The Community Assisted Slaughter of Forza Motorsport 7

It certainly looks like a Forza game, and the inconsistent driving model between vehicles assures it definitely plays like a Forza game when you’re out on the physical race track, but drastic changes Turn 10 have made to the flagship Xbox car-collecting RPG have sent both long-time fans and new recruits into a justified frenzy. Despite personally enjoying the title for the most part, as Forza is a pretty large change of pace compared to the ultra-bland PC smorgasbord simulators we usually discuss here on PRC, members of the game’s official subreddit have made their stance pretty clear on what they think of the new Forza game: Turn 10 have given a giant middle finger to their fans by pushing out a product that lacks polish, opens the door for intrusive microtransactions, and omits features that their core audience came to know and love from previous iterations of the franchise.

And though I may not feel the sting of these massive changes as much as someone who considers the Forza franchise to be a major part of their gaming passion, I fully sympathize with the crowd of folks who do. Reddit is on fire. The official Forza Motorsport community message boards are full of bans. Jim Sterling, a YouTube gaming personality who typically wants nothing to do with virtual race cars, has even gone out and performed one of his trademark tirades to show his support for the legions of Forza players wondering what in the fuck is happening to their beloved franchise. I think the fanboys will be quick to point out that I do indeed work for a rival developer and maybe it’s a conflict of interest to be writing a piece like this about a competitors’ product, but something is definitely wrong with what Turn 10 have put out on store shelves just a few short days ago if this kind of release is generating such a unanimous negative reaction.

So what’s wrong with Forza Motorsport 7?


We start from the top, with the game’s brand new rules package. Previously, the Forza Motorsport series operated on a letter-based vehicle class, in which all vehicles in the game were assigned both a letter and a suffix number, and then could be upgraded to compete against much faster cars so long as the user adhered to the maximum performance rating of any given class. This allowed gamers to make full use of the often preposterously large vehicle roster, as they could take a mid-range muscle car such as a Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Camaro, and strategically outfit it with performance upgrades that would allow it to compete on the same level as a Porsche 911 or Ferrari 458 Italia. Unlike Canada, diversity was Forza Motorsport’s strength, as the exciting part of progressing through campaign mode was not saving up enough money to buy the stereotypical high-end Lamborghini or McLaren, but tinkering with the extensive upgrading system to build your own unique track day warrior that could punch above its’ weight.

Forza Motorsport 7 has now almost entirely abolished this concept. Upgrading still exists in some fashion, but custom-built cars have now been restricted to just private online lobbies, or “free play“, the game’s single-race mode. Both the main campaign adventure, as well as Forza’s highly-anticipated online features, now make use of unique rules packages for each class of car that allow for little if any creativity, meaning that Forza 7 is now almost indistinguishable from Project CARS 2 or Assetto Corsa in how vehicles are sorted. The process of purchasing a Subaru Impreza and slowly building it into an S-class sleeper no longer occurs as it did in previous iterations of the franchise; you’re instead thanked for joining the Sport Compact class, and told that basically any upgrade you purchase save for a custom livery would make the car ineligible for competition. I’m over halfway through Forza 7, and not once have I been forced to upgrade my car. It’s essentially like I’m playing Assetto Corsa with a massive car-collecting meta-game and tons of XP bars to fill.

Considering the past decade of Forza Motorsport has been all about taking one car and making it yours, this is a very strange design choice, and it’s pissed off a lot of fans. Some have speculated it was a drastic measure to get rid of the leaderboard cars that dominated online racing despite the lack of talent behind the wheel – such as the numerous 800-horsepower all-wheel drive Dodge Vipers of Forza Motorsport 4 – but it has also simultaneously destroyed the automotive sandbox element of the Forza franchise. All this has done is display to the world that Turn 10 don’t even understand how the vast majority of people are playing their game.

Turn 10 have also ripped people off, an arguably more devious decision than modifying the in-game rules package. As you’ve probably been made aware of by now, most releases of Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon often advertise extensive VIP packages that in some instances cost twice the amount of the base game. Yes, some people paid $130 for Forza Motorsport 7, and I was one of them. Thank you, WordPress ad revenue. Within this package, you’re essentially paying up front for any downloadable content that will come out over the next year or so, though other perks are included as well. For this iteration, Turn 10 advertised a special VIP bonus that would increase the payout of offline races, essentially making single player progression a bit easier considering the root structure of the game revolves around purchasing vehicles and other miscellaneous items. Many folks bought into this VIP program under the assumption that these financial perks would be permanent, allowing them to treat Forza like the automotive sandbox it should have been, though this is where the problems arise.

The VIP boost that people paid extra for, ended up being a consumable in-game item with limited usage, and this wasn’t really made clear in the description of the VIP package prior to release. Basically, a lot of unwilling customers immediately activated and subsequently burnt up the perks of their special edition order within the first hour of the game, making it more or less useless. Aware of their advertising slip-up, Turn 10 stealthily edited the description of the VIP package to paint a clearer picture of what the VIP bonuses actually did, but by then the refunds had already started. I personally figured out quite quickly that the VIP bonus should be saved until the last races of the game to generate absurdly high payouts and guarantee financial stability, but others failed to catch on in time.

And that’s because money does not pool in Forza Motorsport 7, it instead quickly changes hands because the game always wants you to spend it. Money comes in, money goes out. This is due to the introduction of prize crates, which are a staple of first-person shooters, and something no Forza Motorsport fan willingly asked for.

Seen in Battlefield, Rocket League, Counter-Strike, and a flurry of other games that do not involve race cars, Forza Motorsport 7 has introduced the micro-transaction hell known as prize crates into an environment that just doesn’t need it in the first place – it’s pure greed on the part of the developer.

Basically, you exchange a fairly large sum of money and receive in return what’s essentially a pack of automotive hockey cards – some of these give you fancy racing suits, others cash rewards, some provide you with mods that you can activate to increase your earnings in each race just like in previous iterations of Forza, and lastly you can get some desirable vehicles out of them as well. Provided you can manage your finances in Forza 7 properly, they’re a neat little gimmick that represent the operational cost of running a pretend race team. Money comes in from race winnings, and money goes out towards prize crates, which in return net you financial boosts to apply in your next race, as well as cars or other goodies. You do a few more races, money comes in, and money once again is spent on a few prize crates.

The problem here, is that Forza Motorsport 7 relies on them too much. For the average user just trying to slug it out through the game with some of their favorite cars, purchasing these solely with in-game credits is a difficult thing to ask unless said user understands the meta-game at hand. You have to actively sit down and figure out what type of crates to buy and when, balancing a strategic number of purchases versus the amount of winnings you’re taking in, financial boosts you’re applying, and driver level bonuses you’re acquiring without fucking yourself out of credits. You are always worrying about the flow of money in Forza 7 and how to future-proof yourself from financial peril, rather than treating it like an automotive sandbox. Furthermore, Turn 10 eventually plan to allow prize crates to be obtained via micro-transactions, meaning that these dudes don’t really have a problem exploiting young kids who maybe can’t grasp in-game financial planning and just want some sweet cars.

Continuing to complicate an already complex problem with no solution other than its’ outright removal, over one hundred and fifty cars of the game’s 700+ – almost a full sim’s worth of vehicles – can only be obtained through prize crates. These are not restricted to just rare or exciting cars; it’s pretty much random as to what has been locked away behind a prize crate. You can’t actually go in-game and outright buy a 2014 Chevrolet SS or a 2015 McLaren 570s; you have to spend millions of credits (and eventually real money when that functionality is implemented) gambling on pretend hockey cards and just sort of hope it shows up one day. I cannot buy the virtual street version of a race car I drove this year because Forza instead wants me to play a virtual slot machine. Imagine purchasing Assetto Corsa knowing full well the Lotus 49 is in the game, and being told you can only obtain it via random microtransactions that are skewed in the house’s favor. This is what Turn 10 believe constitutes as a “fun” racing game in 2017; encouraging players who are mostly kids and teenagers that don’t quite understand how to analyze meta-games, that gambling – not getting better at the game – is how you obtain your car of choice.

My dad wanted to pick up a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 because it’s being shilled on all of the pro-Microsoft PC hardware outlets as “racing game of the year,” and he’s got the PC to run it. If you want to understand just how fucked gaming has become, try explaining the above paragraph to someone whose last gaming experience was Monster Truck Madness 2. If he pulled the trigger as planned, I’d have to tell him that unless he devoted the next month to playing Forza and throwing millions of in-game currency away on slot machines, he’d be unable to drive his two favorite cars in the game, the SRT8 variants of the Dodge Challenger & Charger.

Does nobody at Turn 10 understand how retarded this is? Because you honestly can’t tell me a human being with a passion for racing games thought this was a good idea.

The simple solution to all of the above would be to just disable all in-game driving assists and reap the rewards for your virtual prowess, correct? Previous iterations of Forza have been quite good for throwing money at you if you can demonstrate you’re able to drive without the game holding your hand, but this too, has been removed despite still being in other titles such as DiRT 4. Forza Motorsport 7 no longer adds extra earnings multipliers based on how many assists you disable, it’s all down to the AI difficulty you select in the options menu, as well as your race length – new to the Forza series. Financial bonuses for driving without assists have now been inserted into the perks category, which as implied above, can only be obtained via prize crates. And if you understand the meta-game by now, this leads to a cycle of using these perks to boost your race winnings so you can afford to buy more prize crates, so you can keep boosting your race winnings to buy more prize crates.

Starting to see why fans are furious with Forza 7? We’ve lost the automotive sandbox environment, and Turn 10 have replaced it with a virtual casino that constantly forces users to worry about their in-game finances rather than exploring the game world in an unrestricted manner. As the legendary TV personality Billy Mays used to say: “But wait, there’s more!”

In some cases, tracks fail to render properly. The game suffers from constant freezing and stuttering, which should not be a problem with an Alienware Aurora R5. As depicted in the shot of a downloadable content Mercedes above, some cars ship with incorrect wheelbase dimensions and it looks sloppy as hell. There are some guys around these parts that are pretty loyal Forza fans, because past iterations of the franchise have been objectively very good, and I’ve enjoyed them myself. On the contrary, Forza 7 does not exhibit this same level of overall polish and quality; this is absurdly sloppy for a first-party Microsoft release.

Yes, you can drive as a girl, and gamble with in-game currency on the chance of winning unique racing suits that you’ll see dancing around the main menu for about ten seconds at a time. Out on the race track, some vehicles feature wheels that don’t steer, and near-identical vehicles across the same class feature drastically different on-board camera views. The Holden V8 Supercar is almost undrivable in the “simulator” viewpoint because you’re forced to stare at the dashboard and sit super low. By comparison, the Nissan Altima is totally fine. Why is there even a discrepancy in the first place?

This discrepancy also applies to the driving model itself, which should in theory be Forza’s redeeming quality, but unfortunately isn’t. In fact, this is where a lot of the YouTube personalities shilling for the game can be immediately dismissed as viral marketers. The more you explore Forza Motorsport 7 and the more willing you are to experiment with different types of car, the more it becomes apparent that Turn 10 really don’t give a shit about what this game feels like behind the wheel.

As mentioned in my previous article, it is necessary to both tweak your steering wheel until it is absolutely perfect, and then for each car you intend on driving, proceed to mess with the default setup to inject realistic values, because almost all of what Turn 10 have provided as default values are beyond retarded. All tires are inflated to 33 PSI, even racing slicks that hate being above the 21 to 24 PSI range. The toe is wrong. The differential values are often dangerous. The brake bias is too far backwards. But as a sim racer this isn’t particularly difficult to overcome, just enormously time consuming and uncharacteristic for a game from a development team of this size. So for the sake of this next rant, let’s assume we’ve gotten past this point and done our part of the job in preparing Forza 7 for an evening or weekend of virtual racing.

For starters, there are absolutely, positively some good cars. Instantly I felt the 1960’s Grand Prix cars were very similar to what I’d expect from a modern Grand Prix Legends. The American Stock Cars, though they didn’t run in a big pack at Daytona but instead a 1980’s-style slingshot train, were highly enjoyable and deemed worthy of my praise; especially on road courses. The V8 Supercars are also a lot of fun.

But then the cracks start to show. Lap times in Forza 7 are drastically slower than what the real world vehicles are capable of. My McLaren MP4-12c GT3 entry struggled to hit a 2:07.4 at Mount Panorama, whereas the real-life GT3 class record is a 2:01 – which I’ve actually matched in RaceRoom Racing Experience. Nordschleife GT3 times float around in the high eight minute range (I think I ran an 8:45 under race conditions), the pole lap in 2016 set by a Mercedes AMG GT3 clocking in at just 8:14, a full thirty seconds faster. So something is clearly wrong here.

And this is because even the best cars in Forza Motorsport 7 feel like heavy boats that require you to under-drive the shit out of them, aside from maybe the 60’s Grand Prix cars – probably the best cars in the game. Many times I felt as if I was racing in slow-motion, as what you see on television and in other simulators, isn’t replicated in Forza Motorsport 7; there is a mushy, lumbering feel to even the fastest of vehicles on the roster. I was lucky enough to race a car with roughly the same power-to-weight ratio as a GT3 car this season, and during my travels I discovered that most simulators are in the ballpark, some more than others, with Grid Autosport and BeamNG getting the closest in terms of verisimilitude. Forza 7 by comparison is slow, floaty, and generally lacks precision.

It always feels as if you’re driving a mid-range street car in Assetto Corsa; this isn’t really a bad thing if you happen to be driving a similar mid-range street car in Forza 7, or a big heavy American stock car, but it certainly gets weird when a nimble GTE entry presents the same overall driving characteristics. Not only do you wonder how this got past the Quality Assurance team, you also wonder how pro-Forza outlets like AR12 have not once questioned why a 2016 Ford GT GTE is several seconds slower than the real world times, and handles like a dump truck. Are you actual car guys, or do you just make YouTube videos showing off retarded cars for your pre-teen fanbase to giggle at while doing their homework? Wait, I’ll answer that – it’s the latter.

The issue of bizarre vehicle dynamics comes to a forefront when examining Forza 7’s cover athlete, the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS – which was supposed to be this exclusive car that everybody jizzed over, but instead ends up being a total dud. Under the “Normal” steering assistance setting, the car exhibits such intense levels of understeer it’s almost frustrating to try and take aim at any quick laps seen in Rivals mode – which I did anyways because I find joy in pain and despair – while “Simulation” steering creates absurd levels of lift-off oversteer. In both circumstances, this car is for the most part useless and not worth the 400,000 in-game credits you’ll spend on it, and I say that while holding down 19th on the North American leaderboard in the spec challenge it’s featured in.

I figured out the nonsensical way in which Forza wants me to drive the thing, only to strengthen my argument that it’s complete garbage and I’m not being a little bitch who sucks at the game. That’s an hour of my time I’m not getting back, just to win a fight on the internet.

This car currently holds the world record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, the absolute most difficult purpose-built auto racing circuit on planet earth, and in Forza Motorsport 7, this car loses the back end at 70 km/h with both feet off the pedals in a gentle corner. You simply cannot drive the virtual counterpart in Forza anywhere near as hard as you can drive the actual car out on a physical circuit. It is not possible. The 2018 Porsche GT2RS as depicted in Forza Motorsport 7 is the worst sim car ever made; it is incomprehensibly broken beyond repair.

As is the Radical SR8 RX, for largely the same reasons. Yesterday, Forza 7 taught me that a lightweight trackday prototype powered by a motorcycle engine has the precision and grace of a 1986 Dodge Lancer with fucked up shocks. I look forward to the YouTube personalities conveniently ignoring all of this and spending the next six to eight months boasting about how great Forza Motorsport 7 is while Turn 10 supply them with complimentary prize crates, because watching people sit in a menu opening pretend hockey card packs is a very real thing that reels in thousands of viewers.

I have not regurgitated my views on the number of filler cars that will never be used – such as the excessive number of Trophy Trucks, Formula E entries, big rigs, and vintage grand prix cars from the 1930’s – because that’s a dead horse we’ve already beaten pretty severely. These cars are all useless, and the way Forza inflates their car count by treating multiple liveries as unique individual cars is quite dirty. But we all knew that.

I will, however, touch on the other messed up bullshit. The process of tuning no longer allows you to test drive your car and make adjustments on the fly, as it did in previous Forza Motorsport games.  In-game rewards for others downloading your designs/tuning setups, or these same people racing against your personal drivatar, are shockingly low, meaning there isn’t really an incentive to become a designated livery designer or tuner as was the case in previous Forza games. The auction house wasn’t ready for launch, nor were Forza leagues. Want more? Go to Reddit and spend a good ten to fifteen minutes clicking on threads at random. They’ll touch on everything I covered, and more.

Forza Motorsport 7 is a shitty ex-girlfriend. From afar, and according to her close circle of friends desperately trying to get you involved by any means necessary, she’s pretty and enticing. And as predicted, there ends up being more to the story; she becomes demanding and controlling the moment you’re sucked in. She doesn’t want you to explore and have fun, building cars at your leisure or creating designs for others to enjoy – reaping the rewards and recognition in the process.

She wants you to blow all your money gambling, and what little racing is done will always be under her set of strict rules that conveniently capitalize on her sudden dis-interest in sandbox elements that she was once so happy to encourage. Forza Motorsport 7 is a 90 gigabyte personality disorder; the franchise has become intoxicated by elements and mechanics which it never once stood for, and attempted to re-write its identity overnight to the dismay of thousands of supporters. And just like the women I’ve compared it to, there will undoubtedly be a stream of customers willingly taking the plunge, all while thinking “it can’t be as bad as people are saying…”

Just wait. You’ll figure it out. This alleged Microsoft employee did.


172 thoughts on “The Community Assisted Slaughter of Forza Motorsport 7

  1. Your objectivity can seem questionable when you’re harshly critical of flaws in some games while only delicately glossing over (or not even mentioning) flaws in other games.


    1. He is inconsistent … nothing new
      You have to see he does that not professional

      That open up though new good things, ie. he just says his opinion without restriction and is (mostly) not paid by some company to talk nice about it.


  2. I think you’ll find the Ultimate Edition gets you 6 months of cars, but then like Forza Horizon 3 you’ll have to pay for any after that (and maybe some scenery add ons)

    Personally I’ve just been using the game to take screenshots using the Freeplay mode then using any car in the game as a rental. Yeah I’m missing the whole main game (ha!) but can have a drash about for a bit at least.


  3. This is bullshit, why the fuck is there loot boxes in a racing game?! I could at least feel mixed with Overwatch, since it’s actually only cosmetics and doesn’t affect game balance, but it’s still bullshit with locked off items and what not.

    This though, what the fuck? What happened to being rewarded with skill and slaving away to buy a car and feel like you’ve earned it? Plus there’s the whole gambling side that prys on addictive personalities and the haves and have nots. It got so bad with Overwatch they had to fix the loot boxes so they didn’t give duplicates with how bs it was.

    And really, is fucking Forza a game hundreds of people are going to be playing and buying on the level of first person shooters? No, get this fucking shitfest out.

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  4. Loot Boxes or not , at least the game will work .

    Not like project cars 2 at the moment . Its well a friggn mess . Bug filled rubbish .


        1. Of course they do, james loves talking about and slamming others games forums and moderators.
          Wheres his comentary of PCs forum, without a doubt the most censored and cucked forum online, its nothing short of a disgrace to the community.

          Wheres james talking about that?

          He aint talking about that because hes chock full of the owner, its just laughable.


      1. PC2 is full of glitch and buggs, same as PC1 and even worse. Stop that war against others product than SMS. You are dedicated to them. Your opinion = 0


      2. Can we have an article about all the things in Project Cars 2 you made them fix? It would also be good to know which features in the game should we be thanking you for.


        1. I’m not taking credit for the things the dev team physically fixed.

          I just found shit and gave feedback.

          Big areas off the top of my head:

          – Zero Camber
          – Positive Camber
          – Low Downforce (had same problem
          R3E did for a period of time)
          – Initial turn-in grip (this was BIG x1000)
          – IndyCar oval stuff…
          -…which led to aero balance as a whole.
          – Downshift protection.
          – Ford Fusion NASCAR. Info + setup advice + resources.
          – Oval AI logic & strategy. All tracks.
          – BOP testing on the GT1 & GTE cars.
          – lots of stuff in online shakedowns.

          The sudden influx of YouTube personalities “discovering” the Ford GT in the press build and suddenly changing their opinions was me. You can see it in the SRP video as Will talks about it directly, and then it spreads to other channels.

          Pushed for Formula A to be included.

          Thats a basic list.


                1. last rainy season i was like “fuck the rain, i’m taking my miata to the canyons”. so i go to my local twisty, a road i’d usually average around 60mph on, and i took it easy, but pretty quickly i was like “wow, i have so much fucking grip, wtf” because i was comfortably doing 50-55 around bends i’d usually do 60-65 around. i could feel the slight decrease in turn in grip, but i could still carry plenty of speed.
                  then i tried to accelerate out of a tighter corner in 3rd and the back stepped out, but even then i didn’t die. lift a little, counter steer, continue.

                  so yeah. as long as your tires don’t suck you’ll be fine. with dedicated rain tires, designed to work at low temps, and large grooves it really isn’t that uncomfortable.

                  if in doubt, next time it rains go for a drive and see for yourself.

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              1. Strawman. No one said so. The grip reduction is not enough, the braking distances don’t get longer enough, traction at low speeds doesn’t reduce enough, etc.


            1. James: “Wet weather does not mean instant death trap IRL.”

              Additionally to that:
              Wet weather tires are softer compounds that slicks (its like megasofts), generally only difficult is accelerating (which most cars have Traction Control anyways, so no problem there) and driving over puddles (which you can easily avoid).
              This is valid for 99% of race cars: “They are easy to drive, except when you want them to drive at the very limit)!”.

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                  1. Because the weather is just a visual effect in these games. A dusty track in AC simulates damp conditions better than light rain in PCARS.


                1. Real life is massively unrealistic compared to project cars 2. I’m sure they will be patching real life soon to fix these glaring issues.


                1. He didn’t seem interested in fixing a lot from the last instalment. Can’t even do an offline ‘pen and paper’ championship with the cars and tracks we want ‘cos the AI drivers differ every event. WHY?
                  Scripted weather (again) in career is going to get boring pretty quick. Maybe a follow up article on PCars2 and how they’ve ignored most of the criticism of the first game is in order? Still the FFB is better. On some cars. In some peoples opinions.
                  Some parts of Livetrack 3 are pretty cool though, I’ll give it that.


  5. Of course we are not going to see the negatives of PC2 here….at least until Mr Bell decides he has had enough fun with James/Austin/whatever the fuck you want to call yourself.


  6. Ok let me rephrase what I said . At least Forza will work some of the time 🙂

    Project cars 2 will work fuck all of the time …. that’s better Hey


  7. “It certainly looks like a pCars game, and the inconsistent driving model between vehicles assures it definitely plays like a pCars game…”


      1. PC2 is an absolute disgrace James.

        Wheres your article on all the problems and bugs all over youtube and on the forums?

        Every other game you do it to, pick it apart based on online examples.

        Mate youve lost any credit getting into bed with Bell.

        He’s played you and paid for your silence.

        Youd be absolutely tearing this game apart if you wernt paid off james.

        You aint fooling anybody.

        Well played Ian Bell, too easy for him.


        1. Change the record dude no one gives a fuck about these autistic rants.

          Project Cars 2 is a good sim. Austin helped make it. I know it’s hard to process but rFactor and it’s shitty sequels that you hold so dear to your heart are now defunct.


          1. I was actually a project cars fan until i saw the bullshit that goes on over on that forum and hearing bullshit promises after bullshit promise and playing the end product.
            PC2 is a step down from PC1.
            Many people have gone back to PC’s, that says it all.


            1. EmptyBox refused to even cover pCars 1 after launch. I don’t blame him.

              He’s now making pCars 2 vids and seems to be enjoying himself. And he’s also talking about holding races with subscribers.

              Such a step down that a YouTube personality who hated the first game is now actively playing the second game? Come on now. I think you should step up your trolling game to the next level.


              1. pCars 2 is fucking awesome, but they should fix some vintage-cars for example. The Lotus 49 is more driving like a modern F3 and the Nissan GTP ZX-T Group C is stable like a LMP1 and no chance with the much more authentic Sauber C9 to win a race other than maybe LeMans. And all assists (TC, ABS, SC) are miraculously features in this cars as well as all kinds of differential-options even they used a spool. Tell Ian to fix this please:)


                1. The menus are glitched, they show assists on cars that don’t have them until you go back and forth between menus and shiet.



              2. So the “powered by heusinkveld” guy is what you’re using as some sort of verification? Who’s to say SMS didn’t sponsor his vr kit. You do realise most of us have played the game you keep promoting


                  1. I’m not knocking your opinion on it dude but the game has flaws which were omitted in the review. It’s a big improvement over the first title but even a fan must admit it needs patching? These omissions are peculiar to p-cars, so do you not see the bias


              3. Incoming reader submission about the similarities between Austin’s an Darin’s career choices. You know, how a young mans struggle to fight the injustices within the gaming industry leads to cashing a cheque. Is that the kind of trolling you were after?


      1. Mate youre the SIM Slut, youd say anything for money, you can be bought off, your values and credit as a person can be sold off, thats poor for any self respecting man.

        Wheres your article addressing all the bugs and drama from all the online forums? pop over to GT planet and see what they think of the game, Ians there god love him.

        Fact is PC2 is nothing but a rehashed con job, its gone backwards.

        Youd be tearing this game apart if you wernt in bed with ian, but instead you are putting shit on other games.

        Get real mate, if you keep selling your ass it will be worth $2 at the end of the day.


        1. It’s interesting that pC2 has even worse Steam User Score than pC1, player count is already near AC levels two weeks after the release, users are reporting more and more bugs and sales figures are rather low but PRC remains silent. Not surprising but kind of funny. 🙂


          1. James loves talking about steam charts and returns of games, looking forward to all of that in his next article when hes ass kissing pc2.


          2. Or sad. Pretendracecars was a good blog, had a good alt-right vibe. It’s meh now… hard to take it seriously since Ian Bell bought it.


        2. Because james is being paid off by SMS, he will write an article full of fluff saying how good pc2 is at the end of the day, he’ll state he hasnt experienced any bugs LOL

          James is the original SIMSlut, anybody with half a brain can see that, ian Bell has paid him to destroy his credibility and silence him bwahahahaha, only james cant see that.

          I cant wait till Ian stops paying james, james will then get very vindictive and angry towards SMS because they arnt paying him for his opinion, it will be priceless, james will go on the attack against Bell and SMS, until then we will have to wait because james is Ians little ball licking puppy dog now.

          Bell is a genius, killed two dogs with one stone.


              1. The LMP1 was obvious, but it’s nice to see that the history of Le Mans is still a focus with the classic circuit also coming soon.

                But no GTE. :/


            1. PCars 2 isn’t bad, but it’s far from the rF2 feel James said before. If anything, it’s a little less stiff PCars 1 with carried over bugs.


      1. Reiza 2017, because it’s almost 2018 and the game still doesn’t exist.

        You can’t have bugs if you don’t have a game either.


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  9. Forza 7 is a total disgrace, last game in the series I played was Forza 4 and I think it’ll stay that way. Loot boxes and playing dress up is bad enough without all the other issues.


  10. I could post 30 videos a night with my experience with project cars 2 . PS4 pro ,. It is so much worse then pears 1 .

    This place should become the video haven for project cars 2s buggiest 😇


    1. Seems to be a hell of a lot of people saying exactly the same thing, except that is for people paid by SMS and SMS hangers on and cucks.


    2. Haters gonna hate … go troll somewhere else … you posted now 10 differnet posts here already stating the same … we can see your IP!


  11. Project Cars 2 gamepad implementation is incredibly broken, even though Ian Bell lied that it’s fixed and better than ever and he deleted thread from official forums.


    1. Playing on TV with huge input lag …

      More likely he is dumb and set some incredbile settings under controller just to discredit the game cause he is a fucking hater


  12. I found your critique of YouTube personalities being extensions of marketing departments somewhere between tragic and amusing, Trump-esque levels of hypocrisy which is hardly surprising. However as a p-cars player perhaps you can use whatever influence you have within SMS to at least fix the penalty system. Untill this is patched, the license and esports elements are pointless with online multiplayer effectively serving only as private lobbys. Surely if Kunos can update their way to a playable title (on ps4) you guys at SMS can too


  13. Ever since buying pc2 I have shelved the game. No keyboard support for PS4, absolutely buggy FFB for T500rs. makes it completely unplayable. I just hope they fix it in a patch. I am glad that I have the maturity to say to myself ‘it’s bugged, I shall wait for a patch’, instead of playing and pretending like nothing is wrong.


  14. With this sort of business practice becoming the norm, I’m starting to really hate that the only really enjoyable racers I can find anymore are older ones and we’ve had a whole ton of games and sims in a row misfiring out of a terrible attempt to lunge at a cash grab or hit a way-too-early deadline. I’m not buying something with lootboxes in it, I’m not jumping into anything always-online, and it’s dreadful that the older games are actively losing content as the DLC gets pulled offline (albeit understandable due to legal reasons). I hate that this is what people will think of when they think of a racing game simply because it has the advertising budget.


    1. Ultimately it’s a problem of allocation of resources and the industry that’s emerged around it. Consider what it’s cost SMS to sponsor this site over the benefits it’s derived from it, doesn’t appear worth it when all they achieved was a somewhat translucent review. Untill we see more investment in development I fear this trend will continue. The only way, we as gamers can influence this trend is by waiting 6 months or so after release to purchase a game, which is by coincidence the smart way to approach a purchase anyway.


        1. And the sticker sheet and the art book and the embroidered fanboy cap and the signed poster and the esports live VIP pass and the season pass and the motorsport pack that you cannot even buy as a DLC.


  15. Project Cars 2: first week’s sales down by 40% of original according to SteamSpy data, Ian Bellend didn’t manage fool as many people this time.


  16. Lads playing pc2, It’s by far the best racing sim I’ve played to date, BUT it can be better. Need to sharpen up the graphics , glitch when someone leave /enters the lobby and stalls going between menus, easy fixs to make an epic sim.


  17. Easy fixes ! when people enter lobbies or exit , this was in pcars 1 was it ever fixed ?

    Look I have no problem saying the game feels great and enjoyable when running laps , that’s not the problem , the problem is and once again I will say on the ps4 pro it is a bug filled mess . NOTE : PC MAY NOT BE .

    Apart from the physics it is exactly like project cars 1 , the same bugs are there its like ground hog day .

    Blue screen crashes ( happened in project cars 1 and was never fixed ) happening in pcars 2 .

    Lets start from booting the game up.

    The opening cinema is washed out , then stutters before it decides to kick off ( great start ) not a game breaker , nice testers they supposedly had this time around .

    Then we go to the menus …………. Ohhhhhh the bloody menus they are soooooo friggn slow and laggy , and this continues through to picking cars in multiplayer which sometimes it doesn’t register and you end up with a car you didn’t want.
    This is actually so pain full to go through every time you fire up Project cars 2.

    AI is completely trash = half of the game is binned . ( I run a race with only 18 AI at Bathurst in clear weather running Aussie V8s the first corner ( every time I may add and I have had 6 goes at least ) becomes a parking lot , cars rolling , hitting the walls and not knowing how to recover themselves , once through the carnage I head up the hill to the right hander only to find another car sitting on the inside (again looking like its confused ) , its sitting there just going back and forward hitting the concrete barriers . (pcars 1 problems again! )

    I go around him and move on only to find on the next lap there is the same car + 1 , this goes on for 5 laps until the path is blocked and I can not pass . COULD BE TRACK SPECIFIC ?

    The career mode “again maybe ps4 pro problem ” it doesn’t matter if you set the AI on 20 or 100 in some of the classes ”
    They just smash you , there seems to be a real inconsistency here ……. I have completely given up on this aspect of the game . Ginetta’s seem pretty bad here. formula rooky isn’t too bad .

    Hot lapping seems to work fine once you have got through the menu pain. ( I have a bit of a game to play from time to time) .

    Online , I can only Assume that quarter of the options are missing here . Race director , what happened to that . Making your own league / options , not there either . ( another portion of the game not there at the moment)

    The online experience at the moment is like every other smash up derby even with the licence , qualify for 30 minutes , place 1st on the grid only to be rammed up the ass on the first corner as per usual . Then I lose points on my licence because he drilled me . That’s online racing with random’s I guess. ( one thing I did enjoy with project cars was organised racing )

    I could go on and on but this is the second time SMS and Ian Bell have sprouted and spat out a bugged filled incomplete product .

    I know patches may fix the title but given my experience with Pcars 1 this may or may no happen .

    As for you James I thought your web site was needed in regards to the way Sim Racing is going but well it isn’t ,you are prepared to a point to defend one companies broken mess and yet shit on another’s . Not good mate not good at all.

    I have no reason to Bull shit about what I have seen the game do on my ps4 as I enjoy racing games as much as the next guy , I don’t enjoy false advertising and incomplete products like Project cars 2 .

    I have had my say and I wont bother popping back in , I have enjoyed some of the colourful topics and conversations .

    Have a good day Gentlemen .


    1. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want a conversation, you make valid points about the PS4 version, and some problems surely apply to other versions.


  18. Looks like some of the butthurt readers are trying their best to shift all the attention of Forza 7’s bullshit loot crate system away to Project Cars 2. The issues in PC2 doesn’t compare to all of the backlash Forza is getting right now from its fans and gaming publications, so take your lips off of Turn 10’s dick and use common sense to why Forza is receiving more attention now.


  19. PC2 Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs and bugs

    So, did you ever check that game and drive around career? I think not… bugs everywhere!
    Formula X – Sakitto carrer race – unable to go out pit stop, me and IA too and choosen tyres not fitted to car
    When finish some races, times for AI finished behind me not set, and they get 0 points! I won, got 25p and no AI get any point
    Rain on track could be recognised only after car flies out of track like on ice.. how to decide when change to wet tyres? imposible
    If i want to change setup and ho to track, i have to SAVE setup to slot to apply to car, funny.
    Pitstop cinematics, incredibly funny… when you move steerinh to one side, car goes straight in pits with twisted wheels
    On many tracks i got lap time deleted with mistake 4 turns before finish line! Disgusting!
    And again AI with wet tyres on dry track is as fast as me on slicks on dry track (when i was second in Q)

    You had many time to optimize game, but this is terrible to enjoy career. I have no hope it comes better, PC1 has similar bugs, so i am going to write as many negative reports as i can to max websites


  20. AC da best, Steam user scores from verified purchases:

    Assetto Corsa 86%

    F1 2017 84%

    Automobilista 82%

    Project CARS 75%

    iRacing 75%

    rFactor 2 74%

    Project CARS 2 73%


    1. Woman warn “everyone is going to die” 45 minutes before shots fired.
    2. Shots fired from multiple locations, floors.
    3. Lone gunman narrative immediately started after shooting.
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    5. Shooter body found with foot under gun.
    6. No blood or bullet holes.
    7. Witnesses sound like crisis actors.
    8. Drills in day of/day before event. SWAT in place.
    9. Mass media convienently on-site.
    10. Article about shooting in Fayetteville Observer posted day before.
    11. Police scanner describes multiple confirmed shooters.
    12. Guest in shooters room day before.
    13. Police telling everyone not to share videos.
    14. Mandlay Bay main entrance guarded by people acting as if nothing is happening.
    15. Senator Feinstein proposes “bump stock” gun control law immediately after shooting.
    16. Hillary Clinton proposes outlawing supressors immediately after shooting.
    17. Liberals/hollywood immediately promote gun control.
    18. Gunman’s family is deamonized.
    19. Main stream media pushing emotional narrative by displaying victim’s bios.
    20. Targets were country fans… predominantly Trump supporters, gun owners, republicans.
    21. Mass shooting stats immediately promoted.
    22. Google searches for “Vegas Shooting False Flag” show antifalse flag narrative at top of search results… numerous articles = fixed.
    23. Catalan referdum violence by national police needed distraction away from EU.
    24. Next door neighbor of shooter testimony does not support narrative.
    25. Soros connected to Mandalay Bay ownership.
    26. Mandalyn Bay owner associated with terrorist groups.
    27. Active shooter at NY,NY one hour later.
    28. Philipine girl friend radicalized. Wired $100,000 just before shooting.
    29. Shooter on antidepressants.. known to cause violent/suicidal thoughts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Let’s also not forget also that it was starting to come out that trump had sent aid to Puerto Rico but the local government was preventing it from getting to those who needed it, and that the “truckers’ strike” only happened because the drivers were told that if they made the deliveries, they would be terminated

      And that the storm that hit PR wasn’t even that bad, it only became an emergency because of local government ineptitude and greed

      Interesting how all these mass shootings only happen when the cabal are getting exposed

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. Being chosen to bring light is a difficult task, and history shows that Jews have paid a high price from those who fight to hide in the darkness in order to control others and wield unchallenged power.

      Rabbi Alan Lurie


  23. THE FFB IN FM7 IS GOOD NOW. Happy to be proven wrong. Really enjoying FM7 again. Feels a lot like FM4 in terms of the career and car collecting. I just ignore the loot box shit and it hasn’t gotten in my way even once. It’s just a shortcut for casual idiots. AI isn’t as bad as they said.

    I also think they fixed Simulation steering. Most of the cars feel great, but some are horrible. The Porsche GT2RS is easily the worst sim car I’ve ever driven and feels like someone installed oil jets to constantly spray the rears. Meanwhile, the old muscle cars all drive incredibly well. The Peugeot 905 (it’s in there!!) is amazingly fun (but set degrees of rotation to 540). You can test drive anything you want from the get-go.

    My settings (TM TX wheel):

    Degrees of rotation (in TM control panel): 780 (this is about right for a wide variety of cars, but isn’t perfect for open wheelers especially – they need about 540, whereas old cars feel better with the full 900).

    Vibration: 50
    FFB Scale: 50 (FWD/AWD cars) to 65 (RWD cars)
    Steering Sensitivity: 100
    Steering Linearity: 50
    FFB Understeer: 100
    FFB Minimum Force: 100
    Wheel Damper Scale: 10
    Center Spring Scale (absolutely critical): 100

    With these settings, I now have FFB that is the best I’ve ever experience within the Forza franchise. It feels very similar to what we had in FH2.

    The graphics are stunning and, even maxed out at 4k, the game uses only 33% of my GTX1080ti. Good God, Turn 10 knows how to optimize. They should sell this graphics engine to the hardcore sim makers. Imagine AC or R3E with this engine.


  24. Austin have you noticed how increasinly deranged the comments here get with each day you don’t post a new article?

    Does the pressure of having to constantly satisfy the ritualistic tendencies of your autistic fanbase ever overwealm you as a writer?

    Obviously you still have your own daily compulsions to satisfy, but this year especially you seem to be making real strides to overcome your autism. Do you ever wish your sites readers were more capable of doing the same thing?


  25. T10 pushed out an update to FM7 on Oct 3 that radically improved the FFB and graphics performance. The Drivatars are also improving hourly, and I just had a fantastic race in changing weather at VIR using old muscle cars. Easily some of the best sim racing I’ve ever had.

    The AI re-passed me several times in the braking zone after I passed them on the straight (and they did it cleanly!). I even saw it set me up for a pass on corner exit by taking a different line. Like every single other racing sim, they tend to bunch up in the first 2 corners – but it’s no longer the giant crashfest it was a few days ago.

    Drove the glorious Eagle MkIII (AKA “The only GTP that doesn’t understeer”). You have to decrease DOR to around 540, but after you do that it feels great. The IMSA GTP’s and Group C’s all feel about right (similar to PC2’s GTP-ZX, which is high praise).

    Overall, FM7 has actually turned out to be fairly awesome. I really didn’t expect much, but this is the best FM since FM4 and (in case you couldn’t tell), I’m really enjoying it.

    Proof? Yesterday, the family was out of the house all day and I played FM7 for so long that my left leg *fell asleep*. That’s never happened in my driving rig before. Now I just have to pray they don’t “revise” the FFB and fuck it up again.


      1. They need those tire stacks to keep your average Forza online idiot from shortcutting all over the place 🙂

        One other thing. I used to have a 2006 BMW M6. I tried the one in FM7, in the rain. No shit: It felt exactly like how I remember. That car had a really high polar moment of inertia, and the game replicates that feel perfectly. You could hold that car in a lazy drift *forever*, and that’s exactly what it does in the game.

        I currently have a 2013 Audi TTRS. They didn’t do such a great job with this one. I only *wish* my car had that much off-throttle oversteer! It feels like what would happen if I detached the front ARB and put a stiffer one in the back, plus some nasty toe-out. Not good. My theory is that some of the cars have toe changes during rear suspension movement (like an early semi-trailing arm 911, say) and this is what fucks up cars like the GT2RS.

        Anyway: TBH, a lot of the street cars in FM7 feel more “real” to me than the street cars in AC. In AC, almost everything with “street” tires feels like a wobbly mess. I’m really surprised that more people don’t mention this, since most people have actually driven a street car and should therefore know approximately what it feels like.

        For instance, AC makes a McLaren P1 feel like a 1982 Ford Granada with worn-out shocks (and 900hp). How do people not notice this?


        1. I was thinking they could do different instances of the track, with/without tire stacks, like the AC modder did with oak tree/no oak tree.

          I’d be willing to try it out on a deep sale without all the bullshit surrounding the progression. I don’t have time for boring grind any more, not since Gran Turismo 4.


          1. There’s no grind. You can test anything you like, anytime you like. But unless they reward you with out-of-reach-for-the-moment cars, it makes the whole career progression kinda meaningless.

            It’s actually really fun to see what they’ll give you for winning a series, etc. That’s how it worked in FM4, and I enjoyed that game tremendously. They’re really generous with credits and free cars.

            By locking away the “halo” cars (no pun intended for this Microsoft product!), it forces you to drive some shit you’d never think twice about touching. And this is how I discovered quite a few really fun cars that I probably would’ve skipped over.

            Dude, just try it. What kind of wheel do you have? TX like me, right?


            1. I don’t see myself trying it, honestly, too much stuff in the way before you get to any kind of fun. Besides, there’s no way it’s going to come close to Project CARS 2 for me anyway.

              I had a T300RS, but now a TMX.


              1. Well, isn’t it kinda hard to say FM7 doesn’t come close to PC2 unless you…try both? 😉

                But Yeah: Lots of good racing games got released all at once. I was really getting into F1 2017, but haven’t touched it since PC2 came out.

                I’m pretty much 100% PC2 and FM7 now, with occasional drives in AC using specific car mods. Some guy recently did a RWB 911 mod (with v4 tires!) that is *incredibly* fun to toss around. It might be the best car mod ever.


                1. I was just playing the demo. I like how crisp everything looks, but it lacks life and detail compared with rFactor 2 and Project CARS 2, for example.

                  The Porsche is undrivable, the Super GT was acceptable and the truck drove like any average road car out there. Not even close to PC2 in almost every way, but I already knew that.

                  Maybe on sale one day, if you can set up events that make sense for offline play.


    1. “radically improved the FFB and graphics performance”

      Ha Ha Ha (slow clap)

      Not even close, according to the ISR guy’s and many other posts i’ve read on various sim forums it’s the same crap as it was before.


      1. All I can go by is my own experience. If you want to believe sim racing fanatics who spend more time with their button boxes than dating women (or driving actual cars), go right ahead. You’ll be missing out on one of the most fun driving games ever made.

        How can I explain this? I actually owned an M6. I’ve driven in SCCA D Production. I tested (or rather, was tested in) a Roush Protofab Capri back in the mid 80’s.

        Cars sims are just like cars: You don’t really get what you pay for. Put another way, the most entertaining track car isn’t a Ferrari 458. It’s some guys turbocharged non-staggered S2000, or maybe a late 90’s Mustang SVT with slicks (also some cars I’ve driven).

        Point is, don’t fall for this idea that the most “accurate seeming” sim is the one that actually feels most like a real car. Go do a track day in something like a Z06. Then go home and compare it to your sims. I think you’ll be really shocked which ones “feel” right.

        Raceroom, AC, PC2, and (yes) FM7 all have cars that “feel” just right. No one sim is perfect. They all have dud cars where something went wrong. There are ripped mod cars for AC running on ancient v4 tires that feel better than anything else I’ve tried in AC. You just have to compare each one to your own experiences and decide for yourself.

        But for real, no shit: The M6 in FM7 *is* the car I had in my garage for 5 years. It’s that close.


        1. You’ve just reinforced the opinion i’ve had for you and from now on i’ll just skip every single post you made here, not worth my or anyone’s time. a mush of incoherent, ignorant and self-righteous nonsense.

          You have no fucking clue what you’re talking about, literally no clue.

          PS: I have Forza 7 (Windows)


          1. I like how you assiduously constructed your unassailable disputation.

            After all, a random anon saying “You have no fucking clue” carries tremendous weight in the court of public opinion.

            And remember not to reply: You’re ignoring me now.


  26. Both pcars2 and Forza 7 Play well enough for me. Pcars2 is stunning in VR but the first lap AI could be better. Forza 7 plays best on Xbox with some performance issues on PC, the wheel and car feel is much improved over FM6. Neither is the broken mess Assetto Corsa or Pcars was at console launch so I just can’t get as excited by the issues as some here.

    Some of the design choices in FM7, especially the loot crates are just baffling in a racing game, indefensible monetisations. Ignore those though and as a single player game the Forza Cup plays well with a sense of progression, even more so with longer races. On the other hand further locking certain cars is nonsense. The fact numerous glitches have gifted many players almost everything instantly will certainly give T10 some economy issues to resolve when the auction house launches.

    All that aside when it comes to just driving the cars I think we now have 3 great driving experiences on consoles and far more on pc.

    Assetto – best for racing vs the uncanny AI & subjectively good steering feel. Great in VR.

    Pcars2 – best ‘race weekend’ simulator with time and weather. Steering feel to match Assetto in many cars. By far the best, clearest and smoothest VR racer so far.

    Forza – good single player progression system and gamification. Improved wheel FFB but the tracks are still flat.

    I’m all for the community raising concerns and getting the developers to listen. At the same time we’ve surely got enough choice to mean there is s decent race game out there for any taste now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent insightful comments. You’re right about the tracks in FM7 feeling too “flat”. That works pretty well for street cars (they tend to feel fairly numb anyway), but when you’re rocketing around bumpy-as-shit Long Beach in an Eagle MkIII, you *want* the wheel to get ripped out of your hands 🙂

      FM7 gets my vote for not just the best looking racing sim. It’s actually the best-looking *game* I’ve ever played. Did you check out that dusk race at Sebring? It’s the 2nd or 3rd race in that opening career mode where you race the hot hatch shitboxes. The lighting is stunning.


  27. I couldn’t give a fuck how well or how poorly this drives; the microtransaction bullshit means it must be avoided at all costs.


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