The Disclosure Page

nr2003-2016-11-01-22-39-36-35As is the norm in the current video game industry landscape, small outlets such as and YouTube channels run by private individuals often receive viewership levels that rival those of major entities dedicated to covering the industry on a professional level. To capitalize on the trend of grass roots operations reeling in enormous audiences, and the unique personalities which reel in a portion of the gaming world unable to be captivated by mainstream outlets, software developers routinely provide small operations with complimentary access to their products in exchange for coverage or publicity. We are no exception. To maintain a level of honesty with our readers that is quite frankly unmatched within the industry as a whole, The Disclosure Page will list all instances of receiving specialized access to what would otherwise be a retail product for the average customer.

In all instances regarding quasi-sponsored content, developers who go so far as to provide us with specialized access to their product(s) have been made well aware that we will not comply with their demands (should they make them) to artificially manipulate our written work in an effort to act as a third party marketing outlet. Developers who try to dictate the tone of our work will be publicly humiliated.

  • My Summer Car – Amistech Games sent us one key for the open world car mechanic simulator prior to the indie title arriving on Valve’s Early Access platform, allowing us to evaluate the game prior to it landing in the hands of the general public. We were not instructed to manipulate our opinion of the game to generate additional interest; our contributor in charge of evaluating the title is a Late Model Stock Car crew chief from Western Canada, who is experienced enough to build a car from the ground up – essentially making the most difficult and infuriating part of the game (one which could turn off the average customer) quite easy for him.
  • Project CARS 2 – We’re paid by Slightly Mad Studios to help find exploits in Project CARS 2, and paid to campaign a Chevrolet SS Late Model with their decals around the Pacific Northwest.