Ferrarigate? (The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back)

There’s a classic scene in the Ron Howard film Rush, in which an aggravated Niki Lauda stops alongside Ferrari representatives and immediately berates the car’s quality following the conclusion of an abysmal test session. Even if you’re not a diehard Formula One fan and only know of the Ferrari brand through toys, television shows, and posters from your childhood, the scene’s underlying theme is brilliant due to it’s simplicity. The carefully crafted marketing machine and passionate following of Italy’s most successful car company are both viciously torn away in one swift motion. Tifosi cannot save them now; Ferrari are at the mercy of their toughest critics – those who actually have to drive the damn car, as it turns out pride and fanfare are no substitute for engineering competence when the going gets tough.

Kunos Simulazioni have now found themselves in a very similar situation; this time, however, there are many Niki Lauda’s.

Assetto Corsa can be described as many different things to many different sim racers, but one thing it is not, at least on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is a game that’s worth the price of admission. During the mainstream review process, at least one editor actively logged onto Reddit with his personal account to ask precisely what PC sim racers were so enamored with, as the console rendition of Assetto Corsa wasn’t much of a package, or even a functional game for that matter. Straddling an awkward line between a quirky indie title and rushed console release, performance issues battled it out with missing features and show-stopping technical gremlins for the dubious honor of being deemed the element which plagued Assetto Corsa the most.

Somehow, things have descended even further into chaos since then; while the PC simulator enjoys a very respectable core following and even has a valid option for competitive online racing, it’s younger brother and sister are the poster children for why small developers should never bite off more than they can chew.

The community asked for Ferrari’s, and Kunos gave them Ferrari’s. Assetto Corsa fans voted on which historic vehicles from the prancing horse line-up would be included within a special Ferrari 70th Anniversary pack, and upon release this turned out to be a lot of Formula One cars and some special roadsters. There are certainly still a lot of vehicles from the iconic brand that deserve the full Kunos treatment, but between their historic Le Mans racer or the stunning 1967 Grand Prix entry, it’s difficult to call this DLC bundle a rip-off. That is, if you’re playing on PC.

The pack went live on September 19th, 2017 for those who own the Steam variant of Assetto Corsa whereas Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners would have to wait a little bit longer, with their launch date pushed to October 31st – nearly a month and a half later.

Yet as the bundle was made available to purchase for console users, shit metaphorically hit the fan. Customers who’d just bought the DLC pack were essentially given the unassuming role of third party quality assurance team. Many unwillingly discovered there is currently a bug with the Ferrari F2004 contained in the pack, one which crashes the game to the dashboard upon attempting to modify the vehicle’s setup on the PS4 version. Other bugs mentioned by frustrated users on the game’s Facebook page discuss sporadic crashing and the inability to select the new DLC cars for online races, though in their anger many have failed to go into specific details so I’m unfortunately left screen-capturing the most elaborate post I could find. Either way, basic functionalities – such as the ability to adjust your car setup – kick you out of the application.

Regardless of one’s allegiance to their simulator of choice, or their willingness to downplay software issues by comparing it to rival games exhibiting their own set of flaws – I’m looking at you, Forza 7 – there is a key difference with what’s happening over in the land of Assetto Corsa versus other driving games. Part of the fanboy wars which occur in this hobby are the result of tire model differences, physics engine nuances, or features which one game covers, but the other does not. Assetto Corsa is unable to even get to this point. Buttons and menu screens crash the game.

And that’s just the supporting act.

The Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack is not functional on the Xbox One version of Assetto Corsa. You can part ways with your cash and purchase the content from the Microsoft Store, but the cars don’t actually unlock for use in game – retaining the cloud icon as a permanently locked item. Kunos scrambled to release a patch for Xbox One users to ensure this didn’t descend into talks of denying access to the money they’ve spent and some extremely vague legal threats from a crowd already frustrated by the discrepancy in quality between what they’ve purchased, and the superior PC version, but that update failed Microsoft’s certification. As of November 11th, 2017 – today – there is still no word as to when those who’ve purchased this DLC will be able to access said cars. If the act of selling downloadable content that literally does not work – you’ve spent money, but it is not present for you to select in game sounds completely amateurish, that’s because it is.

Forget tire model battles and endless debates over wet-weather racing. We’re at the point where DLC doesn’t appear after you’ve purchased it. The icing on the proverbial cake, is that the package is still available for purchase on the Microsoft Store with no warning whatsoever that this content doesn’t actually function in-game – unsuspecting users who don’t follow the official forums or don’t rigorously check the game’s official Facebook page will find themselves scammed out of a couple dollars if curiosity gets the best of them.

Crude language aside, this is a shit-show only made worse by sim racers screeching “I told you so,” because in this case, they’re proved they were certainly correct in their assertions.

Nobody had been asking for a console version of Assetto Corsa, as many believed Kunos would be well within reason to just keep developing the PC version. There was a justified hostility at the announcement of the console version. There was even more hostility at the launch of the console version when people bought it and realized how difficult it would be for a team this small to maintain three semi-related products across multiple platforms. And now there’s hostility at the launch of mere downloadable content, as Kunos are forced to bust their asses fixing amateurish problems that tarnish their reputation in a variety of ways, while this time could have been better allocated to polishing the PC version.

While all of this has been occurring, modders have created ways to race competitively online, and are just now starting to grasp how to use the game as a proper platform for new cars and tracks which match the quality of the vanilla content. Modders have created their own HUD elements, their own livery sharing applications, and are even looking into procedural rally stage generationthis game wasn’t even designed for rallying!

By comparison, Kunos are pushing out DLC package after DLC package to fragment the userbase into tiny little portions, with no guarantee the content they’re selling will show up in the game! So at what point will someone with a bit of intelligence say enough is enough, and take the next step? I would much rather see them cut support for the console version, get the backlash out of the way, and go back to beefing up the PC version, than to see their resources be split three ways and continue to aggravate two thirds of their userbase.

It’s just not fair to string these people along and act as if they’re getting an experience on par with the PC version, when they’re clearly not, and now it’s spiraled out of control into issues that are outside the realm of what normally happens with buggy games. You have to cut your losses and move on, otherwise there’s a chance you might accidentally open yourself up to some kind of minor class-action lawsuit with this kind of prolonged buffoonery. People are going to start paying attention to what’s going on here, especially because shipping broken DLC is a rarity in this day and age. Like, honestly, when does this happen?



102 thoughts on “Ferrarigate? (The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back)

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  2. The camel back broke months ago. AC console versions are the worst quality videogames I ever had. Period.

    I guess you just have to cope with it if you’re stuck with a console. Nothing comes even remotely close when ir comes to the driving experience. 10 minutes driving one of these cars with the setup screen broken and carefully walking around the bugs provides more satisfaction than a full F1 2017 career.

    AC needs competence. They can get away with it because it’s the only hardcore sim on consoles.


    1. I prefer pCars 2 and my Steam-time with AC is in the 1500+ hours, so there are at least two hardcore sims, even AC can be a lot more difficult than real cars.


    2. Ten minutes with a broken AC only provides more satisfaction than a full season of F1 2017 career if you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that AC magically transports you into the cockpit of a real F1 car.

      Sadly it doesn’t. It doesn’t even feel particularly realistic. It feels like a game, it is a game, it’s a devastatingly dull game.


      1. Who said it takes you to a real car. It’s just that it shits all over the face of anything else available in my platform.

        As for the brainwashed bit, yes, I am. I am brainwashed by 25 years of watching these cars and understanding the basic traits of and challenges of each generation of cars. I know what to expect when I switch from an F2004 to a SF-15 (trickier in traction zones, longer braking distances, tyres more prone to overheating, less drag down the straights, more power on a quali lap but less on race distances, more torque on low revs, long etc).

        AC matches perfectly these expections while F1 games provide me something unrecognizable.


        1. No, sorry, but you’ve been brainwashed by Kunos and their legions of fanboys who populate almost every single sim racing forum.

          Next time you watch f1 have a look at how easy it is to drive these cars on the throttle, how progressively the rear breaks way under the application of power. Now, try that in AC and you’ll immediately see that something isn’t quite right there.

          Beyond that the f1 cars in AC, the 2017 one especially, are just on rails and if you happen to lose the rear, it will just break away ad there will be nothing you will be able to do about it. Again watch the extreme slip angles that young Max has managed to achieve without losing control last year, and even this year, and you’ll see that something isn’t quite right.

          In F1 2017, in contrast you can drive the cars on the throttle, and you do have to make those minute corrections with the steering and throttle when applying power and searching for grip. Yes the tyre model is a bit more progressive than real life, but despite that it does give a hell of a lot better representation of driving an f1 car than AC does.

          At the end of the day, this is games that we are talking about; in some respects the f1 cars in AC are more realistic than in F1 2017, but in other respects the cars in F1 2017 are more realistic than the f1 cars in AC. But to come out and say that AC is on another level compared to F1 2017, as the fanboys would have you belive, is either intellectually dishonest, or just plain delusional.


          1. Boy oh boy, you`re sounding like a retard even more after watching Lewis` crash in Q1 today. If it was so easy to drive these cars he must`ve saved that…


            1. So you have no argument and instead resort to calling me a retard. Actually my IQ is in the top 0.1 percentile, so I know that I’m not retarded.

              And I have had similar crashes to Lewis on f1 2017 more times than I care to count, so it proves nothing.

              Plus ive already told you that the tyre model in F1 is a little bit more progressive than in real life but despite that F1 feels better and is more realistic than AC in many areas, particularly on-throttle and the way you have to search for traction.

              You AC fanboys would have us all belive that the F1 cars in AC are on some other level compared to F1 2017 and it’s just not the case, no matter how loud you shout and often you resort to calling the dissenters “retards”.


              1. “Actually my IQ is in the top 0.1 percentile”

                From your last paragraph i can judge you`re just incompetent in sims so you resort to something like F1 2017 to make you feel somewhat capable behing your plastic toy wheel.

                Enjoy your high IQ :’)


                1. You can’t judge shit. Let alone how competent someone is at sims from something they’ve written. This is pure AC fanboy intellectual dishonesty one always encounters when the belief that AC is the greatest ever is challenged. In other words, you’re full of shit.


                    1. Whats next? I find it intellectually dishonest to say that you can tell how good someone is at sim racing from something they’ve written. It’s a red herring. And as soon as someone starts looking for red herrings, you know it’s because they have no argument.


                    2. Anyone saying F1 2017 handles anything close to an open wheeler should be locked away. I’d even classify them as retarded…


          2. Sorry mate, I don’t let videogames fanboys tell me how a F1 behaves. I know it because I am a motorsport fan first. F1 cars don’t sustain big slip angles for long, and don’t brake traction in a progressive way. They snap, and you need to be sharp to react. Average Joe can’t arrive in time to these slides, especially since the 2014 changes, and that’s one particular aspect that AC nails and Codies games suck at. There are far more anyway.


            1. The AC fanboys have come out in force once again, emphasising how great they are at sim racing, and how anybody who disagrees with them can’t drive.

              Mission accomplished.


              1. You MUST be retarded, because you sound like a parrot babbling the 5 words he learned over and over again and not understanding anything he reads.

                I said in my first post that AC console versions are “the worst quality videogames I ever had, period” yet I’m a rabbid AC fanboy.

                And yes, you can’t fucking drive if you think you think that once an F1 starts sliding in that game “there’s nothing you can do”. That’s just utter incompetence.


                1. I’ve already told you that my IQ is in the top 0.1 percentile and that therefore means that I’m not retarded so I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish with your accusations.

                  Do a burn out on AC in a modern F1 car where the wheels are spinning and the car is controllable as the rear hags out just like in real life and then you can claim tha AC posssses at least some level of versimilitude. Otherwise it’s just another game with its own sets of innacuracies mixed in with some behaviours that are more or less correct due to the fact that they’re easy to get right. That’s all there is to it and retardation does not come into it.


                  1. My IQ is actually in the top 0.02 percentile and I have analysed both games thoroughly and I came into the conclusion that AC has somewhere between 50-60% higher verisimilitude when compared to F1 2017.


          3. Your opinions of F1 on AC v real F1 are worthless unless you have driven a real 2017 F1 car.Watching something on tv does not make you an expert.


            1. Not one one AC fanboy has driven an F1 car, and yet they all say its the most realistic thing ever. How do they know? They must all be retarded.


              1. No one said that here. Everybody with half a clue is saying it is magnitudes better than anything ever present in Codies games. But mister top 0’1% IQ (pfft) can’t even read.


            2. It doesn’t make you an expert but it shows you the basics. Modern F1s hate high curbs. Modern F1s hate grass. Modern F1s are snappy and lively. Modern F1s can’t sustain big slides, it snaps, and you either catch it inmediately or you lose it. The car doesn’t wait for you in suspended animation. And that’s just some of the aspects where Codemasters games fail misserably. You’d know it if you were a motorsport fan first and a gamer second.


              1. And f1 cars can be driven on the throttle. And they are not on rails; they move around on the tyres a lot. And f1 cars don’t feel as though their tyres are mode of concrete.

                And that’s just some of the aspects where Assetto Corsa fails miserably.


                1. I gather you don’t have the talent to get them anywhere near the limits because anytime you get close you bin it. You CAN have a correct small slides on the power on AC even in the SF-15, the cars feel anything but “on rails” if you actually push them, and I don’t even know what tyres “mode of concrete” mean.

                  You’re like one of these guys Austin mentioned with a 1000 iRating giving absurd feedback.


                  1. I can get the limit and beyond in AC and I can have slides and I can correct them. Don’t worry about my driving, that’s not the problem.

                    What I can’t do in AC is drive the cars on the throttle. I also can’t get the cars to feel as though their tyres are not made of concrete.

                    In F1 2017, in contrast, I can feel the power coming in through the wheel and I can feel the tyres searching for traction and I have to make minute correction with the wheel and throttle to maximise my acceleration without getting into a massive slide and losing a shitload of time. This is what you do in every car when you’re on the limit, whether it’s a roadcar, a touring car, or a single seater. And it’s a wonderful feeling, which for some reason is almost entirely missing in AC.

                    Plus in f1 2017 the wheels seem to have some semblance of actually being made of rubber with air inside them.


                    1. You are chaging the tune mate. Wasn´t the problem that “once they slide there´s nothing you can do”? So you can catch them now? LOL.

                      Do one thing please, go ahead and show me some footage of yours driving. Because I am 100% sure you are just the prototype simracer Austin mentioned last article: no clue, still feels vindicated to give feedback, and inevitably it´s all crap.

                      I´ll go ahead, here´s me:


                      You must be like the only idiot on Earth that thinks that F1 2017 gives better information on what the car is doing than AC. Don´t fool yourself, all it does is to make you feel more competent because you have to be a complete moron to mess up.


                    2. AC or CodeM F1 are games so neither replicates the correct behaviour of an F1 car.They are vaguely similar approximations within some pretty limited hardware.Unless you have driven an 2017 F1 I don’t know why you are making any comparisons.


                    3. That´s like saying that both a LaFerrari and a Toyota Prius “are just vehicles”. AC shits all over anything codemasters ever produced.


          4. “Next time you watch f1 have a look at how easy it is to drive these cars on the throttle, how progressively the rear breaks way under the application of power.”

            You are probably 100% right about this.
            Hehe and I have used as example of this that Nigel Mansell – after he succesfully have outrun´ed som simracing nerds on LAN on a gaming expo – commented that if real life F1 cars had been likewise difficult to drive then both he and his F1 ‎colleagues would have been killed.


            1. Simracing with a perfect 1:1 virtual model is harder than driving a real car because there are no G-forces and no matter how good FFB is, it is not a good substitute. Especially true for people that haven’t touched a sim in their life, they are lacking info and getting different one from via different channels. People with no simracing experience find hard to understand what the car is doing and need time.

              And no, he’s 100% wrong. There’s nothing “progressive” about wheelspin in modern post ’14 F1 cars. Even less with the wider rubber this year. There is far more grip but once you lose it it is far trickier to recover.


              1. There is nothing progressive about wheelspin? You’ve got to be kidding. Wheelspin is 100% progressive because the accelerator is not a binary on/off switch in real life, unlike in AC where it pretty much is exactly that.

                Now, how much slip angle you can hold under wheelspin conditions is an entirely different matter but AC seems to be as much in the wilderness on this matter as every other sim. It’s all guess work marketed as hard science and hyper realism to gullible fanboys.


                  1. Wrong on all counts. I play with two different wheels (g29 and t300) and I have over 20years of real life driving experience in more different cars than I care to count and in more different conditions than I care to count, including single seaters. But I won’t bore you with the details.

                    I will say, though, how amusing I find it every time people think that I’m some kid with a keyboard every time I point out that a so called simcade actually in some respects gives a more convincing representation of driving a powerful single seater than a so called hardcore sim. Lmao.


                    1. It´s probably because IT DOES NOT, and only someone on the level of a kid with a keyboard struggling to keep his car straight can think so.


              2. “And no, he’s 100% wrong. There’s nothing “progressive” about wheelspin in modern post ’14 F1 cars.”

                This shows that you does not understand what the “IQ guy” was talking about when he used the word “progressive”.
                He used it to describe the controllable way the rear of a F1 car goes away to the contrary of most sim games.
                Its you who confuse it with some laughtable “wheelspin”.
                Check out the correct comment from the “IQ guy”:

                “Next time you watch f1 have a look at how easy it is to drive these cars on the throttle, how progressively the rear breaks way under the application of power.”

                And then you goes on with some nonsense to describe why people with a lot of RL racing experience (like Mansell) cannot cope with a sim:

                “People with no simracing experience find hard to understand what the car is doing and need time.”

                If you are able to read my introduction of the Nigel Mansell event then the point was that he did actually outrun the racing sim experts(nerds) he was competing with – eventhough he hasnt tried this racing game before.

                I think this is the time you also call me a “retard” and what have we.
                Hehe just because I have revealed you are just babbling funny words.


                1. You are indeed a complete retard. Mansell raced random idiots sitting there that had no clue what they were doing, no “sim experts”. And Mansell was embarrasing himself too.

                  Great driving uh? Do us all a favour and don´t post crap you come up with.


                  1. “You are indeed a complete retard. Mansell raced random idiots sitting there that had no clue what they were doing, no “sim experts”. And Mansell was embarrasing himself too. ”
                    Hahaha. Good fun.
                    You just made my day 🙂 🙂


                2. Do yourself a favour and listen to the man himself telling you he finds it hard because he has no clue what the wheel is trying to tell him and how he´s waiting for visual cues. Which is exactly the phenomenom I was explaining to you before: people coming from actual cars find sims hard because they lack their usual feedback channels.


                3. He doesn’t understand what the IQ guy is telling him probably because his own IQ is no match with IQ guy’s . That’s why he calls the IQ guy a “retard” with an unhealthy frequency.

                  Plus when you’ve been conditioned over a period of years to belive that a particular sim is the ultimate in versimilitude and somebody challenges a particular behaviour in that sim, it’s obviously going to be difficult to accept.

                  In this case I would suggest that writing nonsense and calling people names is not going to help, he’s just going to have to give it time.


        2. If after 25 years all you understand are “basic traits” and actually think the Kunos cars are up to scratch in that sense, then you’ve learned nothing and the sport would be better off without your sorry rationalizing ass.


    3. I wonder if they’re worse than Operation Flashpoint 2, the game that is the reason I can’t be fucked with Codemasters games even when they’re free.


  3. KS should have done some rebranding and named the console versions differently, so they wouldn’t get trapped into trying to maintain assiduous parity with the PC version.

    “Assetto Corsa Bambino Edition”.

    Something like that 😉


    1. As someone who shares initials with KS, I was a bit taken aback.

      In this age of botched PC ports to make the consolers feel better, this situation is strangely satisfying. No one wins, of course, but still. I can be petty, sometimes.


  4. Nothing new I’m afraid. From day 1, Kunos have been unable to support the console versions of this game. They overextended themselves, as many people predicted prior to launch.


    1. The only reason AC was ported to consoles was because the value (and the profit) of Kunos Simulazioni could then be boosted to much more than if AC had only been on the PC platform.
      Thats also the reason the dev of the console versions are in such a strange situation.
      ‎The project was stillborn even before birth.


  5. Stefano and some of his loyal followers angrily laughed off my idea of providing free DLC to console owners every now and then as a sign of gratitude. That was well before this pack, around the March pack actually.

    The main problem is they literally don’t care. End of.


  6. James, dammit, you really need to lean your plurals once and for all. It isn’t ” The community asked for Ferrari’s, and Kunos gave them Ferrari’s”.

    It should be “The community asked for Ferraris, and Kunos gave them Ferraris”

    There are no apostrophes. An apostrophe before the “s” denotes ownership. If you just want to write about something in plural there is no apostrophe.


  7. I read you with pleasure from time to time… just one thing please…
    it’s = it is =|= its (possessive)
    In this article, One Ferrari, Two Ferraris, the apostrophe goes in “Ferrari’s (again, indicating posses) engine”
    Thanks and sorry for being a d1(k…


  8. It can’t be worse than SLRE for PC i guess with this probably two seconds input-lag and seems AC have at at least a decent low input-lag unlike titles like Forza.

    And what i miss in AC are proper tyre-physics. People love the FFB in AC because you get all the little crackles on the track. I hate it for the same reason, because i get the crackles through SimVibe and want pure FFB with the wheel.


    1. Yes, but you can use the cars on servers with people that don’t own the DLC. In AC and rF2 every person on the servers needing to own all content in order to run it. That’s why you can nearly only drive the very old cars on AC-servers. And it’s probably the reason why the next DLC will be free for all.


  9. There is pretty much zero reason to purchase AC on consoles, when PCARS 2, F1, 2017, Gran Turismo Sport, and Forza 7 exists. It doesn’t matter how good the physics are, AC on consoles is just a bland and broken moneygrab to fund the PC version of the game.


    1. The money grab is pcars2. It doesn’t give you proper driving physics nor proper game.

      At least f1 2017, gt sport and forza 7 gives you the game and AC gives you the driving experience.


      1. PCARS 2 on consoles is much more functional than AC, and offers way more content. Not sure why anyone would waste their money on a broken hotlap sim that mostly has ghost town servers, due to low player count and DLC fragmenting the player base.


  10. I am from the 0,000002 percentile having a gigantic dick ans an IQ blowing every scale ans i tell You its not AC having flaws, its reality that is far too inaccurate


  11. 3 weeks past launch and total silence from Kunos. Rumours of yet another failed patch abound. Now there is talk of fixing the issue at the ‘next’ patch – and who knows when that might be given the track record of Kunos on console?

    Yet still the non working DLC remains for sale with absolutely no warning that it does not work nor is their any set date for a fix. Shameless behaviour once more from the console cash grabbers at 505/Kunos.

    They wouldn’t get away with this in any other form of business and they’ll be the losers when they drive greater regulation into gaming with behaviour like this.


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