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Best controller for Rocket League PC of Aug 2022

Find out the best controllers for Rocket League on PC below to master the game in the future. 


Our life is developing at a fast pace, along with the higher demand for entertainment. Playing games is one of the most common relaxing ways of any age, but mostly played by the juvenile. If you are a fan of the famous Rocket League, then you are in the right place.

Rocket League is well-known as a vehicular soccer video game that is generated and released by Psyonix. It will be great to spend a snowy weekend sharing funny moments with your friends inside the house and playing this game. However, what if your old controller, keyboard, or mouse are out of order or lagged that affects the game? This is time you should look for a good-quality controller which will enhance your performance in the Rocket League and surprise your friends.  

Controllers for Rocket League PC buying guides 

It is not easy to pick one controller that works the best with your Rocket League at home, especially with the diverse majority of brands offering this gaming product on the market. 

You definitely don’t want to stand in front of hundreds of different controllers in a store hearing the consultation from the seller that you have no idea about it. So here are some crucial things you need to consider before buying a controller for Rocket League on a Windows PC:


It would be best to opt for a controller with elements that can be swapped. You will be able to customize and remap the positions of the buttons on the face controller. Normally, controllers from a high-end brand with better quality are equipped with this customized feature to give you a chance to reconfigure every single key and the touchpad. 

The deep-down purpose of remapping the buttons doesn’t lie on the aesthetic aspect, but the impact on your performance. It will be much easier to use the front buttons to control the car like jumping, turning, or dribbling. This feature is the desired one that any player wishes to possess on their controllers.                      

Wire or wireless

There are typically two types of controllers. You can opt for the wired controllers, either the wireless counterpart which will be used by using batteries. These two kinds of controllers will work the same, however, the problem will appear when it comes to low battery status. 

Chances are you have encountered the latency situation at least one time if you are using a wireless gamepad. A low battery can cause disconnections or power failure, which will definitely disturb your performance in the Rocket League game. Although the impact might be not too severe because when there are some signs of the battery status to let you know that it’s time to change the battery. However, in case you are in a professional game or a competition, this should be considered. 

Additional buttons

This feature is ideal for any Rocket League player, no matter if you are a newbie or a pro. The most common additional button is paddles. For anyone who hasn’t used them, just try it and you will see the huge difference between having or without the paddles on the controller.

The position of the paddles is usually on the underside of the controller face board so that they won’t affect other available buttons and make them easier to access with only your thumbs. With the help of additional buttons like the paddles, you won’t have to lift your thumbs out off the thumbstick to accomplish a complex jump, aim, and shoot at the same time. 

Your budget

The more modern and high-tech the controller is, the higher price it is sold. But it doesn’t mean that there is no chance for you to find a good product at a reasonable price. That’s why you should always do some research at price before making the purchase. 

Your budget is the key to decide which brand or model of controller you can afford. It is recommended to stick with the upper end of your limited budget when buying controllers to play Rocket League. That means just pay as much as you can for this small device, and you will get what you paid for and never regret.

Our top picks 

The previous section has pointed out some key factors that you need to look for when buying a controller to play Rocket League on PC. However, in fact, there are hundreds of models that are designed to fit each group of users, compatible with specific Windows PC, etc, … 

This can give you a headache every time you want to buy a good controller to play your favorite video game on a PC that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Don’t worry, below are the best controllers out of the top list of game controllers 

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller

The first one that we highly recommend is the Xbox controller from Razer. This wired controller helps you play your favorite Rocket League with no worries about a low or falling-off battery or too lazy to recharge the controller. It also comes with additional paddles, which give you greater experience while playing games. 

You will be able to customize this Razer controller within the product itself or with other products from this brand. By doing this, you can feel free to optimize your controller per your favorite style that successfully supports your performance as much as possible. 

However, the only minus thing about this item is it calls for a specific micro USB cable so that if you lose this tiny thing, unfortunately, your controller is also out of order.  

#2-Premium Choice

2. Steam Controller

Steam is no longer a strange name for an online gaming platform. This controller from Valve will satisfy you with a new level of accurate control to a collection of Steam games, of course, including your favorite Rocket League.

This one has a higher price compared to the controller from Razer, but it’s worth the money. The product features two trackpads, dual-stage triggers, and customized buttons, allowing you to comfortably remap the positions of the buttons on the face of the controller. If you are playing Rocket League on your PC, then it is super easy to connect with this controller with no Steam link required. 

To use the Steam controller to play Rocket League on PC, you need to plug its micro USB stick into your PC and then you can use the controller wirelessly. 


3.DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

The DualShock 4 from PlayStation is too familiar with any Rocket League player. Their controller is sold at a reasonable price but still fits your needs for a good controller to play your favorite PC game or on any other device. 

The product provides users with the new multi-touch and clickable touchpad, which will satisfy even the pickiest player and is also suitable for a nuanced player. Trigger buttons and dual analog sticks are all improved that helps enhance your experiences while playing games. 
Another feature that doesn’t relate to any technical function, but many people enjoy this product is it offers different color variations besides just the classic white and black, including midnight blue, green camouflage, gold, and magma red. 

As mentioned before, the only minus of a wireless controller is the low battery signal that can affect your connection and performance. But if you give it better attention, you can control this problem. This one from PlayStation is easy to recharge by plugging it into your PlayStation 4 system or with any standard charger using a USB cable at any mode. 


4.Xbox Core Controller – Carbon Black

When it comes to games, most people, even those who don’t know a lot about it will think about Microsoft and Xbox. This is why the Xbox Core controller has been bought by more than 10,000 customers on Amazon and more than 90% of them have given this product four stars and above. At a reasonable price, you can expect this controller to work with Xbox One, Xbox, Windows, Android, and Xbox Series X. 

You can customize the Xbox controller via the Xbox accessories app, giving you more comfort when playing Rocket League or other games. The sculpted surfaces and refined geometry will elevate your experience while playing games, thereby train you into a legendary gamer. The best characteristic would be the grip all around the controller that prevents it from slipping off your hands and making you miss a goal. 


5.Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console

Another option from Microsoft is the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller. You can use it with your Windows PC or Xbox 360 console and choose between the wired or wireless versions according to your personal preference. The special feature of the wireless controller from this brand is it is packed with an integrated 2.4 GHz connection, allowing you to play even three feet away from the display screen. 

One of the best things that many players love from this controller is it has Vibration Feedback, which will give you the most satisfying and realistic feel when playing Rocket League. Its comfortable design also comes with two-analog pressure-point triggers, an eight-way directional pad, and an integrated 3.5 mm port headset. Finally, this little thing might be a little expensive than others, it will be a lot cheaper to download games than in different setups and systems. 

FAQs about controllers for Rocket League PC

Is it better to play Rocket League with a controller?

Yes, it is, to some extent. The proof is there is a vast majority of players using controllers when it comes to playing Rocket League. Using a controller allows users to easily control the car more accurately. You can boost or reduce the speed smoothly and turn the car with ease. Moreover, it will be very helpful when dribbling the ball. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful when using a keyboard and mouse to play Rocket League. There are still many players who prefer using these devices over the controller because they have no problem and are doing just fine with them. And it turns out a problem of personal preference, as long as you are comfortable with your choice. But if you are a newbie, it is recommended to use a controller instead. 

Why is my controller not working on Rocket League PC?

There are several reasons why your controller doesn’t work on Rocket League PC. According to players, they find the game doesn’t detect and work with their controllers when trying to play via Steam. And this situation can happen in Window 7, 8.1, and 10. 

It is probably because of the controller itself, or from other devices that affect the controller detection. For example, if the controller settings are improperly configured, or there are some technical flaws on the controller firmware, or there is a somewhat device that disturbs the normal working process of the controller, either of these can cause a fail in your Rocket League PC controller. 

One of the simple solutions for these problems is to reset or recover the system. Otherwise, you should ask for an experienced and expert in this field to help you fix it. 

Do Pro Rocket League players use controllers?

Yes, professional Rocket League players do use controllers while playing this game. However, as mentioned before, choosing between a controller and the combo of a keyboard and a mouse is just a personal habit or preference. We can still see many qualified and experienced players who enjoy playing Rocket League without a controller.

Can I play Rocket League on my Mac?

Unfortunately, Rocket League has stopped supporting Mac, and even Linux because of the minority of players since the March 2020 version update. You can still download the game, but it is not as easy as doing it on a Windows PC or PlayStation. Moreover, since Rocket League is no longer supported on Mac, some features of the game might not be as expected. 

Bottom line

So you can be familiar with the KBM playing (keyboard and mouse), but it’s time to give a controller a try, and you will love it. Although choosing which device to play your favorite Rocket League just comes down to personal preference, playing with a controller will literally benefit you with many advantages that might not be found with the other counterpart. If you are about to buy a good controller for Rocket League on PC, don’t forget to refer to our suggestion list. You can either choose between the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition controller, Steam Controller from Valve,  DualShock 4 Controller from PlayStation, Xbox Core Controller, and the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller. Good luck with your choice and see you around in another article about gaming! 


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