Virtual Seppuku: Gran Turismo Sport Sucks

I never grew up in possession of a Sony console, but I’ve always taken a keen interest in those who cite previous iterations of the Gran Turismo franchise as a primary driving force behind their passion for virtual automobiles. Even today, Gran Turismo 4 is regarded by sim racers as one of the greatest driving games of all time, and merely switching to different tire compounds allows Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3 to display an additional level of competence to the driving model. Yet after playing Gran Turismo Sport for the better part of a day, I’m certainly left wondering how this same team that once stood atop the genre nearly uncontested could ever be responsible for such a shockingly bad product.

Kazunori Yamauchi and the staff at Polyphony Digital have released a simulator I would ultimately describe as utterly suicidal; Gran Turismo Sport is not by any means an entertaining video game, but rather a step by step instruction manual on how to kill a beloved franchise via self inflicted wounds. This game is the reason I bought a Logitech G29 along a PlayStation 4 – I really wanted to see what would happen when a massive entity such as Gran Turismo entered the eSports kingdom, because you’d think they’d be able to get it right – but instead my $99 admission fee went to a game lacking any sort of cohesive direction. Gran Turismo Sport isn’t a buggy game or an unfinished game, Polyphony Digital just built something that’s quite frankly really boring.

And then they filled it with useless shit, when the few elements that did show promise could have been greatly expanded upon instead.

So there are two distinct intro movies; one which covers the history of sports car & rally racing with a montage consisting strictly of real-world footage, a more traditional opening sequence featuring scripted footage and scenarios not actually available for the user to partake in being displayed afterwards. It’s oddly pretentious for a title that has since been knocked from its’ perch by Forza Motorsport several years prior, and this level of upside-down narcissism carries over into Gran Turismo Sport’s supplementary list of bells and whistles to explore.

The game features two distinct photo modes when most would agree one is enough, though the new off-shoot “scapes” is pushed heavily on the user throughout the in-game interface to the point where it actually becomes annoying. Look, I really enjoy taking screenshots of races I’ve participated in – my mother was a drag racing photographer for the better part of two decades – but giving people an entirely separate mode in which to pose your car in fake photo-realistic backgrounds is just so odd in the context of what Gran Turismo is trying to be this iteration.

As alluded to in other articles covering the two beta periods we’ve had with this game prior to release, Gran Turismo also features extensive power point presentations and video profiles on each of the game’s various automakers – though this will occasionally deviate to include random world events Polyphony deemed to be important. I appreciate the subtle nod to the “showcase” feature seen in the 90’s classic Need for Speed II – as this is essentially what Gran Turismo Sport is trying to do here – but the inclusion of such an attraction is irrelevant in 2017. If I want to read about Dodge or Chevrolet, I’ll boot up Wikipedia while taking a shit and have twenty minutes’ worth of reading material at my disposal, or watch some of their YouTube videos on my phone prior to falling asleep. The extra stuff on display in “Brand Central” is fifteen years too late.

It just feels like Polyphony Digital were at a crossroads in determining the atmosphere of Gran Turismo Sport; this is a game intended primarily as a competitive online platform, but there’s a bunch of shit crammed into the game that’s almost anti-racing.

Lewis Hamilton was advertised as holding a prominent role in Gran Turismo Sport prior to the game’s launch, described as a “mentor” figure and “maestro” that would guide the player through the game. I’ve completed 50% of campaign mode, entered ten or so online races, and generally seen enough of the game where I feel comfortable talking about it on PRC in a review-like format. Lewis Hamilton appears once, for about two minutes, and it’s in the aforementioned showcase mode dubbed “Brand Central.” There are no tutorials or lessons to speak of which involve Lewis Hamilton. There’s a video of him saying he likes the pretty graphics – the same promotional video you’ve probably seen already – and that’s it. I imagine the Lewis Hamilton tutorial mode will eventually be added via post-release content updates, but this is something that really needed to be there on day one, hour zero.

This is because there’s fuck all to do in Gran Turismo Sport, and those words weren’t chosen to be hyperbolic. The single player campaign mode, if you could call it that, is divided into three parts that are all more or less varying types of driving tutorials. The classic Gran Turismo school section returns alongside hot lap challenges at every circuit, and finally there’s a “mission” mode which are really just just one-off themed races. Neither sub-section stands above the rest and offers something that the other doesn’t; they are all cut from the same branch, challenges over-lapping twice or even three times with little regard for variety.

The driving school can be blown through in about thirty minutes, forcing infantile users to complete remedial tasks such as accelerating, braking, and navigating a single corner several times in a row, albeit with faster cars as you blaze through each tier. For anyone with even a passing interest in racing games, the driving school is absurdly painful to complete. The game assumes you are an absolute retard who has never driven a car before, with questionable English unnecessarily complicating even the most basic set of instructions. You often wish you could just blast around the Nordschleife once under a set amount of time and the game would figure out that maybe you don’t need beginner driving lessons, but this is where the problem with Gran Turismo Sport lies – abolishing the school would remove 30% of the single player experience.

You’d think the driving missions would offer an increase in challenge from the vanilla school tasks and maybe inject some life into Gran Turismo Sports’ offline campaign, though upon completing tier four of the eight available at launch, I have to say things are certainly progressing at a very leisurely pace. You’re told to pit for fuel and win the race as if it’s some high-tension predicament, but the AI cruise around the circuit at Sunday driving speeds allowing you to one-shot the challenge with ease. You’re handed a rally car and sent to a makeshift infield rally course at the game’s equivalent to Bristol Motor Speedway – which sounds really cool on paper – though the track ends up being a mere sixteen seconds long and only features one corner. I think you could make the argument that these challenges are fun when your bros own GT Sport as well and you’re all competing for leaderboard times among each other, but the abbreviated length of these events – some lasting less than ten seconds – make that fairly difficult to do. I’m aware that there are sketchier events in higher tiers, don’t get me wrong, but they needed to be revealed to the user much quicker than they currently are.

The hot lap events are self-explanatory, though you cannot immediately blast around for a full lap, obliterate the gold medal time, and instantly be deemed a “master” of that track. To artificially lengthen the game, you’re forced to also complete the preliminary sector training segments in order to be awarded a prize for your efforts.

In any case, Gran Turismo then showers you with credits and prize cars for completing what most racing game enthusiasts would deem to be remedial tasks at best. That’s the offline campaign mode.

If you’ve noticed I haven’t mentioned anything about the car-collecting meta game Gran Turismo is known for, that’s because there isn’t any.

The offline campaign mode in GT Sport provides a car for you to use approximately 95% of the time while simultaneously not allowing you to select from your own collection, whereas the ranked online races – you know, the whole draw of the game – more often than not force you to pick from the fleet of vanilla cars in a given class, rather than your personal ride that you sat down and made a livery for. This really fucks with the ecosystem of Gran Turismo Sport, as you’re completing challenges to earn credits to buy cars that you won’t need because the game often prohibits you from using them and just gives you a mandatory loaner car instead.

In the ultimate lack of self-awareness, the game will then liberally gift you prize cars for completing these challenges that once again, you don’t need because the game rarely lets you hit the track with them in the first place. I ran a hot lap at one of the oval courses, and was given a free GT4 car for just fourteen seconds of driving. I then drove twenty six kilometers and was given a street legal car as a prize for my “daily workout.” Completing a few driving school missions such as driving in a straight line and here are some cones, don’t hit them? Yep, that too earned a car.

It’s just weird.

But not as weird as how Polyphony have handled the competitive elements of Gran Turismo Sport. These guys royally fucked up on this aspect. In fact I’m genuinely impressed that a major developer sat down with the intentions of making an eSports platform, only to spectacularly miss the mark. Actually, it’s more like they didn’t even try, only spoke of outright bullshit until “oh fuck, our game launches in six months, what do we do?”

So for starters, we were told that this game would require people to go through extensive sportsmanship training before they were allowed to race online in the competitive ranked rooms. I remember reading things that implied you’d have to go through driving lessons that taught you how to pass cars cleanly, and even had to worry about bumping into AI cars in offline races before the game would deem you to be a sportsman-like driver. This never materialized. You are shown two videos totaling five minutes in length, and then given a fake seal of approval to race online. That is Polyphony’s idea of “training” for online racing. You’re never told how the ranking system works or how to progress your driver/safety level. It’s literally an indoor karting safety video that an intern put together in five minutes using a few different in-game replays, and then… that’s it.

This could have been done on the original Xbox. In fact it was; ToCA Race Driver 3 and Project Gotham Racing 2 both seeded people by ELO rank. Add an unskippable FMV movie that plays when you first click the “race online” button telling you not to wreck people, and you have Gran Turismo Sport. I wish I was kidding, but I’ve inserted the video above to prove that no, this is what we waited four years for.

Like the beta, you are then given three daily races to partake in that go off every hour. These are short, five-minute affairs that feature no damage, no tire wear, and no pit stop strategies.

You can run a couple of qualifying laps whenever you feel like it, and actively check the leaderboards to see where you stand in comparison to the top ten, which is arguably the most enjoyable element of the whole experience. But once you’ve posted a time you’re comfortable with, you sit around and wait for an hour, wait a bit more for the matchmaking to seed you into a room, then wait out the two minutes for warm-up to end, and before the solo even kicks in for Metallica’s “..And Justice for All”,  the race itself is over.

No tire compound strategies. No equipment management. No point to changing your fuel mapping. No tire preservation. There are races in DriveClub that last longer. This is what people paid $90 for. A “hardcore” online racing simulator in which all of the simulation elements have conveniently been disabled in favor of five minute sprint races catering to the lowest common denominator – hyperactive children who probably won’t even consider buying a Gran Turismo game in the first place.

There are no 40-minute endurance races going off every two hours. Rarely can you use cars you either bought or painted liveries for. GT3 entries are still sent to claustrophobic ovals, breeding chaos that even the most respectful of drivers will be unable to avoid, damaging their rankings unnecessarily as a result. Daily races are said to change on a weekly basis, meaning that if Polyphony woefully fuck up and give three atrocious combinations – as they’ve already done so – you’re stuck with those races for an entire week. People will intentionally not play a game they just bought and are actively wanting to play, just to avoid shitty races. Good job Polyphony, well done!

There are just three “Sport” races to enter, all of them last five minutes, none of them have damage, fuel consumption, or tire wear enabled, in two of the three you can’t use any cars you’ve earned through various means, and all of which feature car/track combinations that either breed chaos or don’t make for natural passing opportunities.

I must reiterate, this is the main mode of play that was supposed to lure people by the thousands into Gran Turismo. Yes, there are custom lobbies. But we didn’t buy Gran Turismo Sport for custom lobbies; we bought it for what Polyphony implied it would be able to do without us having to lift a finger. We got some shitty pickup races out of it that can be found in basically every other racing game with a semi-competent online mode; DiRT 3 calls it “Pro Tour.”

Great. Four years and a hundred dollars for this.

So with the race formats completely shitting the bed due to Polyphony’s poor foresight, what a lot of people still want to know regardless is if the almighty ranking system works. I’m not a fan of sprint races, but a lot of people are, and a functional safety system is essentially what separates Gran Turismo Sport from other racing games on the market.

No, it actually doesn’t work. Safety Rating is seemingly calculated via individual sectors. Those with more clean sectors than dirty sectors at the end of a race will see their safety rating increase. So yes, it weeds out intentional wreckers who can’t drive for shit and want to fuck with the field, but that’s about all it does. Slightly bump a guy out of the way in a skillful manner so as not to incur a time penalty, but finish out the final two sectors of the lap clean, and your safety rating will still go up even if the guy is raging in your PSN message inbox.

The system is easily exploitable for drivers like myself, who understand how to put the bumper to someone, but can also drive off as if nothing happened and maintain their composure over a period of several laps. My current safety rating is “S”, the highest you can possibly have on this game, so obviously something is wrong. As you can see from some of the screenshots laced throughout this article, I have a reputation for moving people, or at least making use of my vehicle’s fenders. GT Sport’s safety system is unable to detect my unsportsmanlike conduct because once I move the guy, I can amass enough good boy points to offset the bad boy points. I don’t suggest outright wrecking people because you’ll trip the time penalty sensor, but the stock car guys have the upper hand here.

Does that sound like a safety system that works? No, it sounds more like Polyphony rushed something together without testing shit to see if it actually made sense in the context of a competitive environment.

iRacing at least acknowledged when you made contact with another car and dinged you accordingly, handing out severe punishments for prolonged offensive driving maneuvers throughout the duration of a single race – what a lot of people know as the incident point system. GT Sport calculates incidents in a yes/no per sector per race format, and as long as you keep a clean to dirty sector ratio of 2:1, you can drive like a total cunt and have the game keep increasing your safety level regardless.

The game seeds races by qualifying time, which while in theory contributes to a cleaner racing environment, often breeds situations in which there is no passing whatsoever. You really start to understand why a lot of touring car fields make use of inverted grids while playing GT Sport; wins are handed to you on a silver platter, especially if you qualify well and none of the guys around you on the leaderboards signed up for the particular race. In my opinion, there should be a random lottery at the start of the race that inverts anywhere from the top four qualifiers, to the top eight.

Again, the fact Polyphony pushed out a competitive online platform yet never thought of this, is quite sad.

I’ve already discussed the physics and force feedback in Gran Turismo Sport throughout other articles, which is why I’ve focused so much on gameplay mechanics in this piece.

But for a rundown, the same problems present in both the closed beta and pre-release demo still remain. Cars are woefully unbalanced, and the force feedback mimics power steering failure – if your steering wheel is ever that heavy in a real car, pull into the fucking pits or call AAA in a panic, because I assure you there is a substantial problem with your vehicle. All wheel drive cars have been neutered, slightly, but this is due to tires generally receiving a boost in longitudinal grip which allows for RWD cars to get the power to the ground more effectively. There’s significantly less throttle management required than any previous build in the game’s lifespan, and nicking either the grass, sand, or astroturf will instantly kill you. I’ve used the grass to dodge wrecks in reality, I promise it’s not this scary.

Driving-wise, anyone who praise this game’s handling as an alleged “simulation” is retarded, and this makes me quite sad as I felt Gran Turismo 6 could be turned into an okay simulator just by slapping on different compounds, which unfortunately doesn’t happen here. Gran Turismo Sport is like going over to a friends house who also owns Assetto Corsa on the PC, but he’s loaded his game with awful Russian mods that have too much grip everywhere and insists on jacking the force feedback up a bunch because “realism” or some shit. Proper lines, braking points, and wheel inputs kind of work, but it all feels so comically simplified.

Two foot magic braking works far too well, rapid fire downshifting can be abused, and the draft is absurdly over-powered to the point where people will snake like IndyCars in online sessions for the speed boost. Over-driving the car is rewarded, rumble strips provide extra grip, and contact physics can be exploited in your favor. Street cars known for their nimble characteristics in reality feel like boats in GT Sport. Race cars known for their pinpoint precision are instead lifeless hovercrafts, but you knew that already, because I bitched about it last week. Do me a favor and spend as little time as possible driving the rally cars. It’s like you’re given a UPS van full of packages, and the road has been coated in molasses.

It’s just a very horrible game to drive; something I don’t understand given Polyphony’s connections with car manufacturers. Gran Turismo of all games shouldn’t feel like this.

There are some objectively cool things that the game does well. I like the ability to transfer custom decals in SVG format to your PlayStation 4, import said decals into the livery editor, and then upload your complete custom liveries for others to use, meaning this will be the first Gran Turismo game to have a Forza-like community element. It’s awesome to check out the storefront and see a bunch of real-world VLN liveries for cars that otherwise came stock with a generic design. I also enjoy how pit stops are structured; partially reliant upon quick button presses, but never turning into an outright Mario Party mini-game. In the context of Gran Turismo, which tries to straddle the line between hardcore and casual with mixed results, the pit stop sequence is something Polyphony have actually gotten right.

But these few positive moments are obviously not even close to saving Gran Turismo Sport from eternal damnation.

We were promised a robust online racing platform – that much is for certain. Polyphony instead annihilated any semblance of an offline career mode, and in return gave us a driving school, go kart safety video, and a few sprint races that quite frankly, any developer could have put together, and Polyphony especially could have included as just one of many features in an all encompassing package entitled “Gran Turismo 7.” Supposedly, this is the “new direction” of Gran Turismo, but at launch it feels more like a Prologue game with some ranked online racing that was hyped far beyond what it ended up consisting of.

And truthfully, if this game was sold for $29, I think people would have been okay with it. But then you see the two photo modes, the power point presentations, the showcase videos, the extensive social options, and realize that nope, Polyphony and Kaz were actually serious about this one, and this is Gran Turismo as it exists on the PlayStation 4.


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      1. Funny to see how PC2 fanboys and shills get into crybaby mode whenever PC2’s shortcomings get brought up. Ian taught them well…


      1. Has James ever reported anything on the official forum of any game he shat on? The only exception is pcars2 because he was paid for it.

        So why should we worry about pcars2? That’s James job.


      1. With different expectations, a camera adjustment and some FFB tweaking, it’s actually quite fun now. It doesn’t have much of a feel, but it’s not meant to be impressive in any way, and the AI does really well with it. I’m glad I tried it again as a “Star Mazda”.


      2. Yep Formula C is totally undrivable … I mean look at that video

        If you didnt see it, no bugs have been found, everything was working as intended … ooopps
        Get your facts straight


    1. I wouldn’t describe it as “devastating”, but there is certainly an article on the horizon to cover the post-release stuff all in one go.

      For now, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the newest iteration of Gran Turismo released. You know, the biggest franchise in the history of the genre. Let’s talk about that for a bit.


          1. You never listen to the community. Can’t handle facts nor criticism. Only do what your pimp wants you to do. and that’s Ian Bell. He’s drunk most of the time.


            1. No, I pulled an all-nighter working on a Gran Turismo Sport article and woke up to people spamming “LAWL PCARZ2 SUCKSSSS HAHAHAHA” like fucking children. This, in a community where the average age is ~26-28. Says a lot.


              1. So you pulled an all-nighter and did not get the expected butt kissing? Why even the mentioning of the all-nighter? For generating pity??? I could not care less about the way you spend your nights and it is of exactly zero relevance to the article. It is you who is showing all the signs of a teenage emo queen. Says a lot about you. Poor, poor James, I feel for you. Grow a pair and don’t be so emotional. Here’s a cookie for you. Friends again?


      1. no doubt accompanied by every fix and the conclusion it is the supreme console option, some of your gt comments are laughable, get over the photo mode man,its always been there and is a much loved feature that is most welcome. you where clutching at straws in a lot of places there mate, what happened to you man!


        1. >two photo modes
          >meanwhile the main draw of the game, the online racing, is just three sprint races with no fuel/tire wear/damage that only change once every week
          >”clutching at straws”

          More like Kaz can’t figure out whether he wanted to make an art project or an eSports platform.


  1. Out of 48 reported issues here, 3 were 2x reported and only 21 are real bugs, the rest is bullshit or design choice.

    1) NO BUG – Bullshit, this is working correctly, nothing like you describe

    2) Incorrect what you write here … the only bug with replays is, that if you disconnect your car stays at the same place frozen. You are still though in the replay from start -> disconnect.

    4) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – It makes sense as putting in pits would be unrealistic. Actually there are quite a lot of race without pits in real life.

    5) Never saw it in PC2 sofar – provide PC2 footage otherwise

    6) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – The problem here is, that you could chose a different car and cheat s2s … additionally I don’t see the fuss about it … imagine you would just have a technical failure in real qualifying … you would be out of the qualifying for sure, like this, you have another chance.

    7) Didn’t happen to me sofar (500+h) and I drove all said tracks.

    8) Design problem, not a bug per se – it is working as programmed, but the logic is unrealistic

    9) This is a lie. The system is perfectly consistent down to the millimeter. Just stop cutting or trying to go to the last millimeter!

    10) There are no slow down penalties like you describe … the give back time system works pretty good

    11) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – It is on all track – basically not a bug but a design problem – they should just remove the “cannot be release when car is approaching” as it is fucking annoying

    12) NO BUG – It is realistic as Wet tires are most of the time softer than softs!!! In Winter conditions (even on dry track) they can be faster than softs as the softs are too “hard” for these conditions”.
    Hards can be used easily when it is very hot, as then Softs are overheating / melting away.
    Research and test better before spreading misinformation. Tires are this time all about temperature window

    13) This is no bug for nonopenwheelers … see Nascar etc. It is though unrealistic for openwheeler – devs have been made aware of it.

    14) Yep this is a bug, but your explanation is WRONG. Getting back to pits / repairing during pitstops does not reset damage model most of the time < that is the bug. Devs are aware and are fixing it.

    15) Yep – but you can get rid of it by simply going back, reloading your setup (go to LOAD SETUP) and then most of the time it should be fine again – annoying bug, i agree.

    16) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – Most of the games don't have it and you can still steward after the race. This feature would be barely used anyways as you would need 2 additional people only spectating. For this feature also rewinding during spectating would be necessary. Most leagues rather go for streaming here instead of race directors / livestewards

    17) Yep – ISI ENGINE Bug … rF1 & rF2 suffer exactly from the same problem. PC2 has it partially fixed atm.

    18) This is a very rare bug … dunno why it is happening for you … out of ~10'000 people, only 1 has it.

    19) This has been fixed with Patch 2.0 … but needs further tweaking for other scenarios

    20) Yep – needs to be fixed

    21) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – Doesn't say that in most other sim aswell

    22) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – speeding in the pits above a certain speed level = instant DSQ, independant of session state … just fucking don't speed

    23) Yep menu entry "Online Lobby" needs to be fixed … otherwise it would be working perfectly.

    24) They do sometimes – probably has something to do with the game reloading the setup each time you hit "Tuning setup"… its anyways better to use telemetry (ingame or external) so you can see temps during various corner, which is much more important

    25) NO BUG – They have to turn it always on when they start their engine in real life – so absolutely realistic and thereby no bug!

    26) Kinda buggy atm – partially because people were driving LMP1s on Kart Tracks in pC1 and they introduced something to counter that

    27) Partially fixed in Patch 2.0 — devs are aware of it … since Patch 2.0 did not experience this bug again though, so it might have been fixed completely

    28) same as 3) – same bug

    29) same as 16) – same bug

    30) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – Imo better as it is more difficult to exploit the system then

    31) Workaround before Patch 2.0 – use Light HUD only and modify it with "Edit HUD layout" in "opTions" when you are loaded into a track …. seems for me fixed in Patch 2.0
    HUD disappears because of too long spectating … Im pretty sure this was fixed with Patch 2.0

    32) Small bug … more like an annoyance, but nothing game breaking

    33) Yep race results / finish is completely broken for some reason … penalties are also not applied in Q

    34) Same as 27) – again a double post?

    36) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – This depends on the race series … for GPC they are doing a stop and hold … you have to see, that this is no official WRX or GPC … so they can put in whatever rules they want … so design choice

    37) It is by design that you cant change driving assists, they should be forced to "Authentic" – BUT sometimes it bugs out and activates other assists aswell …

    38) If lobby is started, then what you say is not true … never happend to me, but it is a rare scenario – if you reported it on the official forum, lets hope they have a look into it

    39) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – This only works in Singplayer "Skip Cooldown Lap" … probably intended design choice to prevent bugging out

    40) This never happend to me, but was like this BEFORE release

    41) Yep big problem … also is a problem when someone leaves formation during formation lap …

    42) It can be filtered by class, it is just showing a mix of classes, not all though

    43) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – Other games do it aswell like this – people would be moaning if they have no DRS at all. Further probably you would have a lawsuite, except you would buy the series (so you would be official F1 Game or whatever)

    44) Small bug, message is error … devs are aware and gonna fix it … you can still pit though 🙂 just be aware that if it says pitbox is full, you need to rerequest pitstop

    45) Bullshit

    46) NO BUG / DESIGN CHOICE – Formula C is completey fictional as it was in PC1 … they changed it though a bit to integrate Formula Gulf in it …. "Formula C" should be clear enough, that it is fictional

    47) Please report this in the official forum with video / image proof

    48) Design problem – the seeds that spawn are not wet enough if rain is first slot … devs are aware and lets hope they fix it as it is really shitty

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    1. Austin has written tons of articles exaggerating the severity of things which aren’t actually real bugs, or are design choices in the past why should he treat pcars 2 any differently?


      1. The difference is, Austin was involved in PC2 and thereby saw behind the curtains, the effort etc.
        He can’t stay objectively AND/BUT at the same time he understands much better why x was done like it is in game.
        The same effect you see Star Citizen. People suddenly understand why (ie.) release dates are delayed all the time or why the netcode has not been fixed sofar….

        So all in all, Austin WAS NOT PAID, but started to see the reasons behind PC2 design and decisions and sympathizes with SMS … and thereby he kinda can’t stay objective but at the same time has much more insider info about it.
        Thats often a problem about negative reviews, they don’t understand the mechanics behind development and just scream “fix it”, when often this means a lot of work – up to – complete rewrite of the engine (ie. Star Citizen).

        I’m not surprised so many people don’t understand that here – they just believe what they get told by the one with biggest marketing budget (ie. Apple, iRacing, etc.) … that’s the problem of todays society, people don’t check if it’s true what they get told


      2. pCars 2 is the sim with the most content and features by far. A few less tracks than iRacing, but far more and better cars. For the hole iRacing-content you have to pay about 1500 $ (only when buying all together) without rain, day & night plus the subscription fee (90$ a year at least) and the physics are not even close to PC2-levels. iRacing still doesn’t come with a game-menu and you need this shitty browser-interface to launch it. Like in AC you can’t use VR in the menus or just with Virtual Desktop (15$), that puts a lot of CPU-load on the system.

        GT Sports just provides 17 locations and just 6 of them are not fake. Seems like many cars, but no open wheelers at all. Just watching GamerMuscle trying to play it with a gamepad and it’s not working. You can’t control cars with a gamepad, but the FFB with wheels is so high, you can brake your wheel with it. It should have come out as a contender of Forza 5 and now not even launches before Forza 7. That’s a joke.


      1. BULLSHIT

        Devs are working on it, was still counted as bug
        It didn’t happen to me – as reference I’m running with AOR and do pretty much every evening a race … so I can tell you if people experience a bug or not. Further I’m pretty active in the forums and see the stuff going on.

        Dont believe every bug report out there. Further this “bug report” clearly is without Patch 2.0, which fixed a lot of these issues.


        1. so which points exactly did it fix? With ian’s great change log there were many improvements. I bet so many improvements we’re already playing pcars3, so many things this patch fixed.


    2. You are a fucking idiot. 12 is the game killer as a huge number of compounds are completely broken and you send someone who reports it to “investigate”. Rain tyres are indeed softer compounds but they are run at pressures unsuitable for dry weather and they have much softer sidewalls so they fucking melt when abused in the dry in a matter of corners in pretty much every single serious racing series in the world.

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      1. You know shit … important is mostly the temperature range
        If you drive softs in winter, they might be not soft enough … the wets are then suddenly in the right temperatur window and much more suited.

        Man I drive in real life … I know more than you’ll ever will. Fucking 16 year old keyboardwarrior.


    3. That Danneskjold dude is a known troll. He was kicked out of WMD during pCars 1 development and has been bitter ever since. He “maintains” that “bug list” just out of spite. As most people who actually have the game know, almost none of them are true. It’s one of those sad handful of people who got burned during WMD 1 and is probably an autistic 30 year old kid living in his moms basement. It’s rather sad actually.. but these people seem to gravitate towards sim-racing / flight-sim / sim-anything. It’s called “Nerdtard Syndrome”.


      1. You don’t find it sad that they have these partial licences left and right and then do nothing with them? Let’s just make a few generic tracks and call it at day, make some more events.


  2. Austin trying real hard to discredit and shit on gt sport. Is it because Ien Ball threatened to remove your sponsorship? The article and the title are quite pathetic.

    This reminds me of when Austin was obsessed with shitting on AC but now is even more obvious about GTSport.

    Hey Ian’s bitch, where are these articles but on pcars2? 😀


    1. Almost everyone without actual track experience runs their wheel too heavy in the mistaken belief that this is realistic.

      I think it’s because you see on boards with the wheel clearly getting jerked around. But that’s not because the wheel is generating high levels of force, it’s because in Real Life the tracks aren’t glass smooth.

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      1. To add something here:
        Most modern race cars have power steering (Indycar is an exception there though) and are really easy to steer.


  3. “Every other day, I would jump on to WMD, and write a somewhat lengthy post breaking down how drivers would approach each individual oval featured in Project CARS 2, where the AI should run, what kind of alternate lines they should take to either attack or conserve tires, and the mentality behind drafting – because it’s not just “follow the car in front.” It’s pretty challenging to describe to guys who have never watched a single NASCAR race in their lives how pack racing dynamics work at Daytona, but I think I did an alright job.”

    You should have told them that the faster cars shouldn’t continuously plough into each other at turn 1 on road courses every single time. They really aren’t concentrating at the starts are they? It’s almost as if they are all trying to deliberately kill themselves because they can’t live with the shame of being in such a flawed game.


  4. “Anti-racing” sums up a lot of the design decisions made in modern racers. Want to earn cars? Nope! Roll for lootboxes and card drops, you won’t be rewarded for skill. Want to actually choose a course and car and play with friends? Ha, no, you are a dumb idiot baby, play it the way we tell you with people that don’t know how to use brakes. So much time and effort is wasted on gimmicky crap the audience never asked for. All illusion of player agency and much of anything past “we bought all these licenses, please like us” is really stripped away now. At least that leaves plenty of time for the great titles made with true love and enthusiasm that still happen.

    Mostly I’m just still disappointed that they’ve chosen this direction for GT. Can’t vouch for the rest.


  5. When can we expect to see a “warts and all” expose on the bug infested disaster that is Pcars 2, James?

    And how much is Ian paying you to shit on GT Sport?


      1. What, the one you posted last month before it was even released on console? The one no doubt proof read and approval stamped by Ian Bell himself?


        1. The one that had video of AI cars shitting themselves at Monaco, question why a major feature completely disappeared, and said the four seasons weather was gimmicky at best.

          Yeah, that one.


          1. That was merely your attempt at creating the perception that you’re being objective in your assessments of pcars2, when in fact you’re being paid to be anything but. I know it, you know it, Ian knows it, everybody knows it.

            Now, how about some insight on how this game shipped to console with a record-breaking number of bugs where close to 80% of the content is border-line unplayable — and after Ian swore that the QA this time around would be on a completely different level compared to the first game?


            1. >point out actual flaws in a game
              >”hurr that was fake objectivity you PAID SHILL!”
              >”btw can you write another article for me?”

              Read what you are typing.


              1. I know what I’m saying, James. I know that you are capable of objectivity. What I, and I’m sure a great number of other readers, would like to see here is a step-by-step account of all the mistakes, whether procedural or otherwise, as well as the bad decisions that have led to the realese of this bug-ridden disaster on console.


                1. You got an objective review that actually did point out a lot of flaws (most of which the mainstream sites didn’t even find), only to dismiss it because it was “obviously paid.” In the same breath you then ask for another article anyways. Who’s to say you won’t also dismiss that one as well, hmm?

                  I will throw you a bone and say that there WILL be an article in the future, most likely titled “Project CARS 2: One Month Later.” So you can probably guess when it will be published.

                  I’m not sure if you’re aware, the newest version of Gran Turismo just came out. Let’s talk about that for a bit, shall we?


                  1. I didn’t completely dismiss it, James. In fact, it got me very excited about the game and I rushed out and bought it day one. Unfortunately your article does not in any way reflect my experiences with the game, as well as the experiences of countless others. Why is that James, if your article was so objective?

                    But that’s ancient history now. Again, I, and many others would like a simple step-by-step account of everything that went wrong, all the bad decisions,all the mistakes that led to the release of a game on console where 80% of the content is virtually unplayable — and after Ian promised unprecedented QA.
                    Even if you just dot point everything it will be fine. In fact, doing it this way will help you to be objective, and that objectivity will come across and no one will dismiss it. Come on James, I know you can do it. Don’t dissapoint us.

                    As far as taking about GT sport is concerned, there is nothing to talk about. That’s why hardly anyone is talking about it here. This is by far the most polished and the most flawless driving/racing game ever released. And everyone knew about the content and general direction of the game for months now, so no surprises there either. It’s either your thing, or it’s not, and you can make your decision accordingly.

                    But Instead nearly everyone here is talking about Pcars2 and pointing out the avalanches of bugs they are inundated with literally within seconds of turning on the game. Don’t you find that strange, James, that instead of talking about GT sport in an article about GT sport people are talking about Pcars 2 and pointing out bugs in that game?


                    1. I agree there is a strange discrepancy between the PC version of pCars 2, and the console versions. I was not responsible for Q/A testing the console versions. I don’t really know what else to say other than it wasn’t my domain.

                      I have a list of things I want to cover in regards to Project CARS 2, but like I said, Gran Turismo Sport is the topic of the week. This is arguably the biggest release of the year and we should probably dedicate some time to discussing it.

                      I’m saddened that in a community consisting primarily of adults, they feel to be disruptive via mindless shitposting. Yes, I’m aware there’s a Reddit thread with like 48 listed pCars 2 issues. Spamming the entire contents of the damn thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again like you’re some kid with a can of spraypaint gives me little incentive to actually address things in a proper article.

                      Don’t worry, I will, I just ask that y’all give it time.


                    2. >This is by far the most polished and the most flawless driving/racing game ever released.

                      Seriously? Are you saying that about GT Sport or did I lose the plot somewhere?

                      Gran Turismo Sport is probably the worst driving game I’ve ever played. It’s stuffed full of self-congratulatory fluff that is entirely devoid of irony. Meanwhile, the actual driving experience is simply execrable.

                      I’d rather have a single car from PC2 and a single track than all of GTS. It’s that bad.


                  2. why you didn’t cover as much pcars2 when it was the topic of the week? Ian bell doesn’t want you to make gt sport type of articles on pcars2. Would be denigrating for the company’s image. You are so far up ian’s ass you can’t see your partiality. Any pcars2 article you’ve done so far are what we’d call in youtube videos “included promotion”. Like a soft review of the game in a lets play style with praising the game and just saying some less good stuff to not look suspicious. Money whore.


                    1. He did a PC2 review. Next he’ll do a “one month later” after looking at what the first batch of patches managed to achieve.

                      Isn’t that pretty much par for the course? Why would he ignore a huge release like GTS in favor of covering a bunch of obscure bugs on a game that’s still getting its first round(s) of bug fixes?

                      Nobody expects a 1.0 to be perfect. What matters is whether SMS is still polishing PC2 a year from now. The jury is still out on that one, but so far the game has exceeded my expectations.


      1. The most hilarious part is the grip the car has sideways on the grass. If you leave the track at that speed and angle you’re not coming back like that.


  6. It really feels like Polyphony has been completely dicking around for the last three years, then like 6 months ago someone at Sony came to them and said “you know you guys actually need to release something right?” and they slapped this together and shoved it out the door in six months. It’s so obviously unfinished, with Kaz saying and the UI implying at every turn that more is coming, that you really have to wonder where all the time went.

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      1. No, I think you should actually play some GT Sport or at least read the article to understand how badly GT Sport fucked this up.

        I would compare it to Metallica’s St. Anger in that it was a long-awaited work with tons of hype but then launched with nothing of what people wanted.

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        1. Enough with this metacritic nonsense. 95% (and i’m very generous) of these reviewers are written by ignoramus about sim racing, or their site belong or is affiliated with one the two big copmanies (ms, sony etc) same goes with movies and the studios. the entire online review system is rigged austin.


          1. User scores are user scores and really audience based. Since most of the audience are console peasants, they expect more of an arcade style, so don’t react very well to proper sims.
            With other words, most gamers of racing titles have no idea about realistic vehicle behavior and thereby dislike it because they don’t get along with it.


  7. I have played the GT sport beta for close to 20 hours and the full game for about 2. ( Only got it yesterday) so I know what it’s like. I won’t write a review about it here, but suffice it to say I’m very impressed. I knew what the game was about and it absolutely delivered everything that it promised. Plus I haven’t encountered a single bug in what is now over 20 hours of gameplay.

    Pcars 2, in contrast, delivered maybe 20% of what it promised, and even that estimate is generous.


    1. They promised this massive online racing world with an elaborate sportsmanship training thing that taught you how to be a better racer.

      We got two indoor karting safety videos totaling five minutes in length, and online races that last four minutes & thirty seconds, none of which feature damage, tire wear, or fuel consumption.

      That is objectively NOT delivering.


      1. If you think that what we have in GT Sport at this moment is representative of the vision they have for this title, you’ll be very unpleasantly surprised.

        What we have now could more aptly be named GT sport starter pack. The reason why it too so long is because they wanted to lay the foundations right for the future. Kaz has recently said that GT sport is a long-term vision and that there will be no more GT games, ar least not on current gen. Everything will go into GT Sport. This will be a very different game a year from now, James, mark my words. And in two to three years from now this could well be the new standard for online racing.


          1. When it comes to delivering on promises, I’m much, much more inclined to believe Polyphony than SMS. I think any rational person would. How about you, James?


            1. Kaz struggles to keep to his own pledges (evidence: he said there would be a GTS beta released in early 2016. No beta until summer 2017)

              Kaz struggles to maintain self-imposed deadlines (evidence: he said GTS would launch in November 2016. Release date: October 2017)

              Kaz historically struggles to work within hardware constraints (evidence: sub-par technical performance in GT5 and GT6 with significant frame rate issues and screen tearing, and all this from a first-party studio on a single closed platform)

              Kaz exhibits unrealistic and stubborn ambition in the face of technical limitations (evidence: increasing the graphical resolution in GT6 when GT5 already struggled at a lower resolution)

              Kaz introduced features and left them half-assed or unfinished (evidence: GPS track creator)

              Kaz has lost focus and introduced resource-heavy personal indulgences (evidence: the moon rover) while leaving much-requested key game components (eg the poor vehicle audio, FFB, tire physics) largely ignored and far below industry standards

              And then there’s the bonus content:



              1. I agree, Kaz isn’t good at working to deadlines. Kaz is also known for pushing the hardware to the max and sometimes not respecting hardware limitations.

                But at the end of the day there are four magic words that cut through all bullshit. These words are : WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? If Kaz had released a broken product with poor frame rates and countless bugs you would have a point. But he didn’t. He released what is probably the most polished and flawless racing game ever released.

                SMS in contrast released what looks like a rushed, unfinished, and untested bug-infested mess on console. If only they took a page out of polyphony’ s and hadn’t kept their deadline and actually solved the problems before releasing their game, we would not be having this discussion, and console players would be playing their game instead inundating their forum with countless reports of bugs and features not working as promised.


                1. What are these results?

                  I thought the 3 race rotation each day was going to be just for the beta and we’d have a load more variety in the final release, lots of races in different classes at the same time. Now it turns out we had way more variety in the 5 days of the beta than we get in the game we just paid full price for.

                  This, on top of:
                  + Game will be fully playable in PSVR, then some of it, then 1v1, then it turns out the AI in the 1v1 has never driven a car before
                  + No campaign
                  + Small amount of tracks
                  + Small amount of cars

                  The people who trusted Polyphony’s vision for Sport and playing online have now had the rug pulled out from under them.

                  That, versus a PC sim with good licenses but more or less the same blemishes as rFactor 2.


                  1. James, we’ve been over this. The game will grow and expand, very likely beyond your wildest dreams. So while you’re whining about race rotations they’ve probably already done something even better to be added via an update, or they’re working on something that you haven’t even managed to dream up yourself.

                    Plus Kaz has said said that there are many, many more cars coming, as many as another 400 and lots of new tracks as well.

                    With regard to VR, that works as advertised, although I acknowledge that they made changes to it before release. But they kept everybody in the loop about that and we all knew what we were getting prior to launch.


                    1. >Kaz has said

                      No see this is the problem.

                      Kaz says a lot of things. What Kaz actually puts out in the end usually doesn’t align in the slightest.


                    2. Will? That is yet to be seen. Wouldn’t be the first promise that is broken.

                      Additionally to what Austin has said, GTS has terrible track design (the fictional ones) and terrible penalty system (Wallbanging leads to slowdowns instead of simple damage)


                    3. With Polyphony having unlimited resources and able to spend whatever money they want, plus years and years of working on this product, I’m surprised it isn’t more.


                    4. nah, fuck kaz, and fuck what Pd “say”
                      GT5 was a pile of shit. GT6 NEVER fixed the zero camber bug, and included microtransactions and that bullshit 5 day log in thing, or you never made any money. neither 5, nor 6 had anything resembling competent AI, and yet had a mode dedicated to racing AI against AI. remember that bullshit? remember having to tune your car ridiculously past the AI, and then screaming at the TV as your driver started braking on the straights instead of pulling out to overtake?

                      how many years after the release of GT6 did it take for the course maker to show up anyway?
                      and i’m glad that now TWO RELEASES AFTER IT WAS ANNOUNCED we finally have a livery creater.
                      you know that, right? livery creation was a GT5 feature. it was on the fucking box art, and not in the game. ON THE BOX. NOT IN GAME. GT5.

                      you would think after GT2 released with a bug that meant you could never 100% the game they’d learn their lesson, but nope, still promise the world, then rip features at the last minute.

                      if you trust a word that comes out of PD you’re a fool. for me, when it comes to GT, seeing is believing, and what i saw in the sport demo was a pile of shit. casual handling, terrible tracks, god awful penalty system, and a bug that crashed the game any time i tried to even look at the options.

                      PD has been an utter disappointment since it began. people hold up the early games, and GT4 as the best thing ever, go back and look again. it was shit. GT has always been shit. that’s the secret. that’s the bottom line. GT was never good, there was just nothing else to compare it to.

                      but credit where it’s due, it looks visually amazing.
                      they should just change the name to “Gran Artismo” and flesh out the photograhpy side of the game.
                      depending on what cars/tracks come out, i might spend $20 on it, just to fuck with the photo mode.

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                    5. >He released what is probably the most polished and flawless racing game ever released.

                      Yeah, that might describe Gran Turismo 4 in…2005.

                      The subsequent 12 years of this once-great franchise have been a complete shit show.


            1. We’ve been over this, James. There is nothing to talk about, because GT Sport is the most polished and flawless driving/racing game ever released. I mean, what are people going to talk about? There are no force feedback issues to solve, no bugs to report, no deplorable behaviour from the CEO to complain about and make fun of. Everyone is just playing and having fun. It beats writing shit on Reddit, that’s for sure.


                1. Nope, none. No grinding, no lumpiness, no random forces jerking the wheel from side to side, no force feedback cutouts at high degrees of rotation. And you can feel everything: lockups, loss of traction under acceleration, lateral tyre slip, kerbs, suspension/weight transfer, everything.


                    1. Turning the sensitivity down to 1or 2 makes it lighter and very progressive. You can literally feel the outside tyres load up when cornering and the weight shift to the front while braking. Don’t believe reports from peoeple who don’t know what good ffb feels like.


    1. Why are you even wasting your time here?


      Uh yeah, what did you expect? It’s a sim racing blog.


          1. After all DLC are out ? means 1 year : 1DLC each 3 months ?
            Do you want to stay with them maybe ? it is something readers could understand : job is job.


  8. James, come on. Stop looking for red herrings and accept the fact that Polyphony have released a flawless foundation for what will most likely end up being the go-to online racing experience for millions.

    How do you expect me to consider you to be intellectually honest about all of this when you accuse Kaz of not respecting hardware limitations before bringinging out the VR thing as proof of broken promises, knowing full well that this was done due to hardware limitations?


      1. It’s working for me. I’m playing as we speak. In fact, I’m watching a replay of one of my races and admiring the beauty of a car I just bought.


        1. I think we’ve all been disappointed at one point or another. I’m not saying you’re lying to yourself, because there surely is something to like about this. In fact, even though there is no way I would buy a console again, this appeared to me to be a good move for Gran Turismo. Forget the 2-lap boring races for tens of hours, the shoddy brainless AI and the unlocking and bring this classy engine to a new format, a more direct experience whether on your own or against human opponents.

          It’s sad that Polyphony cannot improve in their approach. They still make the shiny menus, the little extras, and apparently the variety will come over time at no extra cost, but there is still that cruel lack of understanding of what makes a product valuable. It has the advantage of being more polished in some areas than anything that the competition can offer, and then simply doesn’t bother with other aspects.

          Of course, calling it flawless repeatedly exposes you as a fanboy/troll, but there is genuinely a lot to like there. But as always, “maybe next time” Kaz will get it, “maybe next time” Kaz will bother about the important stuff, “maybe next time” Kaz will care about the user experience over the bling.

          Maybe next time, Gran Turismo will become relevant again.

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          1. Calling it flawless does not expose me as a fanboy/troll. Not calling something flawless when it clearly is, exposes you as a troll or fanboy of another game.

            I’m simply calling it as I see it. I’m now on my 25th hour of GT sport and I’m still about to encounter a bug, or even a significant stutter or frame rate drop, or any other issue.

            In contrast I encountered a bug in Pcars 2 literally within a few seconds of popping the disc in, as the menu keep getting stuck until it froze completely. Now, tell me this: how does something like this get past QA? We’re not talking about a minor bug hidden deep within a game that only rears its ugly head under some very rare conditions. This was something that every single console user experienced within seconds of pushing the disc in.


            1. I have absolutely no problem with recognizing all the bugs in Project CARS 2, even though it’s my favourite racer by far.

              I was just doing a few “Star Mazda” races tonight, and apparently I had set Pit Crews to ALL, and the lollipop guys were walking around everywhere, clipping in and out of existence, even running on the track. It was pretty funny.

              I wish the damage worked properly and didn’t ruin your radiator for being brake-checked once by the AI, and that the tire selection and grip worked properly, and a bunch of other things, but I’d rather have a bunch of content with plenty of features that can work or not depending on the choice of event than static scenes with simplistic physics for controllers.

              When you actually try to give more, you get some stuff right and some stuff wrong.

              Another EA studio just got taken behind the shed. Ian Bell is still going, without being owned by a giant like Sony or Microsoft.

              Project CARS 2 vs the competition: More features, more content, more flexibility, better physics, no loot boxes, no always-online requirement.


  9. James trying to shit so Hard on GT sport. We know were you want to go. Just make articles saying ;”PC2 is marvelous, rest is shit”. Thats enough, you will save time and readers too.


      1. Lots of people are playing GT Sport, James,and absolutely loving it. You’re making it seem as though it’s impossible to enjoy GTSport, which just isn’t true, no matter how much you want it to be.


  10. I don’t care about GT Sports so let’s rant about pCars 2…

    I have 51 hours on the track (lots more in Steam) and didn’t encounter gamebreaking bugs, but some seems so ridiculous unnecessary. The ranking-system is a trickle down system and not ELO-based like supposed. Quitting a race (because of a crash for example) causes up to 50 points loss and winning a race you gain sometimes not even 5 points. Yesterday i got 6 points for winning a 10 lap race around Long Beach in the Super V8 against 15 other drivers and i got “so many” because some were ranked higher than me. It’s C1496, so less than i started even with >50% podium-finishes.

    Only 10 saw the finish and the winner gets less points for each quitter, which doesn’t make sense in the first place. But this quitters got punished by maybe 40 points each in average and i got 6 fucking points for a fucking win and before i got 0 points for a second place. The average points should be 1500, but it’s already less than 1000 and will fall every day because of this stupid ridiculous punishments without reasonable rewards. WTF? ELO-system means, that points shifts from the loosers to the winners, but never get deleted.

    And showing completely different classes in Time Trial for comparison is ridiculous unnecessary as well.


  11. I’m not sure I agree with people dismissing the Mission Challenge mode of GT Sport- I always felt that the campaign mode races / cups of previous games were counterproductive as they were always about bum-rushing your way quickly through a field of moving roadblocks. At least in GT Sport, they often apply some context with that concept, sometimes having you manage fuel or making pit stops while also working your way past the deliberately slow cars. If I want a straight, fair race, I can configure one in Arcade mode…

    An issue that I don’t see many people bringing up but one that I think is absolutely unacceptable is that the pedals (as in wheel and pedal setup pedals) aren’t linear in GT Sport (at least for Thrustmaster). 80% or more of the pedal travel seems to be required for the in-game indicator to read 50% throttle. I can’t help but wonder just how much this is ruining the feel of the game for those of us using toy steering wheels. It was baffling me why I couldn’t manage to make the turn onto the front straight at Brands Indy without loosing the back end of the Miata every time until I noticed this. I was trying to hold the throttle just below full but because the very top end of pedal travel is so sensitive, the game was interpreting my tiny adjustments as huge changes in travel.

    It makes me wonder if anyone at Polyphony (or anyone hired to test the game even) ever bothered turning the traction control off to see how the physics are really working. It’s telling that the acceleration driving school tests are practically impossible to get gold on without traction control when the whole point of those tests is to make you understand traction on launches. Literally all you have to do with TC on is put your foot to the floor and shift at the right time. I’m pretty sure I was able to get golds on those tests in older GT games but I digress…

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  12. AC shills are out in force, mascarading as GT shills… it’s so funny. enjoy the last remaining days of any activity on your glorified hotlap simulator.


  13. It’s weird Austin gets so triggered by people criticizing his obvious hypocrisy over Project Cars 2. I’;m glad that so many long time PRC readers are recognizing just how strange the situation is. He spent years calling everyone in the press who gave a simulator preferential treatment shills. Exaggerating the severity of all bugs, or the impact of a disparity of features between console and PC used to be one of his specialties. Any developer who dared act unprofessionally on a forum was immediately called out for their actions. It’s amusing and satisfying to see his audience giving him a taste of his own medicine, now that he has abandoned all these practices for his sugar daddy Ian Bell.


    1. Definite conflict of interests on this site now. Are SMS paying him to rag extra hard on the competition whilst going easy on pCars2?
      How would anyone feel about Ford for example, if they paid their employees to run a website slagging off other car manufacturers day in day out, whilst totally ignoring any problems of their own?


  14. I get all the hypocrisy claims flying around, but boy GTSport is indeed utter shit and has failed massively to meat its targets. There´s nothing wrong with this review, the one that was stupid was the Pcars2 one.


  15. Holly molly, you’ve nailed this review, except you’ve mixed the games name .

    Shouldn’t be there… ahem….pC2 ?

    I mean:
    -unbalanced car classes> check
    -no bop > check
    -dynamic track function , rain etc… is broken > check
    – tire temperature broken > check
    – AI still doesn’t recognise it is racing in multiclass > check
    – various physics / handling / controller glitches > check
    – pit crews might apear or might take a break while one is pitting > check
    – tuning setups broken > check
    – no e sports ,yet > check
    – online is mostly broken, disconecting people after a race or two > check
    – friggin’ esports penalties doesn’t work as intended > check
    – various disconnects from online ,while loosing esports points > check
    – WMD members + Ian bell + moderators discredit any valid complaint on forums about above functions not working > check

    and we could go on and on and on … list is so long I don’t have time nor will to continue.


    1. -unbalanced car classes> check
      -no bop > check
      – no e sports ,yet > check
      – friggin’ esports penalties doesn’t work as intended > check
      – various disconnects from online ,while loosing esports points > check

      I can only check these and just was reading about the disconnects, but never happend to me during a race. WMD-members are criticizing things as well and even Bell mentioned, that the ranking system needs an update. I hope some things get fixed till the next DLC. Being able to deselect overpowered cars out of classes should be mandatory as well. Even the GT3-class is useless when everybody takes the Ferrari and on some tracks the Audi.


  16. I’m prolly in the minority on this, but I think the fictional concept cars and GT stuff is awesome and adds flavor to the game, but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of performance balancing.

    Fictional circuits are also cool, except those pointless ovals and Tokyo expressway. Even the Tokyo tracks in previous games were miles better, the Special Stage Routes and Tokyo R246 (the latter is actually a blast to drive)


      1. Why not bring SS Route 11 back then, it has that Wangan appeal while being completely badass and challenging.

        That shit actually makes me want to play GT3 again.


    1. Lago Maggiore is one of the most spectacular tracks I’ve ever driven on. Fictional or otherwise. Everybody except the hardcore fanboys of just one racing sim threatened by the arrival of the new kid on the block will be forced to admit it.


  17. I just had another idea for your future article on Pcars 2, James. How about doing a Q&A with Ian where you grill him about all the bugs and about 80% of the content being close to unplayable. You can start by asking him how the menu bug managed to slip through QA. Ask him how he managed to achieve such an unprecedented feat where a bug that everybody experienced within seconds of turning on the game was not picked up and fixed.

    Meanwhile I’m still looking for bugs in GT Sport, James. I’m looking really hard and not finding any. I’m all also looking for all the things that supposedly make it suck. Again I’m not finding anything substantial.

    Why don’t you tell Ian that instead of paying bloggers to shit on the competition he’d be better off actually spending that money and time on making a better product that the competition.


    1. I wish Pcars 2 was as fun to play as F1 2017. I also wish it had the same number of bugs as F1 2017. Compared to Pcars 2 on console F1 2017 is a frigginn masterpiece of racing software.


      1. Do you like The Benchmark as much as James does? He makes it sound like F1 improved as much from 2010 to 2017 as Project CARS to Project CARS 2, which sounds ludicrous.


    1. Yes this should be clearly more
      But on the other side, it is frustrating if you spend a lot of your hard earned money in a full price game that is shitty and gives you a bad experience. Who can you really trust these days anymore that they deliver a good performance (I don’t expect perfect or outstanding, just a solid game). There are not many studios who are like this.


  18. Kind of agree with many points of this article after playing the recent public beta for 12h and the released game for as much.

    GTS really has an identity crisis and want to be all at once: iRacing, Photoshop, an expensive camera with filters, Wikipedia, a social network, Excel, an artbook, an UI that scream to be used with a mouse…and more. They put fucking ton of efforts in non essential stuff for racing. Weird priorities.

    Yet there is still some good things about it. The art direction, polish and production values are nice. There’s a competent physics engine somewhere (except for rally), making a 8 laps custom race against AI with the right car tuned properly in cockpit view can be immersive (if only the AI, otherwise surprisingly not obviously retarded, did not drive so slow in corners and curbs).

    We can only hope PD will take into account player feedback and will improve the game. We know there’s here for the long haul and they have a solid foundation.


  19. Good article and explanation of all the things wrong with GT:S. Bought it and already finished all the campaign. Online races are unplayable due to the low-quality of drivers. They can’t drive properly or choose not to, either way it’s a waste of time. This is a stinker of a game.


    1. It will improve with time, so don’t despair! Unless you can get a lof of money back still by trading it for PC2 at the store. Hopefully the PS4 version is not too terrible.


  20. James, about the ffb settings in GT sport. Why do you have both sliders on 1? I never suggested to put both sliders on 1. The torque stays at 5 and only the ffb sensitivity goes to 1 or 2.

    Honestly James, every time you write a comment about GT Sport you come off less and less intellectually honest. But I guess that’s inevitable when you’re being paid to find faults with the most polished and most flawless racing game ever released.


  21. AWWWWWW is Ian upset that after all these years of brown nosing Hamiltons retarded nobody brother they haven’t been able to get their hands on Lewis? Should have just coughed up the money then he could do more than get drunk and brag bullshit stories about Lewis trying PC2 and saying its better than Mercs internal simulators LOL.
    If only they bumped up the sample rate! Well bump it up and lets see how many racing teams use PC2 to build baseline setups? LMFAO.


  22. Semaj- ‘come Monday, guys all the way from Australia to England and everywhere in-between will know my name/face/car.’

    Come Monday everybody knew you had Ian bells cum all over your face!


  23. Booted GTSport up last weekend.
    It all works as advertised.
    Granted, it was a small amount of content driven by an online experience.
    But hey, that’s exactly what everyone was told to expect.

    What I might not have expected was for it to be flawless and have well integrated UI that makes menu and car changes easy from within the game.
    No more backing out of races or events to start over just to make a change.
    It’s a small offering that works completely perfect.
    And the racing is setup by times,thank god someone finally made this happen.
    Seriously. Not enough credit for making the right call here.
    So what if there’s only a couple events a day or week. Obviously splitting the user base up too much wouldn’t be good for everyone.
    So as long as they are seeding people fairly by time within good net code. All is perfect IMO.
    James is enjoying it too as his Sim of choice even perhaps?
    No matter what he says.
    My kid is still in his time rating/classification and sees him playing it enough to know James is stoked on this game enough to invest a good deal of time into the ELO rankings.
    Gotcha bitch
    A working ELO and legit player matching stokes the REAL RACER no matter what.
    The flawless UI and no bugs is just icing on this small slice of cake
    Or you could feast on Ian Bells entire nasty cake
    No thanks.
    People on my level racing on a 10-15 minute start schedule.
    Perfect in every way.
    Hate on James, but we will see you online won’t we?


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