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The Best charging stations of Aug 2022

The best charging stations below will become a staple in your house to help you effectively charge different devices at the same time. 


With the development of technology, everyone now has at least a smartphone and a laptop to serve their work and study, and some people have even more. Besides its convenience, sometimes, we cannot have enough electric sockets to charge these appliances. 

It would be ideal to have something that helps you simultaneously charge plenty of devices within a single plug. This is when a USB charging station comes as the lifesaver. This smart product has a variety of sizes, capacities, and many other things that allow users to have more options to stick with. 

In this article, you will figure out the top charging stations on the market, along with our useful buying guides that help you easily and quickly pick the best one that better suits you. 

Our top picks 

Below are the top favorite USB charging stations to help you get rid of the mess of electric sockets and cables around the house every time you charge your gadgets. 

#1-Top Expert Choice

6-Port Desktop USB Charging Station

RAVPower has never disappointed customers with its electric products. This desktop portable charging station with six 2.4A USB ports will help you charge six phones, tablets, or a combination of both at the same time. But notably, this item is not compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge devices at all.

This charging station also has an indicator LED light that will let you know if your devices are properly and successfully connected with the power source. With a compact design, the RAVPower charging station is perfect for traveling and fits your bag to bring to work. This Amazon’s Choice charging station has been bought by 25,000 customers and almost 100% of them are fully satisfied with this product.

#2-Premium Choice

2022 Update JoyGeek Wireless Charging Station

If you are an Apple-holic, this charging dock is ideal. It helps you charge your iWatch, iPhone, and AirPods at the same time, and is very space-saving. With an elegant and luxurious design, it is favored by many customers compared to other bulky and unattractive counterparts.
With one cable and now you can charge three different products simultaneously. Not only compatible with Apple gadgets but this charging station also works with most Samsung models. You can charge your devices overnight without worrying about the safety functions as well as the charging light because it will be automatically shut off after 20s charging. In general, this should be a must-have item for those who are a fanatic of Apple. 


WAITIEE Wireless 15W Fast Charging Station

Another candidate for the 3in1 wireless charging station is from WAITIEE. This product also helps you charge your phone, iWatch, and AirPods at the same time. There is a slight difference in the design of WAITIEE charging dock compared to the one from JoyGeek. 

If the JoyGeek has the iWatch and AirPods chargers designed behind the iPhone base, this one has a side-by-side arrangement. It has a 7.5W fast charging mode for iPhone and 10W for Samsung. The base charger for each item is designed to be anti-slip so that you don’t have to worry about falling your expensive gadgets. 


Powlaken Wireless Charging Station

It’s time to say goodbye to the chaos of cables and chargers in your desk with the help of this 4in1 charging station. The Powlaken wireless charging dock will help you charge your phone, AirPods, iWatch, and pencil at the same time, and the phone can be charged vertically or horizontally per your preference. 

The built-in protection is made from highly efficient components and an advanced chipset will not only increase a higher speed but also control the temperature, over current, and overvoltage while charging. It can be foldable so that you can easily bring this ideal device wherever you go. 


SIIG 90W Smart 10-Port USB Charging Station

This charging station from SIIG will be ideal if your whole family is looking for a multi-device charger. You only have to pay a little bit higher once and get a single item that supports up to 10 devices at the same time, which turns out to be a more economical option. 
It has a special design which looks like a big wallet with individual compartments for each device, so you won’t have to worry about phones falling while charging. Intelligent detection helps this charging station generate the most suitable power output for a specific phone or tablet.


Hercules Tuff Charging Station for Multiple Devices

The last recommended charging station is from Hercules Tuff brand. This unit is said to be an excellent gift via customers’ feedback due to the meticulous and beautiful package from the manufacturer and seller. It provides six USB ports, including three USB type C cables and three micro USB cables. 

This charging station will charge your devices 80% faster than other 2A counterparts thanks to the higher power output and quick charge function. The elegant and special design with bulkheads between two devices will help control the temperature of your gadgets while charging.

What to consider when buying a charging station?

The most important thing before buying a USB charging station is understanding its different criteria that can affect your buying behavior. So to buy the best charging station, you should keep in mind the following key factors beforehand: 

Number of ports

If you are a busy person with so many gadgets to support your life, you must have needed a charging station with as many ports as possible. Of course, the USB charging station with so many ports will cost you more. 

Normally, a standard charging station will be equipped with six USB ports. But there are also others with even 10 ports, allowing you to charge 10 devices at the same time. This one will be ideal to share with your friends or family members when everyone is in need of charging their low-battery devices. Therefore, it is dependable on your purpose and budget to choose the suitable number of ports on the charging stations. 

Port amperage

This is a crucial technical feature that you need to check before buying the best charging station. Typically, most USB charging stations generate 1A power per port, which is adequate to charge regular smartphones nowadays. 

However, your iPad or Samsung tab needs at least 2A, so to make sure that you can simultaneously charge multiple devices, including your phone and tablet, you better opt for a USB charging station with a minimum of 2A for each port. Some high-tech charging stations are even equipped with modern technology which helps them detect the excellent amount of power for a specific device. 


The speed of a charging station is also one of the things you should consider before making the purchase. Even if you have a 10-port charging station that allows you to charge so many devices at the same time, but if the speed is too low, it would be so disappointing especially when you are in a hurry.

Normally, the more power each USB port in your charging station has, the faster it charges your device. For example, if you charge your 1A smartphone in a high-speed port (2.4A or 5A), it will be much faster. However, keep in mind that there are several models that are not compatible with the quick-charge function, so you should check this information carefully before buying it. 


The placement is where you are going to install the charging station. This factor varies depending on your purpose, resulting in a variety of different designs of the charging station. For example, the product that is meant to install on the desk will look different from the one in or under the desk. 

Along with the different designs, you will also have distinctive installations and requirements for each model to give the most comfortable use. 

Your budget

The last criteria is the price of the product and your budget. As already mentioned, the more power, as well as more ports the charging station, has, the more expensive it is. It would be best to opt for a high-quality charging station to ensure your greatest experience while using the product and the safety function. However, if you cannot afford it, it will be fine to pick the lower price. 

FAQs about USB charging stations

Is the USB charging station the same as the USB hub?

Not really. The main purpose of a USB hub is to provide you with more USB ports for your computer so that you can connect more gadgets to the PC or laptop. On the other hand, the USB charging station works as a charger that supplies power to charge numerous USB devices at the same time.

The USB hub can be powered or unpowered. When it comes with an AC adapter that has its own power source, you can use it to charge your phone or other gadgets. In this case, the USB hub and the USB charging station are the same, but the first one only generates a small amount of power compared to the latter. 

Can I charge my laptop and iPhone at the same time in a USB charging station?

Probably. The fact is you can buy the USB charging station that works for multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, kindles, and laptops. However, since your little phone only requires a small amount of power (normally 1A), and it is about 2A with an iPad or any other tablet. 

However, most laptops usually require much more power and a different USB port type. Therefore, you need to check the USB charging station to see if it is compatible with all the devices that you are about to charge or not.

Are all USB charging stations the same?

Of course not. Each manufacturer has their own production standards, which result in different products. Moreover, each model also differs from the others even though they come from the same brand. 

In general, all USB charging stations need to meet a somewhat standard with several basic features. However, there are also some with higher quality that allows you to approach more modern functions. For example, they can be fast charging, automatically turned off when your devices are fully charged, and so on. This is why you need to research different kinds of USB charging stations before making the purchase. 

Why should we never use public USB charging stations?

The reason why you should minimize your time using a public USB charging station as much as possible is the high chance of privacy risk. Hackers can steal your personal data on your devices, including your password, and even deactivate your phone. 

The charging cable and charging port can be used to deliver the malware, which can cause your phone unusable in the future. This process is called juice jacking. So in a nutshell, we should never use public USB charging stations, especially those whose jobs require high informative security. 

In case your phone is running out of battery and you are outside, your only choice is to use the public charging station. It would be fine if you already have at least one antivirus software installed on your phone to ensure there will be no data leaked. 

Are charging stations safe to use?

Yes, USB charging stations are certified to be safe to use. As long as you follow the instructions and cautions from the manufacturer, there will be no explosion or fire when charging. However, be careful with the cheap charging stations, which are usually equivalent to the poor quality. 

These inferior products won’t meet the standard and required safety, which can put you in dangerous situations while using them to charge your phone or tablet. Not only can they create explosions, but they can also damage your devices’ batteries. So it’s better to opt for the higher-price charging stations from a renowned brand to be safer. 

Bottom line

With the help of the USB charging stations, your house and especially your working corner will look much tidier. It’s time to give it a better treat with the top-rated charging stations that we have introduced to you above. Don’t forget to take some notes before making the purchase to ensure you’ll buy the best product. Let’s take another look at the summary of the best-charging stations on Amazon so that you can easily and quickly pick one from the store next time: 6-Port Desktop USB Charging Station from RAVPower, 2021 Update JoyGeek Wireless Charging Station, WAITIEE Wireless 15W Fast Charging Station, SIIG 90W Smart 10-Port USB Charging Station, and the last one is Charging Station for Multiple Devices from Hercules Tuff. Good luck with your choice!

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