SMS bully longtime WMD member into shutting down pCars Community Fan Page

As with every interest or hobby on Facebook, most come with one official “fan page”, and several unofficial community pages that are run by die-hard community members. Project CARS is no exception – WMD forum user sagedavid ran a highly successful pCars community fan page on Facebook, one that gathered over 24,000 likes and had a constant stream of activity.

ScreenHunter_111 Mar. 25 19.57

As pointed out by other community members, the page pretty blatantly stated it was a fan page and not an official Facebook page run by Slightly Mad Studios. When the page was first created many years ago, sagedavid was specifically told by administration that what he was doing wasn’t an issue at all, and in fact was allowed to post several WIP screenshots only available to WMD forum users.Three years later, this has all changed. SMS now believed this innocent fan page would cause them legal trouble.

The explanation is this: It’s so good, it’s official-looking. This makes absolutely no sense at all and has no legal implications. There are tons of fantastic Metallica fan pages on Facebook that often post quality better than the real thing, and the boys from San Francisco never crack down on them.


Yet the mere mention of legal issues by Ian Bell seemed to bully sagedavid into taking the fan page down, with the promise that he’ll revive the page after the eventual release of Project CARS for the PC, PS4, and XBox One.

bellWhat’s interesting is that while the official Project CARS facebook page remains, WMD users appear to be critical of it, and express disappointment in sagedavid’s page being taken down, if only temporarily.


I struggle to understand why the head of the entire project is so up in arms over a simple Facebook page that is helping promote his game (for free) while the team has had to announce two delays in two months, and signs are pointing to the game not even being ready for a May release either.



5 thoughts on “SMS bully longtime WMD member into shutting down pCars Community Fan Page

  1. And this is why SMS need to have a board meeting to fire this knob!

    Never has 1 man caused so much bad press for 1 company. He previously stated to the world that Shift was better ANY simulation in existence, or anything upcoming!

    He also stated that it used the most complex engine and physics simulation ever to be created… He pissed off a lot of people and almost single handedly ruined that franchise because… Expectations!

    The part I don’t understand is all those people he lied to, annoyed and who hated him and the shift franchise… are the same ones who don’t question him now?

    I wonder if the devs just cringe when they see him, when he walks in?

    Not only is he a liar, but he is the exact definition of a cluless leader!
    He has no idea on how this industry thrives. That fan page was likely a “home” for many fans who supported him (and some who were going to buy/support him), and now he has ruined them…

    The fans paid for this game Ian, they paid your wages, they saved the company and now, after you used their money, you banish them! And yet there are still spineless bitches over at WMD getting carpet burns all day long, who clambering over each other to suck the lies directly from his cock like dirty little cum drinking sluts!

    Ian bell is a cock and a lot of the forum Members are 2 faced, spineless cum drinking sluts!

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