The More Things Change…

…the more they stay the same.

A couple months back, I saw a buddy of mine celebrate the completion of his first half-marathon via Facebook. He’d lost a bit of weight and was now living a really active lifestyle, which for anyone in their early 20’s is highly commendable – especially when many in our age group opt to experiment with binge drinking and hard drugs as a form of entertainment. It was hard not to be happy for the guy considering where he was at just a few months prior, and knowing what he’d given up in the pursuit of self-improvement. This friend was not someone I’d known from high school or met at an old job I’d had many years ago; he was instead one of the top iRacers in the world.

We’ve been led to believe by delusional developers that sim racing as an eSport will explode in popularity virtually any minute now, and having an iRating within the top 25 is your one-way ticket to super stardom – the years of slugging it out on the service carving your path straight to the big leagues. Yet right in the thick of it, he left. Just like that.

I didn’t have to ask why. He handed over his account details and told me to poke around.

So I did.

The baseline setup for the Pro Late Model at the Las Vegas Bullring carries the left front tire on corner exit. Asphalt stock cars don’t do this, nor do they let you put your foot to the floor before reaching the apex. iRacing, in their infinite wisdom, believe otherwise. This is the exact car we campaigned this year away from the keyboard, so at the very least we can tell you this isn’t how these cars work unless there are multiple broken components, or parts just flat-out not installed. My first impression of iRacing, after an absence of almost three years from the service, is that NASCAR Heat 2 – a game designed with teenagers as the primary target audience – is a more technically sound stock car experience. iRacing’s Pro Late Model requires almost zero throttle control, and raises the left front like a dirt car.

Seriously, what?

I’m not asking for a leaderboard setup to be supplied off the bat. I’m asking for a setup the keeps all four tires on the ground. iRacing were unable to do that. So I had to make my own, and to the surprise of precisely nobody, the car was extremely boring to turn laps in – but at least it was fast. I know how exciting these cars are to drive in real life. iRacing made me feel like I was playing an arcade game. You should at least be able to spin the tires and get a little bit of a wiggle going on out of the corners. iRacing doesn’t let you. NASCAR Heat 2, on the other hand, does, and does so at a fraction of the cost.

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Pro Late Model costs $11.95 USD and was one of the first cars ever released for iRacing back in 2009. Eight years later, it exhibits problems on par with those of an unfinished rFactor mod. I understand that the team have to split their attention between a lot of cars and a lot of gameplay elements, all of which need varying levels of polish, but charging a premium price compared to other video games should warrant something that resembles a premium product.

Not something that can be outdone by a kid in his bedroom, or a team on a shoe-string budget.

A post on the official iRacing member forums – which you can’t view without first paying the entry fee – reveals that these cars have been basically abandoned by the developers; one user describing them as “obnoxiously terrible.” It’s strange that these kinds of comments only appear behind lock and key, whereas the sim racing community have no problem being quite hostile to other simulators within the genre.

Or is it? A short entry on the WordPress blog The Flipside Announcer – presumably written by someone from the broadcast crew at LSRTV – notes that iRacing have instructed broadcasters to either disable live chat functionality or kill the feed altogether if something appears during a race which may damage iRacing’s reputation. Though it’s not outright confirmation that iRacing will individually hunt down users who leave negative comments about the game on social media, it’s proof that the team are paranoid about sim racers freely discussing how they feel about the software.

With several drivers not being able to maintain connection to the racing servers, the race, and broadcast, were rescheduled, leaving hundreds of angry viewers with an open comments section on the YouTube stream, which descended into pure chaos. Sure enough, iRacing was not happy at all, and asked that the chat be muted for all top tier events on the service going forward. The flame war was simply too much bad PR, and they wanted to step around it.

It’s not hard to imagine there may be hidden repercussions for YouTube personalities or website editors who dare to voice negative remarks about portions of the iRacing software. As a result, paying the entry fee and combing the forums is the only way to learn which iRacing cars are broken or neglected. It turns out there are several, and it makes you wonder what kind of pull iRacing would have on the sim racing market if these sentiments weren’t tucked away, but instead regurgitated by review channels or popular YouTube streamers.


For most of tonight, I turned my attention to the Super Late Model, which is one of the more recent oval racing cars added to the iRacing service, even though as of this writing we’ve had it on the simulator for over three years. Practice rooms were extremely popular, and I was able to crack into a podium spot in a session consisting of more than thirty cars – a nice change of pace from SimRacingSystem’s maximum of twenty.

Like most iRacers, during practice laps I drive with the infamous delta bar activated, so I can see where I’m both gaining and losing speed in real time. I found it quite peculiar that I could routinely set my fastest sector two speed during my outlap, meaning I was on pace with my personal best time just five seconds after leaving pit lane.

This is impossible to do in a real car.

Rubber tires, at least in reality, take a little while to come up to temperature. This is something you don’t need an expensive race car to experience – go to your local go kart complex and purchase a few sessions, you’ll figure it out pretty fast that the kart drives like total ass for your first two or three laps. Upping the scale into a full size race car, the vehicle literally won’t turn when you exit the pits, and during extended practice sessions in real life it’s not uncommon to come up on somebody who is putting around off-pace. No, they’re not scared shitless behind the wheel, what they’re doing is building heat in the tires by progressively increasing their pace.

iRacing doesn’t have this. Your tires are at maximum grip when your car first spawns in the pit box, and then lose grip in a linear fashion as you increase the overall distance driven. I’ve set absurd sector times not achievable during a timed lap, mere seconds after exiting the pits. This is wrong, but even more astonishing is how there isn’t a widespread cry for this to be fixed. It’s just sort of brushed under the rug, waiting to be discovered by the average sim racing rubbing two brain cells together.

I don’t understand how the biggest name in sim racing, with a near unlimited budget and access to an enormous amount of technical data across several auto racing disciplines, failed to comprehend the core concept behind how rubber tires work; heat makes them sticky, and sticky is fast. The opposite is true in iRacing. This is incorrect, and I’m astonished that fundamentally flawed tire behavior is deemed to be a quirky footnote by the community whom refuse to openly discuss it unless within the private confines of the iRacing forums, but will gladly turn around and berate you for playing something like Formula One 2017 – even though it features correct tire behavior.

Disabling force feedback, an act that would be sacrilegious among owners of thousand-dollar direct drive wheels, shaves off an extra tenth of a second on the race track. This may not mean much for the road course guys, but on ovals, this is an entire second over just ten laps of a short track, and two seconds over five laps at a normal speedway. I’m under the belief that the virtual steering column has been modeled in a way that magnifies light wheel movements created by the force feedback rattling your toy steering wheel around. There is a significant increase in cornering speed from being able to hold your steering wheel in a set position without interference from the force feedback effects.

Yes, even the most obscure of North American oval tracks have been faithfully replicated down to millimeter accuracy. Yes, at most reasonable hours of the day, there are always people to practice with or race against. Yes, iRacing will probably run on your outdated piece of shit backup computer, while still somehow managing to look good on modern systems. Yes, there’s a paint booth, yes there’s the ability to organize your own league with friends, and yes there’s a detailed ranking system that rewards you for safe driving.

But why does any of this matter if the driving experience stinks?

Over the span of an evening, I discovered broken default setups, rubber tires that perform worse with heat, and the ability to gain an extra tenth on track by clicking a box in the options menu. I also found the community labeling cars as “obnoxiously broken” behind closed doors, and at least one representative from a streaming crew admitting iRacing previously instructed them to censor public discussion and kill the feed if anything out of ordinary were to happen.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. iRacing is still, at the very least, a gigantic rip-off.


100 thoughts on “The More Things Change…

  1. >”the team are paranoid about sim racers freely discussing how they feel about the software”

    > “even more astonishing is how there isn’t a widespread cry for this to be fixed. It’s just sort of brushed under the rug”

    Accurately describes many games’ staff & supporters (including/especially Project CARS).


      1. “People like you ruins racing.”

        I have to agree 100% here.
        You cannot control your own car and instead you try to block and ram the other drivers who obviously are much better sim drivers than you.
        Ask for the video to be deleted you retard it embraces you totally.

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  2. On top of all the other issues (bugs, glitches, etc) on Project Cars 2 you have a supposedly modern graphic engine that leans more to the trend we see lately with tons of post effects, bloom DOF HDR and all the other fancy but bloated gfx shit that tend to make a game/sim look more unatural , some say cartoonish, than realistic

    Say what you want about iRacing but their graphic engine and overall polish with high textures in both enviroment and cars is far ahead of anything else in the market, including GT Forza.


  3. @James
    “I found it quite peculiar that I could routinely set my fastest sector two speed during my outlap, meaning I was on pace with my personal best time just five seconds after leaving pit lane.

    Your tires are at maximum grip when your car first spawns in the pit box, and then lose grip in a linear fashion as you increase the overall distance driven. I’ve set absurd sector times not achievable during a timed lap, mere seconds after exiting the pits. This is wrong, but even more
    astonishing is how there isn’t a widespread cry for this to be fixed. It’s just sort of brushed under the rug, waiting to be discovered by the average sim racing rubbing two brain cells together.”

    There is a discussion going on inside the iRacing forum at the moment because some of the delusioned members have announced they are leaving the service because of iRacings flawed tire model.
    Ofcourse the fanboys quite aggressively did reply with: “You are completely wrong. And why dont you give us som data?
    Then a guy posted a pic of a Motec telemetry output showing the grip produced in 3 recent random sessions!

    And they all did show that the car (Nissan GTP) had max grip on the first lap and then got lower and lower grip on the following laps. (the outlap wasnt calculated 🙂

    Do I have to say how the reaction was?
    The fanboys just reacted by babbling that this calculation of grip HAS to be completely wrong – because all experienced iRacers know…blablabla.
    It HAS to be completely wrong:-)


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    1. Except there is no grip channel in telemetry… I drove the nissan a lot and I can tell you the best grip depends on track temperature. If it’s hot it might as well be the first fast lap but if it’s cold enough it might even be the 5th lap.


      1. “Except there is no grip channel in telemetry… ”

        Sounds like you dont know anything about the Motec telemetry.
        Its common knowledge that you can create as many CUSTOM channels as you want – as long as they are based on/calculated on some of the standard iRacing channels.
        In the same thread the guy describes precisely this quite openly.


          1. Yeah yeah. Good joke.
            If I have not created a Motec grip project myself then Im not allowed to refer to someone who supposedly have done it.
            Good logic 🙂

            Advice: In the mentioned thread there is some references to where the guy allready have described the parts in his formula.
            So.. 🙂


              1. “Grip formula is not possible”
                Says who?
                No reason to take such an empty postulate serious – just because someone unable to create it himself says so.
                Hehe you cant supposedly not even find the thread with the formula components:-)

                Oh by the way then a rake formula is probably also “not possible”.
                Because “Except there is no rake channel in telemetry… ”


  4. “Disabling force feedback, an act that would be sacrilegious among owners of thousand-dollar direct drive wheels, shaves off an extra tenth of a second on the race track.”

    Wouldn’t this be the case on any sim, as even small corrections or steering inputs should result in loss of speed?


    1. No. Unless all you do is to potter around a circle full throttle and all you have to do is minimize lateral scrubbing. And even then that’s easier if you know what the front is doing AKA FFB.


  5. because that kaemmer bloke is full of shit,hes in way over his head and cant admit to being wrong..i mean iracing has had this cold tyre grip all wrong for years..its not changed and probably never will,thats the main reason I left because no matter how pretty or how good the online racing is..if the only thing making contact with the ground is wrong then everything else is wrong.


    1. “if the only thing making contact with the ground is wrong then everything else is wrong.”

      Yeah. Had it just been anything else then the high prices for iRenting could have been vindicated
      (ahem somewhat:-).


    2. the guy literally believes that tires lose heat when in contact with the track, and dont when they’re not.
      watch any F1 race with the thermal camera, or play any other game that lets you look at tire temps across the tire and you’ll see how completely backwards this is.

      the head of the tire model at iracing has no fucking clue about tires, and has demonstrated this.

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      1. One thing is King Daves funny ideas about heat transfer but the really funny thing was one of the longest threads in iRacings history where all the fanboys hectically tried to defend this example of Daves blackout.
        Both theories of thermodynamics and relativity and even astrology was on the table 🙂 🙂


  6. We ran the Neo Endurance race this past weekend and all the top drivers were crawling around the track, at Road America, at about 40 mph the entire way to keep the tires as cool as possible for the quali lap. I felt stupid doing this so I just did a normal out-lap.

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  7. You complain about the tire model, but whenever they get around to fixing it you’ll just call it an eternal science project.

    You see the irony in that?

    Complain all you want about broken shit, but for the love of god, shut your mouth when things are actually updated in development. That’s the reason we pay for subs. Plenty of things have been improved, but as you said, they have lots of different content and it’s darn near impossible to keep it all working perfectly as updates are made across the service.


    1. james said that about AC, because the general physics model was perfectly good in 2015, great in 2016, and is now farcical because the game wont even work properly on xbox one, but is still developing the physics engine, and has garbage AI

      iracing by comparison has a shit tire model which needs redoing from the ground up, because it doesn’t share any relevance with real life.


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    2. I’m just trying to imagine how tragically bleak your life must be to have spent your free time typing all that shit either as a joke, for attention or because you’re actually serious… you appalling neckbearded neek.


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  9. So let me get this straight… iRacing is shit because their late model behaves like anything but a late model. A heavily organized online side with the best chance of a clean race of all the sim racing scenario doesn’t make up for that.

    But F1 2017 is da bomb even if the cars behave like anything but a F1. But replying to emails, gimmick interviews and a fleshed out career mode (if you don’t mind racing stupid bots) make up for that.



      1. Unless you decide to buy all the content, iRacing doesn’t cost anywhere $1000.

        I pay about $15/month (including content) to race in 2-3 different series each season, and wouldn’t know what to do with all the content if I did own it.

        Is the tire model perfect?

        Of course not, but when I’m racing others in my Rift, I feel like I’m driving a real car, in a real race, and the details fade into the background.

        From what I’ve heard, most of the modern sims (from Forza to rF2) offer an excellent driving experience, but until they offer an equivalent structured online multiplayer service, iRacing works for me.


          1. Didn’t know that only drivers with a Pro/WC license can speak here, I own one.

            Does my opinion matter more than the guy’s ahead now?


        1. ok not all content then, just whatever it would cost to have the same content you get in f1 2017 for 30 bucks. 20 F1 tracks and 13 different year F1 cars.


  10. iRacing is to Simulation Gaming what Scientology is to Religion: A thinly disguised marketing machine, selling dreams of fabulous wealth, power and skill to the insecure.


  11. The tyre-model in iRacing went from iceRacing to trailRacing and it’s not only this awesome grip right from the start. I watched a bit of the 24h attempt of Nicki Thiim with his team (not available) and it’s common in iRacing to spare out new tyres even after a long stint because it seems they don’t get worse after a while. So it’s better to keep the old ones which should be exchanged by any time-penalty in real life so you have maybe 15 seconds shorter pitstop in trailRacing. And even with the tyres in the 10th lap of 24h Nürburgring they are fine to make lap times that are close to fresh ones. When you watch real racing, you loose maybe 20 sec. per lap with this rubber-trash on the rims.

    Funny thing, in AC it’s more the opposite of reality. The grip in the GT3/GTE is ridiculous low with fresh tyres and it’s getting worse way too soon. Just aliens are able to get anywhere near the real lap times regarding Nürburgring 24h. The tyres feeling way too hard and unforgiving and the Porsche GT3 is maybe the most ridiculous bad car when lowering the aero to half. You don’t get far with this driving piece of shit. In real life i can’t remember an incident last year despite they are driving with low aero and you can balance an egg on the wing because it’s so flat in real life. Engine in the back, diffuser under the car seems good enough for downforce and the gurney flap on the wings is just enough.

    I must say i’m happy with pCars 2 in this regards. What i experienced after 70 hours of track time make sense. But the V8 Supercars seems a bit too harsh as well, especially the tyre wear. I love this AMS-concept, but i think the hard tyres last a bit more in real life.


    1. if only aliens can get near real life laptimes then the sim probably isn’t so bad, unless you think any random simdads should be able to post competitive laptimes.

      If useless cretins could set “real life” laptimes then aliens would be 30 seconds faster around the Ring and it would expose the physics as a joke.


      1. Bullshit, this RSR-top times are crash-laptimes, means 90% crash or spin to get one on the top, but lap times are not interesting to compare, because the GT3 in AC is higher in top-speed than the real cars nowadays (15-20 km/h). iRacing is better in this regards, but some guys can run under 8 min., which is impossible. Brake distances seem a bit short and corner-speeds too high in iRacing. Best real qualifying times were around 8:17 this year with best weather conditions. pCars 2 seem close to that without too much top- or cornerspeeds. Just the Ferrari is too fast.


    2. A flat wing on a porsche isn’t low downforce, the back of the body is already sloping downward by like 20 degrees.and it’s the wing’s angle vs airflow that determines how much downforce it gets.


          1. Downforce is, you know A FORCE POINTING DOWN. As in perpendicular to the ground, not the fucking decklid. Your incredibly mentally retarded post is like claiming a car is still making lots of downforce when it’s flying upside down because the rear wing is still angled relative to the bodywork.

            Fluid dynamics? Take some high school physics you mong.


            1. Triggered much, Mr. Newey? You know, there’s an opportunity to learn about how air is managed around a race car here, but you’d rather call people names on the internet.


  12. anyone manage to grab the recent stream of posts about Austin that showed up yesterday on IR but are now disappeared? I didn’t get a chance to read all of them before the IR Gestapo stepped in.

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    1. I monitored that thread for a bit. The thread was started by a guy named John G. Hill. Most of the Americans resorted to ad hominem attacks, at one point I was accused of cheating on iRacing which is out of the realm of what I’m capable of but whatever, I’ll take it as a compliment I guess? The majority of Europeans defended me. One guy called John a snowflake for having his feelings hurt, another owned John in a single sentence – I think he said something like “so telling the truth is bashing iRacing???” Keep in mind the road tire problems are more severe than the oval tire problems, so this explains why the road crowd are on PRC’s side here. Scroll up and you’ll see a comment about 40 mph outlaps in the NEO Endurance Series. Yeah.

      Definitely not how I expected the thread to go, very much explains why iRacing shit-canned it.

      John G. Hill is actually someone our boy Chris fights with a lot on the Sim Racers (TM) Facebook page. Basically, if you imply iRacing isn’t any good whether it be in a comment or a post, this guy will magically appear and spam links to the testimonials page as proof that it’s the world’s greatest racing simulator. The dude is in his either 40’s or 50’s.

      I’ve raced against John before, twice in the SimPit league for the Ferrari 312F67. This is someone who is upwards of 25 seconds off pace at the Nordschleife on his best lap. Yes, the ring is long and on paper it’s hard to knock this down into a tangible gap people can understand.

      So let’s do that. Spa is three times shorter than the ring in miles (4 compared to 12). Rudimentary math: On his fastest lap, John is eight seconds off pace at a normal grand prix circuit. John is unable to drive fast enough to warm the tires, while simultaneously lecturing people about accurate physics in a racing simulator.

      To hide his insecurities, he goes on a crusade against anyone who doesn’t like iRacing, even if that means attributing quotes to the wrong people. When I’ve said portions of the iRacing community will actively work to shun you, this is what I’m talking about. Inside their own padlocked members forum, they’ll openly admit to it.


      1. John G. Hill was also dreaded for his long-winded and sleep-inducing “Over The Hill” videos he used to publish on The Simpit’s YouTube page. Have a good laugh at him:


        1. He also goes on long tirades any time anyone posts any criticism about anything Sim Pit related. Not sure if it still applies as I basically stopped visiting there because of him, but a while back, he was literally all over their comments section, responding to almost everyone in a very cringy way “defending” Shaun or the Simpit, often inadvertently showing he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about and just wants to sound smart and point out he’s a friend of Shaun’s. I think his comments have done a great deal of misservice to the Simpit, but Shaun seems to like him, for some reason…


  13. this ogonoski troll is the worst thing to ever happen to simracing

    misinformation, pseudo journalistic bullshit paid by SMS. one day some of you will look back at sites like this and be ashamed of yourselves.

    the V8 guy from the forums, the one that claims having driven a real V8, was in reality a poor retarded chap. he really is. he thought he was driving a v8 when he was driving a v8 experience, which is a detuned road car with some stickers and a loud exhaust. also, his irating is below 1k, which belongs to the deeply ungifted,

    i think i did recently read an article about how much simracers suck, but now u copypaste claims from one of those people that really sucks at it, taking his opinion for granted? man, you are paid by SMS to shit talk any other sim that is not theirs. i would just love to hear your opinion about pc2 if you werent their propaganda tool


    1. V8 guy from the forums,,, and yet PRC used is post to prove Iracing is bad. Too fucking funny.
      I am sure he read whole post, but nice cherry picking what you want to show.

      Have fun racing AI


    2. Upon watching some of the promo vids (and onboards), they’re essentially on-par with cars from the late 90’s/early 2000’s, but with super long gearing.

      It’s still representative of a V8 supercar. Lightweight, gutted sedan with a high roll center.

      Flipping things around, iRacers should be asking themselves why a “shitty road car” in real life handles better than a virtual recreation of a $385,000 purpose built saloon racer.


      1. probably in your cherry picking post you forgot some fresh news.

        here are the results from the WORLDS FASTER GAMER :

        Gregger Huttu (iRacing)
        Bono Huis (iRacing, Rfactor2)
        Issac Price (iRacing)
        Freek Schothorst (iRacing)
        Rudy Van Buren (rFactor2, iRacing)
        Harry Jacks (F12017)

        only `1 guy doesnt have an iracing background

        explain this in an article.


        1. Greger has played basically every sim under the sun since the GPL days.

          Bono as well, though he’s much younger.

          Technically you could argue my background is also iRacing.

          Some dudes just understand how to drive fast.


            1. You’d think at least one of those “hardcore sim racers” would want to throw their individually-numbered, embroidered PCaRs2 snapback cap into the ring…


    3. Actually, the worst thing to happen to simracing is that each game engenders a rabid, blind, ultra-biased following that lost all objectivity long ago.

      Look: I like sim racing. I want to have a sim that gives me an experience that is closest to what I would expect, or do expect, from race cars I will never have a chance to race on tracks I will never race on.
      I have my favorites and there are sims I do not like as much. There are sims I would not use regularly but would play them if I were somewhere that others were playing them.

      I do not think I differ from most who enjoy sim racing.

      Where many of us seem to differ is the absolute rabid fashion in which one defends A GAME. It seems that there are those out there who are more than willing to argue to the ends of the earth to protect an approximate simulation based upon the interpretations of a real-life activity.

      Unfortunately, another real-life activity gets in the way of a small community doing everything it can to help the community grow as fast as other on-line communities have: A tendency for adults to degenerate into approximations of five year old children fighting over a toy in a sandbox.

      Then these very same people post online, do video blogs, etc… and expect us to take them seriously, that their opinion is the Bestest.


      Here is my take: You may have your preferences. I may find fault with that preference, or vice versa. We may disagree. But if it got to the point that you are unwilling to listen, that your blas does not even allow you to entertain other possibilities, that you have to go as far as to try to trash others personal lives to get what you want, that you feel you, somehow, are above acting like a decent, MATURE, adult, etc…Perhaps it is time for you to take a few steps back from the computer keyboard, go outside and take a walk, talk to the dog, anything that may allow you to get just a fly-speck on perspective. ‘Cause you don’t have it now and you really need it.

      And I don’t want to hear from you as you are too far gone to be worth any constructive conversation.

      Just my thoughts.


  14. No company wants or likes to admit fault, i think only r3e people have not lashed out. IRacing, kunos, isi/s397, reiza, all had publicized developer issues and substantiated claims of problems. R3e is a troubled platform that is still being worked without any bad words from developers or people that dealt with them.


  15. I feel like from everything I read, Gran Turismo Sport has iRacing beat these days in the genre of “games that punish you for driving like crap”. Granted, you have to have a PS4, and a PSN subscription, but, well, PS4’s are cheap, and the PSN sub at least gets you access to other games. I like GTS because it incentivizes driving cleanly and I was thinking of moving to iRacing after I get bored of GTS, but I’m not so sure any more.

    Now, this is to say nothing of the GTS driving model, which is not perfect, but is also not bad.


  16. I cant play this assetto corsa…

    No matter how much i practice no matter what i get worse i know myself that i will never be good at anything I’ve broken my g29 due to my anger and amount of pressure it gave me i feel like grabbing my g29 and throw it out or sell it on eBay it only has body damage still works fine. because i know that i will never be good enough to drive ive watched afew youtube videos on assetto corsa racing/drifting videos and i basically cried for 2 hours straight im guessing that i should never return to this game and leave racing games or keep trying but im scared that i might go into a mental state of depression and anger ive tried career and i always get last even on the easiest parts i end up understeering don’t know how to manage speed or my brakes slamming into roads spinning out can’t see what’s infront of me and braking too late public servers are too much for me so at this point i dont know what to even do i guess my life isn’t about it i guess and should accept it


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