Podcasts Have Returned!

Our Soundcloud overlords have not been kind to us, putting a cap on what we’re allowed to upload and forcing us to pay a mammoth amount to continue doing Podcasts on a site that isn’t even compatible with iTunes.

And a bunch of y’all complained about Soundcloud, so there’s that.


Anyways, 8:10 – The Official PretendRaceCars.net Podcast will return for a second season, and in the meantime, we’re in the process of

Beware that the image quality will look like ass. It’s a podcast. Find something else to cry about.


8:10 Podcast Episode 6 – Vehicular Manslaughter

Chris and James of PretendRaceCars.net discuss their favorite set of driving physics in the Grand Theft Auto series, Team VVV’s positive previews of F1 2015, mess around with iRacing’s Holden V8 Supercar on Sonoma, and comment on Project CARS finally “going Gold.”

8:10 Podcast Episode 5 – RaceRoom Racing Experience

Chris and James of PretendRaceCars.net spend an assload of time talking about RaceRoom Racing Experience, a title that has flown under the radar for several months from most sim racers.