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Best espresso machines for under $2000 Aug 2022

For all the coffee lovers, check out the best espresso machines for under $2000 below to enjoy the freshest and delicious cup of coffee at any time in the day. 


Who doesn’t want to start an energetic day by taking a hot and delicious coffee cup? Today, there are millions of coffee shops, restaurants, or bars all over the world, where you can easily order good coffee. However, drinking coffee outside from these places every day will cost you an arm and a leg, especially in the long term. Moreover, if you want a cup of coffee ready in the early morning right after you wake up, it would be hard to buy because there is nowhere to open that soon. 

This is the reason why many people are getting their own coffee machines to make their favorite coffee whenever they want at home. If you are wondering whether you can get a good espresso machine with a tight budget, like under $2000, then the answer is yes, you totally can. This article will provide you essential knowledge about espresso machines that are under $2000 and the best ones that we have chosen from a vast majority of brands out there. Let’s check it out!

Our top picks 

Below are the best espresso machines that we have meticulously chosen from the top ones that are available on the market. Let’s take a look:

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

The first recommendation is the espresso machine from Breville. At a reasonable price, about $600, and you will have a semi-automatic machine which also has a built-in coffee grinder to have coffee ground from the whole beans in under a minute. 

This product has an accurate digital temperature control to make sure that the water reaches the perfect temperature to extract the best coffee. You can also manually create cappuccino from this machine with the powerful milk steam wand. You will have two color options, the black and stainless steel ones to choose to fit your home decor. 

#2-Premium Choice

2. De’Longhi EC680M Espresso

This small design espresso machine from De’Longhi will be suitable for those with a small kitchen. It is only 6’’ wide, which is only a half of standard manual espresso machines. The EC680M model from this brand has a 15-bar professional pressure to extract the best-quality coffee every time you brew. The manual frothing wand allows you to create the creamy layer on top and enjoy the additional rich flavor besides coffee.
It is also easy to clean with a detachable water tank and drip tray, plus other elements can be safe to clean too. With this machine, you can become a professional home barista in no time. 


3. Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This option comes with the highest price, but it’s totally worth the money. The Saeco PicoBaristo HD8927/47 is the super automatic machine. As a result, it is packed with the most convenient and latest-technology to give you the best experience when using this espresso machine.

The beautiful backlit display will not only make the machine look luxurious but is also easier to use. With one touch and different settings, you can create your favorite kinds of coffee in a short time. The AquaClean filter allows you to enjoy 5000 cups of coffee without needing to descale the machine. 


4. Gaggia Babila Espresso Machine

The last option for the best espresso machine that you can buy with an under-$2000-budget is from an Italian brand, Gaggia. With such this relatively high price, you have a super-automatic machine to make eight kinds of coffee: espressos, espresso lungos, coffee, ristrettos, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, flat whites with milk foam. Now you can even create your own coffee shop at home with the help of the Gaggia Babila espresso machine.

What types of espresso machines are on the market?

You might be surprised with a variety of different types of espresso machines available on the market. It would be best to understand the most typical and popular espresso makers beforehand so that you can choose the most suitable one that fits your needs. 

Steam Powered 

This is the first type of espresso machine that calls for old technology to brew coffee. The steam-driven espresso machine was born around the late 19th century but is still used today at a lower price compared to other modern types.

As the name suggests, the machine uses steam pressure to extract coffee. In an airtight tank, water is bringing to a boil, which then produces steam. The steam forces the water to go through ground coffee to extract the brewed coffee called espresso. It works similarly to the conventional stove-top Moka pot. Although this machine only creates 1.5 bar of pressure while the ideal for good espresso is nine, it is still preferred by some people due to its simplicity in operation.                 


Another traditional espresso machine is the manual, or piston-driven one. There will be no boiling water or steam pressure in the operation of this machine, but the manual pressure instead, hence its name. Therefore, to brew coffee, the user needs to pump a lever to create the pressure needed to extract coffee.

Those who advocate this vintage espresso machine love it because they believe that this kind of machine will result in the best coffee if properly done. You will do everything with your hands, from grinding coffee, operating the lever, to pumping it manually. They also find this special machine appealing with a classic and unique design.

On the other hand, other people think it will be a waste of time to make coffee from a manual espresso machine. Even if you have time and energy to do it, the result is not impressive. 


This espresso machine works like its name implies. It is a combination of manual and automatic-driven operations. The barista will be in charge of the beginning and ending of the extraction time, whereas other features are run automatically. For instance, the water is brought to a boil and then delivered by an automated system. Due to this function, the semi-automatic espresso machine is a perfect compromise between human and merchandise. 

Fully-Automatic (Electronic)

This type of espresso machine that uses modern technology usually appears in coffee shops to help the barista be able to do multi tasks at the same time without screwing up the espresso. It is relatively similar to a semi-automatic counterpart, with a minor difference that it doesn’t require human control. 

So you just need to simply turn it on, and let the machine do its job. It will control the amount of water that goes through ground coffee, and automatically stop when the coffee is completed brewed. On the other hand, this type of machine is also more expensive. 


The superb espresso machine type is the super-automatic coffee maker. It is actually the same as the fully-automatic one with the addition of coffee grinders. That means now with one button, you can brew an espresso coffee from whole coffee beans in this machine effortlessly and quickly. 

Buying guides

This is the crucial part that you must take a look before making the purchase of the best espresso machine for your home. 

Ease of use

It would be ideal to stick with an espresso maker that won’t give you any trouble while using it. Each model or brand has its own way to operate. The machine should be easy enough so anyone in your house can use it, even with your grandparents or your teenage kids. 

Normally, the easiest-to-use espresso machine is usually the automatic one. You can opt for the device with more automated functions so that it can do everything for you, but of course, you will have to pay more for it. 

Ease of cleaning

Along with the ease of use, the best espresso machine should be easy to clean as well. Even if you have a new-tech espresso maker that produces the best coffee, but it is too hard to clean, then it turns out not to be a good choice.

The coffee build-up and oil residue inside the machine can damage your appliance and affect the coffee taste, therefore, it would be best to stick with the espresso machine with more detachable components so that you can remove it, clean, and rinse completely. 


The size, or design of the machine is also one of the important factors needed to consider beforehand. It doesn’t relate to any technical operation, but more about the preference, aesthetic, and suitability with your house decor and space. 

If you are living in a narrow apartment with a small kitchen, placing a large espresso machine will make it look pretty ridiculous and you might have to sacrifice other devices’ space for it. Therefore, consider buying an espresso machine with the appropriate size for your house and kitchen. 

Extra features

The more features the machine is packed with, the more expensive it is. Therefore, this factor should be only considered if you need a special somewhat function for your espresso machine or you have an unlimited budget for this device.

Some typical additional features that are not always equipped in conventional machines are built-in coffee grinder, frothing wand, water filter, or cup warmer. 


Even when you have settled your budget to only buy the espresso machine that is under $2000, there are still a vast majority of brands and models with different under-$2000-prices. You can buy an espresso maker with about only $200, $500, $1000, or at any other cost. 

Normally, the higher price you opt for, the better quality and more features the machine has. So just consider your budget to buy the most suitable one.  

FAQs about espresso machines

How does an espresso machine work?

The espresso machine was invented a long time ago, in the 19th century, and has improved in both technical design and appearance over time. It brews coffee by forcing hot water through the ground coffee and a filter to produce a concentrated, creamy, and intense aroma coffee called espresso, hence the name of the machine. 

Should I turn off my espresso machine at night?

Yes, this is the thing you should do to lengthen the lifetime of your espresso machine. Moreover, switching the machine off when it is not in use, not only at night will also save electricity, keeping your monthly electric bill in line. According to Michael Hauck, who works at Profitec- a famous espresso machine company in Germany, leaving your espresso machine heated all the time is not a good idea because it can reduce the shelf life of some components of the machine, such as signal lights, control boxes, solenoid valves, or motors. 

Perhaps, the only reason for leaving your espresso machine work overnight is getting it ready the next morning right after you open your eyes. Now, keep in mind that it is better to turn off your espresso machine when you don’t need to use it. 

How long is an espresso machine able to last?

It depends on many factors to give the exact answer for how long an espresso machine can last. However, on average, this appliance can stay with you from five to 15 years. The better quality your espresso machine is, the longer it can last. 

The lifetime of an espresso machine does not only rely on its brand, type, frequency of use, and how you use it. If you give it better care, such as occasional cleaning and descaling, chances are your espresso machine can stay with you for a little longer. 

In case you already have it for years and there appear some noticeable signs, such as broken, change in taste of the resulting coffee, or there are any technical flaws like water is not heated up, then it’s time to think about discarding it. 

How can I clean my espresso machine?

Keeping your espresso machine clean is crucial to lengthen its life and enhance the brewed coffee taste. Therefore, you must clean your machine occasionally, following the manufacturer’s instructions and cautions. 

You need to remove and descale the build-up inside your coffee machine by well washing and rinsing the detachable parts. Regarding non-detachable elements, you can use a brush to remove the hard-to-reach places, or let the machine work as normal but without coffee, and clean water is replaced by diluted vinegar. After that, remember to rinse it again with fresh water to remove any vinegar odor residue that can affect the taste of your next coffee cup. 

Why are espresso machines so expensive?

Actually, the price of an espresso machine will depend on its brand, type, and functions. There are some that are made from high-quality materials or packed with the latest high-tech features, so generally, they are costly.  but it doesn’t mean you cannot find a budget-friendly one that still works perfectly. 

You might have to pay more for a super-automatic espresso machine that does almost everything for you with additional milk-steaming so you can even get two kinds of coffee from one machine (espresso and cappuccino). 

Bottom line

Now you can turn your home into a coffee shop and invite your friends to come enjoy the most delicious espresso whenever you want. Keep in mind the aforementioned criteria to pick the most suitable machine that fits your humble budget. All the above suggestions for a good espresso machine can be purchased with under $2000. Choose between four models from four famous brands: Breville, De’Longhi, Saeco PicoBaristo, and Gaggia Babila, you will always have the best coffee readily in your kitchen. 


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