Numerous clues hint at another delay for Project Cars

After a post earlier today that received a substantial amount of traffic showing Kotaku periodically writing identical articles about SMS’s Project Cars that only described the graphical fidelity of the upcoming game, a bit of investigative work has determined Kotaku’s questionable ethics may be the least of the developer’s worries.


GTPlanet user paulpg87– I preorder the game 5 minutes ago in a gamestop store and paid. Game delayed to 15/05/2015. The salesman is a friend and showed me the database, they received yesterday the new date. Just for your info they noticed me the first delay in october10 days before it officially happened. Also on amazon italy release date for the limited has been removed.

While these claims could have easily been photoshopped to coincide with the author’s personal agenda, a quick visit to the WMD forums describes a rather dire situation among pCars community members.
Digging further into the WMD forums, the Stig himself seems unhappy with recent changes to one of the LMP cars available in the game.
These handling symptoms seem very similar to the highly acclaimed Enduracers mod for the original rFactor.
While I’m not on some crusade to destroy Project Cars, it’s definitely worrying that a game receiving such large amounts of hype and press is generating the same feedback as freeware rFactor mods on its own forum, on top of rumors of another delay.

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