WRC 7 is Also Spectacularly Broken

What was supposed to be an extremely exciting week for connoisseurs of virtual auto racing has now turned into anything but. After NASCAR Heat 2 established itself as a game that might be good in a few months provided the necessary patchwork is applied in key areas, and the high definition remaster of Baja: Edge of Control exhibited exponentially more flaws than the original release did back in 2008, all eyes were now set upon Kylotonn’s officially licensed rally racer, WRC 7. Though the first two games were disastrous affairs – the first game under the new team being the worst new release I’ve reviewed for PRC, and the second being so technologically inept I refused to review it – coverage of the game from other outlets indicated this year’s rendition would actually be worth buying.

Coupled with the fact that the real life World Rally Championship is experiencing its most exciting season in recent memory, with absolutely ridiculous cars that will surely be toned down at the conclusion of the 2017 campaign, there was also genuine, tangible evidence displaying WRC 7 would be worth a purchase. The stage design would be significantly narrower, the handling model would dip into simcade territory rather than outright simplicity, and there would be a slew of optimization improvements for PC owners to ensure the software would actually run smoothly. Like many gamers who’ve attached a plastic toy steering wheel to their desk, I bought WRC 7 at launch this morning primarily due to outlets such as Team VVV really drilling home that the new game was indeed an improvement, and not a bargain bin mess masquerading as a fully priced PC game to lure in people with the official WRC license.

At the end of the day, as a consumer I feel lied to. My experience with WRC 7, running one of the most common toy steering wheels on the market today plugged into a beefy Alienware Aurora R5, does not match what others are describing in their YouTube videos in the slightest. I would like to know how not one journalist, hobbyist, or multimedia personality covering the game ran into these issues, despite the game’s Steam community forums now overflowing with complaints about crippling problems making the game unplayable for a large number of users.

Why do these personalities all have a functioning game they all seem to enjoy, whereas common customers like myself do not? Given that I receive financial backing from a rival game developer, it’s massively hypocritical of myself to come out swinging and accuse those involved of viral marketing and intentional deception in some regard, but in this situation I am merely a guy running a blog trying to purchase a video game both for his own leisure, as well as to write about on his website. I am confused as to how, when approaching this game from the position of an everyday customer, my time spent with the game is drastically different than all of these YouTube personalities giving WRC 7 two thumbs up.

Above is a first-hand video of nearly my entire time spent with WRC 7 prior to Steam providing me with a refund for the title. Basically, I went through the above sequence twice, recording my second cycle because I genuinely didn’t think anybody would believe me, or they’d just accuse me of going on a hyperbolic smear campaign against anyone who isn’t my employer. Despite Kylotonn listing a stock Logitech G29 as a fully supported wheel, the game fails to detect the device in any functional manner save for the directional pad – which is of little use in any situation behind the wheel. The G29 is so incapacitated, you are unable to even skip the intro movies or navigate the menus once you’ve used the keyboard to navigate past the title sequences and splash screen, nor does going to the options menu warrant any sort of positive results. Obviously going into something like WRC 7, I’m not expecting much of a hardcore experience behind the wheel, but I at least want to take a green flag and complete a stage with my stock, consumer steering wheel being 100% functional. This is apparently too much to ask of French developers Kylotonn in 2017, despite it being their third WRC game.

Moving on to plugging in my DualShock4 coupled with everybody’s favorite background application DS4Windows – more or less a must for those using a standard PS4 controller on Windows 10 – we are at least able to navigate through WRC 7’s menus. Immediately I discover that while the game instructs you to press the A button to proceed, the PlayStation 4 equivalent of A (also known as the X button) doesn’t do anything – proceed has actually been mapped to Square.

Out on the track, things get exponentially worse. In an impressive display of tomfoolery, the chase view camera is locked at a forty five degree angle behind the car, almost as if someone is permanently holding the right stick downwards and to the left. Upon accelerating with R2, the camera rotates to a direct sideways shot of my Hyundai. Braking, in comparison, rotates the camera to the rear of the car. So the default configuration that shipped with the game has the camera rotation mapped to the throttle and brake pedals.

However, in my lone sector of driving, WRC 7 looked quite nice, the stage design was much better than prior entries in the series, and I did not experience any crippling performance hiccups. There should be an asterisk next to this final part, as I am playing on a PC my employer provided me with to give their yet-to-be-released game a proper shakedown on maximum visual settings. Your average driving sim enthusiast does not have a computer this powerful. As a result, WRC 7’s Steam forums have been flooded with complaints by disgruntled customers wondering what in the hell they just bought.In short, there is a fundamental disconnect between what YouTube outlets are saying about this game, versus what the average customer is actually experiencing. WRC 7 was not functional for me, and Steam provided me with a refund after about twenty minutes of play, most of which consisted of me booting up the game and staring blankly at the options menu while I hammered buttons on my steering wheel. I have failed to complete a single stage of driving, let a lone a sector, because all twenty minutes were spent in utter confusion – split up by occasional visits to the forum where others were united in their shared disgust of Kylotonn’s ineptitude. I encourage everyone with three minutes to burn to visit the game’s Steam forums and actually explore what is being said about WRC 7’s first day on the market, and then compare it to quotes such as these I’ve found across social media.

I would love to give WRC 7 a proper shakedown for the readers of PRC, as these kinds of simcade rally games are right up my alley (as you can probably figure out from past articles), and on a personal level I was actually kind of excited about this game after looking at the preview footage that like I said, implied some very tangible improvements had been made to the core gameplay. Yet in actually purchasing the game for myself, I’m profoundly bewildered – WRC 7 as a product you can obtain on Steam for around $40 CDN is just not even in the same ballpark as what the YouTube personalities said it would be. The preview videos all have done a great job getting us excited for Kylotonn to turn a new page and push out something captivating – especially with the glorious 2017-spec cars – but instead we’re left scratching our collective heads at the near-unanimous praise in the face of pretty outrageous technical issues that are generating widely reported problems on the game’s Steam forums. How did every single YouTube outlet miss this stuff, and better yet, why didn’t the public receive this version of the game?

Just read the Steam reviews and compare them to impressions from the big sim racing outlets; you’ll see what I mean.


109 thoughts on “WRC 7 is Also Spectacularly Broken

      1. What we know so far:


        We are developing more than one base. The main difference will be the maximum torque. The torque range is starting at a competitive level far above the CS WB V2.5 and ranges up to a level most of you will not be able to use for a long time.
        It will not replace the CS WB V2.5 and we will keep this model as the best non-DD solution on the market.
        The DD wheelbases are the first products of a complete series of hardcore products which are positioned above the ClubSport series. This series will include wheelbases, steering wheels, pedals, shifters and handbrakes in the (very) long run.


        The DD will be a typical plug&play product like other Fanatec wheelbases. All in one housing and no cable mess.


        Like any other Fanatec product, the DD will be fully certified and lab tested. This will avoid EMI issues and other interference with your other devices. The DD uses a lot of power and huge magnets are involved so this is a very important point which is often not considered until you get a lot of mysterious issues and damages to your whole system.


        PC for sure as this is the main market and there is no reason that it should not work on Xbox One. The first generation will not be compatible with PS4.
        We have a great relationship with all racing game developers and you can be sure that there will be broad support for this wheelbase. Our target is to set a new standard in Simracing.


        We looked at the current motors on the market and there was nothing which really fulfilled our requirements. Those industrial motors were not designed for Simracing. Steppers and hybrid steppers deliver a way too notchy feeling for a hardcore product, no matter how good you tweak the software. Also, other servo motors are always a compromise. Therefore we developed complete custom servo motors where we decided about what speed, torque, size, power consumption, pricing etc. we need.

        Steering Wheels

        All the current ClubSport steering wheels will be compatible. We developed a new QR system on the base to handle the extra power but it will stay a quick release.
        There will be no cable from the wheel to the base or to USB. The wheel will be able to rotate unlimited without the risk to snap off a cable or to disturb you while driving.
        The CSL and CSL Elite steering wheels will be compatible as well but torque will be reduced if such a wheel is detected.


        Please let us know what kind of software you are expecting to get with the DD. What parameters do you want to adjust and how and where do you want to adjust these parameters. We are pretty flexible on this point.

        Target Dates

        Dates are always a very sensitive subject. In principle you need to understand that the DD technology is not only new to us, our DD wheels are completely designed from scratch and a breakthrough for the whole industry. This involves some completely new technology which had to be invented and everything is customized. A lot of unknown factors are not good to give any solid time projections.
        We simply cannot give you any guaranteed dates at this point. But at least you get some indication of our target dates.

        Community event:

        There will be a community event where we invite interested sim racers to test and compare our new DD wheels directly to all other solutions on the market. Time and date is not defined yet but it will obviously be before the launch date. More news and how to apply for this test will be posted here.

        Beta Test:

        The external beta test will start after all internal tests are done. We will also make a separate announcement where you can apply to become a tester. We are interested in the opinion of current DD users and ultra hardcore users as well as people with analytic and structured thinking which are able to find remaining bugs and make suggestions for improvements.
        Please make sure you already filled out this form.

        Launch date:

        Q4 2017


        There will be a significant difference to the current wheelbases we have so there will be different performance levels at different price points. As the current CS WB V2.5 is still priced significantly lower than any other DD wheel on the market (please compare it with a full system incl. steering wheel with buttons) there is still room for us to make a very competitive offer.
        Our new DD bases can compete in pricing as well as superior functionality and performance.


    1. Everything is fine on console because the standards are so low. Forza Motorsport is realistic enough, 27 fps is fluid enough, 900p is sharp enough, controller steering is precise enough, 79.99CAD is cheap enough…

      And then you get called an elitist as a mid-range PC owner.

      WRC 7 also uses Denuvo, and it’s not stated on the Steam page. I was ready to give it a fair chance until I found that out. Man, watching the Steam forums in real time this morning was hella fun. ACG and Team VVV have got to be the biggest shills imaginable.

      F1 2017 is still Codies F1 and has Denuvo, NASCAR Heat 2 is a fucking Unity game that you have to be pretty thirsty for NASCAR to want to play it, WRC 7 is another broken mess.

      That leaves us with Forza “stone tires” 7 which will suck but look pretty, and then Project CARS 2 which might be good enough as a Project CARS 1.5.


      1. I see I was not the only one camped out on the Steam forums this morning. But all the madness across two games couldn’t prepare me for ISR’s WRC 7 review. I’m like actually triggered by this.

        So they praise the game for all the reasons I was excited to try it: great stages, sim-like physics, and “okay” FFB. Great, sign me up.

        So like, near the end of the video – and it’s basically a footnote – they reveal it took them both like three hours just to get their high-end Thrustmaster wheels working. Actually it was a multi-day affair, John woke up to Billy raging on Skype and the two of them couldn’t figure it out.

        Dude how is this not like, the very first thing in the video? Fuck man just think about this, we’ve gone from putting an N64 Top Gear rally cartridge in and turning laps 30 seconds after flicking the power switch, to fucking MULTI-DAY CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION ODYSSEYS. How in the world are they not like “no, there’s no review today, we’re NOT giving this company any sort of positive coverage until Kylotonn fix their shit, no sane gamer is going to sit for three hours and void the refund allotment just to map their controller axis.”

        Dude imagine you buy an N64 game and you plug in the controller and it just doesn’t detect shit, and the game hangs at the title screen. THAT COMPANY WOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Yet here it’s worth a 25 minute review and “oh the game is wonderful”, and at the very end “btw our shit didn’t work for multiple days lel.” Fuck man this is ludicrous. I’ve never seen such an anti-consumer entertainment business quite like sim racing. You as a developer can legit ship a racing game that does not detect common PC steering wheels to even traverse the menus properly, and fucking YouTube shows across the planet will hide that somewhere in the back half of the review and still give you two thumbs up.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “Buy it now, hopefully they’ll fix this later, LOL.” is their attitude, I guess. Every time I see John’s footage with the weird stretching across three screens, I just die. Where are you even sitting in that car, bro?

          They released the list of supported peripherals after the game came out, so I guess it’s their own personal wishlist for future patches? Just be patient, don’t refund just yet, and maybe we’ll make it work! 😉

          I was lazily working in the middle of the night just ’cause, but man, as soon as the game dropped and I saw the CAD price, I was ready to go. Then the reports came in, and it was glorious.

          Looks like buying cheap Russian keys and not being able to get a refund stings hard over and over again. Gaming without refunds must be painful these days.


        2. And I know it’s not an interesting subject for an article, but what is the deal with lack of mouse support?

          Dirt Rally always defaults back to No Mouse, F1 doesn’t support the mouse at all, NASCAR Heat 2 didn’t recognize the mouse (and the wheel buttons were misidentified), and now this?

          If I can’t even get to the content without struggling, how can I enjoy my time with your product?


        3. Too much emphasis by all developers to roll out betas and then expect consumers to wait a year for what should have been the release candidate. They’re all at it. SMS, Codemasters, don’t even get me started on those lazy bastards at Kunos.
          As consumers we accept it for some stupid reason.


        4. I have a separate rant on the 2 hour refund policy.
          Why the fuck can I buy a pair of Puma shoes on sale for $40, wear them for a month, and return them for full refund in my bank account, but a $40 game I only get 2 hours?
          And why the fuck do people defend this? Asshats just say “You should know EVERYTHING” about a game before you buy it.” Why the fuck would I buy the game then?


          1. you have a month to return merchandise, you shouldn’t be wearing it and bring it back worn. It has to be the same condition. The steam refund policy is a cheap get-around for the consumer practice issues they faced in Europe. 2 hrs in 14 days is bullcrap.


      1. So are you saying he’s an unprincipled shill with no integrity who thinks nothing of lying to his viewers? Or does he just have low standards for what he considers acceptable in a game?


        1. I think he just has a personality that lends itself to defending what is easy to criticize, as some kind of virtue-signalling. A lot of people are like that, they’d rather “defend the oppressed” than use their limited judgment. So that helps him be friendly with devs, so he gets access to stuff.

          “These guys work so hard.” Yeah, but the game turned out shit anyway.

          Whether he’s truly a shill or not doesn’t matter to me, people like that are just untrustworthy all around and I don’t bother with them.

          As for low standards, that’s generalized across “garmin jurnalizsts”. They are low-talent, low-effort content creators who look at metrics instead of focusing on critical thinking.


          1. modern media-coverage of new products in a nut-shell.

            extended arm of manufacturers’ marketing department, without social-security cost attached to it.


    1. Thtrustmaster seems to be the key to the game at the moment Logitech support is the obvious answer , all be it it is non existent at the present moment .


    1. most-likely by North-Korean nuklear-research scientists, I recon – to help fund their military’s claw-of-fear over the starving common folks


  1. I have to give the counter view and I’m just another player and WRC 7 is working perfectly for me. TX 458 wheel worked fine immediately (some odd button mapping in menus but fine in the game.

    No stutter for me even at full very high 4K resolution. I’m not questioning the issues others are having it’s clear from the weight of Steam/Form comments many people have technical issues.

    I thought this game would be awful but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I took a risk before the reviews were out at £20. The FFB is good enough and the car handling is good (always subjective).

    With the game technically working fined for me I rate it as slightly more enjoyable than DiRT4 – more atmosphere and realistic stages and a decent career mode.

    If it just doesn’t work for most people though I agree that is unforgivable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know if it’s the same with the G29, but with the G27 if i let all the intro videos run, and then hit a button on the wheel when it prompts you to it worked. But yes the FFB is garbage, and the fact that i have to run Vsync to eliminate stutters/slowdowns is just plain stupid. Also i only have xbox prompts in-game so figuring out what button does what on the keyboard is a guessing game…

    It’s really stupid because the game itself is not bad at all, and has improved vastly since last year it’s just that they seem to have fixed literally NONE of the technical issues that i faced in WRC 6 last year..


    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha good spot.

      Remember motorsport is dangerous. Gaming isn’t.

      Thank the stars he doesn’t need to do any product placement for nomex underwear.


    2. I actually think James was wearing a helmet to add a little more to the bizarness of how sim racing is at the moment , it’s fuckn ridiculous that a game is sprouted as a pretty dam good tittle from some personalities in the community and this is actually what you get when you purchase a tittle .

      Ad the helmet and the music and James’s actions in the video and I think it all goes hand in hand .

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    3. Obviously I don’t play vidya with a racing helmet, I just needed a way to record my experience with a GoPro and I mean my helmet already has the proper mounts so it seemed like a good idea at the time.


      1. Fair enough, still quite funny though.

        I hope you’ve started a trend and the YouTubers start wearing helmets. Plenty already wearing race gloves and boots as product placement with their ‘essential’ DD wheels.


  3. Well we need a consumer advocate on this.

    James you need to reach out to Jim Sterling, I’m sure he’d love to cover this i a Jimquisition or TotalBiscuit may like to cover the shitshow given he’s a consumer advocate.
    Though I think Jim FUCKING Sterling would be far, far funnier


      1. Speaking of confused suicidal trannies:


        You do amuse me.

        The decadent West is actually debating whether it’s appropriate to honor a traitor. One day a reviled turncoat, the next a celebrated advocate of transgendered progressivism and government transparency!


  4. Hikkoth Akum X 1: “Do not save Christians in danger of death.”
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    1. Only six days to go.

      And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.


    2. I’m with you car games in general incomplete rubbish at the moment , so many genres get it right ! Car games are testing beds. Code master however you like it are leading with f1 s tracks , excitement and strategy to make race weakens mean something . If they put dirt 4s farmer to good use , e.g street cars the game would be fuckn unreal , add some on coming traffic an the like they could just well have the best if not the most exilerating game on any given platform at the moment . I myself expect big things from cosies, given the talent equired from the drive club developers , tallented people would be a understatement.


  5. i have been playing this with an Xbox controller in chase view just like back in the day. i don’t think this game was ever meant to be played with a wheel. still one of my favorites


  6. “…as a consumer I feel lied to. My experience…does not match what others are describing in their YouTube videos in the slightest. I would like to know how not one journalist, hobbyist, or multimedia personality covering the game ran into these issues, despite the game’s…community forums now overflowing with complaints about crippling problems making the game unplayable for a large number of users… there is a fundamental disconnect between what YouTube outlets are saying about this game, versus what the average customer is actually experiencing…”

    Exact same goes for F1 2017, but you heaped tons of praises on it without mentioning the game’s many isuses.


    1. And this is why James has a website ! Fuckn bullshit is what sim racing is at the moment ……. it’s a fucking joke to put things … I’ll pull it up there , before I get punted from this site toooo oh I can’t .thank fuck for that . Looking at you Ian . Fuck your game better be good .


    2. The handling itself is the game’s worst sin (F1). When you see the F2004 and the RB6 powerslide like muscle cars out of hairpins you know you’ve been sold shit.


  7. On a sidenote, Steam client has had native support for DualShock4 controllers (for both Steam and non-Steam games) for nearly a year now which also gives you access to various title-specific game controller configurations.

    While “DS4Windows” and it’s successor “Input mapper” were great for their time, in my humble opinion, they aren’t match for Steam’s native DS4 support.


  8. Mamma mia… we read “sim-racing revier’s” essays, where he discuss menu and CHASE CAMERA PLAYING. Son, for rally playing chase camera is not needed. All what here we see – its somewhat kindergarten scene with crying baby. But with all menu problems the main fact is in appearing practically IDEALLY simcade physics model, synthesing WRC5 and Loeb rally. Its the maximum they could make, and it provide highest grade fun and enjoyment. Who cannot feel it – he cannot also work as sim-racing reviewer.


    1. Are you dense? Did you even read the article/watch the video, or are you a shitty Russian shill hired by Kylotonn?

      The game does not detect my bone stock Logitech G29 save for the DPad and I can’t even navigate the menus. Just trying to turn laps with a pad, the CAMERAS are fucked up. Did you miss the part where cockpit view stares endlessly at the A-Pillar? Guess so. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t sit at a 45 degree angle in my race car.

      That’s fantastic you’re enjoying the game. In my experience, I can’t even complete a stage because this shit French shovelware fitness game company put out a product that is unplayable for about 50% of the people who bought it. Does this not matter to you at all?

      Fuck and you did this for WRC 5 as well. One of the worst rally games in the history of the genre and we got to sit here listening to endless tirades about “railway arcade FAKE rally.” If it comes out that you’re indeed on the payroll, holy shit.


      1. Mate, you cannot finish stage, but we see Lefevbre complete well entire range of stages, and we see he feel himself well. Understand, for the ends of all, that WRC5 model is TRUE rally physics model. For that time it was too brute, but now they improved it. In WRC6 – spoiled, now returned back, but we see also, that Codemasters in Dirt 4 got the same base. Looks like, my article about Fake Rally was read well by specialist, they invited professional drivers and made conclusions. Now we see full troimph of my ideas. Of course, its sad for you, but if you cry, do it not in public space – it will be better for you.


  9. Works fine with my G27 and having a blast.
    Eventually it will work for you with the G29, either patched if it is a game bug or when the cause is found if it is a some other kind of issue.
    Steam forums are always a cesspool for technical issues in games, which always happen when so many hardware configurations are possible.
    Enjoy the similar shitshow in a few days when PC2 is released. It will not be any different with people complaining about crashes, bugs, harware problems and so on.


    1. I would fire james for this. The greatest sim racing troll that is only in for Ian Bell’s money and his car sponsorship. Preventing issues from a disastrous launch he doesn’t care. But I bet he won’t make an article like he did with pie cars 1 showing videos of bugs and ai mayhems. He was actually paid to not publish embarrassing stuff about pie cars 2, he wasn’t paid to properly test the game. Maybe he wants a wage increase for that.


      1. If it showed good AI it would still have been old build?

        But the old build is from yesterday or 10 months ago? SMS releases a build almost daily, so old is quite relative.


    2. Lmao, PCARS 2 AI is still broken af, WMD cult members viral marketing efforts and paid reviews won’t save this disaster, even casuals aren’t excited about this game, they are waiting for Forza 7 and GT: Sport.


  10. _____ is Spectacularly Broken.
    _____ is Spectacularly Broken.

    We get it. Nothing will ever compare or be more perfect than NFS Shift 4 when it’s released. And it’ll have the best esports!


    1. Tunnels often get partially flooded, and I don’t think you can expect an artificial intelligence to be able to drive old demanding cars in a straight line.

      Troll elsewhere.


  11. WRC 7 is fantastic looking game with PC 4K with ultra settings. It runs very, very smoothly. Driving physics are great and the cars handle like a dream. What is the most important, the game is fun to play. That’s pretty awesome. I enjoy playing WRC 7 more than Dirt Rally. Not bad… Not bad at all.


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