Kart, New Centripetal Test Facility Teased in iRacing Leak

The rumors of regional karting championships eventually appearing in the popular online-only racing simulator have now been confirmed. A YouTube account under the name of Red Dodger has uploaded two short videos appearing to show off iRacing’s private alpha build, sloppily using his cell phone to record otherwise authentic footage of the game’s upcoming content. At what appears to be a totally reconfigured centripetal test circuit – now boasting an exterior oval track similar to the test facility in Street Legal Racing: Redline – the user awkwardly spins and slides for about a minute to display that, yes, karting is in development for the iRacing platform.

With only 135 views at the time of this article going live, Red’s account is sure to be compromised and his status as an alpha tester revoked, but for the moment we’ve now received unprecedented access into what iRacing’s marketing department will happily advertise over the next few months until its inevitable release. Though there isn’t a substantial online kart racing community to begin with that justifies this venture – the disappearance of Kartkraft followed by relatively little disappointment as evidence – iRacing will now attempt to expand into that demographic

Red has also uploaded footage of the Ford Fiesta WRC in action, as iRacing will soon implement their own variant of Red Bull Global Rallycross into the simulator in an effort to expand on the array of dirt-based content currently available. Despite iRacing’s dirt side receiving almost unanimously positive reviews across the greater sim racing community, car counts have been steadily dropping since launch as users quickly ran out of things to do, meaning that the time spent on developing loose surface physics was seen mostly as a novelty by those not well-versed in American oval racing. The rallycross content should at least breathe new life into loose service racing on the competitive multiplayer outlet, as the sport of rallycross has rapidly increased in popularity thanks to energy drink brands Monster and Red Bull offering significant financial backing.

iRacing have shown promise in recent months; the handling characteristics of their 2017 Porsche Cup establishing itself as a clear contender for the title of “iRacing’s best car” with flying colors, but with this new influx of content on the horizon it remains to be seen whether iRacing will revisit the rest of their vehicles – or tires – to polish them in the appropriate ways. Long-time iRacing members are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the stagnation of the game’s tire model, noting that after several years, cold tires still produce more traction than warm tires, and FR cars struggle to exhibit the amount of wheelspin on par with their real-world counterparts.

On one hand, it’s nice to see iRacing expanding into “alternative” motorsport categories as of late to try and establish themselves as the true home of virtual motorsports. Yet with posts like these floating around on the official forum, it’s easy to theorize that the surge of new content is to partially distract users from nagging issues still to be rectified after many years, and to keep the lights on in the face of declining interest.


124 thoughts on “Kart, New Centripetal Test Facility Teased in iRacing Leak

  1. David tucker said the exact same thing about upping the ffb rates,” it would be an incremental improvement that no one would be able to feel or tell we changed anything”

    Yet someone created an irffb “app” which allowed the of higher ffb rates and David tucker was categorically proven to be lying,I called him out on it but he never replied once to me.
    99% of the folks who tried the app said they felt a night and day difference for the better.

    I used to respect what David posted,but now he’s just misleading the members saying the same old,everything’s perfect and can’t be improved bs

    Dirt was ok for the first week or two,then you get bored of the lack of lateral bite,wish washy tyres,I will say they are better than the road tyres though,and that’s due to fudging.

    Iracing are doing more to spread the player base out than to fix existing and long standing issues

    Red bull is a great contract to boast about,but dayum,that 2006 tyre model sucks balls


  2. You’d think iRacing would want to actually nail down their rather interesting tire model (I don’t know shit about programming or modding, but I do know what a racing slick feels like) before adding additional content of any sort.

    I’ve got every bit of the content up until the Audi GTO, but it’s all ruined by the need to never, ever generate slip angles. Thank God real tires aren’t like that, or I’d have died several times (many years ago) at Road Atlanta by now.

    Last I checked, the GT3’s in iRacing were more squirrely than a tube-frame 80’s TA car IRL. That’s fucked up.

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    1. You don’t seem like an idiotic consumer, but why would you buy hundreds of dollars of content you’re never going to use (other than perhaps to hotlap, as you’ve stated many times you’re only interested in single player)?


      1. I kept thinking the tires would get fixed. They never did.

        As far as cost goes, this hobby (which replaced my previous one of modding out cars) is so inexpensive that I tend to just buy everything and figure it out later. Which is stupid, but I’m at a point where I’m relatively cost-insensitive but very time-sensitive. It’s just more time efficient to buy the deluxe version or whatever and then try it all out rather than spend time figuring out “Oh, the V8 Supercar is fucked up but the 650S GT3 is fine” (or whatever).

        Drives my wife nuts but she’s happy I’m not doing the car mod thing anymore. For what I spent modding out my supercharged S2000, I could’ve bought a lightly used Z06.

        The entire cost of every single car game I’ve ever bought would not equal (not even close) what I spent on the custom made Work wheels I got for that that thing (Meister S1 3p’s, non-staggered, took 6 months to get them from Japan – ridiculous).

        So yeah – I’m in rehab currently 😉


    2. The tyre-model changed completely, so better don’t talk about your experience over one year ago.

      I “rented” only the BMW Z4 GT3 in iRacing and this car drives very stable. IMO it is far too stable for my taste and tested the Z4 in pCars 2, which is even with default assists (usually pretty high) more challenging to drive. But the grip in iRacing is okay nowadays and even too high in some corners, maybe because the car is too slow in iRacing. Driving Nordschleife it’s ridiculous slow even with minus aero and more in the GT4-class when it comes to straight line speed. The new Ferrari GT3 is in another category and BOP seems more optimize to sell new cars than performance-balance.

      What i don’t like in iRacing is the handling of weight-shift. It’s more telemetry-driving and correcting the car without the brake is not working like in any other sim especially while coasting. The tendency is understeer nowadays and a better setup is more important than skills, if you have sufficient. The default-setup is sluggish and boring. The Cadillac CTS-V was once brutally difficult to drive and is now similar with GT3-cars and enjoyable, but in the end i prefer pCars 2 in all aspects.


        1. They change the tyre-model to what people are liking as well i guess. Was testing the Dirt-Stockcar yesterday and in April it was pretty hard to get around the track with this heavy understeering shit-car, but now it’s rather easy, way less difficult than Landrush in Dirt 4 with RWD. I think Codemasters nailed it much better anyway.


          1. Well, I guess this continues the current trend of light simulations feeling more accurate than the hard-core variety.

            Something similar happened once upon a time in wargames. We had a lot of systems whose rules became so detailed that they became impossible for even the original creators to understand. The inputs and outputs to the various algorithms were generating clearly spurious combat and detection results, but it became very difficult to establish a causal chain between the various inputs and the macroscopic outcomes they generated.

            Adding complexity to nudge (ie fudge) the results into the realm of possibility merely made things worse. For every outcome you fixed, you ended up breaking two others. That sort of thing.

            The solution ended up being simplification, and an acknowledgement that certain edge cases wouldn’t be well-simulated.

            TLDR: Sometimes a mediocre, simplified physics model that you can understand is better than a complex one you can’t.


  3. I joined Iracing a few months ago & I am enjoying all the different elements.I welcome Rallycross & karting but I dont see me purchasing the Rallycross for a while because I need more ovals & roadcourses first.The cost is a major downside.,Not such a problem for longtime users but spreading everyone across more & more types of racing will kill participation unless the membership rises at the same time.


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        1. I think Harvey Weinstein was known to say something similar about himself during post-coital small talk.

          Seriously, though. Even if you agree with many of his ideas, you have to agree his tactical acumen seems lacking. Picking a fight with a widow of a spec ops operator?

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  5. I have to say I’m quite disappointed that KartKraft never materialised. As a keen kart racer, it has to be said there isn’t any current game/sim that drives anything like my KZ. No matter what you do with the setup, they’re all shit.


    1. Never really driven a “real” kart (just the kiddy stuff at the parks etc), but what did you think of the one in PC2?

      It felt kinda weird to me, but maybe that’s what they feel like?


          1. Maybe it’s bugged like a lot of the other vehicles. Maybe all of the vehicles in Pcars 2 are bugged to some degree. Who knows. With the number of bugs in this game I don’t know how anybody can have any confidence that any given vehicle actually drives with any degree of versimilitude.


            1. Someone go find Geoff Brabham and ask him if the GTPZX was that fucking awesome.

              Love that car. That, plus all the 1998 GT1’s makes the game worth owning.

              I can tell you the TA Mustang feels right. It even felt right in PC1.


  6. Man someone at iRenting HQ is probably pissed with Austin for this article. First he ruined their “surprise” when they released that shitty Audi GTO car, that no one on the service drove for more than a week. Now he’s spoiled this one too! They probably had several years of dick teasing their kart content planned, wtf is their PR department going to do now for the next 2 years now?

    It’s a shame they spend so much time talking about things that are coming “soon” and ignoring all the long term issues that are really holding their sim back. Terrible tyre model, old content not updated to new standards, no weather, no day/night cycles, shitty damage model, overpriced costs, shit website, toxic community.

    They seem to prefer to prioritize adding content to the sim that get them a quick injection of cash from existing members, before usually being forgotten. I guess they don’t care as long as those idiots still buy every shitty new car or track they add, even if it’s impossible to actually find a race with them after the hype dies.

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    1. Its only about money, nothing else. That is the full truth about iRacing.
      That is why it is so shitty.

      Look at Kunos, SMS and others. They come from the modding community, they develop with passion and they try to improve and really listen to the “customers” … or rFactor has a different approach, they try to be so accurate that F1 teams buy their software …

      iRacing has ONLY the very good multiplayer online system, driver swap, laserscanned tracks and very accurate car models. Everything else is shit there … and the prioe is just waaaaaaay to expensive …


      1. F1 teams buy rfactor software because it’s easily mod-able and graphically inexpensive, not because it’s accurate. F1 teams actually plug in they own physics data into rfactor for use at the factory.

        Now, how accurate is this rfactor software with the team’s own physics data, I hear you ask? I don’t know, because I’ve neve drive in an f1 simulator, but according to Lewis Hamilton it’s about as accurate as his PlayStation racing games.


      2. “Look at Kunos, SMS and others. They come from the modding community, they develop with passion and they try to improve and really listen to the “customers” … or rFactor has a different approach, they try to be so accurate that F1 teams buy their software … ”

        LOOL SMS really? They develop with passion and try to improve and really listen to the customers? Hahaha


    1. Should people go see it because it’s a Blade Runner film, or because it’s good? I’m getting vastly differing opinions.

      It’s a bit like iRacing, which some describe as the best simulator available, even though it’s simply a bad road racing-focused NASCAR mod.

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      1. Bladerunner 2049 is good, very good. Depends quite a bit on the intelligence of the person watching it (yes, intelligence does play a role in enjoying or not enjoying movies) but if you are above a certain threshold then you’ll enjoy it. If you are way above it may feel a bit pandering but you’ll still appreciate the subtle nuances of the message and art direction of the film.

        Don’t get me wrong, I thought Wonder Woman was good too.. good brainless, aimless fun.


            1. Totally agree Bruno.

              And oh yeah, I guess you do know something about rF2 (more than me, anyway).

              It’s a great film that people will appreciate more as time goes on. The cinematography is unbelievably good. It was rather long, the plot a bit meandering (then again, so is Life), but the acting and overall intelligence of the film left a lasting impression.


            2. Why am I joking? You sound like typical movie jerks who tell you to go see everything and that “you’ll love it, it’s great” just because it’s not Transformers. No argument, no substance, just go waste your time and go along with everybody else.


              1. It’s better than Interstellar in some ways, worse in others. It’s really apples and oranges. Both movies are excellent and should definitely be on anyone’s sci-fi short list. Both are certainly long 😉

                I had a hard time watching Interstellar because it brought up really bad memories of leaving my daughter behind when I deployed.

                I have no similar experience to color my impressions of Blade Runner, having never fallen in love with an AI 😉


              2. “Why am I joking?”

                You take this humorously ment remark all too serious my good man.
                Hehe and about me being a typical movie jerk is something purely in your own imagination.
                I watch probably 1-2 movies a year – beside the usual trash in the telly.

                NOTE: Conserning the league thing then if it means anything to you then check some of the Blade Runner reviews 🙂


    2. Blade runner features male characters doing man stuff. Wonder Woman is more politically correct as it features an empowered woman, and the future is female, don’t you know.

      Plus Wonder Woman has tits which appeals to all the cucks out there, and there is plenty of those.


      1. When they start casting unattractive women in leading roles, then I might start taking all of this Hollywood female empowerment stuff seriously.

        I guess they don’t get the bitter irony of simultaneously telling women they’re empowered, meanwhile that only really applies if you’re willing to blow Harvey Weinstein first.


      1. That Panoz drives (and sounds!!) great. Love that car, both now and back in 98. Wonderful to see it in sim form, even if it did take nearly 20 years 😉

        Rain at Donington in the Panoz vs the other 1998 GT1’s? Pretty much sim racing nirvana. Let’s hope they keep plugging away at the AI: track by track, car by car.


    1. They won’t fix it until someone makes an actual competitor to them. There’s sims with better physics than iRacing these days but none of them come close in terms of multiplater. iRacing do a very good job with netcode and their license system.

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    2. “This is why I’m not going back to iRacing yet. They truly need to fix that tire model.”

      It is more or less obvious that they are unable to just fix it.
      Because nobody from the staff dare to tell Kaemmer in his retirement home that they have to completely discard his TM project.

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      1. Ha. So true. They worship him like a God over on the iR forums.

        Reminds me of Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, with his cannibal Montagnard tribesman ready to behead anyone who seems even vaguely unenthusiastic.


        1. But what seriously pisses me off conserning this laughtable bad tire model is – that if iRacing years ago had “fixed” it by completely re-writing the tire model to something more useable (“realistic”) – then there are so many good things in the whole iRacing project that its just a catastrophe that the most urgent thing stinks.


          1. Well, it’s like building your mansion on a sandy beach. The foundation just isn’t there.

            I’ve heard many times that the early tire model iterations were quite good, but people with little or no actual driving experience kept complaining and eventually drowned out the people who actually knew what they were talking about.

            I haven’t played it in over a year, but I remember it drove me insane (pun alert) because the rears would overheat almost instantly and turn greasy. I had to tip-toe around and be careful never to slide the car.


            1. Your mansion on a sandy beach analogy is pretty spot on.
              There has been no work and changes on iRacings TM since you left.
              Its still the same digital on/off grip behaviour (= iracers euphemism: “just a tankslapper” 🙂

              A lot of users hoped that the work with the dirt tires would in some way be transfered to the general oval/road TM – but now even some of the former enthusiastic iRacers are beginning to mumble (rather hesitantly 🙂 that the reason the dirt tires are working more “analog” than iRacings normal “digital” tire model is only because the dirt tires are fudged.
              Hehe exactly what iRacer fanboys have accused competing tire models to do:-)


    3. Issues like this are why I’m not going back to iRacing EVER! Instead, I’m reading a ton of physics simulation tutorials so I can make my own simulator.


    1. Using a Frank Convertino comment to try and disparage David Tucker is a bit disingenuous.

      The former has demonstrated time and again he knows very little about anything and everything, while the latter spends quite a bit of time candidly discussing controversial, explosive issues like the tire model.

      Personally, I think the MX-5 and Porsche tires feel pretty good, but agree that there is a problem when outlaps are the fastest in a given stint. But is it an eroding foundation, capable of bringing the entire service down upon itself?

      Time will tell, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      These are pretend race cars, and are never going to feel as real as we wish. That they feel as real as they do is frankly amazing.


    1. Dirt Rally for $12 is a must-buy.

      $15 for F1 2016 is also a good deal, but the FFB is so much better in F1 2017 that 2016 becomes tough to recommend.

      $10 for Grid Autosport is a good deal if you want a fun game to play with a controller (and some of the cars feel OK with a wheel).


      1. There was/is plenty of praise here for Dirt Rally and seeing as it was $49 a week ago yea that’s in the cart, I added the Grid Bundle for $33 I think and F1 2017 at $40, all in all pretty decent mix at a great price.

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        1. The 3 Grid games are very different from each other. Grid is this weird semi-realistic sloppy nonsense, Grid 2 is more polished but geared toward sliding and drifting by default, and Grid Autosport is the most serious one for motorsports enthuasists, and it’s more like a TOCA game without the name.


        1. I didn’t find Dirt 4 quite as compelling as Dirt Rally. But Dirt 4 definitely doesn’t suck. And F1 is indeed just F1, as the title suggests.


          1. F1 could well be the best game ever made. However the subject matter is so fucking boring I wouldn’t buy it even if it was the only racing game released this year.


  7. To give some light as to what this might have been, iRacing teased the kart tire many years ago, so we all knew it was something on the radar. My assumption is that they have had a kart in the alpha builds for many years now, and this idiot was just the first person who was dumb enough to record it and put it on youtube. I assume he was a new alpha tester.

    Dont expect kart racing to be announced soon. Though I would love to be wrong here.

    And regarding the test track, its another thing that they just have in the alpha builds to test various surfaces and banking. If you saw the video you would have noticed that there were all these patches of different surfaces. Its just a sandbox test bed. Not an update to the centripetal circuit.


      1. At least back in the NR2003 days this Tim McArthur did know what he was talking about conserning racing sims and stuff.
        Hehe he has even a legal fight with iRacing/FIRST on his CV because he was accused for messing with the NR2003 code.
        So he knows probably his stuff 🙂


        1. Judging from the setup articles he used to publish on R2P, he knows his stuff, but I’m not sure what a setup program can provide that a brief troubleshooting guide can’t.


        1. Conserning Tim McArthurs Virtual Race Car Engineer then from the discussion in the link above and from pics of the prog it looks like a reasonable investment for people who are ready to mess with setups but who are NOT ready to use all their time to read up the background for the different setup settings.
          Hehe but it is probably NOT a reasonable investment for people who just want that SINGLE setup advice that will make their setup a magic setup.

          NOTE: Its probably obvious that I dont own the setup proggie 🙂


      2. another shill piece article coming from you… great. at least it is a change from these articles ian makes you write about gtsport.


  8. Gotta say i started with carting in PC2, and it was funny but didn´t left me with the need to continue exploring other cars due the strange ffb so it stopped there


  9. On the ps4 with the g29 the force feedback in Pcars 2 is terrible; it feels as though it’s broken half the time. It feels lumpy, there seems to be constant grinding going on, there are seemingly random and it has to be said intrusive forces trying to wrestle the wheel out of my hands, the force feedback disappears as soon as you get to within about 30 degrees of full lock and the wheel struggles to self correct. Plus there is hardly any feel for lock ups, understeer and wheel slip under acceleration. And if you try to dial some of that in you then can’t feel the kerbs. It’s a farce.


          1. I’m exceedingly happy with my g29. It works flawlessly on AC, F1 2017, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 and GT sport. I also have a t300 but I’ve stopped using it because it doesn’t have enough buttons, and I don’t like the rubbery feel of it. Plus I can feel the teeth on the belts, which I don’t like.

            So why is it that Codies and Polyphony can make games that feel fantastic on my toy g29, whereas to play an SMS game I have to drop $1000 on a Fanatec or something like that to have a good experience? And even that doesn’t guarantee one, I don’t think.


              1. I prefer what I prefer, that’s not the issue. The issue is that my g29 works flawlessly on AC, F1 2017, the Dirt Games and GT sport. There is no lumpiness, no grinding, no random intrusive forces, no ffb cut outs, and I can feel lock ups, tyre slip, everything.

                So why is pcars 2 so different from all the others? Why so many issues all the time? Why can’t I have a good, solid experience on Pcars 2 with one of the most popular, highest selling wheels for the ps4?

                I was hoping James would be able to shed some light on these issues, as well as the many other issues that plague the entire console customer base, since he’s been in such intimate contact with Ian lately, but curiously he chooses to remain silent. Again, why is that?


              2. Quote Kmanitou81
                “Did you think plugging the G29 in a console would make it better magically?

                Then buy a good wheel?

                So you prefer what’s inferior, things are starting to make sense finally.”

                Why dont you stop posting such kind of asshole comments.
                The man is obviously trying to make his point in a rather intelligent way – and you just try to cut him off like the mentioned asshole.
                If you cannot accept that people have another oppinions than you then go somewhere else – or get a life.
                There is no reason to behave like an asshole – at least if you are not an asshole yourself 🙂


                1. There is nothing intelligent in admitting that you can’t appreciate an objectively superior product, it just makes it seem that you don’t know how to set or adjust it. Your lack of experience or confidence might lead you to believe him, just like you might believe someone who states that Gran Turismo Sport is flawless, but this simply exposes you as a simpleton.

                  If you cannot recognize a troll and someone who doesn’t get fooled by trolls, then go somewhere else, or get a life.

                  Implying that I’m an asshole while using a bubbleface doesn’t really validate your point.


                  1. holy shit dude you’re such a piece

                    You’re posts are more and more like James replies. Not even dr.kondor managed to be that close.


                    1. “Not even dr.kondor managed to be that close.”

                      Oh not that. That is the absolutely uber-hurting abuse you can make.
                      Anything else is tolerable 🙂 🙂


                  2. Your posts*, there if that makes you happy. Even that reply making fun of the mistake of “you’re” is such a James thing.

                    But comparing you to James might just be a compliment for you.. who knows how your brain works.


                  3. This is they typical repertoire that Pcars fanboys usually bring out when their “one sim for life and it’s Pcars ” mentality is challenged.

                    One product is not objectively superior than the other. The only objective facts are that the ffb in Pcars 2 consists of grinding, lumpiness, ffb cutouts at high degrees of rotation, and there is no feel for lock ups, traction loss, and lateral tyre slip.

                    It is also objectively true that in GT sport, a game that objectively sucks according to you and James, there is none of those problems. No grinding, no lumpiness no ffb cutouts, and you can feel everything: lockups, loss of traction at rear, oversteer, understeer, weight transfer/suspension. You can almost drive blindfolded.

                    Lastly how come in Pcars 2 I can shift without a clutch in every single car and without rev matching and no matter how idiotically I drive the car? How come I can’t do that in GT Sport, the game that supposedly objectively sucks?


                    1. Because James receives money for supporting pcars2 and hating on gtsport (and all the other sims as well). So there you have all the answers to all your questions about why pcars2 is bad but instead he wants to make gtsport bad no matter what. If he instead made 10 articles about why pcars2 is bad maybe by now it would have gotten a bit better. But no, lets shit on gtsport because ian bell pays me for that, not for saying pcars2 is bad, which actually is quite a joke of a simulation.


  10. Except codemasters finally got their act together. Their force feedback on F1 2017 for example, while perhaps not super spectacular, does indeed communicate understeer, tyre lock up, loss of traction under acceleration and even tyre scrub extremely well. And in a general sense it does give a convincing sensation of driving a single seater with downforce on big fat, sticky tyres.

    I thought their force feedback on Dirt Rally and and Dirt 4 ( the exaggerated understeer effect in Rally X aside) is brilliant, actually.

    Not SMS though, it always seems to be one step forward, two steps back with them.


  11. Got a G27 and its ok in most other games, just felt the FFB was nothing near AC or RF it just cant keep up with the drive feelin… so i am not even willing to get accustomised to such strange FFB as it would draw me back in other games, you really have to relearn proper driving after you played PC2 for a while, maybe it feels better in DD wheels who knows


    1. Did you check out the Jack Spade files? They worked well for me, but I’ve got a Thrustmaster wheel.

      I don’t think you need a DD wheel for anything. My TX wheel can already output more force than I find useful and is an admirably low-friction design.

      They’re also too dangerous for my 4 year old to be around 😉


      1. On console you can’t use the jack spade files. You’ve just got the 3 flavours, and they all taste the same to me. That is grindey, lumpy, jerky and cut-outie, with no feel for tyre slip. If the force feedback in pcars 2 is so great, why are people fucking around with ffb tweaked files? Think about it.

        It never ceases to amaze me that a game for kids, like GT Sport, which also objectivly sucks according to James, gives a much more realistic and much more convincing representation of actually driving real cars than pcars 2 with it’s revolutionary, super advanced tyre model that uses up so much processing power that consoles can’t even run it without serious compromises to the AA and without devastating frame rate drops and stuttering.


  12. GT Sport, a game that objectively sucks, hits the #1 spot on the UK charts, outselling Forza 7 3:1. Since Forza 7 sold more copies than Pcars 2 that means that GT sport already outsold pcars2 at least 3:1. But was any other result possible? I think not.


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