Footage of KartKraft is Here!

If this is the future of sim racing, this is pretty sweet. Blending modern visual effects with rock solid driving physics, and an entire game aspect to give structure to the whole experience, Black Delta’s KartKraft will soon be hitting Steam’s Early Access program as yet another sim for avid virtual drivers to follow throughout the project’s development. Seventeen minutes of footage has been uploaded to YouTube by H&A Tech & News against the wishes of the developer – and most certainly violating some sort of non-disclosure agreement – though for the average sim racer, it’s a glimpse into what racing simulators could and most certainly should be. I’m not a kart guy by any means, but this looks pretty fucking awesome for a game that isn’t anywhere near completion.

Much secrecy has surrounded this title aside from an early preview trailer and rather ambitious goals, though now we’ve got a chance to look at what Black Delta will strive to offer, it’s safe to say that at least some of what they’ve promised will absolutely be delivered. The footage opens by demonstrating a GoPro like experience while using the game’s nose-mounted cam, displaying advanced visual effects simply not seen in current titles on the market which are powered by aging engines. As the user swaps through the range of camera views and exits the introduction race to explore the various menus, elements of XP acquisition and general customization features can be seen in brief moments, indicating KartKraft may possibly be much more than just a bland sandbox simulator with an active player count struggling to reach triple digits. Black Delta want to do everything in their power to keep you playing KartKraft past the initial honeymoon phase, rather than having the title collect virtual dust on your desktop alongside a plethora of other simulators.

The raw driving experience appears to resemble PiBoSo’s Kart Racing Pro, something many real world kart racers among us will be highly enthusiastic about as the impressive visuals will be bundled with an equally captivating physics model. However, as this footage has been uploaded against the strict terms of a non-disclosure agreement, there are clearly aspects that aren’t meant to be seen on display in this video. In one instance, the anonymous player drives head on into a makeshift barrier just to see what would happen, only for the kart to sink into the ground and exhibit a Project CARS-like seizure before flinging the rider out onto the tarmac. This doesn’t take away from the raw driving experience when playing the game properly, but it’s clear this is a title still largely under development, and the release on Steam’s Early Access platform quite a ways off.

It’s neat to see these things finally materialize, and while there hasn’t been an official date given that I can find, KartKraft will be available on Steam at some point in the near future.