Contents of the rFactor 2 GT3 Expansion Revealed!

Long known for its’ relatively paltry selection of content in comparison to other titles on the market, the “GT3 Power Pack” for rFactor 2 – the first paid downloadable content for the hardcore racing simulator – was said to be one of many ways in which Studio 397 were helping to turn around a once-dying product. Injecting five cars people would actually want to drive into a simulator that was becoming largely ignored by its’ target audience, those using rFactor 2 as their primary simulator of choice were quick to praise Studio 397 for seemingly listening to the concerns of those on the fence, and giving sim racers a new incentive to check out an objectively sound racing simulator. On paper, things were really looking up for rFactor 2.

Many sim racing media outlets also displayed a sense of admiration for Studio 397, as the release of their first DLC coincided with the start of McLaren’s own eSports tournament using rFactor 2 as a primary platform. In just a few short months, the indie sim developer temporarily landed some time in the spotlight, something Image Space Incorporated themselves had failed to do over four straight years nurturing their own work. Yet what these sites failed to report on, is how this particular piece of downloadable content took more than two full months to materialize. The “GT3 Power Pack” launched in early August, but there was a catch that many outlets carefully danced around so as not to upset potential buyers or vindictive sim racers, who have slowly lost patience with developers failing to stick to cohesive time frames.

For $22 CDN, you could buy the GT3 bundle, but you didn’t actually receive a bundle of cars. The only car of the five advertised that had been completed in time for the release of the GT3 pack was the McLaren 650s, obviously given special priority considering McLaren’s eSports championship was just around the corner. And while a lot of people did enjoy the 650s, even if they’d bought the exact same car twice for other simulators already – once for Assetto Corsa, and again for R3E – a sub-plot began developing in the shadows. There were still four cars left for Studio 397 to complete that people had already paid for, and were advertised as part of the downloadable content.

The pack launched on August 2nd, 2017. Two months later, users still had no idea when they’d actually receive what they paid for.

Thankfully, what was quickly snowballing into a really disastrous scenario – a company selling incomplete DLC with an incredibly vague description – seems to have been partially rectified. The rFactor 2 store page now lists the Radical RXC Turbo, Callaway Corvette, Mercedes AMG, and Bentley Continental as the four additional cars making up the GT3 Power Pack. It’s not the greatest selection of cars; the Corvette, 650s, and AMG assumed to be the vehicles most will flock to, but it’s certainly a start for the fledgling simulator.

However, this delay spawns further questioning. We’ve seen countless blog posts from Studio 397 about a new user interface, online ranking system, structured races, and even new graphical capabilities that certainly improve upon what rFactor 2 currently is as a product. Yet if this team struggle with meeting launch dates for mere bundles of content, leaving users in the dark for two months as to what their money is actually going towards, how can we be certain that significantly larger upgrades will also be implemented in a timely fashion?

I’ll answer that for you: we can’t.

Studio 397 are well behind schedule trying to bring rFactor 2 up to 2015 standards, and while this would have been okay three years ago, we’re now entering a period of time in which Gran Turismo Sport, Forza Motorsport 7, Project CARS 2, Assetto Corsa, and even iRacing are offering substantially more attractive packages to curious sim racers. At the end of the day, I believe Studio 397 are fighting a losing battle. They cannot finish simple DLC packs on a timely schedule, while the rest of the genre advances at hyper-speed. There is simply no incentive to purchase rFactor 2 in this day and age, meaning publicity stunts like McLaren’s WFG eSports tournament, or a pack of GT3 cars, will fail to generate even a temporary passing interest in the title – an observation supported by SteamCharts’ three month analysis.

rFactor was a successful venture for ISI because aside from iRacing, the PC sim racing ecosystem was a random hodgepodge of indie developers all trying to one-up each other; as a customer it was in your best interest to explore everything. Five years later, these same customers have no incentive to even bother using the two hour trial window on rFactor 2, because their competitors have evolved into slightly more attractive packages.




92 thoughts on “Contents of the rFactor 2 GT3 Expansion Revealed!

  1. I didn’t mind buying the GT3 cars, because 397 seem to be supporting the game like ISI should have years ago and rFactor 2 has some cool original content and stuff you literally won’t find anywhere else, but months later, I don’t even know if I’ll try that stuff. I like the McMuffin and played it a bit before Project CARS 2 came out, but R3E was already more compelling and fleshed out anyway.

    I’m not sure what they were thinking by taking over rFactor 2, but I hope they have a plan we have no idea about, because that corpse is cold. ISI buried it years ago, and it’s only good for the odd drunken necrophilia party.


      1. There’s no question that, if I had to actually use software to prepare for a race IRL, it would have to be rF2. For all its flaws, it’s the only one that checks all the boxes for pro users. I checked out that site, and those guys look like (simracing) pros – the target audience for rF2.

        Unfortunately, it’s never going to be that popular. Then again, you can say the same about Steel Beasts ProPE, DCS World or (to a lesser extent) ARMA 3.

        rF2 is like the Blade Runner 2049 of racing sims. Most people are not going to appreciate its subtleties and, after an hour of viewing, will be disappointed by the lack of chase scenes, explosions or an ingenuous, dumbed-down plot that can be understood by someone glancing up occasionally from checking Facebook.


  2. Release a new build late in the night (actually a bit after midnight lol) so devs need to sleep
    Build is broken but devs are going to bed this late so they’ll see it even more late when they wake up


  3. A E I O Woo!

    James forgets that both pCARS 2 & AC have crappy AI. AC has no weather or day/night cycle and doesn’t have rolling starts in single player and can’t release new real-world official tracks in less than 2 years. pCARS 2 has nice content, but… well it is better than original pCARS, yet still needs work in many areas like flag rules.


    1. rF2 has the worst AI for me by ignoring my existence. AC has the pole nowadays and PC2 can be decent with proper values, which can be difficult to find out.


  4. It’s got major problems, but rF2 is currently the only sim whose AI can actually *handle* changing weather/pit stops/multi-class/safety cars – all at the same time. It’s amazing really.

    I have an idea for S397: Just license your AI to everyone else.


    1. Just for the record then the AI cars in rF2 uses the physics and tires from rF1.
      Its very obvious in the corners where the AI drivers has a lot more grip.
      Hehe and if you crash into an AI car then they are mostly able to hapily drive on while the human driven car are slaugtered.


      1. I think that’s more down to the fact that that AI has what amounts to a built-in stability control system (the AI itself).

        And No, you’re absolutely incorrect about the tire models. Talk to some modders to find out just how different (and complex) the rF2 tire model is. That’s one of the major reasons you don’t see a lot of rF2 mods.


        1. “And No, you’re absolutely incorrect about the tire models. Talk to some modders to find out just how different (and complex) the rF2 tire model is. That’s one of the major reasons you don’t see a lot of rF2 mods.”

          What is difficult for the modders conserning rF2 is the tires for the mod.
          Ie the tires in the USERS car in the mod!
          Conserning the tires and the physics in the AI cars the modders have not much influence on.


            1. “Have you played rF2?”
              Hehe I have just realised why so many in this forum think you are just an inflated conceited idiot.
              Waste of time 🙂


              1. Way to avoid the subject with a personal attack.

                You said:

                >Just for the record then the AI cars in rF2 uses the physics and tires from rF1.

                Where is your evidence?

                My guess: You want to make the subject about me because you got caught talking out of your ass. That’s what people tend to do when they’re losing an argument (pick a personal fight).


        2. ” Talk to some modders to find out just how different (and complex) the rF2 tire model is. That’s one of the major reasons you don’t see a lot of rF2 mods.”

          No the reason why there are no mods for rfactor 2 is, all the old modders have given up modding for that dated platform, so rFactor 2 is now left with the dregs of the modding community, the rippers, the bedroom cut and paste “wannabe modders” those that steal content from assetto corsa, project cars, reiza and many other games, there as never been will ever be the modding support that rfactor 1 had, ever again, I wouldnt be surprised if those GT3 cars for rfactor 2 from studio 397, as also ripped or stolen from other titles, could James do a write up again like their previous dlc, and compare them to the ones ripped from kunos


          1. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info. Mine comes directly from the rF2 forums back when rF2 was first released and everyone was fairly upset about how difficult/complex modding became (vs how it was in rF1). Lots of posts about how you needed an advanced math degree to comprehend the tire model in particular.

            As far as ripping, cut/paste and all that – just take a look at all the shitty AC mods. Then again, probably the best car I’ve ever driven in AC is a mod based on the ripped assets of an RWB 993 (from a Need for Speed game, I’m pretty sure) and v4 tires. Go figure.


            1. Look Kondor, the AI in rF2 use the rF1 tbc file. The tgm is the player car tyre. All of the post regarding the complexity of the tyre have nothing to do with the AI, in fact very little has changed in regard to AI physics between rF 1 & 2.


              1. “Look Kondor, the AI in rF2 use the rF1 tbc file. The tgm is the player car tyre. All of the post regarding the complexity of the tyre have nothing to do with the AI, in fact very little has changed in regard to AI physics between rF 1 & 2.”
                Thumbs up 😉


                  1. rF2 still produces, by far, the best offline vs AI racing you can get.

                    There’s plenty of vids on YT showing what I’m asserting.

                    Where’s your evidence that it sucks? Honestly, I don’t think anyone gives a fuck about what tire model the AI uses. What matters is the end result. I’m not a modder or programmer. I’m just looking for a good offline experience and rF2 has always been great for that (if little else).


                    1. Never said it sucks, in fact I agree that rF2 has the best AI.
                      You stated that it was incorrect that rF2 AI use the rF1 tyre model…..and you were the one that was incorrect.
                      So did you do a little research and find that to be the case, and now you don’t care what tyre model is used.
                      You were wrong…get over it and don’t respond to things you do not know about


                    2. I’ll respond to whatever I want to, but thanks for asking. You may have noticed that I asked (as in, a question) “Are you saying the AI uses a different tire model?” and went on to say I didn’t think it did. That’s hardly some grand pronouncement of certitude, and you’ll recall that Bruno *was* clearly asserting that the AI was bad, based largely on this (possibly trivial) fact alone (that the AI uses an older tire model).

                      And no, I haven’t done any research into this. What I care about is not *how* the AI is programmed or what tires it uses. All I care about is the end result. Why would anyone but a stereotypical sim nerd give a fuck about the file extension of the tire file or whatever? Am I getting paid to reprogram rF2 or something?


  5. I was defending s397 from the rabid few who no matter what s397 would never be happy,but they have banned me from the forums for it,even though the post I made which I got called mentally ill for by several haters was just pointing out that no one forced anyone to pre purchase the pack when one dude accused s397 of underhanded tactics.

    Funny thing is he warned me,then I challenged him on what I did wrong and said I’ve I want to raise the warning with your superior,then boom ban hammer.

    Seems like coutie and his cliche of Euro trash buddies allow this behaviour of mob rule and remove people who speak against them.

    I’m going back to my iracing ways,bitching and moaning about everything cuz I never got banned doing that lol

    Seriously questioning pumping any money into rf2 now,when did fanboys get banned on any forum


    1. There were several annoying bitches like you in that thread, I’m surprised anyone was banned. I regret buying that pack now. I’ll try it one day, I guess, but what’s the point? I’ll be playing PC2 and R3E anyway.


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          But, he added, “you do hear a million fanciful rumors all the time. And some turn out to be true and some — many — are just stories about this actress, or that actor… The whole Harvey Weinstein thing is very sad for everybody involved. Tragic for the poor women that were involved, sad for Harvey that his life is so messed up… There’s no winners in that, it’s just very, very sad and tragic for those poor women that had to go through that.”


  6. After patch 2.0 release Project Cars 2 has multiple bugs with ABS, TC and SC. One of them is shown in this video. The other bug is when you set Authentic Settings in Gameplay and then do a race the ABS, TC and SC will randomly switch on and off during the lap. On some tracks it will happen once per lap on some tracks it will happen multiple times per lap. Thus, the car becomes uncontrollable in such situations.

    I’m giving up on this game. It was sort of playable on launch with some bugs here and there but after patch 2.0 it has become unplayable and annoying. If the next patch does not fix these bugs I’m asking for a refund and I’m never buying Project Cars ever again. Enough is enough!


    1. Shut the shit up, you man child BITCH, you have 13 Project CARS 2 videos uploaded to youtube, I dare you to get a refund because you’ve sure gone over your Two Hour limit return time, you cry baby BITCH, with your I’m going to get a refund, go suck mommy’s saggy titties and shut the fuck up


  7. “At the end of the day, I believe Studio 397 are fighting a losing battle. They cannot finish simple DLC packs on a timely schedule, while the rest of the genre advances at hyper-speed. ”

    Oh yeah?

    What would you suggest then, Trash a graphics/physics engine and build a new one from the scratch that would take them at least half a decade while their competitors gain all their userbase? and what exactly are these “genre advances” you’re talking, beside the post-processing effects and modern shaders/lighting (they’re working to improve these*) i don’t see any advances or features that rF2 doesn’t have, on the contrary rf2 tire model / physics engine is years ahead of the competition



    1. The problem when two studios make one game over the course of 7 or 8 years is that it comes out years too late while feeling dated, having random content that doesn’t make sense and receiving no interest.


      1. Agreed. Why the fuck did they choose GT3, which is boring, dumbed-down and already available in every other sim?

        The cars in GT3 are all neutered and feel about the the same anyway. It’s basically the antithesis of what made series like DRM, Trans Am and GTO legendary: Wild as shit cars, bizarre technical innovation, and heroic drivers with NO wimpy driver aids.

        They should do Super GT. The cars sound epic and are fast as shit, but still look kinda like *cars* (as opposed to LMP1 spacecraft). There are no driver aids. The racing is close and chaotic due to having the GT300’s mixing it up with the big boys. I mean, it just kicks GT3’s ass.


        1. Looks like I know what I’ll be doing when I get to play rFactor 2 again, ah ah.

          Super GT Nissan class with a field of GT3 pack cars thrown in. Should be fun.

          I bet you can do that in Forza as well? I was looking at the MS store a bit, and the cheapest is 80CAD, so not tempting yet, but if you keep pushing that dope, I might end up being roped in. FM7 does have a nice default cockpit cam, not as nice as the Eutechnyx NASCAR games, but at least you can see the dials. And shit doesn’t flicker everywhere.


          1. Had an incredibly fun offline FM7 race that I set up in the rain at Suzuka (Thunderclouds -> Heavy rain -> Mist) using a tarted-up R35 GTR that they give you (and gives you 50% bonus credits for winning).

            With steering set to 780deg. it felt fucking perfect. All the techniques to go fast with FWD/AWD *worked*. Just a quick tap of left foot braking to tighten your line and then accelerate through the apex (not after). It was almost as fun as the WTCC’s.

            I even pressured the leader into making a mistake on the final lap (the AI waited too long to brake, trying to defend), which is some shit you see all the time IRL.

            Followed that with a V8 Supercars race, with all participants present (Volvo, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Holden) at Bathurst. No rain there unfortunately, but with the spool diff it felt just like how these cars are supposed to feel: Rock stable on corner entry, and a total handful on exit. You *have* to treat the throttle like it’s got an eggshell on it when you power out of the corners.

            The graphics, of course, are simply incredible. The rain drops blow to the left when you take a right-hander. The lighting is like a photograph. And it uses maybe 40% of my GTX1080ti with everything maxed out at 4K. I actually run it in a window using the bottom 2/3 of the screen to get a wider FOV (only way to do it, but makes it real easy to dial in FOV since it dynamically resizes whenever you change the window size). If I run it full screen, even with all the head movement turned off, it makes me kinda sick due to the overly zoomed-in FOV.

            Anyway, I love it. FFB is like Raceroom overall and the cars feel right. You can use real-world techniques and they work. The tires feel like tires. AI is iffy, but is good enough once you get past the opening lap carnage (just like in PC2, I hang back until it sorts itself out). You have to manually set the proper degrees of rotation for each type of car by laboriously exiting out of the game and changing it in the TM control panel. Other than that (and the ridiculous newer F1 cars, plus the always-shitty GT2 RS), it’s a dream to play IMHO. Best $100 I’ve spent on sim racing so far.


            1. > You have to manually set the proper degrees of rotation for each type of car by laboriously exiting out of the game and changing it in the TM control panel.

              Big sigh of relief for now. I didn’t feel like starting a 100GB download tonight.

              Now shut it, Kondor.


              1. Nah, don’t have to, but thanks for asking. We’re all caught up here in the ER, and there ain’t shit to do but type up ridiculous long love letters to FM7.

                780 deg works for a pretty wide range of vehicles (everything from street to GT3/GTE to racing trucks). Use 650 for GTO/Trans AM, etc., 540 for GTP’s/GrC and…Trophy Trucks. Xbox One version apparently allows adjusting in-game, but really they need to make it part of the car setups.

                Nothing’s perfect (except Senna during Quali, I mean).


                  1. Don’t be lazy 😉

                    No, you’re right. Game’s worth it to me. Can’t speak for anyone else.

                    You *can* adjust Steering Sensitivity in-game to fine-tune it (say 650 is too darty and you want to loosen it up, go in and set Sensitivity to 80 or 90 and it’s like increasing the steering ratio).

                    Another trick. While in-game, go set the degrees in the TM control panel, then just unplug the wheel. Plug it back in, and it’s all good. I hate doing that cause I feel like it wears out the wheel to constantly put it through that startup calibration shit it does, but maybe I’m just being a pussy.


                    1. I’m always lazy until I can’t afford to be lazy any more.

                      At the time, all the other games were starting to support that, so tweaking sensitivity and steering angles per car felt silly.

                      I’ll take the plunge one day, I guess. Meh.


  8. Another dubious sim drama article to divert attention.
    OMG car pack delayed by 1 month !!!
    Can you tear PC2 appart like you enjoy doing for other sims ?
    Patch drama ? Forum drama ? AI drama ? Ian Bell drama ?
    It looks like things you would have enjoyed writing about in other times.
    Since you work for SMS, everything you write is suspect.


  9. Not paid enough by SMS to buy the car pack and actually put the time into writing a review?

    If you paid attention when the Mclaren was released in July the GT3 car pack was going to be released in the coming months. Here it is, October.

    I get your point, PCARS2 with all the bugs, shitty AI, and missing features, was released on time so I have all the confidence in SMS. When’s the date for the announcement of PCARS3?


    1. Already done before, but it will be cool to use for future false flags when trucks kill a bunch of people to promote diversity and gun control.


  10. patchedupdemon , the latest rf2 fanboy with less than 50hrs of playtime , will pop in here to discredit everyone’s feedback. you’ve been warned!


        1. Everytime i ook at a rf2 replay is like i look into a mediocre xbox360/ps3 era game, in fact it looks even
          worse than AMS, a suposedly infirior gfx api simulator (DX9) I’m afraid at this point the YEBIS post effects and lighting improvements are nothing more than lipstick on a pig.

          Case in Point


  11. .) There is no way to type and communicate in a room unless you’re driving. This was a bug in PC1 where the online lobby didn’t work. And since there’s a “Timeout” function that automatically puts you back in the pits, you can no longer park on the side of the road for a while to type in the chatbox. (There seems to have been an attempt to fix this, but with all my game time it seems to only work ~10% of the time, and only in the practice session, never the Qualifying Session.)

    2.) Replays still broken. Cars stuck on the grid, and still in the pits, even though they were finishing high in the race. Bug possibly has to do with players leaving in the middle of the race.

    3.) Silverstone Classic is still broken. Assume that Hockenheim Classic is also broken. They had the same bugs in PC1 as Silverstone Classic. Need to test them out thoroughly. Basically what happened was that we practiced and qualified, and then started the race it literally raced all the way to the finish line, 15 feet in front of us. We didn’t even get 1 lap in. The race went from the starting grid, to the starting line.

    4.) Tracks without Pits: There are many tracks in the game that don’t have pits. This inherently means that you can’t have a Practice Session in multiplayer. I don’t care if you have to create unrealistic pits, or if there’s only 2 pit boxes, you have to do it! Otherwise any map without pits either won’t be used, or will only be a short term gimmick.

    5.) Invisible Walls are still in Project Cars. This bug has been in Project Cars 1 since day 1.

    6.) Rejoining Lobbies: If you rejoin a multiplayer lobby after you quit / get disconnected, your time is wiped out. It needs to have the times saved to Steam Profile on the server. Similarly, you can’t rejoin a lobby you get disconnected from, even if you start from the pits or take a time penalty and restart from the pits. This functionality is vital to have if you want PC2 to be used for Endurance races.

    7.) There are certain tracks that give “Cut Track” penalties when you are in the middle of the track. Circuit of the America’s turn 1 is one example. Watkin’s Glenn turn 1 is another. Algarve is another.

    8.) Cut Track penalty system during passing is broken. If someone spins and / or lets you pass by significantly slowing down, the system thinks the passing car is “cheating”, and forces the passing car to give the spot back. Also, it forces you to give the numerical position back, but not necessarily forces you to give it back to the person you “cheated.” Assume that if / when this system activates at the right time, it’ll still make you give back the position #, not the place to the correct driver.

    9.) “Cut Track” penalties are inconsistent, wrong, and illogical. They sometimes occur one lap, but not the next on the same line. Sometimes putting two wheels over the white line gives a cut track, other times going 4 wheels over does not, in the same exact spot.

    10.) “Cut Track” penalties give you 30 seconds to slow down and serve the penalty. This is so long that you can brake normally for the next corner and “clear” the penalty. The system either needs to be cut severely in order to serve it (like down to 5 seconds) or needs better coding so that slowing down for a normal corner doesn’t clear the penalty.

    11.) In some tracks, the pit crew doesn’t let you leave the pit box. There is a system in the game that prevents you from driving out of your box if there is a car approaching (which is good), but it seems to get tripped up by other cars in their pit boxes just sitting there. Even if the drivers are still in the menu.

    12.) Tire System: The tire system is basically broken across all cars. Some cars actually go faster on Wet Tires than slicks in dry weather, and the tires don’t overheat in a reasonable amount of time. Other tires don’t build up any heat at all. Also, like in PC1, it is not justified to use Hard tires at any time over softs because Soft Tires don’t wear off / degrade like they should.

    13.) Slight damage to the front causes massive (unproportional) amount of radiator damage in the short and the long term. This is an old PCars 1 bug that was fixed for PCars 1.

    14.) Visual Only damage is broken. While it resists damage and doesn’t cause any problems while everything is attached, if you lose a part, that part is removed from the aerodynamic model. I.E. With Visual Only Damage, if you lose a wing or a foil, it should be that you have no handling issues, but it means you can no longer maneuver because the foil is gone from the aero model, too.

    15.) The gears sometimes load up incorrectly, and trying to change them causes further bugs. Another Project Cars 1 bug (but not a PC1 day 1 bug).

    16.) The functions required to properly steward a race are missing. I.E. We need the ability to assess penalties, and remove penalties. We need the ability to restart the count up and restart the race (in order to get people back in who D/C).
    17.) If you accelerate time in Qualifying (in singleplayer), the AI outperform what they should by several seconds per lap.

    18.) Double shifting, even TRIPLE SHIFTING is still in game. This is another Project Cars 1 Day 1 bug. Thankfully with down shift protection it has yet to grenade an engine of mine, but earlier today I shifted from 2nd straight to 5th gear.

    19.) Hitting the right side mouse button immediately takes you back to the previous menu with no “Are you sure?” prompts. The problem is that there are several places where it’s vital to have the prompt. For example, I was hosting a MP session last night and twice accidentally hit it, which immediately dropped me back to the main menu. Because of this (and the inheriting a lobby bug), I had to restart the lobby several times to get the right options.

    20.) Cars still crash and bump into each other in Automatic Rolling Start. The problem is that this gives you both damage (when you can’t control it) AND time penalties.

    21.) In no place at the main lobby for the race, or while monitoring, or while bringing up the times while monitoring, does it say what kind of car the person is racing, only the class of car. A small picture isn’t good enough.

    22.) Speeding in the pits during the race results in a DQ. It should result in a Stop and Go penalty.

    23.) At no place in an online race past the main lobby does it actually show how many laps the race will be. See #1, an attempt was made to show the “Online Lobby” during the race, but it doesn’t show up the majority of the time.

    24.) The recent performance of your tires (temperatures, temp gradients, final pressure) should show up in tuning, but doesn’t. You literally can see the spot they are supposed to be in the set up, but it doesn’t actually change.

    25.) The pit stop limiter doesn’t default as on when you start from your pitbox. (It does in every single other game. And combined with the fact that speeding in the pits results in DQ’s, this is a bad oversight.)

    26.) There are functions that can’t be changed once a lobby has been created that could be changed in Project Cars 1. For example the selection to have “Car Class”, Multi-Class, or Identical cars to lobby host can not be changed.

    27.) Lobbies sometimes get locked up and can’t progress for no apparent reason. Furthermore people get stuck at the “Ready Screen”, unable to click the “Ready” button, and get locked out. Cause still undetermined.

    28.) If you get across the start line before the green light on a Rolling Start, it still counts the lap as having completed, but only STARTS the clock for that person’s total race time once they cross for the next lap. Basically, if you jump the start line before the green light, even with the drivethrough penalty you’ll come out ahead of those that did NOT jump the start line.

    29.) There is no rewind function when on the “Monitor” race section. I.E. Vital race steward functions are missing. (For example, a race steward needs to be able to rewind to an accident, cut track or other problem, figure out who’s at fault, and assess penalties).

    30.) The rating system is nice, but there is NO explanation given as to what points you got, and why you got them, and how to move up or down in the safety classes. There should be a box on the final splash screen that shows you your rating change. Or perhaps another screen that shows the points change for all the drivers.

    31.) No matter what you do, the virtual mirror turns itself off everytime you go back to the pits. Also occasionally the HUD disappears, and no matter what you do, you can’t get it back.

    32.) When you go to the car selection screen, it reverts to the default screen instead of the last screen you used. I.E. If you want to select a car by class, you make your selection, and then go back, it’s not still on the select by class screen.

    33.) The end of race logic and server tracking is entirely broken. I just had a multi-class race where I was clear ahead (but in a slower class), not lapped, and when the leader crossed the starting line, I got a 5 second warning before the AI took over. I got sent to the splash screen, however the other drivers in the class DID NOT get sent to the splash screen, and continued to race. They eventually overtook me, and got the spot on the final leaderboard. Thankfully, when I saw the splash screen, it gave me my rating and didn’t take it away once we went back to lobby.

    34.) We’ve discovered another break in “end of session” logic. Basically we were finishing up qualifying, and we got to finish our flying laps. People joined late. The session ended, we went to the qualifying results splash screen, but it didn’t end for everyone. Some people (I assume late joiners, but I couldn’t see because I was stuck on the splash screen) were able to leave the pits and drive out on the track as the rest of us were stuck waiting at the results. The session broke, we got stuck, and it never advanced for anyone.

    (The bug may or may not be track related [Algarve], others reported something similar when they played earlier, but it got unstuck for them.)

    35.) If you leave a server before you see the final splash screen, you are removed from the final results. This bug has been in since day 1 of Project Cars 1, and needs to be fixed.

    36.) Jump start or even a questionable jump start in Rally Cross is immediate DQ. It should be a time penalty.

    37.) You are unable to turn off assists in an active Time Trial session, even if it’s unrealistic on a car.

    38.) Basically if the lobby host leaves, and someone else takes over, the lobby automatically changes to that person’s default or last settings, changing options that are not even available to change after you’ve started a lobby.

    39.) There’s an option that comes up during your cooldown lap that says something like “Exit to pits in the Pause Menu.” But if you hit the escape button, you don’t see the option to go to pits. If you hit the Car Management menu, you don’t see it there, either.

    40.) AI behavior is good if you are in front or behind of them while in Multiplayer, but they don’t recognize a car next to them unless they’ve been there for a long while, and often attempt to ram them.

    41.) If an AI car gets damaged during the pace lap and “decides” to pit to fix it, they do not hold their position and then enter the pits. Instead they go full speed for the race course to get to the pits, and damn anyone that gets in the way.

    42.) Time Trial Leaderboards in game cannot be filtered by “Class.” Instead it shows “All” cars. Also, it’s missing “All Cars” option.

    43.) DRS still doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. (I.E. Only available in certain zones on the track. And during the race it only activates 2-3 laps in AND only if you are within 1 second of the guy ahead of you.) If SMS is unwilling to do it right, it should be removed altogether. Or at least give us an option when creating a server to disable it.

    44.) Got a “Pit Box Full” error, but was able to pit and fix damage. Either the message was in error, or I shouldn’t have been allowed to pit.

    45.) AI’s behavior isn’t predictive. It’s basically on rails. Let me give you an example. In one race last night I got damage early from AI’s (see #3), and the car was difficult to control. At one point I spun out, and came to a stop right in the middle of the road. I saw an AI coming for me still a decent ways away. So I stayed still to allow the AI to go around me. The AI didn’t brake, move to the left, or to the right. It plowed right into me, even though I was on his path for a good 4 seconds just sitting there. (I’m experimenting with this one. It seems to be a problem with AI in multiplayer sessions only. Still working on it.)

    46.) The Formula C is no longer a Formula 3 facsimile, but a Star Mazda (facsimile). It should be renamed to something like Indy Small (Indy Light is already taken by an official and real car) so it isn’t confused for a Formula 3. (Further more, we should get a Formula 3 car some time in the future.)

    47.) Hole in the Track: Doing Sakitto GP it’s possible to fall through the track if you go where the outside (of the pit turn) pit lane sign is.

    48.) The weather system is great, but it’s a little funky session to session. For example, I’m assuming that Practice, Qualifying, and the Race does not happen back to back to back. I’m assuming that they happen on “different” days. I.E. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The problem is that when you start a new session with new weather, it is assumed to be back to back. If you start qualifying with light rain, when it was dry before, the track is assumed to be dry, and thus skew the qualifying results. With the total control server admins now have, if they want it to be dry to begin with, they should set it that way in the weather settings. So if a session starts with a setting, it must assume to be that setting for a period of time. I.E. Start with light rain, assume the track is wet, not dry (but getting wet).


  12. Huh, no comments about how the GT3 pack is unfinished content filled with graphical bugs and terrible shaders (even with the newest beta)?


  13. I’m sure you set out with the best intentions but all things come to an end.

    Your website consists solely of self-indulgent twaddle.


  14. James ,you do realize the delay with the GT3 pack release was due to those that had licensed their cars to S397 ?. QC on 2 fronts one that probably doesn’t have the release as a priority, that being the manufacturers


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