societies one after the other. Feminism has worked remarkably well to divide men and women, to accelerate the cult of the victim, to devalue achievement, to promote consumerism, to lower the birthrate and to facilitate the arrival of millions of low-IQ Arabs and Africans in civilized countries to inseminate the women and create populations of confused bastards without history.

      Coudenhove-Kalergi would be proud.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Well we all can now be little winging bitches together in the sim racing community just some wont have Testicles .

    Nothing has changed 🙂

    Have a good day ” ladies and gentlemen “


  12. There are no women in sim racing, and anyone who claims to be one is lying. What woman would engage herself with hardcore autistic shills like Associat0r and Hex, and butthurt manchildren who will stalk and dox you for uploading useful files like the dudes from SRD?

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Oh really, the wage gap doesn’t exist, but men are earning 97% of the money from NASCAR and women 3%.

    It’s not that women get paid less for the same role (and thus would make a good business choice to hire) it’s that the roles they do get hired in are paid less.


  14. Owen Shroyer of Infocucks has been going around triggering left-wing reporters by repeating milquetoast Alt-Lite talking points.

    Just by quoting MLK and talking about how great “muh Freedom” is, Owen makes these two idiot girls cry.

    First things first. Look at how they are dressed. Both are in baggy, trashy outfits. The blond is the worst, wearing a shirt so long that it looks like a nightgown or something you wear as a child to bed. Short shorts hiked right to the cooch and so short you can barely see them peeping out from under the T-shirt, that’s a Freudian call to be tucked into bed by daddy if ever there was one. More than anything, it shows how ridiculous White women have become in the West. They use their freedom to march around like overgrown toddlers.

    More observations.

    The first White girl talking about “Brown Power” is clearly White and would be treated as White by the Third World horde despite the 1/8 Navajo admixture that she’s got going on that got her accepted into Libshit University.

    The blond one is clearly a little child.

    Neither of them can debate. Neither of them want to debate. They want to be part of the in crowd preaching multiculturalism and like, I mean like, you know like against hate and stuff. Getting confronted by anyone saying that they don’t buy their bullshit is like being told they’re ugly or something.

    Some of the best reactions I’ve had from girls were when I went full laconic Fascist on them.

    A short story: I was at a bar in Tallinn with two shitlord friends. Two chicks overhear us talking about nogs and Moslems. They start screeching and “ohemgeeing” to show their faux-outrage. They ask me if I’m a fascist.

    I tell them, “better a fascist than a faggot” and things went swimmingly from there.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Must be a shame living in a World that despises and isolates those with your disgusting social views. But get over it, Axis got their ass kicked, their ideals are dead, and you have to spread your crap on the deep internet. Too bad.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. They are by the people making decisions and the vast majority they represent. And all you can do is moan on a simracing blog. Sorry about it.


    1. You DO realize how douche-y you sound writing all this, right? You’re actually sounding far more like the “faggot” with his pink panties in a bunch. Just sayin’.


  15. I had an idea about a serious answer.

    Then I read the whole thing again. Looked at comments and basically decided to do a pointless idiotic comment.

    I mean. That fits. And I realize why I’ve gone from checking PRC multiple times a day to 1-3 times a week and falling.


      1. If that was said by a sim racing dev there would be three dedicated articles to that and each with 200 comments. But since it’s James, is fine. When is James insulting the readers is fine, but when it was Ian Bell a year ago all hell broke loose. Devs must behave like sheep, users can go crazy on the devs. Personality disorder much… double standards much…


        1. Hi Stefano.

          People are not paying $60 for the right to post on PRC and for tech support about their video game.

          They’re coming to this place for a fight, and I’ve provided a boxing ring.


    1. Same here. He dedicates less time to this, he’s not unbiased anymore so can’t be trusted, he’s started talking about things he doesn’t know about (F1) and the more he exposes his views on real life the more repulsive he becomes.


    1. Oh look. Assetto Corsa has the launch bug come back again on XBoxOne.
      Someone needs to do the kind thing and shoot this sick animal of a game.


  16. Sim racing girl would wipe the floor in this comp from what I have seen from her , if the first corner crash could be avoided , pretty good driving skills from what I have seen .

    At least have someone recognisable from the sim racing community , give the competition a face .

    Fly her in for the competition then at least there is one capable female player .

    Better yet wait for project cars 2 , have male players running gt4 and females running gt3 in the same race ” could make for a interesting race ” …………

    There you go Ian , there’s a idea for your esports .


  17. Want me to tell you a funny story about the same driver mentioned above?

    She got absolutely smoked by another female driver in the same car on a test day. Somewhere to the tune of 5 seconds disparity at the end of the day. Recently.

    The other female driver that was faster has been publicly vocal that she will never support a women only racing series. Wonder why?

    If you can’t cut it, make way for those who can. Because there are plenty of women that can compete in Motorsport with men no problem. Their climb is muddied by by those who make excuses.


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